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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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genitalia mutilation. you couldn't make that up. that's horrible. the show that's a sworn enemy of [ indiscernible ] new studio coming up. tonight, "hannity" is next. "han. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," esiden >> sean: anne coulter, david clarke, geraldo rivera, sara carter is joining us tonight. america could learn from europe's many failures. that's tonight's opening monologue. president trump and chancellor merkel capped off their first visit earlier today by holding a joint press conference. president trump made it very clear where we stand on protecting this country. watch this. >> our two countries must
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continue to work together to protect our people from radical islamic terrorism. and to defeat isis. i applaud chancellor merkel for germany's contributions both civilian and military as a counter-isis coalition member. we also recognize immigration security is national security. we must protect our citizens from those who seek to spread terrorism, extremism and violence inside our borders. immigration is a privilege, not a right. and the safety of our citizens must always come first. >> sean: we've been covering in-depth on this show how president trump promised to do everything within his power to stop radical islamic terrorists from entering this country and putting you, the american people in danger.
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he plans on doing that in part by enacting extreme vetting of refugees, however, as we told you last night, the all-radical obstructionist left here in america is trying to stop the president, and by doing so, they're showing that they're perfectly willing to gamble with your lives, the lives of the american people. at the this point, in my opinion the left here at home, they want to copy germany and europe's practice of letting waves of unchecked refugees pour into their countries, but tonight, the all-radical left may want to think twice about this. we'll show you exactly why. now, here at home, we've seen an increase in radical islamist attacks. top officials have repeatedly warned that isis can, in fact, infiltrate the refugee population. according to the f.b.i., there are 1,000 active isis-related cases right now in all 50 states and earlier this month, the attorney general, jeff sessions, revealed this shocking statistic about these ongoing investigations. take a look. >> today, more than 300 people according to the f.b.i. who came
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here as refugees are under an f.b.i. investigation today for potential terrorism-related activities. >> sean: in europe, it's become far worse and more violent. the continent has become the epicenter of terrorist attacks against the west. now, since 2014, europe has taken in over three million referees and asylum seekers. germany has led the way in western europe by accepting 900,000 refugees in 2015 alone. last month, germany's domestic security and intelligence agency the bfb says the number of radical islamists in the country has grown considerably rising from just 100 in 2013 to almost 1,600 this year. and what we've seen is devastating and brutally violent attacks. now, in november 2015, radical islamists launched a series of attacks in paris targeting a stadium, a cafe a concert hall where they slaughtered 130
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people and wounded hundreds of others. in march of 2016, explosions at the airport and a metro station rocked the city of brussels. on that case, 34 killed and that's 34 innocent travelers including americans, 150 injur injured. a few months later in the city of nice in france during the french national day, a truck attack killed 84 people including 10 children, more than 200 others are injured. and days before crist mass in 20 -- christmas in 2016 in berlin, germany, islamist plowed a truck into a crowded christmas market, 12 dead and hundreds more injured. here is the bottom-line here, liberals in this country could continue to be naive, have a pre-9/11 mind-set with the hopes another major attack won't happen. they can hope, they can pray or we should be smart and vigilant and fully aware of all these dangers we pace and allow president trump to harden the policies and procedures so we can keep all of you and all of america and all of our children safe.
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here now with reaction, the author of the best-selling book "in trump we trust" ann coulter. to me, this comes down to a very simple, basic, fundamental choice, the inconvenience of a few guests that want the privilege to be here. the inconvenience, or the gambling with the lives of the american people. why is that such a hard decision for people? >> no, and you're right in your monologue, why can't we learn from western europe? just a few weeks ago, german intelligence reports that 1,000 german residents have gone to fight with isis. hundreds of them have come back to germany. what's merkel do? she's setting them up with welfare because if they don't have a lot of welfare, that could radicalize them. why don't we believe what these migrants say? they come to countries, they rape women, they're having a very difficult time learning not
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to rape women, even if they're wearing short skirts. what other immigrant group could not stop itself from raping masses of women? they march around saying, no you're going to live under sharia law. they commit terrorist acts. it's right in front of our eyes. can you imagine -- i mean what merkel has done is spreading throughout western europe, um, but just in germany alone combining german military discipline with islamic ideology? it's terrifying what we're up against. why would you do that in this country? and meanwhile, they keep trying to distract us with russia. russia. russia. russia is probably one of our better allies in the fight against islam. they've been dealing with these islamic terrorists for centuries now and you remember they're the ones who warned america about the zarn we've family tha that -- zarnevyev family that blew up.
