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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 27, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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definitely walk into bad situations. >> heather: liberty disagrees no, they don't. that's what law enforcement is for. if a situation is dangerous police would, should be on duty to respond. clayton: let us know what you think. >> heather: that wraches it up for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. clayton: more on the leggings debate. ♪ >> this is a great opportunity for president trump to reassess that he was elected to be totally different than the people in washington. >> can he still work with conservative republicans? the obvious answer is yes. will he? we will see. maybe the best question should he? >> on capitol hill with late word a member of the conservative frum freedom caucus that fought so hard against the republican healthcare bill has resigned. >> i believe it's time for the party to start governing. >> it's more or less a warning shot that we're willing to talk to anyone. we always have been. >> a big week ahead for the house intelligence committee on the hill.
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congressman devin nunes is asking back to the hill. this time closed door meetings. >> ultimately president trump is going to be proven correct. >> annua anti-trump protesters , burning flags. >> in the long haul, i think you and all these opinion shows -- >> to the wind. he scores. with .3 seconds to go. ♪ our house ♪ in the middle of our street ♪ our house in the middle of -- brian: in the middle of all of new york city is our house. that is a place we call -- i feel like we are here all the time. don't you? i was here all weekend. you were. that's right. 8 hours on the air. a lot of basketball this weekend, too. ainsley: can you believe it? the university of south carolina won. we were so thrilled. i happened it be at the game.
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darius rutgers on the front row he was crying. such a big fan of our school. pete: both north and south carolina in the final four both won yesterday. brian: doesn't seem right we are a big country one should be forced to bow out. ainsley: i'm surprised you know it's two different teams. everyone up north think it's one state. pete: north carolina just wears carolina. which carolina? brian: my bracket north carolina. re. ainsley: heather childers will be happy with you. brian: i saw her this morning she seems really happy. you talk about intense weekend of analysis and points of view that i find each very intriguing, it is the aftermath of the healthcare bill that isn't and that wasn't and that may never be. because of that, we are going to be with the affordable care act for quite some time. early on you have to say it's a great weekend for democrats. they go wow, obamacare lives.
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i think they have to wake up today uo-oh it lives for now what do we do? pete pete presiden president trp pointed to them and say you own it it's a disaster and have democrats all over it. finger pointing all over the place. speaker ryan had seven years to get a bill done. nothing. the freedom caucus moderates a lot of postmortem. ainsley: did you ever think that nancy pelosi and paul ryan would agree that obamacare is the law of the land. that's just the way it is. pete: unfortunately, yeah. ainsley: some are blaming other people. some are blaming the freedom caucus. some are blaming paul ryan saying he should have gotten the votes. let us know what you think. send your comments in. watch what happened yesterday on the sunday shows. it is the blame game. watch. >> people blame the freedom caucus. the heritage foundation the club for growth. that's blame the speaker of the house. i think president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren't. >> he is becaming you for saving planned parenthood, saving obamacare.
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>> it's like saying that tom brady lost at halftime. you know, we're not -- we may be in overtime. i think the house moved a bit too fast. 18 days is simply not enough time. >> you know, the presidency is not supposed to be crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's. that's an excuse. >> i think there is probably plenty of blame to go around. >> what happened is washington won. one thing we learned this week is washington was broken a lot more than president trump thought it was. brian: i watched all the sunday show he is. i think one thing is pretty clear. they did not do a good job selling the program to the american people. if president trump got his plan and had their moment and said here it is. then they will turn around and effort weekend it would have been democrats saying 17% of the country approves of trump care/ryan care. how are you going to deal with there? paul ryan will say that's knot the exact plan i had proposed. freedom caucus if i had given in. this is their plan.
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we have been an orphan. we will not be able to get through any presidency, any time. i don't care how charismatic the man or woman is, unless people somehow compromise. they have to understand they are not up there just to get their own way. pete: we have really gott to make the case because the swamp is deep. it's not going to change instantly. just because trump was elected doesn't mean the process has all changed. special interest, the pettiness, messiness of washington is going to change. have you to have the people and votes behind you to get it done or you will get caught up in the muck. ainsley: compliment the people in washington who are doing this for the people. you froyou have the freedom caus getting the blame. in their heart of hearts they believe they're doing the right thing and they're thinking about their people and constituents. brian: then work. ainsley: work together and find a compromise. brian: work in a soup kitchen or children's home.
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when you are there it is to compromise. if i were to do our show and all did i was talk and did you was talk that's not a good show. pete: you are not there to compromise or pass legislation that you believe would benefit the country. at some point you are right, have you to say yea or ney and vote for something. that's the issue with the freedom caucus, you washed, you pushed, you pushed. when are you going to pull a lever for the good guys. ainsley: interviewing people from the freedom caucus. we he wanted to vote for what the people -- we wanted to vote because the premiums are too high for the elderly people. people interviewing them said yeah, in three years those premiums are going to go down. yes, maybe that's the compromise. maybe the costs are too high. they do have to come up with a come promis mize. 25 more vote. brian: maybe as little as 15 votes. some said as few as 5. congressman from texas said. this he tweeted out afterwards, i'm no longer a member of the freedom caucus. he was a yes.
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saying no is easy. leading is hard. what is we were elected to do. leaving this caucus will allow me to be a more effective member of caucus. an advocate for the people of texas. it is time to lead. so he will be our guest at 7:15 eastern time. ainsley: want to find out why he did this exactly. now he is regretting not voting for it. brian: no. no. he was going to vote for it and break. by the way mark meadows said vote your conscience which means go do what you want. pete: this might not be over. it's not that strange done receive of a scenario where in a few days or weeks there is a few tweaks made to this bill and repeal and replacement of obamacare comes back. brian: we'll see. it's so complicated, pete. that's the whole thing. pete: they were very close. ainsley: let's move on to this. ashante was interviewed by ted koppel for 45 minutes. ted koppel took a small sample of that interview and this is what he aired on cbs the morning show. >> we have to give some credit
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to the american people that there is that they are somewhat intejted and know the difference between an opinion show and news show. >> you are cynical. look at that. >> i am cynical. >> you think we are bad for america you? think i'm bad for america. >> yeah. >> you do? >> in the long haul, i think you and all these opinion shows. >> that's sad, ted. that's sad. >> because you are very good at what you do. and because you have -- you have attracted a significantly more he with all due respect. >> let me finish. you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. pete: i love when he said ashante said yosaid seanhannity-
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brian: all opinion shows bad for america. saying this while giving out his opinion #hypocrisy: took that one exchange where ted koppel finished his thought. what's so bizarre on that cbs show you get 9 minutes. that makes that show so great. they give a lot of attention. if ted koppel had bill maher here, michael moore here and sean here and said michael moore, you are bad for america. bill maher, you are bad for america. sean you are bad for america and had them together. then you could say he is trying to do a balanced piece. he went to the "new york times" for balance and actually asked them can do you something to help us in america when he doesn't understand the argument is where they are and what the counter argument is what they are is not where what the american people are. and what sean does is give his opinion. it's not his fault that he became so popular on radio and so popular on tv that i believe he is number one or two in both. and they looked at rushism because as the enemy.
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rush limbaugh came out organically a guy making $18,000 a year as a sales person. the country loved him. evidence became unbelievably successful. that's an american success story. ainsley: shows you how mainstream america thinks. if they don't agree with your opinions, they will sell you as being bad for america. they are going to say that about the right, of course. listen, sean hannity tweeted out he said that was a 45 minute interview. cbs i dare to you release all of it we would love to see that entire interview, cbs. brian: they have a streaming news show. they could put it up on streaming news show. pete: this is why the media missed it someone like ted koppel or brian williams or dan rather the inventor with fake news what he did in 2004. they're the arbiters of what truth is? no, no, no. have you had a left wing bias forever, slanting the playing field against conservatives never. enough to we are calling you out for it don't think you goat call balls and strike strikes.
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ainsley: sean hannity's show is so successful and so is rush's. let's listen to the american people. brian: want him to toll rachel maddow and keith olbermann you are bad for america. i have a few clips available. is that the worst thing in the world to bring them together. ted koppel. above it all. a legend and give his opinion sean is bad. the "new york times" is there to straighten out america. ainsley: we don't hear what sean's response ask. sean loves to argue. i'm sure he had a great argument right after that and they clipped it. pete: i said right out of the clip. don't sell the american people short. they are smart enough to understand what we think -- that's the way the left thinks. we need to tell what you to think. sean says no, i trust you. you make the choice. brian: i know one thing -- i know one person's opinion gavin, the executive who wants us to toss over to heather and i wholeheartedly agree. >> heather: we will talk about
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that. in the meantime we will begin with this fox news alert though. the terrorists who plowed an suv through pedestrians in london before stabbing a police officer to death may have told others about his deadly plot. investigators are now demanding access to the messages sent by khalid masood through the heavily encrypted app. what's app. this as another suspect was arrested sunday linked to attack that killed four including kirk cochran. we are expecting new details about cochran's wife melissa. her family is set to hold a news conference from london where she is still hospitalized. the trump administration intensifying fight in the war on terror sending additional troops to the middle east. iraq and syria getting the extra security boost to help take out isis. and the prime minister of iraq vowing that the disgusting terror group will be obliterated, quote, within weeks. and he credits president trump. >> president obama didn't want to get involved in the first place.
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i think at the moment there is understanding that iraq is an ally. and he should keep on working with iraq to support iraq. >> heather: 200 additional troops are party of the u.s. army's elite airborne division. white house expect od to unveil new office of innovation. groups of experts and advisors led by the president'sson jared curb kushner: curablener telling "the washington post that the office is looking to achieve successes and efficiency for, quote, customers who are the citizens. and those are a look at your headlines. we will talk about that basketball matchup a little bit later. brian: break it down. he police say is he a lone wolf terrorist wanna be. planning an attack on the u.s. this morning is he already back on the streets walking free. how does that happen? pete: mainstream media teaming up with democrats declaring war on devin nunes.
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>> is the argument bolstered because of what devin nunes did? >> do you think devi devin nunes steppe >> has devin nunes so damaged the incredittability of the intelligence committee? pete: no slant there at all. ♪ hate, hate, hate ♪
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♪ ♪ brian: media have crowned new public enemy number one.
