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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that's all the time we have. "special report," especially dish and coming up with red bear right after this. ♪ ♪ >> bret: tonight, repeal and replace, now desperation. >> i'm desperately trying to get to yes. the republicans 's when the reps health care bill on life support. the president said if the vote goes down, he's moving on. >> mr. mulvaney made it clear, the president is done negotiating. >> bret: wavering lawmakers still getting the white house arm twisted. >> at some point, you've got to say, that's it. we are at this point. >> there are plans. it's going to be terrific. you're going to be very, very
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happy. >> bret: democrats happy to stir the pot from the sidelines. >> bringing this up on a day when clearly you're not ready. >> bret: but the g.o.p. leadership is ready to battle back. the diagnosis for the health care bill uncertain tonight. and this is just one of many big stories in the u.s. and around the world. a special wrap-up edition of "special report" starts right now. good evening. welcome to washington. on the right to bear. you write about tomorrow on a plan to replace it or obamacare stays. a message delivered by his senior aides. and republicans seem to be listening, a vote is scheduled, if it all ends up, for sometime tomorrow afternoon. john roberts on the north lawn where they trump administration has been working to change some minds even late here, but we begin with chief congressional
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correspondent mike emanuel. good evening. >> it is not clear they have the votes to pass it, but >> paul ryan announced tonight that plans are to go forward with a make or break vote. >> 47 1/2 years, we have been promising the american people we will repeal and replace this deal. >> they all came to capitol hill this evening urging a vote tomorrow. >> mr. mulvaney made it clear that the president is done negotiating, that this is a conservative package that lowers health care costs, and so, at his request and leaderships, we are moving forward with the vote. >> is source in the room says if it fails, mulvaney says, "it means we are stuck with obamacare." >> if we don't get this done,
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where are we going to go when it comes to tax reform, immigration reform? this is step one. without step one, really, really don't get to step two. >> leader of the house freedom caucus, mark meadows, said it turns up the pressure as leadership sources are raising questions about whether he can deliver votes. meadows says he is still and know himself. among the latest changes are allowing each state to choose its own list of essential benefits, which should appeal to conservatives who are seeking to drive down costs. announcing the plan for tomorrow, majority leader kevin mccartney said they don't expect another late night. >> it's our expectation it will be done in the afternoon, but the gentleman may know how much longer it will take based on as we move through the day. >> i'm not going to tell you. [laughs] but it was a good fishing trip that you were on. >> leadership has set a finish
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line for this bill clearly hoping deadline pressure will deliver a result. tonight we are learning $15 billion has been added for mental health treatment, maternity care, and also substance abuse treatment, seen as a victory for moderates this bill. bret? >> bret: we will have one of them on the show a little bit later. president trump, as you heard, issued that ultimatum, vote on the spilt friday, pass it, or move on. chief white house correspondent john roberts has been following the developments. good evening, john. the thought there at the white house, do they think they have moved some votes to the other side? >> there is some frustration, no question. they also think they have been moving votes. big opportunity to negotiate a huge legislative package, but the president really has got to show here but he was talking about in "the art of the deal," compromise to the extent you are
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willing, it is time to make a decision. the fact that he had mulvaney and priebus and kellyanne conway up from there on the hill, that spreads the message. you're been campaigning on and winning elections saying you were going to repeal obamacare. here is your chance to do it and this is going to be the only chance to get paid for the past week a month white house has been sending the message that this is the final offer, they only offer, no plan b, this is the train leaving the station. the fact that that message came from mick, who is a former prominent member of the house freedom caucus, really does add an awful lot of weight twitch. as far as the house freedom caucus goes, unclear what they could do to them over. they are coming into the white house this afternoon, he moved on the issue with medicaid expansion, he moved on the issue
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of essential health care benefits. made promises on phases two and three, and still can't win them over. i'm told by senior white house officials that during a couple of these meetings, freedom caucus members spent a lot of time airing past grievances at past administrations where they felt like they are being ignored. the white house is somewhat perplexed. as believes the president has tried to get the freedom caucus everything he possibly can, and they are still stomping their feet. one thing kellyanne conway said tonight is that the president has, over the past three weeks, listened to everybody who has got a concern in this. everybody has got a dog in this fight. it's pretty clear that the president is not happy that his signature piece of legislation hangs in the balance, but i'm also told, bret, he quite enjoyed this lawmaking on the political level, saying it's more difficult than anything he's done in real estate. >> it looked like he was having fun in that truck.
