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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that. he's going to cry. directly ahead. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to washington. we are covering three big stories. a portion of donald trump's 2005 tax returns went public last night. house intelligence committee leaders say there's no evidence that then-candidate trump was wiretapped. in the fight heats up over the obamacare repeal and replace plan. i asked the top senate democrat about it today. we will have that interview in a moment. first, mike emanuel has a look at the tough sell on the gop's health bill. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following the battle between the president and congress over wiretapping. we begin with john roberts on
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how they trumped up story of the president's tax return took an interesting turn. >> a lot of interesting twists and turns. first of all, new fox news poll finds the approval rating has slipped five points in the last month. down to 43% from 48% in february. the president is getting some good news from the leak of one of his tax returns. even though the information appeared quite favorable to him, president trump was today professing outrage over the leak of his 2005 2005 tax returns. >> i have no idea where they got it but it's illegal, and you're not supposed to have it and it's not supposed to be leaked. and it's certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all. asked but it's an illegal thing. they've been doing it. they'd have done it before and i think it's a disgrace. >> the returns show the president paid about $38 million
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in tax on $153 million in incom income. the effective tax rate was 25.3%, far more than the 18.7% president obama paid in 20 for -- 2015. >> since senator sanders is such a good socialist, i think he would want to pay his fair share. i am expecting news any day that he's going to send a couple hundred thousand into the irs. sticker democrats ignored the disparity, instead insisting that if the white house could confirm one year's tax return, and should release more. >> for me, they were merely a little, as we say in minnesota, a cocktail weenie appetizer. it was a tiny piece of what we want to say. >> hot topic today. the return was stamped client copy, which may have limited who had access to it.
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the white house had its own copy last night and had a statement ready. when joe scarborough suggested president trump leaked his own tax return to distract attention from the health care fight in ad russia, michael cohen spat back on twitter. "as the president's personal attorney, i know who has his taxes. you better have proof to back up your claim and big mouth." we don't know why he paid such an alternative minimum tax. one expert told fox news it's possible for a developer to pay an enormous amount of alternative minimum tax because of the completion rule. and then in subsequent years, get most if all -- if not all of it back. >> bret: there is still no evidence trump tower was wiretapped during the 2016 campaign. that's the word from top
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lawmakers on the house intelligence committee. as chief intelligence correspondent catherine heritage reports, that's not the end. >> fbi director comey and mike rogers to testify monday, house intelligence committee leaders that they've seen nothing that backs up the march forth allegations on twitter. >> i see no evidence of that. it supports the claim president trump made that his predecessor had wiretapped he and his associates at trump tower. >> evidence remains the same. we don't have any evidence that took place. >> the president suggested he would be vindicated in an interview with tucker carlson. >> wiretapped covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> committee chairman and ranking member want more information about whether communications were picked up by the intelligence community.
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incidental intelligence collection happens when a foreign target like the russian ambassador is tracked. in the process, phone calls and text messages of an american citizen are picked up. fox news told that's how mike flynn's medications were captured. congressman sent this letter to the cia, and other leadership asking them to confirm how many americans were ensnared and whether privacy rules for protecting their identities were followed. to speak of what i remain concerned about is whether or not there is additional collection were not aware of and if any of that information was put into any intelligence reports. and whether or not additional names were unmasked. sticker democrats want more information about roger stone, political advisor associated with the trump campaign who confirmed and downplayed contact with julian assange, the head of wikileaks as well as the hacking
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entity that spilled the emails from the democratic national committee. >> used to publish documents damaging to secretary clinton. >> dianne feinstein and chuck grassley, the committee has direct oversight, met with director comey and offered nothing to reporters. >> bret: thank you. more on this with the panel. president trump is on the road in part to make his case to the public that they need to repeal and replace obamacare. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at the hard-sell facing capitol hill. >> vice president mike pence was on capitol hill trying to promote republican health care proposal. he met with the republican study committee. g.o.p. leaders look at fine-tuning the legislation. >> working out some final details to make the bill even better. there are some great conservative wins. >> supporters .2
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"the wall street journal" editorial page, calling it "the best chance in a generation to control a runaway government." some republicans are reluctant. >> want to make sure the cost increases for seniors are taken up. that is problematic. >> some critics are not shy about expressing their complaints. >> the leadership in the house is weak need and kneed, so thee giving you something that is half as much as obamacare but doesn't fix the problems. >> groups calling for a major overhaul. quick to blame speaker paul ryan but he points out it's not just his plan. >> the major components are intact. this is something we wrote with president trump, we wrote with the senate committees. >> new fox paul has the --
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repeal and replace of obamacare is at 7%. house budget committee taking up this package, the top democrat says it's in trouble. >> this piece of legislation is an legislative quicksand. it's thinking of its own weight and every time republicans try to move one way or another, it's sinking faster. >> lindsey graham sounded the alarm as well. >> it's mortally wounded. i don't know if it died yet. this is the last best chance for republicans to pass health care by themselves and screw it up. >> graham is the mongo suggesting if the president cannot get the right bill, he should let obamacare collapse and challenge democrats to fix the problem they created. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. i sat down with the senate's top democrat, minority leader chuck schumer. we started by discussing the future of obamacare.
