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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is, it's a pretty long list. a lot of them around. don't be one. thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please remember that "the spin stops here" because we are you.itely looking out forps >> tucker: what a twist, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes says there is some truth to the president trumpin claim that personal communications were monitored by the previous administration. we'll bring you the latest on that in just a few minutes, but first. this is a fox news alert, terror hits the heart of western civilization today after an attacker ran over and stabbed dozens of people just outside the houses of parliament in london. at least five have died so far including a police officer and the attacker. several eyewitnesses describee the terrifying scene. >> it was horrendous, absolutely horrendous. >> there was a body next to me not moving.
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quite a lot of blood on the pavement. >> need to get somewhere safe.on >> we just saw three people in the road. >> i just saw a car go out of control and then go on the bridge. >> down at 10 feet away. i thought whoa. >> tucker: perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at all. just six months ago, london's new mayor said terror attacks are "part and parcel of living in a big city." it's just part of the deal, you can't have opera, soulcycle, and sunday brunch without the omnipresent risk of beingg crushed, beheaded, or blown up in the name of allah. it's just baked into urban life. but is it actually? if you're over 35, you can remember when terrorism wasn't inevitable, we made it this way. the people in charge did, how did they do that? through reckless immigration
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policies that none of us wereeo asked to endorse, much less vote on, we didn't know what was happening. western cities got dangerous when they imported radical d religious ideologies from other countries, nobody in government wants to admit that, but it'sro true. increasingly come the voters know it is true despite the official ban on saying it's true. in heavily islamic errors, terror is coming and elsewhere it is vanishingly rare. you can look it over time, it is a numbers game. a poll last year found that 23% of british muslims supported sharia, 40% openly sympathized with suicide bombers. that's the reason terror is inevitable, not the evil nature of cities. it may be too late to stop any of this, but at least let's stop lying about it. for an update on the situation, we go to ox news correspondent benjamin hall, who is there. benjamin. >> well, tucker. as you've been saying, really brutal attack at the heart of the u.k. government.
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and it's all coming at a day when spring was coming out in a are moving forward. it began at about 2:35 p.m. thiw afternoon. a car veered off the road to cross the famous westminster bridge. he sent one lady flying into the river, many others into thet wheels of oncoming cars. he then proceeded down the road toward the house of parliament where he crashed into a gate before jumping out, taking out a long knife and killing a policeman. soon after that, he was shot dead by two others. the streets around were cut off, helicopters overhead, the river thames itself was cut down, no access to that. but parliament was defiant and theresa may, who was herself in parliament, has spoken out today. here is what she said. >> that is why we're a target for those who reject those values, let me make it clear today, as i have had cause to do before, any attempt to defeat those values through violence
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and terror is doomed to failure. >> that sentiment has been echoed around the world, not least in brussels where it's a year onto the day where 32 people were killed in an isis inspired attack there. and there are other similarities about the attack on the use of a vehicle has been widely used before. not only in berlin but also inwi nice and indeed here in london. many people pointing the finger at isis now and the police sayni they know who was responsible. it was tied to islamic terrorism but they're not releasing hisol name. five people dead, including a i police officer, including the attacker himself and a 30-year-old lady. big questions asked today, are the streets safe and has terror managed to effect the heart of this country? thank you. >> tucker: nigel farage oncero led the u.k. independence party, he has spent years saying the attacks like today's are a byproduct of immigration. he joins us now from london. thanks for coming on.
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it seems clear from this vantage, this is part of something much larger, and it's pretty clear what it is. i wonder if that's as clear to the leaders of the political parties in great britain. >> i remember about five yearsal ago, i said that we had a fifth it's column living inside our own nation and it was the first time in our history that we had people living amongst us that wanted to destroy our values and actually wanted to kill us. i remember the wave of condemnation that i came in for. what i've seen today is a lot of people, the great and good of this country, the people that did irresponsibly open the doors, the people that refuse to accept within some parts of islam there was a growing problem, they are all saying how awful and appalling it is. i do think the moment has come for us to actually point thele blame. what these politicians have done in the space of just 15 years may well affect the way we live in this country for the next hundred years. >> tucker: i don't think there'e any question, great britain is not alone in that.
