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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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statement speaks for itself when it's comes to that last night. the federal law that i read out clearly gives the president the authority. this is what we argued in the first one. for a judge to ignore that statue and talk about tweets or interpreting something that happened on the campaign trail is not keeping with how they're supposed to interpret the law.i'm not going to continue to comment. we tailored that second executive order to comply with the judge's order. so to say how the first order was conceived makes no sense. i'm going to let the department of justice litigate that. the second order literally was tailored to concerns that were rentered by the ninth circuit in the first executive order. so for them to turn around and make arguments that are nongermane seems odd.
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zeke? >> is the president concerned that comments made by his staff came up in this lawsuit? the second travel ban would have the same outcome as the first and used by the judge in that case? is there a concern -- is he concerned that the message -- >> no. he's not. i think that the department of justice will be pursuing avenues that will seek to remedy this. when you read through the court's ruling in hawaii in particular, it just doesn't seem to make sense. as i mentioned to gabby,executi executive order was tailored. so to go back and talk about statements that occurred well before the first one seems to not be an accurate reading of the law.
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i'll let the department of justice be the ones that argue this. olivia? the reports you mentioned, the gchq was involved. did the president talk about this with theresa may? if that were to pan out, would that imperil the relationship -- >> that happened two days ago. it was something that reported on air. the point is there's been -- no, no, it has not been raised. i think again, we're not -- all we're doing is literally reading off what other stations and people have reported. that casts to concern against some activities that may have occurred in the 2016 election. the idea is to say that if these organizations and these individuals came to the conclusions, they merit looking into. olivier? >> a news report about the
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president's meeting with the saudi defense minister crown prince that says the defense minister told the president about a plot, a terrorist plot against the united states. did that happen, what is the nature of that? >> obviously we're never going to comment on any specific threats to the homeland. we're committed to ensuring the safety of every american. it's no secret that we share intelligence amongst a variety of countries. we would never comment on a potential threat or not that existed. we appreciate several countries that we work with closely to make sure that we do what we can to protect the homeland. >> secondary tillerson said 20 years of diplomatic efforts to get north korea to de-nuclearize. that's true. but does the plan a break from
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diplomacy or the use of force or some other measures? >> i'm not going to comment. the president never takes anything off the table. that's something that he's been clear about. break? >> over the course of the campaign, the president made a couple difference -- many comments about the budget and the deficit. at one point he said he could get rid of the national dead over eight years. the baseline that the administration is giving us that at least we're not adding on to the deficit, which is nearly half a trillion dollars. i'm curious how we got from that point to now to where he was talking at one point about eliminating a bunch and now with that -- >> i think director mulvaney addressed that. look, a couple things. the senate dragged its feet on getting director mulvaney confirmed and in office. so we're behind the curve on having a director of omb. we got in here, produced a
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blueprint that is consistent with the president's principles and priorities. he made it clear we'll have a budget in may that will outline more specifics of the revenue piece, the entitlement piece and the full details of that. eliminating a $20 trillion debt and tackling the current deficit is something that will take a little time. something the president is committed to reducing. we talked about the president's commitment to protecting taxpayer dollars and using them more efficiently. this action that the president took, including f-18, the next ginner raise of air force one, shows the president is involved in getting involved in programs and policies to reduce the deficit and to respect taxpayer money. this is step one. it's a down payment on that goal. >> there's lots of cuts in here. no matter which way you slice it, if you want to drop it
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somehow you have to get to entitlements. >> i understand. >> is that on the table, yes or no. >> as director mulvaney put it. >> he was chosen for this job because of his commitment to fiscal austerity and respect of taxpayer dollars. budgeting skills. i think we've got to get past today, let us get down there and we'll have more. this budget is a huge down payment on the president's goal of showing his commitment to fiscal responsibility and respecting the taxpayer. >> a lot of americans putting together their tax returns. when the put together his tax return this year, will he release it? >> st. patrick's is tomorrow. that's what i'm more focused on. >> presumably his 2016 returns are not under audit yesterday. >> again, we'll cross that bridge when he comes to it. the president is clear about his position on his tax returns. we'll have to see where it goes from there. the president is very clear throughout the campaign and consistent that he's under a
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routine audit. john? >> now the draft of the budget and listening to director mulvaney's comments, it would appear the national endowment for the arts would be phased out in two years. can you name any other government programs or even cabinet departments like housing and urban development that may be phased out or reduced? >> john, who is here from omb, is the appropriate person to ask on that. they've done several briefings on the budget. we can have omb get back to you. contact him after, this katelyn? >> you keep going back to the fact that the president used wiretapping quotes. he said last night it was important in quotes. but he accuses barack obama of wiretapping him and used quotes in two of them.