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>> sean: it's six months of a conspiracy lie. it's been enough. here is the real question. i know you'll touch it but so many people are afraid to touch it. if you grew up in sha8 sha83 -- sharia and you're a man and you can't be seen in public without a male relative, if you think you can throw gays and lesbians off of big buildings and hang them, if you purse kiewit christians and jews, how do you -- persecute christians and jews, how do you vet someone's mind if that's your culture and you grew up like that and that's what you learned? that's directly contradicts our constitutional values. how do we vet that? is that constitutional even? >> no, you're right. they don't have a computer database. there's testimony before the senate last year, saying there's nothing to vet. nothing we can look at, i also think it's worth mentioning maybe you've shown these, and if
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you haven't, you should.tweetedo photos of women going to college in afghanistan not that long ago. it was in the 70's. they look -- it looks like an american college campus. they're wearing skirts and button down shirts and carrying their book bags. things could turn overnight when you're bringing in the masses of people from very, very different cultures and make it a hate crime to ask them to assimilate for the cherry on top, um, and they have no intent of assimilating plus what are we getting out of this? it's one thing if we're bringing in nuclear scientist oars engineers. i don't think we'r we're -- scientists or engineers. i don't think we're getting those. the vast majority of refugees are coming in sucking up the welfare that's meant for our people. >> sean: one of my favorite clips of the snowflake left is you and your buddy bill, it's june or july of 2015 and you say
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yeah, donald trump has the best chance of winning and the crowd is laughing at you. i don't think they're laughing now. you're a strong supporttor. i'm angry with the republican party. they seem ill repaired especially over repeal and replace. seems like they're trying to clean it up. are you happy with how things are going so far? >> um, i'm most things. i'm -- on most things. i'm really upset with the republican congress. it's totally outrageous and against the constitution -- the president and by the way every member of congress took an oath to uphold the constitution. the commander-in-chief has authority over immigration. he has full authority not only through the constitution and his duties as commander-in-chief but through a federal law passed by congress that's been on the books and reaffirmed in hundreds
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of supreme court -- or rather court cases, at least a dozen supreme court cases. this is 100% the prerogative of the commander-in-chief. to have a district court judge stepping in and saying, oh no, the commander-in-chief doesn't have that duty, what else could a district court just say, oh no we're oferls your decision to go to -- overruling your decision to go to war because someone in hawaii could be affected. this is what the congress is doing. i was hoping for a better repeal of obamacare. they've only had seven years to work on it and no one in washington seemed to understand the free market. >> sean: who is counting? they've had eight years. eight. >> i'll hold our emperor god trump harmless on obamacare. that's really not his job. he's supposed to build the wall, deport illeels and importing the refugee ban. -- illegals and importing the refugee ban. looking at the resistance a pro-american president we finally have letting -- he could use an assist by republicans in
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congress. other than a handful of them, he's not getting it. >> sean: ann colder -- ann coulter, thank you for being here as always. appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you. >> sean: up next tonight on "hannity." >> obamacare is dead. it's a dead health care plan. it's not a health care plan quite frankly. >> sean: the president says he's gathering support for the republican health care bill. two lawmakers, republicans, who are in the room with the president, congresswoman marsha blackburn and congressman steve scalise will join us late we're reaction. later on tonight -- later with reaction. later on tonight, it's out of control. partying is back. spring break is down. we sent our producer to south padre island, texas. want to see what your kids are really doing on spring break? ready for this? our series begins next week. we'll give you a preview tonight. tonight.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity" earlier today, president trump met with members of the study committee where he says some changes were made to the g.o.p. obamacare replacement plan and all representatives at the meeting said they're now planning to support the legislation. watch this. >> all of these no's were
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potential -- or potential no's are all yesses. every single person sitting in this room is now a yes. we made certain changes. and very frankly, although the block grant is very important, because i want the states to get the money and runt program if they want to run it because they can do it better than the federal government. they're better equipped than the federal government. i want people to know obamacare is dead. it's a dead health care plan. it's not even a health care plan frankly, only because everyone knows it's on its last dying feet. the fake news is trying to say good things about it, ok? fake media. and there's no good news about obamacare. obamacare is dead. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, two representatives who were in the meeting today, tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn and majority whip congressman steve scalise is with us.