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is there still a sanctionno against those who say what you just said in public. kind of spin true for a long time. if you say that out loud, somehow you're the bad guy, is that still the case? >> the other week i was doing a radio show here and i talked about sweden, and i'm currently under investigation by off, who are the regulator here for all broadcast media. i don't anticipate receiving a heavy fine, but it just goes to show, we do not quite enjoy free speech in this country the way we should. >> tucker: the country that invented it no longer has it. >> just ask you to play psychiatrist for one second, why would the leaders of a country whose job it is to protect the citizens who voted for them, be so angry at anybody wise that a
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threat to them? >> when tony blair got elected back in 1997, his aim was to create a genuinely multicultural society. he said he wanted to rub their noses in the right and diversity. peter mendelssohn, one of the architects of new labor, said we sent out search parties all over the world to find as many immigrants as we possibly could and i'm not against immigration, i want us to have sensible, managed, balanced immigration. for goodness sake, you have to vet people. that was 20 years ago, today when donald trump, surely this is the big take out, when donald trump tries to make america safer, when he tries to make sure that these scenes that we've had in paris, brussels,ri berlin, and now london aren't repeated in america, we getis people on fifth avenue and behind me on westminster out on the streets protesting. it seems to me our political leaders really ought to start saying sorry. >> tucker: i'm not certain any
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society has behaved the way western society is now. what lessons are you taking in the wake of this? >> there are two. the first is to be desperately careful about who you let into your country, i know the vast majority 80% plus muslims in britain according to our surveys want to be integrated and respect our way of life. the last thing we need to do is alienate them. you can't have open-door immigration and not bring terrorism. that's exactly what the president is trying to do. the second problem are that some of those communities that exist within our countries and i'm using britain as an example. through our state run schools, our prisons being radicalized. hard to believe, isn't it? in british prisons, it's one of the major sources of islamic terrorist recruitment. frankly, we've simply got to get tough, and we've got to get our
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security services, all the weapons they need to counter this threat to britain. >> tucker: good luck and god bless you tonight, thank you. for more analysis on the atrocities, we go to our terrorism panel, dr. walid phares advised both mitt romney and donald trump during the campaigns. they both join us here in washington. first to you, this is something it's we've seen before in effect but it's more shocking because it took place where it did right in the center of central london. is this part of an offensive, can we consider this an isolaten case? how should we consider this? >> ideologically, it is part of an offensive, this is a cosmos, we don't know if it's jihadist but terrorist. what stuns me about this observation is one, i observed a knife in a car, no machine guns, no b-7s, that defeats a lot of
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the systems that we have. how can we detect, how can we vet the weapon because the weapon is a mind, who was recruiting, who wasve radicalizing, are we good at vetting?ho that question is asked in europe and now it's asked here. >> tucker: yeah, it does seemue like events like this adds residence to the idea of who should be let in, anyone who has a moral and legal right to come here, rubs against us in some ways, doesn't it? >> i would tack on to what dr. phares was just saying, this attack was right out of the playbook. normally, in attack like this, you have to go out hunting for clues about the perpetrator. in this case, it's right in our faces. isis is literally instructed its
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followers to weaponize vehicles, to carry out attacks in very public places for maximum sort of p.r. effect and things of that kind of nature. they have also instructed people to carry out attacks in the very heart to take the fight to the west, get it out of the middle east and bring it to the heart of western europe, if you can.ur to me, when you get to the point in which you can no longer even state the obvious, it becomes a problem. that's the point we were getting too a few months ago. now the tables have turned and i would say to mr. nigel farage, this is the first major terrorist attack in the western world under the new world order with president trump here at home, theresa may in the u.k. this is very telling, the next 48 hours. >> tucker: i think that's exactly right, i thought wisely when attacks are committed with vehicles and knives, it suggested if someone's to hurt american citizens is nothing you can do about it.
