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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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in spite of the insanity, in spite of the abusive biased media, give me a call at 877-225-8587 fox news alert. president donald trump wrapped up a rally in louisville, kentucky. here's part of it. >> one by one, they are being tracked down and thrown the hell out of our country and we will not let them back in. goodod evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. comey's testimony may have dominated cable television but the president did not mention it. fbi director spent more than five hours on capitol hill, taking question from members of
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the house intelligence committee. it was a long hearing covered breathlessly by media around the world. we learned pretty much what we already knew in november. russia has a decades long habit of international troublemaking. it was russia who dreamed up the live at the moon landing was faked almost 50 years ago. no one doubts the capacity for mischief. in this specific case, after months of programming, zero effort -- that doesn't mean we didn't learn anything we did. we learned that fbi director comey is selective about which investigations h he's willing to talk about. he confirmed to congress that the bureau is investigating the trump campaign. and he refused to say whether they are investigating felony leaking by governor officials who destroyed michael flynn.
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>> you have assured then you take it seriously. can you assure them it's going to be investigated? >> i hope people watching know how serious we take leaks of classified information but i don't want to confirm it by saying we are investigating and >> we also learn something about comey's political views. >> would they like to see more brexits? >> yes. >> tucker: how can comey know what the russian leadership believe about brexit?wha he couldn't without clairvoyant powers as if opposing the european union is the same as being a stooge. what's the clinical stage after hysteria but just before total loss of motor function and unconsciousness? that's what it was like four
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hours today. consider this from congressman denny heck of washington. >> our battleships weren't sunk and our towers didn't collapse. 2016 is a year we should mark on our calendars. it is stilll going on. >> tucker: this is tantamount to pearl harbor and 9/11. they pulled this country into global wars that dragged on for years. did he overstate? no, not according to his colleague jackie spear. she described russia's actions as "an act of war" and vladimir putin as a tarantula. >> in terms of trying to understand it, i think of a spiderweb with a tarantula in the middle. the tarantula, in my view, is
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vladimir putin who is entrapping many people to do his bidding and engage with him. >> tucker: [laughs]] never mind that tarantulas don't catch their prey in a web. you get the point, putin is evil personified. congressman joaquin castro got so worked up that he read aloud from the buzzfeed dossier about trump like it was a real document. how close are we to war with putin? declaring "we were attacked by russia." the real questiona. is, how do e respond? let's get specific. dodo you think we should use long-range or short-range icbms >> we should use long-range sanctions on russia.on we should continue to investigate what they did that today we learned from the fbi
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director, contrary to what you said, there was new information. there are members of the trump team under investigation for their role in russian interference. >> tucker: i was aware of that and i think most of us were. i want to take what you say seriously. i do. i absolutely do. you said we were attacked by russia. that's not a small thing. an attack doesn't just invite a counterattack it demands one. my question is, carrier strike group nine is the closest to vladivostok right now. what is our next step in the counterattack? >> our next step should not be a warmer embrace of russia. the president has intimated that's what he want to do. sanctions should get tougher. we should expand nato's role, not contracted. we have a secretary of state who received an order of friendship
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from russia. russia is not our friend. >> tucker: i don't think they are our friend. i don't know anybody who thinks they are our friend but we should talk tough in response to act of war?" i can't imagine a more irresponsible response to an act of war than talking tough or doubling down on sanctions already inou place. we need a real response, don't we agree? >> not every action requires -- >> tucker: not every action requires a military response? co>> cyber warfare you can conduct. never in the history of our elections has a country attacked us the way russia has. it was an electronic attack, not a bomb or missile or bullet, but they attacked us in the trying to influence the outcome of the campaign. >> tucker: i am taking you seriously. they attacked us andg you say if this does not require a military
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response but an electronic one. what would be a proportionate counterattack which we both agree is necessary. what would it look like? what should we do? sanctions, nato? >> we can squeeze their economy. right now russia's economy is in a free fall. tougher sanctions which would isolate russia from the rest of the world. >> tucker: is that going to hurt putin? >> going to hurt his popularity. >> this is a serious attack on r country. when i talk to my constituents, they want to know, are we going to dore anything or is the next election going to see two, three, four foreign adversaries trying to influence? >> tucker: i think the description of this as an act of war is hysterical. but t i'm saying you are a sittg congressman.
