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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 16, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> cold morning in new york city. that snow, you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. heather: nice to have you here, thank you for starting your day with us. >> refusing to give up his plan to keep americans safe. >> blocking his vetting policy before it was supposed to take effect. heather: what happens next? great to have you with us as well. >> reporter: thank you. here at jfk terminal 4 it is quiet and cold and this is where you would normally see protesters begin to gather as we had seen in the past but not
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today, not right now and that is because the travel ban has been halted by the federal judge, all quiet at jfk but there's a lot of action to talk about. the us district court judge derek watson in hawaii made the ruling yesterday just hours before the revised travel ban was set to go into effect citing questionable evidence supporting the government's national security motivation adding that hawaii would suffer financially if the executive order went into effect, citing other concerns as well. last night president trump blasted this ruling while holding a rally in nashville. listen. >> we are going to fight this terrible ruling, we are going to take our case as long as it needs to go including to the supreme court and regardless, we are going to keep our citizens safe, believe me.
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>> reporter: according to a new fox news poll on trump's executive order an immigration 42% of those polled say they feel safer, 33% said they feel less safe and 24% said they felt no difference. the latest version of this travel been had more details of national security concern and removed iraq the list of countries. reaction from all sides pouring in, new york's attorney general eric schneiderman said the order by the district court of hawaii makes clear this is a muslim band by another name. we will be hearing more reaction from that ruling last night. abby: didn't happen at midnight as planned. the first budget blueprint today comes hours after promoting his vision to the people of national
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starting to reduce taxes, bring back jobs and replace obamacare. a brand-new detail on that proposal. >> reporter: this is known as the skinny budget, improvised budget cabinet agencies, dhs, state department and the epa, the white house is scheduled to release its budgetary blueprint for how the president plans to put so many of his promises to cut down on regulation and cut out waste from government spending. in nashville, tennessee told the crowd he is just getting started. >> been a little over 50 days since my inauguration and we have been putting our america first agenda very much into action, you see what happens. we have done far more, i think more than anybody has done in this office in 50 days. we have just gotten started would wait till you see what is
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coming. >> reporter: here's what we expect to see. a lot less money for the environmental protection agency which is reportedly set to lose more than $1 billion. the state department is expected to see its budget cut by 28% and the savings are expected to go to the promise of rebuilding the military. the director of the office of management and budget told foxnews the budget will include about $1 billion to get the border wall started a point the president talked about last night. >> aren't our borders getting extremely strong you don't even think about it and we will build the wall, don't even think about it. drugs will start pouring in poisoning our youth and that will happen very soon. you are already seeing what is going on. >> this is not a done deal. many republicans do not support
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many of these cuts particularly the state department so there will be plenty of debate over the weeks and months ahead. >> before that nashville rally president trump sat down for an exclusive interview with tucker carlson discussing everything from his tweet is to change to his illegally leaked tax returns. >> last night your tax return for 2005 appeared and the reporter who got it got it in his mailbox at the front is the client copy and he suggested it did not come from the irs but was leaked by someone in the white house. >> certainly not from the white house. i don't know where this guy has been following me for 25 years. i have no idea where they got it but it is illegal and you are not supposed to have it and it is not supposed to be leaked and
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is not an embarrassing tax return at all but it is an illegal thing. they have done it before. i think it is a disgrace. >> on march 4th you are in florida and tweet the former administration wiretapped me, surveilled me at trump tower during the last election. how did you find out? >> i have been reading about. it was january 20th, new york times article talking about wiretapping, there was an article that use that term. i read other things. i watched your friend bret baer the day devious where he was talking about certain complex sets of things happening is wiretapping there's a lot of wiretapping being talked about. a lot of things, for the most part i won't discuss it because we have it before the committee and we will be submitting things before the committee very soon.
