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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 22, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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at that assailant was shot, emergency workers seen giving cpr to that assailant and now to find out, who this was, what his motive is, and whether he is working with >> it is 1:00 on the east coast, 10:00 a.m. on the west coast, 5:00 p.m. in london and there is breaking is now on fox news channel, i am shepard smith in new york. british police say they are treating today's attack in the heart of london as an act of terrorism and there are "multiple casualties" including police officers. by that, they mean injuries. so far no word on who the attacker was, but the suspects motive may have been or whether the attacker acted alone or with others. here's what we do know at this moment. investigators say police shot a man after the suspect stabbed an officer outside the british parliament building. witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots. reports also indicate eight driver it mowed down people on the nearby westminster bridge
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over the river teams, and there is no indication whether that driver was the same person that police shot outside the parliament building but the working theory seems to be that it is. investigators have not said whether there was more than one attacker, in fact, they say simply they are working to assess the situation and all of central london is on lockdown. our sister network sky news based in the united kingdom reports to people are dead. hospital officials earlier reported a woman had died and some victims had, what the british police called catastrophic injuries, which means in the united states parliament critical injuries. officials put the british parliament on lockdown after the attack with lawmakers outside the building waiting to learn what had happened, the white house said officials have briefed president trump on this attack. he was on camera for a very short period of time and said to simply there is big news out of london and then moved on with the day's affairs, most likely the president had not been thoroughly briefed and did not want to get ahead of the facts. the u.s. press secretary for the
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white house, sean spicer says as american officials continue to monitor the situation, but for this moment, that is about all we can do. are there others involved? that is with the british police are working to determine even at this moment. here, i want to show the video we have. this is from the scene on the bridge where it happened, let's roll this. maybe i have to roll it. we go. [indistinct voices]
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>> that was the moment when the shots were fired. if you remember, the london police investigator saying from scotland yard saying that the assailant was armed with a long knife. variously been described as a machete about 8 inches long. we believe that the shots were fired only by police officers at the assailant. we have nothing to indicate the assailant had a weapon. i want to show you a few more things. this is a picture here as police rushed to parliament, video from sky news, watch as they are on the move here although i cannot make this play for reasons that are beyond me. let's see. there we go.
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[shouting] >> that video is from a resident who has taken the photo. this is from the parliament itself. parliament was in session on wednesday, prime minister comes to parliament, answers questions to which sometimes can be a rather rowdy affair, covered on television stations there. after prime minister questions was over, all of the members of parliament were still in session, were kept on lockdown. some of them said to have performed somewhat of heroic acts on the outside. this is from the london eye, the big ferris wheel there, this is a picture taken by one of the people on there. this picture from a bridge, this is the picture from the bridge, you can see people hugging over here in the distance. our sister network sky news in the united kingdom says it is the news of the day and are in nonstop coverage as we work to find out what the motive was and whether any others are responsible. they are certainly treating this at the moment as an ongoing incident, no one allowed in or out, the bridge is shut down.
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security extremely tight on the tube and frankly all over london. these are live pictures from sky news' helicopter as it hovers over parliament and a correspondent on the ground. let's listen. -- >> we believe up to three officers injured. that would make sense because this vehicle having careened into people on west mr. bridge came around, we are told, into parliament square, smashed into the perimeter fence at the palaces of westminster injuringd we understand there may have been a struggle with police officers and the attacker at that point outside the vehicle and those couple of officers were injured at that point, and the attacker we believe managed to get into the old palace yard where another officer was stabbed. so that is the information we have at the moment, but we are not just talking about one
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police officer, we are talking about multiple officers, perhaps as many as three who were injured in the ongoing struggle with this assailant after he smashed into the wall on the perimeter of the houses of parliament and as he struggled to try to get into the palaces of westminster proper. >> thank you. what do we know so far? two people have died in a major terrorist attack here in central london. it began when a car was driven into pedestrians on westminster bridge, saw the same car then hit more people outside parliament before the attacker entered the palace of westminster and stabbed at least one police officer. the assailant was then shot by armed officers, we are told at least three times. there may be many people hurt, some with catastrophic injuries. the prime minister, she was whisked away from the scene.
