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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 15, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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ball just wasn't budging. you know why? they needed miley cyrus to be sitting on it. in no clothes. abby: that is a wrecking ball fail. heather: thank you very much for joining us this morning. abby: have a great wednesday. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> we are repealing and replacing obamacare. we don't want dragged out thing don't get this long. >> i wouldn't call that you a replacement. i call that a scam owe. >> blockbuster released by nbc news. >> if this came from a source within the irs. that is a crime. >> those who leaked this information must be found, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. until that's done, i don't think anyone in the trump administration is safe. >> secretary of state rex om touching down in tokyo, japan first stop on highly anticipated stop in asia. >> ceo optimism is surging. >> they are thinking about
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what is he going to loosen up. not what he is going to screw them up. under obama they were getting screwed whgettingscrewed by the. ♪ a good time ♪ ain't looking for nothing ♪ but a good time ♪ and it's only going to get better than this. steve: hello, everybody. welcome to studio e. he has have dug out. new york city. there is an interesting story in the "new york post" and that has prompted the headline flake news. are apparently yesterday et national weather service. ainsley: i thought you were referring to this one. >> jose's his stress there. steve: flake news as we knew the national weather service knew we weren't going to wind up with 2 feet of snow. we wound up with 7 inches. they didn't want people to think it wasn't a dangerous system. shut down the schools, children. we got the point. buff they knew we weren't
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going to get 2 feet of snow. ainsley: they plow the roads and then all the snow goes to the sides. there is like whole hedge of snow. like you have to have snow boots if you live in new york. walk all the way around to the edge. where they have a little path cut out. brian: problem with the dog sled the dogs when you are not using them they need to be active. not bringing them anymore. ainsley: these are the problems we're fortunate to have. it is so beautiful beautiful. i love it. brian: that's a woman who didn't see it her entire life. let's talk about this. ainsley: that's true. brian: wiretap situation. no. there is news. this just in the 2005 donald trump taxes are in. it is explosive. is unbelievable. hold on tight. steve: yeah. hold on. rachel maddow thought she had a gotcha moment for donald trump. she behind the fact that she
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had obtained his tax returns. ainsley: tweeting about it all day yesterday. steve: then it turns out of it was probably her al capone moment. nothing burger. as it turns out in the year of 2006. according to investigative journalist by the name of david k. johnson who got ahoflted first two pages of donald and melania's 1040. he made a lot of money and he paid a lot in taxes. he followed all rules. ainsley: the white house released a statement saying you know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violated a law to push a story about 2 pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. before being elected president, mr. trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with responsibility to his company, his family, and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required. he david david david k. johnson said i went to my mailbox and it was there these two pages of taxes. hit books on donald trump. liberal guy. hateful guy. the first time i actually saw him. i have head some stuff that he has done. he had a chance to see this.
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we all take this in and realize he pays a lot and he made a lot. here is david k. johnson with this explosive story. >> what's the most important about this tax return though, rachel, two tax systems. you and i file tax twice. the regular tax system and the alternative minimum tax. if we didn't have the alternative minimum tax and donald trump in writing want to end the alternative minimum tax, he would have paid taxes at a lower rate than the bottom half of taxpayers. the poor in this country who make less than $33,000. as it is, because of the alternative minimum tax, he paid 36.5. not the 38 the white house statement says. they're counting his self-employment tax which is payroll taxes. 36.5 million he paid 24%. you know who pays 24% in this country. married couples with two
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incomes like my wife and i who make about $400,000 a year. donald trump and his wife made $418,000 a day. and the point of this is the top in this country, people at the top are not burdened the way we suggest. with. ainsley: cry me a river. my gosh. brian: this is why h and r block doesn't have a reality show. glassing over e passing out. steve: all about fairness. donald trump made a lot of money but he paid a lot of money. he paid and followed the rules. in comparison, take a look. we have got a graphic for you. donald trump paid 25% last year. barack obama, when president paid less than 20. the average tax rate for comcast 24%. ains chains is the parent company of nbc. look at that bernie sanders 13.5. i also netsed that the very famous fellow by the name of warren buffet paid only 17%. so, warren buffet paid less
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than donald trump. maybe donald trump needs a better tax guy because obviously he is paying too much in taxes. ainsley: he made about 150 million. he paid almost 40 million in taxes. that's a lot of money. so bottom line he paid taxes but he paid a lot. brian: i like your dress e. ainsley: thank you. steve: focus. focus. brian: i apologize. i will point out. i will say. this i'm just wondering in the big picture, do you think donald trump is actually unhappy about this? steve: no. brian: for this to come out it shows how successful he is. the bigger question is, are you better in the big picture if donald trump had that money to invest and have more jobs, more real estate opportunities. more commissions on that real estate purchase. that's the whole thing. are you better off putting that into a big pot with an inefficient government or are you better off giving him more money to invest and create more opportunities? that's the bigger story. ainsley: if anything when i
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woke up and saw in this morning or watching last night. i said okay, he made a lot of money. so, proof is in the pudding. my gosh, he kept saying he had made a lot. he was a billionaire. now we see evidence that he did. i was happy to know that he followed the law and paid a lot in taxes. brian: some lawyers. he wouldn't ever take the risk of doing that. steve: completely destroys the democrats' narrative last year. donald trump doesn't want to release his taxes because we know he never paid taxes. well, as it turns out he did pay a lot of taxes. in fact, we don't know exactly what donald trump the president thinks, but we know what his son donald trump jr. thinks. thank you rachel maddow for proving to your trump haghtd followers how successful real donald trump is and that he paid 40 million in taxes. #taxes. brian: that reminds me of this jimmy fallon thank you, rachel maddow. you will see it if you stay up late at night. because we do a morning show i watch it in the mornings. ainsley: what do you think about that?
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write us at brian: funny thing is the premaniable to the story. steve: 22 minutes. brian: how ollie darks are financing our country. he. steve: oligarchy. he. ainsley: my gosh it took her forever to get to the meat of the story. that's norm live in the a block. brian: pretty bad when the guy shows up and explains the details what a tax return 3450e7bs. my goodness. that's why they don't have accountant channels. steve: because they have business channels. brian: even on business channels they will never break down the meaning of tax return. come up tomorrow alternative minimum tax. steve: cnbc ran this thing they ran an editorial donald trump just got a nice victory thanks to of all people rachel maddow. ainsley: did he break the law? steve: no. ainsley: i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about this
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reporter. steve: no. whoever released it to him. ainsley: he might have been. it prevents unauthorized publication of tax return. up to $5,000 and five years in prison. he says is he protected because he didn't obtain it illegally. just ended up in his inbox. steve: one other interesting thing about this particular and only two pages. brian: still waiting for interesting thing here is the interesting thing. on the copy it said client copy. so, that would suggest that donald trump gave it to him? no, come on. on somebody near donald trump gave it to him or somebody at the tax plait place that filed it ains h and r block at wal-mart? steve: took the copy and gave it to the reporter but the reporter no. brian: real quirks mted is going to be in detroit talking about regulation and nashville and talk about health e. healthcare program.
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down on the grave of andrew jackson. ainsley: i thought about that when i read that this morning. brian: has anyone talked to abby this morning? steve: i did. it was so good i called her in to do the news. abby: i'm off to nashville after the show for the trump event. brian: are you also going to a diner? back here team morning at a diner in nashville. starting off with fox news alert. threat for homegrown terror. security experts say we have been letting juwaads right jihat through our border. clerics and religious workers for up to five years. turns out cold blooded terrorists have been using it to slip right through the cracks. the obama administration issued more than 23,000 visas during the president's second term. also a border wall will done right will be important and effective that coming from the manual in charge of protecting
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our borders. wall replacement is crucial along with the resources that support it. hit. the wall can't do the job alone. he sensing equipment also needed to let agents know when people are crossing. and now to some extreme weather and the northeast is digging out after a major storm pounds the region with heavy snorks gusting wind and ice, pretty brutal out. in boston, a tractor-trailer watch this, sliding on the ice jackknifing across several lanes. and fire and ice in upstate new york power line falls to the ground and airports looking more like ghost towns. the weather canceling thousands of flights. getting back on track today. i hope. so i'm about to take flight. toby keith still defending his inauguration performance saying it made him stronger ♪ american thunder. an american
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♪ that my brother, that my sister. abby: the he singer not getting backlash like other artists. not caving to the pressure made him stronger. your fans and friends will love you more. at the end of the day you just get another notch on your gun belt. keith also says he doesn't apologize for performing for our country and for our military. i love that toby keith raise a red solo cup. steve: good for him. ainsley: so pro-america. abby: patriotic. steve: rapper snoop dogg catching a lot of attention for this attack on president trump. steve: that fake assassination just landed him in big trouble. we are going to tell you about it. ainsley: president trump back on the road today with the american people. what do you, the voter, what do you think about his progress so far?
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our next guest seeing the changes happening firsthand. steve: winning. ♪ wouldn't be nashville without you ♪ ♪ [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok [student] i can just quit school and get a job. [ex student] its okay daddy's here. [wife] daddy [wife] hi [dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [dad] really? [chancellor] adam baily.