10:17 pm
congresswoman marsha blackburn, i'll start with you. >> sure. >> sean: this is a conservative group within the caucu caucus -- caucus. their members today tell me they're still not on board although they are -- some of the changes i saw today that, you know, they're pretty happy with in addition to the medicar medicare -- medicaid agreement with the study group, etc., that they're going to impose, the states option to impose worker requirements and other new wording. these are all things i know the freedom caucus want. how close do you think we are to getting them on board, too? >> i think we're very close, sean. this is a bill that's moving the right direction. today, the vice president and president asked us to work with them which, you know, we've been working with whip scalise. we've been working with the white house. they've asked for our support on this. i think it's important for republicans to have a win. as you've said, this has taken
10:18 pm
longer than it should have taken. we need to continue to work on the medicaid expansion, address those issues and make certain this is a bill that republicans can support and send to the senate for them to take up the house bill. >> sean: yeah, steve, where are you with the freedom caucus guys? they've been the ones that's communicated with me the most. they kind of -- they say that the president is a-plus-plus. he's been reaching out to them and talking with them. they appreciate it. the president is listening. some changes they wanted are in the bill, but they feel the leadership reached out as much to them. why? >> i've been talking to freedom caucus members directly, sean. in fact today at the meeting with the rfc chairman mark walker and other rfc members, there were two freedom caucus members there who said they were going to vote for the bill which included one member, gary palmer who voted against the bill in the budget committee yesterday, so with these changes, both -- you talk about something revolutionary, block granting
10:19 pm
medicaid, giving governors complete ability to block the medicaid grant program, that's a revolutionary reform conservatives have wanted for decades. that's now agreed to now by the president. that'll be in the bill and the work requirements. >> sean: those are two things specifically that mark meadows and jim jordan told me they wanted in a bill. >> right, those are big wins. that's what brought some of the freedom caucus members who were in the room today to say they're now for the bill. this like marsha said, this bill's moving in the right direction. members are engaged. what's most important, sean, the president is directly engaged. president trump said "i'm behind this bill 100%." he wants this bill on his desk to repeal and replace obamacare and put patients back in charge by the end of next week. his help has been tremendous. he rolled up his sleeves and gotten to work on this directly. >> sean: is there anything to learn from this? in other words, should consensus have been built before the bill instead of the fight and intermural squabbling civil war? from my perspective, you cannot
10:20 pm
not do this. we're at the point, this i is -- this is the president's first major signature legislation here, and it seemed that it was maybe -- you wrote the contract before the deal points were made. it seemed like it got the cart ahead of the horse a little bit. do you think it could have been handled differently? better? >> i do. one of the things republicans don't take the time to do is establish the predicate. republicans should have started talking about why we have to repeal and what we're doing to put patient -centered helth care in place. we should have been doing that -- health care in place. we should have been doing that come november 9. then building out that big picture. and then working very closely, us house conservatives with the leadership and of course with the white house. the vice president and the president have been terrific. they said, "tell us what we need to do. we're working on this. let's solve it." >> sean: congressman, you think
10:21 pm
you're going to have the requisite number. are you working hand inhand with the senate? is the sen -- hand in hand with the senate? is the senate bill going to be much different? when you get the house and senate together, are you confident this'll all get done? losing is not an option here? >> that's right. >> failure is not an option. but look at this, sean, something else that just got included that today brought national right to life to write a letter of strong support of this bill. this'll probably be one of the most pro-life pieces of legislation with the highest protection and defunding planned parenthood. that's a big win, too, for conservatives. >> that's an enormous win. those are things we have wanted to see happen, and i think the senate is going to be -- >> there are a lot of good things in there, a . >> they're going to be ready to take it up. thanks. >> sean: we'll see you both next week hopefully and maybe we can get this thing finished. up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> don't even think about it. we'll build the wall. don't even think about it. >> sean: the president promising
10:22 pm