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raises, we had that meeting of anti-isis with all these ministers present at the same time, you have the question. if we defeat isis in mosul, if we defeat isis in raqqa, it's not a matter of reducing geography it's about ideology. it's not just about reducing isis geography, it's about reducing ideology. >> tucker: we defeat them in fact as we don't have to defeat themem in boston becomes more nonsensical. i thought it was noncycle demark nonsensical than imperative present was marked by all the cool kids when he claimed his personal communications had been monitored by the obama administration. today, the republican chairman of the house intelligencey committee revealed that there probably is some truth in the president's claim, we'll look into that. big broadcast networks ignore this story completely, we'll have an update on the appalling rape of a girl by an illegals immigrant from guatemala in suburban washington, d.c. more on that story just ahead. l l immigrant from guatemala and
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9:17 pm
>> was the president correct in what he tweeted? >> it is possible. >> tucker: president trump reacted this way. >> do you feel vindicated by chairman's nunes? >> i somewhat do, i appreciated the fact that they found what they found. i somewhat do. >> tucker: this is a genuinely interesting development, we call more than 30 members of congress from both parties who had mocked the president's claim that he was surveilled, none of them agreed to come on. we're joined by someone brave, the democratic strategist and senior director at >> that's the best intro ever. >> tucker: i was frustrated by the president's tweet, i thought it was imprecise i still think that. i think underlying that is an issue that we are ignoring we being the press because the press hates trump and that the u.s. government may have, in effect, misused the power of its intelligence agencies for political purposes, we're not sure of that. it's a little bit weird that one administration would been
9:18 pm
surveilling a candidate or his staff during a presidential race on the other side. doesn't that give you pause? >> that's not what i understood happened today and watched congressman nunes saying. he said there may have been legal surveillance of foreign actors that incidentally picked up activity within trump tower. i think the real issue here is why were we surveilling people to make people within trump tower over speaking to and the fact that the president's claim is still, as far as we know, completely inaccurate and without foundation, that's what i took away from today. >> tucker: those are two separate things.e let's go to the first one first. i think there is evidence that these investigations were initiated by the obama administration because they believe they were on tour ties between the trump administratiob and foreign actors. we know from the chairman's remarks from today that those names in the documents and the readouts from wiretapped in effect were not redacted, which contravenes policy. you're not supposed to leave the
9:19 pm
names opened and have them be floating around the government systems. if they did leave the names unmasked, it's a major violation. >> i had this conversation before. i do think it's important to address that issue that those names were protected when they are supposed to be.nt i do know why republicans want to focus on. not the fact that donald trump made this claim without anything to back it up. we even have a breaking news report this evening that the fbi does have evidence that there was collusion between trump campaign members and russian operatives in order to damageha hillary clinton and we'll see where that continues to go. >> tucker: i don't know that we have that, i think what we have is one of the democrats on the committee suggesting that there's evidence. i'm open-minded about that. here's the point. the idea that one administration might be using the massive intelligence gathering of the united states government for political purposes is a terrifying prospect and we've seen it before. we saw it with governor eliot spitzer of new york and i'm sorry to defend eliot spitzer
9:20 pm
because i know everyone doesn't like him and he's a liberal but i'm not, he was put under surveillance by the feds for the crime of adding money to his p n bank account, he got caught up in the hooker scandal nobody seems to care. we saw general david pretorius' life destroyed. they broke into his gmail account, because why? this power has been misused again and again. if people are not popular in the press, they don't say anything about it, but we should care. >> we absolutely should care. i'd like them to be separate conversations, but one doesn't equate to the other necessarily. we can treat them as separate entities. >> tucker: it's the misuse of the information, we've seen this it does happen, and you're not some sort of kooky flat earthere for believing someone can hurt citizens with these spying powers. >> i understand that, and i'm happy to have that conversation, but it doesn't make it all right that donald trump made this accusation of a former president of the united states of america was wiretapping him when we see no evidence of it. >> tucker: didn't we see some
