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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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a process that is the very fabric of who we are as an american people. debate real ideas that affect real people day in and day out. >> you have the veto power. >> you think you can vote tomorrow? >> i can tell you as soon as i get down here, i'm making a call to tom mcauthor. it's important to understand where the tuesday group is coming to. i would love to see 237 votes on the house side and would welcome any democrat that would come across as well. in this, we're not there at this particular point? >> is the speaker being unhelpful? >> no, no. i talked to the speaker this morning. i think the speaker has a very difficult task of trying to assemble 215 or 16 votes. when you look at that, they're working very hard to get this
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done. that being said, there's a number of negotiations going on at 1600 pennsylvania avenue but capitol hill as we speak. we hope to find some consensus. >> you're a modest man. but you have veto power over there? >> no, i don't. i have one vote. my vote card has my picture on it. it doesn't belong to me. it belongs to the people of western north carolina. that's what motivates me. >> [question inaudible] >> again, i'm one vote. i can tell you that we're trying to get another 30 to 40 votes that are currently in the no category to yes. once we do that, we can move forward with passing it on the house floor. >> do you agree with some of your colleagues that voting for the bill in the current form would be worse than doing nothing? >> some of the provisions in here do not lower healthcare
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costs enough. certainly for my constituents. so as we look at that, i think we've got to make sure that it lowers healthcare costs. here's the problem with doing nothing. i don't believe that's an option because i also have talked to people, business people that have had -- that have had the opportunity tough of seeing their health care premium goes up 30, 35%. another 35% in north carolina this year. when you look at that, obamacare is not sustainable. to suggest it can be around, i don't see that happening. >> and when you were speaking yesterday, michael cannon was before us. >> mike cannon is certainly a very learned individual when it comes to healthcare. >> dana: >> are are you still a no? >> i'm still a no at this time. i'm trying to get to yes.
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i told the president that. i can say with all the freedom caucus, they are really trying to get to yes. that's why we met for such a long time. at times it was not contentious but a very rigorous debate. >> what is the difference between last night and right now in terms of your support? >> what changed between last night and today was the fact that the president has made some very good faith and good will gestures to move the ball along and it has had an impact. >> i have to run. >> the president said that if you don't get on board he's going to come after you. >> the president is someone that i support and i really look at -- [inaudible] >> so you're not afraid this may come back to haunt you?
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>> anybody that is in politics worries about the consequence of every vote. >> neil: all right. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you have just been listening to mark meadows. he's at the epicenter of this big debate of the rework, the repeal of the healthcare act. the republicans are trying to rip it up and start anew. is problem is what they're coming up with. the congressman runs something called the freedom caucus. it consists of 30-plus conservative republicans that are, well, very careful about the government. they don't like big government. they stand in contrast to the more moderate counter parts. each of them have some problems with this tug of war to keep this going on not going. they think that republicans, this conservative caucus has like a obamacare 2.0, a less
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offensive but still very big government program. they're rejecting it. as congressman meadows suggested, that's about all of its members, close to 30 plus say this won't get their vote. the battle is getting their vote. that's easier said than done. apparently it's proven such a tough task that they put off the vote today. talk is they're going to regroup, get a vote tomorrow but might be delayed till monday. nobody knows for sure. what we do know is that stocks traded tick for tick based on where things were going. when we heard not more than 12 minutes ago that this was falling apart, take a look what was going on with the movement in the market late in the day here. what had been a 90-pointed a vance was quickly getting wiped out. bottom line, we had the market ending slightly down on the day after being up strongly. it was a roller coaster ride.
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a lot of that having to do with the sentiment that this could be falling apart. with it, things that are near and dear to wall street. rescinding and replacing obamacare would rescind the taxes. that would be a relief, too. if it's delayed or denied, that's anybody's guess. we're going to have a member of the freedom caucus get his view on where he sees the fight going. remember, in order to make allowances that conservative members, you'll tick off some of the more moderate republicans. you've heard about this tuesday group. that is a moderate sort of wing of the party. that might look at any concessions made to the conse e conservativ conservatives. it's in a word a mess. but we've had messes before.