the border wall will, in fact, be built, this as his new budget proposal slashes funding to sanctuary cities. geraldo rivera and sheriff clarke join the debate. also. >> we were drinking all day and night. whew! >> sean: tonight, another sneak peak from our spring break special that begins next week. we're exposing what really happens there, by the way, it's not all fun in the sun. this is your kids at risk. we start that next week. we'll continue. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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10:27 pm
visit to the white house next month by the president of china. and fans of the famous cherry blossom trees in washington, d.c. are in for a big disappointment. the national parks service says cold weather killed half of the bloss zom -- blossoms on the trees. the cold snap comes as trees were getting to the peak of their blooms. the first time in the 105-year history of the trees that visitors will not see a peak bloom. kind of sad. i'm jackie. now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines. log onto >> don't even think about it. we will build the wall. don't even think about it. our southern border will be protected always. it'll have the wall. drugs will stop pouring in and poisoning our youth, and that will happen very, very soon. >> sean: all right, that was president trump in nashville earlier this week promising to secure the southern border and
10:28 pm
finally build the wall. meanwhile, president trump's proposed budget takes aim at sanctuary cities. the "l.a. times" described this budgetary proposal. they wrote "trump wants to slash $210 million in federal reimbursements to state and local jails that hold illegal immigrants convicted of crimes while in the country illegally." with us now with reaction, author of "cop under fire" moving beyond hash tags of race, crime and politics for a better america, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. geraldo, you and i go back-and-forth on this every time i point out to you i sat there with all of these local law enforcement guys in texas and there was 642,000 crimes in a seven-year period committed against texans alone including rape, including murder, including drugs, including kidnapping. i mean, to me this is now commonsense. i really -- you like to say you're a commonsense guy. isn't that common sense? >> first of all, let's start on a happier note.
10:29 pm
i wore this green tie in honor of you, my irish brother from another mother. >> sean: yeah. >> david clarke, nice to see you. i think -- and you and i discussed this, the issue of sanctuary cities funding and defunding and so forth is when the rubber hits the road, the fight between left and right and red and blue, once the russian stuff is sorted out, this'll be the issue i think that reoccupies the conflict between the the two sides. >> sean: let me ask you as a lawyer a lawyer. we have a rule of law. if cities are defying the rule of law, shouldn't there be some consequences for that? isn't that calleded aing and abetting? >> that's an excellent point, just yesterday, though, the chief justice of the california courts wrote to attorney general sessions and dhs secretary-general kelly and told them to keep the ice agents out of the california courts. california doesn't appreciate
10:30 pm
it. i foresee not only legal conflict, sean, but i foresee conflict between imagine a state or local cop, they say an ice agent and the cop saying to the ice agent, you shouldn't be in here. you know, this is a courtroom. we don't want you -- i see the potential for conflict. i think everyone's got to cool it down. >> sean: you may be very well right. sheriff clarke, that's a problem. this is a breakdown in civil society. it becomes lawlessness when you have states and municipalities deciding which laws they want to obey and which laws they refuse to obey and are willing to aid and abet criminals. >> happy st. patrick's day, se sean. there's a lot of posturing going on right now, but i think in the end, cooler heads will prevail. is there anyone who thinks donald trump is not serious about building this wall? stealing sealing that border for real -- sealing that border for real to stop the flow of illegal
10:31 pm
immigrants into this country? the drugs, the weapons, so on and so forth, the criminal gangs the cartels. he's going to get this done. i know he is. i'm going to help him do it as it relates to milwaukee which is why i sent a letter of intent last week to the acting director of ice asking to be certified to participate in the 287g program which will give after training and other certification will give my deputies and corrections officers in the jail the authority after their deputized as u.s. marshals, the authority to enforce immigration. what we're talking about here -- and i want to make this clear -- and is it sounds like my good friend geraldo is starting to soften a little bit on this -- and that's a good thing -- and we're talking about -- and in my case -- criminal illegal aliens. we're not talking about doing home raids or business raids to look for people in the country illegally. we're going to identify people who's been convicted of serious crimes in this country and schedule them for deportation. that's not extreme.
