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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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paul: all right. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us at jer on fnc. that's it for this week, thanks to you for watching. week. ♪ ♪ kelly: hello, i'm kelly wright, welcome inside america's news headquarters. be. laura: and i'm laura ingle. president mike pence visiting jacksonville, florida, as the trump administration and house republican leaders continue to push the gop health care bill ahead of a crucial vote. kelly: the justice department now asking a federal judge this hawaii to reconsider his ruling that blocks president trump's revised travel ban, setting up a fresh legal battle over the president's new executive order. laura: and paris on high alert after atacked a soldier and tried to steal her gun
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before he was shot and killed. now investigators are digging deep into his background. kelly: but we begin with this, a crucial vote in the house looming next week on the republican plan to replace obamacare. the gop leadership looking to bring it to the floor on thursday, this as vice president mike pence visits jacksonville, florida, pushing the gop bill, looking to win over any lawmakers who may still be sitting on the fence. kristin fisher 's live in palm beach, florida, where president trump is spending the weekend. kristin? >> reporter: that's right. and, you know, vice president mike pence is actually on his way here to palm beach right now because tonight he's going to be speaking at the club for growth conference. this is an annual conference of conservatives, a lot of conservative lawmakers are going to be there, and those are exactly the people that the trump administration needs to convince, needs to get on board this bill in order for them to get it through the house sometime next week.
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just about an hour ago vice president mike pence was up north in jacksonville, florida, and what he was doing was he was taking a tour and a listening session with small business ownerses. he was talk to them about the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. he said this american health care act, the house republican health care plan, has the full support of the white house, but he also said that the negotiations are not over and that the trump administration will continue to work with members of congress to improve the bill. listen to what he said just about an hour ago. >> just yesterday president trump made it clear he supports the bill 100%, and we all do. every day more and more members of congress are getting onboard. >> reporter: now, more members of congress came onboard yesterday during this oval office meeting with members of the conservative republican study committee after president trump endorsed two big changes to the bill involving medicaid. but still not all republicans are sold. >> would want resolving some of
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those issues -- without resolving some of those issues, it's going to be difficult to continue to move forward. so i think there's an understanding that people have some real concerns. >> i'm not sure we're going to get it through next week. >> one more senator tell me this is dead on arrival, i think my head's going to explode. bill as early as thursday, so this is a very big week ahead for the trump administration as they try to get their first major piece of legislation duh congress, but it's also a big week for two other reasons. on monday, very big day on capitol hill because the comey, is going to be testifying, and he will likely be asked whether or not he knows of any evidence to back up president trump's wiretapping claims. it's also a big day because the confirmation hearings for judge neil gorsuch begin. so a lot happening on capitol hill, and this weekend at mar-a-lago president trump huddling with members of his senior staff, going over all of their plans for this bug week ahead. back to you -- big week ahead. kelly: it seems like every day
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is a big day because there's a big agenda that the president has. kristin fisher reporting from florida, thank you. the secret service topping -- stopping another attempted white house intrusion. press secretary sean spicer says an individual jumped over the bike rack on pennsylvania avenue but did not make it into, onto white house property. this comes a week after an intruder was caught on white house grounds after breaching a five-foot fence. laura: and a new legal battle is looming, the trump administration appealing a judge's decision blocking president trump's revised travel ban affecting six mostly-muslim countries. garrett tenney live with us in washington today with the very latest on this. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, laura. the white house is facing a legal battle on at least three fronts. federal judges in three states, washington, maryland and hawaii, heard arguments this week about the travel ban. one of the judges, judge james probard in washington, he's --