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he is heading to tennessee to talk obamacare and school choices. what kind of welcome will he get ferrari nashville. a warm one from manufacturers. green leaf poo industries manufacturing company joins us live today. >> good morning. steve: what kind of message are you looking for from the president of the united states. i know so far you like what he has had to say about manufacturing jobs here in the united states. >> i will tell you what? it's been a real shot in the arm for the manufacturers. before trump our whole marketing scheme was shifting away to a different thing, thinking that a lot of stuff was leaving the country. and then after he got elected, we were actually in a trade show and the day after the election it was euphoric. all the manufacturers and it was unbelievable. just in the past two months we
3:18 am
have seen three major companies within our area looking to reshore and brings jobs back to america. we are very excited. steve: you just used a term i have never heard before you said re-shore jobs. what does that mean? >> jobs either here and left the country or jobs that are in a different country bringing them back in to america. steve: um-huh. >> possibility of tariff. just spoke to a major asian auto manufacturer just last week that's looking to take jobs that were once here in america. they moved them to mexico. and they are looking to move those back in to america. steve: robert, what kind of business -- what does your company make. >> we do plastic injection molding, light assembly and part decoration. steve: to your point earlier about the number of manufacturing jobs so far created in the month of february by, you know, under donald trump, 28,000 so far. but what's interesting is the number of manufacturing jobs
3:19 am
lost during the obamacare down a little more than today. why are people, robert, in your shoes you said this word earlier euphoric about what donald trump is talking about. >> we are finally being put back in to a level playing field. you know, american business is not afraid to compete and to win. but when you are buried up to your waste and throwing fast balls at your head, it's kind of hard to compete that way. president trump has leveled the playing field. he has put this back in the batter's box and we're getting the same pitches everybody else is. go ahead. steve: i was going to say, do you think it helps? i mean, you are a businessman. does it help having a businessman in the white house? does he understand things that perhaps somebody who didn't have the same kind of background would not? >> it is amazing. i have never seen a president like this in my lifetime. i don't know if i will ever see another one again. it's just been a real shot in
3:20 am
the arm for manufacturers across the united states. especially in tennessee. steve: exit question for you, robert. msnbc had the big explosive scoop yesterday that in 2005, donald trump made a lot of money and paid 25% rate of taxes as well. is that a good thing or bad thing? because some people have said oh e he didn't pay taxes. >> i think trump is an american and is he going to do the best he can with what he has, which obviously he made a lot of money. and then is he going to follow the rules because those are american rules. and he is an american. so he is going to pay his taxes. i don't see anything wrong with that. at all. steve: why would you pay more thathan you owe? that would be crazy. robert, we thank you very much for joining us live today from nashville. >> yes. thank you so much. steve: all right. straight ahead on this wednesday. how do you know prince william is just like any other dad?
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ainsley: we have some quick court headlines for you. it is judgment day for the president to revise immigration order. three federal courts are set to hearing arguments before it takes effect at midnight. hawaii, washington state and the aclu all filing separate lawsuits trying to block it disgraced army deserter sergeant bergdahl standing trial. not to dismiss charges based on president trump's campaign comments. >> is he a traitor. a no good traitor. and 30 years ago he he would
3:25 am
have been shot. he was a dirty rotten deserter. ainsley: bergdahl was exchanged for five afghanistan prisoners in 2014 after walking off his base in 2009. he is facing desertion charges and five years in prison. brian? brian: all right. thank you, ainsley. the opioid crisis in america show nothing signs of slowing down sadly. while democrats claim the g.o.p.'s health care plan will make things worse the next guest says they are looking to spark fear in americans and make the president -- joining us now is andrew mckenna. a u.s. marine and prosecutor life upended by heroin spurred on by opiates. book we discussed called shear madness from federal prosecutor to federal prisoner. you know the president went up to new hampshire and other places that's been flooded with addiction problem especially young people 16 to 25. and they are trying to make him look as though he is
3:26 am
ignoring them when it comes to this plan. what's the reality? >> brian, it's good to be with you again. the reality is we need to tone down the panic on this one. i mean it's absolutely absurd. the president lost his older brother fred to the disease of alcoholism. he understands this is a disease and not a moral failing. that's number one i think things have spun out of criminal interest w. this. we still have the comprehensive act passed with bipartisan support last year to increase education, treatment, and access. but we're missing a bigger point here. the failing is right now is that we have inadequate treatment centers across the country that will take you in -- you know this. will take you in for 28 days and spit you out. addiction campuss we bring people, in we treat them for 30 days and then we have a
3:27 am
continuum of care and balanced life curriculum. we have an amazing alumni program. that's the differentiator. but we're not doing anybody any service by bringing them in and dumping them out. it's revolving door. cookie cutter approach. you know that. brian: that's one thing, too. you are lucky to get 28 days. hey your insurance is out. you are out in a week. sorry. maybe there is a part-time place you can go to in between going back to drugs, sadly and checking in once a week. andrew, in the big picture is very expensive to have these rehabs as worthwhile as most of them are. how do you get over that cost? and is there anything in the ryan plan that addresses this? >> i think funding is critical, right? we have to be able to treated everybody whether it's poor folks. listen, when i got clean and sober 12, 13 years ago, i didn't have a penny in my pocket. there are ways to treat people. it has to be the right sort of
3:28 am
treatment. so the funding is critical. and all -- based on the ryan plan, what i see is that we're turning the power over to the states. not immediately. 2020. and they are on the front lines. look at west virginia. look at ohio. look at new hampshire. okay. i want the governors of those states and legislators of those states to make the decision on how to best treat folks, how best to spend those dollars. they are on the front lines. and here's the other point. so, the mandate for medicaid to treat, you know, substance abuse disorder. mental health issues, okay, the mandate goes away, supposedly the mandate goes away in 2020. what politician is going to cut spending when every constituent in their district, in their state is affected by the opioid epidemic? that would be politically untenable. you are not getting reelect new cut spending for treatment. brian: i know a lot of people are concerned about that.
3:29 am
john kasich said i have a huge drug problem in my state and it's going to hurt it in reality you are getting block grants to do it act responsibly. i'm going to rebuild a road and open up a rec center instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing. an dry drew mckenna, thank you very much e i'm glad you keep telling your story. >> thank you very much, brian. brian: president trump made a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes. stuart varney made a lot of motive and paid a lot of taxes. weave will see who paid and made more. a game show sweeping the country. >> wheel of fugitive. a. brian: how one sheriff is using america's love of game shows to catch bad guys. first on a different note. happy birthday to rocker bret michaels 54 today. he good at reality shows and once had aneurism
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3:34 am
>> how much he paid in taxes? ainsley: sure. >> $38 million in 2005. he earned $153 million in 2005. so, first of all, they say oh, he didn't pay any taxes. and then they say well, you overstated your wealth. wrong on both counts. $38,000,000.2005; $153 million worth of income. i think that revelation last night was actually very pro-presidenpro-president trump. it weight wasn't a negative it was a plus. brian: was it a set-up. that's what this guy said who hates trump secretary of defense i got this in my mailbox i wouldn't put it by the president that he put it. >> there i'm not going to indulge about speculation on this kind of thing. i have no idea. ainsley: why dues this is very pro-trump. >> we have been told he doesn't pay any taxes hillary clinton right there. we have been told he has overstated his wealth. is he not that rich. wrong on both counts. that proved it last night. all the anti-trump people
3:35 am
barking up the wrong tree here. that was a bust. rachel maddow's broadcast was a total bust. steve: turned out she propped up the president of the united states. >> yeah. i think. so. steve: what this particular document reveals is donald trump paid more taxes than bernie sanders, than the former president of the united states. more than warren buffet. >> let me give you the percentages donald trump in 2005 paid 25% tax rate. we have bernie sanders who paid 13%. we have president obama in 2015 paid 19%. so, in fact, donald trump paid more in tax in a percentage of his income than former president obama and bernie sanders the socialist. brian: wouldn't it eliminate a lot of problems if he just relaxed all his taxes. especially if they reveal what this reveals? >> that's his choice, isn't it? steve: sure. >> if he shes not to, he chooses not to. he could pay a political price poor for it.
3:36 am
brian: gives enemy documented tries and olli ole ole olli ole. >> geraldo called in and said i have seen this show before. i hosted it. al capone. >> that struck me. when i saw that last night i thought al capone's vault. i saw that. ainsley: something else that struck us. article in the hill ceos being very optimistic. a lot of the ceos in new york vogted for hillary clinton. now never are coming out and saying we are very optimistic about donald trump. >> this is another thing do you not see reported in the mainstream media what you are talking about is the business round table a group of top level ceos their optimism index just took a huge jump. they are going to hire more. they are going continue to vest more. you couple that with small business optimism at a decade
3:37 am
high. consumer confidence at a decade high. wrap it all up. and have you got hopes for a growing economy and really strong optimism and confidence all across the board here. and it's never reported. he not there. steve: on this channel 20 minutes ago we had a guy involved in the plastics business out in tennessee. he said their business is very optimistic because in the month of february, donald trump's first month we added something like 30,000 manufacturing jobs. whereas during the obama administration we lois about a quarter of a million manufacturing jobs. >> look, the economy, our jobs, our money, very important to everyone and their lives. why is it that you do not see optimism and confidence reflected in the media when this is going on in the economy. steve: answer your own question. why? >> it's not pro-trump. anything a anti-trump is pro-news. anything for trump is buried.
3:38 am
ainsley: he said great optimism in america and the results will be even better. you're going to get tired of winning. >> he is pointing toward growth in the future. and we'll get growth in the future if his policies are in place. brian: that's the speech in detroit that's what it's going to be about regulation and helping growth. over to nashville where is he going to talk about healthcare and sit down with jesse watters. ainsley: going to sit down with the ceos of the auto manufacturers and sit down with the plant that make the cars that drive themselves. i love. this is he going to have a rally with the workers. of the people who actually put on the hard hat. >> speculation is he going to roll back the mileage requirements imposed on the obama administration. steve: leave that. brian: abby is going to deliver the news. at least she promised to. we don't know. sometimes she will storm off. steve: final story. brian: i'm wondering to get your reaction, that was your original birthplace. >> go ahead, abby. abby: now i'm a little
3:39 am
nervous. i will bring you this snoop dogg disgusting attack on donald trump with a mock assassination now has the attention of the secret service. well, the rapper's video sparking nationwide outrage. of the top security team are aware of it but not releasing details on if they're investigating. a mother accused of abandoning 2-year-old daughter at a grocery store taken into custody overnight. you can see the woman on surveillance video walking in. her toddler not far behind her. the woman paid her for her grovesries and desserted the little girl telling the good samaritan oh just leave her. she is now facing child endangerment charges. catching fugitives going viral after turning it in to a game show
3:40 am
♪ wheel of fugitives. >> this week looks like we're going to look for johnny l. robinson. now, mr. robinson you know how this works. as soon as everybody sees your picture up here. your inner circle, everybody in the community is going to start looking for you. we're going to ask to you do the right thing. man up. turn yourself in. abby: that is brevard county sheriff. his spin off of wheel of fortune have led to dozens of arrests in the last 18 months. continuing king of the dance floor. prince william tearing it up at a nightclub. abby: i love it, exclusive tmz video showing prince william throwing his hands in the air like he don't care. the royal ski three-point switzerland. what do you think of his moves? pretty good. letting loose.
