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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 15, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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noon. politics and money. that's what we concentrate on. favorite subjects for all of us. "the five" is next. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams. eric bolling, and dana perino, "the five" ." welcome back to the latest episode of... ♪ yes, it was rachel maddow's y2k. as we sit on the brink of a nuclear showdown with north korea, this manic mouthpiece fixates on a 12-year-old tax return belonging to trump. boy, did she sell it like a
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timeshare in a florida swamp. >> it's been a little bit of a hullabaloo this evening. >> people were tweeting at me "shut up." >> we have significant breaking news. donald trump's tax returns have surfaced, at least a portion of donald trump's past tax returns. this is the first time we believe any federal tax returns for donald trump has been obtained by anyone, certainly any news organization. >> greg: oh, my god. rather than tell us anything up front, she tap dances like a barefoot drunk on hot sand. >> tonight we have this exclusive first look at the reporting, and what they have obtained. in just a second, we are going to show you exactly what it is we've got. whether or not you are a supporter of donald trump in general, whether or not you care what's in his tax returns, it
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ought to give you pause. his explanation for why he couldn't release them. >> greg: the more she delayed, the more we sensed may be the tip of the iceberg is just the tip and there is no iceberg. but maybe she will tell us everything now. >> is he not as rich as he says he is, not as charitable? was he under audit? with worse than just a bad excuse? was he really being audited? small reasons to be interested. there will continue to be unrelenting pressure to find donald trump's tax returns, to expose his tax returns. i'm sure it's only the start, but it's a start. our piece of it, we just got it. we'll go through it next. >> greg: next. what is wrong with her?
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a hybrid of alex jones and alex trebek. no trick, no treat. >> let me give you the basics. aside from the numbers being large, these pages are straightforward. he paid $38 million in taxes. took a big write-down of $103 million. more on that. if you add up the lines for income, he made more than $150 million in the year. mazel tov. a >> greg: that's it? trump paid $36 million in taxes. that is higher than president obama, comrade bernie, and msnbc. will you be revealing steve bannon's ankle tattoo? i hear it's a dolphin. when america hears this news, what do you think they think? do they think wow, trump as rich. how did rachel fall for this? trump set it up by fueling the
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intrigue. remember when the road runner would paint a tunnel entrance on a rock so the coyote would slam into it? trump to dr. rachel. he baited the trap for months, pretending somewhere lurked the ark of the covenant and now ms bc -- trump wins again by the left losing their minds and their ethics and dignity and self-control. it was awesome. eric. do you think she was right to milk it? >> eric: she did what she does. she was milking it. she trolled everybody. i tuned in. i was waiting. the problem is, she sold it as historically unprecedented. and then we get this and then the aftermath, it has been compared to the oscar fail by
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warren beatty. steve harvey's miss universe. it's been called televised suicide. she made the story from donald trump's tax returns to rachel maddow's regional fail. the question is, was it a set up by donald trump? when you take the tax return apart, it's great for him. he paid 25% federally. that is not state, not local. that is a massive tax burden. higher than barack obama paid, higher than mitt romney, higher than bernie sanders. higher than anyone. you have to say, if it is, like you said, trump paint of the tunnel on the front of a rock, feels like it. i was waiting to see with the left would do. waiting to see with the rest of the msnbc crowd would do. i got up early and watch my friend "morning joe." took a day off. >> greg: under the covers. kimberly, i felt bad for
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geraldo. he started trending immediately. maybe geraldo finally can lose the falls. >> kimberly: i was live for the national massacre. they said, doing all rally with dana. go and do tucker. so i sat in with an ear piece. dana's texting back and forth. we were cracking up. waiting for it, i was like wow, this is a fox news alert? donald trump is really rich. he wins again. then the guy who come on that was hey, hey, . he said well, maybe it was donald trump who did this. he said and he also may have leaked photos of his wife.