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you had senator cardin from maryland call this an act of wa war. the russians are listening, our allies were listening for it i don't know how you can describe something as an act of war and recommend in response to big moves likee sanctions. >> there is nothing we have more sacred than our democracy. >> tucker: you are saying this is war anday you don't want to o anything about it. >> i don't want to do what you want me to do. >> tucker: i am being specific. >> increase the sanctions against russia. work with the allies in nato to make sure they are not as dependent on russia for natural gas. >> tucker: you would be for fast tracking natural gas ports? >> isolate russia more. >> tucker: you said you want to make europe less dependent on russian energy.
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why wouldn't we want to fast track those ports to make it possible for american natural gas producers to sell to europe? >> i am for doing whatever we can to isolate russia. >> tucker: are you for that? reviewew for its? >> i am for helping our western european allies. >> tucker: do you really believe what you are saying? i am laughing at your response. you are saying we should help europe become energy independent but we shouldn't sell them natural gas? of course we should and we should help others do the same. people at home, they take serious our elections period the fights belong to us. republicans and democrats can go at it but as soon as an outside meddler comes in, it's off limits. not going to tolerate it.or it's an opportunity for republicans and democrats unify and say never again will we allow ourselves to be in this
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mess. >> tucker: t as soon as you definene the effects of russian meddling, hacking, warmaking, whatever you are calling it on our election, you will have a chance to bring people to your side. what was the effect exactly? >> russia sought to tear down hillary clinton and lift up donald trump. our intelligence agencies have concluded it. i believe our intelligence agencies. do you? >> tucker: i don't know. sometimes. i have a right to know more about how they reach their conclusions but they missed 9/11 and the fall of the soviet union and it's fair to be skeptical. >> there has been no contrary evidence -- >> tucker: you heard the fbi director say vladimir putin hated hillary clinton. he personallyll hated her. >> do you think he made it up? >> tucker: how would he know something like that? i don't know what i think about things. we don't know ourselves great
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how can he know the innermost thoughts. >> why are we really hear? >> tucker: this is a serious how could he know that? >> intelligence reporting through electronic sources. >> tucker: no indication of how he could no vladimir putin's innermost thoughts about hillary clinton. >> should we tell the world how we collect intelligence? >> tucker: before government officials change our foreign policy and declare war against a sovereign country a as you are attempting to do, we have a right to know on what basis you are doing it. if you are telling me you know what vladimir putin believes as a person, how would you know that? >> we have an electronic source and the call between michael flynn and the ambassador. >> tucker: fbi director said i know he sought her demise because he hates her personally. >> i still believe you have to protect americans. i ask for evidence and i receive evidence.