10:32 pm
that's reasonable. and anyone who is not for that is advocating for criminal behavior, because sanctuary cities provide a safe haven for criminal activity and illegal aliens. >> i totally disagree with that, because nothing prevents cops from enforcing the law. if someone commits a crime, they get arrested. what this is all about is whether that cop now has to hold the person they arrest after their sentence is served or their -- they've been acquitted, just hold them for a federal immigration hold. if over 350 municipalities and states have said, no, we're not going to do this, we're not immigration officials. we refuse to cooperate, this is not about law enforcement. this is only about whether county or municipal cops are also, you know, federal deputi deputize -- deputies in essence enforcing immigration law. that's apart from the criminal, which of course they have to
10:33 pm
enforce. >> sean: all right, last four here. >> they can't make local jails and sheriffs and chiefs hold these individuals. they're asking for some cooperation in assisting them in doing that. >> agreed. agreed. >> i don't think that's the good thing to do. had the san francisco jail area held onto the guy that killed kate steinly, she'd be alive today. what president trump has made it clear, the catch-and-release days are over. that's what we're talking about. you're right, geraldo, they can't force the jails to do it, but there'll be penalties. when they talk about the type of dollars we're talking about, that'll leave huge gaps in some of the local funding and eventually, they're going to start to do the right thing. they will. trust me on this. >> sean: all right, all right, to my two good friends and irish brothers, happy st. patrick's day to both of you. coming up, sara carter from circa news, she's been breaking stories all week long, they're debunking the left wing point narrative that president trump
10:34 pm
colluded with the russians. we'll talk with her next. and, wonder what happens when your kids go to spring break? we sent a "hannity" producer down to south padre island in south texas. want it send your kids there? wait to see it all up next on "hannity."
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." journalist sara carter correspondent from circa news joining us now. they -- just yesterday, sara and john reported sources told them russian alpha bank which allegedly had the computer connection to the trump organization asked the department of justice for help to it identify a computer in the u.s. that they believe is being hacked to make it look like communication exists between the president and moscow. sara carter joins us now. i said this to you last night, this is now becoming more lake a new edition of homeland every single day with the new developments but what they're saying on the russian side of things is they've been able to trace back there's someone they think within the united states that's faking a relationship,
10:39 pm
computer relationship between that bank and the trump organization. do we know if there was the same thing going on and investigated in october? >> they suspect it was. that's very interesting, because even back in october, they were very concerned about this, although there was no data going between the two servers. they were still concerned that it happened. so what they did was they basically intercepted, they put something inside their computer server in order to track and trace if this happened again. and it did. it happened again in february, and then it happened again march 11th and march 13th and at that point, alpha bank, their cyber experts, their specialists, were able to trace it. that's where they collected all the data and the information which we were able to view as well, sean, so we were able to see that for ourselves. >> sean: so all of your reporting and discoveries, you were able to confirm that in fact trump servers were survailed. you're able to confirm that law enforcement found no collusion
10:40 pm
whatsoever even though it keeps getting reported this conspiracy by almost everyone else in the media. where's this going next? because if that's the case, is it possible the whole thing could have been set up by people connected to the democratic party? could it get that deep? >> i mean, it could. we don't know yet, right? we're still looking. we're still investigating. one of the things i'm most concerned about and something as well that the house chairman of the intelligence committee is most concerned about is the leaks, right? because that's going to answer a lot of our questions. why was general flynn, lieutenant general flynn's name exposed in those phone calls? how many more, you know, did they have a back door through surveillance? one of the questions, sean, no one's really asking is -- and i think chairman nunez will ask these questions of f.b.i. director comey as well as others in the nsa and the cia, was there an increase of viewership of these raw data during december? i mean, were people going into
10:41 pm
these skits and looking at raw data that had names of persons associated to trump or president trump himself? i think that's something that they're going to be asking. >> sean: i had the former chair of the intelligence committee on my radio show today. he wrote a column on the "wall street journal", could americans trust their intelligence community. i would argue 99.9% we can. i've got a lot of faith and a lot of -- um, i just believe these are people serving their country, but you only need one bad apple. is it possible based on the wikileaks revelation the malware exists that they can literally hack into something from any country and pin it on another country? in other words, spoof it. they can -- go ahead. >> sure! they said they can. that's what we saw. i mean, if those -- if those documents are true, then yes they can. i suspect that we have some very very smart people in our intelligence community.