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maybe you've heard of him. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee runs to the white house with a political equivalent of a first aid kid trying desperately to bandage the president's self-inflicted wounds. >> is the argument bolstered because of what devin nunes did. >> do you think devin nunes should step down. >> has chairman nunes so damaged the credibility of the intelligence community step down. >> conduct nonpartisan investigation? brian: last week devin nunes going to the white house to brief the president before going to adam schiff the ranking member was pretty clear and many thought was admirable. some aren't satisfied that they said protocol was maybe put to the side when he went right to the president. here to discuss this is cbn news correspondent david brode. why are they going after the credibility of nunes? >> there is a lot of different reasons. first of all, there is like a
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latte sipping environment in the media if you notice the "new york times" and many of those mainstream media outlets all talking about that buzz word credibility. it seems like they are in cahoots with one another when it comes to the narrative. that's a big bart of it. brian, this just. in a partisan environment in washington. who has heard of such a thing? do you rereally think the house intelligence committee -- i know they are supposed to be impartial. give me a break. this has not been the case for a long time. it's not sort of any island of impartiality in a very deep sea world of partisanship. brian: here is example. >> devin nunes gets this information and no one has seen it before. went to the cia and then went to the white house and the next day he briefed the ranking member. having said that i probably should have came to you guys first. we actually don't know what he has. we do know one thing a democrat on the other side is getting a different type of handling. i remember when congressman reyes couldn't identify she a
3:20 am
and sunni when it came to what al qaeda is and he is in a significant position when it comes to intelligence. >> it's interesting, brian, when you bring that up. did i research on that. of the headlines were not there of, yes. were there a smattering of headlines, yes. there wasn't above the fold headline by b. reyes. investigated by the house intelligence chairman for the democrats under obama. and so you've got that there's plenty of stuff with him that they haven't talked about. and, by the way, we should also mention during his time as house intelligence chairman for the democrats, he was coming out strongly against nsa surveillance techniques by the bush administration. well, wait a minute, i thought it was supposed to be impartial, partisan or not partisan at all? boy, it is a double standard for sure. brian: i just think that congressman nunes understated guy in perfect position. i'm curious to see what emerges this week what he told
3:21 am
the president and the cia and what we finally find out what was there. david brode, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: supporters and protesters clash. of the woman in that video joins us live with her message to the haters and why she is not backing down at huntington beach. ♪ the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at at red lobster's lobsterfestime. any of these 9 lobster dishes could be yours. so don't resist delicious new lobster mix and match or lobsterfest surf and turf because you won't have this chance for long.
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ainsley: we have quick headlines this morning. fence jumper left dangling by shoe laces has been arrested again. this time police say marci wall made it over the barrier outside the treasury building making it her third arrest in just one week. brian: was she trying to make a deposit? ainsley: right? and horrifying video of a run away escalator causing a shopping center stampede. the mayhem unfolding in china
3:25 am
after the machine speeds up and changes direction out of nowhere. people sent rolling down and crushed at the bottom. 17 people at the bottom hurt and expected to be okay. roll the video. i want to see this. brian: horrific to look at. pro-trump rally turns violent in huntington beach, california. brian: jennifer sterling is one the event organizers in this video can you see her trying to break up a heated argument when all of the sudden she is hit by pepper spraf by anti-trumper. ainsley: jennifer joins us now. good morning, jennifer. you are all smiles right now. when you watched that video, we feel sorry four. that had to hurt. >> yes, it did. thank you for having us. it was one bad little part of a really beautiful and great day where we had a chance to
3:26 am
gather all of the orange county southern california area on the beautiful orange county coast to wave our banners and wave our flags and gather together to show gratitude for the men and women that evidence day put their life on the line. this event was to show our gratitude for our president, our vice president, our first responders, our veterans, our military. and all of our law enforcement. and it was a beautiful, beautiful celebration. it was just you have the that we had a few bad kids out there. brian: it's like berkeley. >> who decided to be bullies. brian: there was a protest and these other thugs come in with their masks on and their pepper spray going. it's the same script. >> sure. it absolutely was interesting the way it played out, you know. we all gathered women, children, veterans, people in wheelchairs. we never could get anyone on
3:27 am
the media to show that we collected lots of donations for the veterans or that we were wearing blue ribbons to represent the great law enforcement that was out there protecting us. there was probably 14 do 20 thugs that showed up with black, scary black masks like when you watch a kid cartoon the kid with the black face and black mask was the bad kid. while we were busy wearing our name tags having a family reunion of sorts we had scary bad kids that created criminal activity. pete: not courageous to try to look tough that wait a minute jennifer, does it deter you at all you? are out there to try to spread a message of support for our veterans and our president. when you see this kind of reef sis tans, how do you react to that? >> how i react to that is like this silent majority is ready to stand up and stand out for what's right. i think that most of us have the same like-minded feelings
3:28 am
that the good will outweigh the bad. and we believe that you know, with god and law and order and respect for the people that do what they do, our country could be great again. we picked up that tag line make america great because who would not want what? everybody could benefit from everyone uniting. we are not all going to agree. we should certain live be respectful of one another. when there is a mom and dad and bunch of kids that want to walk on the beach walk past, we should not be blocked nor should would he be attacked. it's not right. it's got to stop. brian: jennifer, yes or no, would you go pepper spray an anti-trump protester? >> good god no: it's against the law. i teach my children that when all the kids are on the playground you play nice together whether you don't like each other or not. these folks were bullies and
3:29 am
they were violent bullies. and they were the ones that were arrested, not anyone in our group. brian: gotcha. >> was arrested. we had -- ainsley: not going to stop you from marching in the future. >> no. although we still have to focus on being very humble. we still have to make sure we use our voice and exercise our right. we need to make everybody realize how important it is to protect our safety. brian: thanks again for getting up in the middle of the night for us. thanks, jennifer. >> thanks so much for having us and if anyone would like to find us eoar on maga california is going to take back, you know, some of this craziness. this is not going to happen. brian: got chanchts orange county law enforcement were there to protect us and we are thankful for them. brian: thank you. >> thank you, have a good day. brian: two teenagers banned from a plane over their outfits. the fashion trend the united
3:30 am
airlines ruled too sexy for the sky. pete: are you one of the millions of americans too lazy to save for retirement? [laughter] pete: maybe i am. ainsley: too lazy? brian: you can be lazy. ♪ i want to be a millionaire so fricken bad ♪ buy the things i never had ♪ woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. all while reducing america's emissions. yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by to geico. we should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico insures way more than cars.
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3:34 am
to college and this is her team. the carolinas. >> heather: if they end up matching up we have to go to the game. >> heather: absolutely, 100 percent. ainsley: i actually did go to the game sunday. dad came one a bunch of his friends we're booking tickets and all staying at your apartment. i said dad, do you know how small my apartment is it was a great bonding experience. here is my dad last night at the game. [sigh] ainsley: there we are with one of his other friends going to the final four. this has never happened. cam in the middle. these are my two little nephews. my brother couldn't come up. i would have given him my tickets. that's a great father/son bonding moment. i'm so glad he did it. these are my nephews. this is why my husband had to stay home it's hard having two babies. they are holding up the sign usc florida. that's graham and mcclain and our coach in the background right after the win. they are just all smiles.
3:35 am
brian: was the garden crowd for what team or just looking for a good game because it was a neutral site. ainsley: to play at this garden is magnificent. pete: south carolina fans? ainsley: they were louder. we had never been there darius rutgers was crying on the front row with his son. brian: i can see crying when you don't have front row tickets. if you have front row tickets you should be happy. pete: crying. ainsley: tears of happiness. brian: darius rutgers is a super star musician and one much my friends. [ buzzer ] ainsley: does he know y'all are best friends? brian: i use his name a lot to get good tables in restaurants. he sunday in as a "fox & friends" host. ainsley: no way. brian: we have the video of it a couple years ago we rolled it in because i caught up to him at the super bowl. ainsley: can you please take another day off?
3:36 am
we need to get him in. brian: mick jagger filling in for pete next week on the weekend. [laughter] heather childers you have news, don't you? health healtlet healthyou. >> heather: in the meantime we have other stories to tell you about. we begin with this. the man accused of planning a lone wolf terror attack right here in the u.s. is he now walking free. 30-year-old derek thompson is his name. posted a $75,000 bail and allowed to walk out of a phoenix prison. now the only requirement that he wear an electronic monitoring device. thompson is accused of trying to buy a semiautomatic weapon online and interacting with several radical websites as he hatched his alleged plan. and united airlines sparking outrage for refusing to let girls on a plane all because they were wearing leggings. the gate attendants in denver making the call saying the teenagers were what's called
3:37 am
using free tickets for employees and family members. that violated the dress code. another passenger calling out the airline on twritter launching a social media firestorm. >> sounds like a very gender based policy men can wear shorts but girls can't wear leggings. it sexualizes young girls to make them feel like what they are wearing is inappropriate. >> buddy pass travelers need to dress nicer than normal because they're representing the company. running to the rescue, a woman running in a philadelphia half marathon nearly collapsing just steps from the finish line. look at this. until fellow runners come up to her rescue, helping her finish the race, a true sign of sportsmanship in the city of brotherly love their act of kindness now being shared all across the country. brian: i'm world about her. she lost the ability to walk.
3:38 am
ainsley: don't take her to the hospital. we have got to carry her over the finish line. brian: after she sees a doctor. pete: not quitting, finish and then get it taken care of. brian brifn i understand she wasn't just tired. worried she is dehydrated pulled a muscle. pete: dr. kilmeade is very concerned. ainsley: miles from the finish line i would say yes but that close carry her. brian: we differ on, this ainsley. pete: dr. kilmeade will give the diagnosis later. ainsley: strong storms pounding the. gulf ball size hail. brian: without the dimples that are on golf balls: twister spotted outside of oklahoma city. those storms are on the move right now. pete: that's true, meteorologist adam klotz is tracking it all for us. hail does not have dimples like golf balls, that's what we can confirm. adam: we can absolutely confirm that seeing more of
3:39 am
that before the day is over center portions of the country. here in the northeast i'm looking at little bit of light rain stretching down into the mid-atlantic. we are seeing that. seeing snow here in new york city. center of the country, see it right there. big thunderstorms moving toward the mississippi river right now eventually running into the memphis area. that he was an area we are highlighting later today where we could see severe weather an event in the afternoon, evening hours we will be paying attention to it. brian: we know the weather is bad, is he wearing a hood. pete: prepared. new survey says 20% of americans don't have a single dime. the leading reason? pure laziness. how do you know whether it's time to spend and when it's time to save? ainsley: here to answer your emails personal finance expert with ramsey solutions and author of retire inspire. chris with the great voice. >> good morning.
3:40 am
brian: what do you mean we are lazy? >> scary, isn't it. you start to think about this and you understand. people are putting all financial lives on hold. and they are at least being hun most about it saying that i'm just too lazy to do it. pete: well, laziness is one excuse. but we have got some emails in from viewers that have questions for you how to deal with this. norma says because of my age i can take out retirement funds without penalty. would it be wise to put my emergency fund in a retirement account to earn extra money? >> well, nor marks here is why you don't want to do that. if you put your money into an aretirement account, you will have to take certain steps and follow certain processes to be able to access those funds. here is what i would do instead. just utilize a money marketed account for emergency fund which will allow to you get to that money quicker if do you have an emergency. so, norma, keep your money liquid. utilize money market account emergency fund. ainsley: easy. set that up at your bank separate account.
