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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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debra, she spends more time in the plants in her dream and that most living things don't know that trump -- sandra: have a wonderful morning . thanks for allowing me join, you guys. peter: of course. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good sunday morning, a big wick ahead in washington on monday two highly anticipated hearings on russia's election meddling and president trump's supreme court nominee. on thursday lawmakers expected to vote on the gop's plan to repeal obamacare, good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, this is sunday morning futures. president trump expressing confidence about repealing and replacing the affordable care act but as the house gets to vote on thursday, can they get conservatives on board. house gop conference woman joins us momentarily. democrats say that are skeptical of supreme court nominee niel
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gorsuch. exclusive interview with eric trump on his relationship with his father and how his business has changed since president trump began office. we are looking ahead right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: get ready for a blockbuster week on capitol hill this upcoming week. hang in the balance the few hour of health care in america as the republican's plan to repeal and replace obamacare could hit the house floor this thursday, now the push is on for gop leaders to round up every yes vote they can if they hope to get their bill passed on and sent onto senate. in an exclusive interview president trump sounded very confident. >> we are going get something done, i think it's going to be terrific and it's going to be so much better than obamacare which really doesn't exist because if you allow it to exist for another year, it's going to implode.
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maria: congresswoman kathy chairs the house republican congress, she joins us right now. congresswoman, good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: i saw a sound bite of the president over the weekend, there was a meeting on friday. i just came out of a meeting and there were 12 no's and now they're all yes', were you able to flip conservative republicans to say, yes, to the house gop healthcare plan? >> clearly president trump views -- recognizes that we are moving in the right direction and the members have more confidence that we are on a mission critical to the country to ensure that everyone has better healthcare future than they to right now for every person. as far as the details of that meeting, i think what i've understand is that some of the provisions related to medicare reform, for example, at least on
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option for the states to have requirement for medicaid and those are the reforms that we need to have, this is all been an open transparent process, we are listening to people. we are in the energy and commerce committee last week, ways and means and budget and now we are moving to the floor. every step of the way we have been listening and perfecting this bill. maria: you think this bill will go to the house floor on thursday and you think you will clear the vote so that you could send it on to the senate? >> we are definitely moving in the right direction. not i think to anything is not an option. you look at what we are facing in 2017 in the current path under obamacare, it's projected that premiums will increase 25% on average across the country. we know right now one out of three counties only has one plan available. those networks are closing, so we must take action. the republicans have long been united around the goal of
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repealing and replacing obamacare. we believe that that is the way that we ensure a better future, better health care future for everyone in the country. this is our opportunity, this is our time to act and we must act. maria: what changes did you make with regards to the medicaid because this is obviously the area where paul -- rand paul and his colleagues say, look, this is too much of a government give away. what changes did you make to flip those 12 conservatives? >> we are making reforms to medicaid, first time in 52 years, now, and i think it's important to recognize that medicaid is a very important safety net. it is intended for some of our most vulnerable. those with disabilities, low-income pregnant and women and children and seniors, what obama did was expand medicaid to able-body adults. when you looked at who signed up it was largely able-bodied adults.
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millions of americans who liked their healthcare plan were forced to medicaid and exchange. we are working to empower the states to best structure medicaid. some of the details are how reunresponsible being unwind medicaid. we are ensuring that they are protected and that they won't have the rug pulled out from underbeneath them but we want to return it to the states, we want to give the states the opportunity to structure the program in the best way that it's going to immediate the needs. maria: that's, whask, what paul ryan told us in mornings with maria, what i asked him, that's fine, but at the same time you've been talking about a full repeal and replace, why is it so difficult to do away with obamacare and start fresh which really what your colleagues want
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to do. take a thereon what paul ryan had to say. >> first of all, we don't have the full votes for repeal, many said repeal and replace. if we just did a repeal, 51 votes and not replace then we wouldn't be able to get a replaceed because they can filibuster a place. the promise made to voters we will repeal and replace and so we are using the budget tools that we have in the senate to do repeal and replace. remember, maria, this is why we have a 3-part process. we could put everything we wanted into this one bill and have it vote on with 51 votes in the senate, we would do that. because of the senate rules and how narrow they are to do reconciliation, you can't put everything you want in the bill. like say interstate shopping across state lines.