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john roberts live on the north lawn. >> he was having fun on the truck. >> bret: we have an intro to the panel. there it is. >> there is only one way to stop obamacare, and that is a vote for donald j. trump. >> 47 and half years, we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it is collapsing and tomorrow it is proceeding. >> the president said if it goes down tomorrow, we have obamacare come up with of its problems. >> mr. mulvaney has made it clear, the president is done negotiating, that this is a conservative package that lowers health care costs. >> how do you feel? >> feeling good about tomorrow? do you think you're going to have a vote?
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>> the president wants a vote. let's bring in our panel. mollie hemingway, chris stirewalt, and karen, national political correspondent, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> i think they are serious about this. it does i'll hang in the balance. what i find curious is, this has been categorized as a great ideological debate between the moderates and the leadership and a freedom caucus, but the fact is that what they disagree on is procedure. what ryan has tried to do is to get this through reconciliation. simply a structure under which you only need 51 votes in the senate. and that is what has been doing this because, on account of that, he's had to do the phase three, which is the stuff that the conservatives want, but he can't do it now. what i do not understand is, why you don't just load up the spill
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with the stuff that everybody wants, ryan and the conservatives, meaning tort reform, buying insurance across state lines, and stripping away the onerous obama mandates, stripped them all away. if it dies in the senate from a filibuster, then you blame the democrats. this is a clear path, it is a mystery why they will take the blame themselves. sport "new york times," karen, is going to have an article tomorrow which says, among other things, this about the president. "privately he is battling with whereabouts of self-doubt. mr. trump is told four people close to him that he regrets going along with >> paul ryan's plan to push health care overhaul before unveiling a tax proposal. he said he should have done tax reform first, became clear that the quick health care victory he had hoped for was not going to materialize on thursday.
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continuing staff members agreed on a hasty rollout straight next strategy earlier this month with mr. pence, suggesting that the president maintain distance from the proposal, urging him to refer to the bill as mr. ryan's creation, according to senior republicans." very interesting. seems well sourced. the fact that the vice president is saying, stay away from his friend, speaker ryan's plan. >> i think probably what the president, if he regrets anything even more at this moment, probably his initial assumption which is that paul ryan could get something through the house and get it to the desk. the way this has been handled, the fact that it was just sort of presented to house members as a fee to complete, all of these things that we are hearing about the president should have a numr paul ryan as he was
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grasping the bill. for the members of the freedom caucus, if they don't hold the line here, the concern is that they're not going to be taken seriously on these other issues coming down the line. they won't be taken seriously when it comes to tax reform. >> bret: mollie? >> what they have accomplished, speaks to the posture from which they oppose trumpet supported him throughout the election but fighting for these things right here. yes, the paul ryan strategy is very interesting. it's as if he wanted to make his initial offer the final offer, and instead of thinking about getting things to the senate and letting them hash it out, or writing up a bill with everything they wanted and letting senate take them out, starting with that grand bargain, starting with what he thought it should be preached looking like not a very good negotiation. donald trump might be good at the art of the deal, but paul ryan is proving not to be. >> bret: the panel continues after a short break.
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♪ >> this is something we talked about. you've taken a bunch of these free votes when it didn't matter, you've got to vote for the po, 50 times, this is the live ball now, and this is for real, and we're going to do what we pledged. >> bret: the polling on this, on the republican plan to repeal and replace, from quinnipiac, march 16th through the 21st, approval, 17%. disapprove, 56%. don't know, 26%. our fox poll a little bit earlier had the favor.
