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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> these voters have their own story and you'll hear from them tonight. how do they feel about presidents trumps time in officn so far? has he done enough to keep the promise to them of the promise made on the campaign trail? there's been action, executive orders, roundtable meetings at
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the white house and rallies across the country. the bottom line is, how is hein doing. in the face of a lot of resistance, the twitter wars and consequential world events, let's take a worl look back at election night in. where 100 miles from this location president trump told voters of this great state juste what was at stake in the 2016 election.lection. >> in one day we are going to win the great state of north carolina. [applause]caro and we are going to win back the white house. this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class, your scene what's happening. everybody is watching. or whether we are ruled by the pool. were going to be rolled by the people. it is time to reject the mediath
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and political elite that has a letter country dry. smartha tonight will be joined by david, former executive campaign member and fox news contributor. and robbie who you came to know throughout the election. former hillary clinton campaign manager will join us.robbie first, let's look at this great north carolina crowd for the thoughts and where they think the president stands right now. welcome. it is great to have you with us tonight. i want to start by getting a show of hands to get a feel of where you are on day 62. i will give you three choices that have to do with the report card so far for president trump. choice number one is i think is doing great. i'm happy with how things areidr going.thin choice number two is i have reservations and there needs tod be improvement. choice three is that i'm disappointed in how things areim going.
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let's can handle for choice one. who thinks things are going great? pretty good. who thinks things are going okay but there's room for improvement? fair amount. who's disappointed, who's not happy? okay. were going to have a very interesting conversation tonight. one of the things that happen this week was the attack we saw in the united kingdom. we've seen several of these attacks in europe and some adhered home.gdom. i want to get your thoughts on how president trump is doing. let's start with joe garrison. tell me about yourself, you're from north carolina and how you feel about how president trump is doing in terms of keeping a safe? >> on his part is trying to do his but unfortunately the judiciary, we saw another travel ban getrt struck down.
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seems like he's trying to do the right thing to keep america safe. it seems like the democratic party, their allies in the mainstream media and unfortunately the judges that we have seen are more interested in plain politics they keep america safe. >> what you think? >> about? smartha about the travel ban, national security issues. the president has stated his case that he believes banning people from eight countries for a temporary time will help keep us safe. we saw it happen in the united kingdom other still more to be told that story. do you feel the ban we keep agd safer? >> i think what joe said was correct that the president is trying hard to keep the country safe..ep the p unfortunately that's going to be betting certain people that made fit the stereotype of what is trying to harm us. those people probably need to
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understand that in order to come to the country there's people that is in their demographic that are trying to harm us and were trying to protect ourselves. smartha a lot of talk this week about russia and connections to the trump campaign. how many people think there'stis something there and they're concerned about the trump campaigner administration in terms of the russia question? how many people side with the white house that these are transcendental and there's no problem? it looks like a lot of people would like the conversation to move beyond that.on >> in terms of the president's tweets, the question goes right into what were talking about before. the tweet about wiretapping and blaming president trump for wiretapping him which was debunked. there is an indication there may
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have been surveillance. can we get a microphone of the background. you feel like the other side of the story is the part people need to pay attention to? >> i do believe so. the obama administration had no problem targeting conservativeti groups throughout the irs. he has politicized a lot of the powers he should not have as president. i don't think it's a far stretch at all that whether his hands were directly on it or not that this was happening. how else would he have no through the prime minister of australia or through michael flynn with all these leaks coming till >> let me just wait until we can get the microphone to you. >> i would like to say let thehe house and senate to their job.ho let's find out if there's any
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issues here, i think it's a false narrative and i think trump is trying to come back and do his best. let's wait and see. there's been efforts to take these leaks. let's let it play out. and see what happens. >> would you tell the president the same thing in terms of tweeting about this topic. >> i love president trumpet i was a don't tweet quite as much. call his wife, calls kidscall hs smartha some members of his family probably feel about it too. but he believes that there's too much filter, that his words get twisted and he likes that immediate communication. what do you think? >> there's a hundred million people, that's his way of getting around the media. it's not getting a fair shake.ld
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if i that many people following me i'd be tweeting. >> the mic it's in troublesomete sometimes. smartha let me ask, would you like to see him stop tweeting? who thinks he should not do it as president? >> who thinks he should restrain it better, that's pretty unanimous. how many people think there's a wall street journal editorial that says it damages its credibility? as president. >> where you take a quick break is one issue that has come to be a major battle is the nation's immigration policy, a shockinggr story out of maryland this week has brought a new urgency to that fight. when we returned will hear from our audience on that issue, will be right back.
