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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 20, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> sean: thank you so much, tucker. fox news alert, president trump just wrapped up his rally in louisville, kellyanne conway, speaker of the house paul ryan will join us in a few minutes but here are some of the highlights of that speech. >> thursday, is our chance to end obamacare and the obamacare catastrophe. and begin delivering the reforms are people deserve. i am confident that if we empower the american people, we will accomplish incredible things for our country. not just on health care. but all across our government.
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our struggling industries are going to be revitalized and our dying factories will come roaring back to life. >> sean: also the night, james comey testified before the house intelligence committee, earlier today. democrats, they all left propaganda destroyed trump media continued to ignore facts and what is clearly not become a political witch hunt. that is tonight's opening monologue. after eight long months of pushing conspiracy theories one after another, liberals still refused to accept a simple truth. there's not one shred of evidence, none, showing collusion between president trump and the russian russians. none. zero. zip. the only thing they can focus on is the fbi director saying he is not seen evidence to support trumps tweets about wiretapping. here is the same hypocritical media that used the words wiretapping in their own
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reporting. remember this headline from "the new york times," january january 20th? wiretapped data used in inquiry of trump aids? are they going to apologize? they are missing the real scandal here. laws in fact were broken. starting back in january, we have seen the repeated leaking of classified information meant to inflict damage on president trump and his entire administration. every one of these criminal acts, felonies committed, that doesn't seem to bother the democrats in any way, shape, manner or form. the intelligence community don't seem to have an answer as to why it is happening or how they're going to stop it from continuing. take a look at this back and forth between trey gaudi and director comey about these leak leaks. >> i thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information. is it? >> yes, it is a serious crime.
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>> is there an exception of the law for current or former people of the law who request an amenity? >> no. >> sean: he amended is it illegal to look leaked classified information why hasn't he found the person or the people responsible? why can't the fbi give us an answer? trey gowdy also asked specifically if there was an investigation into general flynn's case. that was a felony, for sure. watch. >> we are two months into something that you and i agree is incredibly important and happens to be a felony. i'm simply asking you to assure the american people -- you've already assured you to get really seriously -- can you assure them that it is going to be investigated? >> i can't. but i hope people watching know how seriously we take leaks of classified information. but i don't want to confirm it by saying we are investigating it.
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i'm sorry up to draw that line. that's the right way to be. >> sean: oh come on the right way to be? the fbi doesn't comment on ongoing investigations? comey commented on an ongoing investigation into potential russian influences in the election. the fbi director cannot have it both ways here. right now, there are so many questions, no definitive answers and it has allowed the alt radical destroy trump media to run wild with paranoid conspiracies. the only crime we know for a fact that was committed was leaking michael flynn's name to the media. devin nunes said this exact same thing earlier today. >> do we believe there is any specific -- do we know of anybody else other than mike flynn who was swept up in this? >> you are right to point that out, the one crime we know has been committed is that one. the leaking of someone's name through the fisa system. >> sean: a felony of up to
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five years in jail. rand paul is also speaking out about the law being broken in the case of lieutenant general flynn. here is what he said. >> we know one thing for sure, the obama administration did spy on flame. whether it was indirect or direct, someone was taking a transcript of his phone calls and then released it. it is very, very important that whoever released that goes to jail because you cannot have members of the intelligence community listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing it to the united times. >> sean: the fate of moral outrage, what else did we learn? pretty much what sara carter and john solomon have been telling us for the past two weeks on this show. national security and intelligence agencies have been investigating russian attempts to in influence the election.
