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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 17, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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disguising themselves. over 90--year-old tradition makes sure everybody has a date to prom. heather: happy st. patty's day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> crickets from you guys. i'm trying to answer the question, jonathan. calm down. >> the white house unveiling $1.1 trillion budget. >> the most conservative budget that certainly i have ever seen. this budget is really a slap in the face. >> first ever ncaa tournament victory.
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>> i'm going call on "the new york times" because they're in trouble. my two 17-year-old sons are really upset. [laughter] >> take part in the traditional shamrock ceremony, we need that great irish confidence and they are confident people. [applause] ♪ ♪ ainsley: if you're going to
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wear the skirt and you're a man, pull the socks a little bit higher. steve: we set up a pub as we did last year. now have the new york metro pipe band. today is 17th day of march, when everybody in new york city is irish. so as you get up today, wear something warm and wear something green. ainsley: happy st. patrick's day to you and your family. occasionally it falls on a friday so it's a little bit more fun. >> it is. it's good to see president trump with the leaders of northern ireland and, i guess, would you call it mainland ireland or regular ireland.
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yesterday, of course, tradition would have it at the white house, there was a lot of festivities. today the real st. patrick's day. we will be celebrating throughout. what did you just do? steve: i just moved the leproca leprocan. one of the weirdest things. why? because the judge is italian? ainsley: you're acting as if leprocauns are real. first mistake. steve: you get exactly what you paid for. they have a big sign and things they should do. it's a thing -- essentially a
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bucket list. one of the things they promised president trump will bring the budget into the zone of reality and yesterday with his skinny budget, a blueprint of $1.1 trillion, he cuts a bunch of programs that simply don't work and putting more money in things that are important to the country. ainsley: this is your money. you get up every morning. you try to get out of the door, get your kids on the bus and you want your hard-earned dollars to be spent wisely. we have a major deficit and we have to cut somewhere and unfortunately some of these agencies are going to have to feel the pinch. brian: this is a wish list, this is a framework, a skinny list. the winners are the defense department, they are up 10%. ainsley: that's one of the winners, defense, homeland security? brian: 1.5 billion to build the wall including 5.9% for the
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veterans administration rebuild, i never thought money was the issue with the vets, it was an organization but when it comes to school choice, betsy devos is going to get a budget to do it. steve: i tell you what, i think 2010, 2014 the obama administration knocked $100 billion off the defense budget, so this 10% raise, you can see how we are still in the hole, that could be why john mccain says it needs to be more. meanwhile some of the losers agency wise health and human services, faa, research and grants, epa which the administration feels is out of control that's costing jobs and what not and the list goes on and on including pbs and npr. ainsley: which actors are upset about it. steve: back in the day if you lived out in the rural area which i used to and a lot of people relied on public radio
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station, there's so many choices these days, you have so much stuff on the phone and do we really need to be spending millions and millions of dollars. ainsley: a lot of actors are upset taking money from the art and the president is saying we have to cut somewhere. steve: look, america got exactly what they voted for. if you were a supporter of donald trump and you wanted him to cut things, he's cutting them. rush limbaugh sees the same thing. >> it is a fabulous, a budget that every one of you who voted for trump expected him to deliver. and trump will be able to say he kept his prom. -- promise. the odds of trump's budget being passed, well, take a look at the success they're having with
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obamacare repeal and replace and you get an idea what this is going to be. once again, trump is up against establishment types who want big government who want the agencies who want the power that accompanies being able to dole out this money. steve: a lot of republicans don't like the framework of the budget. you have senator who says, i have to clear up the great lakes. you have others say we can't touch this, we can't touch that and a lot of people are upset, the state department is getting a 31% cut. it's too fat. we have to be able to cut this back. guess who else is not upset for the cutback, governor nikki haley, listen, we have to cut back on the un. they are taking advantage. ainsley: i trust the president. i'm running the state department, we are getting cuts too, i trust the president and we are going to make it work and it's a challenge that i'm up
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for. steve: paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, they are both lukewarm on it. you would think if there's a lot of cut to be done in agencies that historically republicans have not been crazy about, they jump at the opportunity to cut them but nonetheless marco rubio said it's not going to be the budget and john mccain says it's not going to be passed. some republicans lukewarm but i tell you what, the coastal left is up in arms. ainsley: yeah, that's the first phase at least. talked about three phases of obamacare, this is the beginning of the budget, discussion. we talked about jamie lee curtis and some being upset. this is what she tweeted. after all the wars are fought what remains are people, nature and culture. trump can try but he cannot cut us out of the picture. brian: josh says this picture represents why a healthy budget is so important to the film-making process. is that james gordon?
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every time the light changed they went and did a mini play. it's hysterical. you have to make choices. but ultimately by august we are going to make the big tough decisions and that's going to be looking at entitlement reform. the white house -- steve: they are? the president said they are not going to touch those things. brian: which is insane. the big complaint from capitol hill is usually mick mulvaney will go down and say, this is what we are thinking about, what do you think, they felt like they were surprised by it. steve: he explained it yesterday at the white house, he went through everything the president said out when running, he said
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he was going to do this, i'm going to write it down, that's the skinny budget. what do you think about it? e-mail us at brian: cliff-hanger of a show when it turns out the three pages of donald trump's tax returns somehow got in the mailbox of a professor whose out -- spent 20 years to after donald trump. it turns out that she and her employer could be in trouble if the white house decides to take legal action. ainsley: they could have a case here depends if they -- you're not allowed to print or release someone's tax information without getting their permission. is it illegal for her to do this? she's saying no. steve: trump's personal attorneys believe msnbc violated
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personal information and stolen. a lot of people that first amendment is on the side of the journalists, but the pentagon papers was a big study about what was going nonvietnam. it was not somebody's personal document. if they go forward and trump certainly seems to be angry about it, maybe they'll look at it that way, nonetheless, you know, you would think that the journalists would be shielded but then again where did this thing come from. was it leaked from somebody inside. the suggestion is if rachel maddow herself stole it or if the investigative reporter stole it they would be liable. brian: releasing his tax returns early, i wonder if he hurt his case by doing that.
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steve: he didn't release this one, though. they talked about how deprate an outfit is to put on stolen documents. brian: julian turner has been enlisted. >> good morning. not much but i will give it a whirl. horrifying scene designed catastrophic after a house explodes in the middle of the night. scattered to a million pieces, firefighters comb through the debris. it's unclear at this time what caused the blast. another alert, this one out of raleigh, north carolina. giant flames right there pouring out of windows, people forced from their homes as flames spread to nearby buildings as well.
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>> rain falling. >> the raging inferno destroying everything in its path. and brand-new video overnight, secretary of state rex tillerson is meeting with the prime minister of south korea, second stop to first to asia. >> north korea must understand that the only path to a secure economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons. >> tillerson also visiting the zone separating north and south korea and will head to china, his last trip tomorrow. brian: thank you very much. ainsley: straight ahead. incredible video, a woman buried under the rubble. we will tell you what happens next. steve: our next guest saw our reporting yesterday and decided
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♪ steve: all week long we have been telling you about the bureaucratic battle to display the portraits of president
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trump and v.a. secretary at v.a. hospital in palm beach, florida. the congressman took some pictures. put them up and the v.a. took them down. the white house is issuing new guidance to make sure that pictur v.a. facilities across the country after our story. same thing happened at saint cloud, minnesota. where marine corps vet joseph jones live from minneapolis. good morning to you, joseph. >> good morning. steve: so in february when you went in to see one of your regular doctors, you were -- you know, you were h excited about president trump. you were looking for his picture. what did you see? >> well, when i walked in the door, there was -- where the previous picture of the barack obama was, there was just a blank wall. steve: yeah. >> i was really kind of surprised. i walked up to the information desk and i asked them i said what's going on? i said where is the picture of the commander-in-chief. the guy leans over to me like it was a secret or something. they are telling us that it was a typo.
3:19 am
i was like what? you know. and then after seeing my doctor and doing all that stuff. i went back home, then i started making calls trying to find out what the heck is going on. why there is no picture of the commanders and chief on the wall. steve: this week, i believe, you had an appointment, you went in. still no picture. you asked somebody what was up. what did they say? >> kind of on the same line. i walked in there and looked over and anticipating that now the picture should be up. it's been a few weeks later. like when i called the department of veterans affairs they told me well, you just have to give us some time. it takes a while for them to get there. steve: right. >> i went up to the guy and asked him i said what's going on? i said, where's the picture of the president? and, you know, the guy just told me, he said, you know, that they are planning on impeaching him so they didn't want to spend any money on the photo. steve: whoa, whoa, whoa, what? this is somebody who works at the v.a. said they're planning on impeaching the president so we're not going to, you know, blow up a picture and put it on the wall?
3:20 am
that's what the va guy told you? >> i said that's your answer? he said yep, and turned around and walked away. steve: that is just crazy. we had ed henry's reportage where he said some people down in west palm beach said he's not my president. we're not going to put him up according to brian mast, the congressman down there. joseph, what does this say to you about the reluctance of the v.a. to put up the picture? >> you know, i mean, i have got to say that the people in the va. the doctors and the nurses and all that. steve: they are great. >> they are the most wonderful people i have ever met. steve: people in charge of putting up the picture, what about that? >> i figured this has got to be something that is political, do you know what i mean? when i called and started talking to them and stuff, they are telling me it just takes time. i said you knew who the president was going to be november 8th. there is no reason why you shouldn't have had a picture prepared. steve: right. >> when one comes down, the other goes up. that's how it was when i was in the service.
3:21 am
that's how it was done. steve: joseph, the good news is the v.a. has said going forward they will put up unofficial photos until the official photo comes out. good news to you and everybody else. >> yeah. steve: joseph johnson, thank you very much for your service and joining us. >> thank you very much. steve: thank you. more in a minute. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. due to your first accident. this is the story of green mountain coffee and fair trade, told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's take a trip to la plata, colombia. this is boris calvo. that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community,
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don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. brian headlines now, terrifying video. split second as isis suicide blast goes off. watch. [explosion] brian: wow. sniper fire goes off as guy from sky news takes off running. front line in mosul. explosion second seconds after.