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probard, he's to holding off on making a ruling because the other two judges have placed a block on major portions of the executive order. late yesterday the justice department filed a notice that it plans to appeal to the 4th circuit u.s. court of appeals and filed a separate motion with derrick watson in hawaii asking him to reconsider his decision to block the travel ban as a whole and to allow some portions to remain in effect such as the temporary halt on the u.s. refugee system. both judges repeatedly cited some of president trump's own statements on the campaign trail regarding muslims as evidence that the travel ban targeted muslims and was likely unconstitutional. well, this morning on fox and friends renowned liberal attorney alan dershowitz criticized the judges' ruling and said, ultimately, he believes the supreme court will side with the white house. >> the idea of focusing so heavily on campaign rhetoric and essentially saying, look, if obama had issued the very same
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order with the same words, it would be constitutional, but if trump issues it, it's unconstitutional because he said some things about muslims in the runup to the campaign and rudy giuliani said some things and other people said some things. that's not the way the law is sewed to operate. -- supposed to operate. >> reporter: right now the travel banker but looming ahead is the much bigger fight over whether or not the executive order is constitutional. laura? laura: all right, garrett tenney for us live in washington. thank you for that. and gop leaders now facing a crucial test ahead of a house obamacare replacement bill. now, as you know, it's faced some fierce opposition, but "wall street journal" columnist kimberly strassel says president trump's team has been focused on reaching out to congress to get a deal, writing this, quote: the obama legislative affairs team couldn't have found capitol hill with a map. today's negotiations over the health bill feature a white
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house that is working hand in hand with congressal leaders to get -- congressional leaders to get to yes. so let's bring in mark lam kin, former senior ad visor to former house speaker john boehner, and doug schoen, former adviser to president bill clinton and a fox news contributor. welcome to you both. >> thank you, laura. >> thank you for having me. laura: let's talk about this. do you agree with that quote in the "wall street journal" that the trump administration is doing more to work with congressional leaders on this? doug, i'll start with you. >> well, i'm sure they're doing more to work with them, but it isn't at all clear given the cwo's projections that -- cbo's projections that anywhere from 14 to 26 million people over the next ten years will be without health care as a result of the replacement measure. and there have been reports today that premiums will skyrocket as fewer ask fewer people are covered. so i think this is far there
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done, far from over. it's as important as, you know, anything that the trump administration is now doing. but i'm much more pessimistic that we're going to get a bill this week or even in the near future. laura: all right. mark, obviously, this is a top priority for the trump administration, to get this repeal and replace effort through. but, you know, there have been a lot of distractions going on. the truth about wiretapping which fbi director james comey will testify about week, the revised travel ban and the challenges there, the border wall, there's that too. how can president trump close the deal with all this going on? >> he certainly can because i think unlike other presidents, president trump is demonstrating that he can walk and chew gum at the same time. you said it, these things are just distractions. the punditry class and the democrats who still can't get over the election, they're the ones focused on wiretapping and all that nonsense. just think about it, the president met with the leader of
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the german republic earlier this week, the secretary of state has dealt with the threat in north korea. this president has talked to more members of congress about key legislative activities in just a few months, more than president obama did. he's more attuned to actually negotiating and working with members of congress to get to a solution that's in common interest as opposed to hectoring and lecturing and telling people in the congress what they ought to do. so we're -- i'mc)[ucé2r+& work its way through. what you're seeing in these deliberations is that members of congress are actually taking a look are, understanding what's in the bill, making a contemplation about how that actually impacts their people back in their district, but also more broadly, how it impacts the american people. so the president you've seen him work overtime, he outworked hillary clinton in the election, he's going to outwork all the democrat naysayers in getting a victory on health care, then tax reform and infrastructure reform in the next months and years ahead.