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we've been talking about it for two straight weeks. james clapper said russian meddling did not have an impact on vote tallies. watch this. >> we cannot say they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. we had no way of gauging the impact that certainly the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact that it had on choices the electorate made. >> sean: no impact on vote tallies and the fbi director testifying, said that russia did not influence the vote tallies. in key swing states. this is done today. >> do you have any evidence that russian cyber actors changed vote tallies in the state of michigan question mike >> i do not but we are not a domestic organization, we are probably ne
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best organization to provide a more complete answer? >> how about the state of pennsylvania? >> no, sir. >> wisconsin? florida? the state of north carolina? the state of ohio? >> no, sir. >> so you have no intelligence or evidence that suggests any votes were changed? >> nothing by the international intelligence agency, sir. >> you have any evidence that i mentioned to admiral rogers? >> no, none. russia will try to interfere in the 2020 election. by the way, if you read the tea leaves, the investigation seems to not be focused on specific individuals and let me emphasize, not president trump. the democrats did not mention that today, instead they mentioned the false russian narrative live. watch this. >> most important, we do not yet know if the russians have the
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help of u.s. citizens including people associated with the trump campaign. many of the trump campaign personnel including the president himself have ties to russia and russian interests. >> this committee is engaged in investigation about links between the trump campaign and the russians, should there be any possible collusion. >> can you say with any speculum and see what kinds of coordination or contacts you're looking at in your investigation? speak >> sean: so awful, so horrible, where all of these democrats back when president obama was trying to influence the israeli elections? let me remind everyone of you hypocrites in congress and all you liberal snowflakes out there -- a congressional investigation found that back in 2014, an israeli political group used
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300,000 techs. dollars to create a political apparatus to defeat our closest ally in the middle east. the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. what a bunch of hypocrites. here with reaction, sara carter. i said you go, everything you have been telling our audience for two weeks was validated today. let's start there. >> yeah, it's true. we talked about the fact that the fbi had conducted in an original investigation located outside of trump tower and that they found no evidence of criminality at all in the server. the paintings that were reported between his server and the russian bank. we also talked about the fisa. there was an overall investigation into russian hacking. this proved to be true. i want to bring up something you just talked about. there's also no evidence according to our sources of any
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collusion between trump or his teams and to russia the russian hacking. we have seen that from senator grassley, chairman nunes, from james clapper, numerous sources and people who supported hillary clinton. who all have said there is no evidence to date to support that but that was one of the things not answered at the hearing. >> sean: the destroy trump media, the fbi would not confirm -- the tweet of donald trump about wiretapping by the obama administration. interesting, wiretapping and surveillance are two different things but i would argue we may be parsing words. nobody asked if the trump server at any point was surveilled. the trump tower server, surveilled by any law enforcement and whether james comey knew it. would that be the better question to have asked? >> yeah i think that.
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it goes way beyond that. physical wiretapping, okay, it's what they said, that's the evidence -- even nunes came out and said there's no evidence that physical wiretapping happened at trump tower but chairman nunes went further and said but it was there surveillance in general? what's flynn the only one? we know for a fact that people had unmasked his name in a conversation with the russian ambassador and that that leaked. was that the only name? are there more names? how may people saw unredacted transcripts between trump's associates and other leaders? fisa covers foreign leaders. anytime trump, president trump back then candidate trump made a phone call to a foreign leader or spoke to them, was that viewed by others? that's something that chairman nunes wants to know. >> sean: the director of the fbi does not comment on ongoing investigations but commented on an investigation that you have been reporting on for two weeks.
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that impact there were two warrants issued. one was fisa, one was nonfisa. the attempt to influence election. it has nothing to do with donald trump and in an area where it did, they looked into the trump server and found nothing. he did not say that today. why? how important is that for the public to know? >> he is very limited on what he can say because the doj gives him those parameters. the department of justice says these are the parameters with which you can disclose this information. maybe because the report has not been disclosed yet. it's still ongoing, he did not answer those questions. what we do know and i've contacted the doj -- i asked him if there was an investigation. have you given permission for the fbi to investigate that leak -- they would not answer me either way. we do know from the sources >> sean: why are they suggesting about what?
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>> the fbi and on the hill, they have not been given that permission. >> sean: the real story is seeming to move in a political direction. where are we in terms of that? >> we are continuing to investigate that. the biggest question here is was intelligent politicized? how? >> sean: is it possible that intelligence people -- trey gowdy went through the list of people that would have had access to this information, especially after executive order 12-333, naming specific names. he has never lost -- i'm assuming he was setting the table for who knew what, when. >> yeah, he mentioned -- true.
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he mentioned susan rice, ben rhodes, director brennan. there's a list of people. >> sean: when that is the issue, that's the felony reno was committed. >> that is correct. whether it's investigated, we do not know if it will go that far. >> sean: great work. you've been way ahead of the curve. we have been telling people for two weeks. thank you for being with us. kellyanne conway will join us from washington, to respond to all of this and later tonight... >> obamacare has been a complete and total catastrophe and it's getting worse and worse by the minute and yet you watch the fake media, the fake news and they try to build it up. it's a disaster. >> sean: president trump vowing obamacare will be repealed and replaced, paul ryan will join us and say that they will have the votes to make it happen. air force one just landed at joint base andrews. stay with us (vo) this is not a video game.