3:25 am
no one was hurt. the moment of a bbc crew barely escapes an erupting volcano. it's so much better being a studio anchor. 8 people including several tourists racing down mount etna in italy trying to outrun the flying lava. it is tough. lava is quick. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian. it has become a pattern all across the country, students protesting the president and shutting down conservative speakers. watch. [chanting] [shouting] [chanting this is what democracy looks like] >> no papers. >> no fear. >> they are people united. >> we'll never be defeated. ainsley: why are these students flipping out and
3:26 am
demanding rights they already have? here to weigh in on this is alli stucky a blogger a blog. er. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: why are college students flipping out like we see in those video pieces. >> college students are very emboldened by this idea of moral vigilantism feel like they are on the right side of history. defeating fascism. standing up against this evil dictator. they will don't see their rights and protesting as division or chaos or vitriol or even a as violent. they see it as the right thing. that's honestly what makes it frightening and difficult to reason with them logically. ainsley: why do thea they feel, alli, entitled? where does this come from? who is responsible? >> i think they feel entitled mostly because the past eight years they have been able to get the things they want.
3:27 am
candidate bernie sanders say you deserve free things like free college. someone coming in, someone they didn't vote for, someone who supposedly stands for bigotry and racism all the things millennials say they are against. they feel entitled to speak up for this. of course we see the hypocrisy in this. they are standing up for tolerance and love trumps hate and standing up for freedom but also using intolerance to shut down the freedom of other people's speech. that's the scary do yo duplicitf this. ainsley: what's your message when they do call president trump and say he is racist and say he doesn't understand them? what do you say to them? >> i say where are your facts? what are the actual policies that he is planning to implement that you actually think are racist or unconstitutional? so much of what donald trump has done is well within his realm of discretion. his realm of authority. as stated constitution.
3:28 am
he come to me with actual facts of why donald trump. just to requote donald trump is enacting some muslim ban because he doesn't like muslim people, that's not good enough to me. there is not enough substance behind that. ainsley: real quickly. shouldn't we expect this, alli? most college students are liberal. they just gotten out of their parents house. haven't made that first paycheck. older and start paying taxes. they realize they are paying a lot to the government. shouldn't we expect a lot at this age? >> yeah. probably a little bit. i think it's worse than it was eight years ago. even a few years ago. i was in college in 2012. there was an election then. i remember being disappointed that barack obama won. i don't remember writing. i don't remember protesting. i don't remember calling people who voted for barack obama a bigot or, you know, any other name like that. but i do think that there is
3:29 am
also a shift in indoctrination of college professors. rather than teaching students critical thinking skills and saying okay, here is what the constitution says, here is what the travel badge actually says. you can go and read it online. what do you think? they are saying this is how have you to think. if you don't think this way, you are going to be punished one way or another. we see a lot of college-aged millennials that conservatism once you talk about the paycheck is deferred longer and longer. interesting to see what college-aged millennials will actually end up being with in a few years. ainsley: thank you for joining us. the conservative millennial on stain gram. a special tribute to all the snowflakes out there. ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces ♪ if you don't go with us ♪ then you must be racistith eai
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♪ ♪ [bagpipes] [bagpipes] ♪ steve: it's that one day when everybody in new york is irish because it's saint patrick's day. and today, as we listen to the new york metro pipe band, just one big block over from where we are on on sixth avenue, they have been working through the night on fifth avenue because that's the site of the biggest saint patrick's day
3:34 am
parade in the world. kicks off at 11:00 in the morning. they have been furiously trying to clean up 44th street up to 79th street. a couple days ago we wound up with almost a foot of snow. brian: can someone shovel? i don't know if shepard smith is up. we need someone to shovel in front of the building. you basically need a dog sled e. ainsley: for everyone who lives in new york, yesterday traffic was the worst i have ever seen it it's because they pushed all the snow to the side. so there is only one lane open on most roads. people were trying to get in and out of traffic. all of my friends took them hours to get from downtown to the you were east side. so, was i glad that the snow storm -- we didn't get it this weekend because a lot of people coming up for the saint patrick's day parade but they have got to fix this. can they just throw hot water on the snow? steve: here is what they do for snow removal in new york city. they take the garbage truck that normally picks up your garbage and puts a blade on it scoops it over to the side. what do you do with the snow on the side?
3:35 am
they pick it up with all sorts of scoops, put it into a big truck and take it out to the river where they dump it in the river and let it melt. brian: i will say. this just on saint patrick's day going up fifth avenue. the first saint patrick's day parade was? ainsley: i don't know. when? brian: in boston right around the 1700s. in boston. not even in ireland. do yodo you believe that? steve: the event here in new york city bigger than anything they have got in ireland. brian: sounds like you are bragging. steve: i'm half irish. ainsley: we have trivia contest coming up. julian has headlines for us? >> >> i do. nice to see everyone in green. we have breaking news this morning. incredible video just in of devastating mud slides happening in peru. a woman caught in the danger. [shouting] you can see the woman try to claw her way out of the muddy debris.
3:36 am
she was eventually rescued and carefully okay. the care phiing scene after three days of solid, solid rain. the extreme weather expected for two more weeks. breaking overnight, a cop killer may be off the streets thanks to bombshell evidence. accused of ambushing two more police officers in detroit. authorities now say his d.n.a. at the crime scene is linked to the murder of wayne state oft collin rhodes he was killed execution style last november. if you remember that a faith is coming under fire. atheist group sparking outrage demanding a cross be taken out of a building in florida. the mayor of loving longwood firing back saying it is staying right where it is. >> the historical honor that was bestowed upon those folks, and so we believe it has every right to be in city hall. >> the cross is part of a vietnam memorial donated to
3:37 am
the city. liberal snowflakes hiding in safe spaces now have their own country song. ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces ♪ if you don't go with us ♪ then you must be racist. >> two comedian country stars taking a stance. this song called saf friends in safe spaces. they have racked in 100,000 views. and those are your headlines on this frosty frosty morning. steve: thank you very much, julian. we are outside headquarters. where can you see two more -- brian: metro pipe band. steve: pub for saint patrick's day. brian: you guys are real, right? ainsley: there is a story blowing up social media,
3:38 am
everyone likes to talk about five second rule. have you five seconds to pick up and eat it and no bacteria on it allegedly. brian: is it healthy? only way to do it if something drops on the ground is it still okay to pick it up and eat it or is it a 30 minute rule? the answer is depends on what you drop. steve: if you drop, let's say, a sheet of la sonia pasta. ainsley: it's cooked and sticky. steve: cooked slimy soft and going to absorb more bacteria. ainsley: don't eat that. steve: hard food like a bagel. ainsley: cookies, chocolate. steve: this could fall on the floor and safe from bacteria a half an hour later. ainsley: 30 minutes. brian: because it's ridged. if it's butter you have 5 second, ants, bacteria, bugs will run to it. ainsley: if it's dry 30 minutes.
3:39 am
if it has butter on it and it falls face down, do not eat that. steve: this is dry so because you are all our guests here today, we're not going to ask you. anybody on the crew actually want to test this? ainsley: brian should. we know brian is not going to do it. you should do it. steve: there is a guy over here suggesting he would do it. we can't do that probably for liability reasons. it two have to be one of us. brian: for one thing we have to tell you if you are out there if something hits the floor i don't eat it, you are lying. according to the study 87% of human beings have eaten something after it hit the floor. steve: here is what we are going to do because the floor here, even though it looks dry, it's extremely slippery. so this bar, which we have no idea where it came from. let's go ahead and drop it here because it's got the -- the surface has got to be dry. ainsley: i think we should put it on the floor. steve: it's wet. i will eat this one. ainsley? ainsley: no. no.
3:40 am
i don't like hair. brian: show of hands. have you eaten something that's hit the floor? steve: of course you have. brian: half an hour. ainsley: raise your hand. would you eat wet pasta that hits the floor and stays there five seconds? anyone? [ buzzer ] ainsley: that attracts bacteria and hair a and dirt. brian: found out if we get some kind of brewery. steve on the floor. brian grin wash it down we have dew single malt, is that what you prefer? steve: in my house they call it daddy's medicine. hey, guys, do you want to do another number? >> yeah. steve: hit it. >> 1, 2. [bagpipes]
3:41 am
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>> see what we're doing with our military, bigger, better, stronger than ever before. you see what's happening. [cheers] >> you are already seeing the results. our budget calls for one of the single largest increases in defense spending history in this country. brian: that was president trump, proudly touting his plan to nashville to boost military spending and his plan to rebuild the military also getting praise from a person
3:45 am
on hillary clinton's vp short list. admiral james who actually went to trump tower when he was president-elect former supreme allied commander for nato and co-author of this new book "the leader's book shelf." the admiral joins us now. admiral, that must have been music to your ears in nashville, pun intended. is it enough for you? >> i think we are going to have that as a minimum, a floor, if you will. we have got to spend it in the right way, brian. we have got to put that money against first and foremost readiness, repairing our ships. restoring the capability that has been somewhat degraded over the last decade in these wars. secondly we need to do the 21st century purchasing of unmanned vehicles, cyber security, something we all understand and special forces. brian: $54 billion. 53% more than president obama was going to spend. eble admiral, you saw it from
3:46 am
the outside as supreme allied commander from the inside as you grew up through the military. don't we need official is i expert? don't we need to pay attention to what that commission put out that the pentagon is wasting billions of dollars? >> you know what? you are talking about, brian is, a report put out by the defense business board that came up with tens of billions of dollars of real savings that could be made, if you will, in the back office. this hit right at the end of the last administration never got traction. it's something i would recommend to my good friend secretary jim mattis take a look at. brian: all right. let's talk about what's happening today. angela merkel chancellor of germany meeting with president trump at which time she has pledged to go up on defense spending from 1.3 to 2% of the defense budget. is this the first president that's truly gotten the attention of our nato allies when it comes to spending like we're spending? >> i think it's fair to say that every previous president
3:47 am
has banged on the europeans to get to that 2% level. this is the first time that we have seen in the last 20 years when they are reaching up for it. that's a good thing. when i think about the list of books in the leader's book shelf. one of them is team of rivals. i think that angela merkel and donald trump are not going to agree on all the issues. they are rivals in a certain sense with a different view of the world. this is an example of how they can come together and work together. it's a good thing. brian: it's a good thing. big topic that will come up he has said some things about angela merkel ruling germany beau by letting refugees come in basically unscreened. we see the problems that they are having over in belgium. see the problems they are having over in france. we see another problem called russia. how do you hope the president and angela merkel -- what do you think could emerge that would make you, admiral, hopeful for -- to hold off russia in the region? >> i think we need two things.
