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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 20, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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finally the ugly, celebrating team's win by thanking two women. >> and i appreciate my wife and girlfriend -- i mean my wife, yeah. i'm so sorry, my wife. i love you so much. thanks the wife and girlfriend in post game interview. is he an athlete. >> heather: waiting for explanation on that. "fox & friends" begins right now. see you tomorrow. >> i think thursday is most likely going to be our day to bring it forward. the reason i feel so good about this is because the president has become a great closer. >> first round of confirmation hearings for a new supreme court justice. we will see neil gorsuch on the hill. >> i believe within a month or two neil gorsuch will be the new member of the supreme court. >> have you seen any evidence of any collusion? >> i will give you a very simple answer. no. >> there was circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i
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think, of deception. >> i think we know one thing for sure that the obama administration did spy on flynn. >> it's a quick bucket for west virginia. [cheers] oh my goodness. that was almost a full court shot. >> two seed duke blue devils are out. >> the south carolina gamecocks for the first time in program history are headed to the sweet 16. >♪ i'd give my life ♪ i'd give my life ♪ i bet my life ♪ i bet my life for you. steve: we were telling you how impending snow storm was going to for the most part shut down the city and now a week later it's the first day of spring. ainsley: the family is texting me can we stay with you we are coming to the game on friday.
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brian: north carolina and south carolina survive. steve: and kansas. ainsley: carolinas. one of those states. people's brackets completely busted over the weekend. a lot of sets including our favorite villanova wildcats did so well they dropped out of the scene. ainsley: that was hard to say. brian: on the tv anytime third. i'm hanging in there. ages ains how did i miss that did they ask you to give -- i won that a few years ago and i'm not even in it. steve: that's why they didn't want you to come back. brian: did you really? ainsley: i was either first or second. i should know. brian: you weren't born in new york. not winning is losing. let's talk about what the sweets are going to be. president of the united states is going to do something tonight is he very familiar
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with is he going to louisville, kentucky and going to have a rally. after the which time he is supposed to focus on the healthcare debate and maybe talk about the competence of neil gorsuch and a whole lot more. this is the second visit to louisville of the president or vice president in a couple of weeks. what i is it with kentucky? steve: the crowd loves him there. you will see it here on fox news channel. halfway through his first 100 days at day 59. a lot of republican infighting regarding the healthcare. one good thing to actually get the president's agenda going would be to increase momentum. one of the ways to increase the momentum would if neil gorsuch slides through. he is actually going to appear before the senate judiciary committee today. each of the 20 senators get to talk and then he does. his main goal is to be boring. not give the democrats any
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reason not to vote for him. ainsley: they actually have exactly 10 minutes to talk to him. if they want to use the full 10 minutes, they can do that a lot of folks who sit on the senate judiciary committee were the ones in favor of him in 2006 and coin firmed limb for the tenth circuit of appeal. here is the group that supported him. three of them on the senate judiciary committee that he is going to be talking to today. i wonder if those three are going to support him. senator durbin, senator feinstein and senator leahy. steve: schumer clofd him. brian: roll out the board to get the supreme court justices ready some are really competent and maybe not great in cross-examination. others are really cool under pressure. evidently is he comfortable under the murder boordz. the question is will the democrats dig their heels to the point where they try to filibuster him and make the republicans confirm him on 51 votes.
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then you set the stage for the next supreme court justice and you say yeah, we'll do the same thing as we did last time. steve: sure. brian: do you want the line in the sand to be somebody that is so competent and really palatable to so many in any other political climate? steve: i think we know the answer. the democrats have got to put up a fight because they have got to look to their base like they're doing something. that's one of the reasons why, listen to nancy pelosi from not that long ago talking about neil gorsuch. you would have thought he was a really bad guy even though so many of those democrats voted for him. here he is a flashback with nancy pelosi. >> it's a very hostile appointment. hill fellow, well met. lovely family i'm sure. as far as your family is concerned and if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision. ainsley: if you're a human being. [laughter]
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hostile. steve: how does she even know? brian: at least she says he has a nice family. ainsley: i think i has a nice family. if you have a family and breathe. you can't support him. brian: i don't know how if you are jake tapper you can go sounds like a good explanation there isn't any need for a follow-up. steve: but he did. brian: i thought about 9:00 but our show says 10:00. james comey will be going center stage in front of the house intelligence committee. i thought it was 9:00 a.m. but it's 10:00 a.m. james comey will be one of three impactful people to testify, but certainly he is the headliner in front of the house intelligence committee. amongst the topics, russian collusion, if any, with the trump organization and number two, wiretapping. did it take place on the trump tower or on donald trump in particular by the past president? steve: you know what? after six months, this may finally put an end to that
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fairy tale that the only reason that donald trump was elected president was because the russians were colluding with the trump campaign. that's the only way that hillary clinton would have lost. there is an item out that talk as little bit about how key democrats are warning their base hey, probably nothing to to this. don't go thinking that we have been telling you a story all along, even though they have been hyping everything all along, rand paul made one thing very clear yesterday. and that is somebody, you if it is true where we know that somebody was wiretapped, probably a russian official and mike flynn's name weighs attached to it and somebody pealed off the name. that's something that will land somebody in prison according to the senator. >> i think that we know one thing for sure that the obama administration did spy on flynn. now, whether it was direct or indirect, somebody was reading and taking a transcript of his
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phone calls and then they released it. it is very, very important that whoever released that go to jail. because you cannot have members of the intelligence committee listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing that to the "new york times." there can only be a certain handful of people who did that. i would bring them all in. they would have to take lie detector tests and i would say including the political people, because some political people knew about this as well. but we need to get to the bottom of who is releasing these highly classified conversations. steve: absolutely. brian: sally yates or somebody else will be testifying. she found out that mike flynn was on the other end of those phone calls and told the administration and they wanted to find out when you told them as opposed to when he weighs let go. ainsley: it's unbelievable. they have got to figure out who is doing this, who is releasing this information. steve: absolutely. if that's what donald trump was referring to with the wiretap in a general way, maybe we will know more about it we do know mike more relevant who used to be the
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acting cia chief look there could be a little smoke there but there is no fire. did. ia national director of intelligence clapper says no story. could be put to bed today. brian: really more than mike flynn. how do you know? how did you know that carter page who was there a couple of weeks went to russia and came back. how did you know roger stone may have had contact with such and such and such and such? because we would like to know how the "new york times" found out, "the washington post got confirmation? because a lot of that stuff ends up not being prominent players in the trump organization but the impact of any type of russian contact is what the democrats are leaning on which is what makes you wonder are there other people spied on and did they get unmeasked and is that what donald trump came across? if he is saying listen, the only way someone could know what i know is if they were listening. in that's why he tweeted what he tweeted.
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steve: if that data is given to a reporter, a reporter is going to report it. it's who in government took the name off, took that mask off and said, hey, why don't you run with that. ainsley: who in government about that? are there others and who are we supposed to trust? steve: there you go. you will see highlights on that on the fox news channel later today. meanwhile heather childers joins us for the first day of spring with the news. >> heather: good morning. love the flowers. the manhunt for the man for police have dubbed as public enemy number one. accused of torch ago house in baltimore and killing a 4 and 11-year-old. wright is seen here throwing molotov cocktails calling it cold-blooded act. so is the president safe at the white house? that is what lawmakers are asking the secret service today after three breeches in just 8 day he is. the most recent a driver
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charged with making a car bomb at check point over the weekend. evidence says he was just testing the secret service. homeland secretary he and jason chaffetz will be grilling on the hill. congressman join us live this morning to tell us what we can expect. the sweet 16 is set. two huge upsets ending the second round of the ncaa tournament. south carolina, ainsley, stunning number 2 duke. boo duke. second half. 88-81. midwest number 2 louisville also knocked out the michigan wolverines taking them down 73-69. in the south number one north carolina survived second half scare by arkansas tar heels win 72-65. it was a rough day for wichita state. gregg marshall not only did his team lose, listen to, this his wife lynn was escorted from the stands for cursing at refs and players.
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those are a look at your headlines. ainsley: she supports her husband. brian: on the sideline if you are the coach and you look up and it's your wife being tossed. what do you do? ainsley: that's called loyalty. what would do you? brian: actually, i would put my head down oh my goodness. plus, that's not how my wife profiles. she is calm under pressure. she wouldn't be doing that. steve: the shockers. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. president trump delivering -- would you be the one to. ainsley: no, i would be like your wife, too. brian: okay, good. president trump delivering on promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it's a disaster. obamacare is dead. nothing to do with these people. nothing to do with me. it's on respirator and it's just about ready to implode. brian: but repealing obamacare is just the start of this deal. the all closer look at this challenge is straight ahead. steve: they came here i will legally and now we are sending them back.
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steve: my oh my what a difference a week makes. >> obamacare is dead. it's a dead healthcare plan. it's not even healthcare plan, frankly. i want everyone to know i'm 100 percent behind this. i also want everyone to know that all of these nos or potential nos are all yeses, every single person sitting in this room is now a yes. steve: but our next guest says the president's early success on repealing obamacare is just the start of the deal. here to explain is former deputy assistant to the president george w. bush, brad blakeman. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you were on a couple weeks ago and you explained how looking forward, for instance, at this replacement bill for obamacare all you have to do to know what donald trump is going to do is read the artery of the deal. so, tell us, from your analysis of reading donald trump's art of the deal, what's going on right now in washington? >> what's going on is donald trump has put a marker down, based on what the american people called for in the
3:18 am
election. that is obamacare must go. must be repealed and replaced. we will start there, thinking big, part of the deal. now he brings the parties together who are interested in making the deal. it's the house. it's the senate. both republicans and democrats. and if you're at the table you get something to eat. if you are not, you go hungry. if democrats are smart get to the table. because there are a lot of things in the bill that's being krafted that you are going to like, like keeping your kid on your insurance plan until they are 26. steve: sure. >> or being able to sell across state lines or preexisting conditions. so what trump is doing now is he is taking the deal in parts. the first is the house. get it passed the house. get it to the senate. get it passed. and then reconcile both bills, get it to the president. he will sign it and then we will move onto the other phases. steve: sure. okay. looking at -- there is paul ryan, is he sheparding it through the house right now. it sounds like they are going to wind up with a vote on thursday. but, when the republicans are saying okay, we're going to go ahead and start voting on,
3:19 am
this even though the congressional budget office hasn't figured out how much it's going to cost in dollars and in the number of people thrown off. they wind up with some terrible publicity where 24 million americans, according to the cbo would wind up with no healthcare under this particular plan. so, after that then donald trump apparently behind the scenes, with pence and with the speaker and everybody else, they said okay, now we are open to changes because that's what, according to the "art of the deal" trump does. >> exactly right. the house bill was not the end. it was the beginning. it was the beginning of a process of legislation. we have heard both republicans and democrats tell us that this is going to be a process by which a bill gets crafted and created. we are using regular order. something this town hasn't seen in decades. we are also using compromise, something that's been a four letter worked in this town. compromise is a healthy thing we have to do in our private life, our business life. we certainly have to do it in politics.