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effectively repeals and replace it is law. it's a very good start. it's actually an excellent start. it's the plan that we did right last year that we did rein on last year. >> this is time for confidence. this is a shared goal that we have long held as republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. i think it's important to review back in 2009 when the affordable care act was passed. it passed the house and went over to the senate on christmas eve they mustered up 11 votes to get the affordable care act passed through the senate and then they lost, senator kennedy passed away and we won that seat. senator brown was elected. they no longer had 60 votes in the senate and then they did the
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rest of the affordable care act through reconciliation, what we have proposed is a path that will repeal and replace obamacare. we start with the bill that we put on the president's desk last year that president obama vetoed so that is the repeal bill of obamacare and we add to it the transition items that are going to make for a smooth transition and we are adding the tax credits, medicaid reform, expansion of health savings accounts and phase two, what they can do under administration under secretary tom price, deregulation. there's over 1400 provisions within the affordable care act where the administration did the rules and regulations an tom price is going to review all of that and phase three is what will require 60 votes in the senate and those are the policy items like across state lines. association health plans. other bipartisan healthcare policy that we will be able to
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figure out how to we get to 60 votes and get it on to the president's desk. maria: we are all watching congresswoman, we will be watching this big agenda that you are efforting in 2017, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. maria: we will be watching thursday as well. the trump administration going to first states to block travel ban. obstruction and objection to hawaii's pushback. you can follow me on twitter at mornings with maria -- maria bartiromo at sunday futures. stay us with, we are looking ahead on sunday morning futures. they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet.
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maria: welcome back, the department of justice is asking federal judge in hawaii to narrow restraining order he issued last week blocking key parts of president trump's new travel ban. they say it should focus on mr. trump's attempt to put a 90-day hold on citizens from six muslim countries instead of sweeping other aspects. good to see you, speaker. now hawaii. >> well, look, they are going to shop around and find a judge who is efficiently liberal that they have a good chance of getting what they want. if you read his ruling, t crazy. he makes an assertion that if you have any people in our country who came from the country that's named that you've extended constitutional rights to that country. so so noncitizens have all the productions of the u.s. constitution. since we have people from every country in the planet.
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if you extended his reasoning, he would have extended constitutional rights to everyone in the planet. he's not responsible if something bad happens. the president of the united states s. it's a terrible ruling. maria: the other thick is they are looking at comments or remarks that he made on the campaign trail and looking at those statements as what he's going to do rather than actually looking at what he has proposed to doing. does that start a new precedent on looking on what anybody said at any given time in. >> case after case, the courts were just making up the law. the courts are imposing their personal views, their personal prejudice, their personal political judgments. judges are supposed to interpret the law. maria: yeah. >> the congress and the
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president are supposed to make the law. the judge is supposed to interpret it. we have now had a legal that lawyers can be one-man constitutional conventions. that's what happened in hawaii. maria: obviously steven mnuchin treasury secretary back from the g-20 meeting. the pictures, i don't know what you thought about this meeting. i mean, the president tweeted out and saying, look, despite what you heard from fake news, we had a great meeting but then he went onto basically say germany is not paying their fair share when it comes to nato. [laughter] maria: it was a mixed -- i don't know. how did you view the meeting? >> let me say that, first of all, one of the sad things about the week that the president went to nashville to celebrate 250th anniversary of the birth of andrew jackson, gave a very, very important speech, maybe the
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most important speech since his joint session address in which he compared himself to andrew jackson and it's unfortunate the news media doesn't pay more attention to that and relates to what happened with merkel. the fact is that president trump is going to be like andrew jackson, an intensely american president. he's going the represent american values, american interests, to our credit chancellor merkel is very german and she's going to defend german interest and german values. the fact is they probably had a pretty frigid meeting. they might be pleasant personally but she has one set of views and he has a very different set of views, she's going -- been in power a long time and the pictures tell you about reality. they are able to talk to each other. germany does not pay its fair share. this is the biggest economy in europe.