3:48 am
we're going to need to continue to keep the sanctions on russia in response to their behavior in ukraine. the annexation of crimea. i think the two of them, merkel and trump can do that and ultimately push toward an agreement that will sort out the southeast portion of the country. the second thing the leaders can do is focus on cyber security and pressure russia to step back from its continuing cyber attacks into the united states. we just saw the most recent against yahoo. goes back to our election. those are the he things i would like to see tackle together. brian: name of the book the admiral's book shelf: thank you so much for joining us, admiral. >> thanks so much, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead, on the offense to defend the president's budget. >> if you are only focusing on half of the equation, right you? are focusing on recipients of the money.
3:49 am
we are trying to focus on the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place. brian: is the media on the same focus of the american people? >> kurt the cyberguy. [bagpipes] ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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3:52 am
ainsley: facebook is refusing to allow police departments to
3:53 am
use its data to monitor protesters and activists. steve: but should security trump privacy? let's talk to kurt the cyberguy. >> it's a tight rope. this balance and especially silicon valley and big companies social media especially mark zuckerberg at facebook saying hey, whoa, wait a minute to all the third party partners that use the data from facebook saying hey, don't use that for law enforcement unless we say so. so they are pulling the reins back in there. do you know how you have a guest come over your house and you are fine with them staying. you love them being there. but when they invite another guest over you don't like that at all. that's how facebook is feeling this morning. however, they won't win because if you are protecting the privacy of your users, you are also then not being very patriotic. not looking after the security of america. and if you then start to participate and give out a lot
3:54 am
of private information without its users knowing well then facebook loses users. people will bail on them. steve: what happened in the past where facebook is now taking a stand? >> here is what happened. an overall trend happened in silicon valley with all the companies we use on a regular basis for email for social media, for search. what happened is a long time ago there was a quiet understanding that it was the right and patriotic thing to do was to help out mainly our national government to protect our country to protect from the evils of the outside mainly. that seems all good and well until organizations came about and started to reveal that including wikileaks. so that happened and people went wait a minute, you are doing what? steve: i had no idea sharing all that information. >> at the same time now, while it may already be in the fine print of everything that we use, none of us read it so we act very shocked. so what happens is people backlash against silicon
3:55 am
valley companies, and up comes a new start up and they steal the audience away. ainsley: what are they afraid of? they don't want to be involved in the investigation? >> you and i stop using them. that's the number one concern it comes down to the wallet. always about the money. brian: stands out san bernardino couple they gunned down those innocent people at a christmas party. weave need to open up that phone and basically apple said no. >> apple is a different argument. that has to do with apple has built a system by which they cannot be asked a question. they can't see into your broom closet to reveal what's in there. ainsley: it's the same thing as companies don't want to release their information about their customers. >> brian: even if it helps fight the war on terror. >> true. at the end of the day, everyone is right and everyone's wrong. nobody wins on this one because, a, we don't get the information we need to protect the country. we don't -- or the bad guys, if it's something domestic. at the same time, you and i and everybody else go, wait a minute, what information do i
3:56 am
have with you? what are you doing with it? steve: if a jurisdiction gets a court order and serves it to facebook. >> you must. steve: they will. >> they will, of course. they are compliant with that they have whole departments for that what this is about now is another reminder that there is this just dichotomy going on. brian: number one story. >> no win with data. thinthey are simply caught in te middle of it all. brian: i just want to get out of technology age. >> you want a rotary dial phone. trapper keeper. 8 track. brian: i like petty coat junction where had you to walk to the telephone pole. steve: that was green acres. petty coat junction, everybody was always swimming up in the water tower. brian: that's right. that's not sanitary. steve: talk about the bagel out on the wet street. ainsley: we are going to eat
3:57 am
it in five minutes. steve: coming up on this telecast. geraldo, judge jeanine and ed henry. ainsley: steve, can we see that wet bagel out on the street or on the bar? brian: maybe on the bar. ainsley: steve said it's on the bar. not on the floor. ♪ tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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4:00 am
♪ he. >> where was your passion and concern when they all said there was no connection to russia. critic cetsd from you guys. hold on. i'm trying to answer your question, jonathan if you can calm down. >> that was the craziest thing i have seen at the white house. >> they are obsessed with trying to destroy this administration, this president. but it is not working. >> the white house unveiling its 1.1 trillion-dollar budget. >> it is the most conservative budget that certainly i have ever seen. >> this budget is really a slap in the face. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is meeting with the prime minister of south korea. >> the face of north carolina's grave and escalating global threat. the policy of strategic patience have ended.
4:01 am
[bagpipes] brian: what did you just say. steve: i just moved the leprechaun. i didn't realize there was a leprechaun behind me. [bagpipes] ♪ [bagpipes] ♪ steve: these guys are going to be playing this congress all day long. started at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. going to be a long day for them. new york metro pipe band with a pub on the plaza. second year in a row. brian: that set looks like the set of a sitcom. ainsley: i was going to say
4:02 am
where is kevin james? had you to go to long island. you could have gone out to the plaza. brian: promised the band they could come inside and that's the best we could do. we brought inside outside. ainsley: create a set that looks like inside. that is tullamore great whiskey i have heard. don't start drinking right now or every will be taking a nap. ainsley: ainsley gives great advice don't drink now. steve: unless you are watching us from ireland. ainsley: 5:00 somewhere. brian: that's a different song. steve: let's talk about this. the president of the united states when he was running for president, donald trump made it very clear he would do his best if he becomes president to cut the waste in government. and yesterday we saw trump's skinny budget, a blueprint for $1.1 trillion and there are a bunch of programs that he feels are not effective, a waste of money. they're going to cut them. and the other stuff that he likes and is a benefit to the
4:03 am
country, they are going to -- ainsley: friday we should start with the positive news there are some agencies that are winners in this such as the defense. they are getting a 10% increase. homeland security a 6.8% increase. veterans 5.9% increase. and then school choice they are getting $1.4 billion. brian: health and human services was going to get a cut. faa research going to get a cut. looking to privatize also air traffic controllers, too. so they will get off the books. e.p.a. slammed by about 30%. us did. a and we are going to look climate change state department that whole element is going to be cut out to the tune of overall 30%. what's getting a lot of people up in arms, believe it or not, is the slash of a federally not fully funded but we contribute to pbs and we contribute to the endowment for the arts. steve: sure. regarding pbs. you know, some people who are horrified that trump has suggested this are talking about, you know, and we had a tweet earlier about how to
4:04 am
ivanka trump your father is the one who killed snuf snuff. moved over to hbo. mick mulvaney meanwhile says look, this is about priorities. can we really afford to do some programs that get a lot of money? here he is yesterday at the white house. >> i think it's probably one of the most compassionate things we can do to actually -- >> cut programs. >> you are only focusing on half the equation, right? you are focusing on recipients of the money. we are trying to focus on the recipients of the money and people who give us the money in the first place. simple message by the way. i put myself in the shoes of that steel worker in ohio, the coal mining family in west virginia. the mother of two in detroit and i'm saying okay, i have to go ask these folks for money and i have to tell them where
4:05 am
i'm going to spend it. can i really go to those folks, look them in the eye and say look, i want to take money from you and give it to the corporation for public broadcasting. that's a hard sell and something we don't think we can defend anymore. brian: very interesting tact there. it's not his money or reporter's money. other people contributing to this and ferreting it to other people in need. what about meals on wheels don't elderly people have to eat? he said listen they do but other people have to eat. using their money. ainsley: don't say we are insensitive. we are so compassionate that we care about where your tax dollars are being spent. steve: ultimately do you really think that washington, d.c. has spent your money wisely? that's what he is saying. 80s ains might not be talking about this. might not have to cut if they weren't putting shrimp on the treadmill and waste things. tattoo removal. that's where our tax dollars are going. that's where the stories were
4:06 am
for so long. the president said no more of that. steve: is he talking about getting rid of whole government agencies which is refreshing. meanwhile jane has emailed thus morning she says i support president trump's budget especially cuts to the arts. it's about time they grew up and stood on their own feet. bye-bye big bird. brian: of course jamie lee curtis came out and condemned the national endowment of the arts and here is the response from mark. jamie lee curtis is worth $35 million. other actors are worth a lot more. let them support the arts. ainsley: thank you so much for sending in your comments. keep those coming because we will talk about them throughout the show. steve: do you like what the president of the united states is trying to do with this or do you think they are making unnecessary cuts that will harm people? let us know on he. brian: couple things without cutting entitlements, the discretionary party of the budget is getting smaller and smaller number one. number two is the best thing would be to get more money to
4:07 am
come in by growing the economy. steve: sure. brian: if the president gets his way and starts growing it 3% and 4%. a lot of programs get funded. steve: doing healthcare that's that is squishy on capitol hill. meanwhile in the briefing room at the white house yesterday. brian: crazy. steve: it was a crazy day. tape released by mike morell used to be one of the top guys at the cia. this whole trump colluded with the russians thing nothing to that absolutely nothing to that. brian: five days prior james clapper said when i left office in the middle of january we saw no collusion between the two. steve: then you have top guys up in congress saying from what we have seen we haven't seen anything to suggest that barack obama wiretapped president donald trump. that led to some back and forth about media bias. here is sean spicer versus the world. >> it's interesting to me
4:08 am
that, you know, just as a point of interest that when one entity says one thing that proves -- that claims one thing you guys cover it ad nauseam. when debbie nunez said it's very possible, yesterday, there was crickets from you guys. [inaudible] >> i understand that, jonathan, where was your passion and where was your concern when they all said there was no connection to russia? where was it then? crickets from you guys. it's interesting how when evidence comes out and people briefed on the russia connection comes out and say there was nothing that they have seen to prove the connection, you choose not to cover that you don't stop the narrative. you continue to perpetuate a false narrative. >> it sounds like, sean, you and the president are saying now we don't mean wiretapping anymore. that's not true anymore. >> no, that's not. >> other forms of surveillance. what's it going to be next. >> jim, i think that's cute but at the end of the day we talked about this for three or four days. brian: this the is issue. the senate intelligence committee came out and said so far we saw nothing to indicate
4:09 am
that president obama in an organized fashion wiretapped the trump organization when they were trying to become the next president of the united states. and the house said it the day before this is republicans and democrats together. then sean spicer delayed his presser for an hour. the thought was that he is preparing some type of response, knowing that the president, too said yesterday to tucker, carlson, i need a couple of weeks and i will be able to bring something forward reveal some things. steve: which would be great. keep in mind we had sharyl attkisson on this program somebody who has personally been surveilled by the government. she says the intelligence apparatus in the world today has ways to surveil you, you know, at the direction of somebody where there are absolutely no fingerprints. there is no authorization. it's scary stuff, according to her. ainsley: sean spicer is defending the president. that's his job to defend the president. he says, you know, we need to have an investigation and get to the bottom of this and see if it did happen. brian: if that tweet didn't go out two weeks ago. he said some have said that perhaps the previous
4:10 am
administration were wiretapping me. we're going to look into that. he tweeted out even though we put wiretapping in quotes so definitively it's what all his critics go wild. and even though this story from russia has proven to be exactly what the president said, no there there, they are running with the tweet. and they are not letting go of the tweet. ainsley: whether or not it happened, we don't know. it is interesting that we do know that sharyl attkisson she experienced. so did our own james rosen and other people as well. it's just shouldn't have happened at all. steve: auto media bias, why aren't you guys revealing more about collusion thing. brian: press as crazy as i have ever seen. steve: you want to go on outside? ainsley: go on out. brian: where are you going? steve: she is going outside because. ainsley: a bagel. steve: half hour ago we started a test. when it comes to hard food is now the half hour rule. ainsley is going to go outside. steve: put on a coat.