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no word on what the democrats will do or whether they're enjoying the view of this. democratic leaders will be joining us later in this broadcast. i want to get the read from blake burman at the white house and how they're factoring this in. blake? >> you described it as a mess, neal. sean spicer described it as a balancing act. you hit the nail on the head with the numbers. as mark meadows said, there's 30 to 40 no-votes of the house freedom caucus members that are nos, that they need to get yeses. then you have the tuesday group. more moderates. 50 or so there. the balancing act is if you try to apiece the house freedom caucus, what does that do to the tuesday group and so forth? it's the yo-yo back and forth. still you heard from mark meadows say they're optimistic. they think something could get done at the white house earlier today. sean spicer used that phrase as well, they're optimistic. a little while ago, president
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trump commented on the state of the healthcare act and simply put it's politics at play. >> it's politics. everybody knows obamacare is no good. it's only politics. we have a great bill. i think we have a very good chance. but it's only politics. >> shepard: neal, remember, sean spicer said yesterday and repeated it today, there's plan and and plan a. no plan b. i said are you at the whim of the house freedom caucus? he said in the meeting here at the white house today with members of the house freedom caucus, that they got some no vets and some yeses. i asked how many. they wouldn't say. other reporters followed up and said they weren't ready to reveal. as you heard mark meadows say, they're optimistic but no deal.
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>> neil: maybe sometimes people say it's a do-or-die moment for president trump. but i remember this with president reagan saying this looks like a one-termer after they lost seats in the house after a clumsy start getting his tax cuts through and concerns that it was a tough recession to break. different circumstances here. you go back even further to j.f.k.'s presidency where he said the bay of pigs doomed him and left him looking incompetent. so i hasten to add her, everybody take a chill pill. that's where the stock market lives. moment by moment. tick by tick. the better this looks for getting voted on, the better
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stocks look. the worse it looks, the worse they look. i'm telling you, it's uncanny. charlie gasparino knows it. if they regroup, get a vote tomorrow or have to delay the vote tomorrow, that's almost as bad as it getting shot down tomorrow, isn't it? >> yeah. but also, when you see the way the markets are reacting, your show on fox business took the market down at 1:00 when we -- >> neil: don't blame me for this. >> i'll take total credit. >> neil: there you go. >> we said the house was solidly no and this could get delayed. >> neil: and we were getting words from members on that show. they were saying, we're not good on this. that was telegraphing the troubles we see now. >> when the congressman meadows was saying positive things, the market was going back. this is going to go back and
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forth for a while. the one thing going forward. this is what we need to report as reporters. we have to tell our viewers. number one, do they really need to do healthcare first? can they just pivot to tax cuts? if they don't need to do healthcare first, if they could just pivot -- >> neil: they say they can't and won't even now. >> if that's the truth -- i don't believe that's the truth, then they have a problem. the coke be brothers, charles coke, huge family of wealth. very right week republican. they're against this bill. they have already signalled that they'll spend money in a lot of these districts against people that support this bill. that's a problem for this bill getting through. not just the house, but the senate as well. >> neil: why do the markets want this bill? it's not so much the substance of it but that it leads to tax cuts that they do want? >> yes.
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the markets are convinced because they hear from the trump people and paul ryan, the house speaker, unless they do this, they can't get the candy that they want, which is the fiscal stimulus -- >> neil: but they get a lot of candy here. they get a lot of the tax cuts, increased cuts for the rich like you. >> that's a double sweet tooth here. but they get two tax cuts. the tax cuts from this and the tax reform that is coming. another theory out there. this is what is weighing on the market. if trump can't get this through, does he have the stroke to get anything else through? i do believe there's more consensus on tax cutting in congress than on this thing. i bet you the house freedom caucus tomorrow would approve the trump tax cut plan. it's just -- >> neil: nor do you want to
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cater on the markets. remember the markets in this the waning weeks of the bush presidency, talking about the tarp measure to rescue the banks and stabilize the economy. congress rejected it. the markets tanked almost 1,000 points. came back to try to address it and the markets still swooned in the months to time. >> shepard: big time before the printing of money, the dow was down 6,000. right now it's trading 21,000. a lot of that gain was predicated on the tax cuts. you could see a significant drop. all things being equal, is it worth dow 21,000 when you don't have fiscal stimulus? most people, smart people that
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follow this, say no. >> neil: thanks, charlie. you hear so much about the freedom caucus. idaho republican congressman here with us. raul, where are you now? >> i'm still a no. >> neil: why? >> we haven't reached a point where the healthcare market will improve. our biggest concern for the freedom caucus is to make sure that healthcare costs go down. health insurance premiums go down, this bill does not accomplish that. it's a good first step. they're talking about phase one, phase two, phase three. but we're just not as confident that phase two and three will go through. we need to get this bill right. we promise the american people that we'll repeal obamacare, we're going to replace it the market driven forces, replace it with a good bill that brings health care down. we're almost there. the president has been acting in good faith, negotiating with
