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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 15, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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all the places where people want to hear both sides of the argument. "if their freedom of speech is taken away, then, dumb and silent ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, is the white house elaborately trolling reporters? sounds like it's dumb question from the lying, failing, fake news spewing media. when you become an adult? in some people's case, it's definitely not younger than 51. it's me, i want to make sure that's clear. and finally, a new device lets you have sensitive conversations in public without other people overhearing. probably because they take one
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look at you wearing and get as far away as possible. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she's american royalty. conservative political commentator, and miss america 2008, kirsten haglund. he seems well suited to be here. comedian pat dixon. she used to hang out with rock stars, now she's here with me. talk about an upgrade. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. and he's half of the brilliant idiots, he's the idiot half. sitting right next to me, comedian andrew schulz. okay, let's start the show. ♪ president trump is completely ignoring the pecking order of the white house press corps. that doesn't sound like drum. the white house continues to call on young reporters from conservative web sites and other
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trump friendly outlets while ignoring established journalists. it's bad news for people like jonathan of abc, good news for the "lakeville county objective journalism daily." [laughter] what does this all mean? the new yorker wonders if trump is trolling the press corps. it seemed harless and the beginning to stab bush lesser-known outlets. one season correspondent complained "you can't have a parade of people asking when and how you plan to make america great again." that's a great question. i hope that's the first question that tucker carlson asks the president tonight. why should trump play nice with the media if they're not playing nice with him? >> they need each other. they need each other, but it is a sadistic and masochistic
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relationship there is bondage, domination, and that's when you know you're doing it right. when there's a feeling of longing, and that's up to being created in this press room. when you stop in the hallways here at fox, and you look at the tv and john spicer is giving that 1:00-2:00 briefing, you turn your head and you listen because you know there are going to be some exciting moments. the press are getting frustrated, sean spicer is finally getting his sea legs and the back-and-forth is pretty extraordinary. i think it's fine, i think it's okay to shake things up and introduce some elements, sometimes they fail and they look really goofy. especially when you have questions via skype and facebook alive and every thing else. but other than that, i'm okay. >> tom: i like a little bit of the fighting, you know, it adds excitement. like kennedy said, i think they like it. i think they like this battle,
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and they wanted to go on. >> they call it trolling, which is an interesting word. it's like when trump supporters have been accused of being evil or stupid. that's the kind of thing the left will say. that's how they want to frame this. either trolling or incompetence. maybe he just likes to talk to people he likes and maybe he sending a message and you should listen to your hurt feelings and figure out the message is that he doesn't like you. you should be fair. it >> tom: how are you doing, yu look different today. >> it's hot, i didn't plan the heat. it's so hot. i'm going to stick it out. >> tom: you made a correct choice. >> i'm going to give it a try. andrew, the press is there, they haven't been nice to trump. they're not nice to him when he's nice to them, they're not nice to him when he's ignoring them. what should he do? >> get rid of the press
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conference entirely. >> that's actually an interesting answer. >> he tweets what he wants to say anyway, it's not like you can hear his opinion. they always do the fake "snl" sketches. >> for that reason alone, we should continue to have it. >> it just doesn't do anything, sean spicer tries to read, he's not great. and then it sucks. what does it bring us? >> tom: your laughing at andrew, people do sometimes. he has kept up the tradition of the white house briefing room, but he is just opening it up a little bit. i think these people are a bunch of snobs, we made a joke about the lakeville times or whatever it was called, but that's what he's doing. he's calling on small outlets and who cares if he gets a couple of cell phone questions. >> it's really great to see some diversity in the newsroom, because that's his only why donald trump are voted into office. the middle of the country felt ignored, it felt like it bubbled
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in los angeles and new york and washington, d.c., controlling the entire narrative. people are smart enough, they can speak for themselves and hash this out. you're totally right, kennedy, this is donald trump and that there is never a boring press conference, people know what is administer asian is all about. it's great for his base, they see him fighting the media, it's great for the media because most direct more people tune in. it's great for them both, and it's also great for them both to paint the other is this evil opposition party. >> tom: imagine if hillary were in the white house. >> the questions i will be coming every day -- >> tom: he wouldn't be out there. he's been taking questions everywhere, even during the campaign she broke people off. i think the press do love a trump presidency. >> was democratic in ministrations, when you have
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traditional media outlets in the press room, there essentially is a stacking of people who like them that they like. that's what this it administration is doing to a lesser degree mathematically, they may have a few more outlets who are reasonable to conservatives, and frankly, i like seeing them, people i know and adore asking questions. >> tom: when do we see that woman, helen in the front row, every conference is the same -- >> she got the first question. >> tom: anyway, let's move onto the next story. hollywood is no longer the welcoming playground for conservatives it once was. right-leaning folks working in the entertainment industry says that the lies of trump has led to a backlash against them, whether there trump supporters are not. the days of liberals agreeably