3:41 am
abby: stuart, let's see the move. steve: what did you think of the prince. >> superb. the future king of england dances like a maniac. abby: own little world. own little box is he in. brian: 100 percent agree. everyone is critical of him because maybe he is not the best dancer. we remember famous people who said you have to dance like nobody's watching. ainsley: no one is watching. look. >> why am i on camera? you refer to the future king of england. why is that? play the music. because i mean i think roiltd should be allowed to dance even if it's not the best former of dancing. >> would you want his life? would you want to be the future king of england? steve: absolutely not. >> looked at constantly by everybody. only marry a certain kind of person. only do this, only do that do you want that? brian: yeah. ainsley: want a castle and fine china and butlers.
3:42 am
brian: live with my extended castle in a castle. stuart steward i'm king her could you have lease and you are brian. brian: i will take that. ainsley: her husband wars lord. brian: who is the son married to? ainsley: here we go. brian: black china. brian: come up straight ahead. that's a spin-off series that never took receipt. ainsley: we know what reality show you watch. yesterday was the butler. brian: on another note. marketing company taking on liberals. >> you realize that this is earned by this, then you will never be able to actually survive in the working world. brian: wait until you hear about the snowflake survey future employees are required to take ♪ just because we get around ♪ talking about my generation ♪ they say
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liberty mutual insurance. > steve: well a marketing company has released a video taking on liberal snowflakes. >> so you young activists, you champions of character, you eighth place trophy holders, until you realize that this is earned by this, then you will never be able to actually survive in the working world. >> ainsley: that video is getting nearly 5 million views innun dating the company with resumes from college students wanting to work there. brian: but if you want a job you will have to pass the boss' no flake survey. silent partner marketing kyle reyes. kyle, welcome. steve: good marketing. brian what prompted you to put that up. >> after we had that video come up we had hundreds and hundreds of applicants.
3:47 am
good, bad, ugly. we had people who didn't know what our company does to work for us. i needed a filter to sort through all of that. ainsley: why do you feel it's important to have snowflake survey. >> i wanted individuals who work for my company who would fit the culture not just out culture of our company but client, too. we needed people who weren't snowflakes. ainsley: you want the best and strongest. steve: folks play along at home. first question to an applicant would be what does america mean to you? what's a good answer? >> we are in a very divided time right now. ever since the election cycle people are split and no longer having conversations. people able to make an opinion and stand by that. steve: what answer would disqualify them from a job. >> an answer where you don't know the difference between there e they're, and their for spelling purpose and somebody who is nowho is proud to be an n
3:48 am
i'm looking for people who don't feel they are entitled. people who have that entrepreneurial mind set willing to think outside the box and willing to work for everything that they have. brian: this is the hardest win. when was the last time you cried and why? what's a good answer that gets me hired there. >> you know. i want people who have a sense of community, who have a sense of heart, who aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves but who are able again to make an argument and stand by that. ainsley: what have people said. >> i cried the day after the election tears of joy to people who talk about parents who have passed on who are no longer with us. brian: what about i put my family fortune on the falcons in the super bowl. >> you will will not have any pity whatsoever. ainsley: what about people who don't cry macho guys. >> if they are transparent and honest about it as long as they have proper grammar and spelling. ainsley: what if i cry every day. >> i'm okay with that but i'm
3:49 am
not giving u. safe space at. steve: how do you feel about the police. >> campaign to donate $500,000 to police and first responders. we work very closely with a lot of police departments. you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women. steve: have you asked that question and they have not been supportive of the police. >> i don't think they would take our test. brian: how do you feel about guns. >> i carry and my team as well. we have hard core american companies. have you got to be comfortable around them. ainsley: if you are not, you are not hired. >> adios. brian: how many openings? >> 21 people. we are looking to increase that by 50% over the next 60 days and double that he in sex six months. steve: have you heard of other employers wanting to adapt something like. this i have had people offering significant amounts of money for us to design a test for them which isn't what we do.
3:50 am
we have had people sending presents. somebody sent a snowblower. a priest from vegas cut out snowflakes. brian: a priest? ainsley: what about the nay safers watching? this is legal can you discriminate? >> we are not discriminating because, again, i want to see how people are able to make their perspective heard and to stand by that. ainsley: okay. steve: very good. thank you very much. >> thank you guys. steve: it's tough to be the one giving advice. what happens when the woman with all answers runs out of them. syndicated advice columnist odickerson took over dear ann ask amy. you're next on "fox & friends." ♪ u.s.a. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works.
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3:54 am
ainsley: amy dickenson's advice column it's called ask amy. it appears in over 200 newspapers around the country and has more than 22 million readers. her success has skyrocketed ever since taking over the column dear ann. and amy joins me now. she is live obviously in our living room brand new picture of it strangers tend to tell me things and they do. amy, welcome. you are the one with all the answers. what's that like? >> you would think it would be pretty powerful. mainly it's pretty humbling. i mean i do this for a living. my living is advising people what to do. but in my own life i'm a human being, turns out i have some problems, too. instance ains why did you
3:55 am
write the book? to talk about those probes? >> i wanted to reveal myself to my readers. i wanted to show them how i relate to them. and i wanted to inspire them and other people to sort of take a chance and do what i had done in late life. i left my home in chicago. and like four in 10 americans who take care of an elderly orism family member, i moved back home to my tiny little town of freeville, new york. and i moved back to where i was born and i helped to take care of my mother until she died. ainsley: wow. what was that like? >> it was the most powerful and potent experience of my life. my sisters and i, we are all come from this very tiny town. everybody pitched in. neighbors pitched in. people from church pitched in. the who reads the gas meters would pop in and check on my mother. you know, we all pulled
3:56 am
together and helped with her. but it is an incredibly challenging thing to do. i was absolutely not prepared. and, of course, at the end of this process which for me lasted for a few years, you lose your family member and then you deal with that. ainsley: so sad. >> yeah. ainsley: you are the one who usually answers the questions. you are not usually the story. in this book i love there book because you are so real. people ask you advice and you are the expert. you talk about what it's like to be a stepmother to have another marriage to watch your mother pass away. so thank you for coming in here and sharing this with us. we will all be reading your book. >> thank you. ainsley: we wish you all the best. former deputy campaign manager donald trump david bossie joins us at the top of the hour on his thoughts on msnbc bombshell report that president trump made a lot of money and paid his taxes. that's the story ♪ tomorrow will do ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ don't stop
3:57 am
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4:00 am
that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust. ♪ >> we are repealing and replacing obamacare. we don't want some endless, dragged out thing where we never get something done. >> i wouldn't call that a replacement. i call that a scam. >> president trump's 2005 taxes bloc blockbuster now reled by msnbc news. >> donald trump paid more in his taxes than at the president obama and bernie sanders the socialist. >> those who leaked the information must be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. until that's done, i don't think anyone in the trump administration is safe. >> serious threat for homegrown terror. we have been letting jihadis right through our borders for decades. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is just hours from touching down in tokyo, japan. first stop on highly anticipated trip to asia.
4:01 am
>> optimism is surging. >> it's amazing. i have never seen a president like this in my lifetime. it's been a shot in the arm for manufacturers across the united states. ♪ free world ♪ ♪ keep on rocking in the free world ♪ brian: the president was working last night. had to use the snow blower make sure the pads were clean so the press could get in and out. ainsley: he does it by himself? brian: a lot of people don't know that. ainsley: he is a new yorker. you said washington doesn't know the first thing about snow. brian: they shut down. steve: the snow has stopped. the streets are clear. the crosswalks are perilous. brian: you don't want to be in pennsylvania. 30 inches in some places. pretty big story. meanwhile we do have dave bossie waiting in the wings. steve: good mornings to you,
4:02 am
david. >> good morning. brian: owe snow is not going to stop you. >> snow never stops me. brian: neither about the president stop tweeting. in fact, here is an example of a tweet that just came in and bring up as we talk about this topic. last night we know that one of the shows on another network msnbc had a big story. 2005 tax returns released here they are. does anybody believe that a reporter who nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns? nbc news is fake news. >> i couldn't agree more. thank you, mr. president for that this morning. that's the reason that he tweets. this is exactly why he has that incredibly powerful instrument. is he going to set the stage for this today and call nbc news out on this. this is a continuation of this fake news story that has been going on really to undermine this president for the last two years.
4:03 am
all throughout the campaign and all throughout the transition. all we heard at the campaign was the president paid no taxes. the president paid no taxes. the president paid no taxes and he is afraid of his tax returns. release them, mr. president. and that's their man trap. every single day they get into trouble. the president, as it turns out, as we all know on our -- on the president's team, like ford, like rockefeller, is he one of the great business leaders of america -- in american history. absolutely in a generation. so, we look to him as a success story, as entrepreneur who built a company and paid enormous sums in taxes as it now turns out. 2005 alone, $38 million in federal taxes on top of the sales taxes and every other state tax and local tax that he has to pay. it is enormous sum of money that he paid. steve: sure. david, because rachel maddow
4:04 am
thought it was a bigot that moment. >> it got her. steve: big nothing burger. there are some who suggested hey, on the bottom of the second page of that it said client copy. they have said e in fact, the investigative journalist wouldn't be surprised if donald trump himself leaked it because he looked so good with this. >> yeah, look. that's ridiculous. president trump is a very private person. he takes his privacy, the safety of his family and his business empire. steve: well, then who did leak it? >> i wish i knew. steve: who do you think in the irs? >> there is a lot of people in the pipeline that have access to copies. clearly this is from 12 years ago now. so i have no idea how this would get into the media this happened during the campaign as well. so, we saw once before that something just mysteriously appeared in somebody's mailbox. so this is not the first time.
