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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," just days ago, a hideous crime was allegedly committed in washington, d.c., suburb of rockville, maryland. a 14-year-old girl, a ninth grader, at rockville high school was reportedly dragged into a bathroom and violently raped. jose montano and henry sanchez arrived in the country a few months ago. sanchez is 18 years old and in this country illegally. instead of them deported back to his country of origin, he was placed in the ninth grade and educated at taxpayer expense. this is insanity of course, auc sign of a sick civilization at war with itself. a strong country enforce its laws and protect its citizens, c that's job one.
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in the u.s., too often we ignore our own laws and instead allow ruin to be visited on our own people. some people in rockville fed up about this, a meeting today at high school with protest outside by angry residents. we had a reporter there, we'll tell you more about what happened in just a minute. apparently the outrage does not extend to the leaders though, the town won't call itself a sanctuary city but it is in fact wanted follow sanctuary policies and top officials there don't want to think about the connection illegal immigration might have to this crime or others like it. montgomery county school superintendent jack smith said this. >> we're not going to paint all students who speak another language, all students of a skie color, all students of a religion with a broad brush because of a really terrible incident. so i'm saying no tonight. we're going to take care of our
9:02 pm we are going to take care of this student who experienced this trauma. what we are not going to acceptt is people who say that 25,000 of our students shouldn't get to go to school because they speak another language. >> tucker: in other words, diversity is our strength, move along, racist, shut up, thanks, jack. thankfully, that governor larry holden does not suffer from the same mental block. >> my biggest concern lines with the montgomery county school system. their lack of cooperation, lack of information they've providing. not only have they refused to provide any information to us but they refused to provide to the state board of education who specifically requested morehe information. >> tucker: i came up at the white house briefing today, press secretary sean spicer had this to tod say. >> i think part of the reason that the president has made illegal immigration and a crackdown on such a big deal is because of tragedies like this.
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>> tucker: zeke cohen is a democrat on the city council of city of baltimore, he joined us now thanks for coming on. this yesterday as it happens, you sponsored a resolution which passed on the baltimore city council, which demanded that federal immigration authorities stop enforcing federal immigration law in the city of baltimore. is why, given what just happened, is that a wise idea? these guys had been picked up in suburban washington in rockville, this never would have happened? what would you encourage that policy in your city? >> tucker, i am incredibly proud to serve the citizens of baltimore. it's a welcoming city and thee. reason i introduce to resolution was not to tell i.c.e. not to operate but to only target violent criminals such as the young people who allegedly perpetrated this crime. there is no place in our country for this sort of sexual violence. i condemn it full heartedly but the vast majority of immigrants in our community are peaceful,
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they pay taxes and theyva contribute. >> tucker: okay, but we only knew they were violent criminals after they had raped a ninth grader. the fact is that at least one of them, possibly both, that at least one of them was in violation of the law already and because a lot of your state refuses to enforce federal immigration law he. out of the country before he this girl. >> if he had committed a crime it absolutely would've been better. let me say this, what concerns me in addition to this type of crime is also what i've seen i.c.e. do in southeast baltimore where i represent, or just recently a father was arrested after dropping off a son at school. he had no criminal history, his only history is violating his status and returning to this country. he escaped violence in honduras, just the same way that my
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great-grandmother escaped violence and persecution in austria, and we welcomed himus here. immigrants built the fabric of this country, and baltimore is a place that will continue to welcome them. >> tucker: it's pretty unbelievable that you would compare federal immigrationon authority to the, which are just did yesterday, when they are enforcing laws that would have prevented this heinous would you say that to the parents of the girl who was raped?g these are these americans were enforcing immigration laws, why would you say some thing like that? >> i extend my full sympathy to these parents, what they've been through is horrific. to track their crime out publicly is kind of shameful, tucker.ol at the politics you are engaging in is a sort of willie horton style race baiting, dog whistle where we don't blame entire groups of people for the heinous
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acts of a few. for example, we are not after dylann roof, who murdered nine people in a church in south carolina. we don't say all white people are terrorists. >> tucker: slowdown. i'm not saying all hispanics are terrorists i'm not saying anything like that. you're the one who explicitly compared federal immigration authorities to nazis, who is using the dog whistle here? who is making statements? they are what to mark your calling fellow americans citizens federal law for -- are you really and officer? why would you say something like that? >> what i'm doing is comparing the plight of my great-grandmother who came here from austria to escape hitler's gas chambers to the same fate as my honduran neighbors who come here escaping violence from their country and just want to build a better life. >> tucker: that's not what you're saying, let me read you a quote, this is from yesterday from the city paper from baltimore.
