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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 14, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪ >> jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> massive snowstorm is now hitting northeast a foot or more of snow in some areas up to two feet of forecast in spots. windigoing u -- wind gusting upo 50 miles an hour. travelers across america are feeling the effects of this. more than 5000 flights canceled. the latest details ahead. republicans pushing back after the cb congressional budget offe said the gop healthcare plan could add tens of millions more to uninsured.
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democrats sound the alarm. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smart. here today harris faulkner, meghan mccain and host of forbes on fox david asman is here. >> thank you ladies. >> we made it. >> i could walk here frankly. >> i put on the boots in the snow. >> you're used to chicago. >> we hope everybody staying safe. it's not just the big winter blast putting nation's capital on alert. democrats quick to pounce on the report from. congressional budget office which says gop plan could add 24 million americans to the ranks of uninsured. the report finds the plan will put a significant dent in the federal deficit. paul ryan said he sees positives. >> i think if you read this report, i'm pretty encouraged by
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it. we're saying the government will not force people to buy something they don't want to buy. if we end obamacare mandate that says you must buy this government plan, people aren't going to buy that. once reforms kick in what the cbo telling us, it will lower premiums. it stabilizes the markets. >> as you can imagine, much different reaction from democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> the stories that the cbo told yesterday were so clear. under affordable care act, number of people without insurance was cut in half. under the republicans and number of people ininsured are not only grow to where it was before the affordable care act, it will be more people uninsured. >> trumpcare is a wreck. we all knew that before the
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congressional budget office released its surprisingly scathing score. >> chief congressional correspondent michael major league manuel joins us live. >> the numbers have a lot of folks concerned here are the projections in terms of people will lose healthcare coverage. there are points behind this republican healthcare alternative are selling. they like the idea that would lower premiums overtime by 10%. increasing choices for encourages and families. reducing the federal deficit by $337 billion and lowering taxes by $883 billion providing much needed tax relief for middle class families and small businesses. the house majority leader is selling some of those aspects. >> when you look at the cbo numbers, you should be encouraged that we'll lower premiums and bring healthcare with more choice, more opportunity and empower the individual to make that decision. >> as for enroll of the congressional budget office
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projects 14 million people will lose coverage next year under this republican plan. number would plan to 24 million people over the next decade. some house conservatives are now pushing for making changes. >> we are working on that. it would help if we were able to amend it and change it. this idea this bill was rolled out six days ago went through committee, no amendments were allowed to happen. that's not a fair process. let's have a fair process where we can make the change that will accomplish what i described unite republicans to repeal obamacare and bring down the cost for working class families. >> paul rain talked about the reason why there will be reduction in the enrollment. because the governor will no longer forcing people to bay healthcare coverage. we asked tim kaine about that aspect. >> i don't get that arc -- argument. i don't think a nation that has
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45 million uninsured people was a good thing. >> meeting continue here on capitol hill and up at the white house between administration officials and top lawmakers trying to tackle this difficult issue. >> thanks for going through that for us. david, you said wow. >> he got it all. he get it from the democratic said and conservative republicans. this is the 2010 report from the cbo that mentions 24 million people are going to be cofferedded in obamacare exchanges. the cbo does -- it is true, cbo has a history of getting these projections wrong. sed on numbers not based on what individual human beings do when incentives come in. i got to say something about paul ryan. he's a decent guy. he's trying to do the responsible thing by stopping the bleeding of obamacare. obamacare is in a spiral.