4:05 am
i hope it's the last. brian: the guy is david k. johnston by the way. >> never heard of him. neither hats president. ainsley: white house did release a statement saying this is a desperate move for msnbc and saying it was illegal so doesn't sound like something he would have released. laura ingraham was talking about the leak he is. the latest leak which is the tax return leak. listen to this. >> those who leaked this information must be found, must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> sleel. >> only a certain number of people have access to this information. that digital footprint is there. it can be rooted out. everyone needs to be brought. in everyone needs to be deposed. everyone needs lie detector test and have you to figure this out. until that's done, i don't think anyone in the trump administration is safe. ainsley: david, what's your reaction to that? >> you know, she is so good and so right. i served as the chief investigator for congress for several years. and i can tell you, if i was
4:06 am
there today, i would be urging my chairman, whether it was devin nunes or jason chaffetz to use the power of congress as well as urging the fbi and doj to do this. congress has a special oversighted that they can get in and really try to root out these bad elements inside the government that have taken hold and really trying to counter president trump's agenda with their just really malicious leaks. steve: okay. david, i know you started by saying look, the narrative from the democrats has been he didn't pay federal taxes now we know at least that year he did. the very latest is the dnc says the reason is he not going to release his taxes other years is because he owes money to the russians. it's back to the russian thing. >> you know. i feel -- i actually genuinely feel sorry for these people. they have nothing. they have offered the american people absolutely nothing since our november victory on
4:07 am
ideas, on policy, and on a way forward for american workers. president trump every single day is offering the american people a better way, a different way to go than we have been over the last 8 years. that's what's making him so successful. that's what's turned the american economy literally around on a dime. his optimism, his hope grows in opportunity agenda for america. for all americans. bringing jobs home. bringing jobs back to america. making america and companies want to participate in the american workforce. is just a tremendous thing. you just look at the job numbers from february. is he hitting it out of the park. that's just the beginning. brian: right. i would love to see him use two numbers now. just getting. in the number of people that have been pushed out of the workforce because they can't get a job and the numbers, which is 4 point something percent unemployment number incredibly small work on both those figures. there is another fox news alert as it revolves around
4:08 am
today's -- that is the jihadis are using religious visas to enter the u.s. is this behind the reason for the redone travel ban? >> i think this needs to be part of what they look at. this -- the extreme vetting as president trump has talked about. this is a perfect example of why we need extreme vetting from all countries across the world. we know back in i think 2004, hamas used this exact visa program to try to infiltrate america with about 200 different bad guys. i have think this has been called out by many leaders by many religious leaders across the country and members of the military for years and i think that the president is looking at these types o programs exactly as the reason why we need extreme vetting. brian: let's talk about obamacare and repeal and replace.
4:09 am
problems in the republican camp. amongst the people very upset by this plan and says back away senator tom cotton. why do you think the president hasn't maybe tried to reign senator cotton in and said you are hurting paul ryan's chances the plan i back by coming out continuously and saying bad plan, walk away? >> look, i think the house is going to be passing a bill that the senate is going to seriously look at. i think the white house is looking at this as let's get a really good repeal and replace bill together. bringing all sides together, which i know they are currently working with the freedom caucus and many others across congress. paul ryan seems to be doing a very good job of now trying to bring everybody together. i think they are going to bring together a bill that the american people can be proud of and republican congress can pass. and then the senate will have their chance to make changes, to bring ailments. and i think. brian: david, is he making it harder for the house to pass it. why?
4:10 am
>> no, no. i don't think senator cotton is making it harder. i think senator cotton is a senator participating in the process from the other side of the hill. telling his colleagues on the house side exactly what he thinks needs to be in the bill to make it easier for the senate to pass it. i think there is different ways to view what he is doing. i look at senator cotton as one of the smartest, most articulate men in the senate. >> brian: he is. >> i think the house leadership needs to heed what is he saying and i think the white house is listening as well. steve: all right. ainsley: thank you david bossie live with us this morning. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: hand it over to abby huntsman. abby: other headlines this morning. president trump. hitting the road today. first stop detroit, where is he giving those automakers their voice back. planning to halt obama era mandating all cars 50 miles per gallon.
4:11 am
blaming them for hurting the industry. then the president will head from the motor city to the music city rally in nashville. new g.o.p. healthcare plan to the people. is the fbi investigating the ties to russia. james comey expecting to reveal that today. sheldon met with the director about weinering claims. the senator says comey promised he would go public with that decision. and now to some extreme weather. in the northeast is sticking out after a major storm pounds the region with heavy snow, gusting wind and ice. airports slowly getting back on track afte african selling thousands of flights yesterday. a tractor-trailer sliding on the ice, jackknifing on a bridge in boston. yikes. and in rhode island, this winter vine snapping completely in half. as humans choose to stay inside the ponies were horsing around new york city
4:12 am
yesterday. the nypd had to rangle them up after they escaped from their stable. they wanted a little joy ride in the snow. maybe they were looking for santa claus. ainsley: maybe so. always looking for santa. kind of do associate the two. steve: coming up on wednesday. the v.a. facility missing a portrait of president trump. but not for long. >> happy to be able to get these hung up. we always say in the army, right? nothing takes five minutes. steve: congressman and double amamputee. ed henry has reaction coming up next. >> remember this family gaining instant fame thanks to kids running around on live tv. what was going on behind the scenes? the parents breaking silence. really cute story.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
>> get these hung up. we always say in the army, right? nothing takes five minutes. ainsley: g.o.p. congressman and army veteran brian mast taking action, demanding portraits of the president and va secretary that they are hung back up inside empty frames at a v.a. facility in west palm beach. steve: here is update is chief national correspondent ed henry. ed, at this v.a. facility in florida they didn't have a picture. he took some, put them up and they took them down again? >> congressman brian mast took matters into his own hands. this is an example of how bureaucrats around the country are just simply not accepting donald trump as president of the united states. so congressman mast, the republican from down there in palm beach called me yesterday and said he decided to take matters into his own hands. you see that photo there. he went down to the v.a. field office in west palm beach. of course, right in donald trump's neighborhood, not far
4:18 am
from mar-a-lago, of course, and brought photos. you see secretary shulkin from the v.a. president trump. a photo as well as vice president pence. this is standard operating procedure in every government office around the country. so if had you a v.a. field office in boston, for example, back in the obama days you walked in, there would be an official portrait of barack obama, joe biden and the v.a. secretary. so far in west palm beach, they have refused to hang the trump-pence, shulkin photos. that's why mast took matters into his own hands. we have been told looking overnight local stations in west palm beach are reporting that the v.a. in west palm beach has taken the trump, pence portraits back down saying this was unauthorized by the republican congressman to do this. they need to authenticate the photos somehow as if they don't realize this is really donald trump. and they are not explaining why about 50 days into this administration they haven't hung the photos themselves. i mean, if this congressman has to take matters into his
4:19 am
own hands, why haven't the v.a. bureaucrats simply said okay, donald trump is now president of the united states, let's hang the photo. they are not endorsing him or getting behind him. he is the president. set commander-in-chief. what's interesting is brian mast is ♪ just any congressman. have you hi had him on the show many times. he lost both legs serving this country for the u.s. army in afghanistan. and stepped into an ied. lost a finger as well. this is not just some random congressman showing up at the v.a. steve: latest is apparently the people at the v.a. in the west palm beach they are saying yeah, okay, those are pictures of the v.a. secretary and donald trump. but they have got to come from the home office. you can't just walk in and. >> they want a photo from the white house? maybe the president will fedex them a photo from the president today so they get it from the home office. steve: is he going down there this weekend. he should just show up, where's my picture? >> i hadn't thought of that you are right. on his way home this weekend
4:20 am
stop at the v.a. office and go help the patients. ainsley: how did the congressman find out about this story? was he there at the v.a. >> he called me yesterday the congressman. i had recently met the congressman at a charity event. he called me yesterday and basically said you're north going to believe what's going on. that he had been getting phone calls, i believe from, v.a. patients going in there and i don't know this part whether he himself, the congressman had been to that v.a. facility or not. but he said he had been told that this was going on. he called over there several times. say, look, we will send photos. what can we do? they kept saying no. he said i'm going over there. steve: they look bad. >> maybe they will finally fix this. >> so silly beyond ridiculous. ainsley: thank you, ed. coming up on the rundown, another community turning in to a sanctuary city in defiance of the president. the voters don't want it. he is going to join us live with whether a they really want. that's next ♪ carry on ♪ may your path be the sound
4:21 am
of your feet upon the ground ♪ carry on ♪ kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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4:24 am
brian: news by the numbers. you can play at home. first 2009. that's the last time ceos were this optimistic about the economy. the survey finding top company bosses are upbeat about hiring. investment comma and sales over the next six months. next, three. today the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates for the third time since december of 2015. the hike will likely be felt across the economy. gradually pushing up rates from everything to mortgaged gadgets, credit cards and loans. that's good news, kind of, sort of. sanctuary cities how many there are in the united states of america. a midwest political group reporting a massive surge in
4:25 am
the number of places trying to defy president trump's order which happens to be the law of the land. people? steve: speaking of that onto the cities moving closer to sanctuary cities. saint carlos, california. that city now a safe zone for illegals declaring itself a welcoming city. ainsley: joining us now to explain this is san carlos, california vice mayor and city council member matt growcot thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. ains swhants difference? explain that for us a sanction jerry city and welcoming city which is your city symbolically at least now. >> correct. san francisco, for instance is, a sanctuary city. meaning they do not cooperate at all with ice. if ice calls them, my understanding is they do not cooperate. a welcoming city a a simply not forthcoming when they have
4:26 am
somebody in custody and they know because of going to the process of asking questions, asking for documentation, so forth. they can figure out pretty readily that somebody is not a citizen but they are not going to call ice and say hey, we have got this person in custody. ainsley: but you do work with ice if ice comes knocking on the doors? >> if ice comes knocking on the door, we do work with them. and actually there is a list of priorities that ice has, individuals that they want to have custody of, like gang members, for instance. and if our sheriff's department, who we contract with for our police department, if they know someone is a gang member, they will cooperate with ice. steve: all right. so matt, why did your town pass this exactly? is this just to be defiant of the president of the united states? >> well, it's interesting. there was obviously a very
4:27 am
organized group. the aclu was involved. and they came to us at the prior council meeting with a proposal already written. and asked us to put it on the dais. and in our city it takes three council members to agree to something to put it on dais, three did. so it was scheduled for two weeks later. ainsley: what do you think about it? are new favor of a welcoming city? >> no, i'm not. i think the only thing that actually happened when we peaced this resolution, which was reaffirming us as a welcoming city is policy wise it didn't change anything. because the directives it gives is exactly how our sheriff's department already operates. steve: right. >> perhaps what it did do is revive the argument, the debate that has been going on since governor brown of
4:28 am
california was governor the first time back in 1978, clean-up is should local law enforcement when they know they have somebody in custody who is not a citizen, should they make contact with federal authorities to turn that person in? steve: of course now yours is a welcoming city makes it all a little different. matt grocott thank you for joining us from san francisco. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. steve: okay. meanwhile, diewrn do you remembr this? >> basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever but basically that was really critical to getting this thing to pass. steve: jonathan gruber the obamacare actor tech is talking about this time about the republican replacement for obamacare. you won't believe what he has said. ainsley: parents, you need to stop your children from playing tag. why? it is way too dangerous. ♪ it's the would you the wussiff
4:29 am
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y2a1gy yx9y ♪ >> in new york, even the bbc has a weather reporter. keep a special eye on the guy in the background for tonight's edition of behind the news. ♪ >> new york city has had about 1500 plows out all day on a continuous cycle cleaning the roadways. and officials are warning people that if there is no reason to go out an then stay indoors. steve: big chance to be on television. he was on television. not only was he on the local news. he was on the big show with jimmy kimmel. brian: it's allow you had. it's a free country.