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>> tucker: on that very specific question? >> you are satisfied on what he knows about what vladimir putin feels about hillary clinton. are you convinced vladimir putin believed hillary clinton would lose? >> yes. >> tucker: not only is michael flynn clairvoyant but so is vladimir putin. >> i'm sorry, no. he thought donald trump was going to lose and he thought the desired outcome was to be -- to undermine hillary clinton. >> tucker: doesn't all of this undercut that theory? the o effect of this is to have badly undercut the administration of donald trump. >> if hillary clinton had won, i was to want to punish the russians for what they did. >> tucker: why would he behind
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it? thisis hurts drum. why would putin want to do it? >> he has a guy in there who wants to roll back sanctions. putin is celebrating. >> tucker: if trump attacked russia, he believes it's an act of war, what would you say? >> this isn't military versus nonmilitary. i would say ratchet up the sanctions. p isolate russia. in 2021, i don't want to be sitting here with you talking about another country that attacked. >> tucker: when trump declares war against russia, i'm going to bring youu on. president trump had a lot to say tonight during a rally innk we go to kristin fisher who is d in louisville. nice to see you. >> hey, this was quite a rally. president trump said multiple times tonight this place is packed. and it was. r he started out with greatest hits, promises made and promises kept. the issue that started it all,
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the biggest applause line, building a border wall. >> to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. that's why i'm following through on my promise to secure, protect, and defend the borders of the united states. >> that is what supporters here wanted to hear about, but republicans on capitol hill wanted to hear about another campaign promise. repealing and replacing obamacare.utol >> as we move toward the crucial house vote on thursday, the seventh anniversary of obamacare'sry very painful passage -- this is our long-awaited chance to finally get rid of obamacare. the long-awaited chance, we are going to do it. we're going to do it. >> one of the hospital's biggest
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-- house bills biggest critics is kentucky senator rand paul, tonight, president trump had this message for him. >> i happen to like a lot senator rand paul. i do. i do. i like him. he's good. he is a good guy. and i look forward to working with him so we can get this bill passed in some form so that we can pass massive tax reform. >> the key word there, pass in some form, leaving the door wide open to some big negotiations if and when that bill gets to the senate. the other big question heading into tonight is it does president trump bring up the two big hearings today that happened on capitol hill? in the end, he only talked about one of them. >> judge neil gorsuch's hearing is now underway in the senate. i urge members of both parties
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to swiftly approve his nomination. he is an outstanding man from an outstanding family with an unbelievably wonderful wife. >> president trump talked about the judge gorsuch hearing but no mention tonight of the bombshell testimony from fbi director james comey confirming it ongoing investigation on whether or not there was any collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> tucker: in some form. the line of the night. >> in some form. >> tucker: fbi director comey was not the only big name to appear on the hill today. a confirmation hearing for judge neil gorsuch, a full 47 days after the president nominated him to the supreme court. a lot happened, for more in details we to trace gallagher.r >> hey, several democratic senators have already vowed to oppose neil gorsuch and block his nomination from coming to a
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final vote in their opening statement, they tried to tie gorsuch to president trump -- while billing him as a threat to workers and women. democrats also made it crystal clear they remain furious over republicans refusal to hold hearings for president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland. >> arguing the senate sh a nomie and nominated by a president who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. >> during their 10 minutes ofll opening statements, republican senators applauded neil gorsuch calling him an extraordinarily talented with the highest levels of professional qualification, including integrity, competence, and temperament. they left out patient but that was evident by the three hours gorsuch waited to speak on his own behalf. >> i have ruled for disabled students, prisoners, the accused.
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workers alleging civil rights violations and for undocumented immigrants. sometimes i ruled against such persons. >> the showdown begins as democrats get their first chance to question judge gorsuch, chuce grassley wants a committee vote on gorsuch by april 3rd in the full vote in the senate later that samerd week. >> tucker: trace gallagher. thank you. national communications director for the working families party, a progressive third party -- hostile to the nomination of judge gorsuch. he joins us now. thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me on tonight, thank you foror something you said last week. you and i may not agree on a tremendous amount but last week you were interviewing trump about the health care bill, and you pointed out that if -- its centerpiece was a massivt tax cut for investors, the other
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side of the coin was millions of people who are going to actually lose their health care coverage. >> tucker: i don't know if the tax cut is the centerpiece. it's certainly a component. it's an odd place to put the tax credit in my view. i appreciate that, joe. let me ask you about the judge here. there is always things i agree with people on. i'm sure you have lots of reasons to bring it up but let me get to the meat of why i want to talk to, the supreme court nomination. i am sure you do not agree with a lot of the beliefs the judge has but the core question is, can he interpret theou constitution faithfully? i'm going through your materials to figure out what your problem is with this guy. here's a letter that you sent to democratic members of the senate. you said "he has an extreme ideological agenda supported by some of the most dangerous ultraconservative and white nationalist groups.
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nationalist groups." what does that even mean? >> i think this means that neil gorsuch is someone who has shown through his long record that every act he has taken, whenever given the chance between siding with a corporation or a working-class person, every single time he has picked the other side than i would've picked. i don't know if you're following -- >> tucker: wait, so you are saying white supremacist organizations. you have every right to disagree with his decisions but you are trying to tar him with the brush of white supremacy and my question is, on the basis of what evidence did you say that?w >> gorsuch -- trump has this muslim ban he is trying to pass, it has been swatted down by judges twice. the supreme court is one justice away from someone who will overrule those lower court decisions and make a muslim ban the law of america.