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leadership. >> neil: how close do you think tomorrow? you think if there was a vote tomorrow it will pass? >> not yet. that's why i believe that the vote was postponed. so we're going to have a -- >> neil: i can't see it correcting itself in the next 12 hours. >> if it doesn't work tonight, we'll wait tomorrow or maybe monday. the reality, this is an artificial deadline. the reason today is it's symbolic. i overheard what you said during the intro. it's not necessary what we want in the freedom caucus actually affects other people in the conference. we should get together and talk about what we can do to improve this healthcare bill. i think we can get together with members of the tuesday group, with the leadership and make this bill improve and get it to a place where all of us are proud of it. the problem that we have right
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now, neil, is that nobody likes this bill. they're just voting for it because leadership is asking them to do it. can we get do a bill the american people like. the majority of americans don't like the bill. the majority of republicans don't like this bill. let's make it a bill -- >> neil: america doesn't know what the heck is in this bill. >> that's a good point. >> neil: do you think that if it gets to still be divisive, that you can't agree on a compromise here, that you shelf this and proceed on to the tax reform, tax cuts? what do you think? >> i think we could do that, but we're not there if we need to stay here this weekend, negotiate for 24 hours, 48 hours, make sure we do things. we've been asking for that for a long time. i think we can come to terms with different factions of the republican conference. our leadership likes to pit one
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group against the other. they say if the freedom caucus gets one thing, the tuesday group won't get something else. actually i think the same room, we can get to a solution. >> neil: do you ever meet with the tuesday group. >> sounds like you guys are talking past each other. >> we try to meet with them. we have talked with them, invited them. our chairman will be talking to some of the members of the tuesday group. i believe if our leadership put us in the room and negotiated, we can come together on a solution then that gets every american excited. >> neil: congressman, you've had very little sleep. thanks very much for joining us. i want to get a read from another guy with little sleep, the smartest man i know, our capitol hill producer, chad. sounds to me that each and every party talks nice about the other and maybe they can iron out the differences. are we at the point here where some of the differences are irreconcilable. what do you think?
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>> it's about getting the right number of votes. it's like goldilocks. not too hot, not too cold. just right. if they keep people here tomorrow, through the weekend, this is the congressional version of the stockholm syndrome. they wear everybody down. they're not home with families. they're missing meals, missing sleep like i am. all of a sudden they agree with captors. sometimes that has a reversed effect. people get more upset. you have two dispirate groups here. maybe there's something about getting to 216, which is the magic nobody, they can't get there but they weren't there yet. it's important to listen to what mark meadows, the chairman of the freedom caucus said a little bit ago. he said there's anywhere from 30 to 40 members to get to yes. >> i caught that. that's more than we thought. >> you mentioned something
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earlier. you talked about given absences of those that are away from the capitol, you might not need the two, might be less. obviously that's crucial. where do you think it stands. like a conservative congressman would make against a moderate one. happy, vice versa. where do they deal and how do they deal with that? >> when i talked to certain numbers of the fuse group, the mold writs, they feel like they have taken tough votes for years. you have the conservatives that have been given a pass and voted note on the debt ceiling and stuff like that. they have never taken the tough votes. it's the moderates that pull everything out of the fire. that's the problem here. they need that side to get on board or get the right mixture to get on board. that's where people who are members of the moderate coalition, they represent districts that were carried by hillary clinton.
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they represent districts where obamacare is popular and they cannot take a vote that is not right for their district. >> neil: excuse me. let me ask you this. how close are they following the markets? you were there when the markets were in a free fall, congress rejected tarp. so how cognizant of they are the markets that have been relatively patient through this. what then? >> i talk to everybody. they say, okay what do we do on this vote, does the market tank or does it go up. generally things are good. i haven't heard anybody doing a one to one. >> neil: i bet you they have a different mindset. a market tanking might change perspective. >> that's what you said on the tarp vote when the market went
1:21 pm
down 777 points in synchronicity with the vote on tarp. the troubled assets relief program. what i want to leave you with real quick, i talked to one senior aide this afternoon. they said nothing fatal happened today. nothing fatal happened today. they don't have the votes yet but this isn't something that they contestant get everybody to yes. >> neil: history suggests, j.f.k., ronald reagan survived. thanks very much. again, those guys started out with bumpy rides and more than survived. the house minority whip on what he thinks is happening next. success has always been measured in zeros. but shouldn't it be about firsts? and seconds... how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success.