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all the people, experts know it's in a spiral. he's trying to do the decent thing. when you try to stop the bleeding, your hands get bloody. that's what's going to happen to republicans. it hasn't completely collapsed yet. i'm talking about obamacare. what president trump said the other day was true. people can kind of look back on it with -- maybe it wasn't so bad. people are saying what republicans should do is get all three phases, remember ryan said there's three phases. bring them all up to congress right now. couldn't get 60 votes in the senate. >> that's what we heard. >> focus on it and let the failure of obamacare fall on democratic hands. the public would see -- that's not a responsible thing as far as paul ryan is concerned. i can understand why he'd say that. if they try to stem the bleeding, they'll end up with blood on their hands. >> for the time being. not only he said the report exceeded his expectations, he
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said he was encouraged by it. >> like paul ryan, i said that many times on the couch. he has a tough job especially in this political environment. i'm saying that was deep concerns. don't say things like that. it under estimated that this is a blow. i'm not saying you laid out very perfectly, that the cbo isn't exactly 100% right. they dismissed this as being nothing. it's disingenuous. >> the cbo was in favor of his plan, which is not necessarily true. he seems to be trying to use cbo to defend his plan. >> people need to make this simple. our leaders need quality the anxiety of people. it's it's key like in a bad relationship because you're scared to be single. with obamacare, lot of people understand this has been a disaster. republicans aren't laying out a plan to replace it. >> that is giving democrats more ammunition.
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>> there are two things i want to address. this is still obamacare. we're still talking in terms of exchanges and mandate and tax credits which were created under this immoral entitlement. nancy pelosi mouths her high horse and she talks about the immorality of this republican bill, this is a response to obamacare which should have never taken place at all. democrats had several options what they can do with a stacked congress and democratic president and they chose this. they rammed it through. it was designed to fail. it would return into single payer. to david's analogy, what's happened now, republicans are -- i don't think this is a great plan. now they have to use a tourniquet. the patient is losing a leg. the democrats are complaining because ne now he can't wear pa. >> timing is everything. you got people approaching the
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half way mark by the time easter passes. now you would have gone five months or so by the time you wake up, you've lost time. well beyond the enrollment eperiod. you're talking tax credits with people who don't need them. you haven't solved problem with medicaid. they couldn't get anybody to take obamacare. they couldn't get insurance. this doesn't really hit those issues. go back to what meghan said. all of this comes back to those people that the president had at the white house yesterday. you know like real people. people who who are suffering because they need healthcare. something better than nothing for them. i hope he heard the kinds of things that get him back to the language of the things they really wanted in the bill. i don't know if pizza and bowling can get president trump's ideas back in the bill.
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i wonder what will. he had some strong ones. >> he looked at those preexisting, conditions, said keep them. he looked at the ands of people who -- ages ever people covered. the need for medicaid. he said he wouldn't touch that. how do you get back to what got this man elected? >> he has said couple of times in the past couple of days, maybe this idea of having obamacare just fall flat will be the best way to deal with it. >> speaking of which, the white house is courting conservatives to get more support. several conservative lawmakers from both house and senate are scheduled to visit the white house today to talk healthcare. politico reports the white house promising flexibility. the strategy steven bannon spoke with freedom caucus leaders. the caucus opposed to the current bill. they're open to negotiations. to tells politico, trump ran on this competition cross state lines.
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bringing price down and that is the huge piece that i think if we can get that in the bill. i think we can make some progress. i think get a lot of people to it. some worries making concessions can hurt support. i want to go you first, kennedy. do you feel you're a libertarian, do you feel any kind of peace knowing that steve bannon is meeting with freedom caucus members? >> i think that the conservative caucuses should stands their ground with this. there are a lot of important elements at play. one of the things -- i understand the idea of reconciliation and needing that 60 vote major in the senate. however, if you want to bring the cost down, which is the ultimate goal of republican's insurance plan, you have to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. more people buy insurance they did. one thing that the democrats are not talking about is why are there so many more uninsured people. large number of people are choosing not to buy insurance. we're not discussing that.
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david, there was new survey that came out from wells fargo and gallop, showing this massive optimism, 20 point increase from quarter to quarter small businesses they know that cash is free. there are more jobs on the horizon. they're going to provide more insurance. people will be able to afford insurance. >> everybody says that -- democrats are saying this is just about tax cuts to the rich. lot of small businesses are incorporated, not as corporations, they have to take their profit as salary. this is going to be a break for small businesses more than it is for rich people. mick mulvaney he was director for the freedom caucus. he was one of those conservatives. there are a number of people in the freedom caucus who very good case as to why something has to change with healthcare. if you have insurance and you have a $12,000 deductible and
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you're in the middle class, you can't afford to get healthcare. what good is coverage? >> obamacare approval is still at all time high. i think talking about the anxieties people have about republicans possibly blowing this repeal, not just the replacement. we talked. this at length. democrats don't have message. do you know what blowing obamacare does, it gives them a message in the midterm election. republicans made a ton of promises. >> i want to go back to two thing. free market idea. i ask, you knew that the president ran on that. why is that not in the bill? why did that become a bullying negotiating point? that was a tenfold to be able to take your insurance. that's one thing. the other is with small businesses. this would alleviate according to what the bill shows, the 29, 49 principle. they can hire more people and get beyond working them to 29 hours a week. work them real jobs.
