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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 16, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs at andy levy over at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, rachel maddow's a big reveal of president trump's tax returns proves to be underwhelming. and by underwhelming i mean hilarious. plus, the president beefs with snoop dogg over the lab or wras latest video. snoop dogg over the lab rappers
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back to you, tom. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guest. she's clockwise, always spinning to the right. kristin tate. he graduated from the tuck school -- dartmouth business school. comedian and author, paul ollinger. give him liberty or give him death, but please make it liberty, i kind of like the guy. "reason" magazine editor-in-chief matt welch. and his last name is latin for "request a twin bed." comedian michael loftus. okay, let's start the show. ♪ rachel maddow released
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president trump's 2005 tax returns, and now all questions about his finances are resolved. good night, we'll see you tomorrow. late tuesday, the msnbc host announced on twitter "breaking, we got trump tax returns tonight, 9:00 p.m., msnbc. seriously." her scooper veal that trump paid $38 million in federal taxes in 2005, on income of $153 million, and reported $105 million write-down in business office. he pulled over twice as much as i did that year. over. the white house was outraged that maddow had exposed how much money trump made, turning attention away from russia and g.o.p. infighting over health care. but ultimately, there was no smoking gun. and the liberals had such high hopes. hillary clinton's former press secretary that it was going to be the holy grail. but as maddow's show dragged on, the mood of her fans started to
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shift. they realized there was no bombshell, no evidence, no new information. just trump winning again. kristin, did you watch this? >> i did. she was pathetic last night. she spent the whole first half of her show hyping up this bombshell, it turned out to be a total flop, she looked like a fool, and as usual trump came out smelling like roses. it turns out he paid more in taxes than obama did, then bernie sanders did, even more than romney did. these liberal narratives are more boomerangs, every time they try to track trump it comes back and hits him in the face. this boomerang gave rachel maddow a black eye. >> tom: i felt a little bad, paul, for rachel. i wanted her to have something after that tweet, everyone got so excited. she didn't have much there, did
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she? >> it didn't look like it, the back half of that show was how atlanta falcons fans felt watching the super bowl. they gave her a lot of grief for hyping it up before the commercial break, leaving the audience hanging. that's network tv 101, have you ever seen lawn order, come on. >> tom: how about the show, we're always teasing. if they hang around for the end, it'll be a special. it was tv, they're treating it like she's a serious journalist, i want to give her a break, she's trying to get the ratings. >> she knew going in. she knew going in, it's not like it was breaking news and they handed it to her, you're alive. she knew this is nothing, we should definitely promote this. we should tweet about this. >> tom: did you like her 20 minute monologue that went nowhere, but doesn't she do that every night? >> i couldn't watch it, i got my
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fill of rachel maddow when i was watching the weather man talk about the blizzard. you get so prepared for stella the blizzard, here comes trump taxes, and then nothing. our member when i was a kid, geraldo rivera opened the vault, that's what it was. >> tom: he was all over the news talking about it today. >> it's when the bee gees were hated because they had the number one album of all time and michael jackson got it and they were like "take it, enjoy it." geraldo rivera is having the best day ever, it's not on me anymore, all rachel. "welcome to the crowd, lady." >> tom: i've been watching a lot of rachel maddow since the election. but really, it's been on the web, i watch her gloating last summer about how bad trump was going to lose, i watch those videos over and over. they're very entertaining. what'd you you think of this,
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rachel? >> it was the sixth pronunciation of the russian oligarchs last name, for, i tweeted what's the over under on her doing that, 10 minutes. where on minute 15, she's talking about some russian dude who had a yacht, i think his name is pronounced like this, no it's pronounced like this, no it's pronounced like this, and people are waiting, i went to the world baseball classic. it was terrible, nothing there at all, she knew that going in. >> tom: did she really? >> she did. >> she knew it was two pages, as soon as she knew it was two pages, all the stuff that she teased at the beginning about relations with russia and he hasn't disclosed this, was going to be immaterial. we were going to see any evidence based on that, does he have some weird loin -- not loin --
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it wasn't going to have anything to do with that. democrats are set up for this, they want the magic bullet to come in and finally be the thing that erases donald trump from their lives. if i'm trump, i'm feeding her to go pages of this tax return every day for the next four years. why not? >> tom: that's what i thought, i felt bad for her because all she did was tweet out watch my show, the internet went absolutely crazy. i blame the people getting all frothed up more than her. >> i think progressives are so excited for any let's want to make the president look bad that they're looking in the wrong places. if this russia thing turns out to be a witch hunt, we are going to have the boy who cried wolf syndrome and the next time he really does something, they're going to have less credit ability with the audience. >> tom: i want to ask -- >> she didn't just weed out "watch my show." she said watch the show, she has trump's tax returns.