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smartha on. >> another major pledge of president trump has been to take control of our nation's immigration policy. we are see a new energy
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building. earlier this week we learned of a tragic case that our rockvilla maryland. a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two high school students. older male students, potentially both of them entered the united states illegally in one of were held for sure by ice and released. it's a horrifying act. it is adding to the urgency of the issue of sanctuary cities. a policy that canada and president trump has promised to do away'srg with. let's bring our audience and get thoughts on this pace whichway h every parents, every human being feels the horror of the situation. this 14-year-old girl walking down the hall at her school was accosted according to the story by two boys. one is 17 and one is 18. for some reason they are in
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ninth grade. as a parent i would have a problem with that. this horrific act happened and then they learned at 1.1 of the young man was held by ice and released. the school apparently was nevero notified about it. talk to me about how you feel. you yourself immigrated to this country. i know you have strong feelings about the rules that shouldyou,u apply. >> i do.e i'm a mother of two children and i have a 15-year-old girl who is a freshman in high school. i believe that our current immigration system has failed not only the 14-year-old student in maryland, but also the twoev immigrants. i believe that coming to this country is a privilege and not to write. that also, even though all the facts are not known at this point my that those two
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teenagers were also feel by the system. bringing them in the ninth grade level because they don't have any academic records is not helping them. i don't believe that's why they came to this country. c >> martha: that's a great point. tiffany, you are a teacher, i know you have strong feelingsff about kids you nervous about it. let me ask everyone, should an 18-year-old or 17 oh boy be in a freshman class in a public school?, >> no.s >> should an illegal, if someone is here illegally, child, one is not a child, he's an adult at 18 years old. should they be allowed to go to the school and the public school system? >> no.
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>> why do you think they should be allowed to go to school in the public school system, an illegal child who has a penny court date and has been detained by ice and the rest of the parents are not aware of the >> it's not very specific. when you make the overall statements based on very small numbers of examples i think you're going off the track, not staying in your lane. people could be slower in school for many different reasons.slowr with english as their second language and they didn't learned off as a country where better off with people who are educated the people who are not educated. we need to do everything we can to pull people up and not push them down. >> she was saying that we should look at examples. the two examples that were
8:17 pm
talking about, rape that girl, that's enough for me. >> what about the football player who rapes a girl in college?e?player [applause] it should be, and i happen to be for rockville so it bothers me. my kids went to school in rockville. i just cannot see this is a separate issue from the same crime by an american. >> martha: is apparent when you look at that, god forbid this happens to any of our children and it happened to someone's child in rockville. if you then learn on top of that, that this young man should have never been, he was illegally in the country to begin with, would your anger be compounded by that?