4:11 am
brian: it's been about 20 minutes. ainsley: why aren't you volunteering to do. this i'm eating the wet bagel on the floor of the plaza. brian, wussification of america, again. leave it to the ladies, julian, right? julian, why don't you take over from here? stepping up for you. brian: that was a exit toss. julian: i want the green bagel. steve: another half hour that bagel is going to be green. julian: enough with you guys. we have breaking news. now straight to a fox news alert. it's breaking as we speak. a horrifying scene described as catastrophic after a house explodes in the middle of the night. this home in maryland right outside washington, d.c. scattered into a million pieces. you are looking at new video that's live from the scene right now. the homeowner still unaccounted for and several houses nearby were also damaged. it's unclear what caused the blast. but it was up to -- it was felt up to a mile away.
4:12 am
also breaking right now, secretary of state rex tillerson exclusively telling fox news the united states will equip our allies with nuclear weapons if north korea's threats estimate. the nation's top diplomat meeting with the prime minister of south korea saying a military action is an option and it's on the table. >> the policy of strategic patience has ended. if they elevate the threat of their weapons program. to a level that we believe requires action. that option is on the table. julian: secretary tillerson is wrapping up first three-point asia and china tomorrow. those are your headlines. steve: all right. thank you very much, julian. now we go outside once again. we have been testing the five-second rule is now the half hour rule when it comes to hard surfaces and hard food. brian: ainsley, that's been on the ground for 25 minutes.ainsl. um-huh.
4:13 am
[yuck] he. ainsley: that's the only thing i hate is hair. a little girt, no big deal. if there were an ant on it no big deal. steve: the streets of new york city are absolutely clean. sure there was a snow storm. ainsley: anyone want one? we're having breakfast out here. brian: i give it up for lent. ainsley: if you go to wikipedia and learn about saint patrick's day and gave something up for lent you get a pass today. i read it on wikipedia. how does it taste? >> delicious. ainsley: you gave up cas carbs? >> are you kidding? look at me. ainsley: add butter. brian: anyone carrying around a base drum on fifth avenue is not worrying about carbs. steve: the cardinal said can you eat brisket. ainsley: gave up alcohol can you drink today? >> i might need a shot in
4:14 am
order to eat food off the ground. steve: thank you very much. brian: might need help. dr. siegel is coming up shortly to see if she survives. steve: illegals sanctuary city shouldn't mess with this sheriff. >> it is not a sanctuary county. buke county is a county that follows the law. brian: he did his best clinton eastwood. brian: break them down because you asked. ♪ ♪ grown man now.
4:15 am
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♪ ♪ steve: liberals' hair on fire over president trump's new budget calling it a slap in the face to the american people. how bad is it? eric erickson is the founder of the resurgent a fox news contributor he joins us from down in georgia today. eric, you like the president's plan, don't you? >> yeah, i think it's a pretty conservative budget headed directly in the right direction. steve: all right. some of the things you like, you like the fact we got the winners and losers here.
4:19 am
the military spenting, the spene border wall veterans affairs all wind up with more money. i know you agree with that. >> yes. steve: here are some the losers, the irs, the corporation for public broadcasting. why do you think they should wind up with the ax. >> the organizations have proven themselves not to be pro-united states or pro-any democracy. the irs is just now finding documents related to the tea party scandal. they clearly don't need as much money to go after conservatives. the corporation for public broadcasting for years we were told we had to save big bird. they sold him to hbo. why do they need government money? steve: that's exactly right. if anybody is shocked, they shouldn't be. because it was very clear. donald trump, when he was running for president, was going to suggest these as cuts all along. >> right. and, you know, i'm a little disappointed in republicans who saw this election, which was clearly a shakeup of the status quo will say well, this budget shakes up the status quo.
4:20 am
it's dead on arrival. no, this is something they should consider. these are really good cuts. he wants to cut 18 federal agencies. save $3 billion. we don't need any of the afghanistans he is cutting. steve: paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, lukewarm on it what's up with that? >> it shakes up the status quo. washington on both sides they don't like budgets that contract from the norm. it does so in a good way. puts us on the right direction towards fiscal solvenciy. steve: doesn't this put us on the right direction to draining the swamp? isn't that what people want. >> draining 18 federal agencies that duplicate services and waste money. good right step. mick mulvaney did a good job preparing this budget for the president. the president should be very proud of it can he say a conservative budget putting us in the right direction. steve: all right. it does make some cuts. all right, eric erickson thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> thanks, you two. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, can you get fired for being a trump supporter? one woman finding out the hard
4:21 am
way. she's next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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4:24 am
ainsley: good morning. we have quick headlines for you. a battle over a painting depicting police officers as pigs is heading to court today. democrats and republicans now pushing for a federal judge to decide whether it should be allowed to hang up in the capitol building. right now it is down. and outrage growing at the university of maryland over its catering to illegal immigrants at the taxpayers' expense. the school creating undocumented student coordinator position. just one of 64 demands made by student groups to the school to protect illegals on that campus. brian brian all right. meanwhile, tale as old as time. disney is bringing a fairy tale classic back to life on the big screen.
4:25 am
♪ bo bonjour ♪ there goes the baker ♪ every morning say ♪ a morning that we became. steve: i remember that when it was cartoon. live action beauty and the beast hits theaters everywhere today. founder of nerd kevin mccarthy is here with a review. it sounds great. >> good morning to you guys. an honor to be on your show as always. the movie has a lot of things i liked and disliked unfortunately. disney has had a lot of success recently with the live action remakes. "the jungle book" was a big success. i loved that film by jon favreau and cinderella. i will start off with the positive. dan stephens is phenomenal as the beast. the cool thing is when you go to the movies this weekend and you see this gigantic beast on screen is he obviously cgi they had an actor behind that character playing it.
4:26 am
so he actually stood on 10-inch stilts and he had a huge body suit on with marker dots all over his body and also did facial capture so the performance actually comes through the digital character very similar to what andy circus did as golam in the lord of the rings. he actually dropped his voice down to the beast level. they do add some bass. listen to sound bite closely as his name and face changes. watch. this what would a guy who is very vain suddenly cursed with this look and given hideous teeth how would his mouth you try to try hang the fangs and your mouth ends up going quite down on top of which is he a very, very grumpy character. your mouth gets longer. and larynx stretched and voice comes out very much deeper and speaking from the bottom of his body. and he is also a big guy. there is a lot of resonance there.
4:27 am
>> isn't that insane? did you hear his voice dropped? so crazy how he did that. steve: so how many stars? >> i gave the movie a three. here's why. the things i didn't like about the film. i love the character of belle, but to me emma watson was not a strong enough sing tore take on this character. the music in the film is so memorable and so classic, i don't think her voice was strong enough for the role as you heard in the bump-in clip. do i think she is a good actress. i loved her in harry potter. i don't think she was the right fit for this role. andy not feel her connection with the beast. on the other hand, there are two characters in the film, gaston and lafu. they are the best part of this movie. i sat down to talk about a funny scene where they gaston and spells him for the first time. watch this. >> give me of examples of things did you to make him break. >> the one with the one that says you are illiterate. right?