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parliament remains on lockdown and taurus are trapped still on the london eye. we are being told there will be a p.m.-led covert meeting this evening which means when all of the major security services get together with the prime minister to figure out what has happened and to decide what happens next, just hearing from mark white that at least three police officers have been injured as a direct result of this terrorist incident today, also hearing a report from french media, they are reporting that three of the injured are french students is what they are telling us. we are also being told that remarkably, a woman has been pulled alive from the river thames within the last few moments, that is breaking news here at sky news. a woman has been pulled alive from the river thames, her condition as you can imagine in the freezing cold water in need of services become this way so we can see. jason is here with me, a lot of
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police activity. >> the pictures we're getting from the scene now, the attacks that have happened on this bridge really is quite horrific, the idea that a woman may have been thrown over the bridge, landing in the river. we've got someone else who has fallen down the stairs, may have been hit by a car in falling down the stairs and injured himself that way. obviously, the number of fatalities appears to be rising, number of injuries we are hearing about that are catastrophic also extremely worrying. police say they are still keeping an open mind, but it is the anniversary of the attack in brussels. it does bear the hallmarks of the kind of attacks we have seen and nice and berlin where someone has used a vehicle, also reminiscent of what happened recently where someone brought a knife to attack people of authority such as the police. >> thank you so much. just hearing actually that mps are locked down, so we did see the deputy leader, deputy
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speaker i should say, he was asking all this mps still in the chamber to stay in the qs that was locked down for time being. and we are learning that mps are being allowed to start leaving the palace of westminster and the chamber particularly. we are looking at a shot of old palace yard as we continue on sky news where one of the attackers, we're not sure whether it is the same person that drove the vehicle into then westminster bridge and subsequently into the railing at big ben or just below big bend, not sure if it is the same person or not, but we do know one person was stopped by the police in palace yard and those are the images we are looking at. as i mentioned a second ago, we are expecting a meeting chaired by the prime minister. that is coming up very shortly. we will get some information from that as soon as that has finished. tell us about cobra. >> it is always something pulled together when there is an
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emergency, the prime minister might often respond to a terrorist attack and has done on previous attacks abroad just to make sure all security measures are in place, has something here changed the scene or the development. it is interesting that only earlier this month, mark rally who is the head of counterterrorism said that they had foiled 13 attacks since 2013, 13 terror attacks, and they had 500 ongoing terror investigations, live investigations, they had 22,000 calls from the public which they said had helped them foiled these attacks. that is just in the last year, and so there was a sense that there was a growing threat. they were worried about this kind of thing. rather it was a sophisticated attack which could involve multiple players and a large number of casualties or something that you have to say, this is rather more unsophisticated, but nonetheless effective. nonetheless a very high-profile target we are talking about. it does obviously have a huge impact, and it has obviously
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caused fatalities. not what you would call an unsophisticated attack, and that is one thing that they were worried about because it is very, very difficult to see those coming. >> there is an achilles' heel here at westminster, and it is that gate that we saw the cow believe my car has plowed into. >> the gate, you walk along there, all those blocks to stop cars getting in and ramming the actual building itself. that gate is normally heavily policed. what is interesting is it does "a lot because that is where the ministerial cars go in and out. when that happens, someone could run income a car could try to ram income you are right, that is a potential. the only real achilles' heel of the building. especially for someone in a car or vehicle trying to get in. it seems as if what has happened from what we are hearing from mark white now is that the car was rammed into that area, they would have been confronted by police on the gate because they are always police on the gate they are. they are always armed.
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this is the other thing about this attack. if you're going to commit a terrorist attack in london and want to be confronted by armed police come you do it here because there are more proportionate armed police in westminster than anywhere else and london, more security cameras. i remember filming on the security camera and police arrived instantly. they are always on high alert and everything we are hearing from the mps inside the building, journalists, people on the bridge, immediate response. this person could not have expected to survive this attack. >> are not sure what has happened to that person. >> wheat don't know what has happened, but they cannot expect to come out uninjured peer they could not have expected to come out uninjured. clearly, they have been shot. we heard eyewitnesses report from mps inside who heard the shooting, ran from the shooting, chapman quite close by, the mp from monmouth heard the shooting and ran, some people hit the floor, so this person got within reach almost of mps, people of
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great importance within the building, but was stopped by the ring of police not quite on the perimeter but certainly as soon as they got in. there would have been plenty of police officers within that perimeter because they know that is somewhere people could try to get in. >> absolutely. this is wednesday, so it is the prime minister question time here the premise there was actually within the palace of westminster as the attack happened. we believe that she was come as you imagine, very, very quickly moved away. >> moved out of the building, moved out of danger. what would happen is they go through the procedures to see if anyone else got into the building because, of course, this could have been a distraction to try to help someone else get into, but as we say, the police -- one of the other interesting aspects that came out of the press conference we are just about to hear is the deputy commissioner was actually a witness to this. he is quite high, used to be the commissioner of cumbria where
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derek byrd went on the rampage, so today he has full experience with this kind of thing in seems as if he was a witness of this attack. >> we are told that -- you can see from our position, he was actually here at the scene when this incident occurred, so we heard that from scotland yard just a short time ago, they held a news conference to update us, and this is what they had to say. >> since 2:40 this afternoon, we've responded to an incident in parliament square and the scene has declared this a terrorist incident. although we remain open-minded to the motive, a full counterterrorism investigation is already underway. this is led by the met counterterrorism command. at this stage i will confirm what happened but i will not speculate. we received a number of different reports which included a person in the river, car and collision with pedestrians, and a man armed with a knife. officers were ready in there
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locations, part of routine policing. immediately, additional officers were sent to the scene, and that includes firearms officers. we are working closely with the london service. i would like to repeat a request to the public to avoid the following areas: parliament -- >> shepard: that from the british police just a few moments ago. we have new video in. this is from a witness speaking to the bbc. we're playing this right off their website. we thank them. this is a witness, listen. >> bus stops and everybody started screaming, people came off the bus and seemed very upset, and then i saw what appeared to be a trainer by the side of the road than on the other side of the road was a body. when i looked further up, there was another body. when i look over the side of the bridge, there appeared to be a body in the water as well. >> reporter: what did you do then when you saw this going on? >> first of all, i checked to see whether people were looking after the other people on the
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ground, and then i just tried to help people coming onto the bridge because people were coming on him at that point we did not know what was happening so we just tried to push them back. >> reporter: west mr. bridges always so busy with tourists, transport, traffic. >> shepard: saying that he saw someone in the water, what he described as a body in the water. we are led to believe by police now that at least one person was rescued from the water, and that the person who was in that water survived. whether this is another report, we don't know, but wanted to bring you what the witness saw their walking across the iconic westminster bridge. there was no warning, per se, this as far as we know, but there has been activity of note. let's get to our national security correspondent jennifer griffin who is alive for us at the pentagon now. no warnings, nothing specific, but there has been activity. >> that is right, no specific intelligence as far as we know at this point, but senior u.s. officials have told us they expected an uptick of terror attacks as the u.s.-led military
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coalition ramped up its fight to take the isis capital. the london parliament attack, of course, coincided with the anti-isis coalition meeting at the state department today, 68 foreign ministers and top coalition officials all meeting at the state department with the secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis to discuss the fight against isis and the way forward in syria and elsewhere. british foreign secretary boris johnson we are told missed the group photo at the state department after the london attack occurred. there is a u.s. military briefing taking place right now here at the pentagon from baghdad with a coronal derek talking about bruce today to get coalitions forces closer to merkel 8 raqqa as u.n. talks continue in geneva. they were airlifted syrian forces including kurdish fighters within 28 miles east of raqqa today and while the u.k.