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>> not really. my anger might be compounded by the fact that ice did not to their job but not about the child. the crime is a crime. why is it any different? it happens all over in college today. a lot of times yes. y , stanford? >> did he get away with it. >> yes. >> obviously in a situation like this is terrific. what were talking about his immigration and whether or not people should be allowed to use the public school system in the country of their here illegally. >> go ahead. >> martha: wait till you get the microphone. i know challenging you. >> for me it starts with the very first thing you asked, to me it starts right there it's illegal or legal. what are we teaching people when we give them all of the rights of being an american citizen and
8:19 pm
all the privileges we do have, that we work for. >> taxpayers paid for these two boys to be in the school. >> but you are illegal, thatat just teaches all the way downn the line. my kids are held accountable legally. get a speeding ticket, there'ske no, he didn't know better. >> what happens in rockville regardless of anybody's illegal status of was horrified. we need to do everything we can to protect our children. it's important to step back. you brought up what president trump pledged to bring common sense to our immigration system. i think it's important to step back. the immigration system doesn't work and when a comprehensive immigration reform.ev i'm concerned that presidentwhap trump has talked about building a wall that's going to cost tens
8:20 pm
of billions of dollars. all the experts are telling us what we need is more people patrolling, better technology on the board. >> martha: but one thing this is what i'm really concerned is one of the things in the budget is cut a grant from the doj to reimburse localities that are holding people here he doesn't need to hold them because we are going to get rid of them back to their country of origin immediately. of >> president trump is going to build a wall. mexico is going to pay. >> that is just not going to happen.ll, anan >> let me ask you about priorities. went to give a few choices. one is tax reform, what is healthcare, one ispening infrastructure.. perhaps the wall is part of that it's the most important thing
8:21 pm
that you want the president to start on his health care reform, raise your hand. not too many. how many would really like the president to prioritize tax reform? a bigger number. how about infrastructure in the wall? >> those are different thanks. >> martha: how about infrastructure. if you think that's your number one priority to improve infrastructure, now very large infrastructure would be a wall along the southern border.r. who wants that to be the numbere one priority. >> a straightahead on the town hall today as we take on president trump in the military more powerful, he wants to spend a lot of the budget on that, better equipment, new schools. will it help to deter terror attacks? we'll talk better when we comeor back.
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>> president trump may be trying to new approach when it comes to working with congress. that is word from white house chief of staff appearing on fox news sunday. he made it clear president trump will be seeking support for moderate democrats and future legislative battles. he says conservative republicans by allowing the gop health care bill to collapse on friday. word office south korea that the court is going to issue an arrest warrant for former
8:27 pm
president on corruption charges. he is accused of colluding with a jailed confidant and allowing the fan friend to interfere with state affairs. they deny any wrongdoing. now back to the first 100 daysne we're back earlier this week. less than 100 days into his presidency donald trump came place to place face-to-face with the global threat of terrors causing multiple fatalities and catastrophic casualties. that after president trump tried to increase defenses bending. an issue near and dear to the people here in north carolina. n
8:28 pm
>> we will all also defend the obama sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. north carolina will be at the very center of this. with brand-new advanced flyers from seymour johnson air force base. >> a new military technologies will be researched and developed right here at the research triangle. let's get started with this very important conversation. we know the president said he was going to raise the budget 52 but billion dollars forr military. susan, your son is a lieutenant colonel. thank you and your family for the service or giving to our
8:29 pm
country. what you think of ramping up the military spending? >> i cannot begin to impressss w them how important it was to have the equipment and training to be a world power again. the most important thing donald trump did for me was get elected. so with that in mind, the person who sits in that oval office that can order my centaur has got to be the right one. i realized i was far more afraid of who that might be then the enemy he faced on thelefield. battlefield. that was a very sad understanding on my part. i believe that all we can do, will probably never be enough but we need to do all we can. i son is a soldier.t american f he wears the american flag on the right shoulder.s he is proud to do so. wherever he has to go to defend this country, we are very proud of that.
