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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 16, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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fibers from your comfy yoga clothes are helping poo liewted huge bodies of water. bizarre stories. rob: big proponent of yoga pants. i hope they don't get rid of them. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> a judge has just blocked executive order. this the danger is clear, the law is clear. the need for my executive order is clear. >> i don't think there was an actual at that poin tap of trum. i don't think that took place. >> we will be submitting things before the committee very soon. i think you will find very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> four people charged today in a massive hack on yahoo. >> this marks the first time that the united states government has filed cyber criminal charges against russian government officials. >> the fed is hiking interest rates raising it to 1%. historically, ridiculously low.
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>> the federal reserve is saying that the economy is expanding. >> you have growth and optimism and investment and finally wages starting to take off. ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ you know it's true ♪ that nashville ♪ wouldn't be nashville ♪ without you ♪ steve: attention, camera cam, you are on television. live from nashville. you can see abby huntsman is live there. good morning, abby. abby: the whole thing? ainsley: she is concentrating. how are you? abby: i'm at kitchen notes in nashville it is food heaven here. we are making right now an apple betty pork belly pancake. try to digest that this morning. we all stayed up late for this
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big rally for president trump. people waited in line for up to 10 hours. it's actually very cold in nashville. we got the reaction. we will play that in the show. later on come to kitchen notes and we'll serve you some of these amazing pan cakes. we will be here all morning long. brian: chef is like nice tease but i have stuff to make. abby: this is davis. ainsley: hi, davis. we asked everyone to send in what your nickname would be. apple bete. who needs apple betty let's do apple abby. steve: how about abby huntsman is our hostess today. brian: more traditional. abby: hostess with the mostest. i like that. see you soon. ainsley: look forward to hearing from the folks there. brian: two rallies yesterday. one in michigan and one in nashville. ainsley: and a diner. steve: one of the things donald trump took aim at is yesterday u.s. district court
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judge watson an obama nominee put the president's new travel ban which was supposed to take effect just exactly six hours ago on ice. here is how the president talking about he will take it all the way to the supreme court. >> a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming in to our countries from certain countries. [crowd booing] >> the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with. this is the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. steve: that could be fast.
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brian: he wanted to do it last time. he wants to do it this time. meanwhile the president of the united states was also talking about his main objective yesterday that was to keep everybody safe. keep that in mind. it's not politics. it's security. >> i was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking in government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless. and i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families, believe me. not today, not ever. we're going to win it. we're going to win it we are going to apply common sense. we're going to apply intelligence. and we're never quitting and we're never going away. and we're never ever giving up. ainsley: saying that he just wants to keep americans safe. yesterday he talked about the budget as well. his skinny budget was released and that's why we bring in mick mulvaney the director of
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management and budget. thanks for being with us. >> how do you do this every single morning. brian: sometimes we tape it the night before. have you a big day today. 7:00. you are officially releasing the budget. we have the skeleton of it what are the highlights you want to bring out. >> real simple an american first candidate. american first president. and now american first budget. more money to enforce the laws and secure the borders. more money for taking care of our vets. more money for school choice steve: 54 billion more. more for the military. big cuts at the department of states and the e.p.a. what's going to be impacted if you have the big cuts that you want? >> foreign aid. i mean, most of the foreign aid that we have, most of the money that we give for climate change research. the money that we contribute to the climate change movement is in the foreign aid. it's not surprising to see those come down.
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ainsley: rex tillerson said the spending levels at the state department is unsustainable. he is fine with these cuts. challenge to find ways to work with the president. what is the e.p.a.'s response? >> e.p.a. is going to do the same thing. e.p.a. knew, scott pruitt knew he was taking over an agency that the president wanted to shrink. looking at the numbers that we still have in the e.p.a., we know they can still do their core function of making sure the environment is clean but it stops that mission creep we have seen so long. brian: i know it has to be frustrating for you. $20 trillion over budget. it doesn't cut the deficit. it stops the increase of the spending. but 28% cut in state department, when that came out, your defense secretary says that means i have got to buy more ammunition. he thinks it's a mistake essentially secretary mattis. you are going to get a lot of this. >> sure. brian: also you had senator lindsey graham saying this state department cut if that lands on our desk it's dead on arrival. >> let's make no mistake about this. this is not a soft power
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budget. it's hard power budget. $54 billion worth more of defense and the soft power comes out of the state department. that's exactly what the president wants. steve: one the other areas is npr and pbs you will phase out the funding for that eventually, right? >> sure. i think the president finally got to the point where he said do i really want to make the coal miner in west virginia, the auto worker in ohio, the single mom in detroit pay for the national endowment for the arts public broadcasting he said no. ainsley: polls to vote for him because of his business sense. is he able to make money and make a profit. have you been able to see him do that when he goes through line through line of the budget what is it like to be like in the room with him. >> fantastic. like being back in the private sector again. does this actually make sense and help people? is this a good use of our money? i'm sure i get the impression that question hasn't been asked for along time in washington, d.c. brian: also get the sense if he is going to be effective in this revolutionary president, he is going to go through the defense department and other
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areas and say i will give you 54 billion but you're not going to spend it the way you have been spending it it's got to be more than boeing, am i correct? up and down? >> that's exactly right. he is very proud of the fact he has already saved us several billions of dollars through his negotiations and i know he has told general mattis because i have talked to him we want that same attitude out of the secretary of defense. steve: one of the things is having a smaller budget ultimately where certain departments are down sized, you are starting to drain the swamp. the swamp doesn't like that. brian: including republicans. >> there is going to be programs that are special interest don't like we are cutting. individual members of congress don't like. the president doesn't represent special interest and represent a particular district or a stavmentd he represents everybody. that's what is reflected in the numbers. steve: is he going to wind up sell the budget as is he healthcare. >> i'm off to sell the budget is he selling the top line message, more money for defense, more money for vets. more money for border enforcement. ainsley: yesterday we did a
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story and going to interview someone involved with this. one of the congressman down in florida. we did a story on the va how they are not putting the picture up of the president. when i was reading the budget, is he pouring money into the military and making our country safe. >> we will fix that. the president's picture is going up. brian: get a colored printer save money that way and wireless, too. big thing you are selling more than any omb ever repeal and replace obamacare, the negotiation will be in the rules committee, we understand there has been a frustration among some of your best friends with the lack of negotiation on what's been presented. when are we going to see what the president said last night the negotiation part of it? >> the negotiation has been going on for a long time. i'm involved with that. one of the reasons you have been seeing me a budget vote in committee, i believe today. and the rules committee vote will be early next week. those negotiations will go on. keep in mind where we are. this is a budget framework. it's a really good framework it does what the president
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said repeal and replace. we didn't take a final product and force it down lawmakers' throat. offered framework and worked on those negotiations. steve: it doesn't really repeal. it amends the affordable care acted it says that in the first paragraph. >> keep in mind the democrats were able to pass a lot of obamacare with 60 votes in the senate when they had it. we don't have that now. brian: that hasn't been recognized. we can't do it through reconciliation. you can't repeal all of it that way. steve: right now, according to chuck grassley who has been in the senate in the state of iowa for decades. there are not the votes in the senate at this point. the problem is a bunch of house republicans don't want to put their necks on the line that doesn't want to pass the senate, because in two years, they are out of a job. they worry. >> i have been there before. that's the way the process works. there is no perfect piece of legislation. there is framework. it's going to be added to or subtracted from during the process eventually it will pass the house and the senate. ainsley: what's the time decline.
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the president wants to cut the quote hell out of taxes. in order to do that we have to repeal and replace obamacare. >> working off 2017 reconciliation. this is really boring. i apologize. obamacare repeal and replace has to go first. do another budget the 200018 budget that will allow us to reconcile for tax reform which will be next. brian: he brought up last night cutting spending on actually pharmaceuticals. he mentioned elijah consumption in the meeting that he had. we after it passes we will go back in again. what do you mean? in theory, if can you get the votes and pass it, you are going to change it again? >> sure, the things they are talking about with mr. cummings who was on the committee with me requires 60 votes. take some bipartisan support. there is bipartisan support for other types of healthcare reform outside of just obamacare repeal and replace. for example, the epipen is way too expensive. one of the things we learned that's because the regulation he is on medical device
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providers and pharmaceuticals are much more expensive here than europe. mr. cummings and republicans know that. brian: you want to be able to buy from europe. >> into. have the same systems get new products approved. epipen is couple dollars in europe. $600 for a pair here. that's the kind of stuff we need to vote with 60 votes. brian: have a shot at buying it in europe force the price down because no one will buy it here. >> we will try to make them here and buy them here. steve: very good. mic, thank you very much. brian: it's not that early. it's okay. steve: how do people in washington feel right now. it's early go. back to bed. nope, stay up. brian: so nice to come in. we appreciate it 12 minutes after the hour. president trump taking aim at the judge to blocked his new immigration order. >> this ruling makes us look weak which, by the way, we no longer are, believe me. [cheers] >> just look at our borders.
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brian: what do the americans think about that? lee carter has brand new dials to find out? ainsley: fresh fallout from rachel maddow's tax return flop. except you will never guess who she is blaming now. ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ ♪
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steve: president trump holding a rally last night in nashville. what do the people of the united states think about it? we got some grades and here to break it down we've got the president and partner lee carter. big show in nashville. >> big show. steve: three sound bites for you. watch the lines. the red ones republicans the blue ones democrats and the yellow independents. travel ban put on by obama appointee judge. watch. >> this ruling makes us look weak which, by the way, we no longer are. believe me. [cheers and applause] just look at our borders. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our cases as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court.