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laura: and, mark, you said it there, it's all about the american people. there are various reports at where the american people sit with this. some supporters consider the gop plan an improvement but are not necessarily enthusiastic about it. we want to take a look at our fox news poll, only 35% approval of president trump's handling of health care so far. so, doug, what does that tell you about the administration's momentum on this? >> it tells me that the american people are very skeptical, and when they see that the cost of health care may go up, the number of people covered may go dramatically down in a revision that is clearly not been well thought of, the senate has a lot of problems with the house bill, it says that there's skepticism as this was with obamacare. yes, the game is not over and, yes, they could get a bill passed, but at in this point i'm much more skeptical than most. >> and i just say -- laura: go ahead, mark. >> -- in terms of polls,
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remember, there were a bunch of olds for a long period of time that said hillary clinton would be president right now, that chuck schumer would be the majority leader of the senate and we've p proven history and the american people have proven that polls don't matter. what you've got to do, we can't have these short-term snapshots define our behavior. we've got to look over the course of time to be able to get to a bill, a reform bill in health care that changes all the problems that were instituted by obamacare, and i think this president's going to be very successful in actually not getting distracted by the polling, not getting distracted by these individuals who want to distract him from the actual change and actually pass a bill that'll be better for the american people. so we're very optimistic about that. lauer and you bring up a fair point about the polls. i want to get your reaction to this last point, president trump continuing to say that the bill is going to be passed while the more conservative branch of the gop, the freedom caucus, saying there won't be enough votes the way the bill is currently written. doug, how close do you think
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they are to a come proto poise that's really going to work? >> i think they're a good distance away, and i do believe, as mark was saying, that the president has unique, persuasive powers. but there are 40-odd members of the so-called freedom caucus that have been very reluctant to commit to this bill. and be unless it is sixed in a way that moved -- it is fixed in a way that moves to a more conservative direction, less of an apparent mandate and more cuts, i don't think they're going to support it necessarily e it is passed with a more conservative bill, that will only mean it requires more changes there which will be more difficulty. laura: and mark, really quick to you. >> oh, yeah, no. that's the legislative process. you don't have a magic wand. i i think one of the lessons we learned from the obama presidency that sitting there telling members of congress who are each individually elected what you ought to do, what you ought to think is not the way to actually build consensus. it's allow the process to move forward, and i think that's what
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this president and this leadership in congress want to do. laura: gentlemen, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. all right. kelly. kelly: well, thousands of travelers evacuated from an airport in paris after soldiers shot and killed a man. officials say the man wrestled a female soldier to the ground and then tried to steal her gun. authorities say the suspect had a record of robbery and drug offenses. john huddy is live in our middle east bureau with more details about this. john? >> reporter: yeah. well, kelly, we're learning more about this guy, more information is being released from french officials and the prosecutor's office in paris. he was a suspected islamic radicallist; that is, he was flagged while he was in prison, he had a long criminal history as you mentioned, and he was flagged for suspected islamic radicalism while he was in prison, and he was known to police and security forces. according to officials, including paris' top prosecutor, who said that the 39-year-old man, he was born in france be,
1:14 pm
he attacked and according to various information may have even wrestled away that female soldier's assault rifle. they say she resisted, he didn't, but then the prosecutor says he was able to get that rifle away while the soldier was on propatrol this morning at paris' airport and then held a gun to the woman's head screaming that he wanted to die were allah. it's a little unclear if he held the woman's rifle, the soldier's rifle, or if he had a gun that he already brought to the airport. that said, two other soldiers also on patrol shot and killed the attacker who french officials also said tossed a gasoline container to the ground. about 90 minutes before the airport incident, officials say the man used a pellet gun, an air gun to shoot a police officer at a checkpoint north of paris and then car jacked a vehicle before heading to the airport. now, the airport after this attack was evacuated for several hours. flights were suspended or