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>> sean: fox news alert, air force one has just arrived, president trump is traveling back from his rally in kentucky. kellyanne conway, i want to stay on this issue and how wrong the media has it. in some new different ways.
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we have been reporting everything with john solomon and sara carter for two weeks. you heard my opening monologue, what is your reaction? >> i thought today showed the best contrast of all. you have an eight month long investigation on russia with nothing to show for it and donald trump in office with a little less than two months with so much to show for it. intrusive, invasive, expansive entitlement we've had -- being repealed and replaced. negotiating, listening, improving and making progress on the bill with leaders in the house and senate. of course our governors who control the medicaid dollars. the contrast is really remarkable. i love the way president trump defied all the negative noise inside the beltway by going to kentucky and putting a very
7:20 pm
positive optimistic message out there for all to see. the positive optimistic message he delivered in louisville tonight really matches the market, the stock market, consumer confidence, a 12 year high among homebuilders. he matches a lot of the mood of this country that is not being reflected or covered because it is negative, negative. the unmasking of an american citizen through these intelligence leaks should concern everyone. we have learned about that toda today. again, i would just repeat, we had eight months -- >> sean: i know we had a really good meeting and he was able to win over through some of the changes, negotiating with the republican study committee, i spoke earlier tonight to some of the members of the freedom caucus, they are not there yet, they would have enough votes to stop it in the house. a few other senators on their side want more changes. the president wants a vote by
7:21 pm
thursday, paul ryan once a vote by thursday. you are convinced that will get done? >> yes, the president and vice president have been in on this and they are confident they will get the votes and as he just intimated, some changes have been made to the legislation. they listened, negotiate, find out what is in the best interests of everyone and what is possible and some things can change. somethings can't but the president made a really good point tonight in his rally in louisville, he talked about this thursday -- getting the health care and replacement don done. and moving on to drug pricing, tackling it. some people say getting the cost of drugs down is just as important as tackling health care altogether because this is really something we hear from people all over the countr country. damaging the everyday affordability of life. it's why people found the original affordable care act was
7:22 pm
neither affordable or sustainable. >> sean: medical savings accounts, i've advocated for years and i keep putting this guy from wichita, kansas, on radio and tv. $50 an month for adults, unlimited care. he negotiates directly with the pharmaceuticals. 90% discount. 90% discount for mris, x-rays, catastrophic plan. a semihigh deductible. god forbid you have cancer, or a bad accident. so simple in so many ways. will that all be in this bill by thursday? >> the president as ao apprecias free market solutions, listens to accounts like that. that's the whole point here. when you have top-down government run health care, the people are forced to purchase or
7:23 pm
pay a penalty -- you don't even listen to examples like the one you just relate to your audience. there are so many great practices out there in the free market and this president is someone who is listening to that and putting it in there. i feel competent -- i was on capitol hill tonight -- we met with members of the republican conference. they are working the phones. this is a very collaborative process. it's one where i think you really see the leadership of the president and vice president where they did not advocate the details to anyone else, along with speaker ryan and leader mcconnell and the leadership in both changers. >> sean: he was able to duplicate this in 1,000 never practices in the country. it will be fascinating to see that change for the better for people that now can afford
7:24 pm
health care and have a better plan. kellyanne, we love having you. up next, tonight, right here on "hannity"... >> obamacare has been a complete and total catastrophe and it is getting worse and worse by the date and to get you watch the fake media, the fake news and they try to build it up. it is a disaster. >> sean: see those guys in the back? you fake news people out there, i love that part. president trump explains why obamacare has to be repealed, replaced, paul ryan joined us next. also chase a kilo, allen west will be here tonight. we will talk about the confirmation hearings of supreme court justice to become a neil gorsuch. straight ahead. i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best.
