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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 27, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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watching "fox & friends first", i'm clayton morris. heather: getting back on track shifting from health care to tax reform. clayton: white house open it is doors to democrats. heather: griff jenkins with what is next. good morning, griff. >> we are moving onto tax reform. we have the budget coming up. we are willing to talk to anyone, we always have been and more so now than ever it's time for both parties to come together to get to real reforms in this country. >> the only problem is it's been more than 30 year's since major overall and republicans seem to have a difficult time to agree
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on this. kevin brady says things are on track. >> we are going to move forward with the boldest tax reform in generation and running the parallel all throughout health tinue to make improvements. we are planning to move this on the ways and means committee in the spring. >> before they even get there, they will have to tackle the task of keeping the government open by tend of next month with spending bills and questions are already asked about future of paul ryan. mark meadows that stood in the way of health care last week, there isn't any talk about replacing the speaker. >> there is no conversations going on right now with regards to replacing the speaker. we are there to get this across the finish line so we are committed to work with the president, the speaker, the current speaker and make sure that what we do is get some consensus. >> the white house also opened
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the door to open to democrats on tax reform and other issues but that was met by threads by senate minority leader chuck schumer. interesting week in washington. heather: as usual. now, to alert, investigators are demanding access to the message sent through khalid masood through whatsapp. and in less than an hour we are expecting new details about melissa, she's still hospitalized thanking everyone for outpouring love and support. >> the man accused of planning a
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lone-wolf terror attack here at home is walking three, derrick thompson was allow today walk out of a phoenix wear required to wear a electronic monitoring device. thompson is accused of he hatched alleged plan. heather: trump administration intensifying war on terror sending more troops in the middle east as the prime minister of iraq that isis will be abliviated within weeks. >> fox news learned that top military commander in baghdad, steve townsend requested station, u.s. defense official tells fox the additional force wills go to syria and iraq to
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help, in mosul a tough fight against isis, longer than five months now. in an exclusive interview said he believes with help, iraqi forces will drive isis out of the city within the next few weeks. >> we are defeating them mentally. they will try. that's where we need others to flush them out in syria and other places. >> early sunday in neighboring
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syria u.s. back kurdish military forces captured a syrian air base from isis near the city and a u.s.-led forces are reportedly closing in on raqqah, defacto isis capital and the pentagon is expected to provide more details on the troop deployment later today, heather. clayton: thanks, kelly. the 26 convicted immigrants released from prison showing up for court order community service in fort worth, texas but were thrown right behind bars and now custody, felonies of drunk driving and theft and assault. heather: a fight inside the nightclub led to the shout-out that killed one and hurt 15
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others saturday night. a news conference also scheduled for later today. clayton: tragedy at a racetrack. terrifying moments captured on camera during the first lap of the race. david rounding the curve striking and slamming right into the wall. steel was hoping to win 100th win. nascar driver was 42 year's old. heather: march saddens. sweeping university of kentucky as members of big blue nation wreak havoc following loss. watch this. trash cans torch.
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[cheers and applause] heather: how about the good part of the story? tar heel winning and the final four is now set on saturday, gonzaga will take south carolina and oregon versus north carolina. clayton: hail cracking this windshield in texas. look at that. twisters touching down across oklahoma. new video showing tornado as it tears through sooner state. heather: lighting filling the sky and storm threat is far from over. meteorologist to talk about it, good morning, adam.
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>> good morning, spring in full force here as we are looking across different showers, one bringing winter precipitation. we are looking stretching from mid-atlantic. that's going to stay there throughout the day. everyone farther to the south just looking at rain showers. these aren't the big storms. the big storms farther to the west, moving memphis toward st. louis. this is a large area where we would see chance of severe weather later today. so here is our target to memphis getting over to nashville into portions of kentucky. that's where you are looking enhanced for severe rain. slight risk of tornadic activity a little bit later today but big
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thunderstorms in the area. what's fueling, look at the temperatures getting to 70's, fueled like a whole lot of heat. colder air out west. beginning more like spring, guys, and that's fueling all of the showers. clayton: wonderful. did you say 70 today? >> mid-60's. heather: thank you. clayton: white house to unveil office of american innovation, led by the president's son-in-law jared kushner, using ideas from the business sector, the office is looking to achieve success and efficiency for, quote, customers that are the citizens. >> and first daughter ivanka trump will be representing the united states at an international summit of woman in the workplace invited by angela merkel, ivanka will meet from representatives from other nations in berlin. this will happen next month to
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talk about the economic impowerment of women. the associated press reporting that ivanka plans to study successful apprenticeship programs at the event. clayton: time is now 10 minutes after the hour. >> a dynamic of hatred has been growing in this country and clearly related to the rhetoric of donald trump. clayton: hate crime that mayor de blasio says it's all trump's fault. heather: place your bet because losing can still be a win. ten little known tax writ-offs that you're not using and maybe you should be. heather: wow. clay lay maybe the greatest fan dunk of all of time. the incredible shot you have to see to believe. let's watch it again.