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implying that she has them. >> tom: if i looked at that and i saw there was nothing there and that kind of made trump look good because he paid a pretty hefty tax bill, i would maybe cancel my show. >> "tonight, we discussed the rules of." >> show is failing, this is a big stunt to get eyeballs. it's the first and probably last time i'll ever watch her show, but it was a fabulous night for trump supporters. we got to sit back and watch the mainstream media make foolish idiots of themselves. >> that was a real scoop, it was just plain wrong. >> herschel has been kicking it in the rating since the electio election. >> tom: a lot of left-wingers out there, they need their tail he don't dose of rachel. neck story. on wednesday, trump addressed the big scoop and a twitter post. he wrote "does anybody really believe that a report of that nobody ever heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns?
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nbc news, fake news." several minutes later, he turned to another matter. "can you imagine what the outcry would be if snoop dogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at president obam president obama? jail time." the present was referring to the latest video in which the rapper points a toy gun at a clown named tronald. >> tom: why the gloves? >> i think to sell the whole clown thing. let's just throw some gloves on him. >> tom: would trump someone go to jail for doing this?
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>> absolutely, if someone had done this to obama, yes. go directly to jail, do not explain yourself or your artistic integrity. i'm happy for snoop dogg, this reminds america that he used to be violent. hearkening back to the golden age, stuff like that. there's a whole generation that sees snoop dogg in thanks "oh, yeah, that cool guy who's the comic relief in those movies and sells me xbox is." no, kids, he used to be dangerous and edgy. >> tom: he's back. it dangerous and edgy. and make some kind of edgy again. >> it makes him edgy, the problem is it works against progressives again because it makes donald trump more of an empathetic character. like circe lent a certain "game of thrones" ." >> she did the walk. >> the audiences on her side. the grand buzzard or whatever. >> a "game of thrones" or
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trailer. [laughter] >> tom: exactly period, what do you think, did anyone ever do this to obama? >> yes, the lead singer of "creed." [laughter] >> 2014, he threatened to kill obama, or his wife said, but he was having some side type of psychotic break at the time. the secret service talk to him, did not charge them. it wasn't an artistic threat with a cartoonish bang on a clown, he said "i'm going to kill obama." they investigated. before obama came president, ted nugent made a comment about
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obama sucking on his machine gun and nothing happened. >> tom: was it loaded? >> kristin, what do you think? >> i don't think the issue is necessarily taking legal action against his people, it's just the public shaming. anytime anyone said anything bad about obama they were nationally shamed. i do think there is selective outrage here. snoop dogg is an irrelevant, washed up 45-year-old man, so i don't think this means too much. he used to be friends with trum trump. >> 45? what's wrong with 45? >> i think is 45 unless i got that wrong. he used to be sort of friends with trump. he performed at that roast, and now he's totally blown that and trump is not a good enemy to have. i love how trump just blasted snoop dogg right after this on twitter. like this glorious fighting octopus, takes on everyone at once. within 24 hours, he attacked rachel maddow, obama, msnbc, and snoop dogg. >> just what you want the president doing.
