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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> are there other issues that are more important to talk about? >> yes, many others. >> do you think putting ketchup on the state is a great insult to the cow that should be punishable for life in prison? >> is a serious offense."watters >> "watters' world" son. the intelligence community and certainly collected information u.s. citizens involved in the trunk transition. jesse: president trump was right in the mainstream media was wrong again. will they ever learn? some liberals are pressing to the apocalypse because they think president trump could end the world as we know it.e one of them is here. this is exactly how they left the? i get an exclusive tour of the reagan ranch. "watters' world" against right now. welcome to "watters' world" i am jesse watters.
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on march 4 president trump tweeted quote terrible, just found outot obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. on monday fbi director james comey was asked specifically about the tweet. >> with respect to the president's tweet about allegedr wiretapping directed at him by the pirate administration i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. jesse: presidents trump is savaged by the media and called him a liar. the wall street journal editorial page saying he clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle. check out the cover this week's "time" magazine. is the truth that? and the tv pundits were quick to pounce. >> president trump made a while claim on twitter. there's no evidence nor is there any credible source or anything in the intelligence.
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jesse: president trump's unapologetic defense of an unsubstantiated claim. the president's charge is untrue and he knows it's not true. at least you should. they couldn't just keep their powder dry until all the facts came out. on thursday the chairman of the house intel committee devin nunes drops this bombshell. >> on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trunk transition details about u.s. persons associated with the incoming administration, details with little or no apparent intelligence value were widely disseminated in the intelligence community reporting reporting. additional names were unmasked. none of the surveillance was related to russia guess who may not be cooperating. we don't know how executives picked up.
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i am concerned we don't know if they are going to comply. they were asked about the revelations moments later. >> i very much appreciate the fact just like the sweden comment. the president oftentimes gets criticized for statements that end up in true. he was hammered for suggesting that some threats were made to make others look bad. guess what just happened. a jewish teenager was just arrested for making the same threats. i don't expect the media to give him any credit. let's been a very fine point
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on this. that they surveilled the trump transition team. ear at least 99% and half accurate. and probably 100 percent. based on multiple reports. conversations at trump tower during the transition they were sucked up by obama intelligence officials that americans names were illegally placed him because of a last minute executive order disseminated widely through multiple intelligence agencies and then leaked to friendly porters. this head nothing to do with russia and was designed to undermine the president-elect.
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desperately trying to enter -- divert attention. there is more than circumstantial evidence now. i can i think that is there. >> and i want to go into specifics but i will say there is evidence there's evidence that is not circumstantial and is very much worthy of investigation. but this directly contradicts what president obama's own director told them just two weeks ago. we did not include in the evidence in a report with my office that had any reflection of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians.
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does it exist, not to my knowledge. >> they had contradicted themselves sometimes you can't even listen to them anymore. and on the same day and this is what cnn head on the screen. we can expect triple news to dominate. but the real question is what did president obama know and when they know it. joining me now is the founder and avenue tragedies. they may have to lawyer up pretty soon. they may have to chant lock him up how serious do you think this is. if true. there is some grave concerns here for every american if chairman newman ms. was true.
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where they be picked up by the intelligence community for doing a job in the private sector which was working on the transition team. there is some grave concern there and there has to be accountability. not only do they potentially pick up but their names were unmasked. they were distributed to the mainstream media and now multiple individuals know what they are. those are felonies and i hope that the chairman has a committee which brings these people and holds them hold them accountable and if they did commit a crime jesse: for some reason what he said on twitter was the narrative wasn't the guy is a liar. then you have new information that shows he was and now he is the bad guy because he spoke to the press about this. and not even look into the fact.