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wow, this is unbelievable. >> greg: dana, she seemed frazzled. i wondered if she realized she didn't have anything. >> dana: i got that sense. i had never actually watched her show. i have never watched an entire 30 minutes. we got to 9:38 and peter was like, can we go? she knows how to bury the lead and you got a sense maybe it's not going to be that big a deal. here's the thing. if the tax returns have been mailed to someone here, we would've done the story. might have looked a lot different. when we have hyped it? will be not as much. people in show business do this kind of thing. >> greg: you could sense the beginning it was going bad. they overhyped it so much. >> dana: you are an editor in
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your former life. would you have lead with a number? >> greg: yes. and then i would have laughed about it. was this a good idea? >> i didn't see the show. i was watching the lead in starting to yawn. it was boring. >> dana: it was like crazy conspiracy theories. i have never seen left conspiracy theories like that. at one point, i tweeted "who is on first?" >> juan: it was like blah, blah, blah, blah. to my mind, the effect, if there is a genius to donald trump, the genius would be that it distracts from everyone else. and even just saying to the tax issue, he still hasn't put out
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his tax is good we are talking about 200 taxes, just a portion released. he paid 25%. he played the minimum tax. that was the least he could pay. >> eric: everyone does. why would you pay more than you have to? >> juan: i am saying this guy took such a big right off. he claimed millions in losses. can't remember exactly, 100 million. and we know, "the new york times" had revealed a little bit of another tax return and the '90s. in that one, he took 960. >> eric: you are reaching. >> juan: no, i'm not. >> dana: it's all relative. >> eric: and it's all legal. >> greg: oh, my god. we have the sound on tape,
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donald trump as you know was going to be with tucker carlson tonight for i think a full hour. who knows? i don't want to over promote it. >> eric: could be historically unprecedented. >> greg: he has donald trump's history. we have sound on tape of donald trump reacting to rachel maddow's so-called scoop. >> i have no idea where they got it but it's illegal and you're not supposed to have it and it's not supposed to be leaked. it's certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all but it's an illegal thing. they've been doing it. they've done it before, and i think it's a disgrace. he >> greg: he comes out smelling like a rose. >> juan: i don't think so. the one thing the left had to say about it, actually i think is substantive. he reacted right away. apparently the audit is not a problem so why see if -- why is
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he refusing to release his tax returns? >> greg: the cnbc article was scathing about what rachel maddow did. he said you helped donald trump. >> dana: what would you do if you were her tonight? >> greg: i would watch tucker. >> dana: that's what i usually do. that's five never seen her show. >> eric: she didn't show the first page. she didn't show it right away. she took you through the conspiracy theories. he bought a home, sold it. the person he sold it to his russian. trying to pollute these strings that frankly had no substance. >> dana: that is how i feel about conspiracies on the right. >> juan: yeah, yeah, yeah. i think i hear something.
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must be the wire in my head. >> eric: if you listen to everything she said. brought kellyanne conway into i it. >> kimberly: and wilbur ross. >> eric: felt like someone had pulled her aside and said by the way, these aren't really bad numbers. between her getting the numbers and tweeting about it. >> dana: i did have a flashback. when i worked at the justice department as a spokesperson, i was assigned to the tax division. i had to answer press calls and david cay johnston would call all the time. the guy who -- he's a reporter and knows every inch of the tax code. >> greg: if they spoof rachel maddow, will it be in a loving way? >> kimberly: david johnston said he didn't do anything wrong. didn't appear to be any
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illegality. >> juan: the big story here would be why doesn't he release his tax returns so we can know about the russian connection if it exists. the audit is not a problem. come on, donald trump. >> eric: david k. johnston wrote a book last year, an anti-trump book. he had a motivation and doing it. and all these people, even my friend mark cuban, who says -- if you make 150 million bucks after taxes, after write-offs, in a year, i'm guessing he's a real billionaire. >> greg: on that note, catch more of president trump's interview with tucker carlson at 9:00 p.m. tonight. president trump hitting the road today. highlights next.