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that hasn't been submitted as of yet. it is potentially a serious situation. >> can anyone say don't tweet that who would you listen to? >> i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for twitter. such a dishonest press. if you look at i'm not including fox because fox has been fair to me but you look at cnn and these other networks, nbc, i made a fortune for nbc with the apprentice, a top show when they were doing horribly and had one of the most successful reality shows time with on for 14 seasons and you see what happens when i am not on, it was a disaster but i was very good to nbc and they are despicable in their coverage. cbs, abc, look at what is going on. i call it the fake press, the fake media. it is a disgrace what is happening. i have my own form of media. if i tweet two or three or four
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or five times a day and most of them are good and i want them all to be good but if i make one mistake in a month, this one i don't think will prove to be a mistake at all. >> brand-new fox for showing how americans feel about the president's tweeting. the reaction quite mixed but 16% of people say they approve of the tweets, 32% wish he would be more cautious, 50% of people say they don't and him tweet esther chang. >> the top diplomat rex tillerson meeting with japan's prime minister just hours ago reaffirmed the us relationship with japan calling our allies critical to putting an end to north korea's escalating threat. he heads to south korea before wrapping up his trip to china. >> the resin ship is back in us
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international waters on the edge, the victor lyons off off georgia's coast antagonizing the us once again. last month the navy cut the same ship sailing 30 miles off the coast of connecticut. officials believe russia is doing a run up and down the east coast for docking in jamaica next month. resident at the center of one of the largest fibers of the attacks in history, fbi charging two russian spies and two black-market hackers with stealing from millions of americans, justice department accusing them of taking personal and financial information from yahoo users over a 2-year period. one of the masterminds was arrested in canada. >> we know what was said in the secret time back meeting. a lawsuit for records of bill clinton and loretta lynch's conversation. that meeting in june taking
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place days before the fbi announced hillary clinton would not be invited over a private email scandal. >> thursday morning motivation, before you opened your eyes space x was making history. heather: space x launching a rocket to employ good communication satellite into orbit. it never gets old watching that. >> the second attempt, strong winds scrubbed the original plan which was set for tuesday, finally got it off and it is something else what they are doing in california with that program. 10 minutes after the hour and fox news alert, a woman stuffed into the trunk of her own car managed to get away and now the hunt is on for her kidnapper. >> anything we can dream for our country we can achieve for our
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country. all we have to do is tap into that american pride. >> american pride on full display as president trump rally the crowd in nashville. what did voters think? >> this 4 you make internet sensations deals the show, new appearances everybody going nuts. stay tuned. calcu...
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incredible video, manhunt intensifying for a wanted kidnapper. look at surveillance video, you can see the victim escaped the trunk of her own car as the suspect in this thing drives
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away from a gas station, police say the man pulled a gun on that woman outside her apartment, demanded cash and forced her in the trunk of her own car, she was able to get the trunk open and jump out. police releasing the screenshot of the abductor's face hoping it will lead to an arrest, the search is on. someone accused of shooting two police officers in the same area where wayne state university officers, colin rose was killed execution style last november. raymond durum opened fire, shooting two officers. both are okay. durum is in custody and being questions about the shooting. >> president trump back on the road holding a rally in nashville last night. what do the american people think? grades are in it here to breakdown the speech is president and partner and partners. we love having you with us.
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let's take a couple parts of what the president said beginning with the travel ban thing the ruling makes us look weak. >> this ruling makes us look weak. which by the way we no longer are, believe me. just look at our borders which we are going to fight this terrible ruling, we are going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. we are going to win. we are going to keep our citizens safe and regardless we are going to keep our citizens safe, believe me. >> remarkable the difference. republicans gave this in a, independents to become a democrats and asked. it is important that we have to understand how divided we are. this is surprising but the issue is republicans and independents look at this as an issue of national security, democrats see it as a humanitarian issue.
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when you look at it that differently it is hard to come together and president trump said i won't get democrats on board here and he is pretty much right so he has to move this forward and do the best he can to get people on board but doesn't look like anything -- >> having a problem moving it forward. he had this to say about taxes but first obamacare. >> i want to cut taxes but -- for i can do that i would have liked to put it first, there is one more very important thing we have to do and we are going to repeal and replace horrible, disastrous obamacare. >> a huge divide. >> republicans love this, classic donald trump. independents a b-you can see
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democrats again and the whole notion when he talked about the horrible failing terrible obamacare he does not do as well as when he is selling what he is going to do. republicans love this message. independents wish he would be more presidential but it is classic donald trump. >> still some negotiation to be done with that. the new healthcare plan better for you and your family. talk about that. >> it repeals hundreds of billions of dollars in obamacare taxes, provides tax credits to people to purchase the care that is rightfully theirs, the bill that i will ultimately sign and that will be a bill where everybody is going to get into the room and we are going to get it done, get rid of obamacare and make healthcare better for you and for your family. >> something republicans believe in. >> independents the beat of the
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democrats little better, not quite an f but the important part to remember is when he talks about what he is going he does much better than when he says enough of this nonsense, obamacare is a disaster. when he talks about selling what he is doing, much better and so continue to do that, get people on board. >> the art of the deal, he knows how to do that selling, american people were enthusiastic last night, talking about american pride. >> anything we can dream for our country we can achieve for our country. all we have to do is tap into that american pride that is swelling our hearts and stirring our souls and we found that out very recently in our last election. a lot of pride. >> you can see republicans and independents love this notion of american pride but when he talked about you can see at the
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last election democrats say not so much pride for me, they gave it the. when he gets back to that positive talk about the american pride and all we can accomplish he does much better than in negative rents was the fridge for democrats the election is over, let's get enthused and try to make it work. thank you. great to have you. >> thanks so much. time is 20 minutes after the hour. danger at the drive-through, mcdonald's worker hailed a hero for jumping into action to save an unconscious police officer. trying to escape the winter blues and plan your summer vacation? one thing you need to know before you book your flight. stay tuned.