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they ought to be carrying their fair share in the cost of nato. maria: you're right. and she's letting tall refugees and he was very vocal over the last couple of years in terms of what that did for europe and we will see how some of the races go. obviously the the netherlands didn't go all the way to the right. you know, they had a debate on how to say their language, all of the ministers, they never really have a debate. they agree on one statement and they put it out for the statement but this time they did have a debate because steven mnuchin kept saying the trade laws currently are not fair to america. so, no, take the word open out, take this word out, we want fair trade as well as free trade which is what he told us actually on this program a couple of weeks ago. >> it's very parallel to what secretary of state tillerson
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said about the un human rights commission. if it did you want get together, we are going to pull out because we are not going to tolerate dictators and antisimilar -- antisay -- the process of relying on american generosity is over. we are going to protect the economic interest in a way that we have not since world war ii. if you're one of the countries that's doing just great because the u.s. has been stupid and the united states gets smart, it kind of irritates and you and literally all across the country. the american president is actually going to defend the american economy, why, that's cheating, open door so we can sell everything we want to. none of these countries have open doors for us as any business that tries to invest themselves will tell you.
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maria: they are making their positions very clear across the world. newt, great to see you. newt gringrich joining us there. i want to take a short break. those who defend our freedom, veterans administration, one of the few agencies that's expecting increase under president trump's budget proposal for the va, we are going to talk to the va secretary as we look ahead on sunday morning futures finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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maria: welcome back, president trump unveiling first budget last week and living up to campaign promise to increase for america's veterans specially their health care at va hospitals. the defense and homeland security departments as well as veterans affairs seeing biggest increase in spending in the president's budget w. the state department epa and health and human services among those
7:23 am
taking the biggest hits would decline in budget spending. joining us right now david, secretary of veterans affairs and secretary good to see you again. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: characterize for us the budget increase that you've heard from the president and how you're expect to go allocate that new money coming in? >> well, i think what we have seen is a commit rent of the president to make sure that we have the resources necessary to care for this country's veterans and he came through with that commitment so we are very pleased that we have those resources available to make sure we are providing those services to the poem that deserve it the most. maria: where is the biggest need, how would you distribute the money, what would you do with increase in money should this budget pass? >> i think about it three ways, maria, first of all, we are looking to modernize the system to make sure this is the very best care available, that means investments in technology, investments in the types of systems that our people rely
7:24 am
upon to treat our veterans, secondly, we do have a big need for additional healthcare professionals particularly in rural parts of the country, we are looking for approximately 40,000 professionals to join in the va to make sure that we are providing that care, a lot of them in the mental health area and third, we are looking to expand the ability for our veterans to go into the community into private health care wherever they can find the best health care possible. maria: yeah, a lot of people think you have the goods to do that because you've been there, you have 100% approval during your confirmation and you are also the only person in the cabinet who actually is also served under president obama. so a lot of buy in for your leadership. congratulations to you for that. do you expect that is enough, do you think that what you heard from the president in terms of how he's budgeting the veterans affairs, will this do the trick?
7:25 am
>> well, i do think that we now have the resource that is we need to make sure that we get the system right for our veterans. in terms of the support from congress for my confirmation, it's really a reflection of the way the country feels about taking care of our veterans. this is an issue that's not partisan. this is an issue that everybody agrees upon. there are veterans, those who have defended us and left to go and to make sure that whatever their personal needs are that they put the country first. they deserve the best and i'm going to make sure as secretary that they get that. maria: earlier we spoke to kevin brady on the fox business network and i asked him about all of the noise around this agenda. you've got your agenda, the president comes out with a budget but is what we are reading about, whether it be the wiretapping, other things, creating distraction in terms of executing this budget. take a listen to what kevin brady told me this week.
7:26 am
maria: there's so much riding on this. you know that, the american people know that, the markets know that with a 15% rally since election day. what's plan b if this plan doesn't fly? >> it will fly and here is why, we know the restoring control back to states can lower health care in a major way for people. we also know that obamacare is a sinking chip. the it's going to take a lot of good americans with it. we know that we have to act now to create this transition, to give people these choices and we also know this, we need to finish health care right so that we can pass a budget clear for tax return. maria: you have all the other things, noise, if you will, around wiretapping complaims and intel committee saying we don't have evidence.