3:41 am
>> exactly right. brian: bob in minnesota. receive passengers of over $81,000 from his company. take that lump sum or monthly pavement from the company? good question. >> very good question, bob. if i'm in your shoes i will take the lump sum. get the money from your pension, you will have many more investing options outside of what your company can provide. so definitely take the lump sum. but i would encourage you to get connected with an investment professional. someone that has the heart of a teacher, not a sales person that can walk you through kind of the process and the timing so you can understanding exactly what your goals are and what you're going to invest in. ainsley: okay. wesley in michigan says i'm 19 and a freshman in college. i have scholarships and live for free with my parents. i plan to work this summer and should make about $5,000. should i invest this money in a roth ira? >> wow, wesley, i'm very proud of you first and foremost for getting scholarships. that means you understood the importance of your grades as well as timing.
3:42 am
if i'm in your shoes, as you get this money from working hard, i would encourage to you put $1,000 aside emergency fund for yourself and invest the other 4,000 toward the roth ira. just remember, wesley, roth ira means the money is going to grow tax free. never want to touch it. let that money grow and grow and grow overtime. brian: with that $1,000 got to be an emergency. got to get to spring break. there did you go. ainsley: he deserves it. brian: absolutely. pete: chris hogan thanks a lot. pete: wesley at 19 planning for retirement. heinous hate crime in new york city and mayor bill de blasio's statement. >> hatred clearly growing in this country dry is clearly relate to the rhetoric of donald trump. ainsley: does he blame trump for the traffic. pete: outrageous blame game pete: outrageous blame game over the blood shed next.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
pete: james harris jackson traveled to new york city with the motive to kill black people. after he stabbed and killed a man in times square new york city mayor bill de blasio had his own idea of the suspect's motive, an atmosphere of hate created by president trump. >> the challenge here is that a dynamic of hatred has been growing in this country over the last year or more, particularly come out in the open after the election. it's clearly related to the rhetoric of donald trump and even other candidates during the presidential election that have unleashed forces of hate all over the country. pete: does mayor blawz believe this. here to discuss is lawrence jones. obviously a tragic story. pure and outright racism, yet, mayor de blasio says it's
3:47 am
trump's fault. what do you say to that? >> this is the democrats not learning from their mistake in the past election. any time we have a failed policy from the democratic party, then they start to spread this whole racism thing or gender politics. this identity politics. and i think they should learn from their lesson in the past election where that didn't work. pete: sure, absolutely. of course politically it doesn't work. but how about just the blatant hypocrisy from it. we have seen racist actions over the course of our entire country just in recent memory the killing at the black church in charleston, horrifically racist incident. that happened while barack obama was president. no one tied it to him. >> right. pete: now they are trying to tie it to president trump. >> i think it's important to also note that hate has no political party. thethere are hateful people in both political parties or say they are a part of the party. there is another distinction. difference twr from a report
3:48 am
and an investigation. we saw at the ame church in mississippi where somebody wrote with spray paint and set it on fire saying vote for trump. well, that was later found out to be one of the black church members. we saw at the university of miami where pro-kkk rhetoric was wrote -- written on the building. that was later out found out to be that was two black students. we saw a girl at the university of michigan that suggested that someone said that they were going to set her head scarf on fire. that was later found out to be false. so i think it's important for the media, in many of these cases, to wait for the facts to come out before they start to put this on donald trump. pete: fantastic historical perspective: bill de blasio maybe he believes it but maybe he also wants to make sure of the narrative is in one direction. >> well, i think, pete, it's important to note that in many cases they win when they do this until the past election.
3:49 am
when you start getting people focused about race and the worst thing you can call somebody is n. today's time is racist. pete: sure. >> it becomes a distraction. what happened in this past election is that people were broke. the healthcare was failing and none of that really mattered. they didn't care about this. they cared about their pocketed book. i would encourage the mayor and democrats to learn from their mistake. i actually like competition. i want to have a spirited debate with the democrats. pete: sure. >> if they continue to play this race game they are going to lose every election to come. pete: happened since day one of the trump presidency. he got rid of the martin luther king bust oh no, he didn't. it's amazing how they play time and time again. >> pete, the media is to blame for this. sometimes they carry the water of the liberals without doing their due diligence. pete: lawrence jones, thanks a lot. appreciate it? >> thanks, brother. pete: you got it the white house sounding the alarm on
3:50 am
obamacare with plans to repeal now put on hold, what happens next? dr. nick coal sapphire next with three openings she says are on the table. we want to hear ♪ my momma told me ♪ you better shop around ♪ oh, yeah ♪ you better shop around ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> when it fails, which it will, it may be may, it may be the end of this year. folk also come back to us and say wow, can we have that bill back again? >> obamacare is going to continue to explode. and when republicans and democrats finally decide to come together and repeal and replace obamacare, we'll be ready to get the job done. >> what will happen is obamacare, unfortunately, will
3:54 am
explode. ainsley: well, the white house is warning that obamacare is going to, you heard him say it, explode. with plans to repeal now on hold, what can we expect next? dr. nicole saphier joins us now to weigh in on this. dr. saphier, what does happen next? >> we have to keep in mind there is a 17% approval rating for the american healthcare act. there are fundamental problems with this. we need to stop the blame game. that's over. it's time to move on. we really do only have about three options, obamacare is failing. the affordable care act is imploding on its own. we can maintain the status quo. let that continue on its path. come 2018 many people are not going to have coverage options on the individual marketed place. premiums are going to continue to go up. and the democrats are going to have to work with them. the o on stone nance -- ways toe
3:55 am
affordable care act decline they may be able to get a g.o.p. bill a fix in place. ainsley: what are they going to do to speed it up. >> lessons control of the mandate. move forward with the work requirements. be able to have a fix in while they still maintain majority in the house and the senate. and then the third is, which is probably what i see president trump as doing. you know, is he a self-proclaimed nonpolitician. you know, he had ezekiel emanuel at the white house last week. it's very possible that he is going to reach across the aisle to see what he can do to for the american people. in an effort to stabilize the affordable care act, short of doing away with the entire insurance system, the way it is. the way insurance is supposed to work is essentially catastrophic care with individual marketplace. if we're not going to do that, which we're not going to do, they need to stabilize the aca. support the insurance market
3:56 am
place. they have to sell across state lines. they are going to have to entice the younger, healthier pierre people to be a part of this. ainsley: because they are the ones that make it work. they are buying it and healthy. >> you need to have that absolutely. there will be changes to medicaid. still be expassengers and perhaps work requirements in it. third, you need a market oriented healthcare system. drive down costs. debt relief for physicians coming out of medical school insen advise them to work in rural areas. we need more patient time price transparency and working with drug companies. weave can lower coasts and it has to be. we have to not only drive down the costs. we need to increase the quality of healthcare for our patients. ainsley: dr. nicole saphier, thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: the man who just called it quits from the freedom caucus representative ted poe is going to join us next in the next hour.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> this is great opportunity for president trump to reassess that he was elected to be totally different than the people in washington. >> can he still work with conservative republicans? the obvious answer is can he? yes. will he? we'll see. maybe the best question should he? >> movement on capitol hill. with late word a member of the conservative freedom caucus that fought so hard against the republican healthcare bill has resigned. a big week ahead for the house intelligence committee on the hill, congressman devin nunes, chairman of that panel asking james comey and mike rogers back to the hill. this time they will be closed door meetings. >> ultimately president trump is going to be proven correct. >> anti-trump protesters spreading hate, turning violent against police and burning flags. >> these folks were bullied and they were violent bullies. the silent majority is ready to stand up and shout out for what's right. >> you think i'm bad for america. >> yes. >> you do.
4:01 am
>> i think in the long haul you and all these opinion shows. >> drive it in. for the win. [cheers] three seconds to go ♪ getting jigy with it ♪ brian: whatever happened to will smith the actor he became will smith the actor. pete: more money in acting? brian: i don't know. i would never make that in life, get jiggy with it. ainsley: we mind me of real housewives her dog's name is jiggy. we got jiggy last night because south carolina won. we are going onto the final four. this is so exciting. only four teams left. pete: two carolinas. if you are leukemia ma luke maya game winning jumper. i did it in my backyard but to do it to go to the final four.
4:02 am
cool. ainsley: makes the shot, the crowd goes crazy. brian: if you wanted to escape from anything in washington march madness. crazy march madness about to say goodbye to shortly. president trump would not get the votes needed to get the plan out of house, he decided to throw up his hands and say that's it. i'm focusing on tax reform. then the finger pointed started. a lot of the people said listen, obamacare lives. democrats should high five. guess what? we open up monday and we have a plan that's on a respirator. even, pun intended. and even democrats are saying uh-oh we are still stuck with this because it's not fixed yet. i talked to paul ryan for an hour and a half and on sunday. sense from. pete: dems are stuck with this bill. over the weekend there has
4:03 am
been plenty of finger pointing as you said, brian. lots of back and forth. here is a quick summary of some of what you may have seen over the weekend of people playing the blame game. take a listen. >> i think the president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren't. >> people blame the freedom caucus the club for growth. blame the speaker of the house. >> you know, when you play the blame game here you talk about paul ryan. >> i think the house moved too fast. 18 days is simply not enough time. some people pin the blame on the moderates. >> he wants to blame the democrats. >> he wants to blame the tea partiers. >> he is blaming you for saving planned parenthood. saving obamacare. >> you can't blame democrats when you hold both houses of congress. >> you know the pot is not supposed to be crossing all the t's and dotting all i's. that's an excuse. >> i think there is probably plenty of blame to go around. >> what happened is washington won. the one thing we learned this week is that washington was a
4:04 am
lot more broken than president trump thought that it was. >> brian: one theme that went through the sunday shows. not one republican blaming president trump. even governor kasich his biggest critic. different listen, why didn't he know the details of this plan. his response was when you are president you don't have to cross all the t's and dot all the i's. big picture. push all the people together. he met with the president. evidence brought up a couple of things and then he called in gary cohen. here is the biggest critic and rival on the republican side outside maybe the other 14, but he was probably the one the most sustainable. and he was saying i can't really blame him on this. in the big picture, a lot of people are happy it didn't work. the freedom caucus doesn't want to be blamed on this. when the cbo score came out and showed how many people wouldn't be covered, that's when politics went to the side and people started to panic. and that's why 17% approval. ainsley: reporter went out and asked regular folks who do you blame for this?
4:05 am
not one of them said donald trump. that's executive. it's the legislative branch that had to deal with this and hammer it all out and figure it out. pete: they this seven years and this is the policy they came up with, a terrible one. voters, average people say donald trump is part of the solution. is he not the swamp. he is going there to fix it the swamp is deep. going to be messy. not going to win every battle. take the lumps, regroup and move forward. no one is blaming president trump. they will realize he has to get things done. ainsley: we asked you folks to weigh in on this and catherine wrote on twitter in order to establish for american people. lawmakers definitely need to come out of the bubble. pete: another name for the swamp. charlie on twitter says i have think there will be lots of democrats and republicans out of jobs. once again the people losers. brian: susan with much higher voice says if going to change thinking has to change. what do you mean? do you mean compromise? the squishy middle?