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>> neil: all right. so many podiums so many stakeouts. so little time, this is on capitol hill where we're waiting to hear from speaker paul ryan. he put off indefinitely an announcement to reporters shortly after we heard that this vote today on the healthcare measure was going to be delayed. now we're hearing it might happen tomorrow, could happen monday. members have been told to regroup, get their ducks in order. i have a feeling my next guess is smiling a little bit. sandy hoyer, one of the highest ranking democrats on capitol hill. congressman, good to have you. >> good to be with you, neal. >> neil: what do you think of this? typical. the republicans are a deeply divided party and have been for six years. they have great, great difficulty reaching consensus on important pieces of legislation. every day this bill goes forward
1:26 pm
and frankly gets worse by the day, the american public are overwhelmingly rejecting the bill 3 to 1. people are saying this is not good for them, not good for their country. they say they'll pay more and get less. they believe the cbo. 24 million people will lose insurance and that there's an age tax on there where seniors will pay more. >> neil: maybe they're confused. they fear that democrats ram stuff through and the republicans are ramming stuff through and they hate both of you. >> you could be right on that. we're all not very popular around the country. having said that, there's no doubt that americans post election, what have i gotten
1:27 pm
from obamacare? they decided it's better than what the republicans are offering. yes, maybe we need to fix the affordable care act and not repeal it. republicans are hearing that and it's iconic here in the republican party where a number of members are saying you're hurting people too badly. the other group is saying you're not hurting people enough. >> neil: let me ask you about that. are you getting a sense that -- obviously you count your own members, not one would vote for this? because there's a lot of pieces of this that does fix some of the things. but you're saying not a one would vote? >> i'm not accept your premise. i don't know what it fixes. not a single democrat will vote for this bill. they believe it's bad for their
1:28 pm
districts and bad for their country. that does not mean that we shouldn't not have some changes in the affordable care act. i told the republicans last night that i and the leadership of the democratic party are prepared to sit down and say look, you don't like portions of the aca and you want it better, we're prepared to work with you on that. >> neil: you mentioned the leader ship of the democratic party. who is that leadership? i know you're there, nancy pelosi. who is the democratic leader today? >> the democratic leader in the house of representatives is nancy pelosi, period. i suppose i'm the silver medallist. my voice is influential. >> neil: you're not offering real help. you're bashing, which many might feel is democrat's chance to go back at republicans on the way they were treated and bashed.
1:29 pm
the tit for tat is getting old. >> tit for tat is getting old. by the way, if you review the bush administration and review pelosi and speaker and me asthma you'rety lead -- you ask majority leader, we worked together. you ask john boehner in terms of the sustainable growth rate for docs on medicare. we worked together and we got a bill done. not withstanding the majority of republicans in many instances that were opposing us. >> neil: so it's possible. you're right about that. >> neil. not only is it possible, i would suggest it was not possible for republicans to work with us when obama was president of the united states and they didn't. i was in all the meetings. they did not do that. eric cantor and i -- >> neil: you should have heard what they said about you.
1:30 pm
>> they're pretty good to me. >> neil: i guess what i'm trying to get a hand on, congressman, i don't know the parliamentary rules, but if they're so divided on this, can they legally or whatever the term is move on to tax cuts if their their next big thing and shelf this? >> legally the answer is yes. the tax bill is an independent bill a discrete bill from the healthcare bill. the healthcare bill is a very substantial tax cut for the wealthiest in this country. that aside, certainly they can move on to a tax bill. i'm not sure they have consensus on a tax bill, neil. the problem you see -- i don't have to say it. you've watched it for six years -- a deeply divided party. that's why john boehner is not the speaker of the house. that's why paul ryan is having
1:31 pm
so much difficulty, not withstanding -- >> neil: you guys are not the waltons. you're not all together. >> we're pretty united party, neil. i've been at this business a long time. the democratic party when we were in the majority and minority, we passed everything -- >> neil: i'm saying there's progressives that are saying that bernie sanders says you have to charge harder. others saying moderate. i'd put you in the latter group. what are you saying? >> that's probably -- that's probably where most people put me. the fact of the matter is, we have worked together. the record shows you go vote important vote after important vote, the democratic party has been united. i don't mean 100%. i don't mean unanimous but certainly united. we're united in this effort. not because we believe the affordable care act is perfect but because we believe it's
1:32 pm
better than the alternative offered by the republicans which would undermine affordable health insurance and healthcare for millions and millions of americans. the cbo under republican leadership and under democratic leadership, steve almandorf agrees with mr. hall, the republican cbo director. you have the directors agreeing that the findings of the cbo are accurate. the american public is saying this is not good for us or our country and urging us by a 3-1 margin to reject this. >> neil: have you talked to the president on any of this stuff? >> very, very, very briefly for one meeting some weeks ago. >> neil: okay. steny hoyer, thank you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: all right. well, we're hearing a lot about what did devin nunes know and
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>> neil: this has been a high pressure day. even shots of an empty podium get people concerned. that's the podium that speaker ryan will go to, or will he?