4:33 am
by the way is he a very good dancer for whoever that is. ainsley: i love watching news bloopers. do you ever do that. as long as we are not part of it. it's always funny. steve: we have been party of funny. brian: most of mine on vhs tapes. steve: adam clothes, let's see who is behind him today. >> you got me excited. i wish there were people out here; keep me warmer out here. the temperatures frigid. >> the snow that's behind me i don't think is going to be melting any time soon. we are talking about really cold air lingering today. lingering of the next cup perform days. all about these temperatures dropping. that means the snowe that we have seen is the s. not going to go anywhere. folk vets seen it pile up. farther north of new york city spots running up to the 30-inch range. temperatures dropping down into 20's and some cases in the teens. it's still breezy out here. windy yesterday. that was all part of the blizzard i it keeps it feeling even colder. feels like temperatures in
4:34 am
most sport spots down into single digits. some spots closer down to zero. maybe the negative numbers. not just the northeast. this is something the entire eastern half of the country is going to be dealing well. these are winter advisories. freeze advisories taking you down all the way to central florida for tomorrow morning. so cold air really settle ling in. there is a look at some of those temperatures for tomorrow morning. absolutely everyone going to be dealing with cold weather in the next couple of days, guys. steve: adam, behind you, check it out. behind you, look behind you. >> there it is. steve: yes. >> very nice, it's a dance off. steve: she is doing a much better job than you, adam. >> there is no way i could dance off with her. steve: can i drop the mike? ainsley: good job. >> i'm done, i'm done. owe. steve: that guy has some moves.
4:35 am
footprints on the ground. ainsley: i just love that no one walking behind you adam is looking at you and no one cares in new york. when we were riding around in the ghost mobile for ghostbuster. no one even looked. steve: it's new york. they see everything on the streets. brian: i would love to know who that girl was behind him. ainsley: she looked behind him. brian: some day. steve: savanna guthrie. [ buzzer ] ainsley: next segment would yowussification. ainsley: school in california they say they sent a letter home to all the parents saying your kids aren't allowed to play tag anymore. brian: because it's getting too rough. here is the quote from the district in this case kids were getting too rough so the school told them to stop playing those games like tag. it's not uncommon for a school to enact specific recess rules to address specific behavior problems. steve: not just tag but it's
4:36 am
flag football and stuff like this. here is an idea for the educators. why not instead of stopping it hey, kids, you are getting too rough. if you do that again you have to have a time-out. when you are a kid you hate time-out. brian: you know what really happened in the slow kid kept getting tagged he went home and told his parents who called the principal and said my kid is slow. keeps getting tagged. steve: they didn't say slow they said too rough. brian: i'm cutting through. serpentine kids in and out. steve: sitting down suddenly channeling peter faulk. said et kids down and tell them what's the matter with playing too rough. if you want to play again in the future, calm things down. don't take away tag. and don't take away flag football from all the kids. ainsley: take away tag take away dodge ball. that was the best one. brian: could lead to no musical chairs. want to crush a kid leave them standing at the end when they
4:37 am
stop the music. i get tense just thinking about it. ainsley: how is it going to effect them later in life. not going to get a job at that business we interviewed the ceo earlier silent partners marketing company because he will not hire snowflakes. >> so you young activists, you champions of character, you 8th place trophy holders, until you realize that this is earned by this, then you will never be able to actually survive in the working world. steve: that's kyle reyes. he is the coo of this marketing company in connecticut. people wanted jobs thought they were inappropriate for his business. so he developed a snowflake test. a survey. and the way you answer the questions would determine whether or not you got a job. he was with us a little bit earlier. here's whether a he said.
4:38 am
>> i wants us to be age to have individuals work for of my company who would sort of fit the can you recall temperature. not just the culture of our company but culture our clients. we needed people who are not snowflakes. i'm looking for people who are not entitled. who do not have a sense they should just be handled things but people who have that entrepreneurial mind set willing to think outside the box and willing to work for everything that they have. ainsley: he brings up a good point though in that video you think about the kids too scared to play tag. imagine if they go head to head against isis over in the middle east. like that's not the kind of person fighting for our country. brian: disciple have a confession to make. i don't know if i have made it before on television. steve: okay. brian: my mom did frame a sixth place certificate. it was blue for sixth place in the. steve: recreation. came in sixth place and they gave you a trophy. brian: no. they gave mia certificat gave ma
4:39 am
certificate. he. ainsley: ben stiller. here is his 12th place trophy. brian: i would kill to put that up today. abby -- oh, tag. abby: brian that story explains so much about you. ainsley: he just tagged you. you have headlines. abby: headlines to get to. remember jonathan gruber. mit professor and architect of obamacare. is he now slamming the g.o.p.'s replacement plan calling it a scam. >> any replacement that they would pass would result in millions of americans losing health insurance. enough to, if they're happy with that and willing to do that then they can replace. i wouldn't call that a replacement, i would call that a scam. abby: same man to described americans stupid for allowing obamacare to pass. listen. >> transparency is a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really,
4:40 am
really critical to getting this thing to pass. abby: gruber also admitting that he helped fool the congressional budget office by describing the obamacare taxes as mandates. horrifying picture showing a come's burnt face after her head phones explode 30,000 feet in the air. look at that she fell asleep listening to music on a flight beijing to australia when she woke up to sparks and flames shooting out. investigators say it was probably the lithium ion batteries inside the head phones that started the fire. no word yet on the brand of those head phones. also ben affleck confessing that he just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction. he took it upon himself to get help because his problems with alcohol abuse started back up again. writing this on facebook. he said this was the first of many steps being taken towards a positive recovery. alcohol reportedly fueling affleck and his wife jennifer garner's divorce which is reportedly now on hold. and the photographer whose bbc
4:41 am
interview baseman a viral obsession when. speaking out for the first time laughing about what happened, watch. i think one of your children just walked in. shifting, shifting sounds in the region relations with the north may change? >> i would be surprised if they do. pardon me. abby: so good. the british network did welcome robert kelly back and this time his kids did not have a guest appearance. >> we were worried that the bbc would never call us again. that was actually our first response mortification that we had completely blown our relationship with you. once my son came in on a little roller, then it was sort of -- then there was nothing i could do. abby: how cute is this family. now internet hit with 21 million fans on facebook. they live in south korea. probably the best video we
4:42 am
have seen in a long time. >> that is so cute, isn't it? brian: no fair she is in heels. i would be able to get you, abby. brian: if you want to put them on. tag with heels. ainsley: i love that video though. it's so cute. steve: hilarious. ainsley: what happens when a republican and democrat get stuck in the car for hours. not the woodhouse brothers. otwo brothers. no they are not brothers. all right. i digress. could this finally be a way to unite the country? have you got to hear their story coming up. steve: can't wait. are you suffering from debilitating addiction. addiction to technology is on the rise. the next guest says not an accident. wake up call coming up to hold the phone. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice
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4:46 am
bribe brian all right. are you suffering from debilitating addiction? you may be and not even know it addiction to technology is on the rise. our next guest says it's not an accident. you can't stop staring at your smart screen. there's a science behind it. psychologist adam alter thinks. so the author of the brand new book called "irresistible the rise of addictive technology and keeping us hooked." you tell us you are on the way to australia. 24 hour ride and the flight attendant comes up to you and said i have never seen someone staistare at their one phone for 24 hours. >> played a game the entire way. something about this experience that was very very hard for me to resist. started looking around found a lot of people in the same situation. brian: what is going on in your body that allows to you continue to do this over and over again and what do you mean it's not an accident? >> we got a lot of really positive feedback from these experiences that make us feel really good.
4:47 am
the body produces certain hormones and chemicals that make us feel excellent. we keep doing this thing over and over again. unfortunately the way these apps, these games are designed. they are basically designed to do that over and over again. so it's very hard for us to stop. brian: you did some research. you found out the creators of these games, in many cases don't bring their technology home. they don't let their kids play with these games because they know what they are doing to us. >> i found that really staggering. basically a school in silicone valley. it's a no tech school no. phones. no tablets, nothing. 75% of the kids there have parents who are in the tech world. the tech c. >> os and execs. brian: you have adjusted your life because of this because you are a parent. >> yeah. i have 11 month old and i do what i can when i'm with him so the few hours in the afternoon and evening i don't have of my phone. when he was young he wreeched over and swiped the phone.
4:48 am
one of the things he did smart guy. as soon as he go d. that he smiled at me. brian: it's already affecting us in terms of the attention span. interact with people and feel empathy. when you are on these phones or whatever, ipads, you lose some of that human interaction. it's already happening over the last 10 years. >> absolutely. it's changing the way we interact. changes how sensitive we are to other people's emotional cues. we aren't as good as communicating today as we once were. brian: do you think creator of these games is doing it for i do book kediabolical way? >> those prowckets became very hard for us to shake. brian: myu you are a professor of psychology. what would you hope people gain from this book? >> well, i think it gives them a lot of way to manage the issue. make a number of suggestions. want to make sure there are certain periods of the day where it's just you and your kids and your family and friends. no tech. you and nature.
4:49 am
whatever it is you want to do it should be tech free. brian: this does tap into your brain to get you addicted and next thing you know days and hours just slip by. >> yeah, exactly. brian: called irresistible. professor of marketing at new york university stern school of business and congratulations on the booker, damn. >> than booker -- on the book, adam. brian: supposed to be the bomb sheflt year. >> first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published. nor are we fake. pinch me. i'm real. brian: pinch me. of the whole thing blew up on you. rachel maddow's big scoop turned into a big bust and twitter went crazy and hasn't stopped. carlie shimkus decided to do a whole segment on it and she is walking our direction. nobody can stop her. ♪ her room was completely black ♪ i hugged her ♪ and she hugged back ♪ like this sailor set, quote,
4:50 am
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♪ >> news worthy. steve: rachel maddow devoted an entire hour to the president's two pages of the tax return from 2005. social media users not impressed and this morning the twitter verse is going crazy. >> ainsley: that is right, steve. here with more of their reaction setting the internet on fire is fox headline 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. i knew i was about to introduce you and i put a mint on. i was chomping on it. brian: read for you. of course she has -- ainsley: hog the camera. brian: huge news last night.