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>> don't worry about russia, let's get on snoop dogg. >> tom: michael, he tends to mix his serious political attacks, he follows it up with something celebrity. >> i think that's wonderful. that's good clock management. as long as i'm here, this is bugging me, too. don't like you, boom, msnbc, fake news, snoop dogg, that's right, you're a loser too. send them all. all of this before breakfast. >> tom: he did at the other day, he tweeted about the bugging of trump tower. it works. going on, amazon says it will add 100,000 jobs in the u.s. over the next 18 months. that sums great. until you consider how many jobs they are subtracting. a columnist at "marketwatch" says the truth is that every job created at amazon destroys one
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or two or three others. and he warns, what they don't want you to know is that amazon is going to destroy more american jobs than china ever did. yes, it turns out that retail stores she suffer when people shop online. and at amazon, you really can by ending. furniture, appliances, 1500 live ladybugs. while amazon makes zillions, the live ladybugs stores may have to close. costing dozens of people their jobs. wow. matt, what do you think about this guy's forecast? >> i haven't seen precision like that, it kills one or two or three jobs. since we the stimulus was goino save or create 5 million jobs. this is the same thing, totally. saving or creating, same thing. garbage column.
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one or two or three, that's not a multiplier. we live in a dynamic, every month in this country, we kill 5 million jobs, and we create 5.1 million jobs. that's the way it goes. that's what it's like. that's the way it has gone, will see after we get the adjustment tax and what else from planet trump that might start changing things, but we have a dynamic economy. that's kind of what happens, a third of the country or more worked in agriculture. we don't work in agriculture anymore, tom. what are we going to do? it's garbage. >> tom: kristin, i like amazon. i like buying things online, if it destroyed some stores, what are you going to do? >> i think this is a good thing, when they invented the car, horse drawn carriage producers went out of business. when they invented the light bulb, candlestick makers went out of business. it's called progress and the american workforce needs to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing economy. this all speaks to how important it is that kids eat their
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education in subjects that matter. if you're going to study art history or gender studies, you're probably not going to find a great job. if you get an education in nursing or engineering, computer science or even communications, things that actually matter, you're probably going to get a good job. >> tom: pretty simple. back when the horse and buggy was around, gender studies could get you a good job. [laughter] do you think, that's what's happening. they are eliminating jobs, this is the thing, one of the reasons trump wanted he said he was going to do's and thing about the jobs leaving our country and our economy. >> tell that to all of the people out there looking for work. there's 6 million unfilled jobs in the united states. they are in places that are unpopular and hard to get qualified for, like nursing, engineering, like that.
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blame the consumer, it's our fault. we're putting retail out of business. >> tom: what's the answer, more school? >> i think she's right in a sense, you've got to train people for where the jobs are going to be, you can't speak to where the puck is, you have to skate to where it is economically. >> tom: good analogy. >> i stole it from wayne gretzk gretzky. don't train for what was go to five years ago, train for what's going to be. >> even trade school, you get trained in a really practical skill. >> tom: you get to keep your tools, that's what i heard. >> i lost a fortune when i put all of my money into ladybug emporium. this hits a little close to home for me. i'm a little taken aback. i don't like this at all. who's competing with amazon? they are this huge, the borg from "star trek," you either assimilate or die, i don't want to wake up one day and have to
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talk to my alexa amazon home robot -- >> tom: you don't have one? >> days terrify me, they never stop listening. it's like samsung tv. >> tom: but you do use amazon? >> yes i do. wow, that was easy, i'm going to do that again. i like going into shops, too. i like to try close on. i don't want to be at home going "alexa, can you help me with my resume? can you hire today? i guess my worst quality is i'm a perfectionist." i'm going to get a job for my home robot. >> alexa is the only person in my house who listens to me, and what you just said about amazon is exactly what people said about walmart 20 years ago, it shows that the economy is dynamic and it does change over time. there will be somebody that comes out to challenge amazon, it might not be visible or on the road map right now but they will arrive., check those guys out, they're hot.
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>> tom: i love them, i don't know they are but i'm going to check them out. coming up, with michelle obama out of the white house, our battle school lunches on the way? the latest dish, next. and i my first book "mean dadsr a better america" is available for preorder. go to to find out how to get it. ways wins.
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especially in my business.