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beaches welcome back to "fox and friends" first. seems old man winter not done with us yet. this deep-freeze that has been sitting in after the northeast was pummeled with this brutal storm. are you ready to escape from it? >> in march you are waiting for it to warm up. if you're ready to escape we don't blame you but before you and your summer getaway there's one critical date you need to know, one particular day summer from our sister network foxbusiness. >> we are thinking about warmer destinations but if you're looking for summer trip you got about the timing. usually to, july, pale a little more, august gets cheaper but the most expensive time to travel is july 9th. the sunday after the july 4th weekend average summer ticket is going for $384 but on that day
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it is $484. >> so beaux-arts. how did you figure that out? there's another restaurant adding mobile ordering. >> mcdonald's is testing it out, starbucks has been doing it, other companies were trying it out, pizza delivery for example. now you have mcdonald's trying this out that they are testing it in california. you want cold french fries, have to figure that out. >> cold french fries are the worst. >> we are talking about starbucks, new cups, new drinks. >> we are all on the coffee train on this show. new cups day be aing today nationwide at starbucks and these are the first time starbucks has evidence bring
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colored cups. they have done the holiday cups so they have the yellow and blue and green cups going by size. taller going to be green and they have two new drinks. >> you get a sample. >> brought you eject coffee. you are taking these and i'm giving you the coconut mocha. >> and you can write on these. that is what the empty spaces are for. >> some of these will be drawn on and have designs but if it is blank is for you to draw your own design. be nice, be politically correct when you do this, don't offend anybody. >> this is very sleek. >> coconut milk, chocolate milk. >> i'm still trying to get rid of dairy. >> they had some low back when they talked about hiring
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refugees. >> president trump back on the road rally in supporters in nashville. >> that is where we find abby huntsman at the diner she is standing by live having breakfast with friends. >> reporter: we are at nashville. i love nashville, the place for biscuits. look behind me. jalapeno, cheddar, buttermilk, cornbread, but a lot of people were up late last night at this rally. i was up late. we want to hear their reactions after this break. with advanced , so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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♪ of the land ♪ the sun comes up again ♪ >> a little sunshine would be really welcome to warm things up a little bit. good morning, you're watching "fox and friends" first. rob:all eyes on president trump as he unveils his first federal budget proposal. heather: he made his pitch to people promising to reduce taxes, bring back jobs and replace obamacare. rob:a look at what is in and what is out >> reporter: throughout the campaign president trump promised to cut regulation and make the government leaner and more efficient. we are learning just how much
2:32 am
leaders and government agencies will be. the environment protection agency will be the hardest hit, will cut the agencies funding by hurting 1%, not far behind is the state department which is expected to lose 28%. those cut along with others will cover and anticipated $54 billion increase in funding for the defense department and boost for homeland security. last night in nashville, tennessee the president said moves like these are about making good on his campaign promises. >> we have begun than ever to eliminate job filling federal regulations like nobody has ever seen before. we are going to put our minors back to work. we are going to put our auto industry back to work. because of this new business climate we are creating jobs that are starting or back into our country like we haven't seen
2:33 am
in many, many decades. >> taxes were another target on the campaign trail and he said tax reform will be hard to do. >> i want to get to taxes, cut taxes, but -- but before i can do that, we are going to repeal and replace horrible disaster us obamacare. >> this was part of the outreach effort to the american people to build support for the healthcare replacement plans but a lot of debate to go on obamacare and the president's proposed budget. republicans have expressed a lot of concerns with those measures. heather: the healthcare plan in the budget today. abby huntsman was in nashville last night and this morning.