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police are treating this as a terrorist incident, it is not clear yet who is responsible, but not unusual, we are told, to see a spike in these kinds of attacks to coincide with high profile diplomatic talks for today is also the first anniversary of the terrorist attack in brussels which targeted an airport and metro station. >> shepard: jennifer griffin with the update from the pentagon for us. white house daily briefing from sean spicer on the mic in just a few minutes, and we will take that as we expect to get an update from the white house as well. you can see this is the attacker's vehicle, we are led to believe. all of this has been taken out of that vehicle. see the two men dressed all in white who appeared to be canvassing and surveying, wearing the green gloves, covered head to toe so not to spoil the crime scene, if you will. clearly abe pretty bad crashing to the wall here. you can see lots of damage, when she had broken out yet of course, the assailant, we are of the belief at this moment that the person who was driving the
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vehicle is the same person who committed the stabbing, stabbed the police officer and others, but we do not have that confirmed. what we do not have is any word of more than one assailant, and because of that, we presume that this assailant was driving this vehicle, got out of the vehicle and that is when the stabbing happened. we will have to wait for authorities in london to confirm that. you can tell all of this is still in lockdown, heavy police presence through here at the entrance to these gates. the british prime minister is now at number 10 downing street and according to authorities in london, theresa may will hold a meeting of intelligence officials to try to figure out how to proceed from here. this is probably the most surveilled area and a major city and all of the world. closed-circuit television cameras were installed in london long before they were in new york and large numbers, and it is almost impossible, according to local authorities, to walk any of this area, especially here at the center of power right on this iconic bridge with the best views of
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the parliament building, you cannot walk in this area without being captured by closed-circuit television, so at some point, and often in london it comes quickly, at some point, there will be video of this all happening, and we are confident that authorities have already seen it, so they know a lot of specifics that we do not yet know. now 20 minutes past 5:00 in the afternoon, we fully expect the authorities in london to update us shortly. want to show you over here where it was all of this happen. this is the river thames, the parliament building here, and here is the bridge right up there. that is the spot that is circled where the vehicle is at this moment. this is where those men are working on the crime scene, just on the other side of the gate that the stabbings happened. members of parliament had just listened to prime minister questions, prime minister comes in and answers questions from members of parliament, just as that was finishing, the british prime minister was still in the house of parliament and that is when this incident took place.
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the authorities rushed in, took that prime minister away from their in a way the reporters were covering it at the time had never really seen. they had never seen a prime ministers scuttled away in such a manner. the truth is they did not know exact what was happening. was this the beginning of something or alone incident, where they tried to get into parliament? they had no way to know. you should know that parliament was not breached in any way, everyone inside wasn't safe but members of parliament hunkered down for quite a while, order to shelter in place cannot leave the area. the stabbing which have been, or stabbings, at least one police officer stabbed, five people run over by this vehicle. a man described as carrying, at first they set a stick than a long life than it was described more particularly as a machete. we believe that description came after the authorities were actually able to see it. it seems like machete is the right word for what he was carrying, that we will hear from them and just a little while. at last word, the assailant himself had not died.
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they were working cpr on the assailant who was shot, according to authorities, three times that they know of. he could be a very valuable information to authorities if they are able to keep him alive, and certainly that would be their goal this afternoon. life picture coming to us from sky news, benjamin hall was on the scene. we don't have an update, do we? on the assailant, his condition or whether he said anything? >> very little news coming from that seen for the moment. as you said, one of the most surveilled places in the world, not just that but all major networks have offices around here, so we are getting footage and no doubt that was one of the aims of this attacker, and as you said, the police will be putting that altogether in building a picture of exactly what happened. i am hearing that this was an unsophisticated attack, but that is exactly the way that many terrorists might operate now. we have seen the vehicle borne weapon used again and again recently because frankly, there is very little you can do to stop it.