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>> democrats are united. the places that would feel the loss, the repeal of aca the most, are rural red state areas. when our senators from the writer states that trump carried go home, they are getting huge support for not repealing. >> bret: you do say that fixing obamacare is necessary. and do you disagree that it would implode if it's left to go? >> the cbo in their report, and cbo to us is reliable, the head of cbo was recommended number one by tom price. now the s hhs, chosen by donald trump. he said it's not going to collapse. our view has been simple. once president trump and speaker ryan, leader mcconnell say they are no longer going to repeal, of course we want to make aca better and we will work
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to improve it. if you repeal it, you can't do it. you have nothing. they are having a great deal of trouble replacing it. >> bret: the markets for obamacare show demand has leveled off. prices for premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing for a lot of people. >> some states go up and some go down. >> bret: how would democrats fix it? >> there are some ways. there would have to be compromises with the republicans. republicans. we moved give the state insurance commissioners more authority to limit the price increases. >> bret: why not put out your plan? >> you can't do it if you're going to try to repeal act. once you repeal it, what are we building on? >> bret: candidate trump ran on it. you have 11 democrats up for reelection from states were 82% or more of the counties were won by donald trump. >> when they go home to those counties, they are hearing, don't repeal.
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candidate trump ran on repeal without showing what the replacement was pure he said it will cost less and cover more people. that's clearly not the ryan plan. >> bret: to clarify, you say if obamacare is left as it is, you do not believe it will implode and that prices will continue to skyrocket. >> i believe that's right. we would be willing to work together to fix it. >> bret: today after the release last night of president trump's 2005 tax returns, does it rebut some of the claims, including secretary clinton, that he paid no taxes. >> the trump campaign said the numbers are accurate. it is two pages of one year. the real nub is what happened over ten years? where is he getting this money from? the key question is, are there russian sources and might those have affected or will affect president trump? everyone knows, contrary to republican beliefs, has been
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softer on putin then traditionally republican candidates, presidents, senators have been. the question is why. everyone should know. when he makes a deal with russia, whatever it is, you don't want anyone suspecting it's done because he's got hotels there. seven countries on the list, saudi arabia, which had more terrorists come into the u.s., including the ones involved in the world trade center. saudi arabia wasn't on the list. there is speculation. i don't know if it's true or not. he didn't put them on the list because he had hotels there. >> bret: they say that visa checking in saudi arabia is adequate enough. the six countries don't have that. >> why do more terrorists coming from saudi than other countries? >> are you saying they should be on the list? >> every country ought to be vetted. i think they did a poor job of it in general.