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said he likened the reason raid to what nazi germany did before the holocaust. for the fifth time, your accusing americans, your fellow american citizens of law enforcement officials are behaving like nazis. don't you think that's a little over-the-top, speaking of dog whistles. >> tucker, again, what i'm saying is when the statue ofwh liberty proclaims give me your tired, your poor, your huddledt masses yearning to be free, she is calling both to my great-grandmother as well as to my honduran neighbors. i'm not comparing isis to nazis. what i'm doing to say these arei people who have been persecuted back in their home country and if they want to come here and build a better life in baltimore we welcome them. >> tucker: but you are comparing them to nazis.s. the truth is baltimore has a lot of problems. it's got one of the highest crime rates in the united states but some of those crimes are committed by people who are here illegally, illegal aliens as you know. three years ago, one of them a
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9-year-old girl as you became a sanctuary city as you know. you have something like ten murders in last week. you're spending your time and telling law enforcement not to enforce the law. how does that help the immigrants you claim to care for? >> here's the real story about baltimore. we are a city rebuilding and the resilience in my city isth incredible, just because people like you go on tv and bash us doesn't mean that baltimore has to take it.e i am proud to represent -- >> tucker: i'm not bashing it, i'm resetting your crime statistics. do you have any sense of what the murder rate is in your city? do you know? >> last year we had over 300 homicides, each one is tragic. i completely agree with you. i was a teacher in west baltimore before i came a city council person. i will say that our school system is struggling, our law enforcement is struggling, but it is not the fault of immigrants, ands in fact, tucke,
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we faced for a very long time is depopulation into the immigrant community, particularly the central american community, which you continuously bashh on your show has actually come here and rebuilt it. >> tucker: i'm not bashing the central american community, it's completely false. my only concern is for the people who are already here. doesn't it make a school better when people move and who don't speak english, is it good fort improve the education, is it fair to the taxpayers, have you thought about that? >> i think the greatest asset in our city is our diversity. i was joined by an amazing group of immigrant youth yesterday. >> tucker: a slowdown. that doesn't mean anything. i ask you aa sincere question, does it approve a school one a lot of people moving who don't speak english? does it get better? >> absolutely. if you're talking about a city that used to be 1 million people and is now down to 630,000, having folks come here and
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participate and pay taxes, sending their kids to our school is a blessing and we welcome those children. like i was saying, we had agr great group come to city hall yesterday to advocate for theirr community, to speak out against intolerance, and to help us pass this resolution. that's why i'm so proud to represent my city on the council. >> tucker: maybe your city is depopulated because threaded 60 murders last year because you don't take it seriously and you spend your time with frivolous nonsense like this which doesn't make the city better it's just sad, it's depressing. to watch a formerly great city like that language under leadership like yours. i'm sorry. >> it's only frivolous when it's not your family. >> tucker: this is a concern. it's sad. you're not providing a serious answer. we sent a team to rockville, chris jenkins spoke to local police there, as well as well as outraged parents, just out of a meeting with the school, joined us now with his report.. chris. >> that's right, just a few minutes ago, the school behind me packed, 700 plus of parents who left emotional, said that things did not get too heated,
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took their questions, we talked to some of them, talked to twowo mom's in particular, very upset about the events of last thursday, one of them who subs here. you can see now if you students a few protesters actually out there, it's quite a scene. here's the moms we talked to earlier today, take a look.. >> what is the next step forward to make our kids safe? i have a daughter coming mixture here.s i'm going to have to go, and i would like them to be safe for all the kids. i have too many kids that i know that their friends are my kids, and i don't want anybody to have to deal with that. sending your next daughter herea >> not a doubt, fear, yes. i know the schools are going to do everything. but i'm a little shaky rightht now. it's the law that governs the immigration to put a kid illegally in a school. that is more my concern than anything else. >> i just don't want 18-year-olds and 14-year-olds mingling.