3:20 am
so what donald trump is saying is if you acted in good faith, have you to give something to get something. steve: right. >> what do you need? he is doing it quite effective live as we have seen with republican policy group. steve: sure. exit question real quick. ultimately this is going to pass. this is going to go through. they only need 51 votes in the senate. it's got to be better than what we have got. you are confident it absolutely will be. >> absolutely. we can't imagine yet because it's being any negotiated. i will say. this donald trump is going to be true those had word. it's going to be a heck of a lot better than what we have. that's the bottom line. it's got to be able to care for people and it's got to be able to be cost-effective. i think he is going to be able to accomplish both. steve: that is the art of the deal. all right, bradley, thank you very much for joining us live today from d.c. >> pleasure. steve: straight ahead on this monday, town hau town hall make.
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not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. brian: we're back with a fox news alert. three u.s. soldiers injured in an insider attack overseas. an afghan soldier, supposedly on our side, opening fire on a base in the helmand province before being shot and killed. commanders insist it was an accident. yeah, right. and disturbing numbers shedding light just b. just how hard it is to get illegal criminals out of our country. more than 20 countries now refusing to take their criminals back. texas congressman henry pope expressing outrage government enforce a law which allows the
3:25 am
u.s. to withhold visas from countries that don't take back its criminals. so i guess is he on donald trump's side. he. ainsley: another republican congressman booed by liberals at a town hall for this time supporting our troops. listen. >> for funding for our military. [crowd boos] ainsley: here to tell us exactly what was happening in that video there is the man who took on that angry crowd congressman david trot of michigan. good morning, congressman, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, ainsley, thanks for having me on. ainsley: you get on stage. just like most people elected, elected officials, they go in front of their constituents to get them to respond to what you are doing so you can herein put from them. you go and trying to do a good thing as a congressman representing those folks and they boo you. what did you say that made them boo you? >> well, we started talking about the president's decision to call for more money for the
3:26 am
military. they didn't support that and we disagreed. it was good for me to hear their opinions but clearly not a popular answer. ainsley: who doesn't support our military? why would they want to boo that? >> well, i think several hundred people in that room don't support the military. i think it's important. they deserve it we voted 2.1 percent pay raise for the military. it's well deserved. i think if you look at our standing in the world today and what's happened over the past 8 years. more important than ever we have a military that can function. you know, half the planes in the navy can't fly. the air force tells us we are least prepared we have ever been in our history. it's important we support our military and support the men and women in harm's way. ainsley: how does that effect you as their congressman. you are supposed to vote according to their opinions but you disagree with them. >> i represent 700,000 people and not all of the -- my constituents voted for me. i know that now. especially after saturday morning. but it's important i hear their opinion but it's not
3:27 am
going to change my support for the military. you know, they had a few other things that they booed. we certainly got into a long discussion about healthcare and fundamentally they believe the affordable care act is working well, so a lot of people in the room aren't going to listen to anything i say about the american healthcare act. at one point i was very surprised i talked about the need for more competition. and competition usually makes things better and they booed that i don't know if it was a bunch of bernie sanders socialists in the room but we disagreed on that as well. ainsley: what did they agree with you on? >> not a whole lot. but, again, it was important to be there. and i think, you know, my first term i did 40 town halls, tele town halls and coffees and went to over 1 one thousand events. important to meet with my constituents. my first town halls were very productive as far as we had a better exchange of ideas than we did on saturday morning. again, it was a good use of
3:28 am
time and we'll do it again. ainsley: you dual it again? >> absolutely. ainsley: my fear is with congressman going in front of their constituents and people booing that more and more congress men and went aren't going to want to do it? >> my only regret is i wish we had a larger room. weave had 450 people. that was the maximum we could get in the room. i have guess there were few hundred outside. i thought about boycotting your show this morning because your team beat my blue devils. i'm pretty unhappy about that. ainsley: i'm so sorry but everyone loves underdog winning and that was really a cool moment for our family. sorry about that. maybe next year. >> i suppose. i suppose. ainsley: have great one. congressman trot, we appreciate you being here. trump supporter? no service for you if you are. a man claims he was kicked out of a restaurant because he wanted to make america great again. this morning is he fighting back. plus, was president trump's early success in replacing obamacare just the started of this deal? is it full-time for conservatives in congress to fall in live? representative sean duffy is outside.
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♪ i know i can't express ♪ this feeling of tenderness. brian: got to be michael blew play. ainsley: amazing song and picture. a beautiful shot of manhattan this morning. steve: how pretty is that. brian: is that a painting? steve: no, that's a live picture. welcome. it is the first day of spring. the guy from america's dairy state. the congressman from the great state of wisconsin joins us. how was the dairy queen for breakfast? >> it was delicious. i have never had dairy queen at 6:00 in the morning.
3:33 am
that pink sky rise almost patches your shirt this morning. it's pank day today. brian: i felt as though i had to tell america it's spring. this is the way to do it with pink. ainsley: i love pink on men. they say it takes a brave man to wear pink. >> you wear it well. brian: can we focus more on me this segment? that would be great. steve: you would love that. ainsley: obamacare, healthcare plan repeal and replace. is it going to happen this week? if so, what your opinion? >> the bill is going to come up on thursday. i don't think we vet votes yet to actually pass it have you seen donald trump, the president, actually engage. you have freedom caucus members still no. the president is pretty good at this. he is going to come in. make some last-minute tweaks on the bill and hopefully get these guys on board. i'm very optimistic. powerful ryan and our whip have been counting folks and seeing what tweaks we need to make to get them toio and i think we are going to get there. brian: one of the tweaks is going to be for medicaid
3:34 am
recipients able bodied and able to work have to work to receive medicaid. shows you have no other option when it comes to healthcare. what other tweaks do you think paul ryan should be open to? >> take a step back. usually medicaid if you have kids and disabled and widows. this was the healthcare that helped the disadvantaged among us. so i think that's an important tweak. get able bodied folks back in the workforce. number two you have older adults, whether you are 60 to 64 where your healthcare starters to skyrocket. have you a sicker population. we had a $4,000 refundable tax credit. i think that can be bumped up whether it gets to 5,000 or $6,000. a little generosity will go a long way to making healthcare more affordable. brian: somewhat left out in the cold. steve: because aarp is running a radio commercial that i have been listening to in the new york city area talking about how this healthcare bill has an age tax. the older you are the more it costs. there is something to that. >> well, but we're looking
3:35 am
under the purview of obamacare, right? obamacare skyrocketed cost. steve: you want to fix it and make it better than that. >> ceos and arp don't look at is you are going to have choice and competition. if i'm 57 years old and my wife is 58, and you are making me buy maternity coverage, i don't need maternity coverage. let's let people pick healthcare plans that work for the risks in their lives. you can drive down prices, inject competition and you will see this subsidy go a lot further than the exchanges in obamacare making healthcare cheaper for america. brian: have you to understand this though. one thing we heard about phases a couple days. in the second phase is going can't reveal what congress is going to do. tom price is going to come in as health and human services secretary undo a bunch of rules. make a lot of conservative he is happy. the third phase is very much in doubt. that's have you can do insurance across state lines. that's when you can bring competition because have you
3:36 am
got to get the 60 votes in the cincinnati. >> that's right. we acknowledge that the third phase takes democrats to join. in so, part of this is competition across state lines. i think democrats would join us on that. steve: you are right. >> tort reformer. democrats have sold out to the trial bar they might not come with us there. brian: that's not okay. >> what do you mean? brian: it's not okay to have tort reform. that's one of the foundations of a conservative plan. >> because you have doctors practicing defensive medicine which drives up the coast of healthcare really for the patient. i think the pressure come to bear on democrats. even if you are a realtor to join other realtors around america to use the buy in power with the association this is party of it as well. brian: want to know the mind set, nancy pelosi revealed it. i have know it's the house. when asked about democrats getting involved. listen to what she says to john dickerson. >> the democrats have offered something that could meet them halfway. meet republicans halfway or to
3:37 am
deal with. >> no, it's not a question of halfway. it's like a little bit pregnant. you either have healthcare or you don't. you can't say i'm going to give you all the goodies but none of the responsibility. that's what the president is saying. >> she is going to be no through and through. but we have to recognize has nancy or chuck schumer or barack obama come up with any fix to obamacare? my district in central northern wisconsin it was a democrat leaning district. donald trump won it by over 60% because healthcare doesn't work for people. you can say in these changes exs have you great subsidies. if you are paying 2,000, $3,000 a month on premium and $12,000 deductible that's unusable. they need us to reform. this democrats are going to have to get on board. i think the pressure is going to come to bear. the key point for democrats, once we repeal and start the replacement, they know they can't go back. that's when they will have to come to the table and negotiate with us.
3:38 am
i think nancy is going to be part of that conversation. maybe i'm hopeful spring is in the air and ice cream is kicking in i'm very hopeful. brian: might be a sugar high. >> might be a sugar high. steve: ultimately going forward under your plan people will not be forced to buy something they do not want. >> hear cbo 24000000 won't have coverage. big part of that number is people will choose not to buy coverage. we believe in choice in america. let people make the decision. ainsley: instead of government. brian: the problem is if you choose not to and have catastrophic accident you are paying for it. are. >> we want people to have the freedom to choose, to have coverage or not. and we don't believe in this nanny state that directs us to buy coverage and, i think that's a key tenant. steve: what are you doing here? you should be in washington voting on something. >> i am going back today. one lucky guy today. hanging out with the ladies. >> steve: we'll be watching at noon. 22 minutes before the want to
3:39 am
hour and heather has the headlines. >> heather: hello to you and everyone at home. the desperate man hunt intensifying for a former teacher accused of kidnapping one of his students. police say that tad cummings planned the abduction of elizabeth thomas in advance. the married father was recently fired after trying to kiss elizabeth. couple minutes spoited at a gas station in columbia, tennessee a week ago. but the two have not been seen since. and support our president? no service for you. a man says he was tossed out of a new york city bar for wearing a make america great hat again. or make america great again hat. he is suing the happiest hour bar he claims he was kicked out by one of the employees who said anyone who supports president trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here. and disgraced nfl quarterback collin kaepernick is still looking for job. general manager tells bleacher report most of the teams don't want to sign him because,
3:40 am
quote, they think there might be protests or president trump will tweet about the team. thought gm also says 70% of teams didn't like his national anthem protest which kaepernick says are over now that he is unemployed. and those are a look at your headlines so far. i think that ainsley is outside with some ice cream from dairy queen, right? >> we are. we heard there was ice cream on the plaza so adam and i are like we are coming out here. it's a little cold but it doesn't matter because dairy queen is on our plaza. rob: first day of spring. ainsley: barry, you are the ceo of dairy queen. >> cmo. ainsley: how many are there around the country. >> 4500 dairy queens across the country. and today is free cone day everywhere across the united states free small vanilla cone with a signature cellular on top and raise money for children's hospitals. rob: can you show me how to
3:41 am
make one of these cone? >> absolutely right. you go ahead and start it off. we make two curves. one, two. and then we drop it down and make that signatur signature cu. >> moving quickly. ainsley: is this a requirement no matter what your position is. >> yes. rob: step 101. ainsley: is the secret ingredient. >> love. rob: and sugar. ainsley: a lot of sugar. steve: very effective in the way they made that right there. ainsley: so good. it has good texture. it's a little thicker. brian: a lot of people go to dairy queen for the texture. ainsley: so delicious. steve: thank you adam and ainsley. brian: cmo. next on the rundown.