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we should tighten up everywhere. >> bret: you use words when talking about the trump administration, president trump and russia. you used the words collusion and coordination. what you really mean is conspiracy, aiding and abetting, both of which are crimes. are you alleging president trump or his campaign committed a crime? >> what i am saying is that not that there was a conspiracy. there are enough questionable acts. we saw what happened with flynn, to have a full and thorough impartial investigation. putin, in my opinion, is an evil man. he's a bully. if there is potential there was collusion, people should know about it. i'm not saying there is. i am saying there ought to be an investigation. the justice department should appoint a special prosecutor. they could look into things independently and you could have the investigation go quietly
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alongside. >> bret: you want to get something done with this administration. >> i said two things to president trump. first, i said, he ran as a populist against the republican and democrat establishments as a change agent but seems to be governing from the hard right. most of the appointments are hard right. >> bret: you voted against elaine chao. why would you do that? >> i said i am for a big infrastructure built but you have to do it with real spending, not tax breaks. elaine chao did not commit to it. >> bret: you are talking about policy. when you get to the infrastructure policy, you can argue all day about it but when people are nominated to positions and all of your colleagues don't have any problem with elaine chao, why do you vote against her? >> i told you why. >> bret: you are arguing policy. you've talked about this white house, and many democrats
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have, calling its chaos. >> i have. >> bret: by slow walking the confirmations, who you know could be approved at the end easily, isn't it dragging it out and isn't it contributing to whatever chaos? >> these cabinet nominees, every nominee deserves a full vetting. that is our responsibility. doesn't mean rubber-stamp. lots of them had huge financial entanglements. the president said he was going to clean the swamp. well, the cabinet is filled with billionaires, wall street people. third, so many of the cabinet people have different ideas than what the president campaigned o on. >> bret: do you think you have hindered president trump? in comparison to president obama and how senator mcconnell and the republicans dealt with it. >> president obama was better
3:16 pm
prepared. >> bret: what do you think you can get done? what you think you can negotiate with the president and get across the finish line? >> one quick, easy example. the wall street guys pay less taxes than their secretaries, many of them. if you put that bill on the floor, we would do it. infrastructure, if it's real money and can build real new roads, we would work with the president. and trade. my views on trade, i voted against nafta in 1994 even though president clinton asked me to vote for it. my views are closer to trump than obama or bush. i would be willing to work with him on trade. they haven't sent us anything infrastructure. we put out a plan and have gotten nothing back. he started on the aca. he knew it would create partisan divisions. if he goes to a huge tax break,
3:17 pm
democrats are going to oppose him. >> bret: what about border funding? you voted for more security. >> there's going to be your request, possibly tomorrow. >> bipartisan bill got the support of a lot of republicans, called the schumer-mccain bill. we have better production on the border than a wall would be. they haven't cemented it. the major basis of it is a wall. >> bret: you are not ruling out funding request on the border? >> if donald trump would look at the bill that senator mccain and i passed, he might agree with 98% of expert he should look at it. >> bret: senator bernie sanders in "new york times" magazine on the future of the democratic party was asked what the party currently stands for. here's what he said. >> you are asking a good question i can't give you a definitive answer. certainly there are some people in the democratic party want to
3:18 pm
maintain the status quo. they would rather go down with the titanic so long as they have first-class seats." here's a guy who won two dozen states in the election, primary peer he's a member of your senate leadership. and he can't say what your party stands for. >> i don't know when the quote came about. we are working together. he has supported our infrastructure bill. he was one of the sponsors. yesterday we put in a bill for family leave, real, good paid family leave. this is part of our democratic proposals. he is on it. on trade, we are working. we stand for a strong economic message aimed at helping the middle class and those trying to get there. we believe donald trump, who campaigned like that, is actually acting as a president for the very wealthy and special interests. they are doing it on most of their proposals. in 2016, we did not have a
3:19 pm
sharp, strong economic message aimed at the middle class. we will now. >> bret: there's a question inside the caucus about which way it goes. does that go towards bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? does it go more centrist? seems like it's going that way. >> on economic issues, a strong, bold economic plan, we will have bernie sanders onboard. we will be united on the strong economic message. that's number one reason we lost in 2016. we didn't have it. i blame myself and everybody else. >> bret: does neil gorsuch get in? >> i have some doubts. i think he's been a judge who favored the wealthy economic interests over the middle class. >> bret: are you still going to push to stop neil gorsuch? >> not a single democrat has come out for him. most have not come out against him. people are waiting for the hearing. >> bret: are you worried the nuclear option is going to be
3:20 pm
used? >> i hope not. harry reid, when he changed the rules, did not do the supreme court at my suggestion. i said it's an important position. i said cabinet too but he didn't listen to me. it's so important, you should get 60 votes. >> bret: you've known donald trump for a long time. he recalled how he helped democrats. despite the politics and the political evolution, do you observe any differences between the man you knew and the man who is now president? >> i will tell you have a lot of his personality traits are the same, whether you like them or not. as a president and president-elect he has moved further to the right and how he campaigned. >> bret: can you negotiate with him? >> certainly if he recognizes our values are here and
3:21 pm
negotiating doesn't mean we're going to do this which he did move all the way over there. >> bret: senator schumer, we appreciate the time. >> thank you. great to be with you. the one we asked folks in the fox news poll about the opinion of the senate minority leader. 31% of democrats say they have never heard of senator schumer. we will have more exchanges with the panel. next, the feds blame russian spies in a hack attack that compromised hundreds of millions of yahoo email accounts. i'm thomas and i quit smoking with chantix. i was very grateful to have chantix. at times when i would normally go smoke, i just didn't. it's kind of like "wait a minute, i would normally be running out the door to go grab a cigarette." along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some reported seizures or sleepwalking with chantix.