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i don't really want my child in with a criminal that just walked across our border, the one young man had already been convicted of a crime and they had wanted to deport him. i don't want my son involved with him. >> that meeting was led by a school superintendent jack smith as well is a principle here at dr. benson and members of law enforcement. we spoke earlier today to the police from montgomery county, thomas mager to find out what happens now with those two individuals, jose montano andha henry sanchez, here's what he haddi to say. >> if they are found guilty, oua intent would be to have them serve whatever time they are given by the judge. on the day they are released, whether it's 20 days, 20 months, 20 years. whatever they get in terms of a sentence, on the day that they
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are released, if i.c.e. has a detainer or a warrant waiting for them, we will turn them right over to ice for ice to do with them what they have the responsibility for. >> aside from striking a reall nerve with every parent in this country like yourself and myself who have daughters, ed also raised a national debate now about areas like this and whether or not sanctuary citiesa exist or not and if they are enforced or not we will stay on top of this for you, tucker? >> tucker: why are people embarrassed to point to something that actually happened and draw obvious conclusions from it? the rockville rape atrocity, sometimes one form countries and their people here they're not sending their best. but it was not a surprise from attached structure from -- i think dave that has conducted extensive research on immigration and its many effect. he joins us now. thanks for coming on.. one of the baffling questions i think about our government is
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why at a time when we keep stats on everything, how many merry-go-round's accidents there are on america's playgrounds, we really don't have good numbers on the number of crimes committed by immigrants illegal, and otherwise, why is that? >> because people don't want to know, that's what it amounts to. the fbi doesn't want to know, local state police, localun police, they don't want to know. so the data on this is really very iffy, the census bureau sort of tries to track it, but it's not necessarily t very effective. the answer is no one wants to know. >> tucker: no one wants to know. how long have we not known? and who was the lobby for not knowing?e who's behind the ignorance lobby on this question? >> basically, all of the usual suspects pushing for amnesty and increased immigration, because their goal is to basically suppress anything that makes immigration -- puts it in a bad light.
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the fact is that immigrants as a whole probably aren't especiall more likely or even less likely to be criminals. the issue here, especially in this is what we saw with this rockville case, is not even so much whether what the crime rate is a immigrants. it's that people who were in the custody of the government illegal immigrants were in custody and then let go. bad people do bad things all the time is not on the government's fault.pehe people who were in the custody of government, they did not remove them they let them go instead. that is the fault of the federal government, as well as all the local and state sanctuary jurisdictions. >> tucker: there are some seek way here. this is in fact governments not letting you know how poorlyir you're doing a job you hired them to do. >> absolutely, that's one of the things that the president wanted to try to rectify where ice will now start releasing data on this
9:16 pm
and reports on this. it's just got started, they released their first but it was kind of a first effort, they've got to get organized and release this data. they at least will be able to say look, we asked for these people to be handed over, deportable aliens in these jurisdictions didn't do it and they let them go instead. that's important information to have and going forward were going to have a more regular report on this. that's probably the most effective tool on sanctuary cities is information. they're going to say this person only was a drunk driver or a wife beater or whatever and so we let them go. if that person then goes on and graduates to becoming a murderer, we are going to know.e we're going to say you let him know even though he was a criminal and deportable, this is partly on you. >> tucker: did you noticeas that when the president announced this plan to get data collection in the speech two weeks ago to a
9:17 pm