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>> this is bizarro world. they want to attack the chairman. for going in and telling of the president of the united states that he was accurate when he treated out the information. if that's the case they want to make a disparity comment. i can't believe that he didn't tell him immediately who gives a care about that. when you find out that the information jesse: can you imagine if president bush had incidentally picked up medications had been president-elect obama at the chicago headquarters and then had unmasked the name and disseminated to friendly
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outlets. in the fox news channel had reported these things in order to undermine president obama. what do you think would have happened then. >> i don't even know what this means. either you were or were not listening to the nice its citizens on domestic soil which is a crime unless you have a pfizer warrant. either you are or you aren't pregnant. >> this is insane. do they have them listening to the next president and the south of his united states. that's a real problem. everybody should be concerned about it. when the irs incidentally targeted conservative tea party groups and have their paperwork held up for two years. it was just an accident. incidental. nothing is on purpose anymore. there's nothing to see move
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away. this is insane. can you imagine if this was hillary clinton and she incidentally picked up. after her election loss. this is crazy. and director comey never even indicted hillary because she didn't intentionally commit the felony. the whole thing boils down to reading someone else's mind. which brings me to come me. first of all, he answered in a fishy way about whether or not the tapping tip place.ther pre he answered specifically whether president obama ordered it and suggested he may not even be cooperating with the house intelligence investigationintell what do you think is going on the james comey now? do you trust tim?the fbi
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>> they have gone to the national security to get information. that's a very serious thing by the chairman and the if the fbi is not corporate in fully as they should and director comey is not corporate with congress to make sure they have all thehe information available than he needs to think long and hard about the fbi. i'm not calling for director comey to step down but loretta lynch is a former intern -- attorney general would end the critically know as the wiretap is taking place in trump tower begase you'd have to sign off on it. grandchildren and golf. and there is no indictment. it's amazing all the incidental things that take place. it's amazing what happens. that's why this is the
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or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends? hey, chin up there, dale. lots of bikers also drive cars. in fact, you can save big if you bundle them both with progressive. i'd like that. great. whoo. you've got soft hands. he uses my moisturizer. see you, dale. bye, rob. jesse: california with the bag deal. not just the wall itself democratic lawmakers are threatening to cut ties with companies who help build the wall on the southern border. even taking away retirement tensions. and future projects. one of those lawmakers and
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lee. it's such a strong symbolism that we don't want to head anything to do with the including contractors that want to work in the city. san francisco is the same city where kate's time it was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant who crossed the open border five times. julie, let me start with you. what is the difference between christian bakers who refuse to dig -- bake a wedding cake and public officials in california refusing to do business with companies that build the border wall. one of those things is about discrimination. >> i am as against the border
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wall as a lot of them are i think it is the 16th century solution. california already has a wall. precisely. are they mad about meant about the companies that build that one. >> i don't agree with what they're doing. i think that cutting down on the illegal immigrant population in there. that makes sense. can they afford for something. the state is broke as a joke.
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first of all the california economy is a total disaster which i'm sure the rest of the country will eventually had to bail out. i do want to reiterate that it has a wall of shame as they are calling it on their southern border with mexico and san diego. it works which is why they're trying to put it on other portions of the border. are they really trying to run out every single business. i think all of these businesses that are being boycotted should leave go to arizona or texas let california succeed. that is actually a good point. we definitely need protection against california. you can reacted to that. they work again for economic interests.
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so it works against our economic interests. there are hundreds of companies that now are at risk in california for participating in the wall construction. and the employee thousands of people. these people hire and provide healthcare for thousands and thousands of california workers. with that being it being against the economic interests illegal immigrants do contribute hundred $30 billion per year to the state's gdp. gdp. when you take that into account just allowing the people from entering the country could have negative effects. i'm not sure if it all adds up. we have to run.
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jesse: last week i gave a speech at the young american foundation center. many students were in attendance. i shared with them some stories about how i get started here fox news. take a look. >> i was a child of the 80s.
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i think around college i started seeing what's going on. they wanted to make a little money obviously. i tried to work in finance but apparently yet dip a basic graft of an arithmetic to handle other people's money. so i have to work at fox news channel. i started literally in the basement of fox working tuesday through sundays 2:00 p.m. to midnight minimum wage freelance no health insurance. and then a job opened up on the factor. i went upstairs to interview with bell and i said i just read your latest book it was phenomenal. and he said you seem like a smart kid you start monday.
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but, the minute i got hired almost fired me the next week. i bomb pitched and later that afternoon he said jesse he does not think your articulate enough to do the show. give two if two weeks to turn around or you are fired. some of that fired i spent the next two weeks freaking out working until midnight trying to do the best i could and i finally turned it around i said o'reilly this is this judge in alabama and he gave this guy a really soft sentence for child molestation. bill said you're you go down and confront the judge. i'm panic attack city.
8:26 pm
guy gets out of his car to run up on him with the mic judge, how could you do that what were you thinking. and the guy looks at me and said and said i'm not judge bush. i said i'm a state trooper but i'm in and to tell him you're looking for him. so the first time i ambushed the wrong guy. what has been reported is false. give anything you want to say. do they give an explanation. we bring the tape back to new york and we run it bill is pleased but he brings it to the office. one thing, your voice is too high-pitched for television. you need a speech coach.