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>> bret: two russian government officials are among four people charged in a massive hack on yahoo. the case is a first-of-its-kind against the kremlin. doug mckelway joins us from the justice department.
3:25 pm
>> this marks the first time the united states government has filed cyber criminal charges against russian government officials. it all stems from the 2014 attack on yahoo which may have compromised as many as 500 million accounts. named in the indictment are dmitry dokuchaev, igor sushchin, alexsey belan, and karim barato baratov. most troubling, to were employed by the russian spy agency, the fsb. they were assigned to a special unit that worked with the fbi. combating international cyber crimes. one -- >> we are going to continue to work in this case is going to be a great test. >> u.s. authorities are confident the russian government under putin fully backed the
3:26 pm
scheme. >> we have reason to believe based on our evidence they were acting in their capacity as fsb officials. >> fsb agents tried to cast as wide a net as possible, using the 500 million yahoo accounts, to search for americans who served in the military or diplomatic corps and then launching spearfishing or cookie attacks. meanwhile, the alleged hacker just wanted money. erectile dysfunction drugs to a site and earning cash with each click. lastly, the suspect, baratov arrested in canada. the other three, there fate remains in doubt.
3:27 pm
>> bret: doug mckelway outside the justice department. thank you. interest rates are going up. federal reserve raised rates of quarter-point and signaled that any further hikes will be gradual this year. second time in three months the fed has raised rates. marcus liked -- markets like the move. president trump planned a review of fuel efficiency regulations set out by the obama administration in the final days of the presidency. the news was welcomed by automakers who met with the president in the motor city today. several states could drive a wedge into any plan to relax standards. chief correspondent jonathan hunt takes a look at the fight over fuel efficiency. >> a week before president obama left office, the environmental protection agency announced it had finished a review of fuel and emission locking in tougher rules. the review was not scheduled to
3:28 pm
be wrapped up before 2018. rules called for the auto industry to achieve of fleet average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. nearly doubling the 2010 standards. a move president trump today dismissed as a rush to judgment. >> we are going to assure any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs, your factories. we are going to be fair. >> automakers praised the president's decision to return to their original review timetable, saying the obama standards could increase costs and depress the industry. >> let's make sure we do it in a way that's responsive to consumers needs and wants at prices they can afford. and that the american men and women who are building these cars and trucks are building cars and trucks and americans want to buy. >> environmentalists, accuse the automakers of crying wolf. >> detroit told us it would go
3:29 pm
out of business putting seat belts and the cars. didn't happen. they told us they will go out of business putting catalytic converters and cars, airbags. none of that happened. >> environmentalists fear that alongside relaxing emission standards, the trump administration might also move to strike down the waiver california was granted under the 1963 clean air act to set its own rules for carmakers. 12 other states have followed california's lead and setting separate standards. a court battle seems inevitable if the president revokes the waiver. with california already bringing on board former attorney general eric holder to lead the fight. >> bret: thank you. up next, u.s. troops find themselves in a tough spot in syria. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox dakota, another effort to stop oil from flowing through the dakota access pipeline has
3:30 pm
failed. clearing the way for operations to begin next week. federal judge denied a request by two tribes tuesday to stop oil from flowing while the tribes appeal a separate decision clearing the way for construction to finish. fox 40 in sacramento, where california legislature is looking at a bill to exempt experienced teachers in the state from paying income tax. the bill would be an incentive to keep teachers and california which has faced a shortage in recent years. neither party has voiced opposition to the bill. live look at a rainy portland, oregon, from fox 12. big story there, a lucky break for one car that got caught up in a mudslide. the driver and two passengers were pushed off the road as mud and debris came tumbling down the hillside. the three were able to escape through the driver's side window. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" ." we'll be right back.