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two of them he said he tap his phones. minutes ago you said it was communications being swept up so does he feel like the tower:was tapped or surveilled? >> he was clear about that last night. it was in quotes, it was broad. that's what he meant -- >> was it phone tapping or oh. >> no. surveillance. we covered this ten times. >> there's no specific answer what it was. what -- >> i understand that. but that's the point of them looking into this, katelyn. the idea is to look into this. have this house and senate intelligence committee look into in and report back. >> i want to follow up on that. if all of this comes out and there's no proof that president obama had any role in any wiretapping, there was no wiretapping, will president trump offered and apology -- >> i'd say this three times this week. the answer is we're not going to
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prejudge where this outcome of this is. we have to let the process work its will. when there's a report that comes out from there, we'll comment. to jump ahead of this process at this point would be inappropriate. brian crabtree from salem radio of georgia. >> thanks for taking questions from a talk radio host right here in georgia. first, i have two questions. on the president's tax returns and classified information, president trump campaigned on training the swamp. the american people want to know why the commissioner has not been fired by the trump administration? there's many conservatives that are concerned that paul ryan is leading president trump down the wrong path on healthcare. how do you react to that? >> the first one, there's no
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personnel updates with the exception of the ones i mentioned today. on the second, donald trump is not one to be lead down a path by anyone. i think he's -- he talked about the lunch with speaker ryan today that he's working hand and glove with the speaker. he talked about it last night. this is a commitment that he has to enacting healthcare. this is a process that he is committed to, wants to see through because of a goal that he wants to achieve, which is making a more patient centric healthcare system that lowers the cost and increases options. he doesn't get led down any path. if you listened to speaker ryan today, he's in agreement there's a strong partnership between the house, the administration and i think the senate so far to make sure that we get this bill done. i would argue that we've done a good job of getting that done.
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jonathan? >> what about cutting the national institutes of health by 19%. it's about funding medical research. budget director mulvaney yesterday acknowledged that the private sector cuts fill that gap when they're read visas which have robust government presence. the president talk about medical innovation. how do you square those things when you're cutting nih by 19% and many conservatives want to increase the budget. >> director mulvaney -- somebody asked him during the q&a period. >> he said -- from my listening to him yesterday, it wouldn't be cut. >> this is the assumption in washington. if you get less money, it's a cut. the reality is, in a lot of these, there's efficiencies, dew
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-- dublicity. when you look at the way the president approached the budget, it's can we ask, can we get more with the same dollar, can we find efficiencies, can we combine facilities at nih to enhance a better experience where we have an outcome that is reduced savings. to assume that because you spend a ton of dollars you're going to get a better outcome. look at the district of columbia. they spend more per capita than any other city in the country on education. i think i that they have tremendous issues constantly being dealt with. so to assume that you throw money at a problem it magically solved is a very washington way of looking at a budget problem. i understand that. part of the issues that we're working as the director outlined is to work with them, to talk to each of these agencies and
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departments how to walk through their budget in a way that ensuring that they can continue to do the core functions and finding ways to reduce waste, get rid of enhanced efficiencies and get rid of dew -- duplicity. it's looking at how much we spend or how much we can get done. the president has been very clear what his priorities are and the outcomes that we expect from every dollar that we spend. so for being in office for 55 days or 50 some odd days, we've had a unique ability to go forward so far and make a very strong commitment to enhancing our national security and keep citizens safe and making sure that we don't ask for people to work harder, to spend more to washington and gets ultimately wasted. i don't see how that is showing respect to the american people or the american taxpayer,
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especially when so many people are working two, three jobs or both parents are working just to get by to pay the mortgage. we're saying don't worry, keep sending more money. there should be a review of all agencies. director mulvaney pointed out how many unauthorized agencies that we have throughout the government. if we're going to do that, at some point there should be a debate on whether or not the agencies and programs are achieving their mission. if they are, great. fund them. if they're not, we shouldn't be asking hard-working taxpayer to send more money to washington to fund things that don't further the goals. thanks very much. look forward to seeing you tomorrow. take care. >> well, that was an extremely contention press briefing just wrapping up after well over an hour. that in itself is extremely unusual. the white house press corps there peppering questions to