9:21 pm
today? we just saw the chairman of the house intelligence community say yes. >> what did he show you? he said maybe he had something that he thinks was legal. then why did he not go to his committee members for us? why go to the white house first? and the press. >> tucker: that's a fair question, but it ignores the root of it all. it did happen. whether or not it's legal, it'ss forgone. everything is legal, the government could do whatever it wants. the spying powers can be unlimited and ordered by thehe president of the united states. i'm saying it's all legal. the question is, should you be doing it? he confirmed that intel agencies controlled by the obamas administration were spying, maybe unintentionally, maybe not, on trump staffers recently. it's that's what trump said in effect. >> not in effect, we've gone through so many iterations of what donald trump said. he put things in quotation marks, we've heard about microwave spying. we have to go back to the original tweet, which is not what happened that we've heard from director comey, the head of
9:22 pm
the nsa, we've heard from nunes himself, adam schiff, richard barrera. everyone has said the original claim he made was unfounded. now, -- >> tucker: that that not back tp? he said there were people that maybe it wasn't trump himself. >> that's what donald trump said. >> tucker: i have criticized the president to his face for being imprecise. there's something important here. spying powers of the u.s. government seem like they may have been misused by the obama people. liberals should be really worried about that because if it can be done to trump and people you don't like, it could be done people you do >> we know about spying, we know about what happened during the campaign, what wikileaks has done and exposed the emails and john podesta's cooking and all of that stuff. >> tucker: the u.s. government doing it to its own citizens, that's a third world, no?
9:23 pm
>> it's absolutely frightening. it's thing to go on in places like russia, and places like china. that's disturbing, i'm just saying there are many conversations going on there and republicans only want to have that conversation weathers an important element to be had about claims that the president of the united states of america has made about the former president of the united states of america seemingly unfounded. he's tweeting gateway pundit and bill mitchell saying donald trump is always right. >> tucker: you don't need to retweet websites, you can just repeat what the terminus of the house intelligence community said, maybe he's >> why didn't he show his own committee the information, it's a little freaky. >> tucker: if this is true, o this is a bigger scandal than anything else about russia, is it not? >> i think those are two enormous scandals that if we find out the trump administration colluded with russia to influence the election, that isus massive. ifif we find out the obama administration was wiretapped back wiretapping trump for his
9:24 pm
new phone or micro that is also massive. >> tucker: i will invite you back when we find out. up next, we'll have more on the bloodbath today in london. o one columnist has spent years warning her country there that multiculturalism is inviting violence. instead of listening, they have heaped hatred upon her, a lot of it. she joins us after the break. no matter how dusty the room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase.
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>> the car plowed into a lady, i think it was a lady, i'm not
9:28 pm
100% sure. underneath the wheel, i could hear screams and then i heard the gunshots again and then on the bridge because we were crawling along the bridge, thern were bodies >> 10, 12 bodies, lying in different places along the bridge. >> tucker: at least five people are dead tonight in london and dozens more hurt after a terrorist ran over people with his car and went on a stabbing spree. kitty hopkins is a global columnist at she is widely despised by fashionable british liberals by saying the countries altered cultural policies are making attacks like today's inevitable, she joins us tonight live. thanks for joining us, is it too much to say you were reviled by fashionable british liberals and why they are so mad at you? >> the liberals are cross at me, they are london, london is a liberal city.
9:29 pm
we've seen a lot of this tonight after the attacks. everything that's gone on here today, coming from the rest of the u.k., this foreign countryac compared to london.. people are sad, i feel smaller as a result of the attacks today. i feel we have been taken from, we are a country that spends h so much time tiptoeing around the cultures that choose to join us and not enough time defending the culture they've chosen to join, because i say those things, i am widely hated for those views and what i'm tired of hearing on the media everywhere at the moment here is we will not be cowed by terror. we stand united. because the big news is that the message in london, that is not the message here in the u.k. people are cowed by one particular religion which is promoted by the muslim mayor, son of the bus driver, that's his only credential.l.
