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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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city after a long day of snow and ice and rain and cold temperatures but we are happy to be here, welcome to "fox and friends" first. >> it will be cold for a while, thank you for starting your day with us as always, appreciate it. the report on president trump's tax documents leaked illegally, calling the network desperate. abby: rachel maddow spent the her entire show in 20005 revealing absolutely nothing. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax return was the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published. nor are we fake. pinch me, i am real. abby: how quickly the report
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backfired. >> reporter: in the 2016 election, donald trump's tax returns, one of the leading issues for democrats who suggested the republican nominee likely either didn't make as much money as he claimed to have paid anything at all in taxes. last night rachel maddow revealed a two page summary of mister trump's federal tax returns showing in that year alone he made $153 million and paid $36.5 million in taxes. for 2005, and 4.5%, to put that in perspective the average american pays 10%. in 2015 president obama paid 19, and bernie sanders paid 13.5 in 2014. prior to msnbc's report a senior
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administration, desperate for ratings, and two pages of text returns. the dishonest media will make this part of their agenda. it will benefit all americans. more on the president's for tax returns and will push. >> the almost existential worry, the greater concern, the worry that this president might be financially beholden to an individual, an institution, a country, we can't know any of that without getting his tax returns. i am sure it is only the start but it is a start and our little piece of it. >> reporter: as for the status of his tax returns on the campaign trail donald trump said he would release when the irs completed its -- and its audit.
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the president has no plans to release it. abby: what a night it was. talked about a lot today. a long line of information making its way to the press. radio host laura ingram explains the legal ramifications why every american should be worried about these leaks. >> this should concern every american, libertarian, when the government starts leaking tax information this is a bad day for the united states. private citizens tax return, tax return information that may have originated and been disclosed by the united states department of treasury, the internal revenue service, and employees that do that are guilty of a crime. we have to realize what is going on here, you oppose the
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president through policy, you don't do it through leaking information. abby: they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. certain number of people have access to this information, the digital footprint is there. it can be rooted out. everyone needs to be riding, deposed, the lie detector test and have to figure this out. until that is done no one in the trump administration is safe. abby: president trump back on the road taking its healthcare pitch to the people in nashville as republicans tried to rally support for their plan. a big test on capitol hill. marianne rafferty joins us with the next big hurdle. nice see you. >> reporter: the president is heading to the user city to sing the praises of the gop health care plan at a big rally tonight. republican leaders will be hard
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at work selling the bill during that visit. paul ryan spoke with the president by phone about its progress telling martha maccallum it is a tricky process. >> it can't get filibustered and can pass 51 votes in the senate and that means this legislation can't have everything we want. that is why we have a three part process. democrats they may help us on a lot of things like revealing obamacare. that is why we are using reconciliation. >> the bill is about to face its biggest hurdle yet with a vote in the house budget committee, several members of the house freedom caucus are on the committee and threatened to vote against the bill, it doesn't go far enough revealing obamacare, four republicans or democrats and vote no, it fails and speaker right is willing to make changes. >> that is what we are doing this entire process. the budget committee takes it up thursday, those discussions what
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modifications are ongoing. we have to make sure, we have to get it done. >> of the bill gets to the senate floor, it is open to changes, the congressional office budget report, 24 million people, scaring away some republican support and the white house firing back calling the cbo estimates, quote, consistently wrong. abby: cabinet picks set to be confirmed today, making the new director of national intelligence, and general mcmaster nominated for national your advisor, and to keep his current military rank. the army deserter bowe bergdahl will stand trial.
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on the appeals court writing not to dismiss charges based on president trump's campaign comment. >> no good trader and 30 years ago he would have been shot. he was a dirty rotten deserter. >> reporter: president trump's comments to have a fair trial. 5 afghanistan prisoners in 200014. in 2009 he is facing desertion charges and five years in prison. and now to some big weather news, extreme weather, the northeast getting back on track after a monster winter storm wreaks havoc and snow is not the only problem. heitkamp heather: thousands without power and high tides flooding coastal communities. rob schmidt live in central park with the latest. i heard it was beautiful.