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b3 we are a couple hours away from a big make america great rally for president donald trum donald trump, this time in nashville. before heading to tennessee, the president visited michigan where
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he praised the workers of the united auto industry for being the backbone of the american labor force. >> america will be respected again and you, as workers, will be respected again. i ask you to join me in daring to believe that this facility, this city and this nation will once again shine with industrial might. i'm asking you to place your faith in the american worker in these great american companies. may god bless the american worker. >> eric: u.s. car company ceos attended the rally, but also the unions. bringing both groups of the table. the result, of better business environment for both. unions and ceos together. >> juan: the companies bust in the workers from various plants. they want to show support to
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donald trump when he has power, especially power over the fuel standards they hope to have declined. agreement with president obama, they added jobs with the standards in place but now they are thinking, especially when it comes to trucks, we could do better if we didn't have to make the changes. it would be cheaper. >> eric: we heard things that i think this ceos and workers could sink their teeth into. >> dana: they are united in terms of wanting to make sure their companies are successful. i think it made a lot of sense. i think the policy element is interesting. something that's, he's in his element there. they're loving it and that's great but the policy development of trying to say let's step away from these obama standards, it wasn't just from an environmental standpoint. it's a safety standpoint as well so i car companies are saying the more you try to push us in
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this direction in fuel standards, the physics aren't there to uphold safety standards that we want. i think that didn't get as much attention as it should have. >> eric: he is going to head to nashville, tennessee. i think is going to talk health care. >> kimberly: this is what he needs to do. nobody sells things better than donald trump. he was able to sell himself and connect with the movement that was powerful and it took him to the white house. he is going to need to ramp it up to be able to get conservatives on board, get the votes he needs. create a groundswell of support. i think it's a necessary strategy and he's the best person to do the job. he really shines in terms of being able to be in the field. >> juan: i think he's trying to demonstrate he will put
2:21 pm
pressure on republicans who don't back him on the health care deal. >> dana: that is smart, though though. >> greg: why do these rallies matter? because trump is showing that if the media, entertainment industry and academia won't afford him the honeymoon that other presidents have had, he has to make his own honeymoon. obama never had to do this. he had a built-in honeymoon called the media. he didn't have to please the american people. he had the press in his pocket. you are seeing a transformation. this is about fun. previous block was about fear. trump makes the opposition scream and panic. meanwhile, the republican party for once is having fun. one side is fun and the other side is fear. >> eric: typically a republican president will go in there and he will be loved by the ceos and hated by the united auto workers. then a democrat will go in and be loved by the united auto
2:22 pm
workers and disliked by the ceos. here's a guy who can go in there and be both. >> juan: i believe president president obama got gm and chrysler out of bankruptcy. i'm telling you, this ceos, he saved their hide. >> eric: how about the people behind the ceos. the investors got smoked. they got destroyed. >> juan: in terms of the ceos on the workers, they made out. the bigger problem here i think for donald trump are things like promising yeah, we're going to build a pipeline with u.s. steel. hold on. you don't have to use u.s. steel. it's the same thing with the coal miners. were gonna go in there and return your jobs. automation coal miners. >> eric: did i miss the memo?
2:23 pm
american pipe. i think i missed that memo. >> dana: presidents that go out and try to campaign for their policies are making good choices. interest lie, president obama gave 58 speeches on obamacare the report past. he had to get out there as well. bush had to do it in 20001 in order to get the bush tax cuts. he tried in 20005 on social security and the numbers weren't there. president trump has to keep pressure on. >> eric: are democrats becoming a party of extremists? the alt-left, the deep state. details more. more details when we come back. here in upstate new york. ( ♪ )
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>> kimberly: are democrats becoming a party of extremists? according to an article in political, they just might be. "in the two months since donald trump was sworn in, a self-described resistance has emerged at marches, protests, and raucous town halls from coast-to-coast. will the resistance become the left counterpart to the right wing tea party? the resistance is starting to force the democratic party toward extremes and away from long-held norms of by patterson give-and-take." need more convincing? here are some examples. >> i think if we do the investigations that we will find the connections and i do think impeachment will be necessary. >> a time of increased fear in the country. there is seriously wrong when mundt asked if he has become the
2:29 pm
norm. law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their home. there is something seriously wrong when hate crimes are surging. >> nothing except chaos. >> kimberly: what a hit parade parade. greg, care to repeat what you just said? >> greg: i was talking about a certain person that betrayed her friend. cory booker betrayed jeff sessions when jeff sessions was up and tried to stop him after claiming he respected him. >> dana: i added, to what end? he was going to get confirmed anyway. >> eric: and he was cosponsoring a bill. >> greg: and extremist as someone who recasts violence as protests. that's what you're saying. somehow the same people who think words are harmful are now making an excuse for physical violence. that's what we've seen at colleges. this starts with the antipathy
2:30 pm
towards civil society. once your party becomes the party of anti-law enforcement and you embrace the politics of looting and rioting in new york city and oakland, you elect trump. trump became the law and order president. the more extreme you get, the more the republicans win. >> eric: you can keep the extremist groups small if you don't give them any fuel. this obamacare debate is unfortunately -- ryan care debate. >> kimberly: you just got off your talking points. >> eric: these town halls, they are organic. they are real. but they would die if the republicans came with something that was better than obamacare. but what they are doing, they are giving the extremist left the same thing you gave the tea party, something to fight for. that's what those townhomes were four in 20009, 2010. that is why the house flipped. take that fuel out there. douse the fire was some good, real conservative health care.