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back with the panel. chris, those numbers are -- >> [laughs] those numbers are substantially worse than obamacare was at this point in its development. look, i think that with the white house is doing tonight is smart. i don't want to do it. they obviously don't care that much. can't cut the core principles of obamacare. so why bother? why bother suffering the political consequences. so you have a vote. i think the action they took made it more likely the vote will pass, ultimately more likely it will pass, but if it doesn't pass, even better. if it fails, we tried, you've got to sluice a little money there to keep it going, then you move on the things that everybody likes and all that
8:17 pm
jazz. >> does the agenda take a big hit with a loss, the first legislative thing out of the gate, and, two, do they have the money to make the numbers work on tax reform. >> it is harder. by getting the tax cuts that you get out of the bill, sort of complicated the way you score these things. but if you can get those tax cuts done, the baseline for getting the next round of the next cut into being. but the republicans are learning here, austan goolsbee, head of the economic advisors for president obama told me a couple weeks ago, the minute you touch the issue of health care, as democrats learned, you inherit and you have to own all of the public's frustrations with the health care system. i think now that they are having to put forward their own proposals, they are discovering the law as well. >> republican leadership clearly doesn't want to get rid of
8:18 pm
obamacare, this has been the signature issue for republicans for how many years? in 2010, democrats were handed the biggest defeat of any party since world war ii on this issu issue. republican voters given the senate in 2014. they said, that's enough. can't repeal obamacare in the he gave give us the presidency. voters came through. this is an important issue. the problem with this bill, it's not a good repeal bill. the one but can they do tax reform before they do another version of this? >> more challenging. if you are going to do big city, also one that really helps the economy, it would have been better. >> the new cbo scoring -- cbo just scored the revised bill. and the savings, cut in half, down to about $130 billion over ten years if you do it annually,
8:19 pm
it's about $13 billion in a budget of $4 trillion, it is trivial. it is lunch money. so it doesn't really set up the tax reform that you would have needed. he would have needed huge cuts. i just want to add one thing. the democrats, apart from the procedural thing, they had fun thing going for them in obamacare. they had a big idea, universal health care. it had appealed. what's the idea behind this reform? it is that we keep our promises. there's nothing intrinsic in the bill that would persuade you, we have to have this. >> the elevator pitch for this is a little harder to make. >> h doesn't appeal to something intrinsic. that is what appealed for the democrats and what carried them over the line paid >> low-hanging fruit in specific situations. we look at the pre-existing conditions exclusions, kids getting covered, all those
8:20 pm
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♪ >> bret: two teenagers accused of raping and eighth grade across the southern border into the u.s. illegally last year. both were caught and targeted for deportation hearings that never happened. correspondent doug mckelway reports tonight of the case and the policy that let them remain in this country. >> in an exclusive tv interview
8:24 pm
with fox news, the defense of trinity representing henry sanchez-milian said his client is innocent. according to his attorney, the alleged assault in a boys bathroom last thursday was consensual, and that henry sanchez-milian will be acquitted. >> the physical evidence is not there. there's no scratches, there's no bruises, there's no injuries like that. also, this is a bathroom in the middle of the daybreak doesn't appear that she was screaming or that anybody heard anything going on. there were other kids, apparently, that saw them going in. i think he's going to tell the jury his story, and are confident that the citizens of montgomery county are going to find him not guilty. >> in response to jezic's not guilty clean, took a polar opposite position. >> there is physical evidence of a rape and sex assault. >> the interview with us came immediately after a jailhouse meeting with his client. a high-profile meeting with one
8:25 pm
of the accused defended by one of marilyn's top-rated trial attorneys is likely to further inflame tensions in this already divided county. >> if they do, in fact, somehow prevail in their claims that he did not, in fact, commit rape, then they need to make sure the hand this guy over to i.c.e. and he is deported. >> the rape have already started the political battle, blaming obama administrations, "lacks immigration policies" for the rape. that while the political battle in maryland. they say it morales is the bill's sponsor preaching is facing heat >> when our law enforcement arrest somebody, their hands will be completely defied as far as working with i.c.e., even if these people are terrorists,
8:26 pm
gang members, no matter what they are, this has no exception exceptions, local law enforcement cannot work with i.c.e. >> this is a crime, this is a rape, and nothing in this bill would preclude law enforcement and montgomery county to prosecute this crime to the fullest extent of the law. >> he has not been charged with statutory rate, while he was 18 years old and the alleged victim 14 years old, but maryland has a unique requirement, a separation of four years. in this case, the separation was three years and several months. >> bret: thank you. we'll stay on this story pete still ahead, the house intelligence spokesperson protects his source. but at what cost? and what is really inside those reports, and what is next for this story? after the break. like where to treat,
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♪ >> bret: we may know more and just hours about who was caught up in surveillance after the november election and whether the identities of everyone with the trump or clinton campaigns were unmasked. all of this as the house intelligence committee chairman's decision to go public with new intelligence reports is further dividing his committee. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us now that we could learn friday.