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disagreeing with conservatives is gone. the acrimony is now front and center. author and "red eye" guests pull claims producers have called his agent asking why would you represent this guy, and someone the times describes as a tv and movie actor who is conservative and not a trump supporter says that there is mccarthyism coming from the left, and if you are even lukewarm to republicans you or excommunicated from the church of tolerance. obviously, he didn't want the times to use his name we were able to grab a photo -- [laughter] >> era bud? >> tom: kennedy, we disguised his identity. >> he's entered the political fray. >> tom: this has always been the case, hollywood people that
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are conservatives for some years. trump is adding another layer because within the conservative community, they are divided on trump. it's really driving them away underground. >> just like traditional republicans, some of them were never-trumpers and some of them hated hillary so much they didn't care they just wanted to make sure that she lost. it's gotten harder to find common ground, even with people you formally agreed with. within a movement and a party in los angeles, you are the minority party out there, it's practically impossible, not only to have a rational discussion about politics, which you just can't. you cannot talk to anyone who is that dogmatic, because of these people it is impossible to have a rational conversation about
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politics. you have to only agree with them and if you are seen as having any form of disagreement, you will not work. >> tom: it's a modern blacklist. >> a lot of people will compare it to mccarthyism. >> tom: it's worse! >> i to get to ridicule his comparison, i really do. at least mccarthy had an enemy that was real. there was something wrong with communism, what's wrong with being a republican? my valuables are just incompatible with being -- this is going to surprise you, i considered a career in show business. free speech, free thought, being able to discuss things. i agree with everything you just said. you can't have those kinds of discussions, and the reason is, they have nothing, so they have to shut it down. there's nothing they can do. >> it's the ultimate groupthink, you would think that this is a bastion of individualism and free thought and free expression, and it's really not.
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you have to be exactly like the people who were in power or don't work. >> people who are answering what they consider hate speech with pepper spray and sticks to come and hit you with, it's ridiculous. >> i grew up in the performing arts and it's at the furthest thing from in visual sick as you can possibly imagine. reading other people scripts, saying other people's words, this is not new. it has been this way for decades, if not centuries. the artists in a society were always further left. the weird thing about donald trump is that he is a part of that club for years. he was a major celebrity, in tight with nbc, walking red carpets, very much a celebrity. that's what's so strange about seeing these reactions, people who have been friends with him for years and totally feeding off of his power and those he surrounding himself with. and now he's their enemy. i think it's this weird back-and-forth, they also don't know what kind of power he's going to have after he's out of the white house and the entertainment industry.
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that will be interesting to watch. >> tom: i was going to say, andrew, you're kind of incognito. >> if i say something that makes him angry, it's not me. >> tom: you are in it. the entertainment, pat dixon is on the outer of the outer circle -- >> that's to me. >> tom: schultz is in there. he's doing projects. you just did something, that's the industry. >> i've been left off of a show that i was on because my opinions were to right-leaning. you guys think i'm the most liberal guy ever. >> i don't even know the word i'm looking for, that's how extreme it is.
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just by being tolerant and trying to understand the rights point of view, i am looked at it some sort of bigots and my views are too radical to be on a left-wing show. that's crazy. freedom of speech is not free, it's very expensive. $3500 an episode. >> it's not getting better because young people are some of the most intolerant ever, they're the ones on college campuses beating up professors and holding these rallies, safe spaces and all that. the future does not look good as far as free-speech intolerance. >> they don't have to think it through. >> it's a defense mechanism, you don't want to discuss a topic with somebody, so you silenced them before they can question you and your knowledge. >> just shut it down. >> you disagree with me, just shut up. >> you are absolutely right, instead of engaging in these
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ideas, and someone like charles murray who is a little more of a scholar than milo or gavin, instead of confronting them with an opposing viewpoint, the professor did and she had her hair pulled and her neck jerked back. she was in a neck brace for a week. >> tom: it was all trump's fault, wasn't it? >> she was a democrat, she said she was a liberal. i don't agree with this guy, let's have a discussion. and she gets accosted by a student. >> tom: moving on, next time i think we ought to take your name off the bottom of the screen. moving on, they dressed in patriotic colors, but the real message, red white and fu. politics intruded on a
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high school basketball game last week. it some students dressed in red, white, and blue, and it was viewed as a venture because the other team was filled with players from refugee families. >> any educated person can look at that and say what are these kids are thinking? kids are kids, i get it. i do have questions, i want to know why. >> des moines north fans want to know why, they expressed outrage on social media, with one noting "if you don't see the issue here, you are part of the problem." later they delivered a note that read in part "we are deeply sorry if we offended anyone in any way, we have traditionally dressed in such fashion for games less direct such as the one last night. everyone here has respect for your team and your players in your community as a whole." i guess the red, white, and blue is offensive to some.