3:18 am
[cheers] >> we're going to win. we're going to keep our citizens safe. and regardless, we're going to keep our citizens safe, believe me. >> you can see republicans give this annual a. independents a b. losing support a little bit with them. democrats gave this an f which is not surprising. steve: they gave everything an f that he said. >> here's the deal on immigration on this issue republicans and independents hear this as national security issue. democrats hear this as humanitarian issue. so there is just almost no way that he can win and i don't think is he even trying with democrat anymore frankly. steve: meanwhile, you ran the dials over the sound biteregard. he's got a plan to repeal and replace. watch this. >> it repeals hundreds of billions of dollars in obamacare taxes. it provides tax credits to people to purchase the care that is rightfully theirs. the bill that i will
3:19 am
ultimately sign and that will be a bill where everybody is going to get into the room and we're going to get it done. we'll get rid of obamacare and make healthcare better for you and for your family. >> you can see there again republicans an a. independents a b, democrats d minus. seeing independent support softball just a bit. important to keep that in mind. this particular sound bite on healthcare was one of the better ones. selling what he is doing not what is in place. he doesn't have to slam anymore what happened. people want obamacare reformed. he doesn't need to do that. sell what his plan is that's what he was doing right there and i think he did a pretty good job of it. steve: here he is selling american pride. >> anything we can dream for our country, we can achieve for our country. all we have to do is tap into that american pride that is swelling our hearts and
3:20 am
stirring our souls and we found that out very recently in our last election. a lot of pride. >> you can see there republicans and independents gave this an a. democrats were on board until he said the pride and we saw that election and they were like not so much. but not surprising. he does do a really good inspirational part of the message and at the end of his speech he did just that. steve: looking at your dials, without a doubt, the red line is as high as it always has been but to your point earlier maybe the independents have softened a little bit. maybe 25% of them looking at the dials over the last couple of months down a little bit. >> just a little bit. it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. right now what they are saying is i want to hear him start bashing things and start doing things. the whole thing is going to come in actions in terms of what we are going to see over the coming weeks. steve: lee carter, thank you very much. >> great to be here. steve: president trump electric phiing nashville during last night's rally.
3:21 am
our own abby huntsman was there to talk to people in the crowd. who says republicans and democrats don't get along. congressman from both sides of the aisle stuck in a car together for 1600 miles. drove to washington. they will talk about the bipartisan road trip next. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there,
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you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. heather: welcome back. quick headlines breaking overnight. wanted cop shooter also considered a person of interest in a deadly police shooting now behind bars. two officers in detroit coming under fire while investigating the death of wayne state university officer sergeant collin rhodes who was killed execution style last november. authorities asked raymond durham for his i.d. he pulled out a gun and started shooting. both officers were had hit and they are in critical condition at this hour.
3:25 am
after massive hours long manhunt police arrested durham early this morning though. police now questioning him about sergeant rhodes' shooting as well. russian spy ship seen hovering over international waters is back. the victor spotted just 2 o0 miles off georgia's coast antagonizing the u.s. coast again. caught the same ship o30 miles off the coast of con ne connect. running up and down the east coast before docking in jamaica next month. brian: this week's snow storm. ainsley: we are. brian: ruined travel plans forcing two texas lawmakers to take a bipartisan road trip and take their constituents along for the ride on facebook. >> welcome to the town hall road trip. road to work. i'm going to hand it over to my good friend will herd my
3:26 am
co-pilot on this journey. hey, everybody i'm will herd, 1600 miles from san antonio to washington, d.c. and we would love to take y'all's questions. >> al ainsley: all right. joining us now congressman will heard and democratic texas congressman o'rourke. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having us. good morning. ainsley: what a cute idea. i understand one of your trips was delayed. one was totally cancelled. you were trying to get to the east coast to washington. you started sharing coffee and then you shared a granola bar and next you know it's carpool karaoke. how did you decide to do. this will and i were visiting with he veterans service was in san antonio on monday. in between meetings we were talking about how we needed to get back to washington, d.c. given the cancellations. i threw it out there it would be fun to rent a car and drove
3:27 am
from san antonio toll d.c. >> later i learned did he it in guest and never thought i would accept et challenge. we ended up in a chevy impala for 1600 miles and 36 hours. brian: you tend to get along. where did you realize that you could come together, that you might even relay to the president if you have a chance with the speaker. where do you realize the rubber hits the road there is not going to be any convergence. of the things you did begin to converge on? >> go ahead. >> i think yesterday morning when we started the trip, you know, we had a couple hours of sleep. and came to the realization that, you know, this trip should be more about talking about things and where we can find some kind of convergence and that i think, is in the area of the ban on federal employees and the ability to hold them accountable, hire and fire. this is something where our two positions kind of came a little bit closer. brian: you mean like the real world? >> right.
3:28 am
brian: where do you think the rubber hits the road where you guys will never agree we will get each other's throats if we don't change the subject? >> i don't know. healthcare is really tough. will and i both started with, you know, i think that we should, in my case, improve upon what we have with the affordable care act. will made his arguments for replacing it with the alternative going through ways and means and energy and commerce. that's where we started. over the course of the next 36 hours. we started to talk about those things that were important to us that we actually agreed on like you're not going to lose your coverage if you have a preexisting condition or be precluded from getting it. that you are not going to have a lifetime cap on what it takes to care for you if you have really expensive condition or disease. but, when it comes to expanding medicaid or how we pay for it or whether people are compelled to be insured, those are places we haven't been able to find agreement so far. ainsley: go ahead, congressman. >> the conversation what was
3:29 am
valuable over a length of time is we got beyond just the talking points that you hear on tv or you hear in meetings. so you really start understanding the motivation behind it. because it's obvious that beto wants to help folks and he knows i want to help folks. ainsley: will it change going forward how you voted on things now now that you see the other side. >> absolutely. lehr is a great example. we had a conversation both of us work to improve conditions for veterans and access to care. we both really care about the fact that 20 veterans a day in this country are taking their own lives. some cases for lack of access to mental healthcare. i was going to be supportive of a proposal that would keep those veterans who have mental healthcare conditions that are reported by the va from being able to own a firearm because 66% of those suicide deaths are through firearms. but, will and i talking about it with chairman roe of the committee from tennessee, you know, one of the things that got to me is that if we
3:30 am
further stigmatize coming in for mental healthcare help, for example, you are somebody, you are a veteran, you like to hunt but by going to the va and reporting ptsd and mental healthcare issues you might have that gun taken away, that's something that struck a cord with me. i will end up supporting the position chairman roe and will are on that will help. brian: we're up against a break now, if we want to see what you guys streamed, where do we go? >> hurd on the hill or. >> or my page beto at work. >> weigh in on the debated of cake vs. pie. brian: how dare you? >> pie. brian: amazing you survived and no airbags went on. ainsley: steve says pie. i say cake. brian: i say some type of fruit. >> who is this guy? >> who let this guy in? ainsley: wussification of
3:31 am
america right there. brian: i don't need to take this -- yes, i do. straight ahead. we wanted to know if the president hit all the right notes last night we sent abby hunts maine to nashville because she needed the miles. >> as a veteran i wanted to see the president of the united states. when he was elected for me, it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. ainsley: first, happy birthday to actor eric estrada who is 68 years old today. brian: real chip off the old block. ainsley: you know him as frank from the show chips happy birthday erik estrada. brian: i know you are listening. [chips theme song] that's why i t six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever.
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♪ taps.maslansky [taps] ainsley: pretty powerful. shot of the morning. paying respects by laying a wreath hermitage of president andrew jackson in nashville. brian: addressing a crowd of supporters outside of his home. talked about the similarities between them. it's amazing. they were both extremely rich. they were both looked at as outsiders. both obsessed with the media andrew jackson collected all the newspapers read every one and took on reporters. fight. ainsley: one with a gun. brian: one shot each other. steve: one had a gun and the other had twitter. brian: the establishment said ignore him just like they d. they did to donald trump and
3:36 am
he ended up winning. steve: he was there to mark the 250th birth. ainsley: writing a book about him. brian: i'm about to. working on it. steve: abby huntsman is in nashville. she is the hostess today at kitchen notes. ainsley: good morning. abby: i love it if you are in this area come and hang out with us all morning long. we were at that rally last night. when we pulled up, i have never seen some people lined up to try to get into this arena. it's cold here in nashville. i talked to people who said they were waiting some of them more than 10 hours to get in. they he wanted to see a glimpse of president trump. we were able to get in there and get some reaction once he finished his speech. take a look at what we saw. abby: look who i ran into it's larry gatlin. you opened up today. >> let me introduce to you the 45th president of the >> what does it mean to you. >> these are the people that he says were forgotten. they now no longer believe
3:37 am
they are forgotten. >> good to be here in nashville, tennessee. >> love that he was here. nashville loves him. >> he showed his support for us and we showed our support for him. >> this is some crowd. have you to see what's outside. you won't believe it? >> we were in line until 1:00. it was well worth it wonderful event. >> would he wanted to see donald trump. he is the president of the united states. how you cannot want to be here to see him. >> abby, are you lost? this is not a diner. >> what did you think of the event? >> huge crowd. they are turning away people outside. high energy. can you believe that? >> first time you have seen the president of the united states in person? >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you think? >> super cool. >> super cool? what do you like about president trump? >> repeal and replace obamacare. that's my favorite thing that he is doing. >> for him to redo the obamacare. i have two autistic children, so i would love to see change. >> my brother is a u.s. marine and he supports our military and respects them so much. i know my brother is proud.
3:38 am
is he our commander-in-chief. >> why did you want to be here? >> as a veteran i wanted to see the president of the united states. he was elected for me. most amazing thing i have ever seen. is he very passionate about it what we go through. what our spouses go through. you know, it's refreshing to see. and i'm proud he is my president. abby: as you saw, we saw some familiar faces. met a lot of new friends young and old. many just really excited to finally get in that arena after waiting for hours just to see the president. but, you know, the big take away they felt like he was talking to them. that he got their story. things that they were most passionate about. we will talk to them as they come in this morning at kitchen notes here at the omni. how they are feeling about things. also as i said the food is amazing. take a look at this situation here. this is the buffet of business s and buttermilk. i have ryan kilmeade's book
3:39 am
and ainsley's book that are both signed by you two. i will say the first two that come here that say mornings are better with friends, you are going to get a free book. ainsley: that was kind of you,able buy. thank you. brian: age bracket. ainsley: the kid who cares about obamacare repealing and replacing. he can use both of those books. abby: is that the cutest thing? ainsley: how cute is he really smart. brian: i signed mine and ainsley used an auto pen. ainsley: i don't even know what that is. brian: heather childers is here. heather: good morning to you and everyone at home we start with a fox news alert. a manhunt intensifying for apted kidnapper. take a look at chilling video. see the victim watch carefully et cetera escape the trunk of her own car as suspect drives away from gas station. police in birmingham, alabama pulled a gun on woman outside of her apartment, demanding cash before forcing her inside the trunk.