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>> reporter: you guys are a lot warmer than i am we have 7 inches in central park, in the city but that doesn't mean the storm didn't hit. further in land 30 inches of snow so far. more than expected in some parts, the philadelphia, new york, really hit with the power we expected it to, nasty storm. snow and sleet, all of that mixed together, made for hardtack snow that is almost icy and hard to get up it is staying cold for the next few days. and as we pick out some video. and how nasty it is, and where we didn't get that snowfall,
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those pellets of ice hitting you in the face, wind blasted by ice, thousands of airlines, thousands of flights canceled, newark's airlines cancel flights, many stay at the airport, we heard stories about people getting out, only delayed an hour. giant waves hitting the shore in massachusetts, how cold that was in the wave crashing ashore. abby: the wind was so bad you could hear it last night. heather: i am up in the top of the tower and my apartment was going like this. thanks. abby: temperatures are plunging. heather: is there another storm
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behind this one? >> we are not talking another storm, more snow in the northeast and getting into the weekend. not a big storm but those temperatures plummeting, not going to go anywhere. at the tail end of the last storm a little snow in the extreme north. and the totals, in some cases were very impressive getting into the 30 inch range. and a lot of snow up there, and incredibly cold in the next couple days. looking at temperatures, 21 degrees, plenty in the teens, stay with the out there which makes it feel colder, the wind chill feeling 70 ° in new york city for 7 ° in boston, not just the entire east coast with cold air take a look at this, freeze advisory stretching into central
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florida. abby: old man winter showing us -- the only place that is nice. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. don't call it sanctuary city, the town that now welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms in defiance of president trump. and free food in flight. bring in dc police if they can't be kings and queens of the prom, what are they? dropping a time-honored tradition. ♪ ♪ create a different kind of buzz ♪ ♪ you can call the queen be
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abby: back with a fox news alert with a serious threat for homegrown terror, we have been ushering jihadi's through our border for decades. the visa program admitting nonimmigrant clerics and religious workers, through the cracks. and 23,000 visas to the second term. the secretary of state, rex tillerson, and they are choosing the former president using -- and with foreign diplomats providing credible evidence, and a portion of the funding with the programs led by liberal
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billionaire george soros. portraits of -- being hung back up. reaching out to brian mask, sitting empty at the center of west palm beach, florida, marched in a facility with pictures in hand. >> happy to get this hung up. nothing takes five minutes. abby: shortly after he left they were taken back down. portraits on display need to come from the central office. the homecoming king and queen are dead, long live the gender neutral university of minnesota scrapping traditional title in their homecoming court, taking it one step further pointing out the winners don't have to be one biological male and one biological female. the homecoming court can be a
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combination of any gender. and age-old game and tradition, and elementary school is barking outrage for banning kids from playing tag during recess. the principal in california to say it can be too rough. the move not sitting well with parents. >> something we all did as kids and i never saw any harm in it. abby: the punishment of astuteness caught playing tag, a parent-teacher conference. heather: what can you play? heitkamp -- abby: the time, 17 minutes after the top of the hour and rachel maddow spent an entire our dedicated to two pages of president trump's tax returns but the internet not impressed, hilarious reaction setting
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♪ heather: a beautiful scene in new york city the dangerous out there. the ice and wind won't melt for a while. welcome back to "fox and friends" first. rachel maddow touting an exclusive reveal of president trump's tax returns. aside from numbers being large, these pages are straightforward. the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published, nor are we fake. pinch me, i am real. abby: viewers realize there was nothing to reveal. carly shimkus, waited and waited and waited and nothing. the tax returns, the suspense, intrigue, everyone on social media was talking about this which caused rachel maddow's name trends.