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i could suggest these jerseys for their next home game. [laughter] look, i guess there were some refugees on the other team, and in that town. but they are now part of america. the refugees are now americans. >> this is what i'm saying, when you go around new york city in a cab, so many of the cabdrivers are here from other countries -- >> tom: i have not noticed that. >> i must be racist for making that observation. they are some of the most patriotic people ever, they love this country, so happy to be here, working their tails off. they love this country more than some americans of this country. a refugee or someone in this country from a war-torn nation should be overwhelmed with gratitude, and as an american i will be ove that they're here. they should totally buy into that. i will say, some high school kids, not these guys, but some will go with their american flags and red, white, and blue and make idiots of themselves.
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taunt people and be of noxious and ruin for everyone. that's what makes me sad, kids that have been idiots. the brilliant idiot over here who has made this bad for everyone. >> i did it in high school, these kids were being -- >> we were playing the french school in new york city, we showed up, got a boombox, doing the national anthem, we had american flags on and we beat them. >> that's the way to do it, right, kennedy? you're playing the french do you throw the american flag in their face. >> we just started chanting. >> one of the most popular sporting events in the last ten
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years, the last time the u.s. did well in the world cup. in 2014. it was extraordinary to see people in new york city packing bars like they wouldn't have for the super bowl or any olympic's or any other event, they -- >> they watched women sports. we even watched women play sports horribly. they're really bad at sports but we watch because it's an american flag. if it's america versus germany, let's go. >> whatever the case may be -- >> that's patriotism, we can even watch women. >> call me a traditionalist but when the national anthem plays, i put my hand on my heart. i do. it drives me crazy when my daughter's gymnastics meets, people don't do it. i know i sound like a 90-year-old woman right now, but i am a member of the american legion, i happen to love the
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colors. >> i'm a former miss america, which i be called? >> tom: are you anything, pat dixon? >> if these kids wearing these colors are a problem -- >> there not gang members. >> it's a symptom is what it is, we don't know if some of these kids are having american thoughts. we don't know if they're listening to lee greenwood, i hear some of them might have gone together for the pledge of allegiance earlier. it goes deeper -- >> tom: we got to go. coming up, when does a person become an adult? the age-old question, next. and my first book "mean dads for a better america" is available for preorder., get it, yeah. ♪
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♪ >> live from "halftime" with tv's andy levy, the white house revealing parts of president trump's 2005 tax returns last night. according to the documents, the president paid $38 million in taxes on a $150 million income. the white house making the numbers known ahead of an msnbc reported that the network had obtained to go pages of the 2005 returns. some credits blasting media outlets for urging people to get a hold of those tax returns. >> when you actually steal and leak that kind of information, if you're an employee, a federal employee, it's a felony. you have journalists asking regular people to commit felonies in order to advance a story. >> in a statement, the white house criticized msnbc, saying "it is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns." confirmation vote for deputy attorney general put on hold until the fbi briefs the senate
12:24 am
judiciary committee on russia's involvement in last year's election. that's the word from committee chairman, if confirmed, he will likely oversee the investigation into russia's alleged meddling. attorney general's jeff sessions recused himself. a major bribery scandal rocking the u.s. navy. retired navy admiral bruce loveless and nine other officers the latest ones charge. they are accused of helping a defense contractor overbilled the navy in exchange for lavish gifts. more than 20 people have been charged in the three year long case. travel warning for people across the northeast, falling temperatures in the wake of yesterday's powerful storm could make roads pretty slick. of the storm, although not as bad as britain, still left 1- two feet of snow. now, back to "red eye" ."