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diverted to charles de gaulle airport, disrupting travel for about 3,000 people, and the airport, we understand, kelly, is back to normal tonight. now, french officials call the attacker a radicalized muslim, and french p president frank.?ñ? voice holland said they're looking into whether or not this guy had a terrorist plot behind him; that is, if he was connected or affiliated with a terror group such as isis. kelly: john huddy, thank you. laura? laura: and supreme court nominee neil gorsuch stepping into the spotlight as he prepares for his ?]ñ eyy@(>s[ how contentious will it be? plus, russian officials targeting u.s. news media operating in their country. what's behind the move. and secretary of state rex tillerson visiting china for a series of high-level meetings. a closer look at his agenda coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ laura: after visiting south korea, secretary of state rex tillerson is thousand in china. he'll focus on north korea's nuclear program in a series of meetings with top chinese officials. rich edson is in beijing with more. >> reporter: laura, the question for secretary of state rex tillerson here in china is under what conditions would the
1:20 pm
united states support military action against north korea. the secretary floated the idea that if the north korean weapons program reached a certain point, that military action would be on the table. this is the final stop on a three-country trip for the secretary of state here in east asia. he's been to japan, south korea and now beijing. much of it has focused on countering north korea. the secretary has been critical of china in what he called an inappropriate response to the situation in north korea and mentioned the world needs a new approach against north korea. >> i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high right now and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. and we've committed ourselves to do everything we can to prevent think type of conflict from breaking out. and we view there are a number of steps that we can take that are in front of us. >> reporter: the response from china? the united states needs to have
1:21 pm
a cool-headed reaction to the situation. china's been critical of the united states, in particular for the u.s. deployment of an anti-missile system this e south korea. china's also floating a proposal, one where the united states would halt its jointing military exercises with south korea in exchange for north korea surrendering its nuke lap weapons and -- nuclear or weapons program. the u.s. has rejected that proposal. meetings continue tomorrow for rex tillerson, he meets with chinese president xi jinping before flying back to the united states. laura? laura: rich edson, thank you so much for that report. kelly: for more on this now with john fund, columnist for national review magazine. john, good of?2í today. and what we just saw there in rich's piece, secretary of state rex tillerson is what we can better term, he's doing a delicate dip p lo mat dance with china on a number of issues. he's meeting face to face with chinese officials, seeking a
1:22 pm
stronger partnership. but there are some huge differences as we've seen that have to be discussed; trade, china's militarization of the south china islands, and then there's front and center what we just saw, the ever-increasing threat of north korea's penchant for developing nuclear weapons. he talked about, and i'm going to quote him here again, he says i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions on the peninsula are quite high and that things have reached a rather dangerous level. is there enough room there, enough common ground there for the u.s. and china to deal with this issue? >> well, the beginning of understanding is being candid. and i think mr. tillerson is finally telling the u.s. position clearlies which is the north koreans are an unacceptable danger to the peace and security of all of that art of asia. now, i think there's very little chance that we'll ever see military action against north korea unless they attack first.
1:23 pm
what i do think though is the chinese have to know that the u.s. had a different policy 12 or 13 years ago and abandoned it. that policy was to squeeze north korea's cash income. you know, the north koreans, they lie, they cheat and they steal, and they sell drugs overseas, they sell military equipment overseas, they have prostitution rings in other countries, all kinds of illicit ways to get foreign exchange which they badly need since they barely produce anything on their own. we squeezed them and their banks they were using in hong kong, and we had them on their knees. and then condoleezza rice, george bush's secretary of state, foolishly adopted a conciliatory oil, and that led to ten years of stonewalling, and thousand we're back to blackmail. i think we have to tell the chinese we can go back to the old policy, and you won't like it, but it's going to be necessary if you don't put pressure on your north korean friends. kelly: john, for all those things you just mentioned about north korea, i'm glad you
1:24 pm
brought those up, because i don't know that the world really understands just how much of a threat north korea's been beyond its testing of ballistic missiles and its penchant for nuclear weapons. this is also the other things that they have done -- there's also the other things they've done. >> they just assassinated someone. they just assassinated someone in malaysia. kelly: exactly. and malaysia, of course, is still trying to get north korea to comply with what they're demanding. but getting beyond that right now, this is a problem not just for the united states, not just for china, but as the entire world as we know it. so what do these two nations, china and the u.s., have to do to come together and bring north korea under control? because it seems for all intents and purposes that china's really not willing to do that. missiles are not aimed at china. >> exactly. this is an irritant more to the united states and more to its ally, japan.