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mia never had that problem. and after my speech i got an exclusive to her of the reagan ranch including some areas of the house that have never been shown before on television. so stick around cystic around you're not going to want to miss that. >> many people sit in that chair but you can do it today. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah. did you get that email i sent you? i need you to respond... ...before you wake up. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ they have this claim satisfaction guarantee. really? their claim experience is fast, fair, and hassle-free or they get their, like, money back. saraaah!!! come to prom with me!!
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i'm robert gray. a not qaeda leader killed in an airstrike to the pentagon confirms he was killed march 19. yassin was responsible for the deaths of two americans and dozens of others in the 2008 bombing of the marriott hotel in islamabad. american officials now investigating a u.s. airstrike targeting isis fighters in western mosul last week.
8:31 pm
witnesses say as many as 100 civilians were killed. iraqi security forces reportedly requested the airstrike. multiple arrest at a pro-trump rally in southern california today. violence erupting after the event as fights broke out between trump supporter is an anti-trump protesters. one person was reportedly pepper sprayed and another hit in the face. three people were arrested. i'm robert gray, now back to water swirl. now back to "watters world". >> when mexico sends their people they are not sending their best they are bringing drugs and crime they are web-based and some are good people. jesse: while launching his controversial campaign he wasn't so far off. henry sanchez were arrested
8:32 pm
for it lacking locking a 14-year-old maryland girl and a bathroom and raping her. sources say both of the alleged purpose are illegal perps are illegal immigrants and were actually freshmen. sanchez it was caught by isis and released the crime could have been prevented. here is one mother who has a child at rockville high school. >> and i want 18 euros and 14 years old mingling. i don't want my child in with the criminal that just walked across our border the one young man have already been convicted of a crime and they have wanted to deport him i don't want my son involved with him. the local democrats despite this vicious crime are pushing a bill that seeks to turn the entire state of maryland into a sanctuary state. this garnered zero coverage on
8:33 pm
the evening news shows that the case courtesy of rolling stone garnered over 11 minutes of neck -- network coverage. century city to illegal alien are accused of kidnapping drugging and raping a team. even pinning her down and tattooing the grim reaper on her young skin. they murdered another teen that they have kidnapped. take a look at these monsters at their court appearance smiling and waving into the cameras. it's sickening. again it's gained attention bye. who has an extensive failure in the rap sheet. he sexually assaulted a toddler and stabbed a woman outside of a bar. he had been deported at least four times this guy punched, kicked and slashed a woman on
8:34 pm
her face. and assaulted 2-year-old and be her upside the head. he still remained in the country. and was admitted gang member. in north carolina also this month the illegal alien from honduras has been charged with first-degree murder for beheading his mother. again network evening news blackout. why is the network and burying this crime. joining me now is the liberal analysts. dave williams who is trained to push through the legislature a bill that would allow victims of crimes to sue the city where the crime took place. no kathy, you have to admit that many of these crimes i
8:35 pm
just miss it were preventable. why would you not want these crimes to be prevented in the first place. it's not because they happened in sanctuary cities. the satan worshipers happened in a sanctuary city. it's not true kathy. we looked this up and there is a study for many from these colleges that say to the study and it said sanctuary cities and non- century city's head been even crime rate but if you boil it down century city's have a very small higher rate of crime. because people they are undocumented or they will come forward and report the
8:36 pm
crimes. they're afraid of immigration. sanctuary cities allow them to assimilate faster into the immunity. jesse: if you are illegal immigrant and you do report a crime they will not deport you for doing so. let me ask you. why do you think the mainstream media is not reporting these crimes. to think it has anything to do with president trump and his aggressive illegal immigration crackdown or they just don't want to make democrats look good. >> i think it's both. they want to do anything they can to oppose president trump and his efforts to support our borders. and it doesn't make democrats look bad. the truth of the matter is they have a lawless agenda to where they want to allow open borders and do whatever they want. and it makes them look bad. i think the media is complicit and it wants them to be
8:37 pm
complicit in death and rape. what is wrong with the border wall. if you look at some of these cases the sky has been deported four times. that is the problem with the officials. we have crimes in this country men are committing the crimes. women will visit you and then we won't have any crimes. we were not want to deprive you from romantic dinners. we don't need men. they are the ones committing these crimes. than they have no crimes. i think the men on the police force are protecting victims from crimes. there obviously coming back somehow. what are you try to do out
8:38 pm
there in colorado nothing is happening. what were trying to do here in colorado as i introduced the bill call that politician accountability act. it would allow victims or their family members to sue politicians and hold them accountable. where that various citizens they're supposed to be serving are in danger. i just one hit on one part. we haven't illegal immigrant woman here. along with other crimes as well. >> women's commit crime also. my exclusive to her inside the beloved santa barbara ranch. they are stockpiling goods and ammo.