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the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. ok let's call his agent. i'm coming over right now. [ dinosaur roar ] onboard cameras and radar detect danger all around you. driver assist systems pull you back into your lane if drifting. bye chief. bye bobby. and will even help you brake, if necessary. it makes driving less of a production. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," president trump
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pulled travel to capitol hill tomorrow to talk about repealing andrew cuomo replacing obamacare the president today at his rally said this. >> we want a very big tax cut but we can't do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare -- this disaster, known as obamacare. obamacare has been a complete and total catastrophe. and it's getting worse and worse by the day and yet you watch the fake media and fake news and they try to build it up. it's a disaster. >> sean: joining us now is paul ryan. mr. speaker, always good to have you. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: we expect the vote thursday, i saw a lot of progress on friday. let's start with the good news. example, the option to impose work requirements on medicaid
7:30 pm
recipients -- walk grant medicaid, and also the measure s interesting, the white house ans were increasing the tax credits, some people do not like that aspect of it. do you think you have the votes right now to pass this bill? >> i feel very good because what we have been doing this entire process has been listening to our members, finding where the consensus is and making improvements as we go through the legislative process. a budget committee, there was an effort to say let's look at work requirements. there already is a per capita block grant. lemme just take the whole thing in a block grant and that is what conservatives were asking for as well. that something we could get this bill to do. every change we make conforms to the senate rules which we have to play by to make sure cannot get filibustered.
7:31 pm
all these changes that have been added we have been doing to make sure they are done in such a way it can get filibustered. we feel really good where we ar are. lot of members have brought a lot of good ideas to the table and you mentioned last one. the president has said let's see if we can add to the people who are getting assistance who don't get health care from their job, who are older, maybe in their 50s or 60s to make sure they are in a good place as well. we are doing even more assistance there, more work requirements for medicaid and able-bodied people. these are the kinds of things that get republicans in a good place. we feel very good, our members have been working really hard and we realize that this is coming to a point -- the president -- is coming to talk to us tomorrow morning to give a rally because we all promised this. we all said we would repeal and replace obamacare, if you give us a republican president, house and senate and we have that now. i have to tell you, i'm really impressed with the president
7:32 pm
himself, rolling up his sleeves. getting involved, listening to members brokering compromises. getting us on the same page and getting to this place. i feel very good with where we are and we will move this to the house and get over to the senate. >> sean: why so much emphasis put on the cbo? it almost seems like an effort in futility to keep going back to them when they are so wrong so often. >> it is all about the filibuster. the senate law works with the budget act which says as scored by the cbo, it must meet what we call reconciliation instructions. to conform with the senate rules and reconcile this bill and block a chuck schumer filibuster, those are the rules we are playing by. >> sean: let me move on. you saw the hearings today with james comey. to me, the big news that came out of this is both comey and admiral rogers go with what
7:33 pm
james clapper said. there is no evidence -- the media is not focused on tha that. we had reporters on this program, john solomon and sara carter are both saying there was surveillance of the server at trump tower there was a fisa warrant. while he is willing to admit when it investigation is going on he will not admit another in terms of leaking he says it's common practice, we do not acknowledge that. is that troubling to you? >> that is why we have an intelligence community investigation. the point is the president asked for this and we already had investigation going on before all of this. that is why chairman nunes and his ranking members are going to see to the bottom of this and get through everything all russia related. i was busy doing my job so i did not watch the hearing. i don't think we learned anything new here and it only
7:34 pm
confirmed what we have been saying all along. at the end of the day we will get to the bottom of all of the stuff. the question you just raised, with the intelligence committee -- the investigation that's ongoing. >> sean: back to health care, is the freedom caucus on board? earlier today, they said 40 members were not going to vote for the bill and rand paul said the same. it's big i've spoken many of them. i talked to a lot of numbers. the freedom caucus members, one of the ones that did not vote for it has no come out in favor of it since then. voting for it in committee, one who did not is now in favor of it because of the work requirements and additional layers of federalism. i've spoken with a lot of freedom caucus members who are voting for it. we also had the largest conservative caucus here -- that's the biggest conservative caucus we have in congress. their leader and key members came out in favor of it in the