1:25 pm
china has been content to sit on sidelines and watch the north local dennis the menace in the region. but if we decide to tell the chinese, you know, we're going to to factor this into our negotiations with you on intellectual property, on trade deals and other things that are important to you, your lack of cooperation in north korea may spill over to these other issues, i think then the chinese may actually start to negotiate. because china sends they a lot of its -- north korea a lot of its foreign exchange and a lot of its equipment and a lot of its imports. if the chinese want to pressure the north koreans, they can do it. kelly: john, i wish we had more time to talk about this, this is a big issue, and people need to take notice of what's beginning on there. but again, thank you for weighing in and sharing your perspective on u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson's visit to china. john fund, everyone. laura? laura: and russian government officials are calling for an investigation into u.s. news media operating in their country.
1:26 pm
the move is in response to what officials say are attacks in the u.s. against russian media. a statement on parliament's web site calls for an audit of several media outlets, but it does not specify how the investigation will be conducted or what they'll do with the results. the deputy who requested the probe says he wants to fight what he calls a repressive movie the u.s. against russian state television. kelly: supreme court nominee neil gore such raring for what's expected to be a tense confirmation hearing. democrats say they may block his nomination, so what can we expect? ♪ ♪ once there was a little pig that had built his house out of straw. one day a big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down.
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♪ ♪ >> judge go rsuch is a worthy successor to justice antonin scalia. by the grace of god and the tireless efforts of everyone in this room, i believe neil gorsuch will soon take his seat
1:31 pm
the supreme court of the united states. kelly: and that is vice president mike pence speaking earlier today, sounding quite confident as supreme court nominee neil gorsuch prepares to face lawmakers at his confirmation hearing starting monday. we can expect. >> he will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: it's something judge neil gorsuch himself vowed to do the night his supreme court nomination was rolled out in prime time. >> i pledge that, if i'm confirmed, i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution ask laws of this country. >> reporter: advocacy groups on the left and the right split on that proposition as they ramp up their arguments and ads ahead of confirmation hearings for gorsuch which kick off on monday. >> donald trump's nominee for the supreme court, neil gorsuch, doesn't respect the constitution. >> always applying the constitution just as it was
1:32 pm
written. >> reporter: gorsuch goes before the senate judiciary committee where democrats are vowing to make his path to the high court less than smooth. >> if he shows in his answers that he is out of the mainstream as his opinions indicate that he may well be, i will use every tool available, including the filibuster, to oppose him. or. >> reporter: pro-choice advocates are actively sounding the alarm given president trump's assertion that he would choose a pro-life nominee. >> certainly, it makes it seem as if in order to get selected in the first place, he already has his mind up. >> reporter: he'll be hard to trip up. >> look, there are going to be people who are ideologically opposed to this nomination come hell or high water, and i think this case once the american public sees judge gorsuch up there in the senate testifying, they'll realize what a terrific
1:33 pm
nomination this is. >> reporter: when asked about the possibility of invoking the so-called nuclear option which would lower the vote threshold needed to move a supreme court nominee forward from 60 to just 51 votes, a number of senators from both sides of the aisle have expressed the hope it will not come to that. but gop leadership isn't ruling it out. in new york, shannon bream, fox news. laura: and for more on this, we want to wring in the president of constitutional accountability center. she has filed briefs before the supreme court. so glad you can be with us to kind of break this all down and help us wrap our head around what's going to happen this week. >> absolutely. laura: want to thank you for that. let's just start off with the basics, what kind of jurist do you think gorsuch will be? >> well, it's certainly something that will be probed at the hear, you know? normally at these sorts of things there's a little bit of a dance. the senators ask questions, the nominee pretty much tries not to answer them as much as possible. [laughter] but i think in in this this cast