7:27 am
how much of this a distraction to implement the agenda? >> to answer not very much. maria: secretary, is that how you see it? >> i do see it that way. we are not going to be distracted by these issues. we are going make sure that we stay focus on getting our system fixed for our veterans. maria: all right, we will leave it there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. maria: up next eric trump talks business. what i want to know and our viewers want to know are you a buyer or seller because people don't know where the real estate market is going right now? >> in terms of 21,000 in terms of stock market, that's a really good thing.
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we have a lot of discretionary outcome and the market is right up. i think real estate will continue to increase. maria: my exclusive interview with eric trump as we look ahead right here in sunday morning futures stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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maria: welcome back, up close and personal with eric trump. i spoke with the president's son
7:32 am
in an exclusive interview this past week touching with relationship with his father and the state of the trump administration today and the on going controversy about russia. i started off if he takes the criticism and obstruction from the left personally. >> you want to protect your family, you want to protect somebody that you love and i think you take it personally. if you take everything personally, you would take everything behind you so you have to have a thick armor and you have to realize that's the nature of ely, unfortunately when you become a politician, immediately 50% of the people love you and 50% hate you. we have a very divided political system and he can really change that over the next couple of years but that's a reality of politics. you take it too personally, i don't think you would sleep at night and you wouldn't be productive, you certainly wouldn't endure yourself, you would be a miserable person. i think you have to let it roll off your shoulders. maria: you and your brother
7:33 am
running the trump organization right now, when do you speak to your father? >> it's something that's importantly for him and importantly for him. you see what they're talking about in terms of border security, you know, building the wall, rebuilding our military, the amount of money that he's cutting out of the budgets every single year and the waste he's trying to curve, et cetera, these are the biggest things in the world. these are billions and billions and trillions of dollars worth of deals and we are a great company but quite frankly he's got much bigger tbish to fry so we are back in new york and believe me, i will always be his biggest cheerleader. i miss him honestly. he would send great notes, great
7:34 am
job with this. this project is going to be amazing. you miss seeing those notes but you look at the magnitude study of the things he's triesh to accomplish and better the lives of you and me and all americans and, you know, the next generation of americans and everybody else and it's incredibly special. maria: how have things changed for you? >> focused on buying the best assets around the u.s. and around the world, commercial buildings, residential buildings, wineries, et cetera, et cetera and we really have an amazing portfolio, we focus on the very high-end of the market, five-star space and it's been fantastic and we have an amazing company and we have quite frankly an amazing brand. a brand that stands for quality, luxury, iconic properties but, you know, it's changed. in the light of politics we said, we are not going expand anymore internationally, we are not going to do any new international projects. that was a big piece of what we
7:35 am
did, what i did and don did and ivanka when she was in the company. it's also the right thing to do. maria: how do you identify what the next growth spot is? >> i think it's gut, intuition and factors that go into it and you see places that are reducing taxes, they're trying to incentivize businesses to come in and those are always the place that is do immensely well. look at florida. florida is a perfectly example. look how well the state has done. why have they have done? they have low taxes an incredible quality of life. real estate prices were astronomical. much bigger bank for the buck, et cetera, et cetera and all of a sudden you see a growth explosion in florida and it was because of those factors. they were probusiness, they were pro, you know, they were proquality of life, they were proinfrastructure. they did a lot of things right and i think you're seeing that right now in a lot of markets in
7:36 am
texas, you certainly saw that in north carolina and south carolina and other state that is really grew massively. a lot of the states that aren't focused on the priorities, reducing taxes, fiscal responsibility, quality of life, et cetera, i think quite frankly they've been losing a lot of their tax base and that's very sad. maria: how do you think about doing business globally at the same time as the president, your father, is thinking about securing borders and putting america first and the globe second? >> well, listen, i don't think one and two are contrary to one another. but i think when people view the system they can be. i think the difference with us, we might do a project globally but all the money comes back to the united states and that's a great thing for the united states. i think you see a lot of companies and i can name 20 off of the top of my head right now that will go off and do project overseas or do business venture oversea ts and they're parking all their money overseas and they are taking advantage of
7:37 am
lower taxes and companies here and there. i think that's also unacceptable. we need to make america a probusiness environment and hasn't been unfortunately for a very, very long time and people want to invest in america. the america is has the best rule of law, so many advantages. think about it. if you are a wealthy person from overseas, where do you put your money right now? europe right now? probably not. in middle east, i would argue no. south america, maybe strategically but maybe not. in asia? i think a lot of the markets are overvalued and i think you're seeing that all of the time. maybe not. where do you want to park your money. you want to park your money in the united states of america. what's the one detractor of parking your money in the u.s.? ridiculous taxes. maria: you and donald trump are jr. are splitting duties? >> we spend every weekend together, we work together, our offices are right next each
