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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 19, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> all of these nos or potential nos are all yeses. judge jeanine: the art of the deal. president trump says he can do it. tonight i'll ask newt gingrich about the president's chances of making the gop healthcare bill law. >> trump made his living on making deals, and this is a test of that ability. judge jeanine: i'll get the former speaker's take on the budget and how he deal with the those in washington trying to stop him at every turn. he's president, they are not.
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judge jeanine: anne coulter is here live after tonight's open and you never know how that's going to go. >> i always want to kiss you after your opening statement. judge jeanine: i'm taking you to the st. patrick's parade to ask new yorkers what they think of reports that our favorite person has her eyes on city hall. should hillary clinton come back and run for mayor? >> no! jenna: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. a st. patrick's edition of "street justice." but first my opening statement. folks they are changing the rules before your very eyes.
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this is bigger than a travel ban. bigger than a debate question. the left is change black letter law, journalistic standards and the constitution in order to satisfy their agenda. they are simply intolerant of opinions that differ from theirs. and so they burn buildings in their black ninja outfits at berkeley to stop an invited guest from exercising his first amendment free speech. they burn the constitution in their black robes to stop the president from exercising his plenary powers to protect americans. and they throw journalism ethics to the wind and promote a liar to the democratic committee's vice chair.
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they are trying to make you believe you are the racist uncharitable bigot. but don't buy into their narrative. you must stay the course. this week a judge from hawaii puts a nationwide halt to the president's second temporary travel ban from six arab countries. within this travel ban, religion is not used as a preference or exception. in fact it removes exemptions for religious minorities, though i personally wish they would have kept it because asylum status can be prioritizedized bd on religious persecution. judge derrick watson, a harvard genius blocked the ban. he stops it saying it prevents hawaiians from receiving visits
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from their relatives from somalia, sudan, yemen and iran and syria and harms tourism from those countries as well as how's ability to recruit from places like syria. judge watson, hawaii hasn't taken in one refugee from those countries. but now, you want to be in the forefront of a national controversial and block donald trump's executive order? i don't think hawaii has standing with these countries. i personally recommend that all refugees, all 100,000 of them, go directly to hawaii, go right past new york, chicago, california, and come straight to you. at least then you might have a plausible argument that hawaii is connected to somalia, sudan,
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iran, libya, yemen and syria. and then you are welcome to be at the forefront of this national controversy. and this week, donna brazile. the good christian woman finally finds redemption and confesses that she passed on debate questions to her girlfriend hillary which didn't do hillary much good. it shows you how bad hillary really was as a candidate. of course this good christian woman accustomed to persecution as she was, had previously denied passing on the debate questions. take a look. >> as a christian woman i understand persecution, but i won't be persecuted because your for us totally false. what you are -- podesta's emails
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were stolen. you are so interested in talk about emails. you are like a thief in the night who wants to bring to the light things that were stolen. judge jeanine: she uses as a defense to her lie that she is being percent cute as a good christian woman? it's not only unseemly, it's demonic. i didn't say democratic. it's demonic. then she continued the narrative that it's all the russian's fault. folks, this is nuts. since when does a judge look outside the four corners of an executive order or any contract for that matter and reach back to what a president said on a campaign trail. where there is no ambiguity,
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there is no need to go outside the four corners of the document. if that were the law, the big question in the first executive order which was what about the people with visas or green cardholders, which was answered by white house counsel should have been accepted. but it wasn't accepted because it wasn't clear in the order itself, so this judge would not reach beyond the order to find the answer. to suggest the first amendment establishment clause actually applies to people in somalia who are not even citizens who don't have visas or green cards that we should wrap them in the cloak of our united states constitution when they are thousands of miles from our shores is outright lunacy. maybe we ought to put them in section 8 housing and send them
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over. judges cannot make decisions based upon their politics or their intense dislike for our president. and likewise, journalists like donna brazile should not be able to lie their way into the chair of the democratic national committee. that in itself should give you pause for the standards are in that party you need to stay the course. they are wrong, you are right. in more ways than one. that's my open. tell me what you think on your facebook page or twitter. #judgejeanine. joining me is columnist anne
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coulter. >> it's starting to look like the reason the democrats are so upset about this alleged russian interference in the election is because they think they are the on ones who can fix elections. trump was right about the primary being stolen from bernie sanders. and he was right that the stuff wikileaks was putting out was all true. it may have been taken in ways we object to. but has any of it been dispute as being accurate? no, it's all true. judge jeanine: what took donna brazile 8 months to come clean on this after lying with all these ridiculous excuses? what happened that she -- she didn't really apologize. she basically says best she says sending those emails was a mistake that i will forever regret. but she doesn't say i apologize.