3:40 am
after jumping from the trunk, she frantically runs inside the gas station to call 911. luckily not seriously injured. police releasing this photo of the abductor's face it's a good one. hoping it will lead to an arrest. remarkable. we may finally know what was said in that secret tarmac meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. a government watchdog group slapping the department of justice with a lawsuit for records of that conversation. now the meeting back in june taking place just days before the fbi announced that hillary clinton would not be indicted over her private email scandal. and some brand new fallouts from rachel maddow's bombshell bust on president trump's tax return. >> i believe this is the only set of the president's federal taxes that reporters have ever gotten ahold of. for the record, the first amendment gives us the right to publish this return. it is not illegally published. nor are we fake, pinch me. i'm real. >> really? maddow blaming viewers for all that hype and no delivery
3:41 am
saying that quote: because i have information about the president doesn't mean that it's necessarily a scandal. if other people leapt to that conclusion without indicating that it was, that hype is external to what did i. nbc said they were reportedly kept in the dark and now embarrassed over the overblown story to say the least. and the british heir finally in some hot water as we learned some more about prince william's big night out. so we showed you this tmz video of the prince dancing at a nightclub in switzerland. new video shows him putting his arm around a mystery woman and spotted hugging a dj and swiping a model's hat. yes the president was on a ski trip with friends without princess kate.
3:42 am
how dare him swipe that hat. brian: leave him alone. heather: i think the scandal is the dance move. brian: are we really freezing that shot? steve: everybody is talking about it a guy out having funnel. it was all innocent. i don't know. it looks innocent. brian: is he not wearing his crown. steve: he was hugging a dj. brian: exactly if you like a song who else are you going to hug? the. if the artist isn't on. ainsley: how do we know that wasn't kate though? it's a brunette. brian: i don't know we will put rachel maddow on it. a show you definitely don't want to be a contestant on. >> wheel of fugitives. >> this weeks looks like we are going to look for john any l. robinson. brian: the sheriff behind this viral video joins us while he has turned to the wheel of fugitive for help. steve: riffing to back down after the judge blocks his 2r568 ban.
3:43 am
that man in the green ty the day before saint patrick's day. ainsley: hi, judge ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ beautiful, healthy, lawns. live like it's spring. make life better, with a beautiful, healthy, trugreen lawn. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates
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here's to all of you early risers, what's up man? go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it. ♪ ♪ ainsley: hours before it was set to take effect the president's new executive order on immigration halted by a judge, but president trump not backing down. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. we're going to win. we're going to keep our citizens safe. and regardless, we're going to keep our citizens safe. believe me. steve: so what happens next?
3:47 am
here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. steve: judge, clearly the administration felt with this 2.0 ban they had air tight case. apparently somebody out west said no not so fast. >> a lot of legal eyes looked at this. i agreed the administration wrote air tight case as we say in the profession bullet-proof that they actually went through all the objections that the ninth circuit had to the first executive order. and addressed each of them. in fact, half the reason for involving the first executive order is not in this new one because they had accomplished that which is setting forth a rational basis for selecting the six states. but, basically what the judge said last night in hawaii was this is a muslim ban by another name. that's the way i would summarize this with a very short handle on it without getting too much into the weeds. he basically looked at the things that candidate donald trump said that our friend
3:48 am
mayor giuliani said that kellyanne conway said. steve: that is appropriate? >> that kellyanne conway said here on the couch on "fox & friends," it's absolutely inappropriate. because the court, when it's interpreting a statute or executive order, must do so on the basis of the plain meaning of the written words. the court cannot go into psycho babble and try to figure out what the intent was just what the words say. steve: so the judge went rogue? >> i think the judge was concerned with a political outcome pleasing to the judge. and that also violates the rule. because judges are supposed to be indifferent to the politics. they are supposed to rule on the basis of the constitution, the laws, and then whatever this document is they are construing. here the president's executive order are not to be concerned with the political fallout. ainsley: judge, why does it continue, both bans to end up in the hands of the ninth circuit? >> because the ophelia people filing these complaints, these states attorney general know that they are more likely to get a sympathetic ear to a
3:49 am
panel of judges who are predisdisposed to be against. ainsley: they can choose the most liberal judges in the country. >> they can basically choose where they want to file it generally where the first ones are filed the other ones are going to be. just an hour ago a judge in maryland on the other side of the country, also a liberal state and also a liberal circuit of appeals, used to be the most conservative, barack obama changed that also enjoined the president. i haven't seen that ruling yet. haven't published the ruling yet. he just released it at 6:00 in the morning. brian: freeze it like hawaii or we don't know yet? >> we don't know exactly what was frozen. but we know he ruled against the president. but it's redundant because the one in hawaii stops the enforce. everywhere. so the second executive order never came into existence. it was enjoined before midnight last night. steve: real quickly, couldn't they avoid all the trouble by just having a 90 day refugee ban across the board along
3:50 am
with extending visa issuances as well? make it 90 days? >> you just summarized what the executive order did. and even that didn't pass. steve: don't have the six countries or the five countries. just make it across the board? nobody comes in for 90 days until we figure it out. >> in fairness to the president, he was trying to tailor this narrowly. brian: he is going to the supreme court. >> got to go to the ninth circuit. different panel of three. they will rule and then it will go to the supreme court and hopes judge gorsuch is confirmed by then. steve: judge? >> we will see. steve: life goes on. >> yes. steve: you heard the judge talk about the blocked order. malkin will react to it live. heather: new show called wheel of fugitive. you will meet the sheriff behind it.
3:51 am
>> this week we will look for johnny. >> wheel of fugitive. >> this loo umps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind
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3:54 am
brian: so interesting the president is giving his speech you don't know what's going to be on prompter and what he is going to ignore. he handled breaking news. steve: he talked about what we just talked about with judge napolitano regarding the judge out in hawaii put on ice the temporary travel ban. ainsley: he said i don't want to be critical of them. i'm not going to say anything critical. i'm not going to be critical because if i do the media will criticize me. i will not be critical of the judge. steve: he also talked a little bit about why it is important. extreme vetting is important to keep all of us safe. here's the president last
3:55 am
night in nashville. >> i was elected to change our br dangerous system and thinking in government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless. i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families, believe me. not today, not ever. we're going to win it. we're going to win it we're going to apply common sense. we're going to apply intelligence. and we're never quitting and we are never going away. and we are never ever giving up. brian: this is one -- he said, too. he said i like the last travel ban. i didn't want to stop on that one. so i agreed -- it sounded like he agree with his people. he has an attorney general. he gets attorney general and has homeland security secretary. rewrites makes it air tight used the term watered down. then he submits it the way he was talking last night, i think is he going right for the supreme court too.
3:56 am
ainsley: he said that last night. i'm this is not over. i'm going to the supreme court. said that before. steve: got to take illustrates natural course. of course, if it does go to the supreme court he would love to have neil gorsuch on there. that's going to take a little time. ainsley: that's why the budget he announced yesterday the skinny budget that goes before congress today. he said i'm increasing spending 54 billion more for the wall and for our defense. brian: 1.50 billion this year to start on the wall. every year they will get a little bit more. steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead. ainsley: huge show ahead. michelle malkin and ed henry and long island medium. >> brian: she is the one that can talk to dead people. steve: steve hilton is going to cook for live people. abby waking us up with the pep band at the kitchen notes in nashville. coming back from new york city and music city. brian: in the diner?
3:57 am
ainsley: it is called kitchen notes. meesk notes. brian: i never got that. ♪ ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at our powerful relief now in pill form. it's the one and only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. power through with theraflu expressmax caplets.
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4:00 am
>> a judge has just blocked our executive order. this is an unprecedented judicial overreach. >> new reaction this hour the leak of president trump's tax return. >> i have no idea where they got it, but it's illegal. and you're not supposed to have it, and it's not supposed to be leaked. and i think it's a disgrace. >> four people charged today in a massive hack on yahoo. >> this marks the first time that the united states government has filed cyber criminal charges against russian government officials. >> the fed is hiking interest rate, raising it to 1%. historically ridiculously low. >> the federal reserve is saying that the economy is expanding. >> you have growth and optimism and investment and
4:01 am
finally wages starting to take off. >> thrilled to be here in nashville, tennessee. the home of country music. southern hospitality. ♪ i was born country ♪ and that's what i will always be ♪ like the rivers and the. ainsley: can't take to the south but can't take the south out of you. steve: can't take the snow out of new york city. doing their best. but tomorrow is big parade saint patrick's day down fifth avenue. trucks over there hauling out as much as they possibly can some of the snow removal going on right now. 48th street behind it. ainsley: forgot about that. it's such a big parade here so many irish men and women here. brian: everyone is irish tomorrow. if you listen closely hear the barrels of whiskey roll in. ainsley: hold on shhh. steve: on saint patrick's eve
4:02 am
let's michelle malkin. long time friend of this program. good morning. >> good morning, friends. steve: what do you make of the fact that this new york district court judge obama nominee said about the president's travel ban 2.0 no that's really a muslim ban based on what he said in the past. have you got to stop it all across the board. >> it's surreal. and it is a huge usurpation defend and protect the constitution and this country. these people in black robes are tyrants. they are not neutral arbiters and interpreters of the law. they are press digitators. they make up out will whole cloth these rights being claimed from people outside of the country.