7:35 pm
oval office on friday. we are making tremendous progress, we feel very good and it is because we have been negotiating and listening to one another, improving this bill, making refinements to it so we can get to the sweet spot of the consensusbuilding can pass. we getting a bill that can repeal and replace obamacare. just one piece of the three things were going to do. >> sean: you are confident that the bill in the senate will be similar? >> it will be similar but we want them to improve it if we can. there rules are a little different once it gets over there. senators can make improvements without jeopardizing what we called a filibuster. that's great. we want them to improve this bill if we can. >> sean: mr. speaker, i know you're busy, thank you for being with us. i'm next, live, tonight, right here in "hannity"... >> judge neil gorsuch's hearing is now underway in the senate. and i urge members of both
7:36 pm
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>> judge neil gorsuch's hearing is now underway in the senate. and i urge members of both parties to swiftly approve his nomination. he is an outstanding man from an outstanding family with an unbelievably wonderful wife. they should approve. >> sean: that was the president early tonight at his rally in louisville. talking about and judge neil gorsuch. joining us now with reaction, jay, allen. we use the term working. remember clarence thomas, high-tech lynching. this man will now be smeared, slandered, besmirched by the same guys who supported him for the tenth circuit. >> yeah, ten years ago when he came up to be voted on i think it was unanimous. when are they going to come up and say we disappears review because of the last ten years? that to be very specific instead
7:41 pm
of these verywhen you have the t coming out, any of the democrats that support him going into the primary, look, they did and become such judicial obstacles in everything for this president because what is going to happen to them in 2018? i don't want to hear anything else about the gentleman that president obama nominated because it was joe biden and chuck schumer who said no president should be allowed to bring someone in an election year. >> sean: speaking of which, jay, maybe joe mansion, maybe being scared to death about 2016 -- i see a nuclear option and he will be on the supreme court. >> i will tell you this, what that they have to utilize a nuclear option or not, i will tell you this, judge gorsuch will be justice gorsuch in about three or four weeks.
7:42 pm
maybe even sooner than that. i am biased, we had a case before and it came out well and it was based on his decision, we won the case 9-0. at the terminus amount of respect for judge gorsuch, i look forward to appearing before him when he is at the supreme court. i think the democrats are going to make this a partyline situation? yes, the rules are never -- the republicans will give the benefit of the doubt so to speak. >> sean: republicans are suckers. seriously. never underestimate the ability for republicans to cave. they have no backbone. >> yeah, no. i completely concur. that's why you end up with everyone of the supreme court fights. it shouldn't be. he is so eminently qualified that the american bar association, not exactly conservative organization, gave him the highest rating.
7:43 pm
>> sean: james comey. all these months, james clapper, comey, admiral rogers all said no evidence at all. at what point do we say this is ridiculous? >> we should be saying that right now. the thing is, what is so incredible to me is how the media's setting up -- i'll have more flexibility, the russian president. they said nothing when hillary clinton was involved with the iranian deal with russia. >> sean: not uranium deal, they made millions. while she was secretary of state. he is given speeches in moscow. the uranium deal that results in 20% of american uranium in the hands of a russian company and she personally approved it. >> you already brought up the issue of the obama campaign operatives. those taxpayer money that went
7:44 pm
towards unseating netanyahu. this hypocrisy going on, we have to have republicans that save time out on the court. we are going to move on and do the things next necessary. >> there were a couple of takeaways. no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians per se. no evidence of that. number two, nsa, nothing as far as any votes would switching or interfering with an actual vote. number three, the thing i am concerned about is the department of justice -- the fbi director today was not say whether there was an investigation of the leaks but saying there was an investigation of trump associates? this is a double standard that reaches a new level of hypocrisy. couple that with -- we have to
7:45 pm
be concerned that the fbi has become this political. i did not care if you're republican, democrat, independent. not acceptable. >> sean: we don't comment on ongoing investigations, comment on mom but not the audio. you are right. james clapper, admiral rogers, they all stayed at the same thing. no impact on any votes in any of those states that in the selection. >> that should be the top line. at the top line of this whole discussion. it will be because of the media but i will tell you at the end of the day, we are a constitutional republic. it's the rule of law and you cannot have the fbi -- he has created his own constitutional -- >> the most important thing is we cannot have the leaks of classified information fleenor times. >> sean: we know that the felony. just like they never finished with hillary and the server.