joint session of congress, of all the things he said some of them controversial. this was the only one that was in effect booed by t a lot of te democrats in attendance. why is this among all of them so controversial? >> remember, they booed he talked about releasing information, talked about this victims services office he pointed out several of the surviving family members. they were booing these family members. people whose children or husbands had been murdered by illegal immigrants, people who again not just regular just regular run-of-the-mill illegalt aliens, people who had been in the custody of the government and then let go. like i said, the reason these people are booed and this idea of transparency in getting this information was booed is that nothing can be permitted to make any immigrants, illegal immigrant in particular, look bad. somehow that would then mean the superintendent of the school you
9:18 pm
played before, somehow that reflects on all immigrants.n the fact is people are smart. they can tell the difference between an illegal immigrant rapist and a regular neighbor, worker at the restaurant who isn't a rapist, people can tell the difference. >> tucker: of course, the veil of lying and secrecy over all immigrants besmirches all immigrants. not all immigrants are the same. a lot of them are incredibly impressive, much more impressive than i am, we benefit from a lot of immigrants, some of them are horrible and we should get rid of them immediately.y. we are not allowed to make distinctions i've noticed. that's part of the gambit, isn't it?ar all immigrants are exactly the same an attack on one as an attack on all. >> even the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants is what in the these people have been trying to eliminate, the pro-immigration lobby has been trying to distinguish as well as the distinction between people
9:19 pm
who obey the law in general criminal aliens and regular immigrants. there have been efforts by new york, a few years ago there was this coalition that opposed any deportation, even of criminals. when a noncitizen murderer finished his sentence, their position was that person should be returned to the community because no one should be deported, they actually had hashtag, #notonemoredeportation. that is not some fringe he thing, that's pretty mainstream among these anti-borders activist groups. >> tucker: if that's your position your nightingale and jane public policy, that's theology, that's a position of faith. coming up today, second day of hearings on neil gorsuch, the nomination to supreme courts. the marathon hearing just wrapped up a few minutes ago. will debate the judge's merits or lack there of, stay tuned.
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9:24 pm
>> the president had theee authority to ban all jews from the united states and all people who come from israel? >> how do we have confidence in you that you won't just be for the big corporations? that you will be for the little man? >> have you ever met president trump personally? >> not until my interview. >> in that interview, did he ever ask you to overrule roe v. wade?>> >> no, senator. >> what would he have done if he asked? >> i would have walked the door. >> tucker: it finally ended a half hour until, opposes the gorsuch nomination, chief counsel and policy director at the judicial crisis network which supports him, they both join us tonight. jasmine, is neil gorsuch qualified to sit on the supreme court? >> i think there is no doubt his past experiences make him qualified to sit on the supreme court, i think when were
9:25 pm
looking at it candidate, we can't just look at whether or not they are qualified but whether or not they're going to apply the laws of our land in an equitable manner. i think that's where the problem lies with his nomination. >> tucker: he's qualified but he shouldn't be allowed to sit in the supreme court. kerry, do you think that he is the best possible nominee that president trump could have found for this open seat on thebe supreme court? >> i think he's an amazing choice, not just because we commented on, he's very well-qualified for this but there is more to it. this making sure someone has anm approach to the constitution which is faithful to its original understanding, faithful to the text of the laws. i he showed that today in spades, he talks a lot about the o importance of judicial independence, the importance of putting law before politics. all judges are going to come to a decision they don't like some of the time, the jugs to make their to make sure you're following the law and not
9:26 pm
putting your personal politics for a spirit of all of those things are the reason he has broad bipartisan support. the democratic senators love him so much but people like obama's acting sg talked about with a fair-minded judge he is i think he has brought it support like in colorado as people who know him best. >> tucker: isn't that sort of what you want? i heard senator after stender state today i don't like the conclusion that you reached, and i saw judge gorsuch say i don't really like the conclusion i reached either. i'm not revealing what ie thin, but it's possible i don't agree with myev own decision but is consistent with the law and that is my job. why is that out of bounds? >> i think the problem is he was very evasive in a lot of his answers. i think he's trying to appeal to that bipartisan support. the biggest problem i had with one of the answers he gave when he wrote a speech for the former attorney general gonzales who concerned national security and whether or not the president has