4:03 am
basically what this hawaii judge has done is manufacture and fabricate a right to future immigration from all over the world. it is flabbergasting. and i want to explain. i think it's so important for people to understand here that there is a civic lesson. this is a plenary power of the president to make the decision about who comes in to this country and why. it's not merely for national security. he can do it for any reason. make sure that this country is safe. brian: right. >> so the idea that hawaii, as a state, has what's called standing, right? , the right to sue because they claim some sort of damage or injury merely because 70 middle easterners were not allowed to visit hawaii last year? 70 less people? that's it? i mean, there are american workers who do not have standing in this country to sue because of harmful h 1 b
4:04 am
policies. and yet hawaii can claim this. brian: michelle, remember you wrote invasion before 9/11 and talked about the need to bolster up borders because we don't know who is coming in and everyone just said the book sold like crazy because you touched a nerve. a lot of people were thinking the same thing but not saying it out loud. this president says it out loud, it's america first. here he is, he actually read what you just said because he said this is the rule. this is how plain it is that i am allowed to do this. why he is going to keep the fight up. meanwhile, he tried to be politically correct while still pointing out the ninth circuit of appeals. got a little bit of a problem. >> yeah. that's right. >> the judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries. the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by
4:05 am
another judge. and should have never been blocked to start with. this is the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. [cheers and applause] ainsley: michelle, if this had happened right after 9/11, would we be seeing this same reaction from the ninth circuit or would this have passed? >> that's a really great question. obviously, the further that we have come from 9/11, the more people forget what the fundamental beauty ofundamentala president are. this is why i he supported this president and voted for him. because if we cannot get this right, our very sovereignty is under threat. brian: michelle, i want to point this out. some people saying well, it
4:06 am
was just orlando, it was just intern. san bernardino and just that thing in texas. what's the big deal? remember in the summer our fbi director says we have investigations going on in all 50 states people affiliated with isis. our fbi is overstretched trying to keep up with the people coming here with evil intents let alone the ones radicalized with what they saw on the internet. crying out for help over the summer and the fall. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, between the problem that we have with the refugee resettlement react, the inability to inability to vet these people coming from breeding grounds for juwaad, along with the millions of people who are -- have either overstayed their visas, who are evading deportation orders, the very message that trump said was we need to
4:07 am
reassess and stop. every single bureaucracy that deals with immigration and home land security in this country is overwhelmed. he is attacked as a zeno phone and racist. he is attacked as the one who is usurping the proper authority. all of these lawless democrats and lawless judges who put us in peril. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's move on to something else. last night tucker carlson sat down in a big garage with the president of the united states and a bunch of fancy cars behind him. tucker asked him hey i saw two pages of your 2005 tax return. where did those come from? the president has an idea. listen. >> i don't know where they got it. this guy has been following me for 25 years. he is, you know, not much i have no idea where they got it but it's illegal and you are not supposed to have it. and it's not supposed to be leaked. it's certainly not an
4:08 am
embarrassing tax return at all. but it's an illegal thing. they have been doing it. they've done it before. and i think it's a disgrace. steve: he knows exactly where they came from. they came from a leaker. unfortunately for this president, he has got people in the permanent government, in the deep state who are leaking left and right who are trying to make him look bad. >> yeah. that's right. while i certainly enjoyed the bust up that this whole fiasco was and i joked that the next maddow bombshell will be two pages from his algebra test in 1990. there is a larger goal here. and the strategy is to entice more people in that deep state infrastructure to leak much more damaging things. we have already seen that these blabber mouths are willing to do anything to take the trump presidency down. it is a tough job that this administration faces every single day, every single hour. brian: what they did and
4:09 am
rachel maddow did was put all our credibility on the line. for 25 minutes she talked about olli ole oligarchs, russin banks. they released the taxes that showed he paid 25%. 35 million out of 150 million. she knew all along that she was building up to a giant thud. however, she is blaming us. she said everybody -- everyone expected too much. and then she goes on "the tonight show" trying to save her career. will she? >> yeah. i hope not. and she is a laughing stock. not only among people who don't even watch that channel, but among many democrats and progressives who know what damage it has done. i mean, here is president trump who has been making this very salient point about the fake news. on top of that have you people who are trying to help salvage rachel maddow like the "new york times" which thinks there
4:10 am
is something criminal about doing something legal trying to reduce your tax liability. they were tweeting about it last two nights. yet their own paper was advising people in a big huge financial section on how to reduce your thax liability legally. thanks fish wrap of record. ainsley: that's why the president says he has to go to twitter because he can't trust the mainstream media they make up stories. they leak, they lie. now, if a fox news poll, the people polled were asked they like that the president is tweeting as much. look at the numbers. 6016% approve. 32% wish he would be more cautious. look at the disapprove 50%. >> i'm a huge promoter of social media and as a platform for circumventing all of these false narratives. i think in a poll like that, what it shows you is that most
4:11 am
people are not on twitter. why is president trump on twitter? because he understands the utility of getting down into the fight and the battlefield with the largest and most prominent users of twitter. the people who shape political narratives. it's mostly liberal journalists in their echo chamber. and he has completely upended it. steve: sure. >> i say more the better. steve: i think you are right. it is effective if it's about his agenda or something inspirational or about policy. but then when he does arnold schwarzenegger's ratings, you know. everybody's hair is on fire. answered kind of -- it is not as effective. one other fox news poll question was how does your family feel about the economy? and this is stunning. take a look. the top line in october of this past year, 37 percent said it's getting better. but now 48% says it's getting better. which is unbelievable.
4:12 am
up 11% in about six months. michelle. >> it fits with what everything is perceiving about his ability to achieve his core agenda. people believe and perception is reality that he cares about american workers. that he cares about the american economy. and that he cares about american border security. he is accomplishing what he set out to do. and that's why so many, as you said, steve, some people's hair is on fire. brian: michelle we should say, we are up against a break. did you investigative piece that's excellent. dirty democrats and what's going on behind the scenes. where with key get that story? >> yep, go to michelle follow me on ask michelle malkin at twitter and see our brian: fantastic. ainsley: thanks michelle. >> you bet.
4:13 am
you too. > brian: new game sweeping the country. you don't want to be a contestant on this. the sheriff behind this game ♪ wheel of fugitive ♪digital >> this week looks like we are going to look for johnny. the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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4:17 am
>> this week looks like we are going to look for johnny l. robinson. steve: forget wanted posters law enforcement down in florida putting a creative spin on catching criminals. ainsley: is the wheel of fortune working let's ask the sheriff down in brevard county sheriff. video he posts on facebook once a weeks. good morning, sheriff. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having us. steve: johnny l. robinson did you catch him. >> we did. he is now in the preferred county jail. our fiewngive department arrested him at his grandfather's house. actually, when they took him in to custody. he had watched it the week before and knew -- took him in to custody. says looks like i won the
4:18 am
generajackpotthis week. ainsley: why did you do this. >> two reasons. one get fugitives off the street and behind bars. two we wanted to engage our community. we have a tremendous partnership with our community. they help protect this community as much as we do. we wanted to engage them and wheel of fugitive was a great opportunity to do that. it has been very well received in brevard county and really other places throughout the state. steve: sure. i have heard that the community loves it john walsh who used to to do america's most wanted one demographic that watched his show a lot were people who were wanted. they want odd to see if they were on to see what other people were doing. have you noticed that the people who are fugitives in your county could actually be parted of your audience watching wheel of fugitive? >> we know absolutely they are. for example, just last night, somebody that was on the wheel turned themselves in at the brevard county jail. we also had a fugitive right now simone smith was actually going on facebook and talking
4:19 am
to people who were talking to here being on the wheel of fugitive. we know they are watching it and their inner circle watches it as well and tells them to turn themselves in. ainsley: spin the wheel and hopefully we will find that person. >> absolutely. here we go. steve: all right. you don't have a vanna white or anybody turning the letters. you do it yourself, right, sheriff? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. steve: you do the spinning yourself. no vanna white. >> i do. steve: who is it? >> we do it right here in the studio. media production studio. we put it up every tuesday night at 8:00 on our facebook. steve: tell us about the fugitive. >> lori ann devries. she is a white female. date of birth/27 of 93. charges forever violation of community supervision. burglary of a dwelling, grand theft, possession of a controlled substance and her
4:20 am
bond is $50,000. steve: if anybody knows the whereabouts of her or if she is watching, how does she turn herself in? just call the cops? >> we always encourage the fugitive to turn themselves in and start a new chapter. get this behind them. if not we know the community is going to reach out to us they will call crime line at 1-823 tips. people send us personal messages on our brevard county facebook page. ainsley: this is a winner. get these criminals. steve: no kidding. technology. social media. ainsley: we got him on skype. steve: just like that. ainsley: did you know when you call someone freshman that's offensive? steve: okay. ainsley: one of the nation's most prestigious schools is calling the pc police that was one of my favorite years. steve: one of my favorite three years.
4:21 am
when this amp pew tee vet noticed these portraits were missing from a v.a. hospital. he took action. nau that wall is empty again. why? he has the outrageous reason coming up ♪ you make a grown man cry ♪ you make a grown man cry ♪ i love how usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs.
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ainsley: time for news by the numbers. first, 2. that is how many times the federal reserve has raised interest rates in just the last three months. it is a sign of a strengthening economy. steve: great. ainsley: next, one. a top priority for president trump. of course, jobs. according to a brand new fox news poll 33% of voters want american jobs more than anything else. and finally, 9 million. that's how many more americans turned out to vote in the last election in 2012.
4:25 am
according to a new reported in the u.s. elections project. that is nearly 60% of voters. wow. with a republican congressman and double amputee war veteran noticed a v.a. hospital down in florida was missing the portraits of president trump and the v.a. secretary, he took action. >> happy to be able to get these hung up. we say in the army, right? nothing takes five minutes. brian: shortly after those pictures were taken down, after they were put up, they were deemed inappropriate. do you believe that? steve: florida congressman and army vet brian mast joins us from our nation's capitol statuary hall. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. steve: sips we did this story we have heard from people all across the country who said there are no portraits at their v.a. one of the things that ed henry told us when he told us this story yesterday is you talked to somebody at the v.a.
4:26 am
who said, yeah, the portraits aren't up because that's not our president. tell us about that part of the story. >> that was what really struck me about this. got me involved. is my office started receiving numerous reports from veterans who had gone to the v.a. and just in passing were asking about where are the proper democrats of the president, of the secretary of v.a. they were told a gamut of different things, mostly negative from well maybe we will get them up in 8 or 9 months to he is not my president to things much more vulgar than that we as veterans, this is what we do. when we see a problem we address it and try to fix it right await a minute i think this is exactly what pisss people off about the government. they don't have that kind of reactionary capability to just fix a problem immediately. here we say they made an even bigger problem out of the situation. brian: do you think part of this, congressman, is the fact the president is going to bat for guys like you and women like you that fight for the country but the administration is the one under attack with
4:27 am
his words and is going to be pressured to revamp and reform? >> absolutely. there is absolutely a political end to this. you know, you can look at va's across the country. there are va unions that campaigned heavily against president trump. the va union and my own v.a. hospital that we are talking about right now. you can go on their facebook page and see the things they put up against president trump. absolutely. this plays a role in it. and the reality is the v.a. does not belong to the employees. the v.a. belongs to the veterans. ainsley: you know what struck me, this is a president who is fighting for the v.a. he talked about his skinny budget yesterday. and he wants to increase and give veterans more. make sure our moisture is getting a boost of $54 billion. if you look at the past president and past administration. i traveled i remember to phoenix and i talked to all these families that couldn't even get an appointment at the v.a. so they lost their loved ones. that's what struck me. this is the man who is the commander-in-chief over our military and they don't want to put his picture up. >> you better believe it i
4:28 am
spoke to president trump about this numerous times. not about the photograph but what his role is going to be with the v.a. we talked in-depth about the fact that he wants to go out there. he wants to make sure they get the resources. he wants to make sure that they find a way to be responsive to veterans' needs because that's really who veterans are like we said. when they see an issue, they fix it on the battlefield immediately. and that's probably one of the biggest divides ethics cysts between veterans and the v.a. they don't get that same kind of quick action care that they deliver on the battle field. steve: you took quick action. you tried to deliver. you heard there were no portraits of the president and the secretary of the v.a. you went and put them up on the wall there and we did have some images that we showed where there you are posing right next to it, but then shortly thereafter, the v.a. took them down because according to their statement they were not the official photographs from the central office. that is a bunch of bs congressman. >> that is absolutely hiding behind a piece of
4:29 am
administrative jargon just to take the pictures down. they will could have said these pictures are a place holder until we get better ones. the reality is these are pictures that were taken directly off the white house website. directly off the v.a. website. every veteran left there thinking they had done a good thing. they had a small wind. they worked together with the v.a. they ended up coming away that night feeling as though they were stabbed in the back by those people at the v.a. because they went behind their back and took the pictures down after something good had happened. brian: not just happening in florida but all across the country. they are not putting the pictures up. and there should be hell to pay for that if you are a veteran in there, take the picture, the empty wall, of the empty frame and let us know. and we will continue to put pressure on them. steve: congressman, i bet if you were down in west palm beach now you would go back today with another portrait, wouldn't you? >> you better believe it i had people still asking me. can we get those rounds and fire them again in the v.a. still has those poor democrats sitting there. if they still want to do the right thing hang them back up
4:30 am
on the wall. steve: issued a challenge to the administrators at the v.a. hospital in west palm beach, put up the portraits. come on. we're with you. apes haines thank you, congressman. >> thank you, all. ainsley: reminds me at the picture at the capitol they kept putting up and taking down. brian: painting of pigs depicting cops the congressman just kept taking down. steve: this is crazy though. what do you think? let us know. email us at or twitter or facebook page. meanwhile, the woman was apparently kidnapped and put in the trunk of her car, but she did that glow in the dark trunk release that saved her life. see what happens after this. brian: i didn't know there was one. ainsley: no cars have them. brian: our own abby huntsman was there. and she had a great time. she has a package for us and some interviews. hey, abby. abby: hey, you guys, i'm here with keaton and joey. surrender built.