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sean spicer about wiretapping and the budget. proceedings began with mick mulvaney. he took to the microphone and talked about the president's budget proposal, which proposes to slash domestic spending at the state department, the epa, the labor department and the commerce department. that's mick mulvaney speaking earlier. also cuts at the national endowment for the arts and public broadcasting. the president is going to spend more money on the military and department of homeland security. we have a balance on domestic cuts, contention. that's the order of the day. that's the word to use. mick mulvaney left the stage and along came sean spicer and the questions were all about surveillance and wiretapping. john roberts, chief white house correspondent for fox news in the room. give me the headlines, john. >> good afternoon to you. in terms of mick mulvaney's
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part, it was the president said that he wanted a hard power budget and he got a hard power budget. the omb director said today and yesterday in a background briefing that what the omb didn't put in the budget, they listened to every promise the president made and created a budget policy around that. that's why you're seeing major cuts at the state department in terms of the foreign aid budget. i asked the omb director how much of the 10.1 billion, the 28% being cut from the state department budget would come from the foreign aid program? he said most of it. they're also cutting payments to the united nations climate program as well. there would be big cuts in the environmental protection agency. 31% of its budget will be gone and the budget director yesterday indicated that they would be eliminating 3,200 positions. there would be a 17.6% cut to hhs and a dramatic restructuring to the national institutes of health, which this
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administration has gone a little off of its direction in terms of what it was intended to do. the budget director said you have to look at both sides here when cutting things like the block grant program from housing and urban development. some of the money goes to meals on wheels. you not only have to look at the recipients putting in. so very contentious here in terms of the budget. contentious in terms of the sean spicer of this briefing. he was asked many, many times now he that the chairman of the senate intelligence committee said there was no wiretapping go on at the trump tower would the president walk back his comments. the reason why this briefing was delayed. sean spicer was putting together all of that data in an answer that was five or six minutes long countsering everything that has been said here in this briefing in terms of that saying
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that we still think there's some evidence out there to suggest that this happened. the intelligence committees will be looking at all of that, stuart. >> that was about the most contention press conference i've seen in many, many years and lasted over an hour. john roberts, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> democrats today warning of doom and gloom in the president's budget is passed. >> this budget wipes out the $3 million for the meals on wheels program. >> ransacking america's investment in jobs, education, innovation, clean energy an life saving medical research. >> eliminates funding for before and after school program. >> this budget is a slap in the face of the future. >> question. is this why government keeps getting bigger and bigger? ceo of god father's pizza,
1:19 pm
herman cain joins us. many few have tried to cold front domestic spending very few have sec seeded. will it be different this time? >> yes. we finally have a leader that understands real cuts start with where you were and you reduce it. sean spicer gave a perfect answer about how washington thinks. just because you go after something doesn't mean that you're going to eliminate it based upon its merit. sean spicer gave a brilliant answer when he said it's about signing efficiencies and duplication. when you have a business leader in the white house like we have now, real cuts come based upon evaluating the individual things. i think the president and his administration's approach to this budget is absolutely right on and it is the way a real leader does it, not a
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>> that's a fair point. but you know, herman, a barrage of doom and gloom, people getting hurt by these cuts, you know that that is coming at you. does that stick? does it convince middle america that there's something wrong when you've cut domestic spending? i do believe -- you were just going to freeze there. key question and he disappeared from the audio track. i think the satellite went down. let me move on. the house budget committee voted 19-17 today to approve the gop healthcare bill. despite what is becoming a familiar line from the other side of the aisle, dnc chair tom paris saying earlier this week, people will die if the plan is passed. >> republican congresswoman diane black of tennessee chairs the budget committee. she's with us now. diane, what do you make of that? "people will die." >> stuart, we see people dying