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if you go over 29, you have to get benefits. if you go over 49 employees, and get so 50, you're not going to hire more people because you have to get benefits. this would create more jobs if it could work. >> it's getting hot up here talking about this. the justice department asking for more time it turn over possible evidence related to president trump's wiretapping claims. lawmakers giving them an extension. plus senate democrats are threatening a government shutdown if republicans try to use a new spending bill to defund planned parenthood or pay for a border wall. who should shoulder the blame for a shutdown. after the show, you can join live chat by clicking the tab at we'll see you there.
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>> the justice department says it needs more time to gather any possible evidence related to president trump's wiretapping claim. it's asking the chairman and ranking member of the house and
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intelligence committee and adam schiff for an extension. the lawmakers wanted evidence turned over yesterday. that was the deadline. now they're giving the d.o.j. until next monday. when they are set to hold their first open hearing on russia. if the committee does not receive a response by then, the committee will ask for this information during the march 20th hearing and resort to a process if our questions continue to go unanswered. meanwhile the whit white house s secretary sean spicer crying 42 clarify his tweet. he did not mean wiretapping literally. watch. >> the president was clear in his tweet. it was wiretapping. that's whole host of surveillance type of options. house and senate intelligence committee will now look into that and provide a report back. there's been numerous reports from a variety of outlets over the last couple of months that seem to indicate there has been
9:20 am
different types of surveillance that occurred during the 2016 election. >> it's interesting. there were some of us roaring and wondering if the president meant electronic gathering. wiretapping is specific. it doesn't apply to anything else. if it's understanding, did that give room to come up with evidence. >> what's most fun about this story, there's so much -- you get into the weeds of intel here. what it mean and what agencies could have been listening in and how there could have been a back channel. >> they were listening. >> purpose of listening to the russian ambassador is really to get the people in the trump administration. the most fascinating theory all came from judge andrew napolitano. there's this super secret agency in britain called gchg.
9:21 am
government communications headquarters. most secretive of all intel agencies in britain. he got it from three sources that it was actually them, those people. >> that was one of the snowden revelations. they went to a newspaper and great britain and forcerd them to destroy the electronic evidence they had with some of those files -- >> they don't have amendment over there. they can get away with lot of stuff that we can. >> sean spicer saying he didn't mean this literally. i had to bring back. the tweets. the two times that david he did tweet about my wires tapped in quotations. tweet part was wiretapping in quotations. why else did he put that in quotations? >> that's basically what he was doing. harris points out, wiretapping
9:22 am
is a very specific act. >> you agree that he didn't mean it literally? >> it's hard to tell. there are fans of the president who uses more figurative interpretation of the stuff he says on twitter. he used term wiretapping. some of the surveillance some of the egregious. it's not a come -- denial. >> meghan, when you drill down on this and you kind of look at who's listening to whom. we know this happened in some regard. we know conversations between other heads of state that we should know the details of because of leaks. >> it's distrust of intelligence communities. lot of people in the intelligence seem to feel they have a political purpose and they don't trust donald trump.
