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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 17, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> look at that. snow on the ground and everything. heather: yes, snowy st. patrick's day. >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm julian turner. heather: happy st. pattyy's day to you. >> cop killer may be off the street thanks to bombshell evidence. >> a violent well-known offender accused of ambushing two police officers in detroit wednesday night. authorities say that durham's dna matches flashlight and gloves. police say that the same type of gun was used in both shootings
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and the lab is testing the bullet that is were recovered. >> now to another fox news alert, a home left unrecognizable broken into about a million pieces when it explodes in the middle of the night. one person is unaccounted for at this hour. several other homes in the neighborhood just outside of washington, d.c. are damaged, some even destroyed. it's unclear, however, just what happened this. massive fire igniting the skies, you can see giant flames pouring out of the window. people forced from their homes. raging inferno destroying anything in its path. neighbors reporting debris up to a mile away. heather: very intense. claims of wiretapping coming up
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empty this morning. top intelligence committee leaders, richard burr and mark warner issuing the most definitive rejection to date saying, quote, we see no indications that trump tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the united states government. now despite the white house is standing by the president trump's wiretapping claims. sean spicer getting heated to say the least in answering questions in the briefing. >> it's interesting to me that that as a point of interest that when -- when one entity says one thing that proves claims one thing you guys cover it adnaseum. reunderstand that jonathan. where was your passion and concern when they said that there was no connection to russia. where was it then? it's interesting that when evidence comes out and people that have been briefed on the
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russia connection, there's nothing that they have seen to prove the connection, you choose not the cover that and you don't stop the narrative and perpetuate a false narrative. heather: we may find out more about the alleged wiretapping next week, that's when fbi director james comey testifies in the committee. >> lib recall lawmakers introducing a new bill to stop the white house's to build a wall. this is a federal appeal's court denies a rehearing for president trump's original executive order pausing travel from some seven middle eastern countries now down to six. heather: and the trump administration defending itself america first budget blueprint firing back at critics at hollywood liberals who are leading the charge. budget battle that's brewing.
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good morning. >> people don't like it when you take things away and that's why budget proposals are almost never entirely popular even when more on track to go $20 trillion into debt as a nation. here are some of the winners in the president's budget, defense is by far the big winner and is expected to see a 10% increase to its budget, homeland security and veterans affairs will see uptick as well, the losers are lead by the environmental protection agency as a whole along with various programs with the state department and some cut that is hollywood is not too happy about at all. the budget calls for the elimination of funding to a number of arts and humanities programs including both national endowment for the arts an humanities as well as the corporation for public broadcasting. actors and artists flooded twitter with their disgusting including comedian, it seems insane to have to defend the arts but here we are, the #right to bear arts is what makes us
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great without science and arts, who are we. billy tweeted, right to president daughter's iván cay, hello, dear, at what point will you be telling your child that your father killed -- after all the wars are fought, what remains are people, a and culture. trump can try but he cannot cut us out of the picture. now, despite those proposed cuts to arts and humanities it's the state department that's poised to be one of the hardest hit losing 28% of the budget. yesterday in tokyo secretary of state rex tillerson he is just fine with that. >> i'm confident that with the input of the men and women of the state department, we are going to construct a way forward that allows us to be much more effective, much for efficient and be able to do a lot with fewer dollars. >> at the white house director mick mulvaney defended.
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were it shouldn't support that we have america first budget. we have more details on where the money is going. >> now, on on capitol hill, there was also a lot of questions around this budget and that is where it will have to go through before it is passed so a lot of debate to go and we are told it will not look the same as it was proposed yesterday by the time it comes to be. heather: which it never does. president obama's budget was not accepted, it got one vote in favor. >> one thing you can grantee in washington the president's budget will not be passed as issue. heather: president trump's message staying on message with the promises he made on the campaign. there's still flaws to work out.