3:42 am
late supreme court justice antonin scalia staunch defender of religious freedom. could his replacement judge neil gorsuch be even better for conservatives. steve: conservative comedy duo has turned a garth brooks classic into a very funny anthem mocking liberal snowflakes ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces ♪ if you don't go with us ♪ then you must be racist ♪ that's our. steve: meet the guys behind the viral hit friends in safe spaces ♪ come on in and let's be cozy ♪ showin' off for participation trophy ♪ watching cnn ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
some are saying his possible replacement, judge neil gorsuch might not only meet the standard but could surpass it? joining us right now is former deputy assistant general tom dupre. tom, that's a pretty high bar for conservatives. he is the ultimate definition of the perfect supreme court justice. how could possibly gorsuch surpass him? >> well, look, brian, i agree with you, it is very difficult for me to envision anyone surpassing justice scalia who is terrific and will always be legendary that said judge gorsuch is pretty terrific, too. one thing we have seen in his opinions as appeals court judge is he is not afraid to question settled law. he will faithfully apply it if it is something coming from the supreme court. but at the same time he has shown a willingness to question, to go back to first principles and to say does this legal rule that we have been following for the last 30 years really make sense? brian: right. and, of course, the supreme court-out chief justice will say i see where you are coming from with this. here is an example of what
3:47 am
gorsuch says on religious free dome. he says the religious freedom act the doesn't justify popular religious beliefs it does perhaps most important work in protecting unpopular religious beliefs vindicating in nation's long-held inspiration to serve as refuge for religious tolerance. what do you read to that. >> what i read into that judge gorsuch is faithful what our framers intended. what he is saying not for the courts to say well, this is a major religion, this is a minor religion. rather what judge gorsuch is saying he under the first amendment religion is religion. it must be respected. religious beliefs must be defended. brian: senator blumenthal said if it comes down to roe v. wade i have a sense he wants to overturn it. if it happens i am going to the mat to stop. this anything he said show he wants to overturn it? >> i don't think he has said anything one way or the other about roe v. wade. he has he shown number one is he faithful to the original intent of our founders and
3:48 am
plain text of the constitution. number two, shown he is not afraid to question what others might consider settled law. we will see. i don't think we will get straight answers, straight questions. it will be something on a lot of senators minds. brian: at the end of these four days, what do you respect, the republicans into to need the nuclear option or not? >> i don't think so. here is what i think is going to happen, brian. i think when people see judge gorsuch even those ideologically opposed to him. they are going to say we may not agree with him no question this is a smart, qualified judge. i think they are going to vote to confirm. brian: nancy pelosi says if you don't like clean air you won't vote for him or like to breathe. too bad she doesn't have a vote. i appreciate it tom dupre, good to see you this morning. >> thank you, brian. brian: capitol hill kicking off crucial week on supreme court and healthcare. tell how is going to be voting. omarosa is here live at the
3:49 am
top of the hour to talk about everything under the sun. plus, the new country music song slamming liberal snowflakes is now going viral. ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces ♪ if you don't go with us ♪ then you must be racist ♪ that's our catchphrase. brian: the men behind safe spaces join us live next ♪ come on in ♪ and let's be cozy ♪ showin' off participation trophies ♪ watching cnn ♪ i love how usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children,
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♪ ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces ♪ if you don't go with us ♪ then you must be racist ♪ that's our catchphrase
3:53 am
♪ where's my latte ♪ come on in ♪ and let's be cozy ♪ showin' off participation trophies ♪ watching cnn. ainsley: liberal snowflakes hiding in safe spaces now have their own country song. steve: friends in safe spaces is a political spin on a garthkw places. it's now going viral. ainsley: the two comedian country songs behind that song chad operat prather and steve mudflap mcgrew join us now. >> good morning. ainsley: why did you write the song? who came up with that idea? >> we both did. we decided we were going to do some comedy shows together. we said why don't we do -- steve actually came up with the idea. he said let's do a parody of a country song. we both said let's do friends in low places and friends in
3:54 am
safe spaces just popped out. >> yep. steve. >> steve: , before you explain more on that, why do they call you mudprogra mudflap? >> i was a radio dj in denver. mudflap in the morning. steve: that's where mudflap came from and funny songs came from. you know you are going to offend a lot of liberal, right, steve? >> oh, thank you. thank you. ainsley: what's the reaction from the liberal community when they read the lyrics of this song? >> well, there is a tally of taf two cultures going on. millennials throughout making a big difference in the world. they are working hard. and then have you got these guys on some of these college campuses that just can't handle the outcome of things that disappoint them. and some of it has been a little upsetting for them, but let's face it, we wrote a song about things that actually happened. we didn't make any of this up. these things are happening.
3:55 am
>> we need our safe spaces and hot chocolate. >> steve, can you imagine -- steve, can you imagine if i invited you over to dinner and i said come over to the house. we're going to have a nice dinner and when you get here we're going to have hot chocolate and we are going to color in coloring books. you would think i had absolutely lost my mind. >> i would go that ain't texas. >> that's what they're doing. steve: that ain't texas. >> no, it's not. steve: mudflap, have you heard from garth brooks. does he feel like this is a good embrace from his classic song. >> i have not heard from garth. i'm thinking garth is probably loving the publicity this is getting for him, too. ainsley: now you are taking this comedy tour on the road. you are singing the song and then have you your comedy act, right? >> yeah, we do. poo. steve: chad. >> go ahead, chad. >> we have shows coming up in denver. >> got to love the delay, right? ainsley: little bit of a delay.
3:56 am
show is in denver. chad, are you going to be going across the country, too? >> we are. shows in tampa and orlando, nashville, birmingham, huntsville just in the next few weeks. it's going to be a lot of the fun. it's a funny show. ainsley: where do you find out information? >> go to my website chad and go to stevens as well. it's going to be a fun deal. subscribe to both of our youtube channels because this week we are extending -- we're going to put out the extended long version of the song with a third verse. steve: fantastic. >> that mysterious third verse. [laughter] steve: the missing third verse. chad prather in dallas and steve mudflap mcgrew in denver, colorado, thank you very much for joining us in this high space. a busy two hours ahead top of the hour. assistant to the president of the united states omarosa man gold. there she is right there.
3:57 am
ainsley: ed henry, jason chaffetz, former secretary of state leon panetta and ken paxton. steve: and it's the first day of spring. ainsley: we have ice creek ♪ before i am through ♪ i want to be your baby ♪ kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here with propane, people can live where they want, and just as cozy as they want. whether it's a hot bath (no thank you),
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nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. >> i think thursday is most likely going to be our day to bring it forward. the reason i feel so good about this is because the president has become a great closer. >> donald trump has put a marker down based on what the american people called for in the election. and that is obamacare must go. >> i don't think passes you have seen donald trump the president engaged. so i'm very optimistic. >> the first round of confirmation hearings for a new supreme court justice. we will see neil gorsuch on the hill. >> there is no question this is a smart, qualified judge. and i think they're going to vote to confirm. >> the first public hearing on possible ties between russia and the trump campaign gets underway. have you seen any evidence of any collusion. >> i will give you a very simple answer. no. >> there is circumstantial
4:01 am
evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. >> i think that we know one thing for sure that the obama administration did spy on flynn. >> it's a quick bucket for west virginia. >> oh my goodness! that was almost a full court shot. >> jump jive. ainsley: the sun is coming out. it's going to be a beautiful monday. first day of spring. that's why we have all these beautiful flowers on our set today. brian: why is the crew under silhouette is that because they are under illegal investigation? ainsley: the sun hasn't come up. steve: beautiful flowers from our friends at plant shed. lead's bring in omarosa manigault assistant to the president and office to the public liaison. her business card is about
4:02 am
that long. that's quite a title. >> thanks. steve: later tonight the president of the united states is going to that take air force one out to louisville, kentucky there at the freedom hall i think that's what it's called something like that. 15,000 in attendance. you have actually opened up some of these rallies for the president. >> oh, yeah. there is nothing like a trump rally. the energy is incredible. the folks are so excited. now to see him as the president of the united states i think it will be extra special for the folks going to show up there in louisville. ainsley: why is he doing the rally? >> i think it's important for him to stay connected to the folks who supported him through this unbelievable journey. wants wants to make sure people understand what he is trying to do with healthcare. making sure people don't just have coverage but have the care they need. brian: do you think that will be the main theme or retract on everything? he reacted actually with breaking news right before he went on in nashville he found out judges were stopping his temporary pause on those six nations.