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>> bret: u.s. troops find themselves in a complicated spot. russian troops inside syria. suicide bombers launched another deadly attack today. national security correspondent jennifer griffin as following the story enjoins us from the pentagon grade >> good evening. as syria's civil war, suicide bombers struck in the heart of damascus. one bomber detonated inside the hall of justice, killing 31 people. wounding more than 100. another suicide bomber entered a busy restaurant at the lunch hour. u.s. troops and russian forces are eyeball to eyeball in a town in northern syria not far from turkey's border. u.s. army rangers drove in to a
3:35 pm
town after u.s. backed forces freed a town. we have learned that russian troops have moved in to the town, raising their flag not far from the americans as tensions run high in this tiny enclave. >> all the forces that are acting in syria have converged literally within hand grenade range of one another. >> it's a concern. >> since the civil war began, an estimated 475,000 syrians have been killed. now the syrian president has put a bull's-eye on u.s. troops in syria. >> any foreign troops coming to syria without our consultation or permission, they are invaders. american, turkish, or anyone. >> he said they are invaders. cautionary tale as president trump decides how many, if any, more u.s. troops should be on the ground in syria
3:36 pm
and whether to arm the syrian kurds to the u.s. needs to take the isis capital raqqa, potentially angering turkey. >> bret: jennifer griffin live the pentagon. secondary state rex tillerson has arrived in tokyo for the first leg of a tour of asia. he will meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe on thursday. concerns about how to handle the threat from north korea. also today the secretary said the u.s. most participating with the united nations human rights council unless the agency undergoes "considerable reform." u.s. has long complained that the council focuses on israel and includes member countries with poor human rights records. president trump's travel ban will take effect at midnight unless last-minute legal challenges by several states can stop it. three judges will hear objections to the new order,
3:37 pm
including the same washington state judge who blocked much of the first travel ban. revised ban temporarily holds the u.s. refugee program and travel from six mostly muslim countries. a new fox news poll shows a majority of voters disapprove of the presidents revised ban which is in line with what voters thought of the original ban as well. voters in the netherlands are electing new leadership in a race being watched closely. it pits the prime minister's party against the party platform many say is similar to the one donald trump won on. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is following it enjoins us life. >> exit polls are out following elections here. while they do show some gains for the populist politician geert wilders, according to
3:38 pm
analysis, he lost big time the expectation game. these predictions indicate voters who have decided to stick with the party of the incumbent center-right prime minister mark rutte. that party lost seats since the last vote but they remain in first place. boosted in part by his handling of the recent diplomatic spat with turkey. it's expected he should be able to afford a new government. voters put the party of geert wilders well back in second place in a virtual tie with two other parties, according to projections. geert wilders appeared to strike a chord with voters who had put him in a clear lead in public opinion polls. anti-immigrant, anti-islam, anti-european union, nationalist, it earned him the nickname of the dutch donald trump. analysts say some feared his governing style. he did win his party more seats since the last election and
3:39 pm
experts say he pushed the political dialogue in his direction. here's a bit of what he had to say to me. >> whatever the outcome of the election today, the genie will not go back in the bottle. revolution will take place anyway. >> elections are coming up in france and next month and in the fall in germany. in those elections, a populist line is playing a role, a line which analysts say could be repudiated. now geert wilders is saying not so fast. tweet tonight to the government "you are not rid of me yet." >> bret: greg palkot in the netherlands. reaction to my interview with senate minority leader chuck schumer and the breaking news of the day. the all-star panel weighs in on it next
3:40 pm
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>> i have no idea where they got it but it's illegal and you're not supposed to have it and it's not supposed to be leaked and it certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all, but it's an illegal thing. they've been doing it. they've done it before, and i think it's a disgrace. >> bret: after the release of president trump's 2005 tax returns, does that rebut some of the claims, including secretary clinton, that he paid no taxes? >> the trump campaign said the numbers are accurate. the real knob is what happened over ten years. it might have been a year it was good but much more importantly where is he getting all this money from? the key question is are there russian sources? he is president. to me, it's selfish not to make
3:44 pm
public all your tax returns. every other president, democrat and republican. >> bret: president trump in the minority leader in the senate talking about the release of these 2005 tax returns. tweet this morning from the president. "does anybody really believe a reporter nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns?" nbc news, fake news. tax rate comparisons. we put this up earlier. average income average, 22.5%. there you see donald trump at 2005. president obama, mitt romney and bernie sanders in those various years. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, editor-in-chief of "the weekly standard." mara liasson, national political work correspondent. michael needham and syndicated columnist charles kremer. mara, what about this? >> this leak was pretty good for