8:31 pm
>> the bipartisan request goes back to early march. while the cia and fbi have not responded to, the nsa has already provided some information with the rest were expected by tomorrow. the republican chairman apologized for briefing the white house before lawmakers. as members of the house intelligence committee met in a classified setting, the republican chairman told reporters that he has an obligation to protect the source who flagged dozens of reports related to the trump transition team that were generated out of the obama administration. >> we have to keep our sources and methods very, very quiet. i told the public several times that we want people to come to us, to bring us information if they have it. >> a congressional staffer said the reports were separate from the russia probe and include a phone call swept up in foreign surveillance called incidental collection. another hypothesis under consideration, according to city congressional staffer is based on "reverse targeting" an
8:32 pm
illegal practice where a government targets a citizen under the guise of targeting a person overseas. the california congressmen stood by his decision but offered some regret. >> a judgment call on my part, and that, at the end of the day, sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the wrong one, but you've got to stick by the decisions you make. >> the committee's ranking democrats at the bipartisan probe is tarnished. >> we can't have our chair acting as a surrogate for the administration. he has to either have the surrogate role or the chairman role, but he can't do both. >> the democrats that the timing is suspicious, pointing to the president's box interview about his wiretapping allegations. another lawmaker leveled a serious allegation paid >> i'm of the opinion that this was orchestrated, either from the white house or by possibly someone associated with the white house. if you look at the statement made by the president -- coat >> we will be submitting things
8:33 pm
before the committee very soon that hadn't been submitted as of yet, but it is potentially a serious situation. >> saying the intelligence reports were new and reporters should focus on content, not process. >> whether he briefed us first or he briefed the democratic members, and that is up to him to decide, the substance of what he shared should be troubling to everybody, and that is what i think is the important thing paid >> the next public hearing is scheduled for tuesday with senior public officials under president obama. fox news told a list of witnesses is highly fluid and changes are anticipated. >> bret: thousands of people gathered in london snaked under the victims killed in wednesday's terror attack in london. four people, including a utah man, died after being struck by an suv on westminster bridge. dozens more were injured. the driver then stabbed a police officer outside parliament before being shot dead. as correspondent benjamin hall reports, tonight's vigil capped
8:34 pm
a day of remembrance amid an ongoing investigation into the suspect's possible ties to terror. >> we are just learning tonight that the number of victims has risen to four, 75-year-old man was taken off his life-support machine. 29 injured, six remain critical. the flags in britain flew at half-staff today as the country remembered yesterday's brutal terror attack. earlier this morning, members of parliament met to share their condolences.teresa theresa may y would not bow to terrorism. >> our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. we meet here in the oldest of all parliaments because we know that democracy and the values it entails will always prevail. >> as they begin piecing together the event, isis, via its official news agency, claims responsibility. soon after, please release the identity of the gunman. his name is karen tumulty, had a
8:35 pm
spate of arrests. he had also been under investigation for extremism, the government claims he dropped off the radar long ago. today, police arrested several suspects, mainly in birmingham where they lived. police continued to claim he operated alone. the victims came from 11 different countries, and including germany, france, ireland, italy, greece, and tragically, also an american. kurt cochran, 54, from utah, ran a recording studio business. he was visiting london with his life to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and visit her parents. they were hit on the bridge, and she remains in critical condition. today, president trump tweeted his condolences, saying, "a
8:36 pm
great american, kurt cochran, was killed in a terror attack." they. they are fed similar outpourings of grief from around the world, many choosing to see this not only as an attack on the u.k. parliament but an attack on western values in general. bret? >> bret: benjamin hall. belgium officials arrested a man suspected of attempting a similar attack in belgium. federal prosecutors say frenchman drove his car at a high rate of speed through a busy shopping area in antwerp, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the way. police arrested the 39 about suspect and found knives and a shotgun inside of his car. today's arrest happened just a day after belgium held remembrance services for the brussels airport and subway attacks that killed 32 people last year. lawmakers worked hard to sweeten the bill to please more republicans, but will it be enough to get moderates on board? we will talk to one republican congressman next about whether
8:37 pm
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>> bret: we know one vote tomorrow that will be critical for the passing of the republican bill, and that will be the vote of the tuesday
8:41 pm
group, a faction of moderate house republicans that have been wary of the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. one of their members, new jersey congressman tom mccarthy joins us. good evening, thank you for making it a late night with us. i know you've been working to try to address concerns in this bill. are you there yet with you and your group? >> i did get there. as you said, we struggle through issues, but i decided weeks ago that either i was going to be part of the process to make this bill better or be an obstructionist, and i think congress has plenty of obstructionists and i didn't want to do that. my efforts have been focused for weeks on working with the members of the group that i cochair, the tuesday group, with the other parts of the republican conference and with our leadership committee president, the vice president and others, and have gotten changes that matter to people,
8:42 pm