7:38 am
other and same with ivanka when she was in the company. the four of us had so much fun. we managed all of the hotel that is we owned, we managed all of the golf properties that we owned. we have a lot of great commercial buildings, winery, retail, we have a dynamic company but we have a lot of fun. we are always smiling, don has five kids and they'll run up and down the hallways of the company so you have the next generation, maybe the new generation of kids running around people are happy. we just have a great time. we work very hard, we take our jobs incredibly seriously but we have a lot of fun and a special formula if you can get it right. maria: it's a different set-up than we have seen before. the president came in the office with a whole life, he built a company and grew it and you and your siblings have been there but when you go to places like
7:39 am
manila, places around the world even places that have a large muslim population, what kind of reaction do you get from your partners there to the president's policies? >> reaction, honestly. maria: good reaction. >> america hasn't been the friends that it has been, look at what we have done so many times to israel. we haven't been a good friend to them that they deserve. they are our best ally in the region by far. maria: how would this company look different in four years? >> yeah, i think sky is the limit for us. the sky is the limit. we have a company that has very, very little debt and has expanded in to many different fields. if we want to do a golf course we can do that. we want to do nothing, we can do that as well. we have tremendous opportunity. maria: we are in trump tower right now and the most recent story was wiretapping of russians, what do you think when you hear this stuff, what happened? >> it's so ridiculous and
7:40 am
infuriates me because i understand the company better than any human being in the world and we have no projects in russia. if we had projects in russia -- a certain party lost and they tried to put the other down and it's very sad and i would like to see that part taking look at themselves and maybe the leaders of that party should be making their password to their computers password. why don't you start there. it's maddening and it's all just -- maria: i also thought it was funny that your brother did tweet, thank you rachel maddow that my father is a wealthy man
7:41 am
and paid 25%. >> he paid 25, $38 million in taxes. maria: exactly. >> they lined them up against obama's taxes and everybody else's taxes and he was paying a higher tax rates which shuts down the whole environment. it's a sad environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be and i mean, just think about it, think about how dangerous that is, how third-world that is of a practice that happened when personal is being put out by people for political agendas and as a civilian it's actually scary to me. maria: great to have you on the show. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, maria. maria: more on my exclusive interview, join us tomorrow at the fox business network at 6:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. we will see you then. we will take a short break.
7:42 am
president trump's supreme court nominee on the hot seat tomorrow. we will preview that. will democrats try to block niel gorsuch's nomination sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees
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tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. maria: welcome back, president trump's supreme court nominee will be on the hot seat tomorrow. senate confirmations will begin tomorrow. minority leader chuck schumer says democrats remain skeptical to replace justice scalia. we want to bring republican tom from north carolina who is also a member of the judiciary committee to talk more about this because tomorrow will be the beginning of a process. now we know that niel gorsuch was in his earlier post already approved 100% by the democrats. let's bring in senator to get
7:46 am
more on that because he also -- he's going to address what the timeline looks like, we will take a short break and when we come back we have the senator. we will be back in a minute and at southern company we're building the future of energy, for you.
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>> tom tiller sphron north carolina, a member of the judiciary committee, good to see you, senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> what kind of -- >> he was voted and confirmed and a lot of people on the judiciary committee, it should be interesting to see how they behave on the committee hearing. maria: in other words, what you're saying, you're seeing
7:50 am
wide support but we know that chuck schumer and many colleagues have been trying to disrupt from competent -- executing the agenda even though that you believe that there's deep broad support. >> i think senator schumer are spending a lot of time to obstruct the president and congress. the last time they tried this harry reid was the minority leader and they lost. i think they need to recognize, people are expecting results and not obstructionist. >> well, to be very interesting opening up with senator schumer and durbin, some of the ones who support it niel -- neil gorsuch when he was confirmed. i'm optimistic that we are going get support and not a filibuster
7:51 am
and we are going to get neil gorsuch support before easter recess. maria: confirmed before you leave in easter recess. senator, before we go, let's ask you about the it specialist that is were fired. i know that many of them worked for senators on the intelligence committee, can you give us an update on where that investigation stands, three brother that is were fired that were making $160,000 a year working on the senate intel and foreign affairs committee, three times what the average it gal or guy make there. >> i haven't heard the details yet. i'm not on either of those two committees so i differ to my senior senator of north carolina. not really in a position to respond at this point. maria: great to have you on the show. >> go tar heel.