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released. what it would be like in the event of an nuclear holocaust. many people unhappy with the results of the 2016 presidential election believe that president trump could create this kind of apocalypse. some have began prepping for the end of the world. joining me now call in law. what exactly are you preparing for? >> we are preparing for any disaster scenario jesse: so you are preparing for a trump -related disaster? >> whether it's trump related or not is irrelevant. there are some specifics related to some of the things that president trump has done to have scared liberals enough to make those precursors.
8:44 pm
>> what he think that he has done that might lead to an apocalypse scenario. when it president trump began attacking the media i realized inserted a and so did a lot of others that appear -- a prerequisite to fascism is control of the media. >> from what i've seen from what liberals have seen it would appear as if he is in it for himself when i look at him as a business man. jesse: you believe in that tyranny is on the way and it could be some sort of civil war and you're preparing for such an event. how specifically. >> we protein bars canned
8:45 pm
goods. we had two firearms for defense purposes only. >> and what are they gonna defend against you think. civil unrest. in the event there is no civil accountability and civilians are more or less allowed to do what they wish is not exactly a secret that humanity is the number one predator on the face of the earth. and we excel at nothing better than killing each other. jesse: do you ever consider that you might be taking things to a little bit of an extreme? >> no. i don't. if you look at the calls for division versus the calls for unity is about an 8020 split.
8:46 pm
if you look at the rhetoric on facebook liberals in their own echo chamber had literally started extremely aggressive rhetoric up into death threats. jesse: if trump does hit the fan can they come into your hideout. circumstances prevail. it depends so is not an opel -- open invitation. >> yes and no. you have to realize circumstances prevail and it's not a black-and-white thing. good luck prepping for
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jesse: for all of his accompaniments president ronald reagan lives of secluded life with his beloved nancy.
8:51 pm
cameras were rarely allowed inside of his home but recently they got it exclusive to her. north of santa barbara we are on 688 acres of the home. the ranch in the sky. how often with the president, peer? >> he bought the ranch in 1974. one of his eight years was spent here at the ranch. it truly was the western lighthouse. was this exactly how they left it. the home looks like it did the last time it was here. we don't know that they played it very often but we do know that they celebrate things given here. he said he never wanted to
8:52 pm
leave at christmas time. he was very considerate. that meant a lot but they would come out for thanksgiving. not a lot of room to entertain here. that is where they would carve the turkey. this was the main room of the original adobe. it was the most private part of the house. if they made it to the property at all. that chair that's where he would sit and make official phone calls. the astronauts were bridging in the space shuttle. many people sit in that chair but you can do it today. do you feel powerful? >> tear down this wall. not i can to twin beds pushed
8:53 pm
together. they were able to keep the head board from falling off. he did have some unique needs. they kept the bench on his side. it's classic. i love it. the president's closet. his close hang on the left. calvin klein. he spent quite a long time with him at the ranch. and one of my desk jobs. what you let me show you some spots. you might regret that.
8:54 pm
is this where they hang out. this is the hot rod. rod. he scraped his initials with the date may 27 ronald and nancy were very much involved. one time i signed an agent to her i forgot to brief them. we came back and he got off of his course to help her. and the president saw that. he pushes me out of the way. he gets up there. any pushes him out of the way. this is my job. and she falls down into her arms. incredible. the press and gave president reagan a hard time throughout
8:55 pm
his eight years do you see any similarities with the way that they treat donald trump. i think they are attacking president trump even more. did you ever interact with the members of the media that covered president reagan. what you do this stupid stuff. what they say is what you should hear. and sometimes the truth isn't that. that's right. come and see this. as president he never gets to drive. that is another reason why he left the ranch. he could drive. not while. but he drives his own jeep. that is his horse. who's crazy.
8:56 pm
a lesser man cannot have a red horse like that. what he miss the most about the president. the red seats came first. after this. whatever god has given me left i meant to do it to the best i can for the american people. ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you
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jesse watters is my man crush. when i grabbed i grow up i and they also tweet are you
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related to maxing. i'm her brother from another mother. remember this is my world. right now on justice. every single one has a hand full of republicans we're back to the drawing board. the vice president doing what much of america is doing tonight. blaming congress for the epic fail. and i have some blame to throw myself into nights opening statement. plus there was additional unmasking that was done. the list of bliss of new details about president trumps claims that he and his team were spied on.


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