2:23 am
we have trump tax returns seriously, the headline was the fact she got her hand on the returns itself. a total bust and complaints keep coming in. you utter buffoon, your exclusive donald trump paid his taxes. another person writing rachel maddow just revealed trump's tax returns paid 38 million taxes in 2005. she just got to trump reelected 20. look at the from donald trump junior, good night all, thank you, not sure that is what she was looking for. she said during the show the big take away from all this is president trump's tax returns were obtainable. abby: a nothing burger. abby: the nothing burger tweet, i love that phrase. people say it was not funny,
2:24 am
chelsea slammed kellyanne conway. >> recent tweet attacking kellyanne conway following her microwave remarks the comedian wrote i wish someone would put kellyanne conway in a microwave, getting slammed online, one woman reminding her of a time she said this, a problem with women supporting women, i know i can do and will do better. it starts now. i love all you feminists that believe in supporting other women a bunch of hypocrites. abby: hypocrisy runs rampant on twitter. as we saw this video. the dad is responding, it went viral. what went down with this? they delivered, it started as a serious interview and ended as a seriously adorable comedy of errors, the father who became
2:25 am
famous after a kid dredged his bbc interview revealing details behind that hilarious moment. >> as soon as i walked in the door, maybe find some way out of the room to maintain a straight face. >> professor robert kelly, spouse and kids taking part in some interviews yesterday and also addressed one thing on social media folks have been wondering he was in fact wearing pants at the time. heather: i didn't know people were wondering that. no matter how many times i laughed. >> those kids and ponies or puppies, and -- >> residents of staten island were in for a big surprise, miniature pony rolling down one
2:26 am
of the busiest city streets during yesterday app store. the tiny horse escape the nearby stable and made a run for it. police were able to wrangle the two fugitive and bring them to safety. maybe they were trying to head straight to the north pole. abby: they were jealous of the llamas. a good story today. a lot going on today. the first little kid that broke into the office, that will be a big halloween costume. heather: 26 minutes after the top of the hour and mainstream media obsession over president trump's tax returns but is there something else going on here you >> what rachel maddow did tonight was flat out pathetic conspiratorial attempt to smear the president. abby: sean hannity said the
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maddow spent in her whole show on two pages back in 20005 that revealed absolutely nothing. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax return. the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published, nor are we fake. pinch me, i am real. abby: the report quickly backfired. >> reporter: in terms of what is in the document there are only two pages, a summary of his 20005 taxes. for that year at least the document puts down many allegations democrats were throwing around such as mister trump not making as much money as he claims or paid nothing at all in taxes. the two page summary shows that in 2005 donald trump the businessman made $135 million, a fourth of that to the government in taxes meaning his effective
2:32 am
tax rate was 25% is the average american pays 10 persons, president obama paid 19% is comcast which owns msnbc pay less at 24% and in 14 bernie sanders paid 13.5%. ahead of ms nbc a senior administration official tells fox news in a statement you know you were desperate for ratings when you were willing to violate the law to push a story on two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. the dishonest media can continue to make this part of their agenda for the president to focus on his which includes tax reform that will benefit all americans. rachel maddow defending the report saying the tax returns are an important issue for the public. >> this document has surfaced. it has been handed a reporter and that is an important part of the story. whether or not care what is in
2:33 am
his tax returns, it ought to give you pause that his explanation for why he couldn't release them, the i am under audit excuse makes no sense. is the president in a position where we need to watch to make sure he is not paid off his top benefactors with our country as resources, with us policy, the deficiency can make as president. >> reporter: don't expect updates from the white house on the tax returns following the inauguration the staff issued the issue is over and no plans to make even after the irs completes its audit. abby: i bet sean spicer will get asked about that today. heather: a nothing burger. rachel maddow spent her entire show on those tax returns but sean hannity said it is another example of a corporate jihadi being waged by nbc against the president. >> the trump hating nbc news,
2:34 am
one of the leaders of the propaganda destroyed from at all costs meeting, she got her hands on president trump's two pages of 2005 tax return. they found it in a mailbox related to the russians. all the conspiracies, a concerted effort by a so-called news organization perhaps to take down the president and was rachel maddow did tonight if you can stomach, i actually laughed, harder than i have in ten years, with a flat out pathetic conspiratorial attempt to smear the president. >> is there any substance or is that smoke and mirrors to take down the president? weigh in on our "fox and friends" first facebook page right here. dallas news video, assassination has secret service's attention.