10:42 pm
what i think is most concerning is, they won't even have to go that far, right? if you have fisa records on foreign surveillance -- so you're looking at foreigners, any telephone call then candidate trump, now president trump made back then would have been picked up, right? could somebody have viewed those? anyone else in his team, could those have been viewed? how many americans are being survailed that makes phone calls overseas? these are the questions we have to ask. why weren't those names protected? why was the raw data so exposed that it leaked to the press and revealed the name of an american speaking to a russian ambassad ambassador? that's a very classified document, sean. i don't know how much i can stress this every intelligence source i speak with says this was such a highly-classified document. is there an investigation? >> sean: wait a minute that means it's got to be high up? this -- these things -- these leaks then have to be coming from a very high level, is that true?
10:43 pm
>> that would be -- i would say based on my reporting, based on the sources i've spoken with, you know, not negs9 would be able to go in there and see these particular types of documents. these documents would have to be signed off by the director of the fbe or head of the cia. no one could just walk in there and just look at these, despite the expansion of the 12 triple-3. >> sean: you add that to who advanced the narrative. there's a political component. this is why getting to the bottom of the deep state, the lifetime bureaucrats, the obama holdovers, something is going to break here and i think you're probably going to be the one to do it. thanks for updating us all week. we'll have you back next week. thanks again, sara, appreciate it. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> millions of hard-working u.s. citizens have been left behind by international commerce and together, we can shape a future where all of our citizens have a
10:44 pm
path to financial security. >> sean: today during his joint press we're angela merkel, president trump spoke about putting america first. up next, we'll get reaction from rick grenell and lisa boothe. later on tonight ... >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> sean: all right, we'll have another preview of our spring break series which begins next week. you really want your kids to see what they're doing down there? we'll shock you, i'm sure. straight ahead. four minutes. are you kidding me? no, looks like he took a wrong turn. don't worry, this guy's got like a four-star rating, we're good. his name is randy. that's like one of the most trustworthy names! ordering a getaway car with an app? are you randy? that's me! awesome! surprising. what's not surprising? how much money erin saved by switching to geico. everybody comfortable with the air temp? i could go a little cooler. ok.
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>> we must work together toward fair and reciprocal trade policies that benefit both of our peoples. millions of hard-working u.s. citizens have been left behind by international commerce and together, we can shape a future where all of our citizens have a path to financial security. the united states will respect historic institutions and we'll also recognize the right of free people to manage their own destiny. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today during a joint press conference with german chancellor angela merkel
10:49 pm
talking about the need for fair trade policies between the u.s. and our trading partners. joining us now with reaction, former u.n. spokesperson rick grenell and fox news contributor lisa boothe. rick, i'll start with you. the most amazing thing, a lot of conservatives like him on the supreme court vetting the, the wall, reforming -- vetting, the wall, reforming the tax code, energy independence but the sticking issue is one of trade. one of my friends worries about that the most. what's your reaction? i think he's negotiating all the time. that's my take, my interpretation. >> yeah, it's the art of a deal. he's a great negotiator. we also need to remember, sean, we've tried to win the presidency before. we haven't won. we won because we have so many reagan democrats, so many union guys in the midwest come over to donald trump. i think he's onto something here that we haven't been able to be very successful when it comes to trade deals, because we've
10:50 pm
always put american businesses at a disadvantage when they're trying to go up against other companies from around the world, so donald trump is onto something. he's a businessman. he's recognizing the fact that our workers have not been at the forefront and he's putting them there. >> sean: lisa, if we can ever get the congress to finish this health care bill, it's pathetically slow, arguing in public like this is idiotic to me. i think it should have been a consensus bill from the get go. not easy, but putting that aside for just a second, i think ric's onto something. i call this the forgotten man and woman election. it'll really be the economic plan to me allowing trillions of multinational corporate money to be repatriated at a low tax rate dropping the corporate tax rate from the highest in the industrialized world to the lowest and of course energy. that's going to be a big component of economic growth. that'll bring back a lot of the