4:31 am
man, you have the best job ever. if i can just eat breakfast and talk to people all day. that would be good life. they said their friends are probably passed out right now. they were the first two to show up. waiting at the rally for five hours. got a lot to talk about. come back after the break. kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
i like that group of three people. but they had a man who was saying trump is the greatest president ever and there will never be one like him. now, the thing is i have only been there for like 50 days. but he was very enthusiastic. but he was talking. he is a manufacturer. and i have taken off regulations by the thousands. and we're just starting. we're just starting. so there is great optimism about the economy.
4:35 am
but we have to get the taxes reduced. steve: okay. so after the president said that last night in his interview with tucker people are going who is the guy who was on "fox & friends" with those three people? it was robert segrest who is in plastic business at green leaf industries he said this about plump when we talked to him about the number of manufacturing jobs that are starting to come back. watch. >> president trump has leveled the playing field. he has put us back in the batter's box and we are getting the same pitches everybody else is. it is amazing. i have never seen a president like this in my lifetime. i don't know if i will ever see another one again. it's just been a real shot in the arm for manufacturers across the united states. especially in tennessee. brian: what did we lose a third of our manufacturing over the last 20 years. things like this make people happy. ainsley: bringing jobs back. steve: in the month of february we added about 30,000
4:36 am
manufacturing jobs whereas during the obama years we lost quarter of a million. what's interesting about that guy right there is he was not supposed to be on the program. the president was not supposed to see him yesterday. he was supposed to see his brother. because of the big winter storm. his brother was actually stuck on mountaintop in limousine waiting to appear on "fox & friends." in his place his brother went and got a shoutout from the chief executive of the united states. brian: remember lou delaware rig replaced poll polypipp maybe his brother ends up retiring. ainsley: is he in nashville the guy you just saw. who is abby huntsman. the president last night was as well. abby is live from kitchen notes which is a diner in nashville. hey? abby: it is a lovely place to eat here if you are in the area. come join us this morning if you are somewhere nearby i'm here with keaton and joey. they were at the rally last night.
4:37 am
how long did you wait in line, keaton? >> about four and a half to five hours. >> and they let you in. >> after a very long time standing in the cold, we finally made it. >> what did you think of it. >> the rally? abby: yeah. >> it was really amazing watching the energy of the room. donald trump really was an entertainer. he came out with lee greenwood singing i'm proud to be an american like standing there with him. abby: pretty powerful. >> very powerful. the energy in the room was something i have never seen. abby: you both go to vanderbilt. we have been talking about it all morning. what's it like to be someone spawrve of donald trump in college today. >> vanderbilt is a bit of a utopian university. although we have friends on the other side, they were actually at the protest while we were in the rally. but it's awesome because after we can still kind of come together and just talk about it over burgers and say, you know, this is where we are coming from. and we actually had an awesome time. and it's cool to see their perspective as well. abby: wait. so you were inside out rally. your friends were outside protesting and then after you guys got burgers together. what is that conversation like?
4:38 am
>> it's very casual. it was really nice. i mean, we're friends first. we all know each other. we didn't meet each other on political terms. we found out what we all believed after. so it was really great to see why someone was outside and why someone was inside. abby: maybe someone can learn from you. you voted for president trump, right? >> i actually voted for gary johnson. i'm actually a libertarian. i voted for my ideology. abby: you were at the rally last night. >> now that he is the president. i would like to see him. i believe in. so things he is doing. i really -- i believe that's where i need to be. abby: college students. >> exactly. abby: what about you. did you vote for president trump? >> i did. i think that his business merits definitely lend him a lot of credibility. he does have a lot of promising things coming for small businesses and really that he cares about the working man. and he is trying to bring those jobs back. and i think that's just fantastic. abby: i have to give a shout out to keaton's dad he texted
4:39 am
you at 10:00 p.m. said you need to show up at kitchen notes and hang out with "fox & friends." >> yes, he did. late night text message and i mean i went to bed immediately. abby: keaton's dad, thank you for that you raised a good son. abby: talk to you. brian: you in the basement of omni. brian: great hotel and great diner. ainsley: abby, you know you can't say no to your dad. when your dad calls and asks you to do something. abby: ainsley, you say yes with a smile every time. ainsley: yes, sir. steve: abby hunts maine live at the diner in nashville. meanwhile, it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather childers is serving up headlines. he. heather: fox news alert. an explosion at the international monetary fund headquarters in paris from a letter bomb. a local report say at least one person was injured opening the exploding envelope. but is expected to be okay. counter terrorism police now locking down parts of the city.
4:40 am
this is a breaking story still unfolding and we'll bring you the very latest details as they continue to come in. and to another fox news alert. a manhunt intensifying for a wanted kidnapper who robbed a woman and stuffed her in the trunk her own car. surveillance video out of birmingham, alabama, look at her right there. captures the moment that the woman bursts out of the trunk and escapes. after jumping out of the trunk she plan frantically run into the gas station and calls 911. luckily she wasn't injured. of the pc police out in full force once again at yale university. the school saying that they are no longer using the word freshman to describe incoming students. instead, they are moving toward a more gender inclusive term first year. the dean of student affairs leading this charge and the change. trying to avoid sexism. the move expected to happen for the new incoming class. brian they begged me to go.
4:41 am
steve: will they still be sophomores? heather: good question. maybe second year. ainsley: senior is. brian: let's break down it words soph doesn't work. and more. steve: could be second year, third year. fourth year. brian: go to yale. forget it go to a community school. stay out of yale. steve: i gold if i had the opportunity. brian: i would go. not until they change it back to freshman. ainsley: you said that's why you didn't go. brian: correct because i had the sense they wouldn't be politically correct. her gift is the real deal. theresa caputo with scientific proof that she can communicate with the other side. she is he from long island. what could possibly be wrong with this ♪ i'm a believer ♪ and not a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind ♪ i'm in love
4:42 am
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4:45 am
be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. accident particulars. now she is hoping can prove to spiritual world. >> today i office. he just recorded my brain while i was reading someone. hopefully, i will scientific proof that my brain doesn't work like everyone else's. brian: so what were the results. let's ask her herself. lisa caputo has written a brand new book called good grief, heal your soul, honor your loved ones and learn to live again. theresa welcome. >> thank you. brian: what did they find when they put that bathing cap on your head? >> well, they did find that i do access a part of my brain that we typically don't and
4:46 am
that my brain actually goes blank. almost like flat lines like it's clear as i'm channeling. brian: did you know that they were going to find something because you had experienced something like nobody else? >> i have always said that my brain doesn't work like everyone else's. but i was more impressed with my hair after all that gel they put. my hair came back little heat from hand dryer in the bathroom it came back. steve: you feel like everybody has that same part in your brain but only you have somehow been able to access it? >> i feel that we all have that connection with our loved ones after we depart. you can't break that soul bond and validates that through readings. steve: because we all have the. >> ability. steve: component. ability you have no know what to do. that's what your book good grief is about when it comes to the spirituality part. >> have people being more open to receiving the signs and symbols. mine clients are like this is great. i received all these beautiful messages but i still don't know how to live again. i don't know how to find that new normal. so when good grief we go
4:47 am
through all the stages of grief and at the end of each chapter i give you little healing moments to help you embrace life with happiness and joy. brian: when did you start realizing you felt as though you had something special? when did you decide that i have to share it? >> it wasn't until my early late 20's and early 30's. i have always said to my mom since i'm a young child i don't feel right. i don't feel like i belong. i feel different. so. brian: did you see dead people. >> did i. i thought everybody was seeing g what i was sensing and feel. steve: with somebody else you would be like are you seeing this too? and they weren't. >> i would say did you see that woman walk by and they would say no one walked by. did you hear someone call your name and they said no one said anything. steve: what do you think about skeptics saying she is making this up this is a show biz thing. >> everyone is entitled to their own opinion. speak to the people that i channel their loved ones and it has changed their life in a positive way. there are common things that the spirit has me say. that's my fault there are only so many ways that people can die. those things are common.