and that is what this is about to me. i have been through some very difficult medical situations in my own family. i watched my father pay off bills from my mother's death as she died of cancer when i was four. she had no insurance. he paid bills until i was in my 20s and worked three jobs. my own daughter, and 11 years of her life, she was born with special needs, and we had over a million dollars of bills in 11 years. i have lived through this and i know there is a lot of angst right now in america, we are working, and i'm working to make this something that helps people in need. >> bret: for all of the criticism about the bill and the freedom caucus, which is the more conservative group, seems to get a lot of attention up on capitol hill. they are concerned about the dollars, by the ads that you put
8:43 pm
back into this bill, the $15 billion, the deficit reduction, if you look at this, based on the amendment that paul ryan put in, it is a reduction now of an hundred and $50 billion over ten years. but the other numbers stay roughly the same. at least the cbo score as we have it tonight. that doesn't move any on the other side, does it? >> well, i remind all of my friends, and there are a lot of different views and our conference. it is a very lively conference. but this bill has got to be about people. it can't be about politics. it wasn't a deficit reduction bill. it was a health care reform bill. and today -- and this number doesn't get talked about a lot -- their 23 million americans like nothing from the affordable care act. they either pay a penalty, a tax, for not being assured, or they can't afford insurance and
8:44 pm
they get a waiver, 12 and a half million of those or they ignore the law. every one of them will get tax credits from this bill that will help them by insurance. we've got to help people get past this, and so i remind my colleagues that, yes, we are spending some money short-term that reduces this, but we cannot make this transition into something that breaks our word to the american people, and that hurts the people it represents. >> bret: what do you think of the president's strategy? you do it tomorrow or he is moving on. >> i think it is not just his strategy. it is the house's strategy as well. i appreciate that the president has been very engaged, a lot have been in and out, what i really respect is, he is engaged, he is supportive, but he respects the legislature. it's been a while since we had a
8:45 pm
president that actually paid attention to the legislature and treated us like a coequal branch of government. i like what he is doing. the house is ready to vote. we don't need the president to tell us that. i'm glad he is there too come up with the is ready. our members want to vote tomorrow. >> but the reason it was delayed, the votes weren't there. now the decision has been made to go forward with the vote. if the votes aren't there when the vote is called and you don't live up to that promise this time, what do you think that means for the agenda and its tax reform hurt by that? >> well, before you can get to any of that, bret, the question is, what does that mean for the american people. you have 23 million who have nothing today. 46% of the people who don't have insurance today have said the reason they don't have it is, they can't afford to buy make it. premiums are skyrocketing.
8:46 pm
if 2% commit 60%, 70% year after year. deductibles are $8,000, $10,000. insurance companies are disappearing from the marketplace. first and foremost, if the health care bill doesn't pass, the status quo continues and it gets worse. so to me, it is unthinkable that we don't fix this. i know there has been a lot of rhetoric about repeal and replace and some of that and a lot of that is unfortunate, i think, because this is about fixing the health care system. it's about helping people. i know there is a lot of worry and fear. i really believe once people see what is there they'll realize, not only do they have more resource, they have more flexibility, they have choice. and so we just got to get it done. >> bret: congressmen, we appreciate your time. >> bret, thank you. >> bret: when we return, where things stand on capitol hill right now and what happens is it all comes together tomorrow. we'll go over the process.
8:47 pm
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>> bret: the busiest man on capitol hill tonight and tomorrow, our own senior capitol hill producer. he has been following all of the developments from the start. he joins us now with how it is going to unfold. chad, let's go over the process of how this is going to roll out, what has to be done to clear the way in the house. >> first of all, very early in the morning, about 7:00 in the morning, the house rules committee is going to come together. they have to set the terms, how you are going to consider the bill on the floor. if you don't prove that the floor, you can't bring up the bill.
8:51 pm
that is the first hurdle they have to cross. and we hope about mid day they will get to the debate and maybe pass the bill by 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. there could be some shenanigans, some mischief by democrats to slow this process down but at the end of the data might not want to consume all that time because that gives republicans time to with the vote. they don't want to give them any more time than they possibly need or could have to get through this vote tomorrow. as for when we just talked to congressman macarthur with the tuesday group, the moderates. the conservative side is the house freedom caucus. where are the numbers tonight? >> they have to get 216 votes, might be a little lower, you don't know precisely until you go into a vote how many people actually going to be there, always a few absences, and you don't want to pass this by one vote. you need a couple of extra votes in your pocket so they can't turn and say, oh, that was the
8:52 pm
person who repealed and replaced obamacare. again, 21 is the magic number, that has always been the problem for republicans, that's why they have to do this on their own. when they had other big bills, keeping the government open, they were able to get democratic support and lose a number of republicans. they can't on this one tomorrow. >> bret: chad pergram will keep us honest tomorrow. >> i don't know all of the intelligence that went into it, but to me, it's clear that out be concerned if i was the presidents, and that's why i wanted him to know and i felt like i had a tell him. >> the president feels confident that he will be vindicated, that there was surveillance, and that this should be a concern. >> you know, we need to do a real investigation of this and we need to do it creatively ended in a nonpartisan way.