1:21 pm
today because of the affordable care act, because of the promises that were made are not coming so. i'm going to tell you about tennessee. people may have a card but they don't have access to care. we're trying to reverse this and rescue people and give them a plan that is a patient centered plan at a cost they can afford and getting what it is that i want in their plan. >> if one person perceives or one group perceiving that they're going to get hit and hit hard by the gop's plan, they're going to demagogue it to death. i ask the same question to you as i asked to her man cain? does it stick? >> i asked this in tennessee. we had a program that was supposed to be the single payer system. it was hillary care. it was brought to our state as a
1:22 pm
pilot. we saw growing costs to a point that it was going to crush our state. a democrat governor discontinued the program. he discontinued it without having a glide path to take care of people. we're not going to do that in our program. i've been through that. i don't want to see that again. we're going to make sure people are taken care of and a glide path into a new program that will be more sustainable. >> can you tell me of any significant government program in the past that has been completely wiped out? have you ever seen a big government program done away with? >> i think what we're seeing is when we look at the governors that are using what they have as their ability and their states like in maine, we're seeing changes in the entitlement program there and it's working. look, we can never guarantee that there wouldn't be somebody that falls through the cracks. we need to do everything we can. as a healthcare provider, a nurse, i want to make sure that
1:23 pm
we're take care of. that's what we're attempting to do in our plan. >> this that budget committee vote, it was a very close run thing. the vote was 19-17. some conservative republicans voted against the proposal. the republican party is deeply concerned of this. >> some of those members have issues that they felt like they couldn't vote for this because they didn't want to move something along that they weren't assured that we were going to make changes. the leadership encouraged us to come out with motions of directions to the rules committee, which we were able to do we asked members to give suggestion s. we debated them. some of our democrat colleagues came on with us. this is a process.
1:24 pm
bring something to the table. bring thoughts. this is the way laws are supposed to be made. that's not what has happened the last six years. i'm delighted we're in the process its been through two committees and will eventually come to the floor and senate. they can make more changes to it. along the way it gets better and better. >> sausage making is an ugly process. thanks, diane black. herman cain is back. there you are. thanks. i'll repeat the question. does it stick when you're being demagogued like this and people saying they will die if they cut this program? is middle america convinced by that argument? does middle america turn away and say, i don't want anybody to get hurt. it goes against you. >> it does not stick, stuart. here's why. the people that are supporting donald trump and what he's doing in approaching this budget, those people support this.
1:25 pm
here's why. the democrat reaction is expected. it's typical democrat negativity. and it's easy to pick a pet project and say people are going to die. that is a lie. people are smarter than that. what we have is a president and an administration that is taking a business approach to looking at the budget to determine as sean spicer said those things that are inefficient, those things are duplicative and eliminating them to get real budget cuts. i'm excited about the process that they are taking. >> again, it's a historical question. when have you ever seen significant, dramatic cuts in any domestic program in the last 30, 40, 50 years? i can't remember it, herman. you're suggesting that this time it's been proposed and we'll get
1:26 pm
it. >> the answer is historically never. >> right. >> every time the government put in a program, it goes on perpetually. let me give you a few examples. the food stamp program. it has spiralled out of control. the withholding tax was supposed to be a temporary tax back in the 40s. >> it's still there and growing. if you have a bureaucrat in the white house and a bureaucrat in congress, you never get rid of a program. i admire this president and his administration for taking the approach that some programs will go, even if it upsets some people. we cannot continue to live with a spiralling out of control national debt of $20 trillion. i admire the approach that the administration is taking. >> herman cain, glad we got you back. >> i am too, stuart. next case. he's a top c.i.a. guy under
1:27 pm
president obama. he was a top ally of hillary clinton during the campaign and guess what? he just said there's no evidence team trump colluded with russia. the fallout on that next. president trump telling tucker carlson, there's no way he will stop tweeting. a new fox poll is suggesting he should do that. kennedy, carlie and guns are all here.
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>> will president trump stop tweeting? fat chance. who is right? we'll be back in 60 seconds.