8:21 pm
i thought america with the land that believed in religious freedom for all people and i have not heard gorsuch forcefully denounce a muslim ban. >> tucker: [laughs] because gorsuch has not come out during the nomination process -- i think is what you are saying -- during his own nomination process and attacked trump's travel ban, you call him a whitn supremacist? that's so unfair, it's hard to believe you're actually saying that. >> it's one of the core questions of public policy right now, whether or not our country is one that has a place for people of all religions or whether trump should be allowed to pass a ban. o >> tucker: he began four days of his hearings where he could be asked that, by the way, a supreme court justice job is not to formulate public policy, is to interpret the constitution. determine whether it is constitutional or not. >> and he has fallen way short of the standard of saying -- >> tucker: that may be right. you tried to tie him to white supremacists.
8:22 pm
i just want you to -- that is an unfair thing to say and you should not think things like that unless you have reasons for saying that. and you don't. >> short of him denouncing trump's muslim ban becomes close to that >> tucker: my children haven't denounced the ban. >> there are a lot of problems with the nomination of gorsuch. >> tucker: you said something appalling and unfair. conceded it and move on. >> let's move on. >> tucker: i think our viewers understand and you understand that something that's indefensible and you should concede it. your point is that he is against working people. right? >> choosing between corporations and a working person, he chooses the wrong side. this case he was a judge on with a truck driver, going through illinois -- a truck driver hadad to pull over and the brakes on his trailer were frozen on a freezing cold subzero day.
8:23 pm
to protect his own safety and maybe even save his life, he disconnected his trailer, drove away to in the end, his employers fired him for doing that. the court cited against -- the sided with the worker. gorsuch said the only way he could have protected his job was sit in a freezing cold subzero truck and risk his life. >> tucker: i'm not sure you understand what the supreme court is or how it works. i agree with you, every person watching, you should not be fired for leaving a freezing cold truck. >> gorsuch does not agree with that. >> tucker: that's notch true. his job is to interpret the law as passed by the congress, not the court. the court does not make laws. congress does. if the actions are consistent with the law, there's nothing you can do about it. that is what the job is.
8:24 pm
>> it's a funny version of the job where everye time he's askd to make a decision, he always chooses the side of corporations. >> tucker: why are you complaining to your friends --ns your friends in the senate. hey, pass a law protecting people whose trucks break down? >> the court sided with the driver in that case. it's a funny thing about gorsuch's -- >> tucker: there are democrats -- it's a question of interpreting the law. same with the hobby lobby case. >> where he said the right of corporations' religious beliefs are more important than the person working there.ns >> tucker: you haven't read the decision. >> i have. >> tucker: he is talking about the family that owns hobby lobb hobby lobby, their religious beliefs were sincere. you may find them repugnant, all you need to know is that they were sincere and therefore they are protected by the religious freedom restoration act of 1993.
8:25 pm
>> if he was just interpreting the law as an evenhanded observer, he might have found an opportunity to side with the less powerful person, the working person, instead of withi the powerful corporate interests. >> tucker: he did side with the less powerful person. the greens as you know are reviled by people. including you and hollywood andd hillary clinton. if you were to do a poll saying are you sympathetic to hobby lobby or the federal government? i bet it would be 90/10, there's no more unfashionable person than the plaintiffs in this case. >> who has the power to fire him who? if you think the employers and ceos are the less powerful people in a comparison with the people who work for them, and i've got news for you -- they are not as -- >> tucker: i don't think that. these disparities are addressed in the legislative branch.