2:34 am
rob: how is it going? >> reporter: the food in nashville i have never tasted anything like it. we went to that rally. nashville is really cold and i have never seen a line like i did last night wrapped around, thousands of people waiting in line to get into this rally last night, some in line for ten hours to get a glimpse of president trump, excited to see him for the first time, look at what we saw. >> the 45th president of the united states. >> these are the people who were forgotten and they no longer believe this. >> to be here in nashville,
2:35 am
tennessee. >> nashville loves him. >> we showed our support for him. >> this is an crowd, you have to see to believe. >> how long did you wait in line? >> we have been waiting since 10:00 this morning. was it worth it? >> absolutely worth it. >> wanted to see donald trump, the president of the united states, how could you not want to be here. >> this is not a diner. >> huge crowds, turning away people outside. high-energy. >> this is my first rally. >> what would your message be? >> bring jobs back especially in african-american communities. >> build the wall. >> resonates with you? >> the tax package, making
2:36 am
american people -- >> keeping his promises and doing what he said he is going to do and drain the swamp. >> we saw a lot of familiar faces and new friends. there was so much excitement that president trump came to nashville. a lot of people with different stories to tell but they felt so grateful like a president that understood them, challenges they were going through and they say he made a lot of promises and keep following through and you could feel the energy in the rally. rob: they loved it. heather: all morning long, stay with us.
2:37 am
rob: president trump sat down for an exclusive interview with tucker carlson. heather: discussing obamacare to social media. >> can anyone say please don't tweet that? >> i think i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for twitter because i have such a fake pdishonest pre. i'm not including fox because fox has been fair to me but if you look at cnn and these other networks cbs, abc, tend to look at what is going on i call it the fake press, fake media, it is a disgrace what is happening. >> you are in florida you tweet the former administration wiretapping surveilled me at one tower at last election how did you find out? >> i have been reading things. i read in the new york times article talking about wiretapping and they use the exact term.
2:38 am
i read other things. i watched your friend bret baer the day previous talking about certain very complex sets of things happening and wiretapping. there is a lot of wiretapping being talked about. i have been seeing a lot of things. i'm not going to discuss it because we have it before the committee and submitting things before the committee very soon. it hasn't been submitted yet as a serious situation. >> 7 uses obamacare past and we will give you something better. and look at paul ryan pushing. >> we will have negotiation. we have 52 vote margin. to get 52 people is very hard.
2:39 am
if we had 60 or 60 votes we could do something different. we get a democrat vote for us, if i had the greatest bill in the history of the world they would not vote for us because they hate the republicans, probably hate me, and they can't see straight. the country is doing right now really well, the level of optimism is up highest it has been in 15 years, you see the kind of numbers coming in, i saw on "fox and friends" i like that group, and the greatest president ever and will never be one like him. >> it was a good interview with tucker and a big one to have. fox news poll reflecting the president's confidence, 60% of voters say he has done more to fulfill his promises compared to other presidents. >> number one promise jobs, working on that. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, the border order coming to a screeching halt again.
2:40 am
we are live with brand-new backlash and how far the president is promising to take this fight. >> the money i saved up, i get your ticket. >> whoopi goldberg are 2 people who support the president's policies. heather: are your yoga pants destroying the planet q there is a study, there's always a study that will leave you scratching your head. ♪ picking up my phone ♪ today i swear ♪ kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. is my that is welcome back to "fox and friends" first, community outraged over this display of vandalism, this patriotic mural in tennessee. found covered in black tar.
2:44 am
it happened just weeks before its 5 year anniversary, the building owners say they don't know who did it but plan to repaint it. to vandalism happened the night before president trump's rally in the music city. >> do you support president trump's policies, whoopi goldberg wants you to leave the country and she will pay for your ticket. >> i have some money i saved up. i will get you a ticket if you really like the way this man has suggested, go on and go over there. where everybody may think like you do. >> the view cohost calling out congressman steve king for a dream with dutch populace jerrod walters who wants muslim immigrants to stop pouring into the netherlands. goldberg has yet to make good on her own suggested that she believed the country of president trump was elected to office. >> their too lazy to leave so everyone else's. president trump gearing up to
2:45 am
unveil his first budget today. rob: cheryl casone he of foxbusiness you with a preview of this plan. >> reporter: president trump about to unveil his first budget to congress, it will boost security and secure the border. at one point, $1.5 trillion budget will include boost to the pentagon, $50 billion is to defense spending, $1.5 billion for the border wall along the us-mexico border but there will be deep cuts to other agencies including a 25% cut to the epa's budget including cuts for foreign aid and the arts. another campaign promise was jobs being brought home to america especially manufacturing jobs, the president took a message to detroit telling autoworkers he would continue to push for their industry and jobs. >> i am going to fight to the put automobile protection in the united states of america, not
2:46 am
outside, you have to fight side-by-side to protect their industry and stop the jobs from leaving our country. not going to happen anymore, folks. heather: americans feeling better about the economy blues 19 point margin voters for the economy getting better rather than worse for their family, 48%, big improvement from 37% october 2016 before the election was is what they would like to see president trump accomplished first 33% say job creation followed by 20% say troy isis and cut taxes and the supreme court and last but not least obamacare and that is what we will see today is a lot more on the budget. rob: people stick with it. the internet has not had enough of its new star. marion kelly catching the
2:47 am
spotlight once again while her viral family held a press conference. rob: social media obsessed with this little girl, trenchcoat, glasses. making headlines for walking in on her dad during that interview with bbc. >> her adorable stunts seen by millions online. they should walk in every morning like that. we will be right back. affirmative. we have large quantities of excitement. goodbye.