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we know this man drove along on the bridge, which you can see behind me, used that vehicle as a weapon as has been done before both in berlin and in nice, and then carried on using it. so in fact, have called in some of their propaganda for people to come in used vehicles as weapons, and as the police said in heard recently, there is no speculation about who is responsible for this, but again, jennifer griffin reminds us that this happens at a time when the u.s. and the u.s. coalition are ramping up attacks on the ice is capital of raqqa, really on the back but they are, and they are calling for people who may be inspired by them to carry out attacks like this. also again, we heard about the one woman pulled out of the river thames, leasing activity on the water itself, boats coming up and down, i think they have now passed even the river thames was shut down soon after the attack as were many, many streets and the whole vicinity around it.
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pretty much the heart of the u.k. here. if the intention was to get the world's attention, then that has happen. tragically, of course, we are still hearing to so far known to be dead, police said to still be alive and we are trying to get as much from the assailant as possible. tragic scene over here, especially some of those images. speaking to some people who were inside parliament at the time, they say many, many mps who work in the house of parliament solve the assailant being taken down. they saw him running toward police who shouted at him to stop, he did not, they took him down, did it very quickly they say, a lot of blood and that seen. this is often talked about, the one interest to the house of parliament is one of the weak spots because it is naturally where members of parliament come in and out every minute of the day, so while there are blocks of concrete around the whole building to stop cars from entering, that is one point where you can at least get close and would be able to run in as
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an assailant did, and who knows whether or not he was able to do this before or knew that was a weak spot but he did enter the actual driveway of the house of parliament although he did not enter the estate and the house themselves. it doesn't seem, listening to the police now, it seems to be out under control, in the emergency body will be meeting very shortly to under the mack update the prime minister to find a who was responsible for this, was directed by isis or just inspired by isis if at all, so a lot of questions to be answered, but it seems there is a lot of evidence right at the moment and we hope to bring as much as we get it. >> shepard: benjamin, we are looking at pictures and video coming to us from around the world, this is the london eye, and we are told now that -- i believe that was the london eye appeared at any rate, the london eye is closed, shut down, hundreds of people are trapped on it. can you just pull up that homepage? i want to show people what we
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found there. newspaper that our parent company owns, "the sun," and i will show you the latest pictures coming in, video on their homepage. you can just keep this full. this is a really interesting picture here. it appears that this is an authority for the long gun over the assailant down on the bridg bridge. we are of the belief that there is but one assailant. i must tell you there are varying reports on this now, but no one has it confirmed by police. it is a reporting of fox news and sky news, our sister network in london, that there has been one assailant. here you can see the picture of that assailant. no, maybe walk it in, we can get a full picture of that. i will leave the describing to you, but this is the picture of the assailant on the ground, and then here is -- the upper left-hand corner of the screen right here, this is the knife. looks like a long knife come a
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kitchen knife to me. that is not something i would describe as a machete, but you can see it is a long knife, it is bristling by way of description, 8 inches long. again, this is the assailant, the scene come if you can scroll a little bit, there is video. this is video along that bridge from the very early going. you can see that this is pedestrian traffic and some news media, but no authorities had arrived at this point. there appears to be some construction trucks, but you can see people along this bridge waiting and wondering what it is that has just happened with the houses of parliament back behind with the headline here from "the sun" news meant due back newspaper, west mr. bridge horror, hearing moment where victims light injured on the bridge after a car plowed through them during the terrorit attack. i mentioned there is various reporting on the number of people injured here. there's also various reporting on the number of assailants.
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there's a great deal of confusion, and i know from having covered these things over the years that witnesses describe those who are committing acts in wildly different ways. one person would describe someone as tall and slender, another as a short and fat, would later you find out that is the same person. the reason for that according to psychologist with whom we have been working for years is that when you are in the middle of an event, it is an average day, walking on the truck you always do, going from your card to your workplace, all of a sudden, something he could never have imagined happening happens in front of you. your memory of the most mundane things becomes warped. for this reason, with that as background, i'd tell you that the person who is on the bridge and driving the vehicle is being described in one way by some witnesses and then the person who did the stabbing is being described differently. that has led some to speculate and international news media, not our property is, that this might have been to assailants. we do not have this information at this point.