4:06 am
if the freedom caucus has the perfect mind set and perfect plan for the conservative, that's fine. that's there is only a third of the country that's conservative. within the republican party. so there is what i want and what i can get done. when people say that paul ryan isn't conservative. i think that is insane. pete: people are looking and saying have you a republican caucus. every single member of that caucus. no doubt. ran on repealing obamacare. that obamacare is a disaster. brian: they have different ways to do it. pete: of course they have different ways to do it. that's pirik ryan's job listen to all voices. to count on democrats to cross the tylenol repeal. brian: they never asked. pete: it's not his job. it's not going to happen. ainsley: people were complaining they didn't see the bill until two weeks ago. they feel like the speaker should have released it earlier. brian: dialed it in early and figure out quhind of resistance they had. ted koppel i guess he is on cbs now. he had the cbs morning show. he did a feature on why
4:07 am
americans are so divided in this country, at which time he decided to sit down with sean hannity and for some reason sean said yes. sean sits down with him for 45 minutes. ainsley: that was a waste. should have only sat down with him for a minute. they only used one minute. you have to be fair. brian: i don't think this is let's listen. >> give credit to the american people that they are somewhat intelligent and they know the difference between an opinion show and news show. >> yeah. >> you are cynical. >> i am cynical because. >> you think we're bad for america? you think i'm bad for america? >> yeah. >> you do? >> in the long haul. >> really? >> you and all these opinion shows. >> that's sad, ted, that's sad. >> do you know why? because you're very good at what you do. and you have attracted a significantly more influential. >> american people. >> let me finish the sentence. >> i'm listening. >> before do you that. >> with all due respect.
4:08 am
>> yes. you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. ainsley: so ted koppel gave his opinion. is he complaining because opinion shows are affecting the way america thinks now. yet, is he giving his opinion. pete: of course. he is revealing what donald trump very effectively revealed through the course of the campaign by challenging the press these arbiters of calling balls and strikes and straight up facts and news they always had a bias, a left wing bias, and have even more bias against trump. a ted koppel or brian williams or a dan rather, the inventor of fake news, these guys have been leftist for a long time and never been called out on it someone like sean hannity and these programs call out the other side. brian: decided the vietnam war was lost. it was lost. a lot of people in those outlets figure out what happened to the power we used to have.
4:09 am
and, for example, if you want to call out people with opinions, then you shouldn't be in america. america is full of opinions. go to a bar. everyone has got an opinion. just so happens sean hannity does it better than almost everybody. he is more successful than almost everybody. if you want to say opinions are a problem, and you say that's a problem with america, then where is rachel maddow and bill maher in this piece? where is jon stewart in this piece? would very sat across from jon stewart and say you are the problem? ainsley: just like sean was saying there is a difference between news and opinion show. people know the difference in that people who agree with sean hannity want to hear his messages. that's why his radio show is so successful and 3 million people on average every night staying up to 10:00 to hear what he has to say. pete: that statement from ted koppel no, we know what's right and true. we know what the facts are the american people are not senator enough to know what the facts are. sean hannity said you are selling them short. ainsley: change the channel.
4:10 am
pete: change the channel. brian: in days of snapchat, instagram and facebook you will not be able to control that message. ted koppel looking back at the ways things were it wasn't that great. it's not happening anymore. ainsley: times have changed. shouldn't he have left in sean's argument back to him. brian: release the whole tape. ainsley: if you go to sean's twitter account he says cbs should release the whole 45 minute interview. brian: don't hold it hostage. we are calling on him right now to release the sean hannity tape. pete: let us know what you think i'm sure have you an opinion. >> heather: we have other stories we are following. good morning to you and everyone at home. this fox news alert is what we start with the terrorist who plowed suv through crowd in london. may have told others about his deadly plot. investigators commanding access to the messages sent by
4:11 am
khalid masood through what's app. linked to that attack killed four including american kirk cochran. just moments ago the family of cochran's wife melissa held a news conference from london where she remains hospitalized saying this about her condition. >> her health is steadily improving. and she has been strengthened by the presence of her family. she is so grateful for the outpouring of love and generosity. >> heather: melissa and kurt were the first hit on the bridge. continuing fight in the war on terror sending additional troops to iraq and syria to help take out isis. the prime minister of iraq vowing that the disgusting terror group will be obliterated, quote, within weeks. he credits president trump. >> president obama doesn't want to get involved in the first place.
4:12 am
i think at the moment there is understanding that iraq is an ally. and we should keep on working with iraq to support iraq to stand against terrorists. >> heather: another 200 additional troops are part of the u.s. army's elite airborne division. march satisfiedness sweeping the university of kentucky as members of big blue nation reek havoc following elite 8 loss. [bleep] usc. heather: trash canned torched. end wildcats run for the ncaa tournament. >> made for the win! .3 seconds to go. >> heather: unreal. may was a walk-on. the tar heels winning 75-73 with less than a second on the clock. and the final four is now set on saturday. gonzaga will take on south carolina followed by oregon,
4:13 am
against the north carolina tar heels. pete: no way may was a walk on? >> heather: yes, he was a walk-on. he peaced on a scholarship to clemson to go as a walk-on to chapel hill. pete: that's cool. brian: thank you, heather. he told the freedom caucus i quit. congressman ted poe here with his first live interview to tell people why he walked away from his buddies ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ don't you come back no, no, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more no more no more no more can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together.
4:14 am
welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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protect against the bites that can spread disease. k9 advantix ii. wise choice. ♪ ♪ brian: president trump coming down on conservatives in the freedom caucus. democrats are smile in d.c. freedom caucus comma to health growth and heritage have saved obamacare. that's ted poe resigned his manipulatmembership. this is where you break from your fellow caucus freedom members? >> that's correct. this is a procedure where the freedom caucus where i'm a
4:18 am
member -- one of the original members. we were included in the process. the president, speaker ryan came to the freedom caucus and made some changes that we wanted several times. but no matter what changes were made, the goal post kept getting moved and at the end of the day no was the answer. and sometimes you are going to have to say yes. and so i was not going to vote no because obamacare is now the law of the land. and it's a disaster. and so i think it was unfortunate that even though changes and we were included, the freedom caucus decided that no was going to be the answer and i think at some time we're going to have to say yes. we're in power. we need to lead. brian: the president for 90 minutes tried to sway the freedom caucus they didn't budge. what was mark meadow's reaction when you told the freedom caucus that you're out? >> mark and i are very good friends. he is very conservative.
4:19 am
but i told him it was time for me to leave the caucus because of the fact that the caucus was going to continue to vote no. he wanted me to stay. i think it's best for me, and even for the caucus that i not be a member of the freedom caucus. brian: so, are other members feeling like you? >> i have had some conversations with other members, but no one has told me that they are going to leave the freedom calculation. and i can't answer for them. i know that the freedom caucus was not united in opposing the bill. i think there were two thirds opposed to the bill. about a third of us wanted to go ahead and vote for the bill because as you said, we spent an hour and a half with the president of the united states of with the vice president. members of the cabinet. and talking about trying to make this bill better. changes were made. and at the end of the day it still was a no. i think that was improper to
4:20 am
continue to vote no. sometime have you got to say yes. and this was the time to repeal obamacare because now it's the law of the land. brian: congressman, a lot of people say the president should have stuck with it and postponed it for next week or the week after. just hammered it out. how do you feel about that? >> i personally don't think that would have made a difference. the president met with the freedom caucus more than once, talked to individual members more than once. and i don't think that it was going to ever change if it had been postponed a week or for a month. this was the time to vote against it. everybody was talked to. and i think that it was important to go ahead and show we can lead rather than continue to say no. brian: congressman, real quick, we're up against a break, what about the be fact people said only 17% of the country said we were behind this plan. we saved ourselves by not voting? >> saved ourselves from what? we didn't save ourselves at all. obamacare is the law of the land. and that's unfortunate.
4:21 am
members of the house of representatives, republicans voted 60 times to repeal the bill. now, when it actually counts to repeal the bill and replace it some, they backed off. they got cold feet. brian: gotcha. congressman ted poe thank you so much. when we come back the woodhouse brothers take this issue to task. don't go await a minute that's what they look like. ♪ wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
4:22 am
4:23 am
so you'rhow nice.a party? and got them back on track. i'll be right there.
4:24 am
and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber? [ horn honks ] hold on. the biggest week in tv is back. [ doorbell rings ] par-tay! xfinity watchathon week starts april 3. get unlimited access to all of netflix and more, free with xfinity on demand. ♪ ♪ >> this president is not going to be a partisan president. this is a president that wants to provide -- and you're right. he wants to make sure that people don't left get behind. want to make sure there is competition in the marketplace so that rates are lower and people can choose their doctor. if those three things are incompatible with some members of the republican house, then
4:25 am
it's going to be incompatible. then we need to work with moderate democrats to make sure that that happens. ainsley: the white house now hinting that they are willing to cut a deal with anyone, including democrats, to fix obamacare. but can president trump trust the democrats to work with him to fix what's wrong with their own signature legislation? let's debate that with brad woodhouse former communications director for the democratic national committee and dallas woodhouse. executive director of the north carolina republican party. and they are brothers. so, brad, i will start with you. as a democrat, will the president be able to work with dems to fix obamacare and put it all back together? >> well, let me just say i find the topic to be a little hilarious. i mean, who can trust who on healthcare? i mean, let's remember donald trump is the one that said that he would have a healthcare law that everyone would be covered, his own office of management and budget said 26 million people would lose coonch under his plan. but, to answer your question, -- well, let me say
4:26 am
this. the whole basis of the question is based on a lie. obamacare is on a death spiral it absolutely is not. reince priebus competition. that's one place where president trump can work with democrats that is to institute a public option to compete with the insurance companies. if you do that you will certainly drive privacies down. the best run insurance plan in america is medicare. it's run by the government. put in a government option. that will provide the competition reince priebus is talking about. ainsley: dallas, is your brother right? is it not going typically employed? >> of course i'm right. >> no. i think we have got major problems with obamacare. and there may be some opportunity in the future once democrats know that the core elements of obamacare are going away to work on some other part of improving the healthcare system. but, you have to give the
4:27 am
democr credit that they are totally honest. that they don't believe there is a problem with obamacare. they are not interested in change in it. so republicans are going to have to fix this on their own. so they have got to come to some agreements. we have had a set back last week. nobody can deny that. >> dallas, that wasn't a set back. that was a disaster. that was a disaster. >> you've just got to keep working. you've got to find agreement and you've got to find out what works. and this is difficult. you know, look, we make it hard in america to pass legislation. it makes it harder to even repeal it we have got to keep working. ainsley: brad, who are these democrats that the president could be talking to and lean on to try to work together? >> well, look, frankly, i just think that this is probably not possible. imagine if you did cut a deal with democrats. how would the republican run house or the republican run
4:28 am
senate agree to that? if you think you had problems in the republican caucus, you couldn't get one side of the caucus to agree with the other. have a hard time believing you are going to bring republicans on board with a deal brokered. ainsley: dallas, how is it going to happen them? if your brother is right and you can't rely on the democrats to do it and freedom caucus is preventing enough votes, how are you going to do it? >> ainsley, let me just say. this breaking news this morning. i almost agree word for word with my brother on what he just said. ainsley: why? >> i think what's got to happen here is we had a battle between what was practical and what can get passed and what is ideal. and i think maybe the republicans need the opportunity in the house to vote on what they think the healthcare system ought to be. if we were designing it, pass what they think is ideal. and then we may have to come back a little later and say okay, this is what can get through reconciliation.