8:26 pm
we passedre laws. that is what democracy is. if you want something, you change it through legislation. that is the whole system. but you don't bother doing that, you try to put judges in who will do what you want. affect the outcome you desire and that is not constitutional and it is also antidemocratic. people don't get a chance to vote on that stuff.ti >> that's not right. when you have a person who every single time has to make the choice choosing the side of the corporation, he is someone who thinks the huge unlimitede amounts of money that are currently flooding our electoral system are not enough. the reason i connect this to health care is because i think it's part of a pattern where you see the trump administration and their appointees over and over again siding with the wealthyhe and powerful at the expense of everybody else whether it is their desire to roll back wall street, their desire to -- reforms on wall street. >> tucker: joe, i just lived through eight years of the most massive wealth disparity build up in my lifetime. under the obama administration.
8:27 pm
where the overwhelming majority of the spoils were at the top 1%. >> trump wants to make it worse. >> tucker: if he does make it worse, i will be the first to complain. >> is that true? i will be emailing to find out about that every single thing trump has proposed so far. >> tucker: joe, thank you for joining us. up next, what if we try to beinu friendly with russia instead of treating them like a comic book villain all the time?ri mark stein will be here to describe the possible advantages of that course. stay tuned. fun in art class.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> do you have any evidence that russian cyber attackers changed votes in the state of michigan? >> no, i do not. >> pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, north carolina? >> no, sir. >> tucker: that was the director of the nsa, mike rogers. reminding us that despite the hysterics about russia, there is no proof they changed the outcome of the election last fall. mark steyn is an author and commentator, he says russia is fundamentally western and that means something. he joins us now from burlington, vermont. a fundamentally western city. thanks for comingto on. >> this is less western than many russian cities. >> tucker: it's pretty, though.hi what is this about? i understand -- them wanting to
8:32 pm
the political component, i get what this is about. there seems to be something genuine, democrats seem actually mad in a way that i cannot remember them being. why?s sey >> they are mad at russia because they want to believe that they did not lose the election, t that somebody stole it from them. that's why what we saw today was frankly nuts. the democrats as you said, they turned putin into a bond villain. two sound bites insisting they will build a new berlin wall and get russia to pay for it. this is going nowhere for them, it's a massive headache and if you did subscribe seriously to the theory that putin was trying to mess with america, what we -- what do we have now?
8:33 pm
an interminable investigation that is designed to track down -- drag down the united states government. this investigation, is actually doing putin's bidding more than having some cabinet secretary in his pocket would. today's hearing was bizarre in a very particular way. when someone like comey says vladimir putin absolutely hates hillary clinton, what business is that of a domestic law enforcement agency? why the hell is the fbi trying to figure out what vladimir putin thinks of a washed up has-been presidential candidate? >> tucker: how would they know? you shouldn't say you know things when you don't, especially in sworn testimony. what should our posture towards russia be? i'm kind of agnostic. what should i think about russia? >> i think russia is fundamentally
8:34 pm
once you strip away a century of communism -- russia is essentially the prodigal child o of western civilization. it is chekhov and the idea that we need to turn it into an enemy simply because it has a flaw to government i think it's idiotic. mike flynn, i am in favor of flynn being gone, not just witht his ties for the russians but because he was in the pay of the turks. i regard erdogan as a much bigger threat. that conversation you were having at the top of the show, in which democrats are demanding that we double down on sanctions, again, i think we ought to start thinking about this in a reasonable way. crimea, 19th century imperialist here, engraved in my soul -- i
8:35 pm
the charge of the light light . i think crimea is a legitimate sphere of russian influence. the idea that democrats are suddenly prepared to launch world war iii over crimea -- it's completely preposterous. where were they on this 40 years ago? >> tucker: in a very different place. a little weird to hear people who lionize hugo chavez. trump's position, he said it out loud, we share a common enemy in radical islam. with the russian government and we can make common cause to fight it. is that a tenable plan? >> i think so. at his rally tonight, he was emphasizing american plans, make america great again. putin wa again. and insofar as those objectives do not conflict, we should think strategically. russia has had a much better track record in syria. they've kept their strongman in place, we spent 15 years in a
8:36 pm
ramshackle stone age basket case like afghanistan and we've got nothing to show for it. trump is right, we can learn from putin in these parts of the world. >> tucker: nicely put. as always, mark steyn. the best. >> thank you. >> tucker: up next, what would ronald reagan do? we will talk to a reagan biographer how he may have handled russia and other hurdles. he had a lot of them. stay tuned.