9:23 am
part of the problem i'm having now, we're interpreting shawn spicer's interpretation of donald trump. that's not what i'm paid to do. it's ridiculous. we're interpreting the president's spokesperson and the president tweets that's a larger scandal than watergate. >> what's interesting, he has not further commented on it. we have not seen any comments from the president or heard any on wiretapping. >> that's the difference. he call up any information that he wants because he's president of the united states. >> there's a little bit of good news, the house bill inteli know congress is at the bottom of the barrel in r the house inl committee has a bipartisan
9:24 am
cooperation. if there's any institution in congress that can dignity up some stuff, it might be the house intel committee. >> it was just a really fascinating way for donald trump to take the media narrative away from jeff sessions and doing it in one tweet. we're still talking about it. >> you have the cia revelations that come on heels of that. >> i got my perspective. you got yours. >> i'm saying look at the time line. look when things came out. >> okay. >> massive storm blanketing in the east coast. up to two feet of snow in some parts. we won't even see all of this until the day is done. you got to get news crew up there. thousands of people are without electricity. it's triggering a travel nightmare for people who don't
9:25 am
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>> top story now revisit what's happening with blizzards warnings in several states at this moment. a powerful winter storm is slamming the northeast. upwards a foot of snow in some areas. school closed. thousands of people without electricity and flights canceled. shepard smith is live on the fox news deck.
9:30 am
>> reporter: new york city dodged the worst of it. instead of a blizzard we have a slushy most. north and west of the city, north new jersey blizzard for sure and lots of snow. i want to take you up to near boston. live look, you can see the snow is really coming down there. you see the plow. national weather service predicts 8 it 12 inches. down in providence 6 to 8-inch. all of this has moved west. let me show you where has happening. d.c., it is mostly over. in washington, you got a couple of inches. the government has reopened. in areas north and west of the capital, close tore a foot. in philly wintery mix. in the new york area, just six inches expec expected across fie
9:31 am
bureaus. new jersey up to a foot and what half look at this. appalachian, new york time lapse from early this morning, showing snow building on a porch there. watch this now. up it goes. ron murphy is the name on the youtube page there. it looks to our producers like ron gotten 19 inches. you can see the clock going 3:0g and up goes the snow all over the place. here in the big city, it's a wintery mix of rain, sleet and snow. what caused a change? >> it moved maybe 20 or 30 miles west. not much change. when you have all the potassiumn it makes a big difference.
9:32 am
storms restate counterclockwise. that pulls lot of koehler in from the north and warmer air in from the west. because of that, the blizzard warnings have extended farther out towards west. you get the idea. the cold air comes in here. the warm air comes here. wherever that trap goes, makes a really big difference. i tell you what, that six inches across new york city is awful. i probably rather have two feet of snow. that ice is there behind the storm, it's cold. none of this area tomorrow gets above freezing. that means the roads are dangerous. a lot still to be had with the storm. behind it, cold air settles in certainly very cold for march. >> feels like winner for -- winter for me. it's play day for dogs across the state. i i want so though you these
9:33 am
corgis. we think this is upstate new york. at least they're properly dressed. harris you wouldn't go outside without a jacket. neither would they. >> today is a pajama day if i didn't have to be at work. good it see you. democrats hoping to turn the tables on obamacare for the 2018 midterm elections. exacting political revenge as republicans try to repeal and replace. democrats according to politico, believe obamacare is such a potent issue, it can help them win back the house. in the senate, they think it could at least stem what are expected to be heavy losses. thanks to a republican leaning map. dems chuck schumer. it was easy for republicans to be critical of obamacare when you thought it would stay in place. now the chance of repeal is real, people are much more worried. we are on offense and united. they are on defense and divided.
9:34 am
the opposite of what people would have predicted a month or two ago. speaking of schumer, he and house minority leader nancy pelosi joining a so called save my care bus tour. as it end two micros country track in washington today. progressive groups getting in on the battle to save obamacare. the washington post reporting, the energy of the anti-trump forces since january 20th has surprised even his most fervent opponents. the question is whether democrats can turn activism to victories and success at the poles. it's shaping up with a defining test for policy and politics. democrats have high hopes here clearly. >> yes, i think that bus tour is stupid and ridiculous. i think that's employeely -- completely wrong.
9:35 am
the problem with republicans, we've been running on replacing obamacare. we have an opportunity to do so. if we screw this up, this will be a huge loss for president trump. it will be very difficult for him to get reelected in 2020. there's so much disarray within our party on this. specifically with people in the freedom caucus and people like paul ryan. i take hope in the sense we talked about steve bannon, there seems to be a long way to go. >> then move, these protest they're call for thursday and friday. they say demonstrators should bring stretchers and slings. >> it's tip of the spear. that's what the democratic party says. the democrats themselves, they have no alternative to what hasn't worked. if the republicans were to get their act together, that's still a question. i think eventually they might. i don't know. they could focus on it.