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we don't have a way to know whether that is true, but i can tell you that british authorities are working to find out how many were involved as they continue to work around the scene of this vehicle. again, here is the location. it is breaking news and constant news now at 29 minutes past 5:00 in the afternoon in london, this bridge is now shut down, all of the center of london with parliament and all the rest shut down. british prime minister theresa may about to hold a meeting of her cabinet or her closest advisors to determine how to move forward with security services. our sister network sky news in the united kingdom is reporting now on this matter. they are working to determine how many perpetrators there may have been. it is our reporting there is one. if there were more, we certainly have a different situation entirely. let's listen pure jennifer griffin at the pentagon. we have no reporting to indicate there was more than one at this moment. >> at this point, no, but there is one report and the ap floating the european security official saying that there was an uptick in terrorist chatter in the wake of the airlines
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electronics band which went into effect yesterday, but u.s. defense officials we just spoke to in the pentagon yesterday have not seen the same object and chatter in the wake of that. the following information has been compiled by the counter extremism project which monitors terrorist chatter. it is worth noting that following the london attacks, prior to the london attacks, excuse me, there were guidelines put out by isis's spokesman. this was guidance given on november 16th, in their official magazine, they explained how to commit terrorist attacks with cars and called upon citizens not to travel to syria and iraq, to join isis but you also carry out attacks with knives in their home, in the capitals of their home country. this is ironic since of course what we are seeing today outside of potter bloom at parliament
10:31 am
involves both a vehicle as well as a knife attack. he went on to release a video telling followers not to come to syria or iraq but to stay in their home countries, then in october, the isis official magazine explained how to commit these terror attacks with knives. all of this is adding up to a picture, in of course authorities will be looking very closely at the isis chatter on those well-known terrorist networks, also just one more thing, our producer tomlinson just came out of a briefing with an isis briefing from baghdad in which he was told that for the first time today, the u.s. air force airlifted syria defense forces that were trained by u.s. forces including kurdish forces, they airlifted them to within 28 miles of raqqa, east of raqqa, the first time u.s. forces in military advisors have been involved in such close
10:32 am
support as they move in and encircle raqqa peered back to you. >> shepard: thank you very much, jennifer. sky news in london is reporting that as many as ten people have been injured. i've been reading off the website of "the sun." it is on by our parent company, in the headline now, a load of bodies, four of witnesses as pedestrian is flung off the bridge into the river at thames while others were left with appalling head wounds on westminster bridge. the witness also saw people lying bleeding out in the street following what "the suncoast were described as a horrific attack. this is being confirmed as a terrorist attack in treatment, witnesses have horrific head wounds, a witness told "the sun" that they saw a figure go into the river thames and we ran a sound bite from the bbc just a short time ago, one witness said i was walking just up to
10:33 am
parliament about to walk in, not looking when it happened, but i saw the aftermath, the driver just went on the pavement and trampled a lot of people. in other words, drove the vehicle and mowed down pedestrians there, continuing to quote, there was a woman at the top of the steps, her head was pulsing with blood and bleeding out. another woman flipped over the side of the bridge, somebody landed in the river somewhere. they have since been able to retrieve that woman and we are told that she has survived. new just in from sky news. the perpetrator has now been taken away from the scene. let's go to the london picture to listen to sky news now. -- >> heavily armed, a lot of police officers around that man. that would suggest he is potentially still alive. mark, what more can you tell us? >> sources confirming to us that this is indeed the man that they believe to be the attacker, man who was wielding a knife after crashing that vehicle into the
10:34 am
perimeter fence around the houses of parliament paid you can see he is being worked on by medical staff with police in cld officers. another thing you can probably make out if you strain is the knife on the ground. it looks like a large kitchen knife. just to tell you where that is in relation to the screen come you can see the yellow breaking news logo that we have their just above that, it has now come down, but effectively, you can see it just on the cobblestone there behind that man in the white shirt and just in front of one of the armed officers they are between the two individuals. it is a large kitchen knife with a black handle. that is the knife we understand the attacker was wielding as he left that vehicle, in the information we have at this
10:35 am
stage is that multiple police officers were attacked and injured. up to three injured from the information that we have got. those casualty figures are always quite slow in coming out officially. what we are told, though, is the assistant commissioner malcolm rowley who is the u.k.'s most senior counterterrorism officer in charge of counterterrorism command at scotland yard will be making a statement in about 15 minutes time. outside new scotland yard. you can see that knife there now just behind the man there with their white shirt and a blue trousers and in front of the armed officers there, so from the looks of it, it looks like one of those large kitchen knives that you can find in any kitchen up and down the country, and that is what makes these attacks very difficult to guard against because they are devastating in nature. they actually are very low-tech
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in terms of the planning that is required. you only have to get yourself a vehicle as clearly this attacker got the hyundai 4x4 vehicle and get yourself a knife, and that is all that was required because the absolute devastation we saw on westminster bridge from fairly early on at the start of westminster bridge until right down toward the houses of parliament, that vehicle was up on the pavement, careering into pedestrians who were on that bridge and anyone that knows that particular bridge, even at this time of year, it is very busy with tourists who flock to central london to see the houses of parliament -- >> shepard: just got word in new york that in washington the sean spicer will be speaking in just a moment and london, of course, will be at the top of this. this is the "the sun" newspaper. just showing you a moment ago, this is authorities over the suspect here. the suspect whose picture is right here has now been taken
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away by authorities to joseph hollis the mack hospital is my understanding. the suspect was alive in responding according to people on the scene. this is a wider area of his picture, this is from, you can see the mad scramble going on there come a video i showed you a short time ago, from the bridge, we are led to believe right after it happen. hundreds are still trapped on the london eye, they have not been able to bring this ferris wheel back into use again because everything is in lockdown. you can see the people inside these cars there on the london eye just standing around, waiting for probably word of exactly what is happening. this is aftermath at the street level of westminster bridge, another angle of that same thing again. this is from very calm, the scene seeming. they react in a way differently than americans do as we all
10:38 am
know. the immediate call was for parliament to go back into session, and the hope was that what happen in due time, but now it appears that parliament will be shut down for the rest of the day. the white house is geared up for that news briefing as i mentioned, expecting it to begin in just a moment. the latest from "the sun" here, they've got a reaction from donald trump who apparently has not been really fully briefed at the time and chose not to say anything which makes perfect sense. twitter speaking out in solidarity with the capital i and london. support for london after at least two people were killed and numerous others heard, we are not afraid. this is the logo of the tube in london, and they have changed the words on social media to say that they are not afraid. very heart of democracy attacke attacked, #iamlondon, that is the rallying cry this wednesday,
10:39 am
if you want to follow along at all. we will never be deterred by terrorism or will ever be deterred of ridding the world of terrorism paired violence of any stripe has never defeated london and its inhabitants said melissa cole, may be appropriately with a glass of wine there. big ben and the london eye, i love london pugh jennifer griffin at the pentagon, we are waiting to hear from the white house. anything more from your vantage point? >> we just received a statement from secretary of state rex tillerson on the london attacks, i will read from it now. "on behalf of the united states, i express my condolences to the victims and their families, the american people sent their thoughts and prayers to the people of the united kingdom. we condemn these horrific acts of violence, and whether they were carried out by troubled individuals or by terrorists, the victims know no difference." of course secretary of state tillerson is hosting 68 officials from that anti-isis
10:40 am
coalition including the british foreign secretary boris johnson over at the state department right now, defense secretary james mattis has just joined that meeting after testifying on the hill this morning. we are told that president trump is being kept informed about the latest developments in this terror attack or the assumed terror attack in london. the white house obviously paying close attention to the developments they are. >> shepard: indeed. we are waiting for the white house press briefing which we are led to believe is just seconds away. in the early going, it was sort of unclear exactly what had happened and what the scope of this was. any reports from london and from surrounding london and newspapers there were in the 8 indicating there may have been with more than one assailant. we don't know what the assailant's motive was, but we are told at least in the early reporting that the assailant is alive it has been taken to the hospital and is under very, very deep security there.