7:52 am
maria: all eyes on the fbi director, james comey, that is, he's testifying on russian meddling in the white house race and president trump's white house claims. i want to bring in lee carter, associate editor and columnist with real clear politics and robert wolf with us, ceo of 32 advisers, former economy adviser to president obama. good to see you, thanks for joining us. lee: great to be here. maria: what are we expecting from james comey tomorrow? lee: i really feel he's going to come out that the wiretap -- there's no evidence of wiretap and i think this is going to be a moment that is not going to look good for the trump administration. they have to walk it back now because i feel that nothing good is going to happen for the trump administration. maria: what do you think k.t.? >> but will be embarrassing if he says there's no evidence on
7:53 am
wiretapping. what's interesting is he steps so out of the bounds of what the protocol is for the fbi director on the hillary clinton investigation, coming out saying that he wasn't going -- there couldn't be an indictment, you couldn't prosecute the case, this is why she made such a mess and he's apparently not allowed to confirm the existence of an investigation regarding national security in a public setting so there's going to be a lot of i can't answer that question tomorrow. so i'm interested to know beyond the wiretapping issue we actually get filled on. i think there might be a lot of dodging and the members want information about where this investigation has gone? it's gone on nine months, but it'll be interesting to see how much comey feels he can reveal in public. maria: by the way, we know that james clapper said there was no collusion between the trump administration and the russians.
7:54 am
clapper is not a fan of trump, he didn't have to say that but he said it. >> that's a whole different story but i would say that we have two interesting bookings tomorrow. hopefully just be able to put to rest. this week we had nunes shift, warner from both sides of the aisle, for the most part is nonsense. let's put that to bed. on the collusion side, both sides want to get to the bottom of this and i hope that we can equally put back to bed. i think that's going to be a much more interested discussion because comey can be asked one question on the wiretap and that ends that conversation whereas in the collusion thing, just because of what happened with flynn, they're going to be a lot more questions. it's going to feel a lot more political and like i said, it's amazing that we are speaking
7:55 am
about comey so often. maria: isn't it interesting, when you say that about michael flynn, just that we know that the washington post got the contents of the michael flynn phone call. isn't that evidence enough to know that they were being surveilled and whether maybe the people that were being surveilled were the russians but it was happening in trump tower? could it be that that's what the president was referring to? >> listen, the only thing i can say you and i spoke about during the campaign as someone who had many, many of my own emails on wikileaks. it's an uncomfortable setting, period. i'm all against this entirely whether it's the fbi or the media. we are where we are today. i hope they resolve issue. i hope it's not about flynn but it's about facts of whether there was collusion and obviously we hope that there was none because that would change politics for us. lee: if we find out that there was no collusion and no wiretapping, what are we going to be talking about in we are
7:56 am
probably going to be talking about the wiretapping which is part of the problem here, what we should be able to focus on is putting collusion behind us. right now we are getting distracted because we are focused on the wiretapping issue and the silly tweet that donald trump put out there than the real issues that matter to the american people. maria: that's what i keep asking cabinet members and said they are not being thrown off in terms of their agenda. they want to get gorsuch confirmed by easter and have obama replacement out by easter and tax reform by august. >> you know who keeps furthering the story is president trump and sean spicer, what they will do is muddy the waters about collection. what happened to michael flynn and leaks which are wrong and violates the code of conduct of the intelligence officials who are doing it and it's against the law and those are totally separate issues but by mashing
7:57 am
oranges and apples it they further it day by day by talking about things that aren't a wiretap in trump tower. maria: no doubt about it. that's bipartisan by the way
7:58 am
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