4:48 am
spirit talks about unique things that there is no way i would know about. brian: what can you tell us about the after life that in general, generically that you think is important? >> that there is an after life and that you will see your loved ones again. they will greet you when we leave the physical world. steve: when you give somebody a reading. >> um-huh. steve: you know, having seen the show, people are so apprehensive about what you are going to say. if it's bad news, you have got to -- do you feel for the other person like i feel something i should tell you. i don't know if i should but i'm going to tell you anyway? >> no. those things typically don't happen. when i found out about that i had this amazing gift, i said i wanted to use it to help people. to be able to release the burdens and guilt because that's why when we lose someone, if we're busy beating ourselves up we can't heal. i do this for healing. brian: that's why you did the book? >> yes. brian: it's called good grief. honor your soul; >>
4:49 am
brian: how do they. >> go to my website and send a q. steve: good grief. >> why does grieving have to be negative. brian: the long island just came out in you. >> i know. it's good grief. brian: he is from kansas he doesn't pick that up right away. steve: i'm used to the new yorkers by now. all right. theresa thank you very much. >> thank you very much. coming up, president trump taking aim at the judge who blocked his new immigration order last night. >> this ruling makes us look weak. which, by the way, we no longer are, believe me. [cheers] >> just look at our borders. steve: look at the borders.brexs here to react coming up ♪ in a single minute ♪
4:50 am
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>> a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming in to our country from certain countries. the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. steve: meanwhile president trump firing back after a federal judge in hawaii halted his new immigration order just hours before it was supposed to take effect. a maryland judge has just also suspended a portion of it as well. ainsley: that's right.
4:54 am
here to react is fox news contributor and former director of strategy for u.k. prime minister david cammeron his name is mr. steve hilton. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: just announced you are getting your own show. >> next revolution with steve hilton. ainsley: we are excited about it. >> sunday nights. ainsley: what do you make of this banning the second travel order. >> i'm sick of these liberal judges who are just getting so political. when you actually look at the ruling. when you look at the words that were used, it's not even about the law. it's a subjective political opinion. steve: it's a muslim ban is essentially what they are saying. >> okay. that's a personal view. but he is not making the ruling on the basis of the law. and there a deeper point here, which is when you look, which is all to do with the interaction of lawyers and our politics. if you look at lawyers, and you look at public data about lawyers in america, they are overwhelmingly liberal. they donate to left-wing democrat candidates. they are on the left. now, that's perfectly fine. it's a democracy.
4:55 am
but the constitution makes clear that law is made by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary. so don't go -- if you want to really influence politics, run for office. don't sit there in the court and abuse your position to try and have this political power without democratic accountability. steve: but the way the constitution is written as well the president of the united states can pretty much do whatever he wants to when it comes to keeping us safe. that's what this is. >> yes. actually, what was really great about the president's speech last night, was that he not only made that point, he made incredibly clearly because he actually read out. brian: he read it. >> in detail the basis for him having exactly as you say, freedom to act in the national interest to keep us safe. brian: your perspective on this is interesting. because you believe by making this ruling, they are showing the weakness in the judicial system right now. they are discrediting themselves. >> yes. brian: by doing something like. this undermining people's competence in the judiciary. people can just see that they're not doing what they're
4:56 am
supposed to be doing. they can see they are abusing their authority to actually get involved in politics. ainsley: you are from the u.k. what is the rest of the world saying about us with this travel ban and the president not being able to pass it? >> i think in truth what you're hearing around the world is a little bit like what's being portrayed here by the liberal media and the establishment, which is this is outrageous. this is about all muslims. complete distortion of what the intent here is. brian: said that yesterday. >> actually the really interesting point is what the president understands and those around him understand is that this is a really deep ideological battle we're facing against radical islam that's been around for decades. and we've got to understand that that's the threat. that's why even if you look at the rule and the travel ban, the real point underneath all that is that he is going to apply extreme vetting to everyone. steve: sure. >> not just the countries mentioned in this executive order. and that's coming soon anyway. that's the really important
4:57 am
point for everyone to bear in mind. brian: they want to kill democrats and republicans soon they will realize that steve. >> steve: is going to come back in the next hour and do some cooking. cooking with friends. >> that's what i'm really excited about. ainsley: cooking hungarian. you have to receive the response sean spicer received response sean spicer received in nashville. next hour. know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy,
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go to, enter your e-mail to become part of the tommie copper community, and get 15% off your entire order, plus free shipping. life hurts, feel better. ♪ >> a grudge has just blocked our executive order -- a judge. this is an unprecedented judicial overreach. >> these people in black robes are tyrants. if we can not get this right, our very sovereignty is under threat. >> new reaction this hour to the leak of president trump's tax returns. >> i have no idea where they got it but it's illegal and you're not supposed to have it and it is not supposed to be leaked and i think it is a disgrace. >> forget wanted posters. law enforcement in florida putting a creative spin on catching criminals. >> just last night someone on
5:01 am
the wheel turned him is in to the brevard county jail. >> the federal reserve is saying that the economy is expanding. you have growth and optimism and investment and finally wages starting to tick up. steve: back live from new york city. ♪ we're in the diner? ♪ steve: welcome to the third hour of "fox & friends." we start this hour with a fox news alert. hand. ainsley: hand it over to heather with breaking news. >> a letter bomb just exploded at the international monetary fund offices in paris. take a look at live pictures. the city is now on high eye all right. i -- high alert. police are blocking streets around the building. local reports say a secretary was opening a letter when it exploded. that caused light burns to the victim's hands and face. france remains under a state of
5:02 am
emergency after a string of deadly terror attacks over the past two years. this is a live look at a president conference about to begin. we'll take you there when it happens. breaking overnight a wanted cop shooter considered a person of interest in a deadly police shooting now behind bars. investigators say raymond durham started shooting at two officers when they asked him for his i.d. both officers were hit in critical condition at this hour. the shooter is being questioned about the death of wayne state university officer colin rhodes who was killed execution-style last november. a train bearing down the tracks bringing a whole new meaning to the term, winter blast. incredible video showing this amtrak train. passengers slammed with a wall of snow. yep. in new york. the snow still piled, high on the tracks.
5:03 am
days as of blizzard on tuesday. witnesses say people were knocked to the ground. luckily no one was injured. that is why you should step back. finally taking brunt of late-night jokes. >> now limiting myself to one slice a day. [laughter] i'm going to enjoy my one and only and you can sit and watch. [laughter]. >> pretty good one but white house press secretary sean spicer getting a rock star's welcome before the president's rally in nashville. hundreds of people swarming him to get a selfie. one "new york times" reporter compared to the welcome what happened with the jonas brothers, what they might receive from the fans. i think that is supposed to be a compliment. steve: i think so too. >> they loved him. steve: used to love the jonas brothers. they were from my town. lived by the dairy queen. brian: endlessly sexy.
5:04 am
>> the man behind camera 4. steve: not picked ture here. ainsley: did you really say that. >> why are you believing him? staff steve talk a little bit about other news. the big news last night was the new trump travel ban was supposed to go into effect at midnight. a judge in hawaii, by the name of derek watson, an obama nominee, i looked at everything. i looked what then candidate trump said on the trail. this is a muslim ban. it has got to stop. ainsley: the president talked about this last night. brian: almost he was doing breaking news. he had a format. he had a speech. this news came up. instead of backing off, trying to squelch it, he took it on, head on. >> a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees comes into our country
5:05 am
from certain countries. the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge. that should have never been blocked to start with. this is the opinion of many an unprecedented judicial overreach. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we'll take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. ainsley: we had conservative michelle malkin on the show. that is what is so frustrating. people went to the polls. they voted for him. he is trying to keep us safe. that is his job. he can't do what he wants to do to keep all of us safe. listen. >> it's surreal and it is a huge usurping of basic duty and
5:06 am
fundamental obligation the commander and chief has to protect the constitution and this country. these people in black robes are tyrants. they are not neutral arbiters, interpreters of the law. he is attacked as one who is usurping the proper authority when all of these lawless democrats and lawless judges who put us in peril. this is why i support this president. this is why i voted for him, because if we can not get this right, our very sovereignty is under threat. brian: what next, will they say do not build a wall because he made the statements because mexico not sending their best? a lot of them are drug dealers. he said that during -- ainsley: does it under executive order, you might be right, ryan. brian: these statements include direct statements president trump's animus toward muslims intention to impose a ban and refer to rudy giuliani's statements. that is what the judge put in the ruling.
5:07 am
that is why they're holding it. steve: the judge is reading things into the ruling not germane to this man on united states. he said stuff out on the trail. judge napolitano was on the couch couple hours ago said that does not pertain. to the average person out there, you know washington is against trump and mainstream media is against trump. looks like the courts are against trump because he is trying to keep america safe. the other number one job he has is about jobs themselves. he was in nashville last night and talked a little bit what he wants to do going forward. he is doing his best despite all the trouble from everybodies. >> we're going to reduce your taxes. [cheering] big league. big. big. i want to start that process so quickly. got to get health care done. we have to start the tax reductions. we are going to enforce our
5:08 am
trade rules and bring back our jabs, which are scattered all over the world. they're combing back to our country. we'll support the amazing, absolutely amazing men and women of law enforcement. [cheering] protect your freedoms and defend the second management. we are going to restore respect for our country and for its great and very beautiful flag. [cheering] brian: it was unbelievable to see the enthusiasm in michigan as well as nashville yesterday. if he is going to put everything together, that makes everybody feel confident about the economy he has got to get health care done, to work on taxes but for budgetary purposes he has to get this done. means those next two on three weeks as this plan works its way through the house, put in a way or changed in a way republicans get behind it. he will have trouble doing
5:09 am
things he wants to do. steve: the problem right now it can not pass the u.s. senate. in effect charles grassley said that yesterday. paul ryan now is indicating he is flexible. but if you remember it was just last week paul ryan made it very clear, we've got to vote, pass this bill exactly as it is. so many moderate republicans they feel like they're thrown under the bus if it doesn't pass in the senate. hard-liners are saying look, you said you were going to repeal it. this is not a repeal. there were hundreds of people down in washington, d.c., yesterday in the freezing weather part of one of the koch brothers organizations who are saying you said repeal it. come on. repeal it. this thing that they're doing right now, not going to work. brian: steve, if you repeal and give it to the senate the way jim jordan said, they will need 60 votes. if the democrats are not going to got on board unless they get some of the things they want, it will never look like the republicans. steve: what they're proposing
5:10 am
right now a lot of people simply don't like. with the bad cbo number, where 24 million people are thrown out of health care, that is bad politics. if this were to pass a lot of republicans probably would lose their job in couple years when the tv ads are rolled out, this congressman voted to have 14 million americans lose health care. brian: right. steve: that is politics of it. ainsley: then you have phase one, phase two, phase three. brian: right. phase three needs 60 votes. ainsley: president said i want to lower your taxes. in order to do that i got to get the obamacare thing passed. that is what he talked about, in the last sound bite. that is what really matter to people. lowering taxes bringing back jobs and keeping our people safe and remembering law enforcement. brian: always president trump meeting tucker carl son in person. in a garage. ainsley: not the other way around? brian: i have sources.