9:36 am
melissa francis did a great job interviewing your cohort, melissa. he was a former insurance commissioner. he said bottom line with obamacare you guys force people to do that's not in their economic interest. rather it's individuals getting insurance or rather insurance companies insuring people. he said, absolutely. that's why we have to raise premiums and that's why we have to force insurance companies to stay in california. that's why we have to raise taxes. they don't have an answer other than doing what obamacare has failed to do. >> they have the divide on the side of republicans working this their favor now. will they use this to their advantage? >> i don't know how much political capital democrats really have. i have a feeling, although it seems like republicans are really sort of jumble and agitated.
9:37 am
i do have a feeling that the president is going to find a way to lock it up. i think the president will have more political cover if the aaca fails. he'll force paul ryan to take a hit. particularly with republicans. i think if democrats fail and republicans get a victory, it could spiel trouble -- spell trouble for them for years to come. beyond 2018. >> it's interesting. because the president actually is in the best position. i'm going to think optimistically here. he's in the best position to loan out some capital. he can loan some to the republicans and democrats. he can have people over the white house and go to the hill. he can get this done for his vision. the question is going to be, is anybody going to accept that gift? what's it worth to them? why can't they make it worth something to help out the american people?
9:38 am
>> you're thinking about trump now? >> i read the book. that's how you get the deal done. i think he is the only one in the room with enough political capital to spread it around so that everybody feels like they got something. >> interesting. >> i do agree with that. >> the man who is large and in charge when it comes to getting republican house members behind the replacement. house speaker paul ryan join us. the trump administration now firing back. seven states to looking to stop revised travel ban after a federal judge haulted the first one. the new order due to take effect thursday. will it survive? we debate. this
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>> welcome back. justice department playing out its defense the president comes to revised travel ban. this after seven states signed on to legal challenges to stop it before it takes effect. the justice department arguing that economic burdens the ban may cause states speculative. the new order is narrower in scope. it includes a list of people who might be exempt. david, how does this travel ban differ from the very first? is it enough to provide the administration legal cover? >> it's not different enough to satisfy the people that objected to it in the first place. all the attorneys generals. state of washington, bob ferguson saying there's no difference from this particular order from the first order. the question is whether it differs enough for the ninth circuit court. the court was not adjudicating
9:44 am
on the basis of what law donald trump was using. they were making stuff up. they were saying things like, never been a terrorist arrest from one of the countries involved in the order. that's not true. there have been dozens of cases of people from those countries. i don't think there's going to be change to the ninth circuit. i maybe wrong i think i am. >> here's one of the things the states are exacting to. they're saying it's essentially a muslim ban. it's not nestle or explicitly a muslim ban. >> this is the white house's opportunity to put this differently in terms of why it was so urgent that we get this done. it was based on national security. to also to tie in the need for this with thing that actually are coming. people are coming to the country. what we do see, we're going to borrow the list from barack
9:45 am
obama. it didn't change the parameters of why the executive order was needed. i think that should have been part of it. just to help sell it. >> what do you do? let's say there are more legal challenges. let's say -- >> which there are. >> the ninth circuit decides to whichever legal grounds they choose, shut the whole thing down again. now they realize they can go back and craft a new eo from scratch. is that the executive order they try and take to the courts? >> based on this eeo similar this is where they want to go. they try to alter. when you look at hawaii, they named being essentially a muslim ban as their problem with it. they go on to talk about hurting the ability of state business and universities recruit top talents. there are a lot of problems when you look at the states and why they are suing and why they are
9:46 am
going up against it. not just the primary reason we hear about considering a muslim ban. they're worried about the economy. >> this is first time tourism has been brought up. interesting that would be such implication, obviously hawaii big tourist destination. the travel ban, what's fascinating, comments from the campaign trail still come back to haunt this travel ban in court as well. it can be held against them because of intent. i think that above all else is going to be the main battle. >> i don't think syrians cancel trip to hawaii will hurt the hawaiian economy. >> david to your point, i think that's something that they have to show. showing cause and effect relationship between -- >> 99 circuit -- ninth circuit will pick up anything to see what they want to see. >> if that family aren't