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>> two headlines of no evidence today. one very good for team trump. the other maybe not so much. to fox's catherine herridge with the latest. >> the leader of the senate intelligence committee issuing this statement. it comes from richard burr and mark warner. it reads "based on the information available to us, we so no information that trump tower was part of surveillance before or after election day 2016." sean spicer said the statement was not the final word and tried to turn the tables. >> where was your passion and your concern when they said
1:32 pm
there was no connection to russia? where was it then? crickets from you guys. when evidence comes out and people have been briefed on the russia connection comes out and say there's nothing, you choose not to cover that. you don't stop the narrative. you perpetuate a false narrative. >> mike burrell, said there's a lot of smoke about the trump's team contacts with the russians but he's seen no hard evidence that they worked together to help run the win. the house intelligence committee wants answers by friday and phone calls that were captured about surveillance on foreign targets. the republican chairman wants to know if the names go beyond mike flynn, the former national security advisor. >> i have been very clear about my concern about the incidental
1:33 pm
collection on general flynn, how that was put into a product, how it was unmasked, how it was leaked to the public. several crimes have been committed here. >> also this afternoon, a senior house democrat released new portion about mike flynn and money that he took from the russians, specifically r.t., russia today, a propaganda arm of that government. stuart? >> thanks, catherine. now this is going to have the green crowd seeing red. president trump wants to slash the epa's budget by a third. dramatically changing the agency. focusing on rolling back a slew of regulations. let's get reaction from bob deans from the natural resources defense council. welcome back. good to see you again. >> good to see you, stuart. >> i think cutting climate change funded is regarded by some as sacralidge.
1:34 pm
go for it. >> for every dollar in federal funding, stuart, 1/5 of a penny to protect us. not only from climate change -- >> but the rules it days dawn even impede the economy's growth. that's a cost to be associated with the epa. >> not so, stuart. the fact is, the president is trying to take this budget back to 1990 levels. since then, our economy has nearly doubled. our population has grown by a third. the society is more complex. so are the environmental threats. we need the tools we need to do the job to protect the american people. >> your problem is as follows. the greens have to convince
1:35 pm
voters that environmental protection, you must accept higher energy prices to deal with the threat in the future. that's what you have to convince voters. so far i don't think you've convinced them. >> here's the thing, stuart. by cleaning up our cars, we're saving consumers billions at the bump every year. we can do that more if we continue with these innovations and efficiency games. by cleaning up the dirty power pants, we can get more clean power from the wind and sun, which is cheaper than the fossil fuel -- >> not without subsidies. >> sure it is. >> wind and solar is not cheaper than coal, gas and nuclear. it's not cheaper if you take out the subsidies. without massive subsidies to survive. >> these are market decisions that electric utility executives are making for themselves. when they look for the best, most reliable source of electricity --
1:36 pm
>> no, it's mandated. utilities have to take x amount of juice from solar or wind. it's a mandate. >> what is a mandate is that we cut our fossil fuel pollution that is driving global climate change. we saw the great barrier reef in australia is dying because our oceans are warmer. we had the hottest years on record. this is a serious problem. threatens our children. we have to do something about it and we can do it with affordable reliable energy. >> you'll fight it. bob dean, thanks very much for joining us. we'll be right back. i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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>> there's been nobody in history that got more dishonest media than i've gotten. so when i can reach, whether it's 90 million or 100 million or 80 million, however many people it turns out to be when
1:40 pm
you add it up and it gets disseminated from there, when i can reach that many people, twitter is wonderful for me. i get the word out. >> stuart: the president defending his use of twitter saying it did passes the media and talk directly to the voters. a fox poll shows a majority does not approve of the president's tweeting habits. should he keep on tweeting? let's ask fox news channel's kennedy, mike and carlie. you are the rose between two thorns. i'll ask you should he quit tweeting? >> absolutely not. this is great. i can do this all day long. >> the thorn between two roses. >> can we get on with this? >> this is the reason that people voted for donald trump. he says it the way it is. with the media, the way it's got you, no matter what he does, they'll hate him. this is a direct line to the people. so i love the tweeting.