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clayton: good morning, everyone, welcome back to "fox & friends first" on this rainy monday. demonstrators degreed head to toe in black swarming officers to disrupt and destroy peaceful rallies, disruptors burning american flags and clashing with police officers as police officers there try to keep calm amid all of the violent marchs. the scenes also playing out in california, new jersey, massachusetts, rhode island and
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michigan where trump supporters gathered over the weekend. heather: man from maryland travels in his own words to, quote, kill black people and new york city mayor bill de blasio is blaming that murder as well as uptick in crime on president trump. >> the challenge here is that a dynamic of hatred has been growing in this country over the last year or more, particularly come out in the open after the election as clearly related to the rhetoric of donald trump and even other candidates during the presidential election that have unlearned forces of hate all over the country. heather: there have been 55 murderers in new york city so far compare today 63 murders by this time last year. nypd says there's 143 hate crime complaints between now and election.
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clayton: first responders in texas to arm themselves, supportive of the bill is aiming to keep firefighters and emt safe. heather: there's not critics that are not trained law enforcement causing concern that they won't have the same judgment using firearms as police officers in tense situations. clayton: this morning we want to know what you think, is it necessary for safety or more a liability? heather: send us comments on facebook and we will share them later in the show. a lot of ways to get in touch with us. before you file taxes, you might want to take a closer look at some ways to save. clayton: that's right. cheryl casone with ten write-offs that you should be using if you're not already. cheryl: good morning, guys, you probably ask yourself are there tax deductions that i'm not using on my return, well, the answer is yes, here are some of them. there are medical and dental
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expenses to you, your spouse and your dependents if those exceed 10% of adjusted growth income, if you or your spouse are over 65 and deduct them if they exceed 7 and a half percent. you can write off tax preparation fees whether you hire somebody to do your taxes or tax software, if you make renovations for medical purposes, handicap shower, ramp, lowering cabinets in the kitchen those are all deductibles. job-seekers, you have options, transportation, printing resumes and other materials as well as employment agency fees and then if you have a charitable side, you can write expenses tied to that work, gasoline, uniform and parking expenses. okay, speaking of driving your car is a business expense, if you use this part of your job, most use these standard mileage rate deductions on their tax returns. moving expenses temporary living
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commodities for hotels occur during the move. investing such as what you pay your investment adviser, the software you purchased and used, the cost of attorney ifs you're dealing with real estate investments and also deductible. legal fees relate today your job, alimony payments, deductible and finally the gambling losses while, yeah, you can deduct your deck losses against your winning. it's something. clayton: that's one i didn't know about. thanks, cheryl. heather: third time not a charm for one woman determined to meet president trump. the white house fence jumper that just won't give up. clayton: check your leggings at the gate, teens banned from boarding because of their pants. what united airlines is doing to
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clear it all up. carley shimkus is here. heather: we are debating the same thing. clayton: i'm just not going to travel anymore.
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♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: downtown orlando florida. heather: doesn't look like it's raining like new york city. clayton: when it rains in florida, it rains 20 minutes. heather: a lot of people are talking about this morning
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united airlines you should fire for refuse to go let girls wear leggings aboard a flight. clayton: this is a tragedy. carley shimkus here to explain. carley: there is a life at tend of this dark tunnel. carley: over 300,000 tweets with the word united and leggings. two teens were not permitted to allow boarding. a united gate agent isn't letting girls in leggings get on flight from denver to minneapolis because spandex is not allowed. that tweet creating a fire storm of criticism and outrage and confusion spread online. nick bolton writing, friendly reminder, rather, united, no one
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is nearly as offended by a little girl in spandex as they are for this situation. apparently leggings and leg room are aabandonedonned. united explained decision saying the girls were packed travelers using free or heavily discounted tickets. united said they require the passengers to dress nicer than normal folks because they are representing the company. if you want to fly free, you have to dress up. heather: follow the rules. chelsea clinton has something to say.