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>> i think you can look at this assort of a political document, it's not going to go anywhere in congress. you can look at it at of the message's priorities, signals, if you get democrats in the position of having to defend, nea and pbs funding, you look at meals on wheels, cuts that gives seniors hot meals. i talked to somebody today even a foreign policy defense republican on capitol hill who said they are not happy because they want more money for defense, they think it's completely unrealistic, nobody is really happy in this budget and, you know, you're not going to really have a serious budget until you start to talk about entitlements and they are trying to avoid doing. >> thanks to president trump, the white house demanding that every va building across the country hang the president's portrait effective immediately
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this after it was taken down at one florida hospital. it's a story we have been following all week for you. now, jackie ibañez joins us live with the brand-new details. good morning, jackie. direct orders from the very top following pressure from veterans and u.s. congressman bryan, portraits of pith's and the va secretary will soon be hung in every va facility across the country. the move comes day after the republican congressman and war vet noticed a florida va hospital was missing the portraits and took some action, listen. >> happy to be able to get these hung up. nothing takes five minutes. >> shortly after that, those portraits were taken down and deemed inappropriate. the va claiming they couldn't authenticate the photos and had to follow protocol. >> we as veterans, this is what we do. when we see a problem, we address it and try to fix it right away and i think this is exactly what pisses people off
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about the government, is they don't have that kind of reaction capability to fix a problem immediately and here we say they made a bigger problem out of the situation. the administration won't stand for it. all va's told to hang portraits printing office. next hour we will get reaction from a marines corps veterans which tells him there's no photo because president trump will get impeached. heather: our viewers have been effective. thank you. the trump administration taking initiative to make sure that our veterans get the care that they deserve giving secretary --
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>> march madness this afternoon the first full day of
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kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. >> facebook under fire for refuse to go allow police departments to use its data to monitor protestors and shoulder security really trump privacy. "good day charlotte" from our sister network fox business is here this morning to break down this new plan, good morning. a program that police then use today track racially track protest in california and
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baltimore california. they just responded in a statement facebook deputy chief private officer said, quote, the change of rules will ensure developers cannot use data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance. now, it is prohibited for police to track individuals or group. facebook says the monday's update is as a result of advocacy groups. those groups believe all technology companies should support human rights and dignity but law enforcement i'm sure disagrees with that, guys, back to you. heather: one of the nation's top university backtracking after being accused of firing a law enforcement dispatcher over her political views, kim say that is the university of wisconsin
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lacrosse can hurt from supporting immigration ban. >> apparently she was offended by it, by me indicating that i thought terrorists or immigrants should be sent back to their middle eastern country. heather: following the backlash dearman has been offered job back but she's worried about returning. >> liberal snow flakes now has their own country song. ♪ ♪ >> tribute to snow flakes everywhere. friends and safe spaces, a political spin on garth brooks'
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song, over a thousand views. heather: new baby breakthrough that could keep this from happening. >> the embryo did split in two. all the craft left over is what you see. >> embryos that cause defects and disorders. it's too early to know when the process would be used. heather: i don't know about that. the time is now, undocumented immigrant outrage, the university putting politics ahead of the law and using your money to help illegal students. heather: "the new york times"
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heather: take a look at this. the white house getting in the holiday spirit for st. patty's day. dieing the fountain water on south lawn bright green to celebrate. what did they use to die that green? >> food coloring. heather: that's a whole lot of green. >> we had a green bagel this
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morning. heather: are you sure it wasn't old? carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm. >> we are talking mcdonalds, promotes big macs and shamrock shakes. someone sent an antitrump tweet using the company handle. the tweet called the president a disgusting excuse for a president and also said that, quote, he has tinny fan some calling for a boycott, now the president is a vocal fan of mcdonalds even celebrating his republican primary win over a big mac and fries, looks like he can keep on loving after conducting investigation, mcdonalds say their account was hacked by external source causing people to know did it,
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this from a fake joe biden twitter, i guess mcdonalds wasn't loving it. heather: pretty smart. just that one tweet and deleted it. mick mulvaney called out "the new york times". they can't really get a lot of stuff right. carley: well, mick mulvaney did that yesterday and not for the reason you think, take a listen. >> i'm going to call on "the new york times" because they're in trouble. they printed this morning that i'm the father of 17-year-old girl and my 17-year-old really wish that that had happened but my two 17-year-old sons really upset. carley: i love that. the math was right but they got
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the gender wrong. >> not quite. we heard that president trump has sent the letter to eldest survivor of pearl harbor. carley: the president sent ray chávez, the oldest surviving pearl harbor veteran a letter wishing him a happy birthday, take a listen. >> our nation owns mr. chap' generation, a great generation for extraordinary legacy of liberty, freedom around the world prosperity for millions. the president signed the letter hoping that he wishes to have several more birthdays to come. carley: chávez turned 105 earlier this month. he spends tuesday and thursday still at the gym. he even spent his birthday there. >> i wonder how much he lift. carley: keep going. it looks like this guy really
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is. heather: 105. that's awesome. so the time is now about 25 minutes after the top of the hour in case you're keeping track. was it really worth it? huckabee calling msnbc maddow. that's just stupid. donald trump isn't that stupid, but the guy -- rachel maddow is for saying it. >> first reporter sued by a sitting president of the united states. not a very goodies distinction.