1:34 pm
will be interesting to see how 07ml2 burden judges who have ruled against him in recent weeks, calling them so-called judgings. i think there will be calls on judge gorsuch to decry those critiques of the judiciary. we've seen republican judges do that already, a member of the george w. bush administration the california has done that. and i think senators, especially democratic senators, will be looking to judge gorsuch to similarly say, you know, i'm going on the on the -- to be on the bench to follow the law and the constitution and not to do what the president who's nominating me maybe wants he to do. that's going to be important in the hearing. laura: gorsuch has a lot to prove during his confirmation hearing, so how do you think he's preparing for this? does he practice? does he hold sessions with advisers? how on earth do you prepare for
1:35 pm
something like this? >> he is going through what are often could murder boards, these ways in which you get questions that are anticipated to be asked at the hearings from people who are working to rep you on your team. i'm sure that they are thinking about ways in which he can avoid answering some of these tough questions that he doesn't want to get to. for example, that litmus test point about you heard donald trump saying over and over in the campaign and then president trump even talking about how the willingness to overturn roe v. wade would be something that would be a litmus test for choosing the nominee. but, of course, you have the problem that judges are not supposed to guarantee to vote this a certain way, so gorsuch will have to thread the needle there, and that will be one of the questions they're practicing, i assure you, over and over. la lauer i'm curious if you have a guess as to what are some of the example questions that we might hear at this hearing? >> definitely. so absolutely on roe v. wade, the question of whether or not
1:36 pm
he would respect the precedent that exists in the supreme court that says that a woman has a right to choose an abortion or not. that'll be one of the key questions. the question of independence, whether or not he will be willing to serve as an independent check on the elected branches whether it's constitutional overreach to executive power. we saw questions about that come up in the obama administration. they are already coming up now with the trump administration and then also questions, i think there have been a lot of democrats have raised a lot of questions about whether or not he will fall over backwards to favor corporations, so i would expect those questions to come forth as well. laura: and where do you think he's going to fit in the spectrum of supreme court justices? >> he's certainly someone who has shown himself to be a very good writer which in some ways hearkens to justice scalia who was also a very readable justice whether you agreed with him or not. but he is certainly much more
1:37 pm
measured than justice scalia. justice scalia was often very colorful. i don't think you're going to see that kind of -- you haven't seen that kind of writing from judge gorsuch. that has been a promise of donald trump to put forth someone who is extremely conservative. judge gorsuch's record shows him to be extremely conseand so wheg that you cheer or something that concerns you, i think his conservativeness is something reflect. laura: all right. well, history's about to play out before us. thank you so much for walking us through some of the steps. we'll see what happens. thank you so much for being with us here today. >> great to be with you, thank you so much. kelly: fox news' jesse watters sat down with president trump this week and took a ride on air force one. in their wide-ranging conversation, jesse asked the president about his relationship with former president obama and his administration.
1:38 pm
>> do you think president obama wants you to succeed? >> well, you know, he's been very nice to me personally, but his people haven't been nice. and there's great animosity out there, there's great anger. leaking is just one example of it, in some cases very serious examples of it. but leaking and the level of anger is hard to believe. so while he's nice personally, there doesn't seem to be a lot of nice things happening behind the scening, and that's -- scenes, and that's unfortunately. kelly: you can catch the rest of that interview and go inside air force one with the president of the united states tonight on watters' world at eighting eastern time right here on fox news channel. laura: a major nato operation underway in the baltics. british troops joining other nato forces stationed in the region to fight off russian aggression. a u.s. army special forces veteran is on deck to talk about the buildup. that's next. ♪ity! ♪ she does. she does.