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carley: this was the cover of the program at a dinner for palm beach county. clinton did not find the cover clever and tweeted please tell me this is photo shop, please. funny responses, no, this is the exact hat lincoln was wearing when he signed the emancipation proclamation, people forget that. i remember, this was the photo taken at the 1856 republican national convention and it is real. clayton: right. carley: rumor of lincoln wearing the top hat, fake news. clayton: i'm sure she's smarter than that. i'm not the age of worrying about report cards but i don't know that i can see myself going
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to a game and seeing what this father did. carley: i think this could be you in the future. the recently winner of cavaliers game said that if thomas got good grades he would have been at the game too. here are reactions. it's only march but we already have the strong candidate for dad of the year at the cavs game. this is pretty awesome. the dad is father of the year, period. young thomas has dad to thank when he gets into harvard. heather: absolutely. clayton: son, can you make it? heather: judges in court and you see them having people hold signs. carley: i don't know about you. heather: thank you. clayton: thanks, carley. time is 26 after the hour.
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ted versus sean hannity. >> do you think i'm bad for america? >> yeah. >> you do? >> in the long haul and i think -- clayton: heated debate and how it all ended. heather: university of oregon wins the first ever ncaa men's basketball tournament defeating ohio state, announces plan to explore space near the moon kevin, meet your father. kevin bye kevin kevin kevin
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, from a rainy new york city. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, brand-new week ahealth. i'm heather childers. clayton: good morning, everyone, i'm clayton morris. it's 31 minutes after the hour. this time the white house is opening the door to work with democrats. heather: is that going better? griff jenkins. good morning, griff. >> they need to come together that's for sure because they failed to replace obamacare. now the trump administration says it's moving onto tax reform. >> we are moving to tax reform. we are willing to talk to anyone. we always have been and i think more so now than ever it's time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country.
2:32 am
>> only problem is it's been more than 30 years since the nation's tax system has a major overhaul. republicans not agreeing on much, nevertheless chairman of the house ways and means committee kevin brady says things are on track for spring. >> we are going to move forward with the boldest tax reform in the generation, we have been running a parallel as well and we will continue to make improvements, we are plan to go move this on the ways and means committee in the spring. >> before that, they'll have tackle the task of keeping the government open by the end of next month and already questions have been raised about the future of speak -- speaker paul ryan something that reince shut down. do -- do you want paul ryan to step down or not? >> no, he doesn't. he believes what he said on the oval office on friday. he doesn't blame paul ryan. >> they've got to get democrats to work with them as well.
2:33 am
>> we have ideas, they have ideas to try to improve obamacare. we never said it was perfect. we would always said we work to improve them. we just said repeal was off the table and if he out of anger or vengeance starts undermining aca is going to backfire on him. >> that doesn't seem too promising and as you see, guys, a dark cloud hanging over washington, literally, the capitol barely visible behind me. clayton: thanks, griff. fox news alert. stabbing a police officer to death may have told others about his deadly plot. investigators are now demanding access to the message that was sent be khalid masood to heavily encrypted whatsapp app. in less than an hour we are
2:34 am
expecting new details about wife melissa and melissa set to hold press conference. they released statement over the weekend thanking for you -- outpouring of support. heather: former teacher accused of kidnapping her. police releasing new video in hopes that anyone can help identify elizabeth thomas by her voice warning that she may have changed her appearance. listen closely to this. >> and then you take the needle. take the needle. heather: amber alert has been issued to the 15-year-old who police say was having an inappropriate relationship with the 50-year-old teacher. the two have been on the run since march 11th.
2:35 am
clayton: well the white house intruder left dangling by the shoe laces. marcy made it over the wall making the third time the washington state woman was arrested in a week. service secret agents facing disciplinary over intruders. heather: here is what they say, at least two to three threats have been made each week since the president was sworn into office and many of those instances residents were never made aware of the threats raising a major red flag since the first lady and the youngest son baron lives in the building. two going at it after fox news is bad more america.
2:36 am
>> you think we are bad for america? >> yeah. >> you do? >> yeah. in the long haul, i think you and all these opinion -- no, you know why? because you're very good at what you do and because you have -- you have attracted a significantly more -- let me finish the sentence. >> i'm listening. with all due respect. >> you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. heather: hannity respond to go critics on twitter. if you pay attention ted was saying all opinion shows are bad for america but he was saying this while giving us his opinion. #hypocrisy. yeah. you're good at what you do. let's keep talking about this exchange. what do you agree with?