4:28 am
g-a-s-t-t. there's another t. i have never said this out loud. i have never actually spelled it out loud before. >> the gentleman on the left was also olaf in frozen. amazing actor. josh gad. he is fantastic. the movie is not as good as the original film. the 1990 much better. i wish they had a stronger actress for belle. ainsley: come to life like animated version. >> totally. you have ian playing cotion worth. emma thompson. ainsley: no angela lands burrbury? >> not in this one. the supporting cast is better than the leading cast in this movie. brian: i levied her in murder shmurdershe wrote. i heard they bailed out of a major purchase. you say they are still really
4:29 am
entranced by it? steve: what is china trying to do to tinseltown? >> so here's the interesting thing about what's happening in china. a lot of talk about box office in china becoming bigger than the united states. certain films being tailor made for the chinese audience. three films i looked up i thought was very interesting. warcraft for example was a movie that 'did 220 million in china alone. only 47 million here in the u.s. the great wall which is a film i reviewed recently on your show with matt damon that did 170 million in china but only 44 million in the u.s. i feel like there are films being made specifically for china. but with american actors. so it's an interesting thing that's happening. but then there is another side to the story. "star wars" had an example where their mone movie made morn the u.s. than china. certain films are certain made for the chinese audience. brian: steve, this is great news for you. you have that screenplay now
4:30 am
not a bad guy. perfect opportunity to put it out there and get it cast and get it financed. >> great idea. ainsley: you can have this great musician in another country and doesn't do as well or sell as many albums here. steve: loses something in the translation. >> totally. steve: chinese money coming into hollywood. >> i completely agree. steve: the question is how is that going to wind up? what's the end of that story? all right. >> we will see what happens there. yeah. steve: all right. thank you very much for joining us live today. ainsley: all right. illegals looking for a sanctuary city shouldn't mess with this sheriff. >> butte county is not a sanctuary county. butte county is a county that follows the law. ainsley: he has a whole lot more to say about that, too. brian: i hope. so president trump and g.o.p. leaders their plan to repeal and replace obamacare is going to pass. what about patient? are they going to be happy about it. a fiery debate between
4:31 am
dr. marc siegel and ezekiel emanuel, i did not see him in the hall. ♪ come on, come on ♪ say you will ♪
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
♪ ♪ [bagpipes] ♪ brian: we put whiskey in front of the new york metro pipe band and we want to see who is going to be the first one to break. this game is that's going to capture the nation's imagination. ainsley: if you build it with whiskey will they come? brian: will they drink it? we will find out. steve: steve. ainsley: why did you move
4:35 am
over, brian because this guy was sitting next to you. steve: leprechaun. brian: is it good luck or bad luck for them? what is the thing with that? steve: i know we had a leprechaun in the studio a few years ago. that did not turn out well. maybe it could be bad luck. brian: we did not know we had to give him a breathalyzer before he got here. ainsley: go out there and look for a four leaf clover. we will have headlines. brian: fiery healthcare debate coming your way. steve: julian? julian: make sure it's fiery. breaking overnight a cop killer may be off the streets thanks to bombshell evidence. accused of ambushing two police officers in detroit wednesday night. authorities now say his d.n.a. at the crime scene is linked to the murder of wayne state university officer sergeant collin rhodes. he was killed execution-style last november. and if you are illegal and looking for a place to stay in the united states, don't even think about setting foot in one colorado county. the sheriff there says his town followed the rules.
4:36 am
>> butte county is not a sanctuary county. butte county is a county that follows the law. what i do as sheriff is do my best to make decisions that ensure that the public is safe. julian: the sheriff oppose as state bill that would make parts of colorado sanctuary. saying it bans local law enforcement from cooperating with the feds. and a new feud sparking on the senate floor after senator john mccain outright accuses fellow republican senator rand paul of working for russia. >> they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of vladimir putin and i do not say that lightly. i repeat again. the senator from kentucky is now working for vladimir putin. julian: mccain referring to paul's objection to allowing the tiny country troy become a member of united nations. senator rand paul defends himself saying quote it is unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of
4:37 am
the united states giving the burden of our 20 trillion-dollar debt. maybe that's a fair point. and one of the nation's top universities is now backtracking after being accused of firing a law enforcement dispatcher over her political views. kim deerman says the university of wisconsin has canned her for supporting president trump's immigration halt. >> i had a casual conversation with the young lady that i was training. apparently she was offended by it, by me indicating that i thought terrorists or immigrants should be sent back to their middle eastern country. julian: following the backlash she has been offered job back but says she is worried about returning. those are your headlines for right now. brian: thank you, julian, appreciate it president trump and g.o.p. leadership are confident in their plan to repeal and replace obamacare on many levels. what are patients saying after all isn't that what counts? what do they want from the new
4:38 am
plan that obamacare is not offering? here to discuss this is fox news medical a team dr. marc siegel and obamacare architect and fox news contributor dr. ezekiel emanuel. thank you for being here. dr. emanuel i know you like your plan. after all, you helped give birth to it. if you could add something to it, to make it better, what would it be for the patient? >> well, i think there are two things we really need to do. one, it's quite clear that the american public is upset about deductibles and how much they need to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in. we definitely need to bring that down. interestingly, when the congressional budget office evaluated the most recent republican plan, they said deductibles would go up. that is going in the wrong direction. so i think we need to make healthcare more affordable and the flip side of that is we need to pay doctors and hospitals differently so that they actually are interested in keeping people healthy and don't just get paid when they treat the sick.
4:39 am
i think that's a lot of what the public really wants. some of the things they really likeside no deductibles, no co-pays for prevention. i think that's really important. no deductibles and co-pays for three primary care visits. i think that's also important to keep. brian: dr. siegel, you know what's put out there now and what's got to be fixed. one thing that drives people crazy is huge deductibles they say i might not as well have insurance. >> for the deductibles to come down, i don't think we can continue to spread our resources across the entire population. let me say what i mean by that the mandates are not popular. we get rid of the individual mandate, then there is going to be more choice in the system. what are your choices? if we leave all preexisting conditions in place, then everyone is baying for everyone else. listen to this. 5% of americans use up 50% of outline hurricanhealthcare cost. 5% use up 50%. dr. emanuel wants all the essential benefits in. i think the government, we
4:40 am
have got to look at the role of government. the government should protect us against the plague. should protect us against hoping. the role of the government is not to make sure that we have no co-pay on a colonoscopy. i love cyclone scopes. i love mammograms. i order them on every win of my patients. if you have the government making sure that isn't provided, premiums are going to stay high and deductibles will stay high. we need ala cart menu. brian: that's one the phrases i never thought i would hear i love colonoscopies. i know what you are talking about. >> i love what they find. >> let's hope he is not ordering them on every one of his patients since people over 50 and under 75 should not be getting that. >> of course. >> we need to be careful we don't overuse and drive up healthcare costs without getting necessary benefits. let me just say one thing. by cutting and having a, quote, ala cart menu, all you end up doing is asking people to pay for their own healthcare and to pay out of pocket. and that's not possible.
4:41 am
the reason 5% of people are using 50% of costs is that they are sick. they have cancer. they have serious heart disease. and they can't pay for all the services they need out of their own pocket. that's why we have insurance. so spread the costs across everyone and across a lifetime. brian: having said everything we want idealistically the plan that ryan put forward, the best you know of it, they are going to make changes in the fourth committee and bring it to the house. can you give me two things you would like to see practically changed? first dr. siegel? two things that ryan has got to add? >> first of all, i wants to see high risk pools. i want to see more choice. because you know what? innovation cannot be covered by one size fits all insurance. i want to agree with dr. emanuel on one thing. i want to see the medicaid expansion preserved. i want to see it made more efficient by our medicaid czar. i want to see bridge-to-jobs put. in i want to see premium pay-ins on it. cut down on medicaid cost without getting ethics packages that will bring in some democrats. brian: dr. emanuel couple
4:42 am
things you want paul ryan to do before it comes to the house. >> they do have 100 billion-dollar stabilization fund in there i don't want that cut. basically that does provide some reinsurance to the insurance companies and additional subsidies for people who are sick and are having a hard time buying insurance. both of those things are really important to actually having a good and stable health insurance market. and i think they need to be preserved. the right wing, the freedom caucus does not like those things. they find them more quote, unquote, bail-outs. they are very, very essential. i think you have an agreement here that preserving the expansion of medicaid is really important. remember the ryan proposal, when scored, will mean that one in five americans will not have insurance. that is not a good place to be. that's the reason -- let me just finish. one in five people will not be insured. that means -- that's why the ama, american hospital association is against this bill. >> we have a catastrophic option. if we have a catastrophic
4:43 am
option. brian: all right. guys. thank you very much. dr. siegel and dr. emanuel thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, ivanka trump sitting down with latina business leader and she is here to talk about it plus, president trump definitely not loving this mcdonald's we did the. so does the ham bloomberg glory really just hack the hamburger account. carlie shimkus will be here without drinking the whiskey. bl.
4:44 am
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♪ ♪ about. ainsley: well, it was a meeting filled morning at the white house yesterday as first daughter ivanka trump sat down
4:47 am
for round table discussion with latina business leaders. we will be talking to a guest who was there coming up in the show. right now we are going to hand it over to carlie shimkus who is following social media and what's trending today. steve: what's up with mcdonald's and twitter account. >> who cares about mcdonald's aren't we eating corn beef and cabbage today? mcdonald's became this epicenter of political talk yesterday after somebody sent out anti-trump tweet using the company twitter handle. brian: here it is. >> that tweet said @ real donald trump you are actually a disgusting excuse for a president. and we would love to have barack obama back. also you have tiny hands. steve: where did it come from? >> mcdonald's conducted an investigation they are saying external source sent out the tweet. they are saying they are innocent wasn't somebody that worked for the company. this led a lot of people wonder who the guilty culprit might be. a lot of people were talking about it i think we have a couple tweets.