7:46 pm
good to see you in studio, by the way. jay, thank you as always. i'm next, tonight, right here on "hannity." >> we are going to drain the swamp of government corruption in washington, d.c. we are going to keep our promises, all of the promises that we made. >> sean: doubling down on draining the swamp, keeping his promises, cutting taxes all during tonight's rally in kentucky. we get reaction from larry elder and corey lewandowski as we continue. weeds. nature's boomerang. at roundup®, we know they keep coming back. draw the line. one spray of roundup® max control 365 kills weeds to the root and keeps 'em away for up to one year. roundup® max control 365. safety isn't a list of boxes to check. it's taking the best technologies out there and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients,
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>> we are going to drain the swamp of government corruption in washington, d.c. and we are going to keep our promises, all of the promises we made. we are going to massively reduce your taxes. we are going to reduce very substantially rising crime and to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. >> sean: that was the president early tonight at his rally in louisville, kentucky.
7:51 pm
joining us now, corey lewandowski and larry elder. you know what i love, larry, more than anything else about the president going on the road? he calls out fake news, she reiterates every promise he made during the campaign, he is not changing direction, not backing down, and you can see the energy behind -- he doesn't need these media people anymore. he is done with them. who needs them? >> he has a convenient way of communicating with something like 40 million americans on social media. very, very impressive. i will caution a lot of the republicans out there when i hear this expression, drain the swamp. the reason for the presence of the swamp creatures, the swamp is about government having its hand and fingers in everything. so if you are involved in
7:52 pm
health care industry and the government has decided we are going to have a plan where everyone can get coverage then you have a obligation to try to interfere with the legislator so it helps you. if you have the pharmaceutical people, nurses association, hospital associations, all of whom are going to lobby. that's what the swamp is all about. if donald trump wants to drain the swamp, he is to reduce the size of government and get government out of all the things that it is involved in. i don't see that plan. >> sean: he is talking about significant cuts -- real cuts, not reductions and increases, across the board. especially read to sing the size and scope of government. and what, getting rid of 75% of regulations that are on the books? destroying businesses and job creations. >> that is right, sean. he's cutting the epa dramatically which is the agency
7:53 pm
that has been very punitive against a number of organizations against many of our farmers. he's going to put a premium, making sure our military has all the resources they need to be successful. this is a very different mindset from the previous administration. we are the greatest military power that the world has ever seen, we will make sure. that our government is no longer punitive. those agencies which have been going after small businesses have their budgets reduced so that we can make sure the individuals who need the resources have those resources and the department of homeland security, the veterans of administration and department of defense. >> sean: you talk about the swamp, maybe it is the state department, we have to get the leaks and the intelligence community -- felonies and the fbi director cannot acknowledge that felonies are committed and they need to be investigated. he will talk about the russian investigation but he does not talk about ongoing investigations -- is he not looking into the leaks which are
7:54 pm
ruining people's lives? running row care? >> it certainly did not seem like they were very interested in probing the leaks. they want to talk about the collusion even though as you pointed out, there is no evidence of it. the acting cia director under barack obama, he recently said he has not seen any evidence whatsoever of collusion. >> sean: last word, corey. >> the deep state is very real. individuals who sit inside the federal government want to make sure this president is not successful. we have seen the leaking of his tax returns just last week, they continue to be an obstacle in this administration. to move the country the right direction. >> sean: good to see you both. we appreciate it. when we come back, a very important question of the day. and apparently you left me some very hostile messages on the "hannity" hotline. why? i do not understand.
7:55 pm
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>> sean: time for the question of the day. very simple. do you agree with me? all the stuff, russia, russia. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. hits me with your best shot. your messages left for me, love taps on the hannity hotline. >> i would like to see some changes to your show. you have too many guests. you should only have about three guests 15 minutes each. when you have eight to ten guests for an hour, i think that is crazy. >> sean, i miss you saying let your heart not be troubled. can you start saying that again? that warmed my heart. i miss it. thank you. >> sean: let not your heart be
8:00 pm
troubled. in spite of the insanity, in spite of the abusive biased media, give me a call at 877-225-8587 fox news alert. president donald trump wrapped up a rally in louisville, kentucky. here's part of it. >> one by one, they are being tracked down and thrown the hell out of our country and we will not let them back in. goodod evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. comey's testimony may have dominated cable television but the president did not mention it. fbi director spent more than five hours on capitol hill,


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