8:30 pm
i know the american people are so also. [applause] >> we are so proud of your son away wish him the best and thank him for the service. we know you make a sacrifice as well were grateful to you. >> i would just like to say, who else in here has a family member served in the conflict? >> when he is appointing his son-in-law over general dunford to make national security decision, when he is tweetingdei during his very first air raid about when his going to be interviewed on tv, i feel less safe. when he has no international experience outside of making business deals, he knows nothing about how the military operates,
8:31 pm
i feel less safe. [applause] >> martha: and you have a family member in the military? >> my brother was a major, he served directly underneath general dunford. so, when you have jerry kushner with a bigger say then general dunford, there is a problem here's. >> martha: david, i will turn to you on that. you work with a trump administration, how do you respond to both of these moms? they have very valid things to say. >> thank you both for your service and your son service.coe president trump has come into office with a military that has been to grady. i think the money, the budget, the priority that he is put on rebuilding the military, creating an air force and navy that can fly missions again,
8:32 pm
navy that can actually have warships to be able to sendave s abroad again. president reagan, we remember president reagan won the cold war by building up the military and not firing a shot. in tearing down the wall that was holding the man. but, what we need to do is come together as a nation to support president trump in this time of conflict. we need to make sure that he understands the military has his back because he has their back. he's never going to send them on a mission that they will bes bound to fail. that is really what you were articulating. at least i think it was. >> you cannot have peace in your family and in your hearts unles there's something to believe in. our family is a family of faith.
8:33 pm
i believe he has a shield of protection around him, he just needs the man in washington to make good decisions for him. [applause] obamarica was less safe and them when he took office. at the end of the term he was oc less safe than when president obama took office. i think we would have agreement, president trump is dedicated to the military and building up the military and that's reflected in his budget. >> he had no damn experience. he has as much as trump has for -- >> i want to echo david's thankv to everyone in this room to everybody who has served or is
8:34 pm
serving. ever officer source an oath to the constitution and all of us share a belief not constitutionh what i'm worried about now is that the british were attacked in a terrorist incident, only a few days earlier, president of the united states falsely accused british intelligence of wiretapping him. think about the friction it creates. we should not be attacking british intelligence, we should be court meeting with british intelligence. our military is the strongest in the world, and the history of the world. that has been a force for good in the world.rce for i'll say, the united states have ten aircraft carriers, the next biggest is italy with two in china has one. when we are pushing people off of healthcare. >> we also have planes with parts that are recycled from 50-year-old planes. clearly we need to have, we need to invest. >> : suggesting is that it's part of a strategy. i haven't heard how to more aircraft carriers when we have more than all the rest of the world combined are going to make
8:35 pm
a difference for the people of america. >> martha: i want to get over to this woman. >> i do have a comment. i find it extraordinary they are increasing the budget for military and at the same time stripping the state department of god knows what. that is the one place that should be, diplomacy is the first thing that we should be doing but we are trying to solve problems. we do not need to be, i just feel like this presidency is going as fast as they can to any kind of where they can set up. >> martha: let's go back here. >> look. the affairs of our country have been managed so badly for the last several of years everything is a crisis now. the state of our military isf downright alarming. the fact that in today's world
8:36 pm
korea, russia, china, iran, all very dangerous countries, we need to have a strong military.s everything is important.y. this one needs to be at the top. >> martha: will leave it there and we will come back with more. still had, the top issues for voters across the spectrum are always jobs in the economy. in every poll, that is always the number one thing. di tour audience in north carolina will tell us how they think the president is doing in terms of getting jobs growing in the country. when we come back. [applause] new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
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>> martha: we are back in beautiful pinehurst, north carolina. asking voters to great the president of how is doing so far, we're in the tar heel state. like most places in america, the number one thing on everyone's minds is jobs. at the end of the day how do you feel, to think things are improving or not improving? have to go to my friend over
8:41 pm
here has been saying throughout the hour, i don't want to talk about jobs. introduce yourself to the audience. >> it's good to have you here. most of the things i'm hearing about tonight have happened in the last eight years.e this mess ran is because of then last eight years. one of the biggest things has been the economy. i'm a businessman the business community has been beat to death by the eight years we've had. it's coming back and i can feel it coming back. immediately when we got a new president, attitudes changed. >> people started spending again, people started shopping again and making plans again, people started going back to work again. everything improved. it started with attitude, is now turning into jobs. i haveve president trump the otr
8:42 pm
night in kentucky say let's make america great again and strong again, he said let's make america wealthy again. >> we are allowing cold to be dumped into our rivers, judge neil gorsuch was the only dissent in the trans am truckins lawsuit which allowed a company to fire someone who almost item 14 blows weather. we have to also concern herself with the health and welfare of americans. >> martha: well said. let me get more thoughts on thee economy and jobs. wes, you're not a believer. you think that's all hype. >> i think it's exactly hype. the statistics on unemployment have been going down for wellcs over a year. we are essentially spewing.