4:48 am
brian: they say robert gibson communication there healing things or might have been behind it? >> a lot of people think the hamburglar. brian: what else are they saying? >> another twitter user notified us our account compromised. we deleted that tweet. that's mcdonald's saying that absolutely. there is a whole bunch of tweets rolling in on this topic as well. brian: what's the next trend? we'll talk about mick mulvaney and what happened with his triplitt's? >> another member of the press gave -- another member of trump's team gave the media dressing down not for mick mulvaney but take a listen. >> i'm going to call on the "new york times" because they're in trouble. they printed this morning that i'm the father of 17-year-old triplet girls. my 17-year-old daughter really wishes that were happy -- really wishes that had happened but my two 17-year-old sons are really upset. he. >> got the gender wrong. we did give the "new york times" credit. you got the number of kids
4:49 am
right but got the gender wrong. steve: #fake kids. ainsley: chelsea clinton has children's book coming out. >> the title is she persisted. does that remind you of anything. that reminds you of when mitch mcconnell said when explaining why they silenced elizabeth warren. a lot of people are wondering about this one. tweets coming in here. let's listen to the sound bite of mitch mcconnell. brian: let's relive it. >> she was warned. she was given an explanation. nevertheless, she persisted. steve: that's where it came from. >> a lot of talk on this. michelle says it's time to stop using that phrase. she persisted through what? an entitle life as photo prop for he daddy and money laundering momma. she persisted to whine until the clinton finally paid for her wedding a lot of
4:50 am
controversy over a children's book. brian: i think chelsea will end up running for office soon. why else would she be talking so much. ainsley: i tried and tried and tried to get an interview with her during of the campaign, no, no, no. brian: now she is talking now that it doesn't matter. >> come on the show, chelsea, we would love to talk to you. steve: we tried to get her mom and dad they were all busy. brian: good job. have to do radio. >> we should all get into the warm. it a little cold. brian: these guys don't mind it though. ainsley: get out to the pub as little later this afternoon. >> love it. ainsley: actually you don't need to leave. have you got one here. brian: thanks a lot, carlie. see you on channel 115 over on sirius. ivanka trump sitting down with latina business leaders. sit down with one at the table to give us a play by play. steve: ladies and gentlemen, would you like to start your engines? [bagpipes] ♪
4:51 am
[bagpipes] ♪ and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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♪ ainsley: president trump not the only one working to create jobs. his daughter ivanka sat down with latina business leaders yesterday. one of them the ceo and co-founder of cian plus. lily guild valetta. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. ainsley: thank you. tell me about this round table discussion. it was at the white house? >> it was actually not at the white house. we were at the mayflower hotel. a very private, intimate room.
4:55 am
there was about a dozen of us. ainsley: only 12 people sitting at the table with ivanka. >> i know. yes. ainsley: what did you think of her. >> it was delightful. we read about her desire to help women and we could see it genuinely in the meeting. it was an amazing moment. it was facilitated by the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce that obviously is a body that aggregates us as one body. ainsley: the chamber of commerce asked her to do this. she said yes and sat down with you guys. what did you discuss. >> we started by getting to know each other. there was a nice discussion around the table who we are and what we do and what our journeys are especially some of us who are immigrants different story. we talked about shared priorities. how can we work together as one body of women? because women are actually driving the growth in new firms. small business owners and minority women are actually doing it 10 times more. ainsley: right. >> there is an opportunity for us to work together. the entire personal economy rises. that was the core of our session. ainsley: how is she going to
4:56 am
take that conversation and apply to t. to what's happening in government? >> it was interesting that she said the day after the election she realized all of the sudden she had the biggest platform she could have ever hoped for for women. ainsley: um-huh. >> while she does not work for the administration as we know. she did ask us, tell me any good ideas you may have that i could bring forward. of course with her father or the administration. ainsley: um-huh. >> she is looking for that innovation what is working and what is not. we shared those with her. ainsley: she has been criticized posted beautiful pictures of her family. as a working mother of three do you know how hard that is? she posted pictures and criticized for it. as women i feel we need to stick together and work together and have open dialogues like you did. >> absolutely. you know a lot of people look at these women issues and say here we go, the women again. complaining about this or that. but the numbers are real. and if we are driving the growth in new firms and small businesses drive the growth in new jobs yet we don't have our full share of revenues that's
4:57 am
going to effect everybody's economy. ainsley: thank you so much. keep meeting with her and let us know. >> i will. ainsley: we have geraldo in the pub, of course. next. ♪ allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie.
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♪ >> hoed on. hold on. let me, i'm trying to answer your question, jonathan. if you can calm down. >> craziest thing i've seen at the white house. >> the white house unveiling its $1.1 trillion budget. >> this budget is slap in the face. >> corporation for public broadcasting for years we had to save big bird. they sold him to hbo. why did they need government money? >> united states will equip allies with nuclear weapons if north korea's threats escalate. >> the politics of strategic patience ended. >> northwestern has advanced. >> yada-yada, northwestern has the first-ever ncaa tournament victory.
5:01 am
>> five-second rule when it comes to hard rule is half hour rule. ainsley will bo outside. >> why are you volunteering to do this? was syification of america again. brian: that has been on the ground for 25 minutes. ainsley: big deal, brian. still tastes great. ♪ brian: wow. by the way the best part, this
5:02 am
is metro -- steve: metro pipe band. brian: the best part was cut out. ainsley, you took a bite of the paying billion. steve: on the floor for half an hour. brian: you ask the base drummer. he says, do i look like i mind? ainsley: he was a good sport. if you're just joining us the reason we did this story, geraldo because there is a new study. you know the five-second rule. >> drop it, pick it up. i have five children. ainsley: now it's a 30 minute rule if it it is dry. >> i lived in apartments if you left it down there for 30 minutes it would be carried away. ainsley: i heard there were more rats in the city than there are people. >> that is another story. steve: st. patrick's day. geraldo -- >> start with me taking a shot
5:03 am
of whiskey. brian: you mean hypothetically. >> hypothetically. steve: i can smell it. >> still legal? >> steve: no, it is fine. the president and the budget director unveiled the budget plan. there are big cuts to a number of programs. a number of liberals hair on fire because you can't do that they say. >> well you know, it is a harsh budget in terms of ideology and philosophy of what government is supposed to do. if government's prime role is to defend the nation, that is what president trump is going to do. $54 billion moving from other programs into defense. everybody wants a strong defense. it's a great issue to campaign on until they recognize and realize the program being cut to fund the $54 billion is the program they counted on. for instance, my wife's family cleveland. cuyahoga river. set fire. lake erie was a cesspool.
5:04 am
$300 billion being cut from the program. the lake has been, i wouldn't say it is pristine yet, but it really has recovered. there is a federal program that has done a good job. i don't want to get obsessed about that but it is upsetting to people like rob portman, republican senator and it's a swing state. i think we have to rethink that. steve: we have limited resources. >> no doubt. steve: what to spend money, do you think washington for the most part spends money wisely? >> didn't your children watch big bird and "sesame street." brian: watched the electric company. has a better message. steve: my kids growing up were watching fox news channel. >> your kids are sew great. ainsley: that you will kill big bird really? that is not happening. >> here is another example, that is absolutely true. i think those kind of programs can compete. i don't worry about that. steve: plenty of choices. >> i don't worry about that
5:05 am
nearly as much. my first job out of law school was legal services attorney. i provided free legal counseling to poor people being evicted by predatory landlords. people being abused by loan-sharks who were charging them, 20, 40, 50, 500% on their loans. to now gut that program. the united nations. is the united states always paid a disproportionate share of the united nations. to cut back so severely on the state department. ainsley: what is the president is doing, if you're a father you have how many children? >> five. ainsley: what if you had to make a decision whether or not to pay for school and music class and an art class but you don't have the money to pay for the class you have to cut them out temporarily until you get back on track. i feel like that is what the president's doing because we're in debt. >> the problem, ainsley, i really do believe that when you examine some of the programs being cut, like appalachian
5:06 am
regional assistance in various areas, those are all people who voted for president trump. you know, 50 years old to 65 years old, mostly white folks. they will get severe cuts heading their way. will they feel the same about the 45th president, when the check they personally get at end of the month or service they come to rely on no longer exists? ainsley: not as if they don't have a budget. they're still getting a budget. they will have to decide what's important. >> right. but i think the operative word what you just said which is absolutely correct, is they, who is they? will congress make hard choices? the budget director, he is absolutely unapologetic what is going on. listen, you can't have both. unless you have a swelling
5:07 am
5:08 am
he could assist everybody answering all the questions. by releasing some form of his
5:09 am
income tax that people have been crying for. maybe not the complex whole thing, you know, with, you know, 16 million items to it. it is not an unreasonable demand and others have heeded. steve: when geraldo came in. we saw the sean spicer thing going back and forth. i asked you whether or not you thought donald trump running for president was being surveiled. you said yes. >> this is why i think there was some kind of surveilance. i think surveillance almost inevitably requires wiretapping. listen what i say now, there is a very careful distinction. i do not allege there is fisa warrant that they were going after the trump campaign or trump transition and people engaged in it. it is entirely possible, indeed likely, as they surveiled a
5:10 am
russian operative, being ambassador -- steve: incidental clubbing shun. >> if the, if rusky is talking to general mike tall flynn, general michael nine is being surveiled on a though it surveillance is not on michael flynn. it is on rursy ru. i hasten to add even in incidental collection there is no evidence of any kind of collusion that would be considered immoral or unpatriot trick. steve: are you saying he has a point. >> he has a point but he is far too clumsy, and i love him. >> steve. you can't get, what i just said three minutes to explain, it wasn't 140 characters. i didn't tweet it out. when you start tweeting thingsç impetuously without a explanation, this should have, a tweet should have a reference to the two paragraphs to say what
5:11 am
you really meant. when you tweet out president obama's sick, bad, surveilling me, wiretapping me, whatever he said, that is the kind of thing that throws administration off message. we don't concentrate on issues like real good debate, it is a real good debate on the budget. where do you stand idealogically, philosophically, impact there. what are good discussions to have. spontaneous combustion, like 5:30 a.m. tweet? it takes the air out of the public forum for three days or a week or we're still talking about it. steve: russian thing would be completely done now if it were not for that. >> i wish he would call me before he completed. look at me. i tweeted a nude selfie. i'm not exactly a pair gone of virtue. don't call geraldo. steve: you were not nude. you had on a towel. what were you drinking? >> just, should be st. patrick's
5:12 am
day. my sister sharon's birthday. happy birthday. brian: that doesn't get you out of a present. >> we're seeing her and grandma. 9 years old in zare -- 98 years old in sarasota. actually i'm there in arizona. today i can be irish. steve: geraldo, thank you very much. have a nice weekend. >> you too. brian: let me tell you, you guys clearly haven't read -- ainsley: we don't know. asking. brian: hashtag sweeping social media challenging you to come up with the best name for liberal mascots. you're responses are hilarious. we'll share some of our favorites next. and some we don't like. ♪
5:13 am
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why do so many businesses rely on the u.s. postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. ♪ that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you ♪ brian: st. patrick's day is here. everyone is focusing on it. we're focusing on somebody
5:17 am
wearing a green tie in the press office in the media room was sean spicer. mick mulvaney could not look more irish. >> i was paying attention to the fighting storm. brian: there was a lot of tempers going back and forth. they were delayed for an hour before they got started. a lot of people thought it was because the senate intelligence committee came out and said we found no evidence ofç wiretappg at trump tower. ainsley: here is the gist of it. he got into a fight with couple reporters from abc. steve: coup of them. jim acosta. ainsley: he says you're covering wiretap stuff but not covering the collusion, there was no collusion with russia. listen to this happened in the press briefing room at the white house. >> it's interesting to me that you know, just as point of interest, when, one says one thing, proves that claims one thing, you guys cover it ad nauseum.