9:27 pm
the right to surveilled our citizens without a warrant in the interest of national security. he said i didn't believe what i was writing at the time, i was just aut scribe. just a scribe when we are writing about national security? isn't he applying to be a scribe in chief for our nation to write opinions that are going to found the laws of and principles for our entire nation?ou if he was writing things he didn't believe them, how can we trust him to write what he believes to be the truth to uphold our constitution now? >> tucker: perhaps because being a speechwriter and supreme court justice are entirely different jobs. i wonder it, the concern for conservatives is come you've seen a parade of a purportedly conservative justices appointed to the court who then become liberals. david souter comes to mind, there are others, how do we know that's not going to happen? >> he's got something that frankly chief justice robertsno didn't have that's a decade-long on the bench, you can see the decisions he's made applying the
9:28 pm
same principles he doesn't know what to my car to, everyone t knows what they want to hear atp the hearing. i'll follow the law, i will follow the constitution. he has that record to prove it.a and to prove it in cases where he was getting political pressure, people who were taking him to task at this time, we don't like the result he reached but at the end of the day it's about coming to the right legal result in the fact that he's done it for ten years is greatsu evidence that's something he's going to continue on the court. >> tucker: this judge is going to sit on the supreme court i think no matter what, my question to you is democrats are putting on a show of fightingrt his nomination. can you imagine a judge, a conservative judge, who you support? is there anyone donald trump could realistically nominate who you would say okay, i support this guy? >> i can't think of a conservative judge at the top of my head that i would support. i can think of a judge who would be more bipartisan, a judge who hasn't written entire articles
9:29 pm
about how he doesn't support liberal positions. while he's being interviewed, recant that position that he originally had took that heal should've taken such a strong position that took a position against liberals. i think we can find a judge that's more fair, more equitable, we can agree on one point that he will remain conservative, he has an incredible track record of finding in favor of corporations over working-class people, working class men and women and over environmental protection issues. we're going to see the same thing. what does that mean when he becomes a supreme court justice? that means he's goinge to find for courtroom towers are the men who built and the land it was built upon. >> tucker: i can't wait to see that case. thanks for joining us, i appreciate it.>> up next, puerto rico making a new push to become a state in our country. the commonwealth government broke and the population fleeing the island are we prepared to
9:30 pm
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9:34 pm
country. there are potential problems here, puerto rico's government defaulted on its debt last year it would be the poorest state by far if it joined the union. ricardo reseller was a governor, he's pushing for statehood which he said would fix the island's economy and it's only fair, he joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> tucker: in an interview in january with the "miami herald," you explained why puerto rico deserves to be a state and you said if i'm not misquoting you that the united states does not have moral standing to deny puerto rico is in such bad shape financially because its colonial situation is what provokes the crisis. do you think it's old and the united states government is a good way to become a state? >> i am a very proud american citizen. what i'm doing is shedding light on what i think is the last bastion of undemocratic behavior which is having a colonial
9:35 pm
territory in the united states. my hope is that we can start a transition so that we ask you had states citizens don't have to look at territories or colonial territories as a thing of the 21st century, we want too move beyond that in the vast majority of people in puerto rico love their u.s. citizenship and we want to o become a state. >> tucker: i agree with you completely it is a colonial situation it is unsustainable it's silly, it's a relic of the past, why not become your own country?y? >> that's an alternative, what we are doing is offering goes to noncolonial nonterritorial alternative way back in 2012, the people of puerto rico chose not ton continue to colonial territory route. we're choosing between statehood and alternatives to independence. i can tell you right now, the vast majority of people of puerto rico value their u.s. citizenship and i believe statehood will win convincingly.