5:11 am
ainsley: president wants to meet tucker? brian: that's what i heard. please don't question me. ainsley: not a journalist wanting to meet the commander-in-chief. steve: his sources have two pages of president trump's 2009. brian: i got it from an oligarch. handed to me on the way to deutsche bank. ainsley: talked with tucker. brian: talked about tweeting and why he does it. >> let me tell you about tweeting. i think maybe i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for twitter. i get a fake press, dishonest press, i'm not including fox because i think fox has been fair to me. if you look at cnn and look at these other networks, nbc. i made a fortune for nbc with "the apprentice." i had a top show when they were doing horribly and one of the most successful reality shows of all time. i was on for 14 seasons. you see what happened when i'm not on. what happened to the show was a disaster. i was very good for nbc.
5:12 am
they are despicable the, they're despicable in their coverage. cbs, abc, take a look what is going on. i call it the fake press, the fake media. it is a disgrace what's happening. brian: one way i totally understand where he is coming from. if you watch the nightly news, you see what they have to choose from. there is so much policy things going on legitimate debate. they go out of their way to go back to a tweet from two weeks ago to lead with that. steve: he is very effective. i get why he wants to do it. he wants to eliminate the filter of the mainstream media. by putting his own tweet out there, if they are going to do the story they have toe include his tweet. how do you feel about him tweeting? we did a "fox news poll." the results are out. 60% approve. 32 -- 50% say i'm okay. i wish he was more cautious. half of the country disapproves. we get why he does it.
5:13 am
if, as president wants to set the agenda. have something inspirational. but then when it becomes a bit of a food fight or personality squabble with the arnold schwarzenegger stuff, the mainstream media pounces on that. whatever good he has done that week suddenly it is all about -- ainsley: definitely allowing a lot of people out there to become interested in politics though. the younger generation, they're all on twitter. they love the social media stuff. they feel like they have a way to communicate with the president one-on-one. we love it as journalists because the news can write itself. brian: in 140 characters or less. straight ahead, you just heard it. president trump taking aim at the judge who blocked his immigration order? do americans agree? the dials are in next. steve: rachel maddow taking heat after her big breaking news on the president's taxes turned out to be a big, fat, flop. this morning, she is blaming,
5:14 am
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5:18 am
brian: president trump holding a rally in nashville last night. what do the american people think? the grades are in. here to break it down, who did all the hard work, lee carter. lee, a lot to take. he was in michigan. we want you to focus on nashville. carried a lot of topics. he spoke 45 minutes. the first stop on the executive order. that is kind of breaking news. >> that is. brian: the executive order revolves around the fact he wanted to have a ban, temporary pause on admission from six separate terror-laden nations of the judges decided to stop that in its tracks. he took the message to the people. >> the danger is clear. the law is clear. the need for my executive order is clear. i was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking in government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people
5:19 am
defenseless. and i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families, believe me. not today. not ever. we're going to win -- brian: lee, the grade? >> you can see republicans off the charts. a-plus. independents a b-minus. democrats f. the polarization between republicans and democrats is not polarizing. i'm seeing a softening of supports for independents for donald trump. there is some level of frustration things are not getting through. they want to hear more action what is being done than a lot of defense what is not getting done. brian: he has to get headlight care out of the way to focus on taxes. that is the promise. what he is going through now in the negotiations and why it is so important to get it done now. >> i want to get to taxes. i want to cut the hell out of taxes but, but -- [cheering] before i can do that, i would have loved to put it first, i'll be honest. there is one more very important
5:20 am
thing that we have to do. we are going to repeal and replace horrible, disasterous, obamacare. [cheering] >> you can see the republicans gave this a minus. independents, b-minus. democrats f. this did not sound presidentdential. the republicans like the tone being different than the typical politician. you're seeing a little bit of softening among independents. brian: they want to get things done. i think it would actually work for him, if the ban, the ban being frozen makes us i believe unsafe. the fact he is fighting judges and looking out for the american people could work for his base, do you think? >> one of his things is always fighting back. one of the things americans want to see, someone who stands up and be a leader and fight back on their behalf. i think it could, you're right. brian: he is the modern-day andrew jackson. they used to shoot each other.
5:21 am
they don't do that. great job, lee. thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: i will take this camera by myself. leaders of the house intelligence committee say there is no evidence of wiretapping of trump tower. cheryl atkinson is next. she is back. what is she talking to steve about? i hope i find out during the break. powerful, non-drowsy relief, 24-hours a day. day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you, you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. for one week only, save up to $26 on claritin products. check this sunday's newspaper. including the full-sized introducingsprintercedes-benz family of vans. and the mid-sized metris. ...if these are your wingtips... ...if this is your gourmet latte... then these are your vans. vans for professionals.
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5:25 am
him. the single an begin plane throttle broke leaving the pilot with no way to slow down. thanks to air traffic controllers she was able to land safely and is alive today. that is great. videos of 64 rare u.s. nuke tests declassified. you can watch them on youtube. terrifying incredible display of raw kinetic power were from the 1940s and 1960s. they were once kept in a vault. thanks to a weapons physicists 60 are now online and he has 4,000 more to scan through. brian: wow. new developments on president trump's wiretapping allegations. >> to date i've seen no evidence that supports the claim that president trump made that his predecessor had wiretapped he and his associates at trump tower. that evidence still remains the same, that we don't have any evidence that that took place. brian: leaders of the house
5:26 am
intelligence committee say so far yesterday they have not seen any evidence that president obama ordered wiretaps on trump tower during the 2016 campaign but someone who was bugged says, wait a second, not so fa cheryl atkinson joins us now, host of full measure, a very successful tv series. author of upcoming book, the smear, how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see and how you think and how you vote. thanks for coming back. >> thank you. brian: when you heard all the controversy about wiretapping and surveillance, what was going through your mind, gone through what you went through? >> couple things. whether the president should sound off without presenting evidence. that is a whole question you can examine, a legitimate question. the subpoena rat question whether he may be right, wiretapping or surveillance of some kind. i don't think it is outside the realm of possibility especially considering "new york times" and "usa today" reported that there were wiretapping going on some of his top people maybe through the russian ambassador.
5:27 am
that too is a supposition. we don't know how there is wiretap. ainsley: what happened to you. >> in short when i was doing a lot of coverage of the obama administration they didn't like and were trying to stop a source approached me, government-connected, i was likely being surveiled, which sounded crazy because it was before edward snowden and ap and fox news knew about their surveilance. but i was able to have a computer specialist with the government look at my computer confirmed there were software proprietary to a federal government agency on my computer. i have a lawsuit pending against the government. we want to tell them who had control and access of ip, government owned i.p. address found forensically in my computer. let us know. steve: you don't know? >> no. the department of justice is blocking us from find information to date. steve: maybe with new administration you can get the information which would be helpful. donald trump was on last night
5:28 am
with tucker that he would soon reveal to committees who are investigating him some of the reasons why he feels likes he was targeted or, i know targeted is not the right word but surveiled or people from the lasted a administration were keeping an eye on his people or maybe even him. and it's a possibility, even though right now you've got devin nunes and got mr. schiff up on capitol hill saying so far we haven't seen anything. there is a possibility it happened, and there is no paper trail to this. >> i don't have inside information but i can tell you based on my sources there are all kinds of way bad actors or honest actors, either way could wrap up somebody in surveillance that was not a target or whose name does not appear anywhere on wiretap warrant or fisa warrant. brian: here is donald trump saying wait a couple weeks. i will be out with more. listen. >> but wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you will find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. steve: explain what you were
5:29 am
just talking about, how there may not be an order from the court and yet they're able to do it? >> if they're, for example, in my case following whistle-blowers, the government had a warrant on whistle-blowers, they an wrap me up or or the people on auspice of wiretap or surveillance of somebody else. you're x-degree off the person they're looking at. they could find new reasons to look the at you, justify that. people you talk to. that is what senator ron wyden expressed so much concern about to congress about the latitude that some intel officials may be taking with the opportunity to do this. brian: the fisa warrant wouldn't say sharyl attkisson, it would be on the original target or original intent. you're name is caught up in it an your name is not involved but they can still see. >> i been told by a source that was surveiled i was not on a fisa warrant but a different way they surveiled. steve: maybe that is what devin nunes talking about incidental
5:30 am
collection. russian ambassador talks to michael flynn on the phone but appearing masked as u.s. citizen number one, somebody in the government removed that, saw it was flynn, leaked it to the papers, he got ruined. >> here is a really strange thing a source first-hand told me, presidents can issue directives that make legal or allow people to do things that are otherwise illegal, almost anything. and that means, we would never know about it because the directive i'm told comes with a cover story and indemnity for those involved and permission for them to lie about it if ever caught. steve: like "mission: impossible." holy cow. ainsley: if the president didn't like your reporting he could surveil you and it wouldn't be illegal? >> i'm not saying that happened, yes, i'm told there is power for any president, not just president obama to issue these directives. steve: it could happen and we'll never know? >> it is possible. ainsley: is the book how it changed your life? >> "the smear." control of narrative and
5:31 am
information on line and to shape what we see, hear and think. brian: on sinclair on full measure. ainsley: breaking right now. a letter bomb exploding at the international monetary fund in paris. you're looking live at that we have latest on breaking information coming up next staff steve we want to know if the president hit all the right notes last night. we sent abby huntsman to nashville to find out. she is at a diner this morning. good morning to you, abby? reporter: of course. i crashed the hubbard family breakfast. they came from tuscaloosa to go to the rally with president trump. his dad said you can't believe you ordered that this morning. her mom said, you waited in line five hours. everyone deserves steak and eggs. we'll got reaction from the rally last night next. ♪
5:32 am
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♪ >> there is no place that i'd rather be than with all of you here tonight, with the wonderful, hard-working citizens of our country. it's patriotic americans like you who make this country run and run well. you pay your tax, follow our laws, support your communities, raise your children, love your country and send your bravest to fight in our wars. [cheering] all you want is a government that shows you the same loyalty in return. [cheering] it's time that washington heard your voice and believe me, on november 8th, they heard your voice. [cheering]
5:36 am
>> trump! trump! >> the forgotten men and women of our country will never be forgotten again, believe me. [cheering] brian: that was a crazy crowd last night. ainsley: they love him down there in nashville. steve: absolutely. and abby huntsman is live from kitchen notes in nashville where it is the postgame show analysis. abby, tell us how the folks in nashville liked the president last night. reporter: i'm here about the hubbard family. they are one of many waited hours in line last night. john, we were talking this morning. you work in the lumber business. you went through tough years. you say things are getting better. you're feeling good. >> it has. we noticed before even right up to the election afterwards it started, business started improving. and we're excited to see, you know, his pulling back of the epa restrictions which have really restricted our industry
5:37 am
for many years. reporter: you've seen that first-hand. leslie, the mom over here, really leading the pack. you waited in line with your kids, you said it was history. >> it was history. it was good history for the kids. we made lots of friend in line. just to see the positives of everybody that was in line. there wasn't a lot of negative. through the crowd, which was great for the kids t was a great experience. reporter: refreshing to see that. catherine, 13 years old. first time you've seen a president, what was that like? >> it was amazing. it was fun listening to him speak, what he had to say. reporter: you want to do your slogan. you love how much you we say. >> mornings are better with friends. reporter: you're a natural. john was in the hotel, took nervous to have breakfast with us. >> he is missing out. reporter: john, you're missing out big time. i want to go over to john. tell me about nashville.