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why did she do it? >> well, she did it originally to help hillary. and why she is telling you the truth now. there is quite a history of suddenly getting the truth from both media and i suppose in this case democratic operatives after the election is over. in one famous example, just before the 1996 election bill clinton had his ins working 24 hours a day pumping out new citizens. sp people are long records of conviction were being made citizens because they wanted them to vote democrat. they got more than a million registered. when did we find out the truth about that? "the washington post" did expose it after the election. once they have done everything they can to fix an election, then you will get the truth. judge jeanine: she is still vice
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chair of the dnc, yes? >> i don't think democrats mind this? at least not the hillary cloud. i would think the bernie sanders crowd would be a little testy about it. certainly the ones i know who did vote for trump or didn't vote for hillary because of the positions. bernie sanders used to have trump's position on immigration and trade. funny thing about bernie sanders, i liked him when he was a socialist. i don't like him once he became a liberal. judge jeanine: let's talk about healthcare. they will vote on thursday. donald trump, the president is absolutely confident the nos will change to yeses. what do you think? >> i hope he's wrong. i don't want our hero donald trump even dealing with obamacare as i said before. come on. what are republicans in congress doing?
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this should be their job. they don't have to build the wall or interview the people who are going to build the wall. they don't have to over$see the travel bands. or deportation orders or the trade deals. the president should deal with the stuff the path dweelts and congress should be the one writing a law. judge jeanine: you don't think he has political capital in this new healthcare? so why is he doing it? >> especially this bill. this isn't his bailiwick. i hate this bill. all we need to take care of 90% of the people in america, all you need is one sentence saying there shall be a free market in health insurance. congress has the right to regulate interstate congress. all i want is a free market. i want to buy insurance the same way i buy a microwave oven, flat
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screen tv and car insurance. give as you free market. and the other parts of the bill, the welfare cases, people who can't pay for their own healthcare and health insurance either because they don't have jobs for whatever reasons or they have weirdly expensive medical problems. we are already take care of these people. but let the rest of us have a free market in health insurance. judge jeanine: you said you wanted to talk about the travel ban. hit it. >> you mentioned it, and you are totally right. these judges should be impeached. something else congress should be doing. impeach these outrageous judges. we were warned we were going to get fascism when donald trump was he -- was elected and we are getting it from the courts. as long as they are look at
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things said on the campaign trail. in trump's immigration policy paper he called for a temporary pause in all immigration, a moratorium. let's do that. judge jeanine: what's amazing to me, i never heard in contract law or any other law to look past the four corpse of a document. it's fundamental first-year law. anne quawl caller, it's always great having you on. good to see you. judge jeanine: ben stein who wrote the first healthcare bill for president nixon. the speaker unplugged. >> this is some left-wing cuckoo bird who has a judgeship who is making a ruling that's insane. judge jeanine: newt gingrich is with me to tell me what he
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really thinks about the judge month glocked trump's i am -- who blocked president trump immigration order. judge jeanine: they are talking about hillary clinton coming back to run for mayor. >> no. judge jeanine: i take street justice to the st. patrick's day parade. you don't want to miss it. don'
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judge jeanine: president trump doing what he does best, making deals. when it comes to the gop's healthcare plan. but can he really pull this off? earlier i sat down with author of the new york best times seller "treason." newt gingrich. mr. speaker thanks for being with us. i want to start with healthcare. the president indicated that he is hoping republicans day by day web's positive and optimistic. but in leave it this freedom caucus, do you really think people like tom cotton or rand paul will flip over to the point where we have the vote next thursday? >> well, i think the house
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bill -- speaker ryan probably will get out with one or more amendments. the senate bill will be totally different. can mcconnell get a bill out of the senate? probably. but it won't be the house bill. then the real dance will be probably a month from now when they get together in conference and they have two different bills. i think that's going to be a challenge. trump made his living on making deals, and this is a real test of that ability. judge jeanine: what do you think will be the difference on the house and senate bill? where is the emphasis? >> because of the pressure the freedom cow is the bill is moving to the right. it's more change in medicaid, it's more anti-washington. the senate i think has two different groups here. you have moderate senators who don't want to go that far to the right. then you have a core group