4:03 am
is he like hey, this just handed to me. handled that well. but it didn't seem like he was that focused on healthcare. it was just a portion of the speech. is that going to be the main theme of the speech tonight? >> we spend every waking moment in the white house making sure that americans who are sick have what they need to be well. he spends every waking moment to make sure america is a better place. you will see his overall message about budget, about taxes. about getting rid of all of these regulations, yes, about healthcare. steve: well, one thing we do know for sure 10:00 this morning, actually, something the president has been talking about for a while is this whole russia thing. there are going to be these russian hearings with the house intel committee. the president has actually been tweeting already this morning. we have two new tweets. first up he tweets james clapper and others stated that there is no evidence president of the united states colluded with russia. this story is fake news and everybody knows it. then he went on to say the democrats made up and pushed the russian story as an excuse
4:04 am
for running a terrible campaign. big advantage in electoral college and lost. it's interesting because top democrats have essentially been warning their base not to expect a lot of evidence proving that the trump people colluded with the russians. >> folks at home should ask themselves if the democrats didn't have russia to talk about, what would their message be? they have scawrnded an opportunity to reach out to democrats across the country because they have been so obsessed on a story where there is nothing there. there is no there. they will see that this morning which is why they are trying to temper people's expectations. brian: part of that along with collusion james comey was trump tower wiretapped. since the president tweeted that a couple weeks ago, how fixated as he been in finding out if it's true or not and how close is he going to be watching today. >> we will all be watching closely. we have seen enough stories, articles, coverage about the things that have happened throughout this election. i think it's important for the american people to really
4:05 am
watch how this story unfolds this morning. i think you will be a bit surprised. brian: in what way? >> i think you will be surprised because the first and most important thing is the president wants to be totally transparent with the american people. so when people start asking questions about how the story came about, the first thing you do is pick up the "new york times" and they are talking about wiretapping and then everybody has amnesia all of the sudden these aren't stories that we came up with this was coverage that took place throughout the last year. what was happening at trump tower. ainsley: are you all talking about it in the administration. >> we talk about a lot of things. the most important focus is how we can make this country great. not just about policy but about people. i think that gets lost when we're talking about this big picture that there are literally americans hurting, looking for the assistance that they need and the promises that the president makes every single day we work on delivering on those promises. steve: sure no doubt the russian things where democrats and mainstream media have been talking about have been a distraction and you explained why that is because that's
4:06 am
really all they got. but the president made it clear. i think it was a week or two ago when i was talking with one of the fox news folks that he had some sounded like evidence that we were going to hear in a week or two. >> you know. i would love to talk about that. but you all are forgetting i'm here to talk about my wedding. and we only have two seconds. [laughter] steve: does he have an ace in his pope benedict. >> donald trump is always full of surprises. steve: is that a yes? >> i would say that's a yes. >> say yes to the dress. steve: she is going to be on "say yes to the dress." the show that we watch at my house every weekend because my wife and daughters love. you are actually going to be on it. >> i will be on april the 8th. you will see me celebrate my wedding and marriage to the most amazing man and to choose a dress from over 30,000 gowns at. here we are looking at a piece of it. who is that? >> that's my mommy and two of
4:07 am
my brides maids. ainsley: sometimes i watch it and oh my gosh the mom and daughter are in tears. one of them is yelling at the other one. did any of that happen? >> my smom so gentle and kind and sweet. but the brides maids go at it. steve: really? >> my mom-that's my mommy. my mommy is like whatever makes omi happy. my brides maids have strong opinions. ainsley: is that the threats you chose? >> have you to watch. steve: we have a clip from this episode. watch this. say yes to the dress. >> tell me what you love about it. >> i love, first of all, it fits my shape. it like pulls you in and looks like a princess. i love that it's great for my coloring. it's pink. it's got bling. ainsley: it sounds like it is the dress. >> you know how the episode is you choose all these different dresses.
4:08 am
you don't know which one. the one i chose i feel so special in and i cannot wait to say i do. steve: tell us about the pastor. >> pass toll allen newman at the church in jacksonville. is he truly my soul mate and i'm the luckiest personal in the world. brian: steve and i are disappointed, not ainsley, we were not consulted on this. because we are wedding dress experts. steve: we are wedding crashers. brian: on the apprentice we bought a wedding dress from geraldo. steve: we did. brian: we should have been consulted on this before you rushed off to this dress show. >> can would you believe we spartan state-of-the-arted in 2003 the apprentice franchise and now fast forward the i is the president. ainsley: back on tv. how did that feel to be back on tv. steve: reality show. >> it felt great. television is a natural home for me. what i'm doing for this country and serving this great country that's given me so much is an honor and truly to
4:09 am
work with the president is an honor as well. steve: did i hear somebody say that there could be some protests around your wedding? >> everywhere guy there is protesters. at the church i gave my final sermon a couple weeks ago and there were protesters there we are had. steve: about you or the fact. >> they protest the administration but they know if they get to me they will get to him. so that's required us to make some adjustments in our plans because of it. there is no limit to what they will do. brian: they might get to you but they don't get to you. they might be there but you are pretty much unflappable. >> i'm tough because i'm trump tough. i've had to be. steve: aomarosa, thank you this morning. ainsley: best wishes. before the wedding. steve: best wishes. brian: stay within yourself. ainsley: i'm not sure why that is but that's the rule. steve: all right. let's go over to heather childers. she has the latest on a
4:10 am
manhunt. >> heather: very happy for you. you. >> thank you. >> heather: as steve just said we begin with manhunt for police have dubbed public enemy number one it is intensifying at this hour antonio wright accused of fire bombing a house in baltimore killing two teenage boys and injuring six others, including a 4-year-old and 11-year-old. police say that wright is seen here throwing molotov cocktails, calling it a cold-blooded act. president trump slamming kim jong un after north korea tels adtested a new long range rocket mission. >> is he acting very, very badly. i will tell you is he acting very badly. thank you, folks. >> heather: communist country calling the rocket launch a revolutionary break through for space program it is seen as the latest provocative action from kim jong un taunting the u.s. and some brand new disturbing numbers shedding light about just how hard it is to get illegal criminals out of our country. more than 20 countries now
4:11 am
refusing to take them back. texas congressman henry quay ar expressing outrage expressing from same countries. is he now pushing for the government to enforce a law already on the books allowing the u.s. to withhold visas from countries that do not take back its criminals. and finally the sweet 16 is set two huge upsets ending the second round of the ncaa tournament. south korea stunning number two duke in the east with 65 points in the second half. final score 88 to 81. and then over to the midwest number 2 louisville also knocked out the michigan wolverines taking them down 73-69. and in the south, number one north carolina my tar heels survive a second half scare by arkansas. tar heels win 72-65. it was a rough day for wichita state. head coach gregg marshall not only did his team lose his wife lynn was excourted from
4:12 am
stands for cursing at the refs and players. passionate about the teementds. ainsley: and her husband. >> heather: and her husband. got to support him. brian: the question is as a man when your wife gets tossed from a game and you are coaching, what else your obligation? what helps your team more and your marriage more? brian: i'm with her. sorry, guys. sorry, kids. steve: at the end of the game he had to go with her. ainsley: really, he left his team and went with her? steve: hello. ainsley: but he was coaching. steve: he was done. the game was over, i believe. ainsley: this morning, a race against time to find a teenage girl that was kidnapped by her teacher. >> she was the one who like completed the family and made everything better. >> we are going to get her back. ainsley: the warning sign that danger was coming. that's ahead. steve: big day for one of president trump's most critical campaign promises when his pick for the u.s. supreme court appears before congress. what can we expect? ed henry live out of d.c. where gorsuch will testify this morning.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
brian: president trump one step closer to making one the most important appointments of his administration. ainsley: confirmation fight for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch set to begin today. steve: chief correspondent ed henry is literally in the chair that judge gulch will be sitting in later today. ed, tell us about the chair. >> the chair is interesting. because he is going to be doing a lot of sitting and listening, judge gulch. he will be here for hours not saying anything. this is where the witness table is. it all says down here on the streets admin administration guests behind that press behind that and small amount of the public. if you walk over here, the chairman of this committee, chuck grassly he gets to go first, of course. the top democrat dianne feinstein and they rotate between republicans and democrats back and forth. they each get opening statements as you mentioned earlier of 10 minutes each. you know senators, both parties, they like to talk a lot. neil gorsuch will be doing a lot of listening.
4:18 am
and then, when it's finally his turn, he still doesn't get to speak because he gets to have his home state senators from colorado as well as a friend who is a democrat introduce him formally to try to show that he has at least some bipartisan credentials. remember they is a conservative who is one the 21 people on donald trump's list for people that he would put on the high court if, in fact, he were elected. so democrats are weighing right now what exactly. will they filibuster or will they let this one go by and save their fireplace for the potential of 2, 3, 4 picks down the road? there has been a lot of speculation about other potential picks on the court. yesterday, senator ted cruz suggested this nomination is going through. >> i think it's 50/50 whether the democrats filibuster. they don't have any good arguments against gorsuch. they are furious we are going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed. i believe within a month or two. neil gorsuch will be a an associate justice to the supreme court. >> but on the other side. democratic senator richard blumenthal tweeted out last
4:19 am
night that if, in fact, this becomes a nominee and you can see the tweet there, if judge gorsuch doesn't reject trump's litmus test on issues like abortion, i will oppose his scotus nomination relentlessly. that word relentlessly obviously a hint at the potential for a filibuster. as you know mitch mcconnell ready to use that so-called nuclear option to use only 51 votes instead of 60 needed to break a filibuster if, in fact, democrats try to block this nomination. the question is going to be once the questioning begins, really the heat of that tomorrow. will democrats decide to hold their fire power for future nominations and save that filibuster, guys. brian: one of the keys is, where is mrs. gulch going to be? because i remember watching justice leith getting questioned. when it got personal everyone was reacting how his wife was reacting it made a difference because it was getting so brutal. >> i was here that day and justice alito's wife was back here. during a break in the action i went in the hallway between
4:20 am
this is the hart building and the dierksen building and i went into the area where they had justice alito's wife waiting during the break. she wasup set. you are right there. can be heated moments here with judge gorsuch there is a sense maybe of course both sides are going to make their points. but is he someone that even democrats admit privately is qualified to be on the court, guys. steve: ed, do they know you pried the door open and turned on the lights to do this live shot? >> i opened the door but i'm not sure they knew i was going to sit in the seat. i might sit in chairman grassley's seat in the 8:00 hour. but, he might see this live shot and tell me to get the heck out. steve: he would probably tweet it out. is he a big tweeter. ainsley: waiting on them to tackle you. hold the shot a little bit longer. steve: great. cool. secret service agent suspended for saying she would not take a bullet for president trump.
4:21 am
this morning she got her job back. brian: she probably hasn't read the new healthcare bill yet, all the reasons to pass it, right? is it full-time for the democrats like nancy pelosi to join paul ryan and make a compromise? the woodhouse brothers are here and they don't agree on anything. the toothpaste that helpstax, prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. new parodontax toothpaste. i wanted to get new blinds, about what kind i should get, and she mentioned i should visit blinds dot com.
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4:25 am
>> it's a quick bucket for west virginia. >> oh. oh my goodness. are you kidding me? steve: maryland's stefanie slocum nailing a near full court shot the team winning the game 83-56. and finally number one. the happiest country in the world is norway. the world happiness report is based on levels of caring, generosity and good governing. the united states of america falling from 13th place to 14th. hey, brian, we're 14th. brian: they seemed happy while gassing up car and children with sunglasses. that can only make for happy country. meanwhile president trump getting closer to getting a deal done to repeal and replace obamacare. even if it is a big success, the question remains will democrats give him any credit for it. let's ask brad woodhouse director for the dnc and
4:26 am
dallas woodhouse here executive director of the north carolina g.o.p. i was going to go to you to start with, dallas, because it's hard to see within the g.o.p. there is also a subgroup that don't want it to pass. so, if he does pass the house -- if it does pass the house on thursday, when the vote is supposed to take place, who gets the victory? >> well, i think the president and republicans and, of course, most importantly the american people get the victory, brian. because we are fulfilling the promise of repeal and replace obamacare. i think at the end of the day, president trump is going to get a lot of credit because we have seen his negotiating skills and his ability to cut deals. already having a positive affect on getting this legislation moving. and to quote one of the great songs done by fozzy bear. is he just moving right along. that is what the president needs to do here. that is what he is doing. brian: fozzy bear no longer funded in the new budget. let's talk about, this brad.