2:35 am
part of the video sparking nationwide outrage was the president's top security team says they are aware of it but not releasing details but are investigating. define our president in california, one step closer to becoming a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, voting to be a, quote, 1-woman city, approving a resolution banning local police from cooperating the fed to enforce immigration laws. the move putting people who live in san carlos legally at risk of losing federal funding. at 7:00 in that our "fox and friends," they are will join us live. heather: they take an oath to be true to their beliefs the canadian girl scouts are being thrown into a political controversy without any say the organization with members as young as 5 years old now
2:36 am
refusing to take any trips to the us in process of the president's immigration order saying, quote, we hope members will appreciate this reflects our commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity for all girls and women. abby: republican leading the charge for drug users using your tax dollars passing legislation to repeal an obama era that took away a state's ability to drug tests before doling out unemployment. the previous administration allow states to deny benefits to people looking for jobs in certain industries that use language republicans say made it impossible to make federal dollars to be spent on drugs. >> the american association of physics teachers using pronoun stickers at a winter meeting. the stickers will be attached to nametags, and in addition to he and she, and organizers to avoid
2:37 am
cases of his gender in. extreme weather, and snow, wind, and across several lanes. >> a power line falls to the ground. >> this toddler raced through the snow for a heart transplant, a snowplow in the national guard leading the way. >> the fox extreme weather center for what we can expect on the northeast. >> credibly called which means any of that snow yesterday won't be going in, look at these numbers, impressive snowfall totals in upstate new york in the mid-30 range, at least in the 20s. that is what we saw yesterday and it won't go anywhere.
2:38 am
a lot of places falling down, up and down the coast. incredibly strong gusts yesterday, still gusty, windy, feel like temperature or windchill, 7 degrees in new york, single digits along the coast, closer to 0 in buffalo, cold out there this morning, and funneling across the eastern half of the country. take a look at this, it is stretching to central florida. we are looking at freeze watches and warnings tomorrow. they are stretching well south of the country, cold air, winter, sticking around a couple more days. abby: you are headed to florida. of all times. it is now 39 after the hour. the president making a push to
2:39 am
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>> president trump's bill to repeal and replace obamacare facing its biggest hurdle you can the house budget committee filled with conservatives from the freedom caucus that opposed the bill think it doesn't go far
2:43 am
enough, what can the president do to strike the deal. here to help us break this down, good to have you this morning. this is the president's first tests on making a deal, he promised he would be good at if he won this election. how does he convince the freedom caucus members who are not on board yet, they say this is too much government involved. >> he has to show them this is the first step on the road to a truly free market health care system and that is a big list because house freedom caucus members are skeptical, they see this as an extension of obamacare, and actually going to create more choice, more competition and better outcomes for america. >> 22 americans on that panel, one of the things sean spicer had to say yesterday is this
2:44 am
isn't the first time the epo would have been wrong. >> in 2013 the cbo estimated 24 million people would have coverage under obamacare, they were way off by 13 million people. cbo coverage estimates are consistently wrong and more importantly did not take into consideration the comprehensive nature of the plan to repeal and replace obamacare with the american healthcare act. >> is that a good argument for president trump to use as he presents his plan for the cbo is wrong? >> cbo estimates are not facts, they are estimates and trying to project what is going to happen in a complex market over a period of ten years, you won't be able to do that 100% correct. thank you for the estimate, it is a data point for conversation but we are not bound by it because you are going to be wrong way or the other.