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>> neil: all right. the president will be meeting at the top of the hour with the so-called tuesday group. more moderate republicans. he's already met with the freedom caucus, the 30-plus conservative republicans strong who are not really enthusiastic about this healthcare bill. it was their objections to it that prompted a delay in the vote. now they're talking about tomorrow. the tuesday group a moderate group, doesn't want to conservatives getting too many concessions or they'll walk off. it's like herding cats. we'll see who happens to the president and getting them on your side, even though they're in your party. it's a tough road. meantime, much reaction back and forth on the mainstream media. democrats trying to spread the house intel.
1:38 pm
they're saying the president might have been surveilled. the new york be post says it's not quite consistent. nearly it's a big deal here. when politicians make themselves accessible to the media. except not in this case. what's going on? >> nunes handed trump a good day. he gave him -- as president trump said, vindication for allegations that he levied about president obama. he also took a lot of the heat away from the white house and on him. it's a bad day for congressman nunes in that way. it was good for his relationship with the white house though. a lot of democrats asking serious questions about why he would disclose this sort of information as he did yesterday, especially since he conceded it was probably legally obtained but inappropriate. raise as new standard for
1:39 pm
intelligence gathering. the questions is, why were they obtained in the first place? is there more investigations i don't the russia stuff? these are the questions that are being raised as well as his coordinating supposedly with the white house yesterday. >> explain this to me. i know it's apples and oranges. the president felt justified when the reporter asked yesterday that maybe it confirms his suspicion that he was surveilled or tapped. but he could have been surve surveilled as part of a process that involved other folks around him. so brushed into that, right? >> yeah, that suggests there could be indictments, serious charge against these officials. this creates a new mess.
1:40 pm
i'm getting the feeling and perhaps you've had it, you're seasoned -- >> you're actually saying i'm old. >> i'm saying it nicely. we'll have this issue the rest of the trump presidency. it feels like it's never going to go away. you wonder how if they ratchet it up every day how it will be in a couple months. only can get worse. >> neil: and you talked about in the beginning about how these distractions, whatever you want to call them, affecting other priorities for this administration. the healthcare thing that seems to be running into a lot of road blocks here and the other part of the agenda. the tax cuts the president wants and all. it's a bumpy ride. >> yeah, the administration wants to remain focussed to get stuff done. we've seen that with healthcare. a lot going on. i don't want to say scandal, but
1:41 pm
a lot of noise with this white house. it seems like it hurt their ability to get votes. if trump's popularity were higher, his arguments to congress would be more convincing. they would be concerned. the fact that his approval ratings are not high at this point, according to several polls, gives him leslie way with members of congress. they use that to break free a little bit and to use their own judgment rather than relying on judgment of the president. so it's very important for him to keep focused if he wants to get his agenda done and try to minimize the noise. obamacare, talk nothing else. he had the truckers at the white house today. i get that it's overall to his job, infrastructure and to other things. but on such a key day, you think the focus would be on the healthcare bill. it wasn't.
1:42 pm
instead, look at the results. >> neil: you're young and inpatient. i wish i could keep talking. i have to take my metamucil. thanks. we have more coming up, including that caucus and who meets with the president and what they think of what they have to do next.
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>> neil: all right. we've another stakeout camp for you. who said we would miss an opportunity to get anyone live coming in or out of the building? this is for the moderate group of republicans that will be pow-wowing with the president in the next 15 minutes. still waiting on the empty podium shot. speaker paul ryan delayed indefinitely. we found out why. they shelved the vote on the
1:46 pm
health care repeal or whatever you want to call it. now we're getting indications that republicans are being told not to fly out anywhere. mark walker, good to have you here. what are you being told? don't go anywhere? >> what we're being told specifically from leadership have to make sure we're staying close. we're certainly working hard to make this process come through fruition. that's something that we're working on right now. there's multiple meetings going on. we're back and forth with the speaker. the tuesday group is meeting as well as the freedom caucus. >> neil: this tuesday group is a largely moderate group of republicans. the caucus is more conservative. the battle royal is what you do for one ticks off the other, right? >> it's the like of thermo dynamics, yes. >> neil: that's a good analogy. so what you do?