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with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. ♪ >> live from "halftime" with tv's andy levy president trump holding a rally last night in nashville, tennessee. president trump lashed out at a ruling that blocked his latest travel ban. the ruling derails his new executive order, scheduled to go into effect today. the resident telling the crowd he plans to fight it all the way. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling, we are to take
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our as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. we are going to win, we are going to keep our citizens safe. and regardless, we are going to keep our citizens safe. believe me. >> the president also addressing efforts to repeal and replace obamacare, promising he and congress will get it done. speak of the house has put forward a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. let me tell you, we're going to arbitrate, all get together, get something done. november this. if we didn't do it the way we're doing it, we need 60 votes. we have to get the democrats involved. north korea's aggression topping the agenda as a secretary of state rex tillerson meets with the japanese foreign minister. he says it's "critical for the
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u.s. to corporate with allies japan and south korea." the justice department has two russian government officials in connection with a yahoo data breach. it's unlikely they'll be tried in the u.s., there is no extradition treaty with russia. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, log onto ♪ >> tom: michelle obama's lunchroom tierney may be coming to an end. you remember healthy school lunches initiative that went along with her "let's move" campaign. these heavily regulated lunches, featuring salad bars and mandatory whole-grain were not as popular as she made us believe. it seems the health effects of her top-down approach to meal planning were not being realized because of something called reduce participation. it's a fancy way of saying kids
12:25 am
were taking her horrible tasting lunches and throwing them directly into the trash. lunch is no good if you don't eat it. and schools knew it, but if they try to opt out, the feds will cut their funding. school bullying. the school representation of cafeteria workers never liked the rules but were too afraid to sanding. they are now calling for changes. they are calling for flexible opportunities to prepare health healthy, good tasting meals. for some reason, they think our new presidents will have their back. the standards came from the federal government, the schools had to follow them, it doesn't work if the kids don't either lunch. >> why?
12:26 am
why would we let the federal government, let alone the spouse of the president of the united states, dictate what my kid in brooklyn eats at the school paid by my local. it doesn't make any sense at all, it's not the only example of that in the federal government, but it doesn't make any sense. local schools should figure out what they're going to eat, as long as they're not serving live rats to the kids, and even then, a library might be okay. as long as they're not completely going crazy, let the schools figure out how to feed their own kids. when the government tries to mandate food, where do they do that? prison and schools, two places in the world, and some times in hospitals. the places where you never want to be caught dead eating are the places where the government gets involved. >> tom: get the government out of food. but paul, the people i mentioned, the 57,000 employees of organizations, they don't really want to have local
12:27 am
control of schools, they still want that federal money, they just want to change the sandwich to make it easier for them. >> easier to sling fries and hamburgers. >> tom: they still want the federal money, is what i'm saying. >> i think it will all balance on the end, now with obamacare going away, the federal government will have to pay for these kids dialysis, so it's fine, just go back to hamburgers and fries. it's coolly working for our president, he looks really fit in those golfing videos. >> tom: he does like his fast food. did you eat healthy when you are in school? >> probably not, i probably ate like three or four swiss roles a day. >> tom: kristin tate, look, i use to bring my lunch to school. >> my mom used to pack me an egg salad sandwich every day, it was shameful. i had to walk through the halls and looked down at my feet and pretend like no one saw. >> tom: you ate well, right? >> it was better than the stuff they were serving in the cafeteria.
12:28 am
everything matt said, yes, the government needs to get out of this altogether. if they're going to give the funding to the schools anyway, you might as will have the school district decide what food is being served. out of the federal government should have anyplace, the the lunches were nasty, i read a bunch of reports by the waste being produced because kids were throwing out their lunches, i think michelle obama should be forced to eat her own school lunches every day for a year and see how she likes it. putting these poor kids through misery. >> tom: they didn't like it, people were putting their photographs on the instagram, saying "thanks michelle obama coastal. >> this is would you couldn't give away. a homeless person would it say what else have you got? >> exactly. >> so horrible, school is bad, high school is tough, you are worried if this girl likes me, you've got to be able to look forward to pizza day, man. how many kids did not put the shotgun in their mouth because they look forward to pizza day?