1:41 pm
keep it up. >> carlie? >> there's good and bad about the twitter habit. he does control his own messaging. he sets the agenda for the media, for the day. on the other hand, let's look back to the most celebrated moment the president enjoyed in his short time as president. that was right after his joint sessions speak. his message was a message of unity. that's what people want to see out of the president. not somebody that goes on a tirade. >> you say keep on tweeting. you say watch out. and you say, kennedy? >> i lean towards carlie. a lot of benefit for the president in that he can shape his own message. he has absolute reaches the people he wants to reach. he does get distracted. you know he's not disciplined when he sends out three versions because there's spelling errors. i'm not a grammarian.
1:42 pm
but when he does lead everyone off course with his own personal distraction, that's when it's a detriment. >> stuart: how about his compromise? suppose the president before he let loose with the tweet, have somebody else read it first? >> we've woke up regretted tweets and texts. >> the president should be in that pool. people are excited about the trump presidency. people say the economy is getting better, not worse. he's fulfilling promises. he should be tweeting about those things by personal attacks. we could have done without the snoop dogg tweet. >> it's so different, we're not used to it. how can you get used to something like this? we eventually. kennedy? >> it's foolish to say that he he needs to stop thing this, he
1:43 pm
shouldn't be on twitter. that's how he wants to reach people. this is an incredible medium. president, president obama used twitter. he wasn't as effective and he didn't use it as a light saber this way this president does. i do think it's -- the same spider man motto, that is with great power comes great responsibility. >> at the same time, he's going to go down in history as the president first to ever speak directly to the american people. he does have a fundamental understanding of how social media should work. not on in twitter but on facebook live. >> he knows there's so much animosity from the media at him. he's controlling the message and calling his own shots. >> you got the first outburst. you got the last word, too. ladies, gentlemen, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> the first trump budget proposes big cuts in foreign aid and it rips funds from the
1:44 pm
united nations. is our former ambassador on board with that? john bolton next. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no.
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>> we're absolutely reducing funding to the u.n. and to the various foreign aid programs including those run by the u.n. and other agencies. that should come as a surprise to no one that watched the campaign. the president said hundreds of times, you covered him, i'm going to spend less money on people overseas and more money on people back home. that's what we're doing with this budget. >> stuart: yes, it is. trump's america first budget calling for major cuts to the united nations and wants to slash funding to foreign aid as well. the former ambassador to the u.n. is john bolton. john, there's a separate budget for peace keeping at the united
1:48 pm
nations. at the moment, we contribute 28% of it. we want to cut that to 25%. how do you feel about cutting the peace keeping budget? >> well, i think it's certainly doable at the levels suggested. a lot of these peace keeping operations have a perpetual life and not part of the problem. they're not moving to solve the problem they were set up to deal with. so this notion that we don't spend on peace keeping is absolutely wrong. therefore, i think substantial savings can be made. >> stuart: there's the main budget to the u.n., which pays for staffing and headquarters and that kind of thing. we provide 22% of that budget. we want to cut that. are you okay with cutting that portion of the u.n.'s budget? >> absolutely. look, there's a lot of u.n. programs that we should not see our budget cut and some of the
1:49 pm
specialized agencies. we have to look at the figures. one of the reasons i said 20 years ago, if you lost ten stories of the u.n. building in new york it wouldn't make a difference. it's ten stories less of bureaucrats. there's no government institution that can't see their budget cut with limited effects. >> stuart: if you want to cut domestic spending, you have to get that through congress. if you want to cut the u.n.'s budget, can you do that without reference to congress? >> no, congress has to do it. this should be a larger part of effort to move all of u.s. funding to a purely voluntary basis. no more assessed contributions which are taxes on the united states. i would say i'll protect the it is bilateral foreign aid program. if you take them, take them in the multilateral development bank and the u.n. programs.