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heather: good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends first". happy st. patrick's day to you. i'm heather childers, i'm happen to be dutch irish. >> i'm not say rush at all, i'm julian turner and it's 30 minutes after the hour. heather: trump administration defending america first budget blueprint firing back at critics slamming the plan as critics slammed the plan with hollywood liberals leading the charge. >> garrett is live in washington, d.c., our nation's capitol this morning with all of the reaction coming out of there. good morning, garrett. >> not everyone is going to be happy and with president trump's proposed budget one of the most vocal groups is a familiar one, the proposal calls for elimination of arts and humanities program, the national endowment for arts and humanity as well as public broadcasting.
2:31 am
this is what hollywood had to say. comedian wrote on twitter, it seems insane to have to defend the arts but here we are, right to bear arts is what makes us great. without science and arts, who are we? tweeting, hello, dear, at what point will you be telling your children that your father killed -- actors jamie lee curtis tweeted, after war are fought, what remains are people, nature and culture. he cannot cut us out of the picture. the white house is defending the budget saying our nation facing debt, it can't justify giving money to some programs. >> one of the most compassionate things we can do. we are trying to focus on recipients of money and it's compassionate to say, we are not going to ask for your hard-earned money anymore.
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>> one of the hardest hit is defense budget. rex tillerson thinks it's a good thing. >> i'm confident that with the input of the men and women of the state department, we are going to construct a way forward that allows us to be much more effective and be able to do a lot with fewer dollars. >> as we have been talking about, the keyword here is proposed budget because it still has to be approved by congress and yesterday members on both sides of the aisle expressed a lot of concerns with the president's budget and said there will be changes. heather: no one ever likes to hear about anyone ever losing their job. >> specially on st. patty's day. the immigration policies are now working, agents arresting a murderer. the arrest of mora is latest
2:33 am
example of president trump's push to deport illegal criminals heather: outrage growing tat university of maryland over catering to illegal immigrants at the taxpayers' expense. the university funded by taxpayers creating undocumented student coordinator position. critics say that the university is just playing politics. >> it's about politics and the protest is not legitimate. it's one of 64 demands made by student groups to protect illegals on campus. let's keep talking about this? do you think the that the
2:34 am
university's move is putting politics ahead of the law? log on our facebook page right after the show. #keeptalking. >> hundreds of thousands of cars are being pulled off the road. heather: cheryl casone with what you need to know. cheryl: good morning to both of you. this is a recall of the senata, 978,000 of them because of faulty seat belt issue. mid-size sedan, 2011, 2014, the senada hybrid as well. one injury, minor injury reported after that. >> wow, we are hearing finally the nice guy might not come last after all, is that something we can count on, cheryl? cheryl: finally nice might get you anywhere. this is a monarch airlines, european airline, they want to
2:35 am
promote a friendlier sky, if you will, around world. they are offering passengers that they deem to be nice, polite, show courtesy and respect a free seat upgrade. extra leg room, priority boarding, things like that, they will do it all year. heather: maybe temper some of those attitudes that we all get. [laughter] heather: thank you, cheryl, st. patrick's day, some deals there? cheryl: shamrock shake, we had that on the show. they have the shamrock shake. those are deals associated with them. you know how i feel about the doughnut. bigger king and oreo irishman shake. krispy kreme giving a glazed doughnut.