9:30 pm
people are cowed. people are afraid, people are not united. great britain is more disunited, absolutely divided. more than any time in its past. we are in fact a nation of ghettos. i think liberals here actually think multiculturalism means we all die together and that's not a view i support. >> tucker: you have an idea of multiculturalism itself, you attack the idea of a multicultural society as inherently unworkable, am i mischaracterizing that? >> i was writing about it today at i really believe all we are is a nation of ghettos. i can go to the west of london and i can find afghanis, they don't speak to the somalis who don't speak to the syrians. all that conflict, all that war
9:31 pm
all that attention, that didn't get left behind they just brought it here, they are enclaves of individuals here in the cities and if we imagine we are united, that we stand a strong, that's a lie. all of these hashtags, the visuals, the candles, making hearts one year on from brussels, that means nothing. put that stuff away, don't turn the lights off on the eiffel tower, that isn't a solution. we need a solution, we need to protect this country. for many outside this liberal city, we are losing the country we loved. >> tucker: what was the point of the exercise that got us to this place, is it to make a small number of rich people feel virtuous and good about themselves? was there another reason to create a society like this? >> it seems to be this idea that it's a good idea to be multicultural.ik that's the accepted right answer. these days, opinions are no longer -- you can't just have an opinion.
9:32 pm
opinions are either right or wrong, i would say there aren't any right or wrong opinions. life is not an exam, know what made you the individual later, somehow multiculturalism is thea right at answer. we are already thinking a people talking about attacks that happen on joe cox on the far right like some kind of game of snap or one upmanship. we hear people say we are worried about making sure we offer support to the muslims communities. i'm sorry, that is not what the rest of the u.k. is thinking. the rest of the u.k. wants someone who was going to stand up for patriotic brits. somehow brexiteers like myself end up getting the blame for hate when we want to defend the country. >> tucker: thanks a lot for joining us. up next, we'll talk to the former muslims is president trump's travel ban is the right
9:33 pm
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>> tucker: today's attack in london has provided another reminder is if we needed one of the danger posed by radical islam. o extensive and expense with the dark side of that religion, she was raised in somalia and kenya as a devout muslim, later risked her life by coming on apostate and helping to create a documentary criticizing islam, she said the religion must undergo reformation, but travel ban has the right ideaid even if it is implemented badly. why is it that so many on the left internationally and in great britain and all through europe, why do so many have trouble coming to terms with the
9:38 pm
religious component of the violence? >> it's masochistic, it's stupid if you look at the islamists, they don't go to the liberals and say thank you so much for letting us take over, we'll stop terrorizing you. they don't do it. >> tucker: what you are saying, the islamists don't want sensitivity above all that's not their goal. >> the islamists want one thing a sharia compliant society and eventually the world. it sounds crazy to you and me and everyone else but that's their objective. they want to get there through an infrastructure of indoctrinating people into accepting it and other ways of intimidating and forcing them to do it and violence. whoever is in there how nice the liberals are, how accommodating and obliging they are, that's the objective of the islamists.
9:39 pm
if you don't understand that, i don't think you should be in the business of making legislation or in the business of the leadership of enforcing. you're incapable of understanding that problem. >> tucker: that would disqualify virtually everyone in charge of making policy in the country except for about four people.em >> not everyone.un >> tucker: but most. there is this feeling that we don't have the moral standing in the west to criticize islamism. >> and they remind us that weis don't have that moral standing because the islamist sees non-muslims and non-muslim ideas, as illegitimate as against the idea of god. and i think we empower them because every time we have appease and appease, they seekek god's hand. their perceptions of god, they see god's hand making it easy for them to advance their agenda.
9:40 pm
they don't hear it's a decent, civilized society that it's time to understand and give them time. and try to persuade them to put their weapons down, that's not how they see it. >> tucker: fascinating. you had qualified as support for president trump's travel event, why? >> i listened to his speech in youngstown, ohio, when he was a candidate and he named the problem, we have a problem with radical islamic ideology. he put in the same context as fascism, national socialism, and communism. it's the ideology of the day. he went with a travel ban, it was clumsy. he should have had lawyers and it's legislators, he should have done it differently. it doesn't take away from the fact that there are sometimes failed or weak states. it's incredibly difficult to have people that are coming from there. he has intelligence and information that we don't have.