9:36 pm
>> tucker: why would it be good for america to absorb a third world country into the united states?ld a country where electricity doesn't work, the whole island went dark in september, as you well know. massively in debt and is totally corrupt and dysfunctional, no offense it's a great place and everything, but what would be in it for america to make it a state? >> it's a great added value it's a great question. i think we need to start talking about this. puerto rico can become the connector of the americas, we've been part of the united states for over 100 years but we also culturally have elements for south america and ofav course elements from north america. we speak english and to speak spanish. geographical kate were centered the right position and we have a lot of added value. i think our economy can take a significant turn if we start addressing some of the local government issues which our administration has already started.
9:37 pm
i am convinced that i have the most fiscally aggressive, fiscally conservative agenda inn the united states right now. i immediately reduced 20% of the political appointees in our government. i reduced 10% to 20% of what contracts are of the current budget as i took office. we are moving in a path to reducing 131 agency structure in puerto rico to one that's about 30 to 35. we're taking our steps and puerto rico has added value as a destination. we have great doctors. we have a great education, higher level education system. we are a tourist destination and i think it could be a hub of the americas connected the united states. >> tucker: would english be puerto rico? this is an equal speaking country, puerto rico is not. >> it is, but the united states is also a spanish-speaking
9:38 pm
country it's asserted largest spanish-speaking country in the world.d. the united states itself doesn't have an official language. i don't oppose, as a matter of fact our public policy is bilingualism, we want to teach and further our kids and citizens to have both languages and be robust. >> tucker: its work so well in canada and belgium we want tot try it here, why would we want to try to be a bilingual country >> you don't have to be it's a multilingual country. what i'm saying is in terms of the official stance, many other states in the united states don't have an official language as you know. the united states as a whole doesn't have it. of course we worked under the federal government, we already do. the federal courts in puerto rico, different federal structures already there, pushing through in english. it's not something that would be new, it's part of the system that we have right now.
9:39 pm
>> tucker: thanks a lot for joining us tonight. up next, democrats and the press have reached new heights of hysteria regarding the supposed tied between president trump and his evil puppet master vladimir putin of the kremlin in russia. was anything revealed this week about their relationship? brit hume will be here to tell us what this obsession says about american politics, stay tuned. whoa, this thing is crazy.
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9:44 pm
russians behavior and act ofll war, what exactly is going on here? fox news senior political analyst, brit hume, joins us tonight. as an american, you want to feel good about the fbi director i can't remember ever worrying about one. you don't want to feel theiron behavior is flaky or there's something else going on. watching the director of the fbi yesterday openly say yes we are investigating this one thing, the trump campaign, but no i can't comment on potential investigation into the leaking of the conversation of michael flynn in the russian ambassador on the this raised the question what is going on here exactly? >> it does raise that question. one sort of suspects that this is the book end of his earlier handling of the hillary clinton investigation, it had been closed and finally had to been reopened and had been closed. i think he may have felt that
9:45 pm
this was payback call having done that" such grief for it. of course obviously you wonder why the need to do this. i think it's reasonable strip to suggest that fbi directors should not be making public the fact that an investigation is being held or even the fact that it contained within the findings of that recommendation with the department of justice, prosecutorial decisions are left to the department of justice. that didn't happen to the hillary clinton case, lord only knows what will happen here.s >> tucker: so interesting. this story seems to me has sucho momentum that it's hard to imagine when it will slow down. the idea that russia somehow hacked our election. is there anything at the core of this that you can see and do you think the story goes away anytime soon? >> the democrats use the hearing
9:46 pm
to lay out their case for this investigation and the fact that there may be collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. if you listen to it all it sounds sort of impressive when they lay all these things out. when you examine them one byll one, none of them really adds up to evidence of collusion, there's certainly evidence of contacts, there's evidence of russian attention to try to torpedo hillary clinton it's worth noting here that the russians gave up somewhere along the way on donald trump's u possibilities and they were content to try to hurt her and possibly help him. that was their focus, it was an odd way to act with someone who you're colluding, there's one other thing worth mentioning here.ct the fbi director also answer the question, he has found no evidence, no information pointing to a wiretap of donald trump and trump tower, no evidence of that. however, what about this
9:47 pm
investigation going on that he announced last july that involves the trump campaign in trump associates? are we to believe that there is no surveillance associated with that? we do know as you pointed out that mike flynn was caught up in a wiretap, a routine national security wiretap of the russian ambassador, but who knows? when he made this announcement, comey, that there was this investigation going on he received permission of the higher up to do the announcement, there was a story back on january the 19th "new york times" it laid this whole thing out and said it was based on surveillance that indicated this contact, that story also said it wasn't clear the wiretaps had turned up anything about the trump we don't know where we are. remember this, this is supposedly a counterintelligence investigation.