12:29 am
>> tom: they still have pizza day, my kids will has pizza once a week, we had pizza. it was a very good but we still ate it. >> the rectangle? >> tom: that's the best stuff right there. you have to keep the federal government involves of the lunch ladies have an excuse. what if i was cooking, it will be great but this is the federal government coastal. no matter what happens, even with the trump administration you're not going to see this go away. they're still going to be federal guidelines, nothing we can do. we can't have a matt welch worl world, we can't. >> congress can pass a law saying "why do we have a federal school lunch program"? it through publican party had principles, they'd ruled that. >> tom: not principle with the pal, different spelling. coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy. and a new episode of the "red eye" podcast is available, subscribe on itunes or on
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find a what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: happy -- >> tom: it's a happy day. >> andy: i think it's wednesday. >> tom: most people call it hump day. >> andy: why is that? >> tom: middle of the week, you go over the hump. >> andy: rachel maddow and trump's taxes, paul, welcome to the show, first of all.
12:34 am
man, blew it. [laughter] you said they gave maddow a lot of grief for hyping this up through the first commercial break, that's tv 101. that's up slowly, i totally agree. the problem is what she was hyping up turned out to be nothing. i think that's the problem. >> i disagree, when the sitting president refuses to share his tax returns and we seasoning that comes from the media which the sitting president really doesn't have any respect for, it proves the value of the thing that he's dismissing. >> andy: i don't agree with that, what i mean is, there were no bombshells. in the actual -- >> i agree that there were no bombshells to serve the cause that rachel maddow probably found, but a lot of really interesting information. >> andy: michael, you said you couldn't watch the show and you compared it to geraldo opening al capone's vault.
12:35 am
that seems unfair to me, at least for that the part leading up was interesting. >> i'll give you that. what maddow needed was a third page. "here's the third page." circus clowns from russia, needed that. and then snoop dogg would shoot them. >> andy: if he had bought circus clowns from russia i might like him. matt, you said it was the six pronunciation of the same russian oligarchs name that was it for you. she was connecting the dots, ma man. don't you get it, man? >> these day-to-day conspiracies -- >> andy: wake up. >> it's crazy. today, trump released those, did it on purpose to distract us. you have to figure out, he just starts from that fact which is completely not proven.
12:36 am
everyone on msnbc, he was investigating trump, what trump did was fire him because there's not one shred of evidence that this is true, this is everything will day. people have lost their minds. >> andy: the beauty of that is that he fired every one of the u.s. attorneys, which is a great way to distract people from the fact that you really only wanted to fire one. that's a genius move there that nobody's talking about. kristin, you said the show was failing, and matt you sought to preempt me by saying it is not failing. matt, you are correct, but don't do that again. >> i wanted to write you, a fox employee, from having to correct someone about rachel maddow's ratings on air. i think you owe me an apology. >> andy: i have no problem saying the truth on air. >> keep telling yourself that. >> i think you're promoting fake news, andy. >> andy: trump versus snoop
12:37 am
dogg. michael, you said that if someone had done this to obama they would have gone straight to jail. they would not have. [laughter] >> so? what's your point? >> andy: my only point is that snoop did not do editing illegal. >> i'm not saying it was illegal, it was important. he's back, he's dangerous snoop. when the bank comes out, they added a little gunshot. >> andy: he wasn't snoop lion for a couple of years. he renounced violence. >> that didn't pay the bills. >> andy: kristin, i think you are more on point on this by saying that the reaction to the video that was hypocritical, people would be outraged if that had been obama. >> remember that one woman who said something about the obama daughters, they should be more classy or something? the comment was not tasteful, that woman was publicly shamed for three weeks straight, every
12:38 am
major outlet in the country were in a story about it. no one really cares, everybody just writing about this new thing. >> andy: i'm not sure why you had to say snoop is 45. ageist and personally hurtful. >> just trying to stay relevant with the kids, andy. >> andy: matt, you mentioned the lead singer of creed threatened to kill president obama. he believed he was a c cia aget tasked with killing president obama. he had just gotten out of a 72 hour site cold when this happened. >> very sad. >> andy: it was very sad. tom, did you say you often suck on a machine gun? >> only unloaded. what i meant to say it was i'm not opposed to sucking on machine guns as long as they're not loaded. >> andy: i'm glad you clarified, it makes much more sense now. amazon will kill more american jobs in china, matt, you don't think this is true? >> no.