4:54 am
>> it all started out on social media with a single tweet ferrari rachel maddow we have trump tax returns tonight 9 p.m. eastern time. seriously. the suspense, the intrigue, everybody on social media was talking about this. they wanted to know if there was going to be some big bombshell. if you missed it. here is opening monologue. >> what i have here is a keep of donald trump's tax returns. aside from the numbers being large, these pages are straightforward. for the record the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published. nor are we fake. pinch me. i'm real. steve: she is not fake news. however, donald trump was tweeting this morning to her point. >> he actually addressed this already this morning. he said on twitter does anybody really believe that a reporter who nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns at nbc news fake news referring to the reporter who gave rachel maddow that document. brian: that guy has been around forever just hates donald trump and will do anything to destroy him.
4:55 am
it didn't happen that way it turns out he pays 25% of his income to the government. >> that's president trump's perspective. a lot of other people on social media were just -- they felt like they were mislead and just completely disappointed by the entire show. matt on twitter said rachel maddow leaves viewers disappointed and annoying for waste are their time basically her show every night. rachel maddow thank you for your epic fail on president trump's taxes i needed a good laugh. donald trump jr. chimed in thank you rachel maddow for proving to your trump-hating followers how successful my dad is and that he pays paid $40 million in taxes. steve: whole thing back fired on the left. they thought we are finally going to have the evidence that shows he didn't pay taxes. >> really did. brian: how do we get republicans and democrats together? >> get them in the car together. if nothing else today, this story is going to make you smile. i love it.
4:56 am
two texas congressman will hurt a republican and betsy owe roark a democrat needed to ghetto washington, d.c. yesterday because their flight was cancelled due to the storm. they decided to rent a car together and drive from texas to d.c. 24 hours. they are still on this road trip. they cover a lot of ground. they live streamed the whole thing. it is fantastic. this is what politics, guys, should look like. steve: how did they get along? >> they got along great. ainsley: did they solve obamacare? >> leave it to these two to actually do that. i agree. brian: that would be fantastic. people in texas. doesn't matter. >> they love each other. steve: we need to have these guys on the show tomorrow to figure out what they're talking about. >> let them have a shower first. on the road 24 hours could get stinky. steve: carlie, thank you. brian: see you on sirius 115. steve: president trump called it from the beginning and now the experts aterrorists are trying to use our immigration system to get into the u.s. by
4:57 am
visas and they have been doing it for decades. the big question is will democrats listen? brian: no more homecoming queens and kings that's offensive. turning the tradition gender neutral ahead. oh my goodness. ♪ king of anything ♪ a heart attack doesn't care what you eat
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financial advisor can do for you. ♪ >> we are repealing and replacing obamacare. we don't want some endless dragged out thing we don't get it done. it has been seven years long. >> i don't call that a replacement. i call it a scam. >> president trump in 2005 taxes blockbuster released by nbc news. >> donald trump paid more in tax in percentage of his income than former president of president obama and bernie sanders the socialist. >> those who leaked information must be found and prosecuted to the extent of the law. >> we have been letting jihadis through our border. >> this is perfect example why
5:01 am
we need extreme vetting from owl countries across the world. >> i run a marketing agency they absolutely dreamed working at. >> if you want a job you have to fast the boss's no snowflake survey. >> i want individuals to work for my company, that fit our culture and we need people who aren't snowflakes. >> ♪ ♪ ainsley: party songs. is there a party going on in there? steve: he has a road trip today. he is headed to detroit and nashville and he headed to our program today because, he is headed to speak to "tucker carlson tonight." ainsley: instead of watching rachel maddow tonight you have to watch tucker's show. brian: no one watches rachel maddow's show. last night, they did the get notice pause of what happened with the taxes and because there
5:02 am
was rumor being released 2005 taxes. ainsley: rachel tweeting it out she had taxes. brian: i tuned in what was going on. after 22 minutes of oligarchs and planes and deutsche bank. will this build up to climax of after school special? steve: it did. it was a big bust and nothing burger. turns out in the year 2005 she ahold of, investigator reporter gave his presentation on the rachel maddow show of two pages of his 2005 tax documents. showed up in his mailbox. what it revealed was despite what hillary clinton said, that he did not pay taxes, he did. in the year 2005, as you can see right there he paid 25% tax rate which is high for rich people. he earned $153 million. he paid as you can see a little north of $36 million in taxes. he had 100 million-dollar loss that tax year.
5:03 am
now people are talking about hey, this makes it look like trump put these out him is because he looks great. ainsley: it was a good story. the reporter who put them out said they arrived, two pages from his 2005 tax returns arrived in his in box on his computer. he is saying that. why rachel maddow this is legal. we're legally giving you this information because you're not allowed to release publicly anyone's taxes unless you're authorized to do so. donald trump is saying i didn't authorize this. brian: this nicholas kristof of "new york times," begging people, if you have donald trump's taxes, send them to me. i don't know if that is legal. donald trump tweeted this out. does anyone really believe that a reporter who nobody ever heard of, david k. johnston, went to his mailbox and found my tax returns at nbc news? fake news. i look for donald trump to weave that somehow because he tends to go off the prompter into his washington or, not washington,
5:04 am
michigan or nashville speech today. steve: he did say it is fake news. we had david bossie, counselor to the president of the united states on this program an hour ago. and he says this is just more of that fake news stuff that has hounded mr. trump. listen to this. >> this is con this continuatiof this fake news store fog on to undermined this president for the last two years. all throughout the campaign and all throughout the transition. all we heard at campaign the president paid no taxes. the president paid no taxes. the president paid no taxes. he is afraid of his tax returns. 2005 alone, $38 million in federal taxes on top of the sales taxes, every other state tax and local taxes that he has to pay. so it is enormous sum of money he paid. brian: dnc came out and said
5:05 am
only reason team trump is not releasing complete returns to hide ties with russia. steve: russia. ainsley: we have his tax returns. everything is aboveboard. all it proves he made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes. trying to spin the story, maybe he was one released it. maybe he wanted you to know that. maybe he is doing that to hide his ties to russia. what? brian: nbc's reaction, msnbc they said this is horrible day after he won the election. bad day for america. somehow we'll get through this. since that day they have been going after him. tucker carlson underlined that point on his show. >> complaints from nbc about election meddling? given that company's conduct over the past six months that is a bit rich. consider the infamous "access hollywood" tape. if you were living in america last fall you remember it, shocking vulgar remarks, immediate and disasterous effect the tape on candidate trump's poll numbers.
5:06 am
it was a political bomb detonated in the final days of our most intense political race in our lifetimes. the pause was overwhelming, few considered where the tape came from. that tape bee lounged to nbc, was shot by nbc cameramen and ended up on a nbc property. how did it hand up the hahands of "washington post"? how dud valuable intellectual property from one news organization benefit ad competitor intentionally. that is is the short answer. steve: more bad news from nbc it boomeranged, brian fallon, who had been hillary clinton's campaign manager, he tweeted out last night, hey, essentially let's not get distracted by 05 return. let's instead start to talk more about trumpcare. when you look at this -- why good news for donald trump. keep in mind over the last year or so people said he didn't pay any federal taxes. in comparison to other people he
5:07 am
paid a lot of taxes. >> including nbc. brian: you all know, more money you make, you hire lawyers in order to pay as little tax as possible. that is part of the game. steve: look at this. bernie sanders paid 13%. you had former president barack obama, can we put the graphic back up for a second, he paid south of 20%. comcast was right at most part, donald trump's rate. they paid 24. he paid 25. look nobody ever pays more tax than what is owed. and by looking at his particular tax return, these two pages he didn't break any laws. show's over. ainsley: you know what i learned from this? i have got to pay my taxes. it is coming up. brian: really soon. by the way i just learned to do my signature automatically on line. they sent me my taxes back. i was able to find my signature it. i never done that before. steve: you do have to sign something. brian: do it on the computer. click on auto signature it actually worked.
5:08 am
ainsley: earlier we asked you what -- steve: somebody is trying to hack you. brian: probably. meanwhile how about some tweets, ainsley? ainsley: this is from joseph. thanks to msnbc for confirming that our president pays the same tax rate as i do. makes me support him even more. steve: robert on facebook says we need to find the leaks. this is pure sabotage trying to undermined the president of th are any of our records safe at irs? that is a great question. brian: ken who put his last name in, ken the left got up and go to work and help trump make us great. think how much we could have gotten done. steve: cnbc took a shot at rachel maddow. cnbc, taking a shot at msnbc. they had editorial last night. donald trump just got a nice victory thanks to of all people, rachel maddow. ainsley: guess what are he is going today? he he is going to detroit. sit down with ceos of automakers.
5:09 am
and sit down at factory where they make cars that drive themselves and have a rally work workers what they care about. brian: for the record i'm not getting in any cars that drive themselves. i just don't trust them. steve: why? >> i don't think it will every work. it won't take off. steve: i have the volvo x-90, cross a lane, it puts you back in the lane. i love the technology. brian: do you, go into the passenger seat. steve: you're not supposed to do that you're thinking of autopilot with the tesla i think. brian: in other words, you want someone, let's say you have to go to a wedding, you have a car service, rather someone pick you up without a driver, like a car shows up with no people staff steve is that is an option? brian: that is where they're heading with this if we don't stop it. we have to stop technology. steve: you're stopping technology. ainsley: after that he is going to nashville. steve: brian or the president? brian: putting a wreath on andrew jackson's gravesite because reminds a lot of him.