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around cotton and lee who want to go further to the right. watching mcconnell who is a master at doing this. watching him figure out how to bring them together. he need 50 votes plus the vice president. so he can only lose two senators and still get this thing done. i'm sure he's talking to people every day trying to figure out if there is a sweet spot that will get a bill out of the senate. judge jeanine: are you optimistic? >> yes. i think donald trump is a remarkable charismatic leader. he did those five rallies a day toward end of the campaign. i wouldn't be shocked to see him once they have a bill and it's locked down, once they know what the case is, really going out and rallying his base. judge jeanine: it's all about the public at this point. and the public moving congress in the event the president isn't
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able to do it. do you see tension between ryan and the president? >> i think there is some. but it's healthy. a natural tension. ryan has worked these issues for many many years. he has strong ideas and opinions. but he doesn't quite have the votes. and he has to deal with the senate which is different. ryan, mcconnell and the president, and with enormous help from vice president pence who is doing a great job of coordinating with the hill, staying in close touch. but this is a natural tension. this is what a legislative process is like. we are just not used to it because obama never did it. he either got his way or he quit. judge jeanine: mr. speaker, speaking of people who really are good at what they do, you are the guru of the balanced budget. i refer back to the contract with america, '94-'95.
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you did what everybody thought was impossible. in light of the president's suggested budget. we know the house ultimately has the power of the purse. what the president has done with this proposed budget, is he really put a stake in the ground and he's seriously very clear that he is cutting out a lot of stuff. we know he's increasing money for the defense and as well as homeland security for veterans. but he's also getting rid of a lot of stuff, even pet projects for people in his own party. there was a sense by some republicans that it's risky and may be a breach of faith in some cases with the people who elected them. what do you think? >> this is a very first budget, they didn't have much time to put together. some parts of it i deeply
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disagree with. but the general direction is right. it's shock to people. trump is somewhere between reagan and calvin coolidge. this budget is one of the most conservative document sent up in the last half century. only reagan's '81 budget would be comparable to it. he's sending a clear signal. he wants a smaller government, less regulatory red tape, more power to the people and he's comfortable fighting it out. he won't get everything he wants. but he's setting a standard for a much tighter policy and smaller government than liberals wanted. judge jeanine: you know what's amazing about this, not that anyone is surprised. but people are criticizing him. i was reading one of the newspapers, it said he's not decreasing the deficit. really? at least he's not add together deficit. he's keeping promises to their
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cans about medicare and social security which is 40% of the federal budget. but this is a man who will be criticized no matter what he does. it will be like this for the next four years? >> absolutely. if donald trump were to walk out this summer and buy a raspberry ice cream cones the "new york times" would attack him for being prejudice because he should have had a chocolate, vanilla or peppermint. the walk times would say he didn't buy the biggest cone because he's too cheap. this his life for the near future. he has to recognize he's president, they are not. judge jeanine: we have a thick skin. to me it doesn't seem it's bothering him. a couple issues before we go. the wall, he is making it clear in the proposed budget, the wall
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this this and it's going to happen, and i assume he's putting rfps and proposals to get this wall started. >> sure. i think that's right. john kelly, the marine general who is secretary of homeland security is a brilliant leader. he's going to go out and accomplish his mission. the president has the enormous power of the retow pen. i'm confident he won't sign an appropriation that does not include payment for the wall, period. that's what part of the negotiating with the congress will be about. but he committed to it. it's what got him nominated. it was a key part of his majority and he will keep his word. judge jeanine: with respect to the latest executive order. no surprise, the judge from hawaii says the establishment clause applies to someone from another country who is not a
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citizen. i never understood the establishment clause. >> you are the judge, i'm not. i'm just an historian, not a lawyer. this is insanity. this is a left-wing cuckoo bird who happens to have a judgeship who is making a ruling that is insane implying the entire planet has a right to the constitution. we have people from everywhere. i don't think they are in the last census. we have people from everywhere. judge jeanine: thank you. they are each in their corner ready to go. matt schlapp and mary anne marsh are here to debate president trump's budget. i asked new yorkers at the st. patrick's day parade about reports that hillary might run for mayor. and i got an earful. justice rolls on in a minute.