9:41 pm
if he says these are the seven countries that i'm going to impose a temporary travel ban on until we have sorted out a vetting system, that is vetting for ideology, then i don't see any problem with that. i would look for all sort of hidden things behind that. >> tucker: it seems like getting people from foreign countries, not just islamic countries but especially islamic countries to buy into the valuei of the west is really important. do you think we do enough?o >> i don't think we do enough. i think to go back to that, when he was a candidate to go back to that speech he did mention and assimilation. he said that we have to have muslims, foreigners, aliens to come assimilating? they must want to come here they must want to love our society. i think we don't do enough in the west, i have been here for 20 years, i forget, that long. what i see as an apology,
9:42 pm
unapologetic attitude to western civilization. that is wrong. you are seen as weak and you're inviting aggression if you do that. >> tucker: our leaders hate themselves and the countries they run and so they inculcate that into new arrivals. it is wonderful to have you that was really wise, thank you. up next, obamacare is crumbling everyone agrees with that, the republican party's replacement may not be so great either. whatever happens, hhs secretary tom price will be in charge of cleaning up the mess and he'll be with us next for an exclusive interview to explain how he plans to do that, stay tuned. iee plans to do that, stay tuned.
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>> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your
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doctor. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> affordable, there's a reason, affordable, affordable, affordable. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. >> we have to pass the bill so c we can find out what is in it. >> coverage cut in half, it's the craziest thing in the world >> tucker: obamacare is a mess pretty much everyone agrees with that. the insurance exchanges are falling apart, 70% of counties in the u.s. provided just one or two insurance options at this point. entire states like oklaha and wyoming have just one insurance option. prices are blowing last year, seven states so the average price of a plan rise by more than 50% in a year, an arizona of the price doubled in
9:48 pm
a single year rising 116%. tomorrow the house is voting on the proposed replacement to obamacare. will it fix the issues or will it add its own? hhs secretary tom price will be in charge of the aftermath and he joins us now, thanks for coming on. repeatedly during the campaign, candidate trump promised universal coverage, he did explicitly. he said everybody's got to be covered, i'm going to take care of everybody in the government is going to pay for it, the public the majority said they want government to provide health insurance for all americans. this plan will increase dramatically people without coverage. if you were to have that number, is this plan moving in the direction the president's promises? >> the reason it does is the plan is it a justice bill, the plan is this phil plus the items we can work on that are significant at the department as well as the other pieces of legislation across state lines, medical malpractice reform, alle the kinds of things that round
9:49 pm
out the kind of reforms we've been talking about for years. taken together, yes. every single american will have access to the kind of coverage they want for themselves not that the government forces them to buy. the cost will go down and the choices will increase significantly. at the top of this segment of the president said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, you will actually be able to do that can if you like your plan and you can keep your plan, you can put pick the plan that you want to know that the superior >> tucker: thewhole series of reforms, to candidate trump's promise for universal coverage for the country. >> encompasses all the kind of things that conservatives and republicans in the american people have been talking aboutut for the last 70 years. 7 years tomorrow is when the bills signed into law. >> tucker: i don't know ifea it's conservative in a traditional sense but he did make that promise. as of the direction this administration is moving, toward universal coverage? >> he said every single american
9:50 pm
ought to have access to the kind of coverage that they want for themselves. >> tucker: why the conservatives in the house making angry notes about it? >> the fact of the matter is they aren't looking at the entire plan. if you just look at this bill which is what the congressionalp budget office did and i think they made a significant error, the premiums are going to come down over a premium of time and the costs are going to be less and we're going to be able to have flexibility at the state level, medicaid, vulnerable population program that they a want. the federal government doesn't know that.t >> tucker: seven years since obamacare became law, is there any place that does it better than we do? >> it's difficult because the population is different, most
9:51 pm
countries have a more monolithic population. switzerland has a program that allows for every single person to pick the kind of coverage that they want, paid for by the government it's called ars single-payer. the citizens are able to select from a private array of coverage policies. what we're trying to get to again is making certain that patients and families and doctors in charge of health care, not washington, d.c. the way to do that is to make sure individuals all across a slender able to pick the kind of coverage that they want. >> tucker: convinced it's what the people want. more than security, they want a choice. if that is often the choice between something that's guaranteed and knowable and then on the other hand, the option to pick it when a bunch of different things. you think people want options more than security. >> if you ask the american people what they will tell you is they don't like what's going on right now. 20 million people who said fully on the whole program, were either going to pay the penalty or ask for a waiver.