2:31 pm
if it brings their prices down, at some point, they are going to go i have a better insurance bill than i did before. >> kimberly: dana, what do you think? is at the counterpoint to the tea party? >> dana: depends if they can channel something into policy rather than just personal. they can't stand the person who became president and they haven't been able to rally around one specific policy. the tea party was really focused on obamacare. there's lots of other reasons for that group coming together but that was their focus. they weren't successful in denying its passage but no republican voted for it and i think that was important. you also see this in academia. even the left is concerned. the elder statesman of the democrats are concerned that they are just ruining their opportunity to have a seat at the policy debate because they
2:32 pm
are so crazed with anger that they can't funnel it into something productive. >> kimberly: juan, when you see people who've become the face and branding of the left, the democratic party. maxine waters and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and cory booker. does this give you cause for concern for your party? >> juan: no. i like those people. the problem that exists now is so similar to i think what republicans went through with the tea party and that if you ask john boehner. eric cantor, yeah, we can deal with it. we like it. they are galvanizing opposition to obama, opposition to democrats. we won back the house, we won back the senates. but then they overriding the parties general. >> greg: they are beating people up, they are destroying property. they are threatening people's lives. i remember everything about the tea party.
2:33 pm
>> juan: the charges were -- -- -- >> greg: they didn't touch anybody. >> juan: that's what the charge was against the tea part party. >> greg: they misreported it. remember msnbc. i am being honest. bring the evidence tomorrow. >> juan: i am just saying people say this. you want to say occupy wall street? >> greg: those who assaulted people. defecated in public. radicals. >> juan: people who were upset about trump and who i think are creating a tea party-like mechanism on the left and the question is, can they help democrats win seats? whether you like the tea party of the right or not, in the tea party of the right helped publicans to win. >> dana: president obama lost big time. >> greg: nobody in the tea party would tell women to go
2:34 pm
home as a form of protest, a one-sided holiday. nobody in the tea party would do that. that is extreme. telling half the population not to go to work and jeopardize their careers. >> eric: the tea party wouldn't have flipped the house of their sole mission was we don't like obama. >> dana: the left tried to paint them as being just against obama. >> eric: we knew it was about the policy and you can't give the left -- the coffee? the opposite of the tea party? don't give them the vehicle. >> juan: they have the vehicle. it's too late. >> greg: they will crash the vehicle. >> kimberly: i'm about to crash this commercial break. james comey meets with lawmakers about russia's alleged interference with the election and the presidents wiretap claims. when you booked this trip,
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♪ >> dana: new developments on president trump's wiretapping allegations. leaders of the house intelligence committee say they have seen no evidence that president obama ordered wiretaps on trump tower during the presidential campaign. the committee is investigating the wiretapping charge as part of its probe into russia's alleged meddling in the election. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> thus far, we have seen no basis for that. president obama wouldn't physically go over and wiretap trump tower. now you have to decide, are you going to take the tweets literally? if you are, then clearly the president is wrong. but if you're not going to take the tweets literally and that there is a concern that the president has about other people, other surveillance activities looking at him or his
2:40 pm
associates either appropriately or inappropriately, we want to find that out. >> dana: president trump is sticking by his wiretapping claim. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> dana: meanwhile, fbi director james comey will testify before the house intelligence committee monday. comey is reportedly expected to reveal whether there is a criminal investigation into potential trump campaign ties to russia, perhaps as early as today. as soon as i heard the president say we might hear more in two weeks, i thought oh, no. that means the media will chase it for another two weeks. >> greg: by the way, you look great in white today. remember, you wore white yesterday. >> dana: that's actually not -- >> greg: that's what happened. you cried during the break. it was embarrassing.