2:37 am
#keep tp talking. clayton: time is 36 after the hour. a hard lesson for a sixth grader walk to go bus stop, why police slapped her with citation. >> it's time for folks to come together and get a few moderate democrats on board as well. heather: president trump looking for a new strategy in push for tax reform. are democrats the key to his success? a fair and balance debate next. clayton: stunt drivers thought this was impossible. whoa. heather: a flip, wait. clayton: a reaction from fans. per roll
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republican not wasting any time quickly shifting focus from health care to tax reform and changing strategy since the obamacare debacle. he'll be hold the reins this time around but will it be time to reform the tax code. political analysts amy holmes, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, good morning. heather: amy, i will start with you. what's the first thing that president trump needs to do? >> consult with greg, sort of the king of tax reform on the republican side who knew how to work with democrats. i think that it's key to passing tax reform and the second thing he could do is to start holding hear to go prep both the public and politicians on the parameter of tax reform in terms of politics and policy. heather: obamacare taxes will
2:42 am
remain. how do you move forward with that in terms of, you know, the tax code? >> i think it's going to be a challenge and i think one of the reasons why they try to prioritize the repeal and replace of the affordable care act is for that reason. medicare tax, medical device tax and a number of the taxes that are rolled into the aca in addition to that they were counting on some of the cost-saving to be able to pay for some of the tax reforms. and speaker ryan actually owned up to that fact on friday at his press conference. heather: so is now the time that we need to have a new coalition with democrats, listen to this? >> i think having bipartisan would be a big, big improvement. i think that this is going to end up being a very good thing. >> it's time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country.
2:43 am
>> the republicans and democrats finally decide to come together and repeal and replace obamacare will be ready to get the job done. heather: amy, wishful thinking? >> well, maybe not. there's already bipartisan tax plan for a long time and an opportunity to reach across aisle, big mistakes of obamacare is it was passed on the party line which means you don't have bipartisan buy-in, you have partisan attack. something as reforming tax code, i think, has to be a bipartisan effort and i think democrats they should have their feet to the fire, do you want to help the economy move forward. heather: you had people within the own party not agreeing with it. so how do you get democrats on board? >> it's going to be a challenge, no question about it. i think that democrats and republicans alike need to come to the table, need to build a
2:44 am
consensus, that's how you have a stronger legislative process. >> absolutely. >> and a stronger product as well. better for the american public and better for the american economy. we need to come together and actually govern and put party politics aside for two minutes and actually do what the american public sent people to washington to do and that is actually to, you know, craft legislation and make -- make government work for people. >> get it done. they are pushing for spring for this to happen. griff jenkins said in his report. >> do you believe that we have consensus right here on fox news. >> what a better way to start monday? heather: thank you both for joining us this morning. clayton: good thing we didn't have them debate the legging story. hail shattering this car in texas. and then this, spawning tornadoes across the sooner state, the storms are on the
2:45 am
move right now and meteorologist is dams is in the fox weather center tracking all these. good morning, adam. >> a couple of areas we are tracking. showers moving along the northeast eventually here today and a few folks maybe hanging onto winter-like temperatures, i do think we are going to continue to see off and on mix by new york city and washington, d.c. and farther to the south, these are general spring thunderstorms, not big weather there. the big weather farther off to the center of the country. we are looking at the line of thunderstorms moving up to the mississippi river. that later today is going to be bringing at least a threat of severe weather. you see our bulls eye over the memphis area. small chance of tornadoes, clayton. clayton: appreciate it. heather: brian kilmeade standing by to tell us what's on "fox &
2:46 am
friends". brian: we are going to pick up the legging story. we will squeeze interview with ted paul, he quit it after what he saw with obamacare, is that the beginning and the end of the caucus? we will take a lady. the second lady live with us car rent pence with a big interview on what serving the country means to us as a mom and second lady and newt gringrich, what happened to trump care? what happens to ryan care, why do we still have obamacare? newt gringrich brings inside and outside the process. i will not repeal who will be hosting with me later, please stay on the edge of your seats. clayton: mystery host. heather: is there a difference with leggings and yoga pants. brien: i don't know.