4:29 am
this is what can get into law. ainsley: brad, brad. >> the republicans need the opportunity to say this is what we believe move forward. ainsley: brad, if they do work together with the democrats, how can president trump trust these democrats? last time i checked they were calling him illegitimate and boycotts his inauguration. >> well, look, if you're asking me how you can trust democrats to deal with healthcare, democrats want healthcare for americans in this country. democrats believe that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. i think the real question here is how you deal with republicans. and the perfect example is why this failed last week. it is because seven years of lies, like my brother's lies about obamacare ran head on to reality. obamacare has never been more popular than it is today, when republicans were trying to take it away from people. ainsley: okay, guys. we're going to have to leave it there. thank you so much for that lively conversation. i wish you all the best. tell your momma i said hello.
4:30 am
>> thank you, sure will. ainsley: chaos and violence at pro-trump rally. these men and women are not backing down. niece. >> these folks were bullies and they were violent bullies. ainsley: dana loesch is going to join us next and react to that two teenagers banned from a plane because of their fashion. ♪ she has legs ♪ she knows how to use them ♪ she never begs ♪ she knows how to choose them ♪ grown man now.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
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4:34 am
>> in the long haul. >> really? that's sad, ted. >> no. you know why? >> that's sad. >> because you're very good at what you do. and because you have attracted a significantly more. >> you -- >> let me finish the sentence before do you that. >> i'm listening. with all due respect. >> yes. you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. pete: this exchange getting a lot of attention this morning that was on cbs the morning show. sean hannity and ted koppel going back and forth hey are you bad for america or not? that's what todd ted koppel alleging sean hannity. brian: 45 seconds when he sat down with him for 45 minutes. ainsley: go to sean's twitter page to see how he responded. the host of dana on blaze tv and has successful radio show. good morning to you, dana.
4:35 am
>> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. what did you think about that? >> it seemed weird. i grew up watching ted koppel be one of the most biased reporters, biased anchors in america. and so for him to kind of turn that around, it was one of those moments where do you a double take. but he has been accused of bias, ted koppel, throughout his entire career. he is the last person on earth to be accusing anyone of being bad for america. simply because they are offering opinion. this is the problem with so much of legacy media this is why you have seen new media crop up. people are tired of these anchors and these reporters giving their opinion as unfettered fact and acting as though there is no bias on their part at all. i appreciate people who give their opinion and they openly say, you know what? this is my opinion. for me, for instance, i'm completely biased towards the constitution and towards natural rights. obviously everything that i talk about is going to be through that perspective. that's the difference between people like me and people like
4:36 am
ted koppel is that we're honest whereas they are not. pete: is he just ou utterly and completely unaware that he himself would have a bias? >> yes. and it's also a huge insult to the american people who don't need ted koppel to come to their rescuing. smart enough to figure out what is propaganda and what is not. for ted koppel to act like et ombudsman everything he has done to contribute to this problem that's the height of hypocrisy. brian: his view is i like the way things fliews used to be where the "new york times" was it and we could debate about the "new york times" being the standard. "new york times" to straighten out america. i love the topic and i think it's 100 percent true, dana. do you find that in that piece they exposed that democrats and republicans don't even want to hear the other person's argument a lot of times and that is showing a
4:37 am
divide, a lack of listening? do you buy the premise of the piece? >> i think there is some truth to that. i mean, there is always a grain of truth in some of these accusations. i do think that people are really tribalistic right now. and we need to focus on the common ground that we do have. because we do have some common ground. that he was how you build a big tent. that's how you build a coalition. we need knot to forget that people like ted koppel reminding. people like ted koppel insulting the intelligence of the american view. and to use the "new york times" as some sort of gold standard? he like the olden days, the days of yore old fashion, the old rotary phones that had the big look like a warner brothers prop. he liked the old days before new media, phones before we could take video of people being biased where we could take photos where we had instant access. had an instant platform. he liked those days better before anybody could call him out on it.
4:38 am
ainsley: do you think he will release the entire view that sn that's what sean is calling for him to do. >> no. i don't think with full public pressure he would release the full interview. i would like to see it i thought the exchange that was released was quite interesting. brian: i bet you he does do it, dana. >> look at sean hannity in the face and say he is bad for america. pete: moving on to another topic speaking of tribalism to trump supporters yesterday not them but the divide spread across the country for rallies to show they are not the least bit discouraged. they believe in this president and like what he is doing. when they do so they are met with pepper spray in the face. jennifer organized one of those rallies in california. we had her on in the program. here is what she had to say about that. >> these were bullies. violent bullies. they were the ones arrested not anyone in our group. the silent majority is ready to stand up and stand out for what's right. most of us have the same like minded feelings that the good
4:39 am
will outweigh the bad. we believe that with god and law and order and respect for the people that, you know, do what they do, our country could be great again. you know, we picked up that tag line make america great because who would not want that everybody could benefit from everyone uniting. pete: those are pictures of peaceful protesters supporting president trump being met with pepper spray in the face from thugs. you want to talk about a divide and visceral hate. that's what it looks like. >> um-huh. the violence is the language of the left. and it always has been. let's go back to even pre2009, 2008 during the election. there was intimidation at voter polls. we saw intimidation all throughout the election campaign. look at the grassroots movement. i have organized many a protest. out of all the accusations that the tea party had and grassroots voters had i will tell you that there was nothing to prove. we had no arrests for assault. no arrest for battery. and trump supporters just want
4:40 am
to go out and support their president. but the left is so intimidated. they are so intimidated about differing point of view that they have to shut them down with violence. that's how afight they don't want to pick and a fight they shouldn't pick and should have some class and realize everybody has the right to free speech and freedom of assembly and let people protest. what are they going to lose from it? brian: right. i have also believe there is undercurrent on the left of these anarchists that actually other people are just protesting. others who wear the stocking masks and want to create havoc in the country. >> yes. brian: sadly, a lot of them represent the next generation. dana, real quick. >> a lot of them come from chicago. brian: who is the winners and losers in this healthcare debacle? >> oh, i think honestly i have to say, speaking of someone who did not like this healthcare bill and i didn't protest along with millions of other americans only to get obamacare 2.0. i think for now and this is tentative. i think that the american people have won.
4:41 am
we need jim jordan's 2015 bill. two year grace period so we can put a market based plan right there and take over obamacare because the way it is right now, this compromise still funded planned parenthood. it was a one year bait and switch. thomas matthew was quick in noting that one year bait and switch. we were still going to fund planned parenthood. destructure the regulatory structure still in place. penalty still in place. subsidies were still in place. like paul ryan rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic and telling plerk that the hole had been fixed. this was not a repeal. it was a fix that is not what we protested for and that is not what we vogted for. brian: trillion-dollar tax cut would have helped push forward the tax revamp that was coming down the pike. >> we can still do that that can still be done. i didn't buy that coming from some of the establishment folks like paul ryan in the house. i didn't buy that was going to be a hurdle for tax reform because you still have time with jordan's bill there have been other compromisest that were better.
4:42 am
look, i'm not a purest. i know i'm not going to get everything i want. we have to realize you can't get even a percentage of what you want with the same regulatory structure in place. a one year pause on funding planned parenthood. come on, that's no deal. we can do better. elected republicans for. that's what we have this administration for. brian: jim jordan's plan never would have gotten past the senate. >> they always say that though. we heard -- brian, we heard in the past that we have to have the house in order to repeal obamacare. we have got to have the house and senate. now we have to have the house and senate and white house. now we're hearing from republicans oh well, if we pass it, then well, you know. brian: 60 votes. >> do a fix. otherwise we are not going to get tax reform. they keep change the story every time. they need courage. they need a spine. they need to do what they were voted for. remember in 2010. everyone said they were going to lose big in 2010. they stood up and what happened? it was us grassroots conservatives. us republicans that gave them that majority in the house. and we turn around and gave them the majority in the
4:43 am
senate and we gave them the white house. so now it's timing to see some results. let's do a little bit better. like i said, i'm not expecting a full-on 100 percent everything i want. let's at least get rid of that. brian: thanks, dana have to run. >> out-of-control spending is still going to be there. pete: dana, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, dana. pete: president abraham lincoln in a make america great again hat? apparently it triggered chelsea clinton. brian: uh-oh. press to make a deal on healthcare. >> at the end of the day, i believe that it's time for the party to start governing. and i think that's important. brian: if republicans won't do it. president trump is ready to call on democrats. will that even -- would they even bother being bipartisan ever? ♪ right now ♪ over me ♪
4:44 am
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♪ brian: how many times have you said this? check your leggings at the gate. social media on fire after two teens banned from boarding because of their pants. this morning we learn more to that story as if we need to know more. ainsley: here with more on today's top trends is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. they had their tight pants on. >> they had tight pants on they said uh-oh not today. the reason why people were so outraged a witness first reported this incident saying united gate agent isn't letting girls in leggings get on flight from denver to minneapolis because spandex is not allowed? so, people were very shocked by this. and confused. and reaction came pouring in.
4:48 am
brian: because friends and family tickets that they had, right? and they were almost flying for free. >> you are absolutely right there. is a legitimate reason behind the outrage. one woman jen said -- let's see what she has to say. united you know how this ends, right? images in womens in leggings tagging you on social as they fly your competition. and then kian tweeted this picture apparently legs and leg room are banned on united. bull. there is a reason behind all this. they were flying as pass travelers. which means they were using free or heavily discounted tickets that united gives employee and family members. ainsley: united is not allowed to tell us because they represent the company. ainsley: because they were representing the company united expects them to be nicer. pete: can i wear sweatpants. >> legs for you and sweatpants are fine for normal passengers. brian: what got chelsea clinton to tweet.