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>> happy st. patrick's day and america. i stand in our corn. judge jeanine: why is your hand on
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from illinois. judge jeanine: ben stein still on tap for tonight as well as special street "justice with judge jeanine" from the st. patrick's day parade. moist many time for the political panel. matt shah lamb and marianne marsh. president trump keeps getting sued with these executive orders. it's almost like a race to see which state will be the first one to sue him. yet when i think by the, matt, all of the obamacare stuff, when the president said you could keep your healthcare and keep your dock were, that was outside
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of the law, and since the judges are reaching outside of the executive order and the law itself, why wasn't obama sued for those lies and those mix characterizations? >> he was a constitutional law professor and he was overturned more time by the federal judiciary and any other modern president. on obamacare he reached and grabbed extra powers to make all kinds of changes tonight. the difference with president trump. this judge in hawaii didn't read the executive order. he saw him at a rally and said i think he has animus towards muslims sow i'll rule this out of order. it's absurd and it angers people. judge jeanine: marianne i will ask you about the budget. there are those who say that it's a good thing he hasn't
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added anything, but he has taken away some stuff. i assume you are not happy with that. >> i think what's interesting is republicans have always done a great job of convincing low-income voters to vote against their own economic interests. and he admitted that in his interview with tucker carlson. tucker challenged him in terms of low-income housing, heating programs, meals on wheels. 500,000 veterans won't get their meals on wheels yet he wants to help veterans. he said some of these things are the opposite. donald trump admitted that. i don't think it budget will go that far. even republicans oppose it. judge jeanine: matt, what do you say -- the truth is all of the entitlements, the president promised medicare and social
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security untouched. but he didn't add anything to the budget. so what about these things like meals on wheels? somewhat mary environment is missing is a lot of people who don't make a lot of money they feel like they are picking. you more and most expense of people who don't work. obamacare and the expansion of obamacare it was about able bodied people who aren't work. that's where the people who are working get frustrated. they want to make sure they don't -- they don't want to pull the wagon when there are so many people sitting idly in the wagon. when it comes to meals on wheels, these are great program. we are $0 trillion in debt. can we keep borrowing more and more on our grand kids' credit card? judge jeanine: isn't part of the argument that this is something
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better than the state. the fact he hasn't add to the deficit and he's trying to the keep program untouched. if people wanted to be charitable they can do it directly. they can barely pay their tax and their bills. >> you push things from the federal government down to the state government. they push it down to the cities and towns. it's people's quality of life is determine bid their zip code more and more and more. there are some commend things we should all share in. taking care of our veterans is one of them. taking care of children whose parents can't feed them at home.
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judge jeanine: children going without food is absurd in this country. >> that's not true. judge jeanine: there are more people on social services and stood stamps than ever in this country. >> a lot of kids in a lot of schools get meal to the bring home for the weekend. in the summer when they are out of school. one of the biggest challenges for low-income familiar his is to make sure they can get three meals on the table for their kids. judge jeanine: we feed half the world. matt: >> there comes a time when it am not about are he compassionate. it's about common every day working class folks feel like they are paying for government it takes two incomes in a family to pay for government.
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the money you make after that point in the year you can actually keep. there was a bit of a political revolt. people were saying we are tieferld all of uls who don't make that much money have to pay for everybody else who seems to be making bad lifestyle choices. wee all care about kids. but we have to have responsibility. judge jeanine: there isn't anyone who thinks kids shouldn't be getting foods. but to say meals on wheels. the veterans administration has a bloated budget. they need to get rid of the va and give these people direct access to money. >> a lot of homeless veterans and there are too many of them and they are not being taken care of. this budget doesn't help them. how many people in this country who voted for donald trump are realizing they are upon obamacare and they are about to lose it? that's the big challenge.
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and they realize it. matt: >> that's not true. judge jeanine: "street justice" straight ahead. presidential historian and renaissance man, i'll be talking live with the great ben stein next.