5:10 am
steve: somebody else going to nashville, that woman there. will be at a diner tomorrow on this program. >> i hope i get out. i need your credit card. abby, we have -- [inaudible] ainsley: abby, flap jacks? think about it. >> we start with a fox news alert. serious there for home flown terror. an expert says we're letting jihadis right through our border, issuing them religious visas with a program designed for non-immigrant clerics and religious workers. cold-blooded terrorists have been using it to slip through the crackings the obama administration issued 23,000 visas during the former president's second term. disturbing report coming the same day the president's revised immigration goes into effect at midnight. before it does, three federal courts will hear why it shut be blocked. hawaii, washington state and the
5:11 am
aclu all filing separate lawsuits. the president signed the revised version back on the sixth. extreme weather and the northeast is digging out after a major storm pounded the east with snow and ears. airports slowly getting back on track. drive something also dangerous. look at this. a tractor-trailer sliding on the ice, jackknifing on a bridge in office. sparks flying when a power line false to the ground. look at that. pennsylvania a toddler escorted through the snow for a heart transplant. a snowplow and the national guard leading the way. i love this story. a boy sees his air force father for the first time thanks to new set of glasses. >> paddy cake, paddy cake. fast as you can. roll it. >> is that not the sweetest? brandon caldwell with his
5:12 am
nine-month-old son reagan from new york. he got back after a two-month deployment to antarctica. ainsley: i was watching that story. think about it. >> let us know what you think abby's nickname should be for the diner. brian: she will be wearing played. >> how do you know, brian. checkered shirt. ainsley: counting on you abby. steve: meanwhile straight ahead on this wednesday his fiance was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver who had been deported five times. our next guest joins us with a message to the politicians pushing sanctuary cities. the message is coming up next. brian: a new game show sweeping the country but you don't he want to be a contestant. >> wheel of -- >> this week looks like we'll look for johnny l. robinson.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ ainsley: an illegal immigrant with a very long rap sheet who was deported five times is accused of killing this lady, a california woman, in a drunk driving crash last month. her name was sandra duran. she leaves behind her fiance and
5:17 am
two sons. she was actually going to get married this summer and had a long life planned. the case is now getting national attention amid a growing push towards sanctuary city status all across the state of california. the victim's fiance, joins us now with more on this tragic story. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: unfortunately we're talking about your story today because you lost your fiance. tell us what happened last month on february 19th. >> she was heading back from church on february 19th with our older son who is 18. he had hing back from church when she begin to cross the interis, she was struck by this estrad-o, illegal immigrant and killed instantly. ainsley: tell us about him. he has been deported five times? >> he has been deported five times.
5:18 am
he is a multiple felon, multiple duis. that day they drew blood to see where is, where his blood-alcohol less at it was .30. ainsley: wow. who do you blame for the death of your fiance? >> besides him i blame our mayor garcetti and chief of police beck. ainsley: why do you blame them? >> our system failed us. our system failed us pertaining to these criminal illegal immigrants that are being harbored here. because our city is almost a sanctuary city. ainsley: what is their excuse? why was he, why is he still here in the u.s.? >> honestly they haven't even contacted me. neither chief beck nor mayor garcetti reached out to us all since it happened. we have a better chance president donald trump contacting us instead of those two people.
5:19 am
ainsley: we have done so many stories on california and all the sanctuary cities, so many people want these sanctuary cities. >> right. ainsley: did you want a sanctuary city before february, before this happened to your family. >> no, ma'am. we're against it. me and -- ainsley: go ahead, i'm sorry. >> no we've always been against it. me and my fiance voted for donald trump. big supporters of donald trump we're against it from the get-go. ainsley: what is the message for people faced with this? i interviewed kate steinle family. they heard about the stories. wasn't a big deal in their lives with other thing going on in their life until their family was affected. what is your message for people watching that are for sanctuary cities? >> people watching that are for sanctuary cities need to pay attention what is going on in these cities. i mean we have these criminals that are roaming around the cities. and us not being protected as american citizens. we have this bill coming up,
5:20 am
sb 54 bill which will limit communication between our law enforcement, which i don't think should be passed at all. ainsley: almost like they, not even almost like. it is that these criminals, these illegals have more rights than you, a tax-paying american? it is affected your life forever. >> exactly. our life is broken forever. as a matter of fact, if he was an american citizen that had that rap sheet, that had those multiple felonies, multiple duis, i wouldn't be speaking to you right now. ainsley: i know. i'm really sorry for your loss. god bless you. give your children all our best. i'm so sorry. >> will do. thank you. ainsley: no more homecoming kings. no more homecoming queens because they are too offensive. a new gender-neutral tradition coming up next. you can't make it up. ♪ ♪ we'll never be royals
5:21 am
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steve: we have some quick headlines and a fox news alert. brand new video just in of secretary of state rex tillerson arriving in the country of japan as you can see. this is his first trip to asia since he became the nation's top diplomat. secretary tillerson will stop in south korea and china a three-country tour. the main issue taking center stage, north korea's missile program. got to figure that out. this morning the department of justice set to announce charges in a massive yahoo! computer attack. the breach impacting more than one billion accounts was discovered back in december.
5:25 am
sources tell fox news russians are accused of being behind the hack. brian: meanwhile this. the homecoming king and queen are dead. long live the gender-neutral royals. university of minnesota scrapping traditional titles in the homecoming court in the name of, exclusivity. >> royal is a nice way to sum up exactly what we're looking for. >> it can be 10 boys, 10 girls, 10 non-binary students, 10 transgender student. any combination can work. ainsley: is this a step in the right direction? or has pc nonsense completely taken over here? steve: sterling beard, editor-in-chief for campus join us from the desear bureau. stilling what is goings on at the university of minnesota? >> as you said this replaced homecoming queen and king with the gender neutral term royals.
5:26 am
this is move to exclusivity to make people feel better about themselves. this is silliness. no reason to toss out the tradition of homecoming queen and king, there is no lasting harm. name the whom coming king from your college or sophomore year? you can't do it. it is impossible. nobody remembers this stuff a year on, let alone five or 10 years on. ainsley: unless you were the homecoming king, brian. brian: i don't know if we even had it. i don't think we would go for the nonbinary inclusive top 10. what is the point? not to hurt people as feelings. >> the point is inclusivety. you you weren't one of the five men or women who were originally selected. can you imagine the amount of billionly aching, regardless what the student said earlier, there is higher number men on the homecoming court than women? then it is back to the pattry arcky. nobody will be ultimately satisfied by this move. we've seen this sort of thing a lot over the last fall at
5:27 am
leadership institute campus for reform. it is not just university of minnesota. university of wisconsin stout is giving out spirit awards and appalachian state committed regicide. they won't have a homecoming king an queen either. they will crown the top of the rock. this is becoming a bit of a trend. ainsley: what students on campus think, the majority of students on campus think? >> a little unclear since they announced it fairly recently. we'll see what happens. i predict if there imbalance between men and women or if court is not inclusive enough, not enough non-binary or someone from the the lgbtq rainbow, there will be more bellyaching on the issue. steve: people are bellyaching generally these days, aren't they? >> they have move away from homecoming king and queen. too gender normative. what have you. there is no lasting harm from this. this is all about making people who want to make the change feel better about themselves because
5:28 am
they are pushing for that inclusivety. steve: sterling thank you very much for joining us from campus reform. >> my pleasure. thank you. brian: 27 minutes after the hour. 33 minutes into the top of the hour. straight ahead a va facility missing a picture of president trump. not for long. congressman and double am pew he tee taking a action and ed henry has the story. steve: a new game show sweeping the country but you don't want to be a contestant. wheel of fugitive. >> wheel of fugitive. >> this week look like we'll look for johnny l. robinson. the calcu...
5:29 am
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♪ >> get these hung up. we may in the army, right?
5:32 am
nothing takes five minutes. ainsley: gop congressman and army veteran brian mass, demanding portraits of president and va secretary hung back up inside of empty frames in va facility down in wet palm beach steve too update with fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. looks like this has a happy ending but it doesn't. reporter: it doesn't. the congressman called me yesterday, brian mast, you will not believe what happened in palm beach. i recently met him at charity function, alexa a charity that goes after sexual assault tries to stop them on campus. look i jumped into another issue. went down to the va hospital, where he gets care himself because he lost both of his legs fighting for the u.s. army. fighting for all of us in afghanistan. so he went down to the va hospital because they did not have donald trump's official presidential portrait up there. he tells me, the congressman,
5:33 am
that local officials told him he he is not our president. we're not happening the photo. so he brought a portrait. put it up on the wall. he called the help desk. information desk. they got a maintenance person to help him hang it up. of a the congressman left they pull the photos back down of va secretary and president trump. a local tv station down there is reporting that a va official told them the following, that the congressman's actions and actions of the veterans who accompanied him were quote inappropriate. the cell phone video we've been showing was not legally obtained. additionally spokeswoman said the portraits have been removed because they have not been authenticated. portraits on the va need to come from the central office. i called down there. i haven't been able to get get comment from the va hospital. what is interesting, when you call there is a lot of different prompts, if you're a veteran contemplating suicide, hang up and call this number. it reminds you how serious these va hospitals are dealing with.
5:34 am
steve: absolutely. reporter: why are they spending down five minutes taking down a photo a congressman hung up. ainsley: that they can't authenticate. steve: two things, one, has the administration, central office, have they issued the official portraits? they have? reporter: that is what i'm trying to get at. number one, a lot of viewers since we reported this tweeted us and emailing, va offices in columbia, south carolina there is not official portrait of president trump. lou very, kentucky. a viewer emailed me from philadelphia at irs office, two nails hanging up on the wall where the obama biden photos were. they haven't gotten new ones. a viewer was at va hospital in richmond, virginia, recently there was a trump portait. it appears a official portait went out to someplace. congressman says, here is the picture. steve: secretary shulkin can get to it.
5:35 am
send one for yourself and one of the president. reporter: more important things that va hospitals need to worry about than photos. steve: the passage, quote you used at top of your report, people at the va had said he is not our president. that's the troubling part. reporter: that is what the congressman tells me. congressman from west palm beach says when in recent days his constituents calling him saying they're asking the officials there, why is the trump portrait not up? so he called over himself and congressman is representing to me, i understand he will be on the show tomorrow. he will tell you directly. he told me, called me up yesterday, local bureaucrats there told him look he is not our president. we're not putting his photo up. that is kind of bizarre. ainsley: that is bizarre. they can't authenticate, question whether or not that is a picture of donald trump? reporter: i guess the bureaucrats get it has to come from the central office, the official photo. but at the end of the day, the congressman says, here is a photo.