10:41 am
now a sky news and london is reporting that one officer has been killed. let's listen to sky news. >> -- details can be confused, eyewitnesses have differing accounts, in the official information that we have from the source was that one officer had been injured, had been stabbed. >> shepard: breaking news in the white house press briefing. here is sean spicer. >> press secretary spicer: the president has been briefed on the situation in london. he just spoke to prime minister may, and we will have a readout on that conversation and read out soon. we argosy condemned today's attack in westminster, which the united kingdom is treating as an act of terrorism. we applaud the quick response that the british police and their first responders made to the situation and the victims are in our thoughts and prayers. the city of london and her majesty's government have the full support of the u.s. government responding to the attack and bringing those
10:42 am
digesters who are responsible. we will provide you with further updates as warranted, and as i mentioned, a readout of the president's call with the prime minister. returning to the events of toda today, this morning, the present receive his daily intelligence briefing. he stopped by in the women in health care panel hosted by the senator's for medicare and medicaid assistance and also that event was intended by that vice president and health and health and human services secretary dr. tom price. >> shepard: we will go back to this for the questions when the reporters began asking questions, but there are a number of items of great interest here in the united states. we are fully monitoring the events in london, and we will break and on a moment's notice, but i want to let you know this. domestic politics, it is now crossing to the readers news service and others that more than 25 members of the house freedom caucus, that is the more conservative caucus that has been imposed to the mecca posted health care bill, 25 members are opposed to the republican
10:43 am
health care bill. the republicans could lose 21 votes in the house before this bill would not pass. as you know, they marked it up, they then had a session, a sort of compromised session. the bill as presented now according to the reporting of the "politico" and others, and a caucus spokeswoman speaking to "politico," they have 25 "no" votes in the house freedom caucus and that would kill the new healthcare bill if true. we are expecting sean spicer will be asked questions about this in just a moment. in the meantime, we have the tragic news out of london that at least one officer has been killed. remember the attacker, according to the authorities, came after this police officer with this knife that we saw from attacked the police officer, stabbed him a number of times is our understanding. there you see the officer, another officer over the attacker. it appears according to the reporting of sky news that the
10:44 am
officer who was attack has since died in hospital as they put it. let's listen into sky news. -- >> being struck by that vehicle peer that person has recovered from the water. some reports of that person is still alive, so the incident contained for the moment, very wide-ranging investigation to determine whether this man acted alone or with others. >> just hearing there will be another police briefing and just a few minutes time. that is what we are being told. >> shepard: we will take that for you. want to let you know one other bit of news coming out of washington that may be of interest to you, this from the reuters news agency, u.s. house are presented intelligence committee chairman devin nunes, the republican chairman of the committee said today that intelligence agencies had swept up incidental communication by donald trump's political campaign after the election, raising concerns about spying on the newly elected president. devin nunes said that all of the
10:45 am
additional information he has seen was collected legally after the election and campaign, but the names of trump officials involved had been unmasked in the committee cage is widely disseminated within the spy agencies. devin nunes who briefed the house speaker paul ryan on the findings said that he planned to show the information to the white house and was "very concerned" about whether the intelligence community was spying on b3 after the election. devin nunes said in a news conference just a few moments ago and we will have further reporting on that from the white house. in fact, let's listen into sean spicer now. >> press secretary spicer: this meeting is part of our whole of government approach to defeating isis. this b3 administration we use all of the tools of national power and coordination with our international powers to cut off isis fund income expanded intelligence sharing and deny isis geographic and online safe havens. also today over on the hill, judge gorsuch in his second day
10:46 am
of questioning by the senate judiciary committee. during his nearly 12 hours of questioning yesterday, now at least they know how someone else feels, the judge continued to prove himself and enormously qualified jurists that americans will all be proud to see on the supreme court. it is not surprising that senate democrats are failing to gain traction for any of their pot shots and opposition to judge gorsuch spray there's not enough politicizing in the senate that democrats can do to hide the fact that judge gorsuch is an immensely qualified and thoughtful jurists with a lifelong dedication to our constitution. a few initiative notes before i take your questions. last night, we formally announce the present will travel to brussels for the may 25th meeting of nato, heads of state and government. during this meeting had the president looks forward to reaffirming our commitment to nato and discussing critical issues to the alliance especially allied responsibility sharing in nato's role against the fight against terrorism. the president will also host
10:47 am