10:51 pm
jobs that i think everybody's hoping for, um, if it comes down to it, is it dangerous to have a trade war? is it wrong to demand free and fair trade? >> i think let's see what president trump proposes in some of these negotiations. we haven't seen any of that yet. i think a lot of people jumped to conclusion interests what we're going to see from president trump before actually seeing what he's going to do. take foreign policy for an instance. you know, president trump said today, "look, i'm not an isolationist." what have we seen since he took office? look, he said he was going to take the fight to our adversaries and he's going it stand up for the united states. he's done just that. he's put sanctions against iran. the department of justice announced on wednesday that they're indicting russian officials for the first time for the yahoo! hacking that happened i think it was in 2014. we -- so rex tillerson will be in china tomorrow to try to put pressure on them, and north korea saying nothing's off the table, so, look, this is a guy
10:52 pm
who's very much engaged on the world stage. very much engaged in protecting america. >> sean: let the me get a response from ric. ric? >> look, i think that -- you know, i spent a lot of time in the midwest during the campaign, specifically in cuyahoga county, and i just saw from the beginning in early september, sean, you had voters, men and women who were part of unions who had said "i just haven't been able to vote for a republican lately, and i'm really excited. i'm not only voting for donald trump, but i'm really excited to vote for donald trump." he's onto something in terms of being able to bring back corporate money back to the united states while at the same time fixing some of these policies that have not benefited our, you know, men and women who are working in unions. i was told by one guy in cuyahoga county that he didn't -- he was a democrat, union guy. he didn't want to hear any more about climate change, because
10:53 pm
what he heard when democrats talked about climate change was that he wasn't going to be able to build anything anymore. he was an electrical union guy. he wanted to produce. he wanted to go forward. and the democrats were losing him. >> sean: all right, guys. thank you, both. by the way, ric, your tweets are hilarious. you remind me of me on twitter. coming up, another sneak peak of spring break special. we begin to air it next week. parents, want to see how out of control the behavior is going on down there? see what our camera captured. we need your help. our question of the day. yeah, some mean messages some of of you may have left for me on the hannity hotline straight ahead. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage.
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various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." all right, it's that time of year again. your kids are headed off to spring break destinations all across the country. we sent a "hannity" producer to south padre island to see what is really going on parents, you should tune in next week.
10:58 pm
this is a sneak peak of what your little kiddies are doing. >> i'm really sorry i got arrested last night. >> what did you get arrested for? >> smoking that dope, bro. ♪[ music ] [ cheering ] ♪ ♪ when did you start drinking today? >> 12:00 p.m.. >> you have to drink a hell of water. you're about to be hung over as [ bleep ]. >> you're going to die. you're going to die. >> we started drinking at 7:00 in the morning. >> have fun and get [ bleep ]. it's hard being an alcoholic 24/7. i know you guys could do it. >> ainsley earhardt will join us monday for a special series exposing spring break. we had a big impact on panama city beach in florida. now time for the question of the day, simply, what do you think of president trump's press
10:59 pm
conference with angela merkel earlier today? go to and @seanhannity on twitter and show us what you think. >> how did you spell hannity? h i-integrity. t-trustworthy and y yearns for truth and justice. job well done. keep up the good news, sean. myself and my wife are deplorables who love you. how about hannity for president in 2024? >> hannity, you say "i, i, i, i" about as often as obama did. you guys must be brothers. >> wow! well, i like the first one. doesn't matter, nice, mean, whatever you want to say, call the number on your screen right now.
11:00 pm
877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left this evening. we hope you had a great st. patrick's day. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday! monday. ♪ martha starts now. >> martha: breaking tonight. president trump and angela merkel went face-to-face and trying to make it work. i am martha maccallum. president trump was a harsh critic to merkel's strategy and she suggested he is looking at vladimar putin with rose- colored glass. president trump pushed her hard. they faced the cameras earlier today. >> president


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