5:36 am
steve: but he is not our president. reporter: that doesn't matter. help our veterans. steve: drain the swamp, ed. ainsley: congressman will be here tomorrow. we'll talk to him about it. thanks for bringing the story. brian: abby huntsman reporting for duty. she is here to get the latest news and put on the played outfit and go on to a diner. ainsley: i heard abby as patties, sunny-side up. good ones coming in. apple jack. i like that. >> we have headlines, as you said, brian, president trump responding to snoop dogg's disgusting new music video. take a look. ♪ [gunfire] just moments ago the president tweeting this, can you imagine what the outcry would be if snoop dogg failing career and all aimed and fired the gun at president obama? jail time exclamation point. the secret service says, secret service they are aware of video but are not releasing details if they're having.
5:37 am
this is horrible story. a mother accused of abandoning her two-year-old daughter at grocery store taken into custody overnight. the woman on surveillance video walking in, our toddler not far behind her. police in riverside, california, the woman paid for her groceries and deserted the little girl, telling a good samaritan, oh, just leave her. she is facing child endangerment charges. a horrifying picture showing a woman's burnt face after her headphones exploded 30,000 feet in the air. she woke up to spark around flames shooting out. investigators say it was probably the lithium-ion batteries in the headphones that started fire. no word on brand of headphones. a sheriff's method catching fugitives going viral after turning it into a game show. watch this. >> wheel of fugitives! >> this week looks like we're
5:38 am
going to look for johnny l. robinson. you know how this works. as soon as everybody sees your picture up here, your inare circle, everybody had the community will look for you. we're asking you to do the right thing, man up, turn yourself in. >> man up. brevard county sheriff wayne ivy in florida, his method of spin-off of wheel the fortune leading to dozens of arrests over the last 18 months. a different way doing things. brian: how unhappy people are taking their mug shot. see how unhappy they were. steve: generally not a happy situation. thank you, abby. see you tomorrow at the diner. meanwhile it is a dry day here in the northeast. the blizzard for the most part is gone. adam klotz is out on the street but the cleanup continues. there is a loud piece of fire equipment driving by. ainsley: what is that that? >> someone chasing down the fire. the snow behind me continues to stand.
5:39 am
the temperatures are frigid. down into the 20s, some cases the teens but it stays windy. yesterday with part of the blizzard obviously winds are strong. still strong out here today. feels like temperatures in the teens, in the single digits in some cases down closer to zero or the negatives. we've seen that so far through the early morning hours. so it is really cold in the northeast but that is not the only place. entire eastern half of the country. look at this. this is freeze warnings and advisories getting down all the way into central florida. that is coming for tomorrow. temperatures in next couple of days for everyone on the eastern half of the country, dealing with a real cool-down at least for a little while, guys. steve: adam, thank you very much. it is cold. coming up on wednesday when conservative commentator charles murray speaking at college campuses this is sometimes what happens unfortunately. [shouting] last night the event was quiet and peaceful as planned.
5:40 am
our next guest, a professor, was there. she explains how that happened. brian: the ultimate buddy cop movie franchise back and ready to damage. the star of fox's new history series. "lethal weapon" is here. he is our favorite wayans.lergi? ♪ try clarispray clarispray provides unsurpassed relief. it's 24 hour, non-drowsy and prescription strength. free yourself with clarispray, from the makers of claritin.
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announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. american airlines wants you to snack again in the skies. starting on may 1st, customers will get a free meal to some, on some coast to coast flights. depending on the time of day they will hand out cold breakfast for sandwich wraps. yum. the announcement comes after delta announced they were bringing back the free perk. we all love that. we might know where amazon's new drive-through grocery stores are going to be built.
5:44 am
geek wire is reporting that the company has plans for washington state with stores in two seattle neighborhoods. steve? steve: thanks, ainsley. becoming a pattern across the country. chaos on college campuses when conservatives are invited to speak. last night vanderbilt university hosting speaker charles murray after protests spoke out at his last speaking engagement at middlebury college got hurt. carol swain joins us right now. she is also a professor of political science and law at vanderbilt and was at last night's event. carol, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what is going on with the not so tolerant left when conservatives come on campus? >> well i feel that the political left, that they're trying to relive the 1960s and the revolution that they did not have then as far as overthrowing the american system. they're trying to bring it about
5:45 am
and often it involves stirring up minority student. last night the event was very peaceful and that was because it was kept so low-key. it was kept low-key by the organizers. we had campus police checking everyone's name off of a list. and we had wristbands. steve: you did it the right way. essentially you had to have it in private. what did you mean a moment ago, when you said these people from the political left are stirring up minority students? >> it just seems to me that currently you have professors that when i was in college, they would openly call themselves marxists. and today, they don't call themselves marxists as much but they are using the same ideas and many of the administrators i think, we have on our campuses are afraid of the student. so you have agitators. some of them are people not a part of the university that come in to teach protest tactics.
5:46 am
so you have the outside influences of the people come in to teach protests. you have paid protesters. then you have liberal, progressive, professors, that act if they hate america and they are suppressing everyone's free speech. the university would have benefited and all universities if you had diversity of viewpoints. steve: of course. >> when dr. murray spoke it would have been wonderful if there had been some people there who disagreed with him to ask intelligent questions. we couldn't have it open. we couldn't have the other side there to ask questions. steve: sure. when i went to college we had all, you know, it was the public square. everybody said anything. nobody, there weren't these violent demonstrations and stuff like we're seeing here at middlebury. out at burkly regarding milo.
5:47 am
i'm curious, carol, do you think we are getting to the point we steer so far to the left on america's campuses, we're going to hit a tipping point, aren't we? >> it is like a rubberband you can only stretch it so far before it snaps. i believe a lot of conservative student have had enough. even some liberal student would like to have a dialogue. would like a real education. these student will begin to demand change. they will push back, i believe that there are more of us that are conservative than there are that are liberal but liberals control everything right now. steve: sure. >> parent are not going to keep paying the kind of money they're paying to educate their children at institutions where there is only one viewpoint, they're forcing the students to think alike. steve: great point. professor, thank you very much for joining us today from nashville. >> thank you. steve: you bet. it is a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. the ultimate buddy cop movie franchise is back and ready to do more damage. >> someone stop him.
5:48 am
>> he is not a civilian. he is a cop. new guy named riggs or something. >> martin riggs? >> yeah. how did you know? steve: the star of fox tv's new hit series, "lethal weapon," daman wayans will join us live next. bill hemmer is live in 12 minutes. >> steve, looking forward to that. tax day one month early, did you hear? newt gingrich will take on the trump tax report today. senator rand paul is the republican who can kill obamacare reform? we'll talk to him live in a matter of minutes of the was the tower tapped? senator joe manchin gets an answer today. he is live as well. what the president's trip later tonight tells us about his overall strategy. see you in ten minutes. top of the hour right here on "america's newsroom." hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather.
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♪ ainsley: you would think it is really hard to remake a classic like "lethal weapon." but critics agree fox's tv reboot gets the job done. >> birthday. all right. we got a civilian walking toward the bank. someone stop him! >> he is not a civilian. he he is a cop. someone named riggs or something. >> martin riggs? >> yeah. how did you know? steve: that is hilarious. fox renude lethal weapon for season number two. brian: signed off on it this morning. here to star of the show, according to him, the star, daman wayans, plays roger on tv. steve: roger murtagh. brian: perfect mix of comedy and
5:53 am
serious, right? >> it is fun. if i had my way it would be funnier, but the show runner, matt miller, wanted the heart. he loves the heart. brian: right. >> so have guys weeping every weekend. brian: you're in touch with your emotions. this is no problem for you, right? >> it is stretches as an actor for me to do the drama. i accept the challenge. ainsley: good. >> its fun. between the, between all we're having a a lot of fun and, i still get my little jabs in. steve: sure. has to be daunting to remake a movie series that is so seared into the american psyche as those guys. what classic cop duo, those guys. >> i mean danny and mel were amazing. we looked at each other in the eye, sure you want to do this? brian: wow. >> we knew it would be under a lot of scrutiny. but i said we should approach it like shakes fire.
5:54 am
you know, you have to say, all right, they did that. here's our interpretation of those characters. brian: reminds me a little of the odd couple. a hit movie. make it a tv series. people said don't touch it. wound up better than the movie. ainsley: season two. that is great. >> i cried. because it is 15-hour days. if its with a sitcom, murtagh, i'm home, it would have been the perfect. steve: which is a perfect segue. murtagh is home. here is clip from tonight's season finale. shows you as a family man. watch. >> there are certain things that a man must learn before he steps out into the world. one of them being how to survive on his own. to show that no matter what the world throws at him, he will be during.
5:55 am
>> that was incredible. dad, you're snap crackle. thank you. >> i get what you're doing here, rog. it is dad or sir. steve: did you grow up in a house like that? >> my dad was very strict. my dad, he, kept us in check with looks. he would do like this. and you would start crying because you know what that meant. ainsley: how many kids? >> there were 10 kids. and in a four-bedroom apartment. ainsley: here in new york? >> awesome. projects. brian: what kind of dad are you? >> i'm like my dad. brian: the look. >> with the other hand. that is his hand. brian: do you find it instinctive to be a parent? >> yeah. i enjoy being a parent, like my kids, i made them comedians. i used to dress my sons up, they would go to bed. i would dress them up in bras
5:56 am
and panties and wake up in the middle of the night. [laughter] ainsley: wow. are you kidding? >> yes. brian: that is one of stories publicists say don't say that on camera. >> it was fun. brian: we'll watch 8:00 tonight on fox, is that okay? >> please. ainsley: stick around. we want to talk to you a little more after the break. >> absolutely. steve: back in a moment. ...+++ you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
playing tag at recess because it's too rough. damon wayans what do you think about that? >> it's my favorite game. >> what is happening? >> i guess they'll make room for mma. >> i'm sure that's going to happen. was anything rough in your house with 11 kids?
6:00 am
>> we'd always fight. me and my brothers would flight and thought we were like bruce lee back in the day. >> and you survived? >> it toughens you up. it needs to be -- tag is not rough. >> good morning everybody. two pages of donald trump's taxes leaked in the end what did we learn? maybe not a whole lot as we say good morning on a wednesday. i'm bill hemmer. we survived the storm. >> at the white house it's beautiful. i'm shannon bream in for martha mac callum around last night the report revealed the


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