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♪ muck. kelly: president trump blasting germany saying they may or they must, rather, pay their fair share when it comes to nato. his comments come one day after his meeting with the german leader. earlier today the president tweeted this: despite what you have heard from the fake news, i had a great meeting with german nevertheless, germany owes vast sums of money to nato and the united states. must be paid more for the powerful and very expensive defense it provides to germany. meantime, british troops have arrived in estonia as part of a russian aggression. 800 british troops will be stationed in that country as part of one of the biggest deployments to eastern europe in decades. ben collins is a u.s. army special forces veteran and a former green beret. he joins us now. he served three tours of duty in afghanistan. first thing's first, sir, thank
1:44 pm
you for your tour or duty and your service to this country. >> it was my honor, thank you. kelly: and not only protecting america, but also our allies as well. speaking about nato, you know, i would -- i recall when i served in the army some time ago, you'll know this, there were forger or exercises for all the nato allies to come together, to train together and work together. who i knew that we would be discussing we had to fund each other as well and that the united states would be funding the bulk of it and president trump saying, wait a minute, let's hold everyone accountable. is that where we are right now? is the responsibility of these other countries to also put money in for this kind of exercise but also nato, the nato alliance? >> well, absolutely. i mean, you hit the nail on the head. nato exists for one reason, and that's to keep europe secure. so the question becomes who's responsible for that security. is it the europeans, is it americans, is it europeans and americans. and, you know, we have been responsible for, you know, we at
1:45 pm
least have been the guarantor of that security since the end of world war ii. but if you actually look at that and you add up all the 28 member countries, you add all of their gdp up together, you know, the u.s. alone represents about half of that gdp, a little bit less than half, yet we're footing two of thirds of the annual nato bill. so when it comes to 900 or so billion dollars and is we're paying for about $600 billion, you know, look, everybody right now is having financial issues. europe is, certainly we are. but, yes, absolutely. it's time for them to start paying their share. and the money can't be spent arbitrarily. it shouldn't be a jobs program the way countries like italy use it but should actually go to buying equipment and capabilities that they could use to defend themselves. kelly: let's talk about germany, for example, which has profited quite a bit, and it is one of leading countries in the nato alliance and one of the leading european countries and certainly since 1945 when the united states stepped in to help that
1:46 pm
country regroup and grow and develop, it has done remarkably well. so shouldn't germany be digging into its pockets and saying, okay, need to pay up and do more? >> well, it comes down to priorities. now look, if you look at the countries that have raised some of their funding like latvia or certainly poland, well, of course, they're incentivized to hit their g,dp mark because they their front porch, as they say. kelly: yeah, exactly. >> and germany has that buffer between it. you look at the stability of europe and you hook at everything from are, yes, russian aggression. we've seen what happened in the crimea, we see the threats in the ukraine, he's always response, he's moved missiles to the border, but you also have the rise of isis and the explosion of migrants into europe that is destabilizing, and that should sit at the hand -- or at the feet of angela merkel. so it's very hard to strip out nato and e.u., but i think some
1:47 pm
of their priorities and dedication have been intertwined too much. kelly: so, ben, real quickly, you unpacked a lot right there. you talked about the refugees who have come into these countries, and we know the problems that has posed for not just germany, but also italy and, of course, the u.k. and france. but then there's also the question of russia's aggression. what is up with vladimir putin, and thousand you're talking about british troops, 800 british troops going into estonia because they are concerned about russia's aggression in the wake of what happened in crimea and ukraine. >> well, if you look at what vladimir putinen and what russia's doing, you know, at a time when european countries, many of them, were cutting back their funding for military spending, russia was expanding out. so they were spending more money of their gdp be on to military capabilities. also we've seen very recently
1:48 pm