2:47 am
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heather: catholic church in méxico sending a not so christian message to companies interested in working on the border wall. you're a trader. the idea immoral and questioned the loyalty of those companies. resistance not swaying president trump from his mission to secure the president. general kelly is doing a great job at the border, numbers are way down, many are not even train to come in anymore. clayton: a new bill would make marijuana legal there allowing anyone over 21 to buy, possess and grow pot. under the new rules the state would also have the power to
2:51 am
collect $50 for every ounce and charge 6% on retail sales. generating $700 million in new tax revenue. heather: crash bringing uber self-driving cars to a screeching halt. clayton: lauren simonetti from fox business here with the business headlines, good morning, lauren. lauren: good morning, bad news for uber, temporarily stopping self-driving car test in california, pennsylvania and arizona after one of the suv's crashed on friday. take a look at the crash scene right here. the uber volvo suv on the side after colliding with another vehicle, it actually turns out the uber car was not at fault but the action shows how autonomous technology is still years from being ready. >> if you remove the driver, you remove driver error, first of all the automation has to work, if the automation doesn't work, then what? lauren: no serious injuries were reported.
2:52 am
tens of thousands of people still on samsung galaxy note 7 smartphone, the one that is were recalled five months ago for potentially exploding batteries? well, now south korean news agency is reporting that samsung will issue a software update that will essentially note the note 7 into a brick. if you love that device, here is the good news, galaxy s8 will be announced on wednesday. coffee news is the best time in the morning, today dunkin dunkin' donuts is serving up flavors. and for those hungry, think pretzels or a pretzel croissant.
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heather: driver lee o'donnell wowing the crowd when he did this. clayton: donald mick named scientist leaving up to his name, front flip in las vegas over the weekend. heather: one, two, not surprising mad scientist ended up winning the free-style competition. how do you practice that? clayton: if you fail, your car is destroyed and you need another car. how do you get good at sword swallowing? figure that one. 53 now after the hour. brand-new push to arm firefighters and emt on the job, is this a good idea? your e-mails are pouring in on this one. heather: is this a new record or the quickest way to get a headache.
2:54 am
we report on the side. ♪ ♪ ♪ life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm... i'm becoming my, uh, mother. it's been hard, but some of the stuff he says is actually pretty helpful. pumpkin, bundling our home and auto insurance is a good deal! like buying in bulk! that's fun, right? progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto. clayton: 57 minutes after the hour. before you lee the house, he is what is happening today. neil gorsuch a step closer to confirmation. the senate judiciary committee is meeting to vote on sending his nomination to the full senate. but democrats are expected to ask for a week long delay.
2:58 am
president trump set to unveil the new office of american innovation led by son-in-law jared kutche kushner. and nfl owners are voting on moving the raiders have from oakland california to las vegas, nevada. they could be playing in sin city by 2018. >> heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. atlanta hawk's fan wowing the crowd last night. watch. >> oh! >> heather: that fan dressed in jeans, wow. uses a trampoline to nail an insane dunk at halftime. also a little break dancing there. follows it up with one the greatest celebrations ever. now the bad. a sixth grader at massachusetts cited fortress for
2:59 am
trespassing. thief walked through the neighbor's yard. she had no idea the neighbors complained until the police showed up at her door. if she does it again, she could be fined. this kid really knows how to use his noggin. the bosnian tiquando champ breaks 111 blocks with his head. smashing his way into the guinness book of world records. clayton: that is easy. big brew on this responses this morning. >> heather: we told you have about the new debate allowing first responders in texas to arm themselves while on duty. supporters warned it's armed at keeping firefighters and emts safe. clayton: they aren't trained law enforcement causing concern they won't have the same judgment using firearms as police officers in tense situations. >> heather: we asked your thoughts whether you thought it was necessary for safety more more of a liability. we got a ton of spawbses in both sides. clayton: i work in medicine and first responders can
3:00 am
definitely walk into bad situations. >> heather: liberty disagrees no, they don't. that's what law enforcement is for. if a situation is dangerous police would, should be on duty to respond. clayton: let us know what you think. >> heather: that wraches it up for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. clayton: more on the leggings debate. ♪ >> this is a great opportunity for president trump to reassess that he was elected to be totally different than the people in washington. >> can he still work with conservative republicans? the obvious answer is yes. will he? we will see. maybe the best question should he? >> on capitol hill with late word a member of the conservative frum freedom caucus that fought so hard against the republican healthcare bill has resigned. >> i believe it's time for the party to start governing. >> it's more or less a warning shot that we're willing to talk to anyone. we always have been. >> a big week ahead for the house intelligence committee on the


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