1:50 pm
keep as much as the bilateral programs, too. >> we've talked about the difficult of cutting any domestic spending program. do you think the u.n. budget cuts would pass relatively easily? i'm sure they're popular. >> yes, they would pass relatively easily. we don't know what the fate of this budget will be. those that want to create the deficits we've seen and the addition to the national debt, let's have that debate. i give trump a lot of credit for following through an what he said increasing the military budget. if anything, i'd increase it more and cut other spending. but he's off to an excellent start. let's have this debate. i know where the american people will come out on it. >> stuart: thanks, john. >> thank you. >> stuart: republicans continue to push an obamacare repeal and
1:51 pm
replace plan. a new fox poll shows tax cuts are a higher property than getting rid of obamacare. art lauffer is with us. he says the republicans better take nose. >> they have to get this bill passed. once we do that we go to taxes. after taxes the jobs will follow and we have top of our items on that poll of yours. >> art, you're making it sound snap your fingers and away we go. we have republican unity. >> it's not rocket surgery. it's not. >> stuart: you're ignoring politics. i agree with you entirely. you cut taxes, grow the economy. simple as pie. i got it. we're talking politics here. you have to go through the process to get obamacare replaced and fixed. you have to do that. that's not snapping the fingers. >> i've been in politics a long
1:52 pm
time. i worked with reagan, jerry ford, rumsfeld. i've watched this process. yes, the way you go ahead with it. the way reagan did it was snap your fingers. we got it. trump will do that. >> stuart: art, you were in the room back in the 1980s when these tax cuts were being worked out. it wasn't a simple process. there was some horse trading, some real vicious stuff going on. >> not in 86 it wasn't. in 81, you're right, stuart. all that stuff going on. i'm not sure the president was excited about tax cuts as i was. in 86, it was a bottle of scotch in the back room. they got rid of the exemptions and exclusions and dropped the corporate from 46 to 34. went from 14 brackets to two brackets and we got 97 senators
1:53 pm
to vote for that bill in the senate. only three people voted against it. look at the prosperity it gave us. it was straightforward and they did the wrong thing. >> so all you think is a bottle of scotch and away we go. >> >> and you have to have good senators in there. but we have good senators. we have great people here. life is not a sprint. it's a marathon. get a bill passed, get the economy going. get another one passed. the 86 tax cut came five years after the 81 tax act. we can do this over eight years and make it a better country. >> stuart: if we get repeal of obamacare and replace it and get the tax cut this year, do we get 4% growth next year and how high does the dow industrials average go?
1:54 pm
>> we'll get more than 4% next year. you're saying 2018. >> yes. >> and i think the stock market over this period of time of eight years of trump will be up over 150%. >> stuart: i'm sorry. i didn't catch that. over 150%. >> 150%. we had an increase from reagan from august 14th 1982 until the end of clinton, stock market was up 757% in real terms. 1 1340%. >> you're cherry picking -- >> i am not. you give me the tax cut in 2017 which means this year the engine starts. in 83 to mid 84, the growth and gdp was 12%. real gdp was 12%. annualized rate over three halves, six quarters. that's great. enormous growth. the same thing was true with
1:55 pm
kenne kennedy. >> stuart: time is up. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> stuart: president donald trump calling today to private ize air traffic control. we're back in two. to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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1:59 pm
hiring furloughs and hiring freezes that are can driven into the shortage of air traffic controllers. we spoke to some people at the airport to see what they think about privatizing air traffic controllers. >> i think with privatizing the business and looking at competition, there may be future ways for improvement to hit the airlines. that's what we need. a lot of people traveling, parking is ridiculous. any improvement helps. >> i don't see any reason for that, unless it's a measure to save money with this new budget. perhaps he wants the money for something else. as far as i know, it's always run very well. >> the idea is that privatization means departures and arrivals will be more efficient in the whole thing will be run better than the faa. >> stuart: varney and company, that's the show i work on. varney and company every weekday on the fox business network. we start at 9:00 a.m.
2:00 pm
i like to say we start sharp at 9:00 a.m., and we do. we go for three hours until noon. politics and money, that's what we cover, and there's a lot of it in the news. that is it for me. "the five" is next. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams. dana perino, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump is vowing to fight after his revised travel ban is put on hold hours before it was set to begin yesterday. federal judge in hawaii issued a nationwide restraining order rejecting the government's national security claim. second judge in maryland ruled against the president's executive order. mr. trump slammed the move in the aloha state at his rally last night in nashville. >>


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