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♪ >> tom: in connecticut, where i got married, by the way, the legislature is considering a law of limiting a marriage to adults only. in this case, age 18. the "los angeles times" asked "but what is an adult anyway"? in most states, you can drive at 16, be drafted and voted 18, but only able to drink at age 21. you can buy a shotgun at 18, but you have to wait till you're 21 to buy a handgun. who makes these laws? old people, that's who. there are so many random age requirements for our lawmakers, you can be voted into the house of representatives at 25, but you can't be a senator until 30. you can't be president until age 35, and of course, thanks to obamacare, childhood has been extended all the way up to age 26 by keeping children on their parents insurance. he was with the "los angeles times" suggest, if we rage the marriage age to 18 and lower the drinking age to
12:26 am
18, where it used to be in most states, we'd have one meaningful age. majority for marriage, voting, drinking, and military service. that makes sense to me, but we should also get rid of the insurance rule and allow 18-year-olds to be elected to any office in the land. ♪ what you think of that? when you think about it, i was thinking about this whole thing, it is crazy that we have all of these different ages. especially the 18 and the 21, we -- and the military, you come back from the war and you can drink, it's crazy. >> i agree with you. people do anyway, it's not that hard. never been an issue. i'm cool with 21, i don't get 18 i was really ready to go out and drink regularly. i was making bad decisions. my biggest issue is with marriage. i think you should raise marriage to like 50. >> what are you talking about?
12:27 am
>> we live longer. the age of marriage, its life, right. life sentences 25 years in prison. so should be 25 years before the average death, that's when you're allowed to get married. and that way you spend the rest of your life with them. 50 years old, boom, lock it down. there it is. >> that would save me a lot of heartache, actually. on success for marriages really hurt. again, those expenses are valuable, too. you have to look at that. >> tom: you lose and you learn. >> one uniform age or be good but it should be like 42. >> tom: i think andrew's problem with this analogy, he went right for marriage to a prison sentence. >> marriages when you have kids, i understand having the marriage age be older for men, but you want to start the marriage is
12:28 am
younger for women if you're going to have -- >> what was that? >> what were you saying to me? >> tom: she saying they've got to have babies, you are forgetting the whole idea. marriage is not about sitting in a rocking chair with your loved one. >> are we going to get to cracker barrel before five? >> the age of consent when i'm wearing this -- >> it should be 70. >> a lot of these impositions are maturing from the government, the government shouldn't be in the marriage business at all. maybe the government shouldn't be deciding when people get married, and they should stay out of it completely. i don't think 14-year-olds should be married, but again, i'm a mom and i've got to go girls in the idea of them being married in a few years is creep creepy. >> people are going to marry
12:29 am
babies if you get rid of it altogether. immediately, they're going to. >> tom: there are a lot of pregnancies at age 17 and 18. should in the government be encouraging them to get married if there, so they can raise -- >> the government encouraging anyone to do anything doesn't actually work. i am for a uniform age, i think 21 would be a better age. i do not trust 18-year-olds to be able to handle alcohol responsibly. >> whatever the military? >> the thing is adolescence is so prolonged now, kids do not mature, my grandfather in the 1940s, when he was 18 years old, kids are not ready for that yet. you can definitely raise the age to 21, however i also think that there is a possibility that men and women should have different ages of adulthood. girls totally mature at an earlier age than men. >> women should go into the
12:30 am
military at 18, and 4 minutes 25. >> a lower age of consent for women than men -- stew on coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy, and be sure to check out the "red eye" podcast is available now. to subscribe on itunes on fox
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, it's time to find a what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. was in his arms with that, andy. >> andy: worked out okay.