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>> tucker: mark was just on and he made the point that america being safe doesn't mean you have to be at war with russia. lawmakers determined to make that country an enemy, perhaps a military foe.. we may fall into a second cold war. seems like we are getting there quickly. president ronald reagan won the first cold war. what can these rest of us learn from that example? a reagan biographer is here with us, written another book called "reagan rising," just before
8:41 pm
reagan came back to become president. great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: you have written a lot on this president and this s period. many books. did you ever think you would grow old enough to see democrats pushing for a new cold war? >> no, i didn't. it's a new world order. >> tucker: the debate in the '80s, it was democrats are too soft on russia. that was reagan's position. >> o demonstrable. soft on the khmer rouge, arms control. soviet expansionism. always soft on the soviet union, going back to the excommunicate. >> tucker: reagan obviously hated soviet communism. >> there was no animosity toward the russian people. he really knew -- he abhorred the idea of nuclear war but he was obsessed with defeating the soviet union in the cold war but
8:42 pm
he knew to beat an idea with a better idea -- she was once -- he was once flying over the maryland suburbs on marine one on his way to andrews air force base. he was looking out the window and he said mr. president, what do you see down there? he says, "i've got to get gorbachev to see what we have here. we have a better idea for governance, prosperity and freedom and opportunity here than they have there." >> tucker: your book is about the years between reagan's attempt to become the republican nominee and then his victory in 1980. what did he do to make that possible? what's the lesson? >> that's what the book is about, of course. he took advantage of every political opportunity that was handed to him.oo it was a time of almost a conservative enlightenment,, coming into fold.
8:43 pm
-- coming into full flower in the american the 1970s. we were rejecting the new deal, rejecting the great society and the issues, the panama canal treaties, tax cuts, soviet expansionism in afghanistan. the left was being proven wrong at every level. you can't win an election by being against something. you have to be for something. reagan is evolving as a conservative. in 1964, he speaks for goldwater. it was a great, great speech but reagan is often angry in the speech. he's angry at the antiwar protesters, the great society,en angry at lbj, by 1977, he is now electing -- projecting a more hopeful message. the answer is conservative, not just antiliberalism, it's pro-conservatism.'s that's what he's doing, evolving as a conservative to a much more optimistic one. >> tucker: you have to be for something. >> everything is centered on human freedom.
8:44 pm
personal, private freedom. >> tucker: the framework, all of it hung on being for something. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> tucker: up next, a dreadful story from the d.c. suburbs. an illegal immigrant -- instead of being sent home, he went to high school and was put in ninth grade for some reason and now he is charged with raping a fellow student in the bathroom. we have an update.scomom it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: horrifying news this weekend from rockville, maryland. according to police, a 14-year-old high school studentn was raped in the bathroom by two boys. that's bad enough but it gets worse. sanchez is an illegal alien here, he has been here seven months and has not been reported. -- deported.
8:49 pm
despite being the age of upperclassman, both alleged rapists were classified as freshman, who shared the sameh grade as their much younger victim. s we have a resident of rockville, campaigning against that citygn becoming a sanctuary city. thank you for coming on. the sadness of all of this is that earlier this month, march, you wrote a letter to the mayor and city council of rockville saying this could potentially be a problem. you obviously were horrified that this happened. >> we had a public hearing. 88 people signed up, ten left because it went too long. i submitted a petition against it because there was a petition to recommend to the mayor and council for it to become a sanctuary city but it really didn't use that language, they were actually saying they wanted to have policy on how the rockville police department should enforce the immigrationon law. of course, we know that our county is very liberal.