8:43 pm
>> were essentially a full employment. 5% they say of employment is below 5% essentially everybody wants a job has one. what you have are people who are not qualified. >> martha: one of the problems as we have let people who dropped out of the workforce.e some people feel that number was artificially low. want to ask about sentiment. i used to cover the stock market pearl libby. sentiment is important to the economy.w how many of you in this room feel, feelings are sometimes important that things are getting better and you mightnt spend more money this year were take on another employee. why is that not matter to you? >> it matters but not because what the president has i don't think he has done anything except validate statistics from the labor department which is no longer fake news. when he sql minors going intoe
8:44 pm
the oval office and people sitting around the desk representing companies across i the country, letting them have a seat at the table, do you think that's a good idea for the president to be involved in that way? >> i don't have a problem with that. i wish you would tell the truth to the coal miners. coal is not coming back. >> how many people here were mus frustrated by the wall street bailout?man sach donald trump repeatedly, on the campaign trail railed against goldman sachs. who did he put in charge of the treasury department? goldman sachs. people are making a lot of money on wall street running up the score because they think they'll get giveaways from the government. that's a donald trump is doing with his to health care plan. huge tax cuts. >> he's feeling his cabinet was successful businessmen and womeg who have been successful in their lives. unlike career politicians who bring their cronies into the
8:45 pm
cabinet. he has withdrawn from tpp, look, the first month he had over 100,000 plus jobs over the number expected. that goes to the optimism and the sentiment on the street. what is going on in america today with the president bringing in men and women who are job creators into the oval office and white house andoffice having ideas sessions. how do we in the white house help you create jobs. that's a difference maker and that's what a leader does. >> martha: want to go to marjorie. your former business owner, what you think about how he's doing, is it hyper for real? >> i like to think that things are starting to change.. i grew up in a small town, i would love to see the economy come back into the small town
8:46 pm
and have villages in small-townt that a lot of us grew up in. i do not think that should be forgotten. as for his business and industry we have to look at the small business. >> small businesses have been hurting. they seem to be more optimistic from what you hear. this go to this lady in the replacer. >> i owns a tour and limousine company in the area. we have been operating for 27 years. i have seen and up and down. after president donald trump was elected, it has been totally, 60 to 70% up. people are coming again.0 or [applause]
8:47 pm
one thing you can tell they're coming again in our office, we have an old saying, if the japanese are coming, it is going to be a good year. they are coming to the masters and coming to pinehurst to play. we're taking a back and forth. it has become a 60% improvement since he's been elected. >> martha: america's concerned when it comes to the future of healthcare has been front and center. president trump and republicans in the majority face pressure to get this right even from people in their party. the audience ways in when we comeooth ts back. number one awarded. it's got to be tide
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8:52 pm
president trump promised big changes in better health care for everybody. just a day before winning the white house. >> real change begins with immediately repealing repealing and replacing obama care.lause] [applause]sa sadly, it is just been announced that the residents of northrolia carolina are going to experience a massive double digit premium hikes. going to win and terminated. you'll have such great healthcare. it won't matter. >> martha: obviously a very divisive issue in this country.. want to get out and chat with some of the people here and see what they're saying.urse o we have a few people to talk to in particular.weto tal cindy, you are recently unemployed, what are yourew
8:53 pm
concerns about obama care and the possible transition into something new? >> i'm on cobra now and the deductibles are so high. is the new health care bill going to help with those deductibles? i find my previous employer allows us a low deductible, high deductible so people can afford their premiums at the head. >> martha: what you think? do you think you're going to get lower premiums? >> i hope, but i don't understand this three-step process of my the kid to morek? the first time. >> martha: let's talk to some of the people who have concerns about what you're hearing about health care bill. james, reverend, what are you thinking when you wash this i debate going on in washington. how do you respond? >> i know for myself in the affordable care act was passed seven years ago it was more formidable for me to buy healthcare. as a pastor i don't make that