12:39 am
>> andy: to me this is not another way of saying technology will kill jobs, which i think is true. >> but to put the fingerprints on amazon, they don't wake up in the morning and choke a job to death. it's just more complicated than all of that. they also create jobs and where houses god knows what else in ways that we can't totally process or imagine. i just kind of hate that lazy causation, trade is not a zero-sum game. >> andy: kristin, you said this is called progress in the american workforce needs to evolve. totally agree, but i do think there is the additional problem again of technology and automation limiting available jobs. >> technology creates new jobs, we need people to create the technology, run the technology, and who knows what else will pop up. it's a totally new job market we are entering with this technology world. very exciting. >> andy: okay. tom, you mentioned the trade
12:40 am
school where you get to keep your tools. was that devry or itt tech? i couldn't number what it was. >> >> tom: the guy with the mustache. >> andy: a commercial that people of our age or member. >> tom: refrigeration and air conditioning. >> andy: michael, alexa is awesome, deal with it. that's what i wrote, i don't know. >> i can't, it always listens. it frightens me, it's going to hear things. it'll testify in a court of law. >> my kids are constantly asking alexa who forwarded. >> andy: michael, your lunch lady impression -- [laughter] >> it's from my one-man show "lunch lady." i'm hoping harvey will direct. "you're great, have some sloppy joe." you're right, it's harvey, it
12:41 am
is. >> tom: thank you, andy. you've got to go, right? coming up, kids can't read clock. i tell them what time it is after the break. ♪ if you have medicare
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medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. ♪ >> live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. strike two for president trump's travel ban agenda. his revised executive order barring travelers from six predominately muslim countries
12:45 am
was supposed to go into effect at midnight, but a federal judge in hawaii halted the ban, saying he questions what the president is actually motivated by national security concerns. speaking to supporters in nashville, tennessee, last night, mr. trump called the ruling unprecedented judicial overreach. he's vowing to take this matter to the supreme court if necessary. the president is excited to submit his first budget to congress today. the spending blueprint proposes dramatic cuts to many federal programs. at the same time, trump is asking for more money to beef up the military and to build a wall along the mexican border. fellow republicans on the hill might reject some proposed cuts that will eliminate programs back home. president trump is standing by his accusation that his predecessor wiretapped him, speaking to fox news channel, tucker carlson last night, mr. trump said he expects some "very interesting items to service over the next two weeks." he may not have that much time, though, the house intelligence
12:46 am
committee wants proof by next monday. u.s. special envoy for for syria is condemning yesterday's terrorist attack. it came on the six ends anniversary of the syrian conflict. the massacre was designed to spoil peace efforts. suicide bombers struck the major judicial billings and a restaurant. north korea claims they are rehearsing for an invasion, tensions are high after the north fired four missiles towards japan earlier this month. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. good morning. ♪ >> tom: it's an issue president trump continues to ignore. a lot of young children can't tell time. yes, a recent survey found that 80% of 6-12-year-olds in
12:47 am
oklahoma can't read an analog clock. a volunteer at a local boys & girls club wants to fix that. she's hoping an after-school program to teach the mysteries of the big hand and the little hand. everyone's so used to seeing digital, she says, they all have cell phones and tablets so they don't have to look at the clock very often that is analog. and here sending that may or may not help kids to tell time. it's called the albert clock. you have to do a math problem to figure out the time. it's meant for children and adults, and the difficult levels can be adjusted to six different levels. so now you have one catchall excuse for being late, "i suck at math." pretty good, right? what do you think of the clock, it's a problem, you got to figure out the time every time you look at it. >> that's terrible, that's a nightmare. there is a step between knowledge, don't want any part of that. he >> tom: you seem like a
12:48 am