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judge jeanine: former speech writer for former president nixon, ben stein. you have strong feelings about this judge. what did you think about the hawaiian judge who put a stop to the president's second executive order on the temporary travel
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ban. >> the constitution is absolutely clear-cut. the president has authority over immigration. congress hassen it has -- has go him over and over again. this judge comes out of a surf shop in hawaii and says i have authority over everything it's up to me. forget withr what with -- forgee congress did. forget the constitution. any law can be struck down by a trivial federal court judge. we have dictators in black robes telling the american people, your votes don't matter, the congress votes don't matter. judge jeanine: the judge you mentioned is derrick watson, a harvard man. doesn't that add credentials to
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your resume? >> harvard law school graduates are very smart people. but at yale we developed a theory of legal realism. that was long before my time there that said judges can just decide anything they want. doesn't matter what the precedents are. they can find a came case and claim that backs them up it's a very serious situation. judge jeanine: what this judge said was i'm going to find animus against muslims based on what he said during the campaign. are you kidding me? and say i'm going to look for animus. what do you say to the head of g.e., what did you say to the broad in the bar the other night. not that i'm suggesting anything. i don't even know hot ceo of
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gevment is. >> in legal realism that we developed at yale law school which says judges don't have to be bound by the four corners of the contusion other laws of congress or the laws of state. it's whatever they want to decide. very dangerous situation. we have a situation where the judiciary is out of control, not bound by anything but themselves. we want a strong judiciary, but we don't want a judiciary which suddenly made itself dictators and that's what's happening now. judge jeanine: i can't help but think some of the district judges are responding to some of the things donald trump said during the campaign. >> of course they are. i have a friend web's great expert in immigration law.
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he said it's a simple thing. the president can decide, the congress can decide. none of it matters if the judge doesn't like donald trump, they will right unconstitutional. it has nothing to do with the law. it has to do with the judge's personal animus against trump. it's not animus against immigrants or muslims. it's against trump. judge jeanine: gorsuch, the hearings start tomorrow. we haven't heard much. >> the "new york times" is trying to drop a big lead anchor around him as a big rich guy. i think he's going to get through. i think he will be a great justice. god bless him. judge jeanine: ben stein, what do you think about russia? is russia hacking us? >> i manage they are. and i manage we are hacking
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them. that's standard stuff. the "wall street journal" which i consider the greatest paper in the country was saying that obama was tapping him. that's not something trump dreamed up out of thin air it's been widely reported. judge jeanine: thank you, ben stein. only i can visit the st. patrick's day parade and i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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judge jeanine: hillary and chelsea clinton could be eyeing political office in new york. i wanted new yorkers' take so i headed to the st. patrick's day parade. [♪] >> are you irish in. >> yes, i am. judge jeanine: should hillary come back and be the mayor of new york? >> no, thank you. judge jeanine: should hillary come back and run for mayor? >> no! [♪] judge jeanine: are you guys 18? i don't believe you. hillary clinton says she is not
1:54 am
satisfied, she wants to come back and run again. what do you think? is it good? >> i love hillary clinton she is amazing. judge jeanine: where are you from? >> a from cork in ireland. judge jeanine: what's going on. >> the children tons are good to ireland. they can do nothing wrong in ireland. judge jeanine: they might have a file on you. i'm always having a good time on st. patrick's day. judge jeanine: are you irish today? >> i am. judge jeanine: she is talking about coming back and running for mayor. >> i think we are good with what we have. judge jeanine: hillary keeps losing. should she call it a day and relax? >> hillary is constantly saying
1:55 am
stuff she can't back up. >> hillary is a liar. we are all know that. judge jeanine: chelsea is talking about running for senate. >> no, ma'am. judge jeanine: she deserves a chance, doesn't she? >> happy st. patrick's day, and may god bless america and president trump, i stand in your corn. judge jeanine: why is your hand on my shoulder. >> absolutely. judge jeanine: her daughter now wants to run. >> we are sick of the clintons we need to get rid of them. judge jeanine: talk of hillary coming back as mayor of new york. what do you think? >> no. judge jeanine: bye, guys. [♪]
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uma: that's a wrap. laura inglis joined us next with the fox report. have a great night >> it's a big week coming up for republican plans to repeal and replace obamacare which could floor thursday or friday. this is the fox report. republican leaders will need every hope to push it through and send it to the senate where a different kind of battle awaits. it is a working weekend for president trump and mike pence, both in florida working to sell the plan. vice president mike pence within jacksonville with small business owner. >> the obamacare nightmare is about two and. [applause] virtually


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