12:34 am
just where we needed. is trump trolling the pressroom? kennedy, you said it trump and the press have a sadistic and masochistic relationship, what do you make of one news producer saying that with this administration it can be hard to tell what's incompetence and what's them intentionally messing with us. >> i think, that's not mutually exclusive. i think they can happen at the same time. >> andy: pat, you said that press is raising this as either trolling or incompetence, but may be trumped just doesn't like them. i like this quote from the new yorker piece. >> i don't mind them bringing in underrepresented places, i don't even remind them leap with the others, but at one point does it delegitimize what happens in
12:35 am
that room? >> that's for the better, when guys are yelling like jackals now, okay. >> andy: i think the more trump can delegitimize them, the better off he is. >> you also said that this is great for trump and the media because ratings are up. this is absently true, as the new yorker points out. spicer's briefings are among the most highly rated programs on daytime tv, beating out "general hospital" and "the bold and the beautiful." >> i guess that means it's a soap opera in itself. are those shows still on? >> andy: apparently. >> tom: can't be beating "brian's hope," andy? >> andy: it was not mentioned. you said we should get rid of the press thomas is complete, i don't think that's a bad idea. >> thank you for agreeing with
12:36 am
me, andy, and wasting america's time. >> andy: that's in my job description. can you put it back down? >> tom: it is -- >> now talk. >> how fun would it be to go into a tiffany's with that? >> let's see how privileged i am. >> andy: kennedy, said it's good to see people asking questions, which i agree with but it's not good to have web sites like "prison planet" and "info wars." >> "prison planet" is awesome. i think that's when we're talking about. with the categories? >> andy: will talk after the show. hollywood conservatives say things have gotten worse in them because of trump, kennedy, you said you can't have a rational discussion about politics in hollywood. to be fair, there are some crazy
12:37 am
conservatives out there. >> you're so balanced. yeah, i think they are masochists. [laughter] into the hornets nest. they get stung. >> andy: pat, you said you would think holly would be be a bastion of free thought and individuality. why would you think that? >> i think that's what this attractive miss america -- i can see why you would get us mixed up. my theory is simple, these people can't really hurt trump, they're so angry about what happened and they can't believe that hillary lost, they have to take it out on somebody. i want to hurt somebody. >> andy: pat, according to my paper, you said it. [laughter] >> besides tom shillue, you are the coolest guy on this show. >> andy: the official record is that you said it.
12:38 am
you brought up how trump is actually part of that world for so many years, did you say that? i want to make sure i got it right. >> i did say that. >> andy: i would say he was more friends with the studio had a network cheap types, they tend to be more conservative than the artistic type. >> he was good friends with billy bush and several other young ladies in hollywood model models. >> andy: you said you were left off the second season of a show because you were too right-leaning. what shall? >> i can't say that right now. sorry. i can't talk about that. >> still looking for that third season, i think. >> "scandal." >> andy: i forgot you are on season one of "scandal." >> i was the lawyer.
12:39 am
>> shonda rimes wrote the part for him. >> it was a big deal. let me take this off, it's going to get serious. >> i want to see your hair. >> he has great hair and he's hiding it under that hat. andy, do you want to fact-check that all? okay, still there. [laughter] >> andy: high school team apologize for wearing red, white, and blue against the school with a lot of wreckage he families. tom, you said refugees are now part of america. i think it's kind of an insult to them to think that wearing america's colors is offensive to them. >> tom: exactly. >> andy: they chose to come here. i don't think they complained. >> it's implying that they are not from here.
12:40 am
>> andy: why can it just be that they were welcoming them? >> you don't welcome them by pointing out how un-american they are. >> they were scarred after what we did. >> andy: your childhood issues don't apply universally. i want to talk about the standard i'd its age where people are considered adults. now that i'm older, i think all of these ages should be raised. drinking, i think 30, maybe 40 for men. for the military, i think all countries in the world should agree that all wars it should befall by people in their 70s or older. they've already led to long lives, more likely to be the reasons for the wars that teenagers are in. i bet there would be a lot fewer wars of old people had to fight them. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, what's on this man's face? seriously, i need to know. stay tuned to find out.
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♪ >> live it from "halftime" with tv's andy levy, the white house is crying foul following the disclosure of part of president trump's at 2005 tax return. two pages of that return were obtained by msnbc. they revealed that the president made president -- until now he has kept his tax filings hidden, claiming he is being audited by the irs.