9:52 pm
got another 20 million individuals that aren't getting the kind of coverage they want. this is a program that i think will work extremely well and we are again focusing on the individual across the land to be able to select their coverage. >> tucker: there's this persistent percentage of the population there is trouble keeping health insurance for whatever reason. it guarantees a bottom 20%, health insurance is deregulated with everyone thing else. >> we want to make certain thate the individuals who are often priced out of the market either because of the pre-existing illness or injury, or they have huge health challenges from aa cost standpoint. make sure were able to cover those individuals, the price for everybody else comes down. >> tucker: thanks for joining us. coming up next, we're going back to rockville, maryland, outside washington, the major news networks ignored the violent rape committed by an illegalou alien, we will not ignore it,
9:53 pm
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get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. >> tucker: we told you plenty about that horrifying crime in rockville, maryland, where an 18-year-old illegal immigrant allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of the school, why wouldn't we tell you that? the crime is a just awful in itself it highlights the critical downside of the existing american immigration policy and there are many. for some mysterious reason nbc, cbs, and abc have not covered that story at all. we're going to continue to cover it. griff jenkins is in rockville tonight he joins us from there. >> there is news, maryland took its first step to becoming a sanctuary state, the democratically controlled house of delegates passed a bill that essentially bars state and local law enforcement from assisting federal officials when they are pursuing an illegal alien. the bill chief sponsor is
9:58 pm
delegate merisa a morale us, she's from this area, montgomery county. the school behind me were that tragic rape occurred is not in her district, many of the constituents to go and attend at this school so we traveled to annapolis to speak with her, take a look. >> if anyone has been followingl legislation that i put forth, i have committed my life to survivors, victims of sexual assault. unfortunately, in this country we suffer from a rape culture in this case there was a crime, i there was a rape.e the immigration status of the defendant has nothing to do with the crime that was committed and those individuals will -- should do their time in jail and then if i.c.e. wants to come in and deport them, that's absolutely fine, there's nothing in this bill that would preclude that from happening.y >> but yet critics say why would you not empower state and local law enforcement if it could help
9:59 pm
prevent situations like we've just seen occur in rockville? >> i reject the idea that if you are undocumented or if you areej an immigrant or if you're a muslim, you are therefore a criminal. when people make that statement it's saying all immigrants, all undocumented immigrants are criminals. the same study, the department of justice showed numbers, theim number one race among rapists is 60% white. that's not saying white men are more likely to become rapists, it's just reflective of the population. nothing that montgomery county public schools could have done would've prevented this crime from happening. >> maryland's republican governor took to facebook to blast of the bill, the passing of the bill calling it outrageously irresponsiblet saying it will make maryland a sanctuary city endanger its citizens, tucker? >> tucker: the timing seems a little tone-deaf i would say, thanks a lot for that. they maryland lawn maker that griff just spoke to will be joining us here tomorrow night,
10:00 pm
don't miss that. every night at nine, the show that's sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink, "hannity" is next, have a great night. >> sean: thanks, tucker, welcome to "hannity," this is a fox news alert we are following three big breaking news stories tonight, newt gingrich, dr. sebastian gorka, and congressman dave wright will all join us, ours ago, london was rocked by a brutal act of terror. at this hour, there are not enough votes in the house to pass the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare but now, tonight white house sources are telling fox news a deal is very close. the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes makes a major announcement that he hasth now seen reports that u.s. intelligence did in fact conducted surveillance of


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