2:41 pm
>> dana: my eyes were bugging me. >> greg: the left and right were on equal footing. the left things putin rigged the election and the right thinks obama tapped trump. >> dana: really believe president obama ordered wiretapping? i don't know if the right really believes that. >> eric: i have been taken to task for defending donald trump for a lot of things. i will tell you, i never took it that president obama walked over to trump tower and wiretapped trump tower. nor did i take it that he demanded that trump tower get wiretapped. what i do think happened, and we know first of all that trump tower was surveilled. to what extent, we don't know. we need to find that out? who was surveilled? allegedly general flynn, libby others. let's find out why. it had to be ordered by somebody. fbi, cia, justice department
2:42 pm
bear why did they choose to do it to? was it at the behest of the president? i think that's where donald trump is going with it and that's where he's getting in trouble. obama, i'm sorry. the obama administration. >> dana: precision is important if you're going to make an allegation like that. kimberly, the white house also asked congress to investigate. then you put it into the prosecutor's lap, in this case chief intelligence officer, to do an investigation. devin nunes says i don't see any of it. >> kimberly: he also said communications from americans, including trump, could have been picked up because of ongoing surveillance of foreigners. more of an incidental collection in a larger net that was cast in terms of that area and might've been picked up if they were surveilling foreigners. isn't that convenient? looks suspicious, sounds suspicious. that's why there has to be an investigation but there has to be some clarity and closure on
2:43 pm
it because it's a very serious allegation, and you do want to know if perhaps something like this was going on because it would be a huge problem. >> eric: want to know who ordered it. >> dana: the president could find out if he were to ask them. >> juan: if you want to reveal that there was a order, no evidence anyone was being legally wiretapped. you guys are like on a skating rink trying to get your balance and make excuses and skating around. you are all trying to make excuses for the fact that the president of the united states made this outrageous allegation. even devin nunes, head of house intelligence, who was on the trump transition, is forced to come out today and say we don't see any evidence of it. >> eric: was there surveillance on trump tower? and we agree on math? >> juan: we don't know. >> dana: hopefully will get
2:44 pm
clarity. they will be the hearing on monday. as well as neil gorsuch. >> greg: i forgot about him. >> dana: "the new york times" didn't forget about him. we're going to have more on that. up next, former vice president joe biden says what many democrats are not willing to say about president trump. his remarks when we return. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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♪ >> juan: is joe biden changing his tune on president trump? you may recall the then vice president took shots it then can a dent. a few of us ago, biden warned about taking on the media. yesterday as a press conference, the former vice president was asked whether president trump deserves the chance to govern. >> sure, he does. that's exactly why you haven't seen the president and i on any shows. if i was able to charge, you guys would pay me a lot of money to come on the shows. not a joke. that's why you haven't heard anything. from us about it. he deserves a chance. in fairness to him, this is a man come in my view, who understandably, like the press
2:49 pm
thought, didn't think he was going to win. >> juan: kimberly, what do you think? >> kimberly: first of all, i really like joe biden. i think he is being honest and decent and sane give him a chance to govern. he is acting vice presidential. he's being reasonable. people are so busy being hysterical that they're losing any kind of credibility in the arguments they are making because mass hysteria has erupted. >> juan: eric, not asking for him to go out to the schoolyard. >> eric: i agree with kimberly. you know what joe is? joe biden is the anti-hillary clinton. he is real. she was completely fake. he would have done a much better job running for president. there is proof right there. i love that comment. he's a great guy. >> juan: you guys would've gone after him as uncle joe. >> kimberly: that is not true. do you not remember what we have
2:50 pm
set on the show? >> dana: i think he's a gentleman, a public servant, and a patriot. president obama is trying to do what he has seen president bush do which is to be quiet and to give his successor a chance to settle in and will be there on the other end of the phone. maybe not by wiretap. in case there is any advice needed. i also think joe biden is one of the party elders who is concerned about the left fringe that's growing that they are not going to be able to win elections if they continue down that road. >> juan: i think that is the key point on the tea party stuff. >> greg: the thing is, he was a relic of the past, and that's why he probably didn't run. hillary was all about identity politics, cheering on victimization. i never really saw them do that. what were the three things? patriotism, national security, civil behavior. those are all bad words on the left. they are anti-law enforcement.