4:27 am
if this does pass the house. who gets the w? who gets the l? >> look, i think i want president trump to get all of the credit and by credit i mean blame. i mean, look right now president trump is at 37% approval. the lowest approval of any president this early in his presidency. and obamacare is in its highest approval ever. what he is going to get, brian, is blame for transferring a trillion dollars from people who are getting healthcare now to insurance company executives and to the wealthy. and for taking away healthcare from 24 million people. brian, donald trump promised that one would lose coverage, no one in his replacement. 24 million people are going to lose coverage. so i hope he gets all the credit in the world for that. brian: very interesting. because is he getting things in for conservatives that they wanted. we saw some of that already with the making people on medicaid who are single work. the same way they did in
4:28 am
welfare reform, right, dallas? he is adding things other conservatives are pushing for. in the end, there is no democrats around. do you think there was a possibility that any democrat would have worked with him being that it clearly had problems in the best scenario? do you think they made a mistake not going to democrats at all? >> see, i'm not convinced that that's right. i think they tried to go to democrats. but democrats have maintained that there is no problem here with insurance companies dropping out of the exchanges all over the country. >> that's a lie, dallas. that's a lie. >> a third accounting is having but one insurance provider. they are convinced that obamacare ought to stay in place. they are like those soldiers fighting world war ii in the 1970s. but at some point they were -- i'm convinced that some will come along, eventually. that's the right thing to do. brian: you didn't think that democrats were convinced that obamacare was failing?
4:29 am
>> do i think democrats are convinced? no. obamacare is not failing. the cbo report said that obamacare is not failing. look, this is the tax -- what about about the said it's in the death spiral? >> healthcare companies. a lot of healthcare companies or a lot of insurance companies don't want to cover healthcare. healthcare is not a great market to cover. people get sick. they would rather cover against fire, which is more of a gamble. i mean, the truth of the matter is that every report in the american association of actuaries, the cbo have concluded that obamacare is running fine. dallas, what would explain. brian: dallas, you don't believe that. [all talking at the same time] >> i will ask you and brian, what would explain that obamacare being most popular ever today as opposed to previously? it's because it's working and because donald trump is going to take away healthcare 24 million people. people don't want their
4:30 am
healthcare taken await a minute. brian: well, for the most part you look at america with the premium so high, with the exchanges falling apart. >> 3%. 3%, brian. brian: deaf out to expand medicaid in money that we don't have. in the big picture, i'm very curious, i wish we all could be a fly on the wall as ezekiel emanuel talk to tom price and paul ryan. woodhouse brothers thank you so much. >> we are moving right along. brian: there we go. donna brazile says it's her job to lie, cheat, and even leak debate questions as long as democrats win. it turns out a long list of democrats who feel the same way. are you staying up late tossing and turning and suffering from nightmares and binge eating because donald trump is president? probably not. but a lot of democrats are. mainstream media finally admits there is no link between the trump campaign and russians. will they actually -- ever actually let it go?
4:31 am
our panel is here with what americans want to hear ♪ feel so far away ♪ ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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4:33 am
z2a1gz zx9z y2a1gy yx9y
4:34 am
♪ ♪ >> collusion is sort of what hasn't been proven here between whatever the russians did and the trump campaign. >> no evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign or people associated with the trump campaign and the russians. ainsley: even the mainstream media is admitting that there is probably no russia connection to the trump white house. so why can't they stop talking about it? is this really what american families want to know? who better to ask than our panel of moms joining me right now. we have beth on the front row in the orange. we have josie next to her and in the back we have courtney with the glasses and debra in the blue shirt. thank you, ladies, for being with us. >> thank you. >> beth, i will start with you. why is bhan stream media
4:35 am
harping on this even though you saw on sunday shows yesterday they are finally admitting there is no connection. there's no evidence. >> mainstream media is continue ago story basic basically because taps way to undermine president trump's presidency. they want to infer that he shouldn't have won. and he is not their president. so they want to keep the story going. personally, i think that the left need to stop their whining. we all know that cyber security is an issue. i mean, it's a fact that the dnc was hacked by russia. why doesn't the left get on board with president trump and his administration and let's work on, you know, it's nonpartisan issue the cyber security. it's a national security issue. they need to work together. ainsley: let me just ask. are any of you concerned that president trump, his campaign colluded with russia to get elected? >> no. ainsley: any of you think that happened. >> no. >> they want to uphold this narrative as if it's factual and it's not factual. so do an investigation, put the narrative aside. report real news.
4:36 am
do away with the fake news. americans are quite frankly we're all tired of it. ainsley: josie, what do americans care about. what do working american moms care about? >> well from, myself, i really am concerned about national security. i'm a mother of three children. i'm an immigrant. and my family are immigrants from sicily and syria. and i am concerned about our borders. ainsley: your family is from syria. what do you think about the syrian refugee crisis? do you want us to welcome them into the country? >> i think we need to take a pause. i think that we need to get control of our vetting process. we need to know who is coming into our country. i love being a security mom compared to being an angel mom. for those of you who know what angel moms are. ainsley: the woman who have lost their children. >> lost their children from criminal illegal aliens. ainsley: right. right. >> just to add that point, ainsley, looking at what kind
4:37 am
of security do we have at our airports? why aren't we talking about privatizing tsa? i think that the stats were if we converted 35 of our top airports in the country over the course of five years, wield save a billion dollars. tsa currently has 95% fail rate. so is that really securing our airports or is it just an allusion of security? and i think along with borders and vetting, we care -- i mean, are we making sure that we are deporting illegals that have conducted criminal activity? are we stopping those on terror watch lists from flying? do they still have passports? are they free to roam. we care about safety and security. ainsley: have you all touched on security. what about jobs, the economy, beth? >> obviously, that's important, too. that goes back to the mainstream media and the fake news. they are not reporting on what donald trump is doing. donald trump is doing exactly what donald trump said he was going to do and the mainstream media is refusing to report
4:38 am
facts. we can take, for instance, the executive order. there was a new executive order on the travel -- it's not a ban but the travel order. and it was redone on march 6th. and, you know, have you this judge in hawaii that just has, you know, said we're not going to follow it. it's actually unconscionable. we have liberal judges that are legislating from the bench and they're not doing their jobs and where is the accountability? we have over 100 federal vacancies that donald trump -- that president trump has to fill. and i think that as a nation, as moms, we need to hope and pray, we need to pray that those vacancies are going to be filled by men and women, judges who are going to uphold the constitution. ainsley: debra, are you happy with the work he has done so far? we are 455, 56 days in. >> absolutely. when i hear the results that 75% of the illegal criminal, highlight criminal, illegal criminally immigrants, 75%
4:39 am
have criminal records. and ranging from pedophilia and rape and the list is unconscionable, 75%. ainsley: the list of what they have within charged with. these are the people is he trying to kick out of the country. >> that's right. ainsley: not separating moms from their kids. as a mom, that he was one of my concerns. illegals charging with rape is living next door to me? i don't want my daughter around him. >> correct. and it would be irresponsible for the president and the government to not putt the interest of american citizens first. >> correct. >> courtney. >> i mean, just to that point of wanting to live somewhere, we all want to live and work and raise your families in a safe and secure country. and i think we all feel the same way that wanting our president to fail is like wanting the airplane that we're all flying on to crash. so i mean, we just really want to make sure is he successful and working in partnership. ainsley: and move on from the russia stuff. >> move on.
4:40 am
it's done. ainsley: thank you. beth, courtney, debra, josie. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. former dnc chair woman says it's her job to lie, cheat and de, leak debate questions as long as a democrat wins. turns out a long list of democrats who feel the same way. that's coming up next. ♪ go ahead and lie ♪ go ahead and lie on me ♪ go ahead and lie on me ♪ grown man now. i don't want to pry... dad. but have you made a decision? i'm going with the $1000 in cash back. my son... ...a cash man. dad, are you crying? nah, just something in my eye. the volkswagen 3 and easy event... ...where you can choose one of three easy ways to get a $1000 offer. hurry in to your volkswagen dealer now and you can get $1000 as an apr bonus, a lease bonus,
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4:43 am
excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." do you remember the secret service agent who said she would not take a bullet for president trump? well, she is not getting fired. instead, special agent kerry o'grady may be getting transferred to another government job getting push back from calling her
4:44 am
liability in any role. posted on facebook in october saying she would rather take to prison than do her job and protect the commander-in-chief. she has been permanently removed from her post as special agent in charge of the denver division after months on paid leave. trumped a noe unsing a change to the family business since his interview since his father's inauguration. the trump administration will stop expanding overseas. >> said hey, listen, we're not going to expand anymore internationally. we are not going to do any new international pronts. that was a big piece of what we did. that was a big piece of what i did and don did and ivanka did when she was in the company. that's certainly a change. it's also the right thing to do. >> heather: eric also says that he splits duties with his brother donald jr. they took over the organization just before their father took office. and those are your headlines. steve: all right, heather, thank you. former interim dnc chair donna brazile finally coming clean
4:45 am
that she did, indeed, give the clinton campaign questions that would come up in a town hall over on another network. she is just the latest name in a long list of democrats who have historically gotten a pass from the press after they have told things that simply were not true. here to break down some of the most memorable examples is "washington times" deputy opinion h editor kelly riddle. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: after the longest time, donna brazile who said no, i didn't do it, i didn't have do it. i didn't do it. okay, i did it where dolls she go from here? >> unbelievable. she tampered in a u.s. election. she freely admits that. this is after she was so adamant. remember after the interview with megyn kelly where she felt personally persecuted because of these accusations and that megyn kelly was basically a thief in the night for bringing them up. forgery of emails. then she went on sirius xm interview and said her conscious as strategist was completely clean. you know the reason it was
4:46 am
because she got away with it for so long. she might have been fired from cnn but then the media collectively forgot about the story and she has been appearing on network news now for a long while. steve: sure someone else on network news and one of the leaders of the democrat party in the u.s. senate elizabeth warren. yet, she was caught up in a lie talking about her heritage. listen to this. >> this is what my brothers and i were told by my mom and my dad and my mama and my pappa. this is our -- and i'm very proud of it. steve: she was talking about a portion. i don't remember exactly what, cherokee indian. apparently not true. >> apparently not true. >> the only reason why she said that is so she could check a box and get into harvard with a little bit of a leg up. i mean, there is a reason why president trump calls her pocahontas. it's a nickname well deserved after that lie. steve: don't you think if a republican were caught up in something that grand.