8:53 pm
>> this has been a big story as well, what chairman nunes has seen in reports, and what that means as far as surveillance on the trump campaign and the trump transition team. we'll be back with our panel. mollie hemingway, chris stirewalt, karen tumulty, national political correspondent for "the washington post," and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. your thoughts? >> on the whole surveillance thing, the report there is a smoking gun. that is such a broad characterization, it will be really interesting to see what is behind that. it does seem like, at a minimum going to the white house, he has shaken something loose here. >> bret: that is our own james rosen. they expect a potential smoking gun that the obama spied on the trump transition team, classified intelligence showing
8:54 pm
incidental collection of trump team communications, reportedly seen by devin nunes. said to leave no doubt that the obama administration's closing days was used in the cover of surveillance on targets to spy on president-elect trump. mollie, if that all comes to pass and it is provable, that's really the question. that is a huge story. >> if this is true. if this comes out and have evidence to support these claims, and this is what nunes was talking about. he is saying that information was collected, unmask, widely disseminated, nothing to do with russia. technically the information collection might have been legit, that kind of spreading around information is very dangerous and we have a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> bret: clearly we need to see what they are going to produce. >> right now it is choose your own adventure. if you are a trump supporter,
8:55 pm
the new president was a victim of a soft coup by his predecessor, and it was a set up, and this is all a travesty. if you are against the trunk might use a trump colluded with the russians and that the election was a fraud. guess what, who knows? >> this has nothing to do with russia. >> the factors. when we get to the end, james comey has put a pretty big investigation out there. we'll see if he can deliver something, we'll see when we finally get this back here. >> bret: charles? >> right now, what we have is a smaller version of back. [laughter] he didn't describe. it could mean simply want to know up until now, it was the use of these intercepts, the incidental taking up to expose a person or two, meaning
8:56 pm
general flynn and perhaps other others. that would be improper but not a huge scandal. the implied scandal here is that they deliberately used a loophole in a law which allows you to eavesdrop on foreigners, but that was a ruse to get in and listen in on the trump people. if that is so, it is a big deal, but we don't have the evidence. all we have our intonations from nunes, and we will see if the evidence is there. until then, no way to know. >> bret: deadline is tomorrow to produce this to the committe committee. >> tasty. >> this violation of people's privacy is exactly what civil libertarians will write about. this is precisely what we have to be careful about. >> bret: on the flip side, there are people on capitol hill worried this is going to be a problem for renewing these laws. >> and we are running out of
8:57 pm
time. >> pfizer has been at the heart of so many debates that we have had since 9/11 about the tension between national security and civil liberties. >> bret: that is it for the panel, but we'll be back with some final thoughts after this. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. could save money on car insurance.e in fact, safe drivers who switch from geico to esurance could save hundreds. so if you switch to esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. this is pete's yard. and it's been withered by winter. but all pete needs is scotts turf builder lawn food. it's the fast and easy way to a thick, green, resilient lawn,
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>> bret: what that does it for us tonight. another newsday here in washington. a special edition, special report at 11:00 p.m. come a long day for the staff, so thanks to them. it is a long one tomorrow as well. we'll be back tomorrow at our usual time, 6:00 p.m. eastern with the latest on the health care vote. we think it's going to happen between 2:00-4:00, the fact that they are saying that that means it could be anytime between
9:00 pm
5:00-10:00. to make sure you tune into the fox news channel. we got you covered on all angles and all stories. thanks for inviting us into your home today. fair, balanced, and unafraid. it's all happening, so don't get left behind. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," other networks are determined to ignore it, we open tonight with the coverage of the horrific rape in maryland, shocking emails and they are shocking, montgomery county school officials have been sending to parents vowing to protect illegal aliens at all costs and a threatening anyone complains about that. they have evidence of illegal immigrants henry sanchez malan and jose montano are guilty, he has a lawyers saying he is innocent. >> it seems the physical evidence is not there because there's no scratches, there's no bruises, there is no injuries like that.


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