3:45 pm
donald trump. nothing here that suggested he was a tax cheat or avoided taxes. might've taken a big right off. i don't think this was a bad thing for him and as you showed, he paid a pretty healthy percentage of taxes compared to other people. where david k. johnston who happened to won a pulitzer prize for covering this, we don't kno know. i don't think donald trump was that upset about this leak. >> i agree. the question you asked chuck schumer, does that contradict the claims from hillary clinton, the answer to that is of course it does but he has to make up all sorts of additional charges. >> bret: there is only so much time for an interview. >> he -- you asked. he could've given the answer. it was a right question. he just didn't answer it honestly prayed he went on to speculate. this is so ironic. he has spent a lot of time
3:46 pm
criticizing donald trump for making things up or speculating irresponsibly. a lot of that criticism of it is valid. here you have them sing well, the tax returns could indicate he had money fromussians, may be saudi arabia. maybe he didn't include them on the list. this is just speculation of the kind we've gotten used to from harry reid. it is irresponsible. shouldn't be engaging. if you want to make an argument donald trump should release his tax returns, i would agree. but don't go and do this kind of thing you spend much of your day criticizing donald trump for doing. >> bret: i thought the exchange about saudi arabia was strange. the travel ban. brings up saudi arabia and maybe he chose not to put saudi arabia on the list because he has hotels there. >> baseless speculation. the whole story as part of the reason the american people are so sick of washington, d.c., in the way it's covered. we had an election. hillary clinton tried to make a
3:47 pm
big deal out of it and the american people decided they didn't care. and now "abc news" spends 10 minutes today going through the big story of what was in the tax returns when there's really no news. good news for donald trump, not huge good news. let's talk about the real issue issues. >> it's good news because it's the first time the issue has come up. we've gotten a look a real return. it was not only a clean one but a favorable one. it would feed speculation that perhaps it originated with trump. i have no idea. it would be a good idea on their part to have done it. the schumer response was an example of the kind of innuendo festival we are experiencing. the saudi stuff was outrageous. kept it off list because he has hotels there? it's the way to throw the kitchen sink at trump. there's a lot of stuff on trump but this isn't part of it.
3:48 pm
more you try to desperately throw everything at him, the more you discredit stuff that can actually be a valid criticism. >> bret: let's turn to the wiretapping claims. this is the house intelligence committee chairman and ranking member and senator graham and the president. >> president obama doesn't do wiretapping, just like president trump can't do wiretapping. the premise of the statement was wrong. >> you can't level an accusation without retracting or explaining why it was done. >> i want to know, was there any surveillance with a warrant or without a warrant? the longer it takes to answer the question, the more suspicious i get. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. you're going to find interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> bret: that's president trump in the interview with tucker carlson that airs tonight. but the house intel chair and ranking member said is we haven't found anything that backs it up.
3:49 pm
>> as of today and we will be getting more information as fbi director comey briefs members of congress. donald trump said president obama wiretapped him. he didn't say president obama came with overalls and came with a bag of tools. he was saying president obama ordered him to be wiretapped, either with or without a warrant. that's were going to find out. >> clearly what president trump accused president obama of was incorrect. it was false. i think we knew that at the time. it was clear to white house officials pretty early that president trump was engaging in the kind of rank speculation chuck schumer was engaging in. i think there is a lot more to learn about what the obama administration was up to with respect to its targeting, if there was targeting, of the trump administration, trump transition or the trump campaign. did the obama administration ease rules that would've made it easier to disseminate incidental
3:50 pm
collection that could've led to the unmasking of someone like mike flynn? "new york times" reporting marc. there's more here but it's important if you are the president and the leader of the free world to say things that are accurate. >> bret: i asked questions to the speaker of the house about reports that he gives an answer that's kind of strange and we follow up on it, it's interesting to be mentioned as one of the places he sought reports. asking about reports. the bottom line is, where doesn't go? what does and talked about is the possible investigations into paul manafort and former campaign manager. we knew they were looking into him. >> those questions will be asked and we need to wait and get the answers and not rush to judgmen judgment. this was something else that devin nunes and adam schiff
3:51 pm