4:47 am
>> horrifying. yeah. horrifying. steve: they would be disqualifying and not be one of the leaders of the u.s. senate in their party? >> absolutely not. the mainstream media would go after them and basically say that you're disqualified. i mean, she used as one of her defense her high cheek bones as the reason why she was part cherokee and native american. that's very offensive. she wrote a cookbook powwow chow to defend her native american history. all of this stuff is really offensive stuff. but somehow she gets a pass and now is going to be the face of 2020 in the new resistance party. steve: there you go. also earlier today, judge gorsuch is going to sit down in front of the senate to face his confirmation hearings. richard blumenthal a senator from the great state of connecticut he tweeted this out. if judge gorsuch doesn't reject trump's litmus test, i will oppose his supreme court of the united states nomination relentlessly. what's interesting, this is the same guy who when he was
4:48 am
running for u.s. senate lied that he served in vietnam, which he did not do. and, yet, he said. this. >> we have learned something very important since the days that i served in vietnam. steve: okay. he didn't serve. that's a lifetime achievement he got in trouble. but, you know, now what? >> it's audacious lie. the furthest he came in serving in vietnam was going to washington state for a -- holding a toys for tots event. this is audacious lie. he said with judge gorsuch that he was going to hold him to account and make sure he never exaggerated or use hyperbole in his background. u.s. senator leading the charge against gulch who basically for period of multiple years wh said he served in vietnam and not correcting the record and giving big speeches at veterans' events basically misrepresenting his entire background. it's gross. steve: of course, the biggest whopper in the history of
4:49 am
washington, aside from if you like your doctor you can keep it, former president bill clinton. listen to this. >> i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewenski. >> indied i did have a relationship with mislewenski that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. steve: donna brazile really was following the bill clinton handbook. i didn't do it, i didn't do it. okay, i did it. >> then his wife ran for president. his daughter is considering a run for perhaps new york city mayor. hillary clinton is coming out of woods and going to be back on the political trail. really no repercussions there. steve: double standard. >> double standard, absolutely. steve: kelly, thank you very much for joining us today on this monday from our nation's capital. >> thank you. steve: there you go. are you staying up late tossing and turning from binge eating because donald trump is the president? probably not. but some democrats apparently are. our next guest says those
4:50 am
democrats need to take responsibility for their lives and get some rest. larry winge. >> it is live and will join us next. ♪ whenever i want you ♪ all i have to do is dream ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. since president trump's election night victory, many liberals, living in blue states are losing sleep to what they call trump induced insomnia. ainsley: blaming trump for it. brian: tracked down these victims to ask about their dreams.
4:54 am
ainsley: susan rogers a poet from california said she was hurdling through space with no direction on a plane that she discovers with horror has no pilot. >> steve: oh, boy. if you thought that was weird leah grover a chicago writer has spent more than one night call coulcalculating where in he she would build fake walls behind which to hide immigrants facing deportation. here is how these people can get over this problem because he is our president we have the world's only irrational -- irterrible speakeirritational. i'm sorry i got irrational and irritational. >> irritational barbra streisand eats pancakes and gain weight and leah dunham lose sleep.
4:55 am
evidently never dealt with any disappointment in their life. never had anyone die. never lost a job. their team never lost. they have no concept of what the rest of russ pretty familiar with get over it and move on. poor little butter cup suck it up. brian: okay. sandra bullock also could have invoked that dream sequence because remember in gravity she was hurdling through space. how about this dream? lindsey steinman told by obgyn consider meditation after complained of stress and poor sleep from trying to work full time, raise a family and bringing down a fascist regime at the same time. what about someone that things to do list? >> you know, the sad thing is is that these people's families are going to suffer if they're in the public eye their customers are going to suffer. we're going to suffer. so this sort of has a domino effect and reaches over into people's lives all because they're not able to take control. and what's most interesting to me about all of this is they
4:56 am
don't want donald trump in power, yet, they have given donald trump power over their sleep. doesn't make any sleep to me. take back your personal power. ainsley: they preach about tolerance. if you go to those protests they want you to be tolerant. that's what they preach. they want to love everybody unless they disagree with you. do you think they will ever come around and give the president a chance? >> you know, it's not just about the president. it's sort of this societal problem that we need to stop indulging all these weaklings and make them force them to deal with the consequences in general not just life as a result of an election but life when you lose. and we're not letting people experience loss so they don't actually know how to deal with loss. they have this entitlement that everything should always go their way. and if it doesn't go their way, they get to play the victim and they get to say i can't sleep. i can't eat. and then we let them by with it.
4:57 am
brian: there you go. larry winget life is very easy if you are larry winget. right way and wrong way and direct way. thanks, larry. coming up next hour jason chaffetz will be with us to talk about the three breaches in white house security and panetta on the wiretap. vin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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5:00 am
>> i think thursday is most likely going to be our day to bring it forward. the reason i feel so good about this is because the president has become a great closer. >> donald trump has put a marker down based on what the american people called for in the election, and that is obamacare must go. >> i don't think we have the votes to actually pass this. you've seen donald trump, the president engaged, so i'm very optimistic. >> the first round of confirmation hearings for a new supreme court justice. we will see neil gorsuch on the hill. >> there's no question that this is a smart, qualified pick. >> russia and the trump campaign gets underway. have you seen any evidence of any collusion? >> very simple answer. no.
5:01 am
>> there was circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence i think of deception. >> i think that we know one thing for sure that the obama administration did spy on flynn. >> a quick bucket for west virginia. oh. oh, my goodness. that was almost a full court shot. ♪ >> the chairman of the house oversight committee is going to be talking to the secret service later today. what is going on with the security at 1,600 pennsylvania avenue? ainsley: three breaches of security. steve: we want to know. brian: one guy driving up. yeah, i have a bomb in the back. another hikes over a bike rack. and so far, you know, i don't think you could stop people from pulling up to a checkpoint but scaling a wall and being on the property for 15 minutes, that's a problem. steve: got up to jiggle the door at the white house. unbelievable.
5:02 am
ainsley: he's a reality star, and he tweets, so people think, oh, i can just go up to the front door. brian: i don't think so. i think people are saying to themselves they want to affect change somehow, some way. and there's a lot of sick people out there. the other thing i do worry about is the secret service getting so down and losing all confidence. steve: sure. brian: they all of a sudden feel like they're under attack. steve: well, in this particular instance, though, this guy triggered all the alarms, and they actually turned them off. oh, don't have to worry about that. he was loose on the yard. brian: after we did the president trump interview, you were doing the sean hannity interview in the pressroom. so i thought do this path and go across the grass, two people yell at me. ainsley: did you really do that? brian: yeah, so i was thinking to myself how does this guy scale the wall in a backpack.
5:03 am
and i can't cross the lawn. steve: and that's why jason is going to talk to the secret service, going to talk to leon, the former head of the cia talking about russia. but first, donald trump, he's at almost day 60 in his first 100 days. some would say 59. ainsley: what is it? 59 now? steve: like i said, almost 60. tonight he's going to be going to louisville, kentucky. 16,000 seat arena. talking about everything he's got going so far. all the things he wants to accomplish as well. there will be plenty of memorabilia available for purchase, i would imagine. emma rosa, who is of course one of the stars of apprentice back in the day, she's actually opened some of the rallies for the president, and she said this on why the rallies are important to donald trump. >> it's important for him to stay connected to the folks who truly support him throughout this unbelievable journey. but he also wants to make sure
5:04 am
that people understand what he's trying to do with health care in this country and making sure that all americans don't just have coverage, but they have the care they need. we spend every waking moment in the white house making sure americans who are sick have what they need to be well. he spends every waking moment making sure america is a better place. so you will see his overall message about budget, about taxes, about getting rid of all of the regulation and, yes, about health care. brian: keep hearing about the trump agenda stalled because of the tweet two weeks ago. do you realize what he's doing? today starts the bidding for a new border wall. starts the bidding. they're letting companies bid against it. the treasury secretary stood up and said to the g20, i'm not for free trade. i'm for fair trade, and you better bend my direction, and he actually put that in there. general kelly is out there telling democrats if you don't like me enforcing the law on illegal immigration, change
5:05 am
the law, and he has his judge starting the hearing now to replace justice scalia. there are things going on, but it hasn't stopped the train from staying on his tracks and moving forward. that's what people don't seem to understand. ainsley: it's going to be such a big week. you have neil gorsuch, that's going on today. he's going to be in front of the senate judiciary committee, we have obamacare, could go through the house. steve: folks aren't there yet. ainsley: it's just such a big week. there's so much more going on. if you're watching mainstream media, they're talking about russia and collusion. there's no evidence to prove that. steve: absolutely and james comey is going to be called up. he heads up the fbi, he's going to sit down in one of the meeting rooms, and he's going to testify somewhat like this. brian: he is 6'9", so it's going to cause tension. ainsley: 6'9"? steve: going to talk about russia involvement. here's the thing. for the last six months, democrats have pushed the store the reason donald trump won is because he's been
5:06 am
colluding with the russians. yet we have heard from james clapper, we have heard there's nothing to do. president trump himself was tweeting this morning. he sent out three tweets. they all involve this. first up james clapper and others stated there's no evidence that the president of the united states excluded with russia. this story is fake news and everyb then he tweeted. ainsley: the democrats pushed up the story an excuse for running a terrible campaign. big advantage in electoral college and lost. and he said this. brian: this is actually his third tweet. alluded our segment last time. the real story the congress should be looking into is the leaking of classified information. must find out the leaker. because it is so interesting if you were going to ask rand paul and others who would be the biggest defender, they would have jeb bush, rand paul, and ted cruz back in the line. two of those three have been the staunchest defenders and two of which lawmakers he
5:07 am
communicates to most. he said this interesting on this week with george stephanopoulos. >> i think that we know one thing for sure is that the obama administration did spy on flynn. now, whether the was direct or indirect, somebody was reading and taking a transcript of his phone calls, and then they released it. it is very, very important that whoever released that go to jail because you cannot have members of the intelligence community listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing that to the new york times. there can only be a certain handful of people that did that. i would bring them all in. they would have to take lie detector tests, and i would say including the political people because some political people knew about this as well. but we need to get to the bottom of who is releasing these highly classified conversations. steve: absolutely. eli who writes now for bloomberg says don't dismiss the trump wiretap claim because michael flynn was caught up in some sort of surveillance.