puzzle type of guy. >> i was the guy who made the 25 digit long did you my division problems are fun at school in between assignments, that was a way to spend time. but that's someone else. getting in between me and that that, -- >> tom: your watch, you have an analog watch. >> with this is telling me is that analog watches are a signaling device to show that you are from the older, aristocratic america, that you are a striver. you have gone through trade school, and you come out the other end, you wear this really fancy, you will have beautiful watches -- you don't. >> i'm a workingman. >> tom: you gotta watch on. you didn't have to learn how to tell time on an analog clock, but you did. >> when it first read the story i was horrified by it, but then i thought about it and i was like "so what." analog clocks are not going to exist 20 years from now. i can't tell time using a
12:49 am
sundial, is that a problem? probably not. i don't think this is a big deal. it's all going to be technology driven soon anyway. >> tom: unexcited answer. paul, what do you think? >> my kids should come up what i other buddy else's don't matter. these kids are building apps for the iwatch, who cares what time is on an animal to mike analog clock. >> tom: maybe if they knew how to tell time they would be building fake digital bombs. that kid with the clock -- remember to cite your bomb forward. i mean clock forward. >> this terrifies me, first of all, whoever made up the math clock, that dude needs to be stopped. >> tom: i like that. >> when you get your first job, you don't want to be late, you set your clock 10 minutes early, that old trick myself into thinking i'm late. but i'm not. i hate doing math. that's horrible and mean. >> tom: i'm taking of getting that clock, it'll be good for my
12:50 am
kids. learn math and how to tell time. >> learn how to hate their father. >> maybe the kids in oklahoma have some kind of zen estate where they have transcended time. >> tom: coming up, there's a fountain of creamy deliciousness in your future, ranch lovers. ♪
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," dave smith, herzog, louis jay gomez and sam roberts. ♪ who needs a fountain of youth when you can have a fountain of ranch? in what many would describe as the greatest invention of all time, hidden valley has developed a ranch fountain. it's a four tiered spectacle of creamy dressing cascading down its sides. inviting you to coat your finger foods with its deliciousness. $100 will get you the glorious fountain, as well as a year's worth supply of hidden valley ranch. although if you are the kind of person that needs a ranch fountain, 12 bottles will probably not last you the whole year. the fountain is sure to make an excellent addition to your pantry of once used appliances, alongside your bread machine and cotton candy maker.
12:55 am
kristin, what do you think of this? do you like ranch dressing? >> i think this is gross and i would never buy it, but i am so happy this exists. this is a quintessential america, we like everything bigger and better and you know what, if they think we are gross, they can kick kiss our . america. >> i love this from a business perspective, once you buy that fountain you're going to keep renewing that ranch dressing. >> tom: you got to fill the fountain. >> what are you going to do? >> tom: do a ranch? >> not a ton. >> tom: people love it. >> i think the president wants it on every elementary school cafeteria table. one of the top dressings, i'm not sure why. >> i think i got a virus just looking at that. it's going to be at your house with a bunch of people sticking their carrots -- >> tom: one time, you dip
12:56 am
ones. learn the etiquette of the fountain. >> you're not a double dipper? >> tom: no i am not and i enforce the single dip. if anyone goes back in, if i'm at golden corral and someone goes back in, i'm going to drag them out. >> at the golden corral? >> golden corral deputy. >> tom: it'll ruin your golden corral dinner, someone going twice and that fountain. >> you can go in twice, they've done scientific studies. it's not a bad at germ thing. i'm so excited about this. i'm buying one before i leave the studio. i want this. >> tom: it's a good value. >> $100 in a lifetime of ranch. a year's worth supply, 12 bottles, it's a deal. i've got my chicken wings flying through there, sandwiches, salads, you're all invited. >> tom: you put anything in the ranch. >> anything, it's a ranch fountain, it's the dream. we have ascended.
12:57 am
>> you're selling me on this, now i kind of wanted. >> it's only available at amazo amazon. >> tom: very special thanks, kristin tate, paul ollinger, matt welch, michael loftus. that does it for me, your friend tom shillue. see you next time, good night.
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plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> president trump: what the country is doing right now, very well. but it's illegal. it's not supposed to happen, it's not supposed be leaked. how bad obamacare is, it is the worst anybody has seen. obamacare is a disaster. if i had the greatest bill in the history of the world, they would not vote for it because they hate the republicans. probably hate me. wiretapped, it covers a lot of different things. you will see a lot of items coming to the forefront over the next few weeks. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we sat down for an interview with donald trump. we boarded air force one with the


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