5:18 am
when devin nunes came out and said very possible yesterday, there was crickets from you twice. there was -- i understand that, jonathan. where was your passion and concern when they all said there was no connection to russia? where was it then? you crickets from you device. interesting how evidence comes out and people briefed on russian connection saying nothing they have seen prove as connection, you choose not to cover that you don't stop the narrative. continue to perpetuate a false narrative. >> sounds like sean, you and president are not saying that we don't need wiretapping. that is not true. there are other forms of surveillance. what is it going to be next. >> jim that is cute, at end of the day we talked about this for three or four days. steve: larger point is media bias. sean spicer is absolutely right. the way the press initially covered the donald trump got elected president of the united states was because he was in bed with russians. well that has since been disproven. mike morell was on.
5:19 am
he did some sort of panel discussion. they ran audio last night there was some smoke but there was absolutely no fire. there was no collusion. we just had geraldo on. he said he felt that given what the president had tweeted out that morning, probably was picked up with some incidental collection, something that the intelligence community does all the time. brian: but what he did, what president trump did wrong is say he knew. so is saying two more weeks, he wants a couple more weeks to show what he has. he thinks it will change the conversation. when a current president says something like that about a past president, it's huge news. steve: it is. brian: so herman cain weighed in last night. >> they are obsessed with trying to destroy him. but you know what, sean? what i'm hearing from the listeners, it's not working. people are not stupid and they are aware of this attempt on
5:20 am
their part to destroy this administration, this president, but it is not working. steve: north working according to herman cain. what do you think? do you think it's working? do you think that is what the mainstream media are doing or what? ainsley: they telling both sides of the story? are they being fair? brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. 40 minutes into the top of the hour. in an hour 40 minutes it will be two hours away. ainsley: what? now i'm really confused. steve: were you into the whiskey in the pub. brian: geraldo walked by me and breathed on me. blocking the president's immigration order but turns out that state hasn't accepted any refugees from the six countries being banned in the last year. how does that mske any sense? judge jeanine pirro is tasked making sense of that. i hope she is up to the challenge. steve: she will be here in two minutes after this. ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
z2a1gz zx9z y2a1gy yx9y
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ brian: when i think st. patrick's day i am wondering who in the build something lebanese? [laughter] come up with jeanine pirro. >> i have on my green earings and green shoes and i just ate a green apple. happen st. patrick's day. i'm catholic. steve: talk a little bit about something that made big news couple days ago, this hawaiian judge put on ice the president's temporary travel ban, 2.0. the question is hawaii, what do they have involved in their
5:25 am
personal -- in their situation that would regard this? >> well you know, what hawaii said was, look, this is going to be terrible. it is going to have incredible impact on our economy because we're not going to have any students coming from these countries. hello. you don't have anyone coming from these countries anyway. i mean this is the most hypocritical reaction to the president and this executive order. look, the bottom line is, you have got a judge here, who bottom line hates donald trump. he is saying -- brian: appointed by president obama. >> he is an obama appointee, he is saying what i'm going to do, not look at executive order, based on the four corners of the order itself, i will assess it based on things that donald trump said during the ou imagine if he said that to any corporation in america, i will not judge this contract by what it says in the contract but rather what this guy said at a bar the other night or what he said to a friend the other day. that is just hogwash.
5:26 am
and this is the establishment clause affects someone who lives in somalia who is not a citizen, has nothing to do with this country, no nexus, no connection, no tam family. this is absurd. ainsley: judge, you have this judge with the ninth circuit who lives in hawaii, but hawaii according to this article does not or has not taken in any refugees. brian: iran, libya, sudan, syria, yemen,. >> none, zero. i think all refugees will go to hawaii, they have a nexus, a connection to the lawsuit because right now i don't think they have standing. the establishment clause does not allow these people -- you do not cloak individuals who are not citizens of the united states, who live in foreign countries, you do not cloak them with the copstution of the united states. brian: if barack obama was president of the united states and handed the same ban, this six-nation pause to this, to put it out there, it would have passed. >> not only they say this passes constitutional muster, here is a
5:27 am
president who has our security and our interests at stake. here is a president who understands the constitution, who knows that he has the right to protect us. brian: what's next? >> what's next? ninth circuit. it is the ninth circus. that is a joke. that is why they did itç in hawaii, they have no standing no nexus, no connection. steve: there is a story out congress is splitting the ninth circuit, half the country geographically in two? is that a good idea? >> we double the idiocy. steve: according to the online machine, interwill be, apparently a number of people are suggesting that people should boycott hawaii because of this? >> well certainly i'm not going to say to do that but what i would say is this? you know what? you do not and should never have hypocrisy in the courts. that is what is happening right now. we are at a very critical point in this country when judges start making decisions that are
5:28 am
contrary to the fundamentals not only of the constitution of basic contract law where you look at an instrument, executive order and say, i'm not going to assess it based on what it says, i assess it what he said three months ago. i've been a judge. i did this. brian: what is interesting the president read, read the rule out in nashville the other night. listen you don't need a law degree to understand this. for the safety of our country the president has the right to do this. >> it's crazy. it is absolutely crazy. brian: shed as bad light on judiciary system. the longer he fights, better he will look. >> the better he will look. for the president, for donald trump i know, you should have stuck with the first one and taken it to the supreme court. that's the president that i love. you know what? he is right. brian: he was mad at attorney general sessions for recusing himself. >> you know what? in this day -- look, the sessions is an honorable guy. he is an ethical guy.
5:29 am
but in this political day and age, to do that is almost an admission to the left that you know what? we made a mistake. i did something wrong. holing wash. he didn't do anything wrong. ainsley: judge, thank you so much. steve: got her all fired up. >> it is going to be either. steve: you always come in -- >> i'm very calm. brian: because of your rivalry with ainsley. >> i love ainsley! ainsley: what is the grade your mom give you? >> i don't know she will tell me after this. from elmira. ainsley: esther is her name. esther in the bible. strong woman. >> that's right. steve: you looked down at your phone. you thought it was your mom, didn't you. >> no, i wasn't. i hoped i turned it off. ainsley: tear down the cross, the pc police are back. it time going after tribute to our veterans. steve: we're decked out in green. the original color of saint pat
5:30 am
trick's day was blue? brian: yep. steve: we're testing everybody's st. paddy's day knowledge with trivia after the after quicktimeout. brian: it is not st. paddy's. it is st. patrick's. ♪ but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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steve: 2 1/2 hours from right now the st. patrick's day parade kicks off in new york city. hundreds of thousands of people will brave the cold as has the new york metro pipe band. look there, a bunch of people in played. ainsley: lookky. we will join them out there or try to answer trivia questions about st. patrick's day. is it st. patrick or st. paddy? >> st. patrick's. there is no st. paddy. this is a man. patrick is a man. ainsley: we didn't know if that was a man or not. brian: that was not a true story. that was a documentary. by the way i need to find my coat. ainsley: he will find his coat. we'll all find our coats. is it paddy? >> i'm going with patrick but i like paddy. i'm feeling the paddy. brian, borrow my coat if you need it. we'll bring you breaking news.
5:35 am
there is incredible video in of devastating mudslides happening in peru. a woman was caught in the danger. [shouting] you can see the woman clawing her way out of muddy debris. she was eventually rescued thankfully. this terrifying scene unfolded after three days of solid rainfall. the extreme weather expected to carry on two more weeks. breaking overnight, a cop killer may be off the street. ray manned durham, a violent well-known offender, was accused ambushing two police officers in detroit last night. authorities say his dna is linked to the murder of wayne state university officer colin rhodes who was killed execution-style just this past november. facebook coming under fire over wooden cross dedicated to our nation's veterans. a atheist were outraged after
5:36 am
they taken outside after building in longwood, florida. the mayor is firing back saying it is staying where it is. >> it is historical honor that was bestowed upon those folks. so we believe it has every right to be in the city hall. >> the cross was part of a traveling vietnam memorial donated to the city. and liberal snowflakes hiding in safe spaces now have their own anthem. ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces, if you don't go with us, then you must be racist ♪ >> two comedienne country stars with pretty good voices are taking a stance for conservatives in america with a tribute to snowflakes everywhere. friends in safe space as political spin on garth brook's song, "friends in low places." we have how many snowflakes
5:37 am
started crying from hearing song. barbara on facebook. love it. truth hurts snowflakes but refreshing to hear it. cindy postings on twitter this, is great,ju up there with the most wonderful time in eight years. a new xmas tune, my new military family can love. and those are your headlines. now out to brian, steve, and ainsley who have the honor of being outside right now. steve: we are indeed. we've been celebrating st. patrick's day all morning long but how much do you really know about this irish festivity? brian: that is a good question, steve. ainsley, say something. ainsley: here to test our luck with some st. patrick's day trivia, is the whiskey ambassador jane marr. steve: what is dew? >> the initials of cities working in ireland late 1800s. daniel, e. williams. we honor him on every bottle.