nato secretary to the white house on april 12. today, the president declared major disaster exists in the state of wyoming and ordered federal assistance to supplement the states local recovery efforts in the area affected by a severe winter storm and straight-line winds that occurred in february. we also announced the president will deliver this year's commencement address at liberty university on may 13th. the president's project called liberty's president jerry falwell, his wife becky and their entire family his friends and looks forward to celebrating the success of this amazing graduating class and such a momentum occasion. a few moments ago, many of you have seen that the chairman of the house of judges committee nunes gave remarks on the surveillance selected on individuals associated with the president. let me quote him directly. "i recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. details about u.s. persons
10:48 am
associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value, read widely disseminated in the intelligence community reporting. third, i've confirmed that additional names of the trump transition team members were unmasked. fourth and finally, i want to be clear. none of this surveillance was related to russia or the investigation of russian activities over the trump team." my understanding is chairman nunes is coming to the white house later to brief the president on this development. we will have a read out of that meeting once it occurs. with that, i would be glad to take your questions. >> reporter: two questions, one on nunes then healthcare. is this your understanding that these unmasked names were leaked? >> press secretary spicer: i don't know. i literally heard this statement, came out wrapping up as we were beginning. >> reporter: today in the pool spread, the president said that
10:49 am
the plan did not work out the way you thought, these are the reasons you have to repeal obamacare. as the president assuring people who currently like their plan or their doctor that under the american healthcare act they can keep their doctor and their plan? >> press secretary spicer: that is the hope. what i mean is not to be cute, but last time there were promises that did not turn out. i cannot promise something that a doctor stays in a plan or a plant stays there. that is a bit different. we understand we are letting market forces come into play here, competition, doctors can change what insurances they take, plans can come in and out of market. what i think we can be assured of his a couple things. one, that currently under obamacare, premiums are said to continue to skyrocket. we have seen an average of 25%, and arizona 115%. i think there is no question that the additional competition and amendments that have been brought into this discussion will help lower the trajectory of that. number one, number two i think there is going to be greater
10:50 am
choice -- >> shepard: here's the thing for 25 votes against this and has freedom freedom caucus, and we will get back to you on that. were getting a new update from london, let's cross over to sky news. >> we often see them in the building on that day, and they look like primary children, so they were young, i would say under the age of ten although there is an older bunch coming out now. they would have been a part of that tour appeared that tor does involve the yard where this attack happened. it involves westminster hall close to the yard. it is quite possible that some of them might have witnessed some of the horrors that were going on. >> shepard: in fact, the french prime minister has confirmed a number of french students were among the casualties at westminster, by that he means injuries. reports from eyewitnesses say there was a group of french students, now students being let out, we presume the same bunch, but we don't know. >> coming out onto the road. >> dozens of little ones. obviously, we didn't -- they are heading this way appeared
10:51 am
careful not to identify these youngsters, probably just show their legs or some such, but they are starting to stream out of the building now, and they are being escorted by the police. one can only start to imagine how these youngsters must have felt when this incident unfolded. they would have been aware. sort of have a look, but please don't identify these children as we are looking at these images. they would have been anxious. they would have been, i am sure, i'm going to step aside so i'm not in the way of our colleagues also showing pictures at the same time. they are just pausing for a second now these youngsters. we will be careful not to identify them obviously. down just to show their legs rather than to show their faces? >> shepard: obviously different rules in the united kingdom than the united states peer there would be no problem with this. apparently in london, they are a bit more sensitive whether by law or by culture is unknown.
10:52 am
>> what has happened, not sure what these youngsters have witnessed today, but it is a terrorist incident right in the center of london. these youngsters were caught up in there. there were shots fired, and i am looking at these kids. >> between the ages of seven and 11 perhaps we are talking about. quite common for them to be shown around the house of lords, house of commons. could be guided tours that happen all the time. it is a great experience for them, but today would have been quite different. it would have been frightening peer they would be kept inside the building like the mps moved from one place to another, kept within a cornering that was created around the building by the police as they go through the building to make sure it wasn't secure. i would say we have just seen about over 100. to speak on looking at faces. some of them are holding hands,
10:53 am
they have been bloodied up, holding hands with their buddies, some of them looked pretty shocked, pretty confused about what has happened. one or two of them a little bit tearful. i'm going to say they are probably aged between about eight and 12, something like that. now we are seeing another group of youngsters. again, we will keep it wide so we cannot identify these kids who are, again, looking a little bit stunned by what has happened, hardly surprising. >> they have had a long afternoon, haven't they? they fit in there wondering what is going on. police very well trained doing this have looked after them well, fair number of teachers with them as well. this has been probably rather longer than expected visit. >> shepard: i should tell you that police are holding an update in london momentarily. we will take that life, meantime sean spicer speaking at the white house on a very busy day domestic news peered let's listen.
