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Trump Administration
  Hannity  FOX News  March 20, 2017 7:18pm-7:23pm PDT

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president trump is traveling back from his rally in kentucky. kellyanne conway, i want to stay on this issue and how wrong the media has it. in some new different ways. we have been reporting everything with john solomon and sara carter for two weeks. you heard my opening monologue, what is your reaction? >> i thought today showed the best contrast of all. you have an eight month long investigation on russia with nothing to show for it and donald trump in office with a little less than two months with so much to show for it. intrusive, invasive, expansive entitlement we've had -- being repealed and replaced. negotiating, listening, improving and making progress on the bill with leaders in the house and senate. of course our governors who control the medicaid dollars. the contrast is really
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remarkable. i love the way president trump defied all the negative noise inside the beltway by going to kentucky and putting a very positive optimistic message out there for all to see. the positive optimistic message he delivered in louisville tonight really matches the market, the stock market, consumer confidence, a 12 year high among homebuilders. he matches a lot of the mood of this country that is not being reflected or covered because it is negative, negative. the unmasking of an american citizen through these intelligence leaks should concern everyone. we have learned about that toda today. again, i would just repeat, we had eight months -- >> sean: i know we had a really good meeting and he was able to win over through some of the changes, negotiating with the republican study committee, i spoke earlier tonight to some of the members of the freedom
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caucus, they are not there yet, they would have enough votes to stop it in the house. a few other senators on their side want more changes. the president wants a vote by thursday, paul ryan once a vote by thursday. you are convinced that will get done? >> yes, the president and vice president have been in on this and they are confident they will get the votes and as he just intimated, some changes have been made to the legislation. they listened, negotiate, find out what is in the best interests of everyone and what is possible and some things can change. somethings can't but the president made a really good point tonight in his rally in louisville, he talked about this thursday -- getting the health care and replacement don done. and moving on to drug pricing, tackling it. some people say getting the cost of drugs down is just as important as tackling
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health care altogether because this is really something we hear from people all over the countr country. damaging the everyday affordability of life. it's why people found the original affordable care act was neither affordable or sustainable. >> sean: medical savings accounts, i've advocated for years and i keep putting this guy from wichita, kansas, on radio and tv. $50 an month for adults, unlimited care. he negotiates directly with the pharmaceuticals. 90% discount. 90% discount for mris, x-rays, catastrophic plan. a semihigh deductible. god forbid you have cancer, or a bad accident. so simple in so many ways. will that all be in this bill by thursday? >> the president as ao apprecias
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free market solutions, listens to accounts like that. that's the whole point here. when you have top-down government run health care, the people are forced to purchase or pay a penalty -- you don't even listen to examples like the one you just relate to your audience. there are so many great practices out there in the free market and this president is someone who is listening to that and putting it in there. i feel competent -- i was on capitol hill tonight -- we met with members of the republican conference. they are working the phones. this is a very collaborative process. it's one where i think you really see the leadership of the president and vice president where they did not advocate the details to anyone else, along with speaker ryan and leader mcconnell and the leadership in both changers.
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>> sean: he was able to duplicate this in 1,000 never practices in the country. it will be fascinating to see that change for the better for people that now can afford health care and have a better