brought up, if there are people in the intelligence community who leaked information about the national security advisor and his conversations with the russian ambassador and they were doing it because they didn't like the new boss or because they wanted that information out there, that is also concerning. we need to take a pause, wait until the 20th, 28th in the open hearings. there's a whole lot of baseless speculation, concerning accusations being put out. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. we have six hours, five hours before the travel ban goes into effect. federal judge in hawaii has ruled a temporary restraining order, preventing this travel ban, the second one, via adjusted one, from going into effect, citing the merits of the establishment clause, claim. plaintiffs had met their burden, establishing a strong likelihood of success, saying they are
3:52 pm
going to put this on pause. these are the six countries we talked about anything interview -- talked about in the intervie interview. to try to redo it by the administration after challenges in courts the first time. charles, what does this mean and what do you think happens? >> this has become a sideshow. this is not going to affect anything. had we have the first ban, it wouldn't have had any effect. it's a temporary one. banning immigration from these countries breed the reason was supposed to be because they are waiting to come in and while we are tightening up the vetting, we have to block them. everybody understands that was a farce because the order was blocked. we've had a month of this. the horns have not come in. throats have not been slaves all over america. this is unnecessary. you never had to have the ban in
3:53 pm
the first place. the issue is the vetting. why not tighten the vetting with or without a band and do it? it's supposed to be the heart of the issue. i was sure there was going to be some kind of intervention. there is. is it going to put it on hold? i think this issue is going to fade away because it has no impact. it was a response to a campaign promise and will have no impact in the long run. >> what's interesting about the order is they talked about the establishment clause. about whether this is a muslim ban or not. the administration is pretty confident it has a fixed due process problems with the first muslim ban. >> bret: they didn't call it a muslim ban. >> i'm sorry. they didn't. there were problems with it and they fixed the due process problems but the question is whether it's a religious test. that's what the courts are going to say. >> bret: a member of the saudi
3:54 pm
royal family saying we are confident it's not a muslim ban. there were two, saudi arabia is aggressive in its vetting who comes in we understand it. >> pretty good spin. exactly the kind of spin you would expect. from a senior saudi official whose country is not on the list. i think we will see this go back and forth. likely to end up playing out in the courts and the populace. i think this fight is far from over. >> bret: michael. >> i think it keeps going. the president of the united states has the right to conduct foreign affairs. congresses congress has given ht to set these policies. this is not the role of the judiciary. the person has the power is the president of the united states. >> bret: back to the chuck schumer back and forth on
3:55 pm
saudi arabia, the stark difference between the chuck schumer we saw after their first travel ban was very emotional about not letting people in the country in the chuck schumer we saw tonight who said saudi should be on the list. >> i mean, this is a festival of hypocrisy all around on all of the issues. you play the hand that embarrasses the other side. i agree the judicial issue is an important one. this is an overstep on the part of the judiciary. as to national security, completely unimportant. >> the moral of the story is, democrats shouldn't do the kinds of things they complained about for eight years. >> bret: here is a great thing. we have "special report" online, so we can continue. we didn't talk about obamacare appeared we didn't talk about a lot of things, but we will. stay with us.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: oh, hi. finally tonight, if events are
3:59 pm
competitive, the atmosphere is different for a jack russell terrier named ali, a former shelter dog who just wanted to go for a run. the announcer loved it. >> when they got to his home, they changed his name. so, he is probably a bit confused. [laughs] some people think he should have stayed for you to look at this. oh, wait a nose dive. he couldn't care less. [laughs] here we go! [laughs] >> bret: that announcer is having a blast, isn't he? [laughter] a couple of cocktails therefore the announcer. thanks for inviting us into your home. that is it for tonight's "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the first 100 days" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. "special report" online, as promised, begins now. we will get to the big issues in just about 15 seconds. ♪
4:00 pm
♪ >> martha: tonight is an important one on "the first 100 days" report card. the president's right now in nashville, about to give a live address that is expected to send some smoke signals on whether he and paul ryan are hand-in-hand, as the speaker says, on the repeal and replace belt. or as mr. trump starting to bend towards harder lime conservatives who don't seem to mind a whole lot of this bill goes down? remember this? >> replacing obamacare is part of my 100 day contract with the american voters. with the republican house and senate, we will immediately repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. >> martha: day 55, i'm martha maccallum. good evening, everybody. the president sold


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