10:54 am
>> press secretary spicer: -- he briefed the media before he briefed us peered went down and talked about what he has found. it is interesting. i don't see any complaint when you add the press conference for the umpteenth time talking about his findings and what he has found. no completes from the media when he shares what he has found with you guys, but when he wants to come up here and tell us, this is where the investigation stands in what i have unloaded -- excuse me, learned, there seems to be an interesting double standard on that. >> reporter: the president said he had additional information that he believed the white house or representatives would present related to this investigation. what congressman nunes has is not related. speed when you're asking questions that he has not briefed us. he has not briefed the president. you guys, as i noted, he spoke to the media before he shared this with us. i would ask that colleagues of yours that ask questions more than collectively, the media has more opportunity to ask questions and hear what he has
10:55 am
to say than we do at this point. once we have more to understand what he said, to the extent we can, i am sure we will be glad to share it with you. but the media has more information than we do at this point. >> reporter: staying on that than healthcare. didn't we already know there was incidental collection of intelligence involving certain members of the transition team? >> press secretary spicer: not the way you guys ask the questions. you questioned us every day about what we knew, now you're coming back to me saying, didn't we already know this? >> reporter: we knew that flynn was knob [boos] monitored in his conversations with sergey kislyak. >> press secretary spicer: what i would say is i don't know. he made a statement and went down to the press. until we get briefed and the president gets briefed, i don't know what he knows. so to ask until that occurs in until we have the ability to share some of that in an unclassified nature, i don't want to get ahead of it peered i don't know what he knows. that is why apparently he is coming up to share his findings
10:56 am
with the president. at least that is what he said. let's wait and see how this unfolds. >> reporter: on the american healthcare act, mark meadows says they do not have the votes, they need to start over into a new bill. that sounds like pretty serious trouble. >> press secretary spicer: that sounds like one member's opinion. i just named a few of the members who are part of that caucus that have come on board. every day come you see more and more of those members from that caucus and throughout the entire conference expressed their support for the bill. the president was up yesterday for a while talking to them. we've had members in, the vice president has been actively engaged with mick mulvaney, reince priebus, these guys have been flooding the hill in been on the phone, having meetings with them. it's been a series of numbers appear all day. i think the trajectory is going very well for us. >> reporter: jackson said you could easily fix the bill civilly by removing the regulatory frameworks, tax credits and all of that and you
10:57 am
would get massive buy-in from conservatives. can you do that? >> press secretary spicer: there are certain constraints we have in the reconciliation process. for those who are steeped in the arcane rules of the senate, there is a thing called the byrd rule. it does not allow policy to be created that has to do with the budgetary nature of that vehicle to get the sustainable 50 volts p right now, there are a lot of things people would like but that will not potentially get ruled in order by senate parliamentarian. i understand what people want, but i think what we have created a vehicle is to get this done. this is the only way that we will repeal and replace obamacare. again, i think people have to recognize that there is a three-step process to doing it. this is exactly how the democrats enacting it enacted it, and this is exactly how we will unwind it and create a much better system p that is it plain and simple. >> reporter: i know you cannot get ahead of nunes, but what he said was incidental legal
10:58 am
surveillance using a fisa warrant. >> press secretary spicer: i don't believe he said that. >> reporter: he did. so that is my question, does the trump admin attrition have the possession that foreign leaders or nationals will not be surveilled when they are in contact? >> press secretary spicer: as i said, i don't want to start talking or guessing what he may say or may not say or explain. i think we will have more information or i hope to have more information once the president is briefed. and to find out what else has gone on in terms of additional information on this. i do think it is a startling revelation and a lot of questions you could ask. i think it is interesting, although questions are in the presumptive negative towards us rather than why it was this taking place, why were people surveilled that were involved in the campaign. >> reporter: was your perception that foreign
10:59 am
nationals -- >> press secretary spicer: is not a presumption. i'm not the one. respectfully, i'm not the one with the presumption come you guys are. i don't come up here presuming anything. i started my comments off by saying -- >> reporter: foreign nationals are being managed by u.s. intelligence when they are talking to americans. >> shepard: live in a new scotland yard scotland yard now update on the terrorist attack in london. >> i am also acting deputy commissioner. i want to make a statement about this afternoon's events. i'm going to try to cover three main areas. what we know about the incident, the ongoing operation, and what london can expect over the coming days. as you know, we have declared this as a terrorist incident, and the counterterrorism command are carrying out a full-scale the attack started when a car drove over a bridge, hitting and injuring a number of members of the public, also including three police officers on their way back from a ceremony.
11:00 am
the car then crashed near parliament and at least one man, armed with a knife, continued the attack into parliament. sadly, i can confirm that now four people have died. that includes the police officer who was watching parliament and one man we believe to be the attacker, who was shot by a police officer. the officer's family have been made aware. at least 20 people have been injured. as part of long established and well rehearsed plans, parliament has been locked down. that response included uniformed foreign officers. we now of course have an on going operation on what we currently believe there was only one attacker. i'm sure the public will understand that we're taking every precaution in locking down and searching the area as thoroughly and exhaustively as possible. and i knoha


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