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>> president trump fired up to keep americans safe. rob: a judge blocking his vetting policy 6 hours before was supposed to take affect.
2:51 am
heather: laura engle with what happens next. >> reporter: don't see any protests right now. president trump is vowing to fight what he calls a terrible link. the next step would be for the administration to take the case, and to cancel the temporary restraining order. take a look at the judge, federal judge derek watson issued the revised travel ban, in just a few hours before it was set to go into effect at midnight eastern. judge watson argued his state would sever due to its muslim population with tourism and foreign students. 13 states including california, new york, the district of columbia filed paperwork indicating they would file a
2:52 am
private support brief in support of hawaii meaning they felt the same. last night at the rally in nashville president trump blasted ruling saying this was unprecedented judicial overreach. >> talking about the safety of our nation, safety and security of our people, this ruling makes us look weak which by the way we no longer are. just look at our borders. >> reporter: according to a new fox news poll on trump's executive order and immigration 42% of those polled say they feel safer, 43% feel less safe and 24% say they felt no difference. the latest version of the travel ban has more details on national security concern and moved iraq from the risk of restricted countries which include iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and
2:53 am
yemen. protesters at jfk are standing down. we haven't seen anybody yet. rob: nothing to protest, they are happy. president trump ripping the judge's ruling saying it makes america look weak. heather: that is not all. it puts the nation at risk. >> i just about had it with federal judges legislating the bench. the latest judge, derek watson of the why blocks president trump's temporary immigration bank of the president called the decision unprecedented judicial overreach, critics say it is a ban on muslims but that is not true. it is abandoned refugees countries with jihadists. what is wrong with these people? how anymore americans must die or be maimed in the name of
2:54 am
political correctness, judge watson's decision puts all of us in grave danger, jeff sessions has 300 of the fbi's active terror investigations. that is a lot of potential jihadists. let him put on a glass skirt and sing tiny bubbles on waikiki beach, just keep them out of the lower 48. rob: the border order halt, do you think this move made by this hawaiian judge was publicly motivated as the president says? log on to the "fox and friends" first facebook page after the show for a live bait, use the hashtag keep talking. heather: danger at the drive-through. mcdonald's worker being hailed a hero for jumping through the window into action to save a
2:55 am
police officer. heather: 7 are your yoga pants destroying the planet. i hope not. a study will have you scratching your head, thank you. ♪ "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses.
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♪ heather: nowhere better to be than right here with "fox & friends first," right?
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every morning. well, now it's time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. up first the good. the mcdonald's worker a hero for jumping through drive-thru window to save off duty police officer. leaping to action when he noticed the woman struggling to breathe. her children in the backseat struggling. helped revive her before ambulance arrived. rob: awesome guy there. the bad. losing your smart phone is about as stressful as a terror attack. this is according to a new study. incredible. physiological society revealing mundane experiences like losing a phone and commutincommuting delay derail h more than major traumatic event. heather: we need some help. rob: right. heather: now the ugly, the yoga pants might be the hottest trend for ladies and men right now. not so hot fort environment. gulf of mexico shows plastic
3:00 am
fibers from your comfy yoga clothes are helping poo liewted huge bodies of water. bizarre stories. rob: big proponent of yoga pants. i hope they don't get rid of them. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> a judge has just blocked executive order. this the danger is clear, the law is clear. the need for my executive order is clear. >> i don't think there was an actual at that poin tap of trum. i don't think that took place. >> we will be submitting things before the committee very soon. i think you will find very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> four people charged today in a massive hack on yahoo. >> this marks the first time that the united states government has filed cyber criminal charges against russian government officials. >> the fed is hiking interest rates raising it to 1%. historically, ricu


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