8:54 pm
much money. my wife was soon blue cross blue shield open market was more expensive than having through the affordable care act. >> martha: so you're happy with what you got? >> it's worked well for us and i don't understand how attack seduction for people making over to her thousand squeezing aa people at the bottom is going to hell.t there'll be no not more people to the opportunity but if you can afford it, i could buy her for re if i wanted to come i can afford it. so i'm not getting a ferrari. >> martha: is your deductible hi or okay? >> the deductible is high, without a doubt. with the subsidy were getting the care is affordable and were
8:55 pm
both pretty healthy. it is worked well for us. if something catastrophic would happen the most we would pay $7000. that is a lot more than i wouldd want to pay, but if that's whatt it is, that's what it is. >> martha: so you're hearing what people are saying. if you're familiar with the paul ryan, gop bill, how many are in favor of what they here? i also ask about the rand paul version is one of the most outspoken people. who is with the paul ryan version?etter way of p what about the rand paul, for lack of better way of putting it, version? how many people feel confused? >> their alrayes in their hands. but he think when you listen to that? >> a few things, the first thing to understand, the affordable character not to anything to people who are getting insurance through the employer. as for the folks who are outnc there who couldn't get insurance through their employer.
8:56 pm
what about my premium, what about my deductible? the answer is, there's no wayes these are going to go down undee the bill. for this reason, the democrats came in a 2009 at 2010 and said we want everybody to have insurance and make it peo to do it they raise taxes on some of the wealthiest people in the country. that's true. the republicans are coming in and saying were going to repeal this and take away that tax increase on the wealthiest people, then we will take awayaw the tax credits for those who get the care. north carolina will be hit the hardest. for those buying healthcare on the exchange they could see premiums go up 50%. it's just math. you can't take away this revenue and give tax breaks and give subsidies to have care.
8:57 pm
>> martha: that's why people don't like the gop plan. they want a new ball of wax. >> there's a major discussion continuing about what healthcare should look like in the future. one reason mark meadows have been leading the effort to have a healthcare built to bring down premiums. i know individuals in the exchanges had benefits. if we open up and have mores. competition, the ability to go across state lines and as employer are deductible that we paid as a company and all companies went up dramatically to help cover all that. those attacks increase in
8:58 pm
corporate america to help pay for everyone else. we need to figure out a way to take care those in need. nobody wants to harm those people. that's a fundamental fact. president trump dedicated during the campaign that everyone would be taken care of. the needs to be more competition than open and honest system that allows people to choose what they want. >> martha: one thing were learning in this room so needs to be better articulation what's can happen. most people get the healthcare through the company. for them it doesn't change. the three people who fell through the cracks andttpl were covered. >> it changes the trajectory of the company been able to hire people. it impacts your cost of in dramatic fashion. >> martha: the decision made at the federal government needs to make sure everyone has health insurance. that's not a free-market capitalist way of looking at healthcare. that's where we are now. i don't how you undo that. >> employment went up after the
8:59 pm
affordable care act. not that people are getting laid off, it went up and were in a better position than we were back then. to your point, i hear david about get more competition in the lower price doesn't get more people on, the problem is word pulling tax breaks out of the system. people will drop insurance, more people will go to the emergency room to get the care and all of us pays for that. >> martha: i want to think or guess for being here. wonderful to have you here. i think the great audience heree tonight. of the people at the town hall. there's just over one month left in the first 100 days. will president trump deliver on his promises. that is the message we have promised to hold him to throughout the course of the program. we'll keep watching and reporting every day over these
9:00 pm
the program. we'll keep watching and reporting. every weeknight at 7:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. thanks for watching, thanks for joining us. [applause]


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