2:36 am
we were debating in a green room. do you want a green glazed doughnut. heather: sounded good but when you showed them, maybe not. cheryl: it tastes the same. >> the time is 36 minutes after the hour and a dramatic escape after volcano erupts sending tourists running for their life. heather: president trump's brand-new budget just released a closure look as we break down the winners and the losers up next. >> and bringing in the pc police from proposals now being forced at schools creating a fire storm by dropping a tradition.
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weighing legal battle after releasing 2005 tax return and the president to be considering lout to journalist. in a statement msnbc says, the report is, quote, protected by the first amendment. >> that brings us to look who is talking, former arkansas governor huckabee is slamming rachel maddow. you can't fix stupid. $38 million so his wife can get citizenship. donald trump isn't that stupid but rachel maddow is for saying it. he could have done the old-fashion way and made a few political contributions and that
2:41 am
would have taken care of it. you don't pay $38 million, that's the dumbest thing i have ever heard. good grief that's off the rails. heather: that's what he thinks. president trump revealing first budget proposal laying out plans to deliver on campaign promises. >> one of the commitments i made is we are going to straighten out the whole situation for our veterans. we build a military so great that none will dare to challenge it. we will soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border. heather: so where exactly is the money going, here to break down the budget is the chair of business and finance at king's college in new york city, bryan, thank you for coming so early. >> great to be here. heather: budget losers, this is where cuts will be made.
2:42 am
education, 9.2, hud, 6.2, agriculture department and epa and state department 13.5 and 11 billion for other departments. so a lot of people taking a cut here. >> it's very broad-base cuts. some big cuts in a few department. the state department is a big one, education, health and human services. the president is asking every single agency, every single department almost to make a cut because he wants to shift money to homeland security and defense. heather: equal amount of cuts. >> they don't want to add for the deficit for next year. they want to make sure that increase is offset by a cut somewhere else and he's able to do that with this cut. heather: if he promised it on the campaign trail it is in this budget. >> you certainly can't argue, he's keeping promises here. everything he said he wants to do he's doing.
2:43 am
it's important to point out that this is a small portion of the budget. it's actually the skinny budget, it's only part of his budget, the full budget is going to come out in mid may, roughly 30% of federal spending. heather: let's take a look at some of the winners. the budget winners were the military spending and border wall and veterans affairs. >> yeah, the president has made clear he wants to move in the direction of hard power, he wants to build the military back up, it was cut as a percentage. heather: there are some republicans who wanted more. >> exactly. or one hand you have democrats saying, we don't want to boost military spending and you have republicans saying this isn't enough. he's trying to bring it back in line and he's able to do that with the budget. we will see. heather: no doubt, a lot. in terms of the state department and epa, those are the main ones people were talking about yesterday when this came out. do you think that those numbers
2:44 am
will change? >> you know every number is going to change here because this has to go through congress and every single program has a constituency who loves it. probably state department not going to be cut as much. both people on right or left, we shouldn't cut that much if we want president obama to the project ourselves effectively. heather: let's bring in brian kilmeade to see what is going on in "fox & friends". >> absolutely, i think the big news this year my green tie, last year i showed up half irish without anything green. that's the big news. other things that we have going on the president's budget is going to be front and center and the defense budget, that's brian -- go ahead.