5:08 am
his name should have been masked. and if it's a fisa thing, it should have been covered. somebody took the cover, the mask off of his name. and so when rand paul says somebody should go to jail, he's absolutely right. somebody committed a crime in releasing that to the reporters. was it somebody inside the intel community? was it somebody inside the former administration? who did it? let's get to the bottom with that, and we'll know a lot more. ainsley: the intel community is putting politics ahead of national security, and i have a major problem with that, and it is illegal. steve: it's a felony. ainsley: i don't understand why they can't find this lyric. it would seem to me it would be pretty easy if you're dealing with the government. it wouldn't be easy for us to do it. but this is the president of the united states who has the best security team. can't they find out? steve: who ordered the unmasking of his name? and we heard devon nunez and schiff of california last week they head the intel community in the house.
5:09 am
they asked for the number of americans whose names were unmasked in the last year. and they've asked all the people. okay. you would have that information. did you unmask anybody's name? we want to know who authorized that? because ultimately, somebody could wind up in big trouble. brian: it's also a great game of simon says. they were caught. the other thing to keep in mind, the cia director and fbi director will be testifying today. so if people aren't pontificating, and they go in and zone in, you will have a chance to get the answers you want because you assume they're taking the oath and going to be honest; right? steve: but there are some secrets they cannot reveal, and i would look for them too if they get really close to something that's national security interest issue, they won't answer it. ainsley: all right. let's hand it over to heather who has some headlines for us this morning. hello, heather. >> good morning. we have some breaking news for you right now.
5:10 am
we're following the manhunt for the man police have dubbed public enemy number one is intensifying at this hour. antonio wright accused of firebombing a house in baltimore killing two teenage boys and injuring six others, including a 4-year-old and a 11-year-old. police say that wright is seen here throwing molotov cocktails calling it a cold-blooded act. and plump slamming kim jong-un after north korea tested a new long range rocket engine. trump: we have meetings with north korea. he is acting very, very badly. very, very badly. >> calling the rocket launch a revolutionary break through for its space program, but it is seen as just the latest provocative action from kim jong-un. and hiding in safe spaces now have a country song of their own. ♪ i've got friends in safe spaces.
5:11 am
if you don't go, then you must be -- ♪ >> earlier we spoke with the two comedian country stars behind the new hit friends in safe spaces about how they got the idea. >> we decided we were going to do some comedy shows together, and we just said why don't we do -- steve actually came up with the idea. he said let's do a parody of a country said. and he said let's do friends in low places and friends popped out. >> should let us know what that next verse should be. steve: i think they figured it out. they're going to reveal it. brian: let me tell you what's coming up next. town hall take down. liberals lashing out at lawmakers. this time over supporting the military? >> support more funding for the military.
5:12 am
brian: yeah, that wasn't in the script that george soros sent to them. meet the lawmaker that took the heat and didn't back down. ainsley: and meeting with the secret service today after three white house security breaches in one week. what is it he wants to find out? we're going to ask him next. ♪
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5:16 am
ainsley: three. count them. one, two, three white house breaches in just one week. sparking major controversy at the secret service. leading many to wonder is the president really safe inside the white house? congressman jason is meeting with director and homeland security director john kelly later today to talk about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: how are we going to fix this problem? why is this even a problem? why is this happening? >> well, look, over the last three years, this just keeps happening again and again and again. this, to me, though, scares me
5:17 am
because i really do think this is the worst one, given the time, 17 minutes on the white house grounds undetected, not detained, and where he was able to get to. that can never, ever happen and yet it happened again. brian: with a backpack; right? he got to the door. >> well, he got over a fence, got over another fence, got over another fence, he was able to get up adjacent to the white house. at one point hid behind a pillar. i'm told he was actually peering through the window and got up to the door and jiggled the handle. it's just unbelievable. steve: apparently they do have equipment, they have alarms, alarms were ringing off the wall and yet they were discounted. >> well, the concern is did they fail? but they other concern i've been told at least potentially some of them did go off and oftentimes there's a squirrel or raccoon that may have let them off and maybe a person or two wonders out there. but obviously this was legit, and he didn't get caught, and he was able to evade people. i would say at one point he
5:18 am
was within ten feet of a uniformed officer who didn't see him. now, it's at night, it's 11:30 at night on a friday night they didn't see him. but my goodness. you just -- i just don't understand why it keeps happening. steve: you were the chairman of the oversight committee, so you're going to make recommendations. what going forward, what would you like to see change with the secret service? >> well, look, i think secretary kelly is doing the right thing. he actually went out there and walked the grounds himself. i think you're going to see some big changes. we're also looking at major structural changes. we have a cyber mission as well as a protective detail mission. we're looking at separating out this missions and maybe they should be housed in a different department. so all of that's on the table as we should explore what options to do next. >> they seem to be the organization when they were on their own with treasury as opposed to with homeland security, which is an unwieldy hodgepodge of very great people, but they haven't proven to be a homogenous working unit yet.
5:19 am
this is too vital to continue to experiment. once and for all going to recommend a spinout. >> well, we're looking really hard at that. we have a bipartisan group that's actually exploring that. i think it's a very real possibility. we've got a lot of good men and women who are working hard there. there are about 1,000 agents and officers short of where they're supposed to be, so they've been failing in terms of recruiting and retaining their agents and officers. so i just don't see the leadership, and they're in the past. i have great optimism about secretary kelly, though. ainsley: congressman, let's talk about health care because it's up for a vote on thursday. will it pass? >> i hope so. it's what we told the american people we're going to do. we know obamacare is in a death spiral. you don't have to go very hard to find someone's premiums who are skyrocketing, deductibles are high, more than a third of the counties in this country have only one choice. if we don't do this, shame on us. i think we can get it over the finish line. it's not everything that i want, but it's certainly moving in the right
5:20 am
direction. steve: is jason a yay or nay? brian: in the rules committee, they're going to have a fourth and final committee, what do you hope emerges from that if jason can put on paper? >> well, the republican committee put on paper was really, really encouraging. so, look, i think making sure if you have an able-bodied american who is going to get some of these benefits, then they have to have a work requirement. i think that's reasonable. i don't think that's -- yeah, so when we see that in black and white, i think that's a very reasonable thing to do and capping what's going on in the states, cutting the deficit, providing more choice, and ultimately driving down premiums for people, that's what it's all about. brian: busy day, busy week. chairman, thank you sop of. >> thank you. ainsley: texas attorney general just sent that school system a warning, and he joins us live next.
5:21 am
steve: and we'll tell you about the school district and trump supporter. no service for you. a man claims he was kicked out of a restaurant because he wants to make america great again and this morning he's fighting back atop of his head that cap. with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. shouldn't be whateverfleas and ticks. home... no, no no no no... seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months - for effective protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. 8-month seresto®. from bayer.
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brian: this three u.s. soldiers injured in a overseas attack in afghanistan. opened up fire in a base before being shot and killed. commanders insist this was an accident. i doubt it. and in philadelphia one of the largest cinco de mayo celebrations canceled over fears of mass immigration raid. organizers telling people on facebook quote they pulled the plug over concerns over their safety and well-being. ainsley, steve, say something different.
5:25 am
ainsley: okay. thank you, brian. a texas high school is under fire for a prayer room that muslim students primarily are using while excluding students of other faiths. steve: that's how it appears. well, now the attorney general in texas, their office is stepping in saying the controversial classroom may violate the first amendment. texas attorney general joins us live. good morning. >> good morning. steve: let's start from the beginning. let's talk about this prayer room, where the idea came from and who's using it? >> we heard rumors that it's primarily used from muslim students, which is fine but the problem is you can't exclusive have one group over the other. so all we did with this letter was ask the school district for their policy and ask them if they were inclusive or exclusive. so so far, we have not heard back. ainsley: what makes you believe that they would be excluding other people of other religions? >> yeah. just rumors we've heard. also reports from individuals, and we wanted to make sure. we didn't could you say the
5:26 am
school district of having just one group. we just asked them to clarify their policy and, unfortunately, we have not heard back on that issue. ainsley: you said there were reports. excuse me -- steve, you get the next question. you said reports of people like who had been turned away were trying to go in there -- >> no. just that it had been set up exclusively for one faith denomination. and we are not discouraging, and we think it's a great idea. we just want to make sure it's open to all students. steve: and that's the key. it should be accessible to all students. are you surprised that the reaction -- the school district said this. we are required as a district to provide students the opportunity to pray. so they've made this prayer room available for people to pray. so why did your office -- i mean, you don't really have any evidence that people were being excluded, did you? >> no. actually, we weren't sure. so that's why we sent the letter. we wanted to clarify.
5:27 am
we want to know their policy and if it ends up opening the door for other students, that's a good thing. if it opens up the door for other students across the school, that's a good thing. ainsley: have you heard any more from them? because the statement's pretty vague. we're required as a district to provide the opportunity to pray. >> no. we just actually would like to see the written policy so we know for sure it's open to all students, not just one or two faith groups. steve: you know what? i bet you hear from them today, don't you think? >> i'm looking forward to it. that's why i think it's going to be a great day. steve: all right. great. kim, attorney general of the great state of texas. ainsley: let us know what they say. >> thank you have a great day. ainsley: you too. steve: meanwhile he was secretary of defense and america's top spy. so what does leon expect to hear when fbi director james comey sits down and testifies before congress today at 10:00 a.m.? we're going to ask him live next at 8:30 a.m. ainsley: and while most celebrities are complaining
5:28 am
about politics, the guys behind florida georgia line just changed an american hero's life forever. meet the veteran rewarded for his incredible sacrifice straight ahead. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
5:29 am
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i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. train for east and white house chief of staff, chief of defense command of the cia and is also made a best-selling book. joining us now, our privilege to have witnessed leon panetta. welcome, mr. secretary. >> nice to be with you. brian: are you as excited and and interested in several announced today when james that one goes in front of the intelligence committee in the house? >> obviously, a lot of people are going to pay attention.
5:32 am
i suspect he is going to basically confirm what we already know from both the chairman and ranking members of the house intelligence committee and the senate intelligence committee that there is no evidence that in fact president obama ordered the wiretapping. hopefully that might help resolve this issue and get us focused on more important things happening this week. brian: do you think, mr. panetta, we are going to find out if other people in the drum circle may have been surveilled in the targets of an investigation or anything like that? because you know how this president operates. he speaks generally about things in the intel community are very specific. >> you know, i would suspect that the director of the fbi is not going to go into that kind of information. you know, he may be asked about it, and i think is going to be pretty circumspect about what is
5:33 am
happening on the russian front so to speak. i don't think we're going to get a lot of information on just exactly what they are looking at in those issues. >> how hard is it going to be to find out who the leaker is? >> well, you know, i do think that both the intelligence agencies involved as well as others are going to take a look at that because, you know, one thing you can't have any intelligence business is people who leak classified information. so hopefully there will be enough for her to find out who was responsible for that. treacher mr. secretary, i remember when you're heading up the cia, one of the first things attorney general dated to enhanced interrogation. he went to bat because there is terror within the agency for the cia. i know i just got hired here, but i've got to protect my people. in the interim, for what you
5:34 am
know when the sources you have commented president trump also start off on the wrong foot because some of the things he said, was there some retribution they had to put on this president? >> well, these are people that are professional. they are not republicans or democrats. they are just good americans trying to do their job. i do think he got off the wrong foot with some of the criticisms that the intelligence community. but my hope is that a combination of new director cia plus the director of defense intelligence operation along with others are going to restore a degree of confidence between the president and the intelligence community. his first duty is to protect the country.