5:38 am
>> nashville, wonderful growing city, we moved here from connecticut 12 years ago. we really watched the city take off. we love having president come, previous presidents, george w. bush and president obama visited nashville quite frequently. they look at it like true representative of middle america when they speak to the people of nashville. it is food for the city to have trump, any other people and politicians here. that means a lot to the city. >> i said john. it is paul. we've been together all morning law. i feel like i know everyone well. jackie over here, you said you wish more people give president trump a chance? >> he was elected. people should end the divisiveness going on. he is the president for the next four years. so people should give him a chance, no question about that. reporter: quickly, paul, your message to democrats? >> i just listened to what the vanderbilt students said earlier where they are pro-trump but their friends aren't.
5:39 am
but they sit down and have burgers and talk. i wish more adults could do that. i wish more politicians could do that and sit and talk through the issues and learn why people think the way they think. maybe solve some of the problems we've had so many years. reporter: pretty refreshing to here, wasn't it? >> it was especially coming from freshmen in college. makes you think other future is fairly positive when you hear words like that. reporter: yeah. tell me what you do, jackie. >> i'm in the insurance industry? reporter: what are you hearing where you work? are people optimistic about things and are they excited about the future? >> that is the ultimate insureds we work are certainly feeling more comfortable about things right now. there are certain sectors of business world are up ticking, whether it be production, manufacturing, et cetera. there is definitely optimism in the business community. reporter: that is always good to hear. i need to give a shoutout to brian kilmeade and ainsley. we have the books. whoever had books, mornings are
5:40 am
better with friends, we'll get a signed copy of your book, will go to you two. which one do you want that is the question. >> i love history. reporter: okay, obviously. ainsley's book. brian: that is ainsley's personal history. >> thank you very much. ainsley: thank you very much. >> my son's 16th birthday today. reporter: their son nate, 16th birthday. he was in the band earlier this morning. he deserve as huge shoutout, right? >> this is better birthday present that we could ever produce. going on folks and friends. reporter: 16 is bilge year. you guys have your hands full. >> thank you. steve: fantastic job out there. brian: great job in the whole dine are series. steve: america loves the diner series. brian: i don't know how much longer we're doing it. steve: i think forever. brian: you think so? it is good. steve: do you like, i think
5:41 am
we're doing a focus group right now. do you like the diner segment? email us at or email or tweet us. we're curious. brian: i like everything abby huntsman is in, in terms of format i'm curious. ainsley: the joke is do you remember after the election, brian goes on the year, after we did a diner, that is the end of diners. wait a minute, did you cut diapers from our show. brian: i figured new election, no more diners. ainsley: you have no power. steve: the great thing about the diaper segment, we always bring the same guests on, hear a lot of same stuff. brian: are you zin abouting our guests? >> we want to hear everything. brian: the fact we have steve hilton on twice in an hour? ainsley: we want to listen to you, the people. we have want breakfast with our friends. brian: maybe people are tired of diners. ainsley: let us know. brian: i like having abby around. ainsley: i know.
5:42 am
we need to fly her back. we all miss her. a republican congressman and double amputee war have the ran making sure these two portraits were hanging up on the wall at va hospital in florida. why is that wall empty again? ed henry has more on the melting, no pun intended, outrage and we're reading your comments. steve: i think the pun was -- brian: really good. steve hilton is cooking up soup. it has never been done on our show. we made stuff but never soup. soup for breakfast? stick around. ainsley: unless brian decides to kill cooking with friends. brian: no, i love the series, cooking with friends. ♪ ♪ impuning, i'm burning for you ♪ great! yeah, i want to get one of those gaming chairs with the speakers. oh, you do? that's a surprise... the volkswagen 3 and easy event,
5:43 am
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for you. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. ainsley: welcome back. a fox news alert. a radical group from greece could behind the letter bomb that exploded at the international monetary fund offices in paris. you're looking live at the city
5:46 am
on high alert. police locking down streets all around the building a secretary opening the envelope this morning burning the victim as hands and face. that same radical group is linked to a mail bomb sent to a german finance officer. a wanted kidnapper rob ad woman and stuffed her in the trunk of her own car. look at this video. this is surveillance video out of birmingham, alabama. it captures the moment the woman burst out of the trunk and escaped. after jumping from the trunk and runs to a gas station to call 911. luckily she was not seriously injured a lot of breaking news going on. brian: indeed, thank you. ainsley: a republican congressman a double amputee at that, a war veteran, noticed that the va hospital in florida was missing portraits of president trump and the va secretary on the wall where they're supposed to be hanging. he decided to take action.
5:47 am
>> we always say in the army, right, nothing takes five minutes. brian: well, shortly after that, those portraits were taken down and deemed inappropriate. steve: fox news chief correspondent ed henry broke the story yesterday. joins us now with an update. reporter. we told you yesterday congressman brian mast went down to the va office, not far from president trump's winter white house and demanded to know why they had not put up the official portraits in the va office as standard operating procedure of president, vice president, in this case the va secretary it. this happens at government offices all across the land. that va office in palm beach says they have not gotten a official portait and others from the gsa, the yen services administration. that is not what congressman believes is the point. he called me and told me when he reached out to va officials why the portait had not been hung yet. they didn't reference the fact that the picture didn't come in. they said he is not our president.
5:48 am
donald trump is not our president. so we're not going to hang it even if the photo comes in. that is why you see the video where congressman and other military veterans went down to the va office. they hung a trump portrait. it was taken down anyway. he was on "fox & friends" earlier saying he is not going to give up. >> we as veterans this is what we do, when we see a problem we address it and try to fix it right away. this is exactly what pisses people off about the government, they don't have that kind of reactionary capability to fix a problem immediately. here we say they made an an even bigger problem out of the situation. reporter: since we first brought you story on "fox & friends," i've been getting notes on facebook from a lot of viewers. this from baltimore. high husband goes to the va facility in baltimore, maryland. he was asked by a guard where is picture of president trump. he was told not to cause trouble trump would cause too much adversity.
5:49 am
that from maria. i noticed there were two empty ghost spots where presidential picks are supposed to hang but were not. i asked info desk where they were. he was told the same as guy in florida. he is not our president. edward, dealing with st. cloud, minnesota va veterans affairs. no portrait. i was first told because after typo. then slow bureaucracy. then told they are aren't going to put him up. they plan on impeaching him and don't want to spend a money on a photo. that from joe talking about these presidential portraits, portraits of va secretary. people on social media are getting very frustrated about it. steve: absolutely. ed, members of the administration watch this show. note to the administration, send out the official portraits today. we would like -- reporter: test it out to see if they actually get hung. because our viewers saying they have been asking why the spots that are now empty on government walls across the country.
5:50 am
this is not just the va i got emails from people work at irs in philadelphia, social security offices around the country. they used to have obama biden photos. now they're empty walls. they're being told even if the photos come in, we're not putting them up. brian: blue screen behind them. photographer in there, one by one take a sweet. ainsley: outrage just. that is anti-american. steve: don't go anywhere. steve hilton is cooking soup for breakfast. shannon bream is coming up in ten minutes. >> the president's travel ban 2.0 is no good. he vows to take it aall the way to the supreme court. judge napolitano breaks down chances much success in the white house. next week's fight over the president's supreme court nominee, we have got key lawmakers with us live. senators mike lee and james lankford and congressman tom
5:51 am
mcclintock. the left unhappy with the president's brand new budget proposal. beef up the military and cut back on funding for agencies like the epa biffle and i will see you to talk about that and much more at the top of the hour. tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple.
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♪ steve: time now for cooking with friends with steve hilton. a new show on fox starting very shortly. this is something you make every sunday. >> every sunday with my family. forget about the politics. i really want a cooking show. steve: what is it? >> this is basically chicken soup and eat the whole meal. ainsley: sounds healthy. >> start with garlic oil. three tablespoons. get a chicken. skip this part for speed. you get the chicken, press down.
5:55 am
brian: like when he caught the chicken instead of letting it go. >> this part is exciting. the vermouth. steve: what does that do? 10erize? >> give as great flavor. you chop up meet. steve: did you this for david cameron? >> i literally did. everyone comes for lunch. this is what they get. brian: soup too? >> parsley. shove it in. wait, salt and pepper. yes. this is important. bouquet. a really good flavor. steve: aren't you supposed to stir it? you just throw it in? >> pour in the water. water. i'm trying to be american. that's it! it takes about ten minutes to prepare. stick it in the oven-like that. ainsley: in the oven? >> 400 degrees for two hours. you serve it up. serve it up.
5:56 am
serve it up with rice. steve: microwave society, two hours? brian: dinner is ready in two hours, honey. >> pour it in that. then this chicken you put it in there. steve: it looks beautiful. >> that is the whole meal. right there. brian: wow. staff steve delicious. like mom used to make. >> perfect for breakfast. brian: absolutely. soup for breakfast. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. steve is not going anywhere. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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6:00 am
diners. ok. i like when abby gets the feedback from the true patriotic people. keep the segment. we love the show. thank you so much. bryan, you are overruled. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump set to put his stamp on how the white house spends your money and it puts a priority and the u.s. military and border in the south and veterans. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." good morning, shannon. >> shannon: nothing new for the president to push uphill. i'm shannon bream for martha maccallum. more on the budget in a minute. first president trump's second federal ban blocked two federal judge stopping the order hours before it was supposed to take effect. the president responding last night in tennessee. >> the order he blocked


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