1:47 pm
what is the plan? you have to vote on something or do you delay indefinitely? the talk is tomorrow you'll fry to vote on something. is that true? >> absolutely. we're excited about bringing this vote for the floor. this is something in the works for months. the president -- >> neil: you're supposed to do that today. >> we have. but listen, this is an open process. it's not a bad thing to continue to iron out details. the rsc was the first to have a shot over the bow. we were the first ones to look and say we couldn't support the first draft. we've been back and forth. last thursday evening, we negotiated with the white house. the first time that president trump said he's 100% behind the bill. >> neil: congressman, has anybody said do it for the gipper and do it for trump and
1:48 pm
if he loses it looks bad? >> there's a lot of ronald reagan quotes. there is a moment here, this is 60 days in the presidency. we don't want to hands a huge defeat. president gets rid of planned parenthood and the biggest medicaid reform in 52 years. close to $900 bill. step one of the three steps to get it over to the senate and craft and work this. vice president pence has been instruments tall in this process as well. we want to make sure we're supporting these guys. >> neil: you feel if a vote doesn't come tomorrow and delayed to next week that it's not coming at all? >> i'd be concerned the longer we wait it fizzles. feels like the goal posts have
1:49 pm
moved already. the rsc has been locked solid. we've had the block grants added. >> neil: what does the president say when he meets with everybody? >> he's very charming. he wants a picture with you. we sat next to him. he was very gracious that we worked the process throughout the evening the night before. we're not about creating histrionics. this is about the cause. >> neil: all right, congressman. you're a busy guy. thanks for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: i can almost guarantee for you if you're waiting to pick up your papers tomorrow, what they'll read like. disaster for donald trump, republicans in disarray, a
1:50 pm
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>> neil: if you want to be liked by the media, you better be like the media. these days, you better not like donald trump. anything he does, everything he does. if you do come across anything good in some things he does, you better ignit. hell hath no fury at a president who calls them fake. their rage is real and they can't let go, and they won't let go. they seize on virtues the president lacks but their own reporting lacks more. take it from someone whose show this president still boycotts. apparently he doesn't flip over me that much either. i can't blame him sometimes. but that's fine. that's his right.
1:54 pm
just as it's his supporter's rights to call me never trumper, establishment hack, left wing show, paul ryan show, globalist show. fact show. brains for show. i can't believe they even found a heart when you had open heart show. same show, different day. i can take it. i'm a big boy. some of you have pointed out i'm a very big boy. so i figure why be small, which brings me back to the media. are we so blinded be slightly that we can't be fair? so in our rage to become unhinged that we can't say balanced and end up looking pathetic? by all means report the stuff that president trump might not like.
1:55 pm
but would it kill you to report the stuff you might not like? report his exaggerations but keep track of your own. rightfully the question is accusation, barack obama spied on him but report the deal. the house intelligence chief accused you of sharing information on him so the role that the russians played, but after the fuss over who was leaking stuff then, don't start saying it doesn't matter who is leaking stuff now? absolutely report on disagreements in the white house. but do know all of those ceos who have been coming in and out and promising jobs spend loss time saying shock shock to stuff he doesn't like but he's doing everything he promised. you're right to be offended being called fake but save your crocodile tears for the media choir who's whom you won't sing.
1:56 pm
you refuse to look beyond your tortured face. that's what happens when you're in media lock step. you're locked into taking the same steps, voicing the same bias. you're in good company saying donald trump is bad. good luck winning over your media pals saying anything about them that is good. good luck to any journalist that dares remind you that kind of behavior, that's what's bad. i guess you figured trump has it coming because he's a jerk. you feel embolden to act like jerks. i'm not saying report the good or the bad. recognize when it comes to 24 hour news and business channels, we have time to cover both. now and then, pissing off people, which is fine, if it's donald trump, be up hell hath no fury of some of the mainstream media if it ever gets to be about you. i'm not saying it's time you get over trump. i am saying it is time you get
1:57 pm
over yourselves. have a lovely evening. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> dana: i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." high drama in the nation's capital. vote was expected in the house on the g.o.p. bill to repeal and replace obamacare, but it's not happening now until perhaps tomorrow or later. many conservative republicans are withholding support, leaving their party short of the votes needed. republicans are scheduled to meet behind closed doors at 7:00


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