8:50 pm
i think the city is going tow follow their suit, the other problem is that the state isis going forth with making it a sanctuary state. quite a few of us are upseth about this. >> tucker: you are an immigrant. you came to this country from europe as a child. you said our freedoms are in jeopardy, decided to enforce the laws they like. if you don't like a law, change it. seems like the basic understanding of the way the government is supposed to work. >> we had a lot of chinese people speak, they said they had to wait in line to come here and that they have issues with the fact that they came here for law and order and that these people who are coming here illegally are being protected and it iss not right. >> tucker: they came here because they wanted to live in a place where law was taken seriously, people are treated equally. >> exactly.
8:51 pm
>> tucker: the bitter irony for them and for you. is that how you feel as an immigrant? >> definitely so. i am for law and order, i've been fighting this. when the situation in rockville happened, it made me upset because of the fact that a 14-year-old girl was not protected in high school and all the money that we -- in montgomery county pay for our taxes which go mostly to schools. they have a situation where they allow illegals to come into a high school, at 17 and 18, illegal, do not speak english and have an opportunity to doch this kind of crime to a s 14-year-old is really very disheartening.d >> tucker: there is one of the perpetrators right there. most people who come to this country legally or illegally are not like this. like this guy is alleged to be. but the truth is, it does not improve your school, if a lot of people who come don't speak the language. >> they should have had some remedial english class first. what i do not understand, how can two boys grab a 14-year-old girl and put her into the men's
8:52 pm
room and rape her? if you look at the police report, it is ridiculous what they did. rape is one thing but it is just awful. they tried to hold her face to keep her from screaming. this is in a school. how can 18-year-olds -- >> tucker: how do two 18 year-olds wind up in a ninth grade classroom?- >> it is the policy of the montgomery county school system. >> tucker: at that point you are saying you don't care about education. if you're doing that, is that the message, you don't want to educate these kids? >> i don't think you need to put these kind of illegal kids if you are here as an illegal, you are here against the law and that is a crime. that's the way i look at it. >> tucker: you have an old-fashioned view of that. >> i'm sorry. >> tucker: that was the promise when you t came here. >> the ones waiting in line here to come legally.
8:53 pm
i just spoke with the driver who brought me here. he said his father took eight years before he could bring his family here. that is sad. you see what happens here. some illegals -- i don't know how they got here. it's very disheartening. >> tucker: you are an articulate spokesperson. >> thank you. >> tucker: other immigration news, michigan becoming more vibrant by introducing a new sport there cockfighting. highly abhorrent. feds discovered a massive cockfighting ring in southwest detroit. 86 people were arrested along with hundreds of chickens. no surprise, many of the peopleo there were not here legally. deportation hearings scheduled for roughly people who were involved. welcome to your new country. i hope you are enjoying it. it is not just congress discrediting itself about russia, we will highlight the most egregious hysterics from the press. that's after the break. remember when you said men are superior drivers?
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to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. >> tucker: time now for what they really think. we go deep inside the bowels of social media. i am sorry,i disgusting. they don't think you are listening. much like democratic congressman, the press seized they made some pretty overheated statements. upon fbi director comey today. tweeting today... more concerned with reporters revealing details than russia's role in hacking the 2016 election. hacking the election, what does that mean, by the way? someone, please define it. he didn't stop there though. he tweeted this...
8:59 pm
if not for the illegal leaks by gowdy, much of those records were illegal leaks, the laziest comparison possible for a political reporter, watergate of course, tweeting this... focusing their attention on unauthorized leaks. again, note the wording. leaks were not on illegal, just unauthorized. [laughs] funny. not a parody because that would be literally impossible. that is it for us tonight, tune in every night at 9:00 p.m. toou the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. "hannity" is up next. speaker paul ryan will be on it. kellyanne conway also there, just saw her in the makeup room. she is ready. we will be back tomorrow. see you then.
9:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: a fox news alert, president donald trump wrapped up a rally in louisville after doing tough talk about illegal immigration. here is part of it. >> one by one, they are being cracked down and thrown the hell out of our country and we will not let them back in.d >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we will hear more from the. president in a minute. one thing you won't hear there was any t mention of fbi directr james comey testifying on capitol hill. this testimony may have dominated cable television day, but the president did not mention it. we will have more on director comey's testimony. more than five hours on capitol hill, taking questions. it was a long hearing coveredpi


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