4:49 am
>> abraham lincoln and make america great again hat. she is up in arms over. this cover at a program for a dinner for palm beach republicans in mar-a-lago. this is a strange tweet please tell me this is photo shopped. >> not at all. brian: last thing lincoln had on the night of the theater. >> no top hat. top hat is fake news. is he wearing a make america great again. ainsley: people had funny tweets. >> tyler said no this is the exact hat lincoln was wearing when he signed the emancipation proclamation. monty also chimed in writing i remember this photo was taken at 1856. wow, he is old. republican national convention. brian: totally real. brian: she has nothing to do all day. she finds something and tweet about it? >> it takes a second to send a tweet. she sending a lot of tweets and making green pancakes. 2017 legacy so far. brian: she is carlie shimkus
4:50 am
hear her on 2015 sirius. >> i sure can. brian: white house is in full-court press to get republicans to make a deal on healthcare. >> at the end of the day, i believe that it's time for the party to start governing. and i think that's important. brian: republicans won't do it. president trump is ready to call up democrats. does he even have their numbers? will they even bother to pick up the phone. representative buddy carter joins us live with an answer next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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♪ ♪ pete: conservative republicans and even some moderates like the tuesday group refuse to cooperate with president trump, he says he will call in the democrats. wait, what democrats? republican congressman buddy
4:54 am
carter joins me now. this is a very important question, congressman. if the president has said if republicans aren't going to work with me to get this done, if the caucus can't get it together to get me to 216, i will work with democrats. something as consequential with repeal and replace of obamacare, where are these democrats that would come to the table to actually be a part of that? >> well, first of all, i can tell you after having been in a marathon 27 and a half hour energy and commerce committee meeting where we passed this bill out, they're not willing to work with us on repealing obamacare. now, there are certain healthcare issues that we have worked closely with the democrats on. i personally am very dedicated to making sure that we address prescription drug pricing. that's the only pharmacist currently serving in congress that's very important to meesm the president, of course, has expressed a great concern about this as well. pete: sure. >> i have worked with democrats and peter welch with elijah cummings, with a number of democrats. dave with these kind of
4:55 am
issues. there are issues we can work with democrats on to have them help its with repeal of obamacare that's not going to happen. pete: that's important distinction. have you worked with democrats no doubt here and there on committee and elsewhere. in the past, say in the 80s with president reagan coalitions that included bulldog democrats and others on big things. fundamental question fundamental tax reform, repeal and replace. big items of this republican administration if the republicans won't play ball, freedom caucus or tuesday group going to sit on their hands, is there another party of this coalition? we asked you for names of democrats or others to at least ask you to react to them and gave us your reaction. i will put one up representative lloyd dog g.p.s. it representative from texas. work with him from prescription pharmacy benefits. this same democrat avoided president trump's inauguration. if you can work on prescription drugs, that's great. on big stuff, do you feel he could come together.
4:56 am
>> again on the repeal of obamacare, no. budget items, all of us represent our district. we're going to work for our district, for our constituents, so, that's a little bit different in that sense. pete: is it districts or unfortunately at this point parties and ideology and, you negotiation the left wing interest putting pressure on these congressman. i will put another congressman up there. representative john lewis how mentioned also. you said you can work with him potentially on the budget which is the next big tempo tenly fundamental tax reform. yet again he said president trump is not legitimate and boycotted the inauguration. what gives you a sense on the big issues, democrats could be a part of a coalition? >> well, again, in the case of john lewis and my other colleagues in the georgia delegates, who are on the democratic side, we have projects that are specific to the state of georgia that we work together on. and like shep, the savanna harbor project. pete: sure, in your backyard it's easier to come together. the question just remains will
4:57 am
there be a olive branch from the left to this president the answer you are saying yourself is not necessarily a pretty one. >> not necessarily. at the end of the day we have to lead in the republican party. pete: sure. congressman, thanks a lot for joining us this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: newt gingrich live with us next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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5:00 am
>> this is a great opportunity for president trump to reassess that he was elected to be totally different than the people in washington. >> a member of the conservative freedom caucus that fought so hard against the republican health care bill has resigned. >> it still was a "no," and i think that was improper to continue to vote "no." sometimes you have to say "yes," and this was a time to repeal obamacare because now it's the law of the land. >> a big week ahead for the house intelligence committee on the hill. congressman devon nunez was asking comey and chief rodgers back on the hill but this time closed-door meetings. >> ultimately president trump
5:01 am
is going to be proven correct? >> antitrump protesters spreading hate, turning violence against police. >> these thugs were bullies and violent bullies. the silent majority is ready to stabbed up and stand out for what's right? >> you think i'm bad for it. you do. >> in the long hall, i think you and all of these -- >> that's bad. >> he's been accused of bias throughout his entire career. that's the height of hypocris hypocrisy. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it looks like it cleared up out there, guys. it was raining when we came in this morning. brian: you do not have a rich meteorological background. ainsley: you show a picture, and i just make a prediction.
5:02 am
i watched it in person with my dad and his friends who were here in the studio. the gamecocks won last night, so this is the first time we had ever made it to the elite eight and this is the first time to the final four. everyone is booking their tickets. >> as they should. south carolina and north carolina. brian: sadly, he's going to tap into inheritance in order to pay for this tickets for this costs. ainsley: i know. there's dad. we were at the game. brian: so i know you guys want to talk about sports all day. ainsley: pam, you made it too. trying to move on. brian: roll the other picture if you can. ainsley: we have a picture of us. there were eight of us. there we are. we went out to celebrate. everyone,'s, like, we're going to be in bed by 9:30, of course all the guys stayed out really light.
5:03 am
there's the whole crew. brian: and they all called in sick for school tomorrow. so we'll see. we're still trying to process what took place when the president told paul ryan to pull the bill and there would be no trump care, american health care, we're stuck with obamacare which according to everyone else is exploding. and a lot of people pulling fingers on the caucus. the modern group saying you guys should have played in. ainsley: there are all 35 members all paul ryan needed was 20 votes. so if the freedom caucus hadn't existed, a lot of republicans are mad at them saying you should have got onboard with the team. clayton: ultimately you need a coalition but every single one of those guys and gals always ran on repealing obamacare and replacing it with something and now obamacare -- ainsley: they don't like the plan, they probably shouldn't vote for it, so i see both
5:04 am
sides to it. brian: i couldn't see a democrat to take part in a plan to upend obamacare. but the president did point out that that one came aboard, even acknowledged that it was blowing up. now we'll see if they come together and work something out. meanwhile amongst the people, he was a member of the freedom caucus resigned over the weekend and just gave us a story, exclusively, as far as we understand, as to why he left the freedom caucus. he just didn't like the way they were operating. >> i know that the freedom caucus was not united in opposing the bill. i think there were about two-thirds that were opposed to the bill and about a third of us wanted to go ahead and vote for the bill because as you said, we spent an hour and a half with the president of the united states with the vice president, members of the cabinet and talking about trying to make this bill better. changes were made. and at the end of the day, it still was a "no," and i think that was improper to continue to vote "no."
5:05 am
sometimes you have to say "yes." and this was the time to repeal obamacare because now it's the law of the land. members of the house of representatives, republicans voted 60 times to repeal the bill. now when it actually counts to repeal the bill and replace it some, they backed off. they got cold feet. brian: look, right now it looks like president trump couldn't get the deal done. but after a week in which democrats are high-fiving, they have to turn around and say now we have obamacare to deal with. clayton: yeah, we own it. brian: and only one party with the name on it. and if the republicans can pass their deal, they're looking at what the cbo is seeing. clayton: some members of the framed caucus felt they were involved. others say, hey, we were not involved from the beginning. brian: not from the beginning. clayton: that's true. ainsley: let's talk about about something he is. we're going to bring in stuart varney who has his own show on the fox business channel. clayton: every time we see
5:06 am
him, do you know i have my own show? ainsley: highest rated show on the fox business network. started in the uk and became a u.s. citizen. jarod kushner, white house senior adviser, is now appointing him to lead this new office who is in charge of streamlining. >> yeah, it is called the white house office of american innovation, that's what it's called. it brings together the president, his son-in-law, jarod kushner, and some of the titans of silicon valley. what they're trying to do is something that frankly hasn't been done before. they've tried it before. never done it. they're trying to streamline the federal bureaucracy. extremely difficult thing to do. he's trying to bring business principles into political bureaucracy. brian: also effectively he feels -- he says i've met with all of these businesses. i've just been listening from ibm on down how to move our
5:07 am
economy further and how government can be more responsive. so he's not coming into this cold. >> no. not coming in cold but trying something that hasn't been done before. how do you convert a bureaucracy that dances to politics, a political drama? that's who bureaucrats dance to. how do you get them to dance to the prophet-motivate drama of business? there's a complete difference. and what are you going to do about the unions who run federal bureaucracy? what are you going to do about congress that always wants to spend money somewhere through the federal bureaucracy? >> how do you think they'll do it stewart? because the swamp creatures will come out, even the department of veterans affairs. they're going to fight back tooth and, namely, o nail on this. >> silicon valley will provide lots of data on how things can be improved. and they might come up with new that doesn't require legislation. if you need legislation, you can forget about it. but if you can change the rules internally by using your
5:08 am
data from silicon valley, for example, like, getting vouchers for veterans and the department of veterans affairs, you could do that without going to congress. brian: let's talk about the next, i'm pivoting right now to tax cuts. >> yeah. brian: why are you shaking your head? >> because the debacle on friday puts a crimp on our future plans to grow the economy. it puts a crimp in tax reform. brian: we're going to have a tax cut if that went forward. >> yeah. but it's still there. obamacare is still there. taxes and all, still there. that's a -- ainsley: what does it mean for their bank accounts? >> it means that the effort to speed up the economy, to grow the economy, and return to prosperity is probably going to be delayed. i hate to say this. but the problems that arose on friday would arise again when it comes to tax reform. >> so you think it's still possible. >> oh, yeah, just more
5:09 am
complicated and delayed. and if the president goes out to democrats and says i need your support on cutting taxes, what taxes will any democrat actually cut? >> here's the line. do all the tax cuts have to be paid for? and the theory is it's going to trickle down, the economy's going to grow. but they want it paid for. if the freedom caucus doesn't budge off of that, a lot of this is going to get gummed up. >> you are absolutely right. does it have to be paid for? that's the sticking point. that's the divide within the republican party. some republicans want that border adjustment tax. a new tax. the other side does not want the border adjustment tax. so you have a split just like you had a split with the reform and replacement of obamacare. this will slow things down and maybe water down the tax cuts. brian: do you want president elizabeth warren to deal with? because if you keep acting like this, that's what you're going to get. >> i was very interested to see ted poe jump ship this
5:10 am
morning. i wonder if others will follow, and i wonder fill that make a difference to tax reform and unify the republicans. >> you want to be invited back to the show? keep telling brian that's right? >> that's a hard thing. ainsley: you did it this morning. brian: why he's the only anchor with a torso shot? they said this guy's got such a great torso, we have to show him up to his torso. >> thank you, brian. clayton: you're right. it's actually true. >> absolutely. great. we've been following some stories for you all morning long, and we begin with a fox news alert for you. the terrorist plowed an suv through pedestrians in london before stabbing a police officer to death may have told others about his deadly plot. investigators now demanding access to the messages that were sent by khalid through the heavily of encrypted app
5:11 am
that's called what's app. this linked to another attack that killed four. earlier held a news conference from london where she remains hospitalized saying this about her condition. >> her health is steadily improving, and she has been strengthened by the presence of her family. she is so grateful for the outpouring of love and generosity. >> melissa and kurt were the first pedestrians hit on the westminster bridge. and the trump administration intensifying its fight on war on terror sending additional troops to iraq and syria to help take out isis. the prime minister of iraq vowing that the disgusting terror group will be aobliterated quote within weeks. and he credits president trump. >> i think at the moment there is understanding that we should keep on working with
5:12 am
iraq to support iraq against terrorists. >> the 200 additional troops are part of the u.s. army's elite air force division. and march sadness sweeping the university of kentucky following a stunning elite eight loss. trashcans torched, this after north carolina ended wildcats run for the final round of the ncaa tournament. >> with .3 seconds to go. >> what a shot. the tar heels winning 75-73 with less than a second on the clock. and the final four is now set on saturday. they'll take on south carolina against north carolina. there's plenty to the final four in school any of the carolina. first for south carolina, though; right? ainsley: but we are carolina.