2:45 am
dr. ezekiel emmanuel will be here. >> hi, everyone, happy st. patrick's day. you will get pinched. ainsley: i don't know if i will. brian: interesting. st. patty's day. where else can you do that? heather: lots of green. if you don't wear green today you get pinched. don't go away. we will be back to "fox & friends" right after this. ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox &
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friends first". a mother of five killed after a carjacker steals her ambulance -- the ambulance runs over her. the suspect overpowering, arroyo kicking her out and crushing her under the wheels. horrifying scene in new york city unfolding right in front of her partner. the thief only getting a short distance before getting caught by an officer. he's now charged with murder. >> terrifying video of the moment a bbc crew barely escaped an erupting volcano. eight people including several tourists raising down mount etna. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. heather: disney is bringing a
2:50 am
fairy tale classic. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, belle. >> beauty and the best hits theaters everywhere today. kevin mccarthy is joining us with his review. what do you think? heather: good morning. >> good morning, heather and julian, by the way i'm irish and i forgot to wear green so i think my family is going to disown me. i don't know how i forgot. >> #fail. >> i do have a water bottle top. that'll work for me. heather: that doesn't count. give us your critic of the movie. >> this is the remaining of beauty and the best. disney has been successful with
2:51 am
jungle book and cinderella and the things i liked is dan stevens who is fen nominal as the beast. you probably know him from downton abby. he has a body suit with marker dots all the way around and performed the scenes with emma watson and they digitically create with that performance. i spoke to dan stevens and i was actually shock today know that he lowered his voice to become the beast. listen to his voice drop as he gives his answer. it's amazing, watch. >> what would a guy that's been
2:52 am
vein, your mouth end up going quite down. on top which is a very grumpy character. this voice comes out that's very much deeper and speaking from the bottom of his body. he's also a big guy. there's a lot of resonance there. >> did you hear his voice. that was unbelieve how he did that. >> why don't you give it a try. >> dan stevens played the beast. know that the person actually behind that digital performance that you're seeing. the things i didn't like about the movie, unfortunately, i loved the character of belle but i think emma watson was a poor casting choice. i don't think she has the singing quality to pull off the songs and i love her in harry potter and perks of being a wall flower. to me requires a much more talented singer. that also led me to not have a
2:53 am
connection to the beast and her on screen. i did love josh, i love luke evans and they have a great moment in the film where they sing gaston and spells out gaston for the first time, watch this. >> the examples you did to make them great? >> you're illiterate, right? [laughter] >> i've never said this out loud. >> i never spelled it out loud before. [laughter] >> it really holds up and i care about those characters. in this film emma watson was a stronger singer, it would have
2:54 am
connected, i love what belle stands for. >> we are going check it out anyway. heather: thank you so much, kevin. go find some green. >> i will. heather: time now is about six minutes until the top of the hour and this disgusting painting depicting officers as pigs could soon be back up on capitol hill, the battle taking central stage today in court. >> the epic military surprise. heather: bringing tears to your eyes for sure. >> i thought i got a cue. ♪ ♪
2:55 am
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heather: two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house this is what's happening today. president trump hosting angela merkel, job training with trust and german-u.s. businessmen. the battle over picture depicting police officers as pigs, pushing for a federal judge to decide whether it should be allowed in the capitol building. right now it is down. critics say that it turns social
2:59 am
drinkers into criminals. >> and it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, the best homecoming surprise may be ever, air forceman surprises son at school. >> hey, buddy, look at you standing in your chair exactly like you're supposed to. [applause] >> good to see you. >> major returning home from pennsylvania from deployment in kuwait where his son owen is smiling ear to ear when he sees him. next the bad, talk about a tight squeeze. border patrol agents found four illegal immigrants by stuffing them into a small trunk, the three women and one man crammed inside all from china were detained. the driver a u.s. citizen now facing criminal charges. heather: wow. >> and the ugly, the pc police on patrol again.seniors, drawin,
3:00 am
disguising themselves. over 90--year-old tradition makes sure everybody has a date to prom. heather: happy st. patty's day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> crickets from you guys. i'm trying to answer the question, jonathan. calm down. >> the white house unveiling $1.1 trillion budget. >> the most conservative budget that certainly i have ever seen. this budget is really a slap in the face. >> first ever ncaa tournament


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