9:48 pm
that means is basically a national security what's up with that?th what does that tell us about how likely they are to find out about political collusion, one wonders? >> tucker: you made the smartest point of the year. if there was an investigation and there was, there was surveillance. thank you for making that point. >> it's certainly worth asking the question, isn't it? you might have thought that certain members of the committee would ask the question, you might also have thought the issue would be raised about som of our colleagues in the media, so far, not so much. >> tucker: i wouldn't have thought either one but i'm glad you raised it, thanks a lot. >> you bet, tucker. >> tucker: if you're an eyewitness to a sexual assault, would you call the police? sounds like a rhetorical question, not everybody answers yes. will bring you a horrifying story from chicago were 45 people witnessed the attack and did nothing, stay tuned.
9:49 pm
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>> tucker: rockville, maryland, isn't the only american city rocked by un-unthinkable crime this past week, police in chicago currently hunting for five men who sexually assaulted a teenage girl and broadcast the whole thing on facebook live, here's the worst part of expert according to police at least 40 people watched that broadcast on facebook and not a single one of them called 911. it was only reported by her mother, thankfully. police recovered the goat still at hunt for her attackersli at large. back to the hill, obamacare replacement plan is scheduled for a vote in the house this week, president trump lobbying hard to make sure it passes. we go to trace gallagher,
9:54 pm
standing by. >> whether you call these adjustments, republicans can only afford to lose 21 g.o.p. votes, fox news has them somewhere in the low 30s. the big changes are freezing and unwinding the medicaid l expansion. conservatives are irate that since obamacare started, some 11 million able-bodied people with no children have signed up for medicaid. the previous bill would have allowed those people to keep signing up until 2020. the modified bill would freeze out but it would allow more generous reimbursement for elderly and disabled medicaid patients. the revised bill also removes tax credits to help older americans offset rising premiums. it appears the house is willingm to allow the senate to decide how big those tax credits should be. during a closed-door meeting with house republicans, president trump gave a rousing endorsement of the bill and a stern warning if it doesn't pass saying "i honestly think many of
9:55 pm
you will lose your seats inf 2018." trump even called out lawmakers stirring up opposition to the bill calling freedom caucus chairman mills though some believe the president was half joking, the vote comes on thursday. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks. tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. an exclusive interview with hhs secretary tom price. that's tomorrow, don't miss it. coming up next, boston public school officials have new idea for fixing racial achievement gaps, just replace all the world maps in every classroom, remarkable, why didn't we think of that?or details ahead.
9:56 pm
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>> tucker: here's an here's an innovation boston public schools are replacing world maps the old maps use the mercator part projection would use straight lines and accurately captures a state chip of countries and warps their size. the new map uses a different projection shows a size but they look weird.
10:00 pm
the old map made america and europe looked bigger in place europe at the center because i thought that western civilization was important. now is considered offensive so they're changing it. your tax dollars at work. >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." in just a few minutes, laura ingraham, jacek lowe, a lot happening tonight in the news. the repeal and replace though, the gorsuch confirmation hearings, and more fallout from jamesfr comey's test testimony tomorrow. a very important issue that few in the media will ever discuss. if the president remains steadfast in his commandments to fix the illegal immigration crisis in the country whether it's building a border wall, and pending sanctuary cities or the deportation of a violent criminal illegal immigrants. any action to restore law and order must be swift any action to restore law and order must be swift because , because american lives are being lo a


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