2:51 pm
they think you have to be stupid to be proud of america and he has a relic when compared to that. the republicans went in the opposite direction. they chose a centrist and not an ideologue. the democrats are facing the same choice. do they embrace a jim webb or do they go left and become jim jones? >> kimberly: they want to the first female president and they could've had a strong run with joe biden. they blew it. he also loves to do midnight swims. joe here at fox news. >> greg: you love them when they lose. s why i love it here. that fresh air all up in your face. my cousin wilbur in the city has to wear a leash just to go for a stroll. i'm sorry, but with propane, you can live where you want and how you want. and since it's both clean and reliable, you could say propane is "man's best fuel." she knows what i'm talkin' about
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>> greg: dana. >> dana: we talked about this winter storm. i want to bring attention to be wildfires of kansas, oklahoma, and texas. they have been raging, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres in those three states. ranchers are returning home to survey the damage. there is a lot of it. governors have declared states of emergencies in their own states. listen to what some of these ranchers have found. >> i had less than 3 minutes. the wind was blowing 60 or more. i got in my pickup and was able to get out of there. just that quick, everything is involved. >> it's a war zone.
2:56 pm
gentleman lost about 35 cows and 35 calves. >> pretty devastating to find your home gone, your work gone. >> dana: those people, so stoic facing this very real problem. keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >> eric: we heard president trump talking to the u.s. auto industry. take a listen to this sound bit sound bite. >> they explained that the previous administration promised you a so-called midterm review of the federal fuel efficiency standards. just days before my inauguration, the previous administration cut short the promise midterm review in an 11th hour executive action. today i am announcing we are going to cancel that executive action. >> eric: here is why this matters. it is called cafe standards. corporate average fuel economy.
2:57 pm
president obama signed it so that by 20205, average miles per gallon had to exceed 50 miles a gallon. heritage corporation scored it and they came back with this number. $186 billion per year to the american consumer. that's why it matters to rollback the regulation. >> kimberly: we have a cute they be. check out this baby boy. so super cute and he is seeing his military father clearly for the first time with a new pair of glasses. captain brandon caldwell, united states air force, recently returned from a two month deployment in antarctica. his dad came back and now look at the baby, so happy. he can actually see his father for the first time. very, very sweet. what a heartwarming moment. we thank him for his service as
2:58 pm
well. >> juan: we know about big moments between, let's say, biden and obama but check this out. everyone loves biden-obama meme memes. apparently joe did too. former vp expressing his love for obama. one of the most popular funny caption says "does that feel right? joe, i am not leaving my wife for you. obama says, we'd be together. eight years." >> greg: that was really entertaining reading memes. i hate these people. aside from people reading memes, you know who i hate to? people in yoga pants not doing yoga. at the airport, when they are shopping. yoga pants are for yoga.
2:59 pm
the people who wear them are usually hysterical for the environment. they are made primarily of microfibers, plastic. it harms the sea life. if you are into the environment, take off your pants and where some cotton and save the dying country. >> kimberly: what a weirdo. most men don't complain about women in faded, nice -- >> greg: is because you are kimberly guilfoyle. yoga pants, when you go to the airport, dressed like a human being in public. wear pants. wear a jacket. wear a shirt. you're not going to the gym. where some shoes and don't bring a giant pillow. >> kimberly: and don't have a man bun. >> greg: "special report" is next. don't miss bret baier's exclusive interview with senator chuck schumer. yes, we have been waiting for
3:00 pm
that. he's going to cry. directly ahead. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to washington. we are covering three big stories. a portion of donald trump's 2005 tax returns went public last night. house intelligence committee leaders say there's no evidence that then-candidate trump was wiretapped. in the fight heats up over the obamacare repeal and replace plan. i asked the top senate democrat about it today. we will have that interview in a moment. first, mike emanuel has a look at the tough sell on the gop's health bill. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following the battle between the president and congress over wiretap


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