12:45 am
the administration calls the report a desperate ploy for ratings. the white house says the president is "extremely competent the justice department can prove trump tower was wiretapped during the election." mr. trump has accused his predecessor of the plot, the house intelligence committee ordered the justice department to show proof last monday, but the department says it needs more time. the deadline has now been extended until next monday. a lot of cleaning up across the northeast this morning as folks there were covered from a powerful winter storm. it buried the coast from virginia to maine, some parts of saw nearly 2 feet of snow. hurricane force winds knocked out power to almost a quarter million homes, and also triggered coastal flooding. airlines are now trying to un-snarls some 6,000 grounded flights. secretary of state rex teller's and arrives in tokyo later today for his first trip to asia as america's top diplomat. he aims to forge cooperation
12:46 am
with japan, cooperation with the growing nuclear threat. first place in this years iditarod trail route dog sled race. at the age of 57, he is the oldest winner of the track. he's no change or to the territory, this is his third victory there. now, back to "red eye" ." ♪ >> tom: now you can give your phone some direct conversations in public places private. thanks to this stylish and only slightly conspicuous gadget, that stretched your face, it's called hush me, a new device that i'm sure will soon be on the mouths of millions. here's a video. ♪
12:47 am
♪ >> have you ever felt uncomfortable speaking over the phone in public places are open space? ♪ ♪ >> tom: that alex by the way? alex jones. the video continues. ♪ >> introducing hush me, the world's first mask for mobile phones. hush me is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy and open space environments by using exclusive passive voice impression and active voice master technology. ♪ >> of the, ergonomic design is
12:48 am
for long-term wear. ♪ >> tom: all right, the device looks a little strange but apparently takes inspiration from this einstein quote. "for an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope." that's amazing, i didn't know einstein said that. you are laughing at this but i think it's pretty good, do you like hearing people talk on their phones? >> honestly, we live in new york. there is noise everywhere you go, it doesn't bother me that much. it would only bother me on a plane. it goes to show that these tech guys, not enough women intact. these tech geniuses sit in a room and think "wouldn't this just be so fabulous"? no woman is going to wear that. or put that around her mouth.
12:49 am
women, they're not, no. not going to make it happen. >> tom: what about for guys? pat, would you wear? >> i'd love to be as popular as this guy, he got three phone calls and 2 minutes. takes a call from his mom, who takes calls? how often do talk on the phone anymore? i don't think you need to be enabling more obnoxious people with conversations in restaurants. >> tom: i might now wear but i want other people to wear it. >> i disagree, i love being part of an unwelcome phone conversation. i learned this from a federal judge in california, he said that when someone is having a conversation in public where other people can hear them, it's no longer private. you are well within your read legal rights to join the conversation. if they're asking the person on the other end questions, i go ahead and answer them. >> tom: that is fantastic. >> it's really fun, you don't necessarily make friends what you do entertain yourself, and isn't that half the battle?
12:50 am
>> tom: it is, we all want that. you don't talk on your phone in public, do you? >> though call me when someone is dead. >> tom: what if they are? >> someone else will call, your friend is dead, thanks, i'm done. we don't need to talk about how they died. >> tom: keep brief, right? >> this is for when your breath is horrible, you need something to cover it, you don't want to make out, put on this contraption, put on a nice ski mask with it. >> or you could just invest in altoid's, thou be much easier. >> tom: coming up --
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jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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♪ >> tom: friends, you have to fake them till you make them. if you are a sad, lonely individual, pat dixon, don't fret. i see what i did there? now you can hire friends to appear in your selfies. this japanese company lets you select your companions by age, gender, and appearance to pose for unlimited pictures for social networking at the event of your choosing. whether that's the bar, and office party, or even a funeral.
12:55 am
you will look like the life of the party. for each person you hire, it costs $70 for two hours, plus transportation and whatever they eat and drink. there are some great reasons to use this service, maybe you want people to think you have famous friends. [laughter] or maybe you want to prove you are not racist. [laughter] in the end, i think the best to selfies are the ones you take with your real friends. >> is that kirsten? >> i think you could give it the cash to strangers. $70 per person plus transportation, $25 in a new breach way, you're already at $120, plus whatever they eat and drink. if you get roped in, it's $200 a
12:56 am
pop. that's like $800 to take for pictures. if you have, go up to the bar and say "hey, i will buy you a round of drinks at happy hour." $20, pose with me, most people would love to do it. >> you might as will make real friends. >> i think it be really great to be the person who gets hired for the selfie, that's a great gig. all the food and free booze you want, but this is so weird and i think the name of the company gives away how weird it is. family romance? no. you're not supposed to have romance with your family. obviously. >> tom: maybe it's the translation thing. maybe it just means something nice, i don't know. go for it, we've got 30 seconds. >> there's an app called tender. the good thing about it is after spending $200, you get --
12:57 am
>> tom: is that what tinder is is? thanks for the show, everybody. very special thanks to my entire panel. put the mask back on. >> would love to do it. her lif.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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>> bret: president trump and his administration tried to shore up republicans while democrats try to stir the pot from the sidelines. this is "special report" ." welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. 24 hours after the report on the republican plan to replace obamacare, white house official said the cbo report just does not add up. much of the talk focused on health care, aides insisted president trump is confident there will be evidence he was wiretapped during the 2016 election.


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