5:13 am
clayton: oh, here we go. it's not going to end. ainsley: i'm happy for both teams. but i can't wait to win. brian: all right. guys, thanks a lot, heather. 12 minutes after the hour. does the fate of the republican health care bill prove the swamp is deeper than president trump thought? newt gingrich weighs in straight ahead. >> and the mainstream media burying the trump administration after just 66 days. >> president trump ending what are has a brutal week for his presidency. >> this is not what a honeymoon looks like. >> i actually think this may be the worst 100 days we've seen in a president. ainsley: but should they really be writing the administration's owe by whic administration's for them so soon? tammy here next what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease.
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are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at . clayton: we are two-thirds through the first 100 days, 67 days and the mainstream media is already writing its final. but as you can see president ronald reagan got the first criticism. not a big surprise. so how can president trump
5:18 am
overcome similar hurdles? let's ask radio talk show host and fox news contributor tammy bruce. let me put that because he to you. how can he overcome? >> well, he can do exactly what reagan did, which was go directly to the people. that was one of the big strengths of president reagan was that he used the oval office a great deal. i thought president trump should be doing this, even before the first executive order and even before the effort with obamacare with sitting down and speaking to the american people maybe for five minutes, ten minutes in a national address. when he's been able to do that like at that state of the union, americans like him more as they get to know him more. so reagan did that. but reagan also had interestingly of course a mandate. he had a super majority of the electoral college and the popular vote. everyone says, oh, trump didn't have a mandate. reagan did, and he was acting the same way, he was hitler, going to start world war iii, all of that. so you have to communicate directly to the voters, but
5:19 am
reagan also had the mandate because he appealed to democrats. not because they turned to the left, but they convinced them of conservative ideal. clayton: you made such a great point. president trump reached out to democrats who voted for him in the election. but the media is still writing his. but in april of 1981 that said reagan's program is moving at a noticeably slower place than fdr in 1933 against the backdrop of a great depression. roosevelt's measures were swiftly passed -- >> and keep in mind the democrats lost the senate in that 1980 race, but they retained the house. so they had something to fight for. they were still a party that could think of themselves as relevant because americans did not sweep them out of the house. the democrat party today is not the democrat party that reagan faced. it really -- really, it has been deserted by the american people. so it makes them more dangerous. >> the regional party now. >> it's weak, it's regional,
5:20 am
more like a club. and when they don't have anything to fight for, they're going to be more vicious and less helpful. i think president trump's approach to democrats that will be helpful and also keep in mind, he's got a little bit more of a difficult road at the end of march in 1980 is when president reagan was shot, and i think a lot of the media saw a little bit of guilt in that sense. the rhetoric that led up to that. that extended reagan's honeymoon in a certain way. president trump's got as a result a little bit more of a difficult road, but his solution will be the same. convincing democrats in congress that the conservative ideal bringing them along. clayton: yeah, and it's such an interesting point. president trump already reached out to voters who voted for him and working with republicans to get his agenda through. >> and it worked. and he can do it now in congress. he did it in the blue wall states. and now he can do it in congress. and people expect he's gone, this is over, they've got another thing coming. clayton: some great historical perspective. thank you very much. >> thank you.
5:21 am
clayton: second lady karen pence paying tribute to members and their spouses. she says to make sure no one is forgotten when she joins us is forgotten when she joins us live on fox and friends.. next.l ♪ complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets. i wanted to get new blinds, about what kind i should get, and she mentioned i should visit blinds dot com. great quality for an incredible price, that's where i got my blinds. (vo) with blinds dot com, you get a free online design consultation, free samples, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. i give the customer confidence by being there every step of the way. we make it really easy. that's what i love to hear! (vo) go to blinds dot com right now to get 20% off your entire order when you enter promo code tv. that's blinds dot com, promo code tv. it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin.
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5:25 am
clayton: how does one practice that? brian: i'm not sure. and a atlanta hawks fan after halftime. brian: wait a second. i can't even do the celebration yet the dunk. that fan uses a trampoline to dunk and then one of the greatest celebrations ever. clayton: that is much harder to do. brian: you're right. it looks so easy. no, i'm kidding. it doesn't look easy. who does that look easy to? are you kidding? ainsley: all right. our next guest is history month. for the very special trip she is honoring the sacrifices of military spouses, and we are very honored to welcome to our show the second lady of the united states of america. good morning, mrs. karen pence. how are you? >> i'm great. good morning.
5:26 am
i'm just glad you're not asking me to do one of those stunts you just showed. ainsley: can you believe that? brian: if you turn around, there's a trampoline behind you and a basket. ainsley: we would love to see that. so tell the folks at home what you are doing for our military families. >> well, you know i got a call a couple of months ago from mrs. trump, and she said let's do something special for women's history month. and she said whatever you would like to do, whatever women you would like to honor, would you you be willing to do something? and i said absolutely. so i of course chose military women, and we've done a couple of things. i had lunch with all five branches at fort meade last night and had a great conversation with them. and then we hosted military women at the vice president's residence last week as well. and that was just so wonderful to have a chance to say thank you to which. but there's another group of women in military who need to be honored and thanked as well. and those are our military spouses.
5:27 am
so that's what we're going to do today. brian: as 1,000 more get deployed overseas, we see more sacrifices, who's going to pick up the kids, who's going to do this, and the jobs as well. and you get that understanding too because your son's serving; right? >> that's right. my son is actually at naval airspace in flight school learning how to fly jets. and so many people say to me all the time thank you for your sacrifice, mrs. pence. and i'm always thinking you know what? my sacrifice is nothing compared to what our military spouses do. and it's a humbling thing to see their willingness to move every year to change jobs, change communities, change schools for their children and support their loved one who's deployed. clayton: ms. pence, we saw a picture of your son as well as in a montage as well, over this morning, i've been
5:28 am
texting with a friend in iraq right now whose spouse i know as well. and it is difficult. they've got little kids. what more can be done for those military spouses here at home? >> well, i'm glad you asked that request one of the things we're going to talk about today is the spouse support groups. they have three spouse support groups at meridian, one thing i notice when i'm around military spouses is they so quickly come around each other for support. and that's something that fort meade shared with me as well that women in military and women spouses just seem to come around each other for support. but we want to make sure that everybody knows who is a military spouse that you have those support groups, and you can say you know what? i'm struggling with this or, you know, our roof is leaking, and i don't know what to do. where do you take the kids for something fun to do in this community? and the spouse groups are right there to support you. ainsley: do you have a message for your daughter-in-law?
5:29 am
she's -- you know, sh she's a military wife as well. >> i get choked up when you mention her because she's just amazing. brian: so he made a good choice, your son. >> he did. i'll tell you, she's definitely a peach. just a wonderful spouse. and it's just not easy for them to get up and move and have to, you know, adjust to life, and i just honor all of them. i'm so grateful that these women are willing to support our men and women in uniform. clayton: well, you clearly have a heart for this issue and our military spouses are going to be better off for it. second lady of the united states of america mrs. pence. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless your son. >> thank you. clayton: the white house calling on republican lawmakers to start governing but the freedom caucus is sticking to its guns on health care. gop impress man and freedom caucus member massie joins us. brian: and have you heard?
5:30 am
fox news is bad to america, according to so-called journalist who weighed in. newt gingrich weighs in live, though, next. >> do you think we're bad for america? do you think i'm bad for america? >> yeah. >> you do? >> in the long hall, i think you -- >> really? >> and all of these opinions. ♪ sometimes, the only difference between a moment that fades from memory, and a moment that stays with you forever, is where it happens. that's why we're proud to help families like yours, live a lifetime of memories on beautiful, healthy, lawns. live like it's spring. make life better, with a beautiful, healthy, trugreen lawn. knowing where you stand. it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts
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♪ [cheering] brian: how do you explain that? it's your shot of the morning and the kid who knows how to use his nothingan i. 16-year-old kid breaks 111 concrete blocks with his head
5:34 am
in just 35 seconds, smashing his way through the guinness book of world records. ainsley: wow. i thought he is in pain this morning. brian: if i was advil, i would call him up and make him an endorser. clayton: you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to break 111 blocks with my head. ainsley: i'm dizzy watching it. he kind of lost his balance there in the middle. clayton: i feel they cut the blocks. that's just my opinion. brian: could they cut the -- i don't think so. he's the wrong guy to accuse that of. ainsley: right? he's going to cut you. brian: hi, heather. >> how do you practice that? that's the other question. the first time you try to do it, does it work? brian: break it over your head like bowe jackson, a bat, and then get to a brick. >> well, we begin with a serious story, though, as we take a look at some quick headlines. the man accused of planning a lone wolf terror attack aright
5:35 am
here in the u.s. is now walking free. positive-year-old derrick thompson posted a $75,000 bail, and he was allowed to walk right out of a phoenix prison. the only requirement that he wear an electronic monitoring device. accused of trying to buy a semi automatic weapon online and interacting with several radical websites. as he hatched his alleged plan. and tragedy at the racetrack same sprint cut driver david steel is killed in this horrific crash at a florida speedway. the terrifying moments captured on camera during the first lap of the race. steel rounding the curve at the de soto speedway striking the tire of the car in front of him and then slamming into the wall. he was hoping to win his 100th race. the former indy car and nascar driver was just 42. and parents, would you let your child be part of a pot club? well, in sacramento, california.