that vladimir putin is willing to use force more as part of -- force as part of his decision cycle. so going into the crimea. look, when he wakes up in the morning, he thinks of one thing. he wants the ussr back, and he hates nato. so since we are the primary effort, but you look at how much he's been doing. just for the past couple of weeks, we've stopped, you know, they've intercepted russian planes coming across into the baltics. this is a very real concern, and i think that, you know, nato and certainly england stepping up in this case is something that has to happen. they do have to pay their share. that's not to take away, however, i have to say this, from the tremendous effort that they have been with us in certainly places like afghanistan as part of the isaf force. kelly: of course. ben, i just want to thank you again for your service -- >> well, thank you, sir. kelly: and you're talking about us is sr and -- ussr, and i'm
1:49 pm
reminded of mikhail gorbachev who recently as this week said the language is becoming belligerent, and many thought he was refer aring to vladimir putin. >> thank you, sir. laura: howard kurtz goes one-on-one with white house press secretary sean spicer. in the interview, set to air tomorrow on "media buzz," spicer gets into the investigation of possible ties between russia and the trump campaign. and the press' coverage of it. >> it's amazing how many times bring up a story that has been debunked by every single intelligence official and member of congress who has been briefed by the fbi including director clapper who served under -- was appointed by president obama, said he didn't see anything there. and yet the mainstream media continues to hold onto that that it clearly gets them some kind of coverage or ratings. ing. laura: see the rest of howard kurtz's interview with press secretary sean spicer tomorrow,
1:50 pm
11 a.m., set your clocks, eastern time right here on fox news channel. kelly: the manhunt continues for a tennessee teen allegedly abducted by one of her teachers, and investigators say the girl may be in imminent danger. ♪ and seconds... how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions... we think you deserve the financial freedom to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org. i just want to find a used car start at the new
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♪ ♪ laura: an intense search to tell
1:54 pm
you about that's underway right now for a missing 15-year-old girl from tennessee. she's been gone for nearly a week. police say she may have been kidnapped by her teacher. bryan llenas is life with this one. >> reporter: 15-year-old elizabeth thomas was last seen monday morning in columbia, tennessee. the search continues today for elizabeth and her teacher, 50-year-old thad cummings. investigators last placed in detoday torquer alabama, monday -- decatur, alabama. the tbi has issued a multi-state amber alert. these are recent surveillance images of the white male, six feet tall weighing approximately 200 pounds. he has brown hair and eyes. investigators uncover canned a troubling pattern of behavior they say indicates cummi, this s had been using his role as elizabeth's teacher for some time now to manipulate the
1:55 pm
15-year-old in a, quote, effort to lure and potentially sexually exploit her. cummins is believed to be armed with two handguns and is driving this silver these san rogue with tennessee license plate 976 zpt. the suspect's wife is pleading with her husband to turn himself in and bring the teenager home. >> let me speak directly to my husband. tad, this is not you. this is not who youelp you get h this. no÷s what's happening right now, god's grace is sufficient for you. >> reporter: elizabeth is 5-5, she has hazel eyes and blond hair, weighs 120 pounds. the tbi tells me because of the shockingly low thurm of about 250 tips they've received from
1:56 pm
the public, it is likely elizabeth and cummins are in hiding outside the public eye, and they could be anywhere nationwide. elizabeth's family attorney is now also questioning whether more could have been done by the murray county school district. an investigation into the relationship with elizabeth was launched in january. if you have any information, you are urged to call 1-800-tbi-find. laura? laura: brian, thank you so much. in our newsroom. kelly: let's hope we get a good ending to that. that'll do it for us, but you can check out this young lady tonight on "fox report." good to be with you again. laura: you too. "america's news headquarters" next. if you often suffer from a dry mouth, over time it can lead to cavities
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and bad breath. that's why there is biotene, the # 1 dry mouth brand recommended by dentists. biotene. for people who suffer from a dry mouth. ♪
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just head & shoulders? (gasp) i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders >> hello, everybody, this is a fox news alert. president trump taking his fight for votes on the america health care act to south florida today after winning support from several members of the conservative republican study committee. the president and conservative lawmakers agreeing to two changes to the bill affecting medicaid. hello, i'm i'm a ma -- uma, and welcome to a branding new hour. rick: and i'm rick leventhal. the push for votes are not over yet, vice president pence trying to gain more support, holding a listening session earlier today with business owners in florida before making some remarks. kristin fisher is live at mar rah lag duo resort this palm


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