9:47 am
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>> "outnumbered" in a moment. let's go to jon scott. >> jon: we continuing to track the major storm slamming northeast. if you fall outs from the cbo suggesting some 14 million americans would lose health insurance within a year. we got a fair and balanced debate what it might mean politically. plus are we seeing more aggressive anti-terror strategy emerging? we'll get boo it ahead on "outnumbered." >> see you then thanks. >> game on senate democrats threatening a got shutdown over spending package. they're warning republicans they will not stand for a few possible items. chuck schumer saying if republicans insist on inserting
9:52 am
poison pill writers building a border wall, they will be shutting down the government and delivering a severe blow. david, i will go to you first. i didn't like it when the republicans shut the government down. i don't like it now. i think it's childish. i don't like any of this. i think it's not wise. >> i will do a shot out to planned parenthood. there is something called hyde amendment that supposed to prevent taxpayers for paying for abortions. planned parenthood doubled the am of abortions. at the same time money they get from the government is doubled. they are doing more abortions as part of their business. they are getting more money from taxpayers which to me, means taxpayers are paying for the abortion business. they're not supposed to according to hyde amendment. this isn't just snipping. there are real reasons why planned parenthood in particular could be cut. >> back to shutting down the
9:53 am
government. what do you think happens? >> i don't know. if it does happen, on who's shoulders it falls a good question. it depends on how it's spent. the best spinners inside the beltway are the democrats and not the republicans. >> easily falls on the shoulder of people not in power. it would fall on the democrats. we saw with obamacare, he's on a tear for the doctor. the repeal is real. the divide inside. democrats are really challenged now. they need to come up with ideas. >> they do. >> absolutely. i agree with you. like the save our care bus tour, it's the exact same thing. people don't like it. chuck schumer is white boarding different ways to shut down the government. he should be thinking how to get people jobs. how to encourage economic growth. maybe listen to what some of the voters were asking in this very
9:54 am
shocking turn of events in the november election. >> where is president trump when he should be out there putting the finger on democrats. i know he's probably saving some of that. he wants to deal with them in some way on the changes in obamacare. he how about -- he should be out there saying for example, what is your plan. give us a plan we can work with. there are none. mr. maybe the scope of government does not include funding planned parenthood. i think there's a lot of government spending we can cut across the board and maybe that's just not the function of government. sorry to be cold hearted. >> meghan, do you think that the president so far still early on in his term, has shown his willingness to reach across the aisle and work with democrats like he talked about? >> he had a bowling event for people of the freedom caucus to come to the white house. i'm not a member of the freedom caucus, i would have gone.
9:55 am
i disagree with the president. it's what gives me the most hope for president trump. he is a deal maker. he is mart enough to understand the political ramifications. >> it's such a good question that you make. the freedom caucus is opposition. they are part of the same party. will he extend beyond the snowstorm. they had bowling and pizza and what not. >> maybe they can get together. >> i go back to the o.ism that -- optimism that i have. that he can broke we are deal. >> to your point, every time someone who's been on offense against the president, every time they enter the white house, they emerge as though they've been huffing gas.
9:56 am
they say the most wonderful loving things about the president. i think he's smart to reach across the aisle. >> it only goes very far with people.
9:57 am
various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here.
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speak i wonder if we can can some of the conversations we have during the off moments, that would be fun. >> i think that would be awkward. >> thank you, great to have you. >> donning that snowboots. happening now, "happening now." >> jon: fox news alert as we await the daily whiteng schedulr from now. >> heather: no doubt, we expect plenty of questions on the republican plan to replace obamacare in numbers from the congressional budget office. we are covering all the news "happening now." >> when you look at with the core of what the cbo says, does it lower premiums, does it lower our deficit, and does it remove taxes from small business? those are all yeses. >> jon: the g.o.p. health care plan put to the test with the cbo estimating that 24 million americans could lose coverage under it over the next decade. have republicans in the white house are responding. plus, the justice department asking


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