5:36 am
it is apparently like going to chuck e cheese. but instead of pizza, kids get marijuana for epilepsy awareness day for what looked like a birthday party with balloons, bounce house, and cannabis promoting medical marijuana. but pediatricians are putting up brand-new warnings saying that it could impact the brain's development. and so take a look at your headlines. that's an interesting story. ainsley: i don't know enough about it to make a judgment but that just seems very odd. children smoking pot? brian: all right. we'll follow up on that story. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. clayton: we all know what happens when a conservative actor accidentally reveals their politics. >> if you don't believe what everybody believes like '30s germany. i don't know what happened. if you're not part of the group. you know what we believe is right. well, i might have a problem with it. i'm a comedian.
5:37 am
i'm going on both sides. ainsley: hollywood's crusade against conservative now at the point where even liberal outlets are taking notice. even the hollywood reporter noting fear isn't just felt by the usual groups liberals want to protect. it's also felt by conservatives. no longer free to talk in the open because they feel rightly we're no longer prepared to listen. brian: here to react radio talk show host larry elder. larry, is it getting worse? >> no, i think it's getting worse because of donald trump. i was doing a hit a little while ago before the election here at fox, and i met a man named antonio, and it turns on you out he gave a speech at the rnc, he because its back to hollywood, and the agent informs him the three gigs he thought lined up have been pulled and one person told the agent they pulled the gig because he gave a speech at the rnc.
5:38 am
it is very oppressive out here because of the absolute hostility toward donald trump. virtual all of the political contributions of the half a dozen studios or so go to the left. you have about four major agencies in this town, all of them either have started a pac, or they say they will start an antitrump pac. and if you are an out-and-out pro trump person and a young actor, you are running a risk of hurting your career or ending it before it starts. >> yeah. it seems there's very little self awareness in this particular category of sort of the group think -- or the groups that say they're antifascism but demand everyone to think the exact same way. there's another issue where there's been lack of self awareness is ted did an interview with our own sean hannity, did a 45-minute long interview but only aired a minute-long clip and says fox is bad to america. >> we have to give credit to the american people that
5:39 am
they're somewhat intelligent and they know the difference between a news show. you think i'm cynical. >> i do. >> you think i'm bad for america? >> i do. >> in the long hall. >> really? that's sad, ted. >> you know why? because you're very good at what you do and because you have -- you have attracted a significantly more -- let me finish the sentence. >> with all due respect. >> yes. >> you have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts. ainsley: larry, who's interviewing who there? ted was to interview sean but yet the entire clip was about his opinion. >> arrogant, condescending, it shows you exactly why the mainst people like the new york times are losing money. my goodness is ted couple at
5:40 am
all concerned about the liberal bias. the fact that abc, nbc, cbs, are all to the left? the top 20 sources where people get their news, 18 of them, according to a book called left turn go to the left. is ted at all concerned about the collusion that we found out because of wikileaks where the new york times was doing an interview with hillary and gave her the power to take out a quote she didn't like, a power that she used? i could go on and on and on. why isn't he concerned about that? sean hannity isn't a news guy. he's an opinion guy. ted is a news guy. is he not concerned about the bias of the news? brian: glenn giving an article to give the okay to podesta ahead of time to make sure he was okay with it before they published it? and he got a job at the new york times. >> that's right. you have staffers from jake tapper at cnn, wolf blitzer contacting the dnc saying, hey, we're about ready to interview republicans. got any suggestion for questions we can ask? i mean honestly, ted, where
5:41 am
are you on that? clayton: yeah, certainly not self aware. brian: well, you're part of the problem too, according to ted. >> i'm not a news guy either. i'm not a news guy either. i'm an opinion guy. ainsley: well, larry, maybe we will find out what the rest of the interview looked like when cbs releases the entire interview. do you think that's going to happen? that's what sean wants. >> when pigs fly. ainsley: yeah, that's what i think too. brian: by the way, check out larry's radio show. larry elder, thanks so much. um next, we have newt gingrich. he's going to join us, and we're going to ask big questions of the day. how do things work in washington? ♪
5:42 am
energy is amazing. how we use it is only limited by our imagination. and at southern company we're building the future of energy, for you.
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5:44 am
brian: house freedom caucus members defending their objections to the gop health care plan, including our next guest who even claims he change his vote from a "no" to a heck no, and he used a
5:45 am
different word. gop congressman freedom congress member joins us now. do you feel like you undid president trump? >> what's that that? >> do you feel like you undid president trump and didn't cooperate and didn't come to the table? >> you know, first of all, our leadership did a lot of r& d when they wrote this bill. the problem is they think r& d stands for rip off and dupe wait, so they copied obamacare when they wrote the bill. i think president trump has been given bad advice. i have no objection to president trump. he's very charming, and he made a great case for the bill, the problem it's not what we complained on. repealing obamacare polls at over 50% but this bill polls at 17%. maybe the folks outside the beltway have figured out something the folks inside the beltway haven't, which is this isn't the repeal bill. brian: you need 60 votes and
5:46 am
no one's going to budge. >> you know what? that's a great point. i think i've got a way to move forward. there were really three bills inside of this bill. there was the repeal, there was the medicaid reform, and there was the replacement. you know, freedom caucus, there were enough votes in the freedom caucus to pass the medicaid reform and pass the repeal. we should have broken them up separately. in fact, i think there's 218 votes for replacement. the problem is it may not include freedom caucus members. it won't include me if it's got mandates, subsidies, and penalty and bailouts for insurance companies. but maybe they can walk across the aisle and get to 218 when they want to do the replacement. they just can't ask us to vote for obamacare on the conservative side. brian: do you understand you can't get everything you want? where were you willing to give? >> where were we willing to give? on lots of things, frankly. on the medicaid part of it, for instance. it was not as conservative as a lot of us would have liked.
5:47 am
it still allowed states to keep expanding their medicaid services for two years. but frankly, we were ready to vote for that and maybe even assuage the concerns of some of the moderates by changing that part of it. but this notion that you can force insurance companies to provide a certain coverage yet not force individuals to buy it. the problem is it's going to kill the market, the prices are going to go through the roof if healthy people have to pay the same price as unhealthy people. brian: congressman, thanks so much. it was pretty clear where you stood the entire way and that's where you stand now. congressman massie, thank you. meanwhile calling democrats like congressman maxi don't play ball on health care. does that strategy work? newt gingrich tries that, he actually did that. does it work now? bill is here now. >> nice to see you. great to be back. great program today too. what now, washington, big fall
5:48 am
out, all the angles. also the son-in-law of the president getting a in you job. we'll tell you what that's all about today. big technology helping terrorists. what to do about it. and defeating iraq what we know today is more troops are heading overseas. wig morning planned for you coming up at the top of the hour. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
ainsley: lets bring in former speaker of the house newt gingrich. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. did you watch -- did you see how it was a blame game for sure? everybody is blaming another group for what happened with obamacare. >> well, that's one of
5:52 am
washington's favorite hobbies. it lets them avoid thinking. they can just all talk, sit around and gossip. but i think from president trump's standpoint, there's some big lessons to be learned out of last week, and i think he has every reason to believe he can move forward and be remarkably successful. i think, you know, that this is a temporary thing. remember, it took reagan eight months to pass a tax cut, which was giving away money. it took us 18 months to pass welfare reform, which is extraordinarily popular, and it took even obama and nancy pelosi eight months to pass obamacare. so the fact that they set an artificial deadline for defeat i think was just a mistake. and now i have to get back up off the mat, think through what they learned and keep moving forward. clayton: so, mr. speaker, pointing fingers can be useful if it's a postmortem that you learned from. almost no one in the planet has done more building coalitions, no, seriously across the aisle. what does it look like?
5:53 am
how does he build coalitions to win the big-ticket items that he ran on the campaign? >> there's a great book called the education of ronald reagan about reagan general electric. i used it. i studied under reagan. i worked under reagan. everything i did when i was speaker was based on principles that i learned for margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. first you go to the city and not country. the answer is don't vote on the bill. it means you lost the argument. so they have to develop an argument on health, which they can take to the country. if they get a good argument on health, for example, rural counties, i think they can get north dakota's senator camp because she represents an entirely rural state that was overwhelmingly for trump. so you start with a 60-vote strategy in the senate based on the grassroots, not based you on washington moving. you have a principle bill, and you basically reach out to democrats, and we passed welfare reform, we split the
5:54 am
democrats even. 101 "yes." 101 "no." when reagan passed the tax cuts. he got one out of over three democrats in the house. but the key is not negotiating in washington. the key is having a bill that is so clear, that is so vivid, that trump can go to the country, hold those 20- 30,000 person rallies. two rallies in north dakota would make it very hard for the senator to vote "no." several rallies in missouri would make it very hard for the senator, who's up for reelection to vote "no." the same thing in indiana where frankly vice president pence is going to hold three to five rallies would make it very hard for the democrat to vote "no." so i think you have to have a totally different model than the one they used. the one they used was an insider model. it allows cbo fake score to matter. it allows the senate absurd rules for reconciliation to matter. and then it said to everybody "trust us.
5:55 am
remember, this is the age of donald trump because people don't trust washington politicians. so saying, oh, we'll fix it in the second and third part denied everything we know about the american people right now. brian: but right now, newt gingrich, you're the strategist and the president calls you tomorrow, turn the page on obamacare and now focus on tax reduction, tax reform? >> no. no. no. i think they're going to, and i think that's wrong. focus on infrastructure first because you can reach out to every single democrat on infrastructure. you can write a bipartisan bill that gets an enormous margin. trump ought to want a trump majority in the house of 300 plus and a trump majority in the senate of 65 or so. not a republican majority. a trump majority. far further down the road by doing infrastructure next. and then in the middle -- you can also do tax reform in peril. but they should be very, very exciting about infrastructure reform, which is going to bring an amazing number of democrats.
5:56 am
it's going to create jobs. remember, the number one test for donald trump's reelection is going to be how many jobs did you create? the earlier you start on infrastructure, the earlier you're going to be creating jobs and infrastructure. and then i will do taxes in parallel. and at the same time, i would say to the house and senate, "we're going to take with dr. price taking the lead at health and human services. we're going to go to the country. we're going to faction a brand-new bill, it's going to be a long-term health bill and make sure it has 60 or 65% support. then we'll bring that bill to the house and senate. brian: well, newt, you sent us a gift. quack when we come back, we'll see if ainsley can receive that gift that you actually sent over. sent over. >> all right. t brian: newt gingrich in just a second. haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
5:57 am
5:58 am
have v neshek om crimea. gore cough.
5:59 am
gorkov. gorkov. gorkov >> newt gingrich gave us a gift last week. >> thank you so much. this ellis the elephant.
6:00 am
>> you have a great kids' book series. time to reciprocate. >> do you want cash? >> bill: good morning. president trump opening the door to democrats after the health care overhaul was pulled. the president shifting the blame for failure of the health care plan to conservatives. we have lots to go flew this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer back in the newsroom with you. >> shannon: lots happened. >> bill: my sense is a lot will still happen again. we're not through it yet. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum and in the fallout president trump with a warning if you won't help pass the agenda he'll reach to the other side. here's the chief of


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