5:38 am
isn't that cool. brian: a lot of people honor generals. he made great whiskey. >> we have our priorities right. steve: people are on a pub crawl take as couple hours. you have been on a pub tour for a month? >> nine weeks. i've been touring the united states speaking out about our great due and approve pairs. steve: what did you find out. ainsley: i'm from the south. you discovered something we hold near and dear to our hearts, cracker barrel. >> i went to every cracker barrel. i had never been before. ainsley: what did you order? >> potatoes you know. brian: macaroni and cheese dish. steve: you found out in your nine-week journey. >> we discovered a lot of great brewery partners. drinking whiskey alongside beer is longstanding irish tradition. it dates back centuries in fact because whiskey and distilleries and breweries coexisted. they're essentially the same
5:39 am
makeup and same dna. ainsley: i didn't know that. whiskey is not enough. whiskey and beer. brian: can get beer and listky together but that is fantastic. >> obviously. steve: we have a little st. patrick's day trivia. she was here last year. brian: we did terrible. steve: we didn't do so well. >> number one, traditionally the irish leader gives the american president what gift on st. patrick's day. is it, a, irish whiskey, b, a crystal bowl full of shamrock or is it c, leprechaun. ainsley: i heard donald trump say that. brian: kept give away a leprechaun so i knew c wasn't it >> it should have been whiskey. how many whiskey distiller irys operating in ireland. this is a tough one. brian: you asked this last year. ainsley: high number or low number. steve: don't say.
5:40 am
>> 160, or 1600? ainsley: b then, right in the middle. >> surely not in the middle. it is 16. ireland is little. that makes a big impact. ainsley: you said a big number. kind of in the middle. 160 is not a big number. >> no teasing, começ on. dyes the river green on saint pat trick' day. this is so easy. what city dyes the river each year on st. patrick's day. new york, new orleans or chicago. c for chicago. we were there. what couldn't you do on st. patrick's day in ireland up until 1961? could you drink in a pub, wear green or pick a shamrock? you're so right. trivia is great. yes, you could not drink in a pub in ireland until 1961 on st. patrick's day because it was
5:41 am
a holiday. steve: ladies and gentlemen. that was our quiz for the year. [cheering] ainsley: steve won. i missed one question. steve: bagpipes for the guys over here. what is your name? >> mike mahoney. >> mike mahoney. irish? >> yes. every day. steve: what a thrill to play bagpipes in new york city on st. patrick's day? >> we love it. steve: are you sick of the songs you're doing? >> we'll do it all day long. brian: a man of few words a lot of hearts. steve: i'm james. >> is that hard to play? >> takes a while to get used to. steve: do you have any of these beverages that displayed out here during a performance? >> of course not. steve: it would just be wrong, wouldn't it? you guys have been fantastic. thank you very much. it has been a little chilly and a little wet today. we appreciate you coming out. brian: we love the fake living room with the fake family behind us in the pictures.
5:42 am
that is fantastic. ainsley: thank you for being with us today. thanks for teaching us about st. patrick's day. brian: don't be afraid, if you choose whiskey, choose tullamore. ainsley: do you say due or d-e-w? >> celebrating irish heritage. let's get happy. let's get loud. pour a glass of tellemore due and make ireland -- dew. make ireland proud. brian: what is coming up next. follow up to a story we've been following all week. missing portraits in va hospital now hanging proudly. ed henry is following the story. he has the next epic response when we come back. ainsley: plus what happens when jesse watters goes behind the scenes on air force one? >> the last time i spoke to you i presented a signed photograph of myself at trump tower. have you hung it on your wall yet? >> absolutely. right on that wall. >> fake news. >> that was fake news.
5:43 am
ainsley: more of that exclusive interview when jesse joins us live. steve: one more number. guys, gals, play us out. ♪ ç
5:44 am
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5:47 am
brian: yep the white house demanding ever va building in the country hang the president's portrait immediately after it was taken down at a florida hospital. steve: fox news chief correspondent ed henry broke the story earlier this week. he joins with us a brand new update. ed, this is good news. is it? reporter: it is good news for our vets. i've been hearing from hundreds of them every since we showed the story on "fox & friends." that va hospitals are in thenot hanging official portait of president trump. whoever is president. president obama's portrait hung in the va hospitals and federal government offices around the country. if irs building, you have irs chief and president and vice president. those portraits were not there. some simply not reached gsa general services administration hasn't sent out photos, the problem congressman brian mast went to the va medical center in
5:48 am
west palm beach and talked to bureaucrats they said we don't care we're not hanging them because donald trump is not our president. that is why he speak out. he was really the person who got the ball rolling, brian mast. i can tell you that i have heard from hundreds of our vets, including this marine corps veteran came on "fox & friends" earlier said they have been outraged by this. >> i, you know, went up to the guy and asked him, what is going on? where is the picture of the president? you know, the guy just told me, he said, they're planning on impeaching him. so they it didn't want to spend any money on the photo. reporter: gives you idea of hatred among some federal workers who simply saying, donald trump's going to be impeached. we don't want to waft money on hanging his photo. completely bizarre. after our report, 24 hours ago today, you remember, steve, look, there are people in the administration watch this program. maybe they're going to want to speak out on this. in fact our own john roberts reported that the white house talked to the va the va issued a
5:49 am
directive that all these medical centers finally hang president trump's portrait. i want to quickly point out, social media, some people say why in the world do you guys care about this story? who cares about a photo? i would flip it around and say why are va officials taking down photos congressman put up when they should focus on veterans health care, focus on the vets, not a photo. steve: such a good story ending what started to be at that terrible story. reporter: we'll see if they hang the photos. some will nottry not to. steve: put up photos until official photos released by the government. steve: jesse watters boarded air force one with a exclusive sit-down with president trump. he will tell what happened in the sky next. brian: and i want to check in with bill hemmer. i don't know what you guys want to do. i want to check in with bill hemmer. can you tell me and the rest of the country you have planned? >> for what?
5:50 am
brian: for your showç today. >> we'll be green. only green tie i own. one day we get it. you look great by the way. big morning news. republicans meeting with the president. republicans meeting with republicans we'll have both in minutes away. north korea has been put on notice. we'll speak with a new u.n. ambassador, nikki haley, what this warning means overnight. the briefing room was on fire last yesterday. bernie goldberg how the relationship is working out. on this st. patrick's day, top of the hour. shall we initiate the restart sequence? ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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♪ ainsley: what happens when jesse watters gets the chance to fly on air force one and interview president trump? >> the last time i spoke to you i presented a signed photograph
5:54 am
of myself at trump tower. have you hung it on your wall yet? >> absolutely. right on that wall. >> that is fake news though? >> that was fake news. steve: jesse watters, host of "watters' world" from the west coast with more on his exclusive interview with president. how did you get on his 747? >> i interviewed him after the rally nashville. my flight got canceled and he said hop on board we'll give you a flight back. steve: was it cans he would or it did you tell him that for the free ride? >> i can't reveal what happened. i got on board the jet because i tried not to steal everything. everything has the air force one emblaze sonned on it. i tried to keep everything out of the pocket. we kicked it a little bit. waters i can't talk to you anymore. i have to talk to the failing "new york times." ainsley: i know he coined the phrase, you're fired. did you ask him who he would
5:55 am
fire? what was has answer? i think we have the sound bite. let's take a look. >> i did. i did. chuck schumer, the president of cnn and alec baldwin, if you had to fire one person right now, who would you fire? >> i think alec baldwin situation is not good. chuck i'm disappointed. he should make deals for the people instead he is obstructionist and i'm disappointed in him. jeff zucker i got him the job at cnn fake news. who would i say, i don't want to say. but i will say i'm disappointed in all three. i think the portrayal of me is ridiculous. steve: what is the cheering we hear in the background? were you at the actual venue doing the interview. >> it was right before he went out to about, 10, 15,000 people in nashville. and they couldn't even let everybody in. they had crowds wrapped around the building. we asked him questions like that but we do a lightning round with president trump where i name one person and he has to give a one
5:56 am
word description of that person. i did not say steve doocy because i wanted to keep you off the hook but you got to tune in saturday night 8:00 to watch the rest of it. steve: that sounds great. ainsley: can you give us one? >> bill o'reilly. steve: what was that word? >> he had some nice things to say. we also did elizabeth warren. i think you're going to want to hear what he says about elizabeth warren. steve: we'll be tubeside this weekend, jesse watters. thanks for joining us fromç california. ainsley: we'll watch on saturday. >> excellent. steve: more "fox & friends" on st. patrick's day, two minutes. . . ♪(music plays)
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> thank you for producing this pub in the heart of midtown, manhattan. see you monday. "fox & friends." >> have a wonderful weekend. >> bill: secretary john price with a plan to replace health care a day after the republican bill narrowly passes a key house committee. there's secretary price taking questions as we go on this friday. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing? i like the green. >> shannon: and yours as well. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. a show of solidarity after weeks of infighting raising questions about the american health care act it needs full support to pass so are they getting closer? here's secretary price just moments ago. >> the plan


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