2:45 am
that is where the conversation should focus, exclusively tied to cbo estimat >> they are not good at what happens in the marketplace. amar millions of exchanges, million off by. the president will be able to make this deal happen? >> some modifications coming out of the house budget committee, you might see some transitions on the tax credits bringing those down a little bit, less generous for higher income folks, might have changes on medicaid phaseout, that happens sooner. and real changes in the senate, a lot of skeptics in the senate. if it gets to the house budget back to big fights. abby: to get to the budget committee they can't lose four. >> very slim margin, we had to get a buddy of the republican
2:46 am
side on board. abby: part two and three to come. let's check with steve ducey to see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> we will talk about rachel maddow, and doing him a favor. turns out the president when he was a businessman and a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes, the investigative reporters are a different question. >> 36 million, he paid 4%. who pays 24 present in this country? married couples with incomes like my wife and i who make $300,000 a year. people at the top are not burdened the way we suggest. >> donald trump paid more taxes than former president of the united states, pay more taxes
2:47 am
than warren buffett or bernie sanders. going to talk about this. three i was kicked off, 15 minutes from now. abby: thank you. and 13%. we will be right back, stay with us. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪
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abby: a major move to deliver justice in a massive yahoo hack attack. cheryl casone he has the latest on fat. steve: we expect something from the doj. we think we will hear charges in the massive hacking attack
2:51 am
against yahoo. they were two attacks, when in 2014, there were 500 million accounts, 1 billion user account tax happened in 2016. we hear some sort of announcement from the doj, this whole hack took the value of yahoo down. a bargaining chip to get yahoo from a cheaper price. we will know later today. abby: two people from russia and one from canada. >> we can't get confirmation from doj. abby: the crackdown to save money on concert tickets. >> you get scalpers buying tickets in bulk on website in second so regular folks can't get a ticket to see something. they are launching a verified fan program, pretty successful,
2:52 am
you answer questions on security but it is having a big affect to get tickets -- if you fly to big concert or game, american airlines fuel up. >> it is starting up on may 1st offering meals on some flights, free meals in coach, not just business-class, delta will be expanding their program on 24 april and hawaiian airlines will be giving out meals. we were talking about warm weather between the us and hawaii. >> more peanuts. another story that is a little disturbing, just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol
2:53 am
addiction, he took it upon himself to get help because his problems with alcohol abuse started back up again. writing a facebook post i completed treatment for alcohol addiction, something i dealt with in the past and will continue to confront. this was the first of many steps toward a positive recovery. and he got help for alcohol abuse in 2001. and calling off a divorce last month, alcohol fueling ben affleck and his wife's divorce but they call the of the divorce and are working on their marriage now. heather: toby keith defending his inauguration performance saying it made him stronger. ♪ the 20 he is not giving up to\, the decision made him stronger saying fans will love
2:54 am
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fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at heather: it is three minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, this is what is happening today. president trump hitting the road. first stop detroit. where is he expected to halt obama era e.p.a. regulation. after that nashville the president is holding a massive rally to pitch the new g.o.p. healthcare plan to the people there three federal courts set to hearing argue manies before it takes effect at midnight. hawaii, washington state and the trying to block it. the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates today. felt across the economy. gradually pushing up rates from everything to mortgages to credit cards and loans. time now the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. baby boy sees his baby for the
2:59 am
first time all thanks to his glasses. watch this. >> paddy cake paddy cake, baker's man. bake me a cake as fast as you can. abby: how cute is this video? that is brandon caldwell with his son in new york. he just got back from two month deployment in antarctica. horrifying pictures showing a woman's face was left burnt after her head phones explode 30,000 feet in the air. look at that sparks started flying on a flight to australia. flight attendants rushing in to help. investigator say it bass likely the lithium ion batteries in the head phones that started a fire. no word yet on hot brand was. the ugly, a 6,000-pound wrecking ball failed to bring down a crumbling bridge. watch this. heavy rain last month. destroying the california overpass. stranding more than 400 people on one side of it. crews were suspending demolition work after
3:00 am
realizing that the wrecking ball just wasn't budging. you know why? they needed miley cyrus to be sitting on it. in no clothes. abby: that is a wrecking ball fail. heather: thank you very much for joining us this morning. abby: have a great wednesday. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> we are repealing and replacing obamacare. we don't want dragged out thing don't get this long. >> i wouldn't call that you a replacement. i call that a scam owe. >> blockbuster released by nbc news. >> if this came from a source within the irs. that is a crime. >> those who leaked this information must be found, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. until that's done, i don't think anyone in the trump administration is safe. >> secretary of state rex om touching down in tokyo, japan first stop on highly anticipated stop in asia. >> ceo optimism is surging. >> they are thinking about


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