5:35 am
frankly, he can't protect the country without good intelligence. >> everybody's got to be on his team because he's the leader of team america for the most part. you've got to come in mr. panetta, figure out who it was who ordered the okay to add mass michael flynn's name. that was classified. clearly he was being surveilled. someone said take his name off for the mask off and that was classified as somebody should go to jail according to ron paul. what do you think? >> well, classified information. if there was a place that's a place it is important to find out. >> i'm not talking about a leak. i am talking about whoever okayed the unmasking of an american citizen's name. >> yeah, you know, it obviously depends on whether or not that
5:36 am
particular individual was involved in any possible offense with regard to, you know, our intelligence capability. you know, and my hope is that when a private citizen is involved in those kinds of communications, we ought to do everything possible to try to protect a private citizen. ainsley: mr. panetta, last week mr. trump or president trump released his skinny budget. there was a lot of money was going to pour into defense and supporting our troops. do you agree with that? >> well, i agree we have to strengthen our defense capability. we've had a terrible budget situation that frankly both parties are responsible for. we had a budget act that cut almost $500 billion from the defense budget.
5:37 am
but then we had the so-called sequester, which was this cut across the board that was implemented in the congress and hurt defense readiness that much more. so i do think that we need to gradually provide not only an increase that defense, but we need greater certainty with regards to the defense budget and we also need to look at personnel issues to make sure that we try to update the personnel system so that it meets the needs of the 21st century. train for mr. secretary when your secretary of defense, secretary panetta and secretary gates both rep said. there is too many many people meddling and defense industry and defense from the white house. today, the story has been totally different. on purpose. it seems this president is giving the secretary of defense new autonomy's ability to go and direct forces where they want without checking back to the
5:38 am
white house. mattis put a thousand marine reserves into serious and told the president afterwards. are you for this type arrangement between the secretary to give the defense the ability to act on their own volition? >> you know, i do think it is important that we allow commanders in the field to make certain decisions with regard to defending their forces. i've always felt that it was important to trust our commanders in the field with that kind of judgment. having said that, it is also important to keep the white house informed. it's not that you just kind of let people go ahead and do their thing without having the president of the united states know exactly what they are doing. obviously, you want the white house involved, but at the same time when it comes to critical decisions that oftentimes have
5:39 am
to be made and split-second timing, i think the authority does rest of commanders in the field. steve: leon panetta, we thank you for joining us today. great to hear your point of view. >> thank you very much. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: heather has some headlines. reporter: something breaking right now. the desperate manhunt for this former teacher accused of kidnapping one of his students. cap comments planned the abduction of elizabeth comments in advance. the married father was recently fired after trying to kiss elizabeth. her family desperate to have her back. >> she was the one who completed the family made everything better. >> we are going to get her back. reporter: tad cummins spotted at a gas station in columbus, tennessee. that was a week ago and they have not been seen since. >> supporting -- fighting back
5:40 am
for supporting our troops. here is what is going on. michigan congressman david trott facing the angry crowd. he joined us earlier that the disgusting disrespect will not change his mind about backing up our troops. >> i think several hundred people in that room don't support the military, but i think it's important. we voted at 2.1% pay raise for the military. is well reserved. what's happened over the past eight years is more important the other function. reporter: it's important to hear others. support our president? no service per year. the man was tossed out of the new york city bar for making to make america great again hacked and now he is suing the happiest hour for discrimination. he claims he was being kicked out. when an employee said anyone who supports president trump or
5:41 am
release which you believe is not welcome here. not too happy. while you been sleeping, unhinged hillary clinton supporters have been tossing and turning, suffering from what they call president trump induced insomnia. as a liberal affliction impacting blue state voters who tell yahoo! news they're losing sleep and gaining weight over the postelection stress. we spoke with larry winger, the world so my irrational speaker who offered this advice. >> of it that way, they've never dealt with any disappointment in their life. they've never had anyone die, never lost a job, the team never lost and they have no idea what the rest of us are pretty much familiar with that got over it and move on. poor little buttercup, up. reporter: he sounds pretty rational they are. those voter blaming them for giving them nightmares. does your headlines. steve: i like that. thank you. thanks, heather.
5:42 am
tom brady is missing jersey -- ainsley: as been found. talk about losing sleep. brian: but on foreign soil? steve: it was out of this country. we've got details coming up. capitol hill in just about an hour and 15 minutes from now, where ed henry is live near chuck grassley's chair. and he's the chairman. well, we are finally going to hear from neil gorsuch in the hearing room. the senate judiciary committee look at her rear birds eye view. we will hear from gorsuch, but first chuck grassley has to order and peered we may start early for "fox and friends" right after ♪
5:43 am
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5:46 am
brian: hold on to your children. we have an answer to the biggest mystery of her. tom brady's missing super bowl jersey has been found. fbi and nfl security have recovered the jersey. >> that is not true. one inside of $500,000 on foreign soil, close quote. the jersey will now be returned to the new england patriots. the jersey disappeared from brady stalker in houston after they beat the falcons super bowl fit he immediately said where is my jersey? i think he wanted to donate it to raise money for the cancer that is modest idling right now. steve: now it is worth even more and is en route back to new england. we will keep you posted as soon as we know where it was found.
5:47 am
>> is right up there. ainsley: president trump a step closer to making one of the most important appointments of his administration. steve: supreme court justice neil gorsuch about to begin. jimmy got inside the hearing room and now he is there and chuck grassley's chair and it's even got chuck grassley's gavel. >> this is great. he's got a binder here with an iowa farm on it. i'm assuming that the chairman's binder. i'm not looking in it. that would not be cool. ainsley: as you are braking and, brian was trying to change the meeting time. he wanted to start at 9:00. >> you can't start at 9:00 yet i've got the gavel now. this is how you do it. how often do you get to do that? two hours away.
5:48 am
once it is founded, what is interesting is neil gorsuch will not say anything basically for at least 200 minutes. that's a long time. there's 20 numbers on this committee, 20 senators, both parties total. they each get 10 minutes that they will go down the line, go over to diane feinstein. democrats on that side, republicans on the site. republicans are very happy because this is a conservative pic. they think they look at joe mansion or other more moderate democrats on board because this is the mainstream conservative, the judge out of colorado. conservatives are happy because this is someone president trump promised. he was one on 20 on that list that he would pick. he's an originalist. justice antonin scalia passed away 13 months ago. it's been vacant. ted cruz will be sitting right here in a short time. he said that he believes this is going to be a confirmation.
5:49 am
watch. >> i think it's 50/50 whether democrats filibuster. they don't have any good argument, but they are serious we are going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed. i believe than a month or two, neil gorsuch would be associate justice of the supreme court. >> democrats weigh whether or not they want to filibuster. if they do that could spark nuclear option by mitch mcconnell. this is where neil gorsuch will be. photographers getting a camera ready. they can't wait to get the shot of him being sworn in. they'll be sitting, listening. he will do a little bit of this. that's not going to happen until two, three, 4:00. senators like to talk and they will talk. >> regular photographers are just extras? reporter: they are real professionals. they are not extras. they are the real deal. it takes hours to set it up and they will be ready. ainsley: thanks for showing us behind the scenes. steve: mumbo celebrities
5:50 am
complain about politics, the guy behind florida georgia wind just change a guy's life forever. it's incredible sacrifice will be next. brian: shannon bream has a preview of what happens in 10 minutes right here. reporter: hey, guys. and henry is right behind me, just got arrested for touching the chairman's notebook had we will bring you special coverage at 9:00 and everything happening today. the supreme court hearing, nomination of judge neil gorsuch in a bid to capitol hill by the house intelligence committee is going to hear from fbi director james comey. the push to get the health care bill to to the floor geysers may peered we are going to cover it. special coverage. your insurance company
5:51 am
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5:54 am
steve: most celebrities complain of politics. the guys from florida georgia mine just change in american heroes live forever. they teamed up to donate a track chair to would have better not as we can show peterson army veteran, former marine, still a marine in some cases. shave babbage lost his leg after driving over an ied in 2010. here to share his story is retired army staff sarah gent along with his lovely daughters amelia and jade. first off, how did you find out this sandwich combined with florida georgia wind to get you what you need? >> about a week prior got an invitation to go to the concert. i thought i was just attending a concert in four days prior they contacted me and said florida georgia wind wants to do a
5:55 am
presentation with u.n. donate to charity directly to you at the concert. brian: not only that, they are the hottest band in the country. >> what was your reaction? >> i was in shock, disbelief because i love them and their music. having a great opportunity and i'm thankful towards independence fun and florida georgia wind. i was pretty stoked because i had to go to my first concert and it was pretty amazing. it's amazing and experience. >> we some video we sing together while we were talking meeting behind the scenes. what was that like for them and for you because they are truly patriotic and pro-military. >> it was an emotional experience to that type of opportunity to build to participate something of that nature, to be able to represent my fellow amputees and veterans and be able to do it on national tv is such an honor to do.
5:56 am
brian: tell us what it will do for your dad. >> it really helps him keep interact in outside. it keeps the amount because he does not like being trapped in the house. this wonderful because now he can go out there and experience that would pass. >> it's great because i like to go outside and run, so he could just go out there and follow me on the trail if they wanted to. he could also go into other things as well. brian: so proud of your service. are you proud of it? >> after my aunt. thank you to florida georgia wind and the independent fund for setting my family appear for this wonderful opportunity. brian: unfortunately we're out of time. thanks for coming in. around. i'm so glad they were able to make this happen including bill make this happen including bill o'reilly. be back in a moment.
5:57 am
that's pepe. boris doesn't just grow good coffee, boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm to grow even better coffee and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you .
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>> before we go a special thanks
6:00 am
to texas carrying kilmeasde and friends 590 a.m. >> they finally came to their senses. >> and more tomorrow. >> bye. >> bill: we're beginning what is arguably the biggest day yet for the young trump administration as we await two critical hearings on capitol hill. fbi director james comey set to go under oath for the first time on alleged russian interference as well as president trump's claim of wiretapping as they set the process for the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. a busy day and we have a special edition of "america's newsroom." i'm brett baier. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream live. at 11:30 eastern the senate


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