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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the markets loved it. the dow up just about .75%. our man on business is neil cavuto. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up on america's choice for news and information on cable. >> neil: all right. if yesterday was the trump slump because it seems like everybody was pouncing on the sell off what do we call today? the trump bump? we are up 150 points. we had very good economic news that spurred that including consumer confidence hitting the highest level in 16 years. and another report that housing prices hit the highest level in 31 months. there's more tabbed infrastructure spending in the works and talk that the administration and congress are working tightly on redoing the healthcare thing, which the markets took as a sign that they have not saved up with that and
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getting the tax cuts rolling and all of that. priced per for -- for perfection. blake burman has more. >> hi, neil. i talked about this report from axia that said in the wake of this healthcare thing from last week, the administration is considering possibly doing both major tax reform and a massive infrastructure bill together. i was told by that official at this moment there's nothing definiti definitive. fast forward to this afternoon. sean spicer was asked about that report. he said at this point, essentially the administration is looking at all options to see what is and what might not be on the table. >> what we want to do is keep a lot of options on the table is do we put infrastructure and is there another vehicle to drive that. part of gathering folks together now from capitol hill from industry, from groups is to
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begin that discussion. >> neil, at that briefing, i asked spicer if you couldn't get healthcare done last week and as it appears now, what would you say to those that have genuine concerns that they can't get tax reform done or infrastructure done as well? mr. spicer said to me they feel there's different constituencies involved here. he said they will continue to work out, reach out to members on both sides of the aisle and try to build some sort of coalition going forward. neil? >> neil: i couldn't understand the market's reaction to this. relieved that they'll still put up the good fight. great. but wouldn't that mean delaying the tax cut thing which is probably more important? >> when you talk to folks at the administration, august is the deadline of when they'll try to get it in by. the story has been healthcare first, tax reform second. if they repick this back up, which apparently they might. i asked spicer about it, whether
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the white house has been involved in renegotiations. but if you bring this back up, does it push everything? they're sticking to the story that they feel they can get it done and the president has talked about this $1 trillion infrastructure bill. the question is do you run it together. that's part of the story line right now. >> the argument of the administration is that infrastructure does have the appeal of getting democrats involved and securing their votes for a tax reform package. but when i heard paul ryan talk about this, he said he was working with republicans. maybe i missed the democrats. but they couldn't be approaching this differently what is your sense? >> the big question going forward as we saw what happened with the freedom caucus and healthcare, do you try to make a play with democrats on other
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major issues. chuck schumer has signalled hey, look, as it relates to tax reform, if this bill, whatever they try to put forth deals with the working class and aid is something that democrats could get on board with. the big one is fracture. something that democrats have talked about, big spending. we're talking about a trillion dollars here, something the democrats could get on board with. if you paired that with tax reform and a ping-pong one off the other. but to put the tracks on this. nothing definitive as to whether they will move side by side. >> all right, blake burman. i want to go to tim ryan of ohio. he of course did something for challenging nancy pelosi to the leadership. he's joining us right now. congressman, would you work with republicans on readdressing the healthcare thing and to what
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degree? >> yes. yeah. the. made a lot of promises during the election in ohio about expanding medicare, expanding medicaid. we should offer up some alternatives to talk about with. bring in the medicare program down to 50 or 55 years old would relieve a ton of pressure for the working class people that he spoke to during the election. the republicans have been defunding the insurance transfer, the risk corridor portion. insurance companies can't make money in certain areas because it's too risky. so we were helping them be able to offer insurance in certain areas that were risky. the republicans started cutting that budget around 2014, 2015. that's when you started to see the insurance companies pull out. a couple ideas right there that we should be all in on. >> neil: congressman, don't your democratic colleagues worry after saying this went down in flames, or the republican effort did to repeal and replace, that
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it is on them? it is going to come back to bite them? some of them don't want that popping up in next year's mid-term elections? >> i know the president tries to steer blame in other places at times. he's the president of the united states. he has a republican house of representatives, a republican senate. he could not get his own bill through the republican house. you can't blame the democrats for that. when we were in charge -- >> neil: why would they want to work with him if they promised to repeal? let's say the republicans stick to this goal to repeal. would you go along with that? >> at some point, neil, you have to get away from the bumper sticker slogan and move on to governing. they have in the freedom caucus people not interesting in governing the country. >> neil: so i want to be clear. repeal is not an option? if republicans raise it, you're not going to cooperate? >> absolutely not. you can't repeal it. doesn't make any sense. many republicans came to that
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conclusion except for the 27 or 30 people in the freedom caucus which ultimately led to the bill getting taken down and pulled from the floor. you have to govern. nobody will -- nobody will get their way 100% here. >> neil: switching gears like a crazy professor if you'll indulge me. many have called for devin nunes to step down. are you in that camp? he can't be deemed reliable and trustworthy because of these meetings at the white house. >> i know devin. i don't think he needs to step down. he probably needs to recuse himself from this particular investigation. there's too much there at this point. i think the smart thing for him to recuse himself from this particular investigation. it has to have a lot of credibility. the gravity of what is being investigated is very important. so i don't think he needs to step down. he certainly needs to step aside
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in this particular case. >> neil: congressman, thank you. good seeing you. congressman tim ryan from ohio. the house ways and means committee is meeting. they'll take up the healthcare issue when the republicans give it another go and also the tax thing. this is a measure that the chairman kevin brady is not opposing here. he will let democrats follow with a request to repeal on the part of the treasury secretary to come forward with the tax documents they requested from donald trump. you can assume that will go nowhere fast but a procedural move but they're allowed to ask for it. the treasury secretary is allowed to refuse it. steve mnuchin oversees the irs. more after this. ♪
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>> neil: all right. they're going to revisit this healthcare thing, trying to get the tax cut things off the ground. now maybe marry the infrastructure to entice democratic votes. to soon to say. the guy in the know, rand paul. senator, good to have you. how do you feel about this infrastructure plan? is it an attempt on the part of the white house to sort of move democratic votes its way potentially for tax cuts? >> you know, i'm for an infrastructure plan. i think one way to pay for it is to try to encourage american profit to come home, tax it at a small rate and take that revenue and put it in a designated fund for infrastructure. about $2 trillion of american profit overseas. none of it is coming home because of the tax rate at 35%. i'd lower that to 5%. make it voluntary.
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take the revenue from that and put it in a road fund. i had a bill like that with barbara boxer. could be bipartisan. >> neil: you think you need something like that, senator, to get democrats on board for support for comprehensive tax reform? >> yeah, i think comprehensive tax reform is harder because there's 1,000 moving pieces. i thought we should have one bill, call it a infrastructure funding bill, lower taxes, take the money and spend it on highways. both parties like to do that. don't do it through borrow ed money. let's have a new revenue stream for highways and leave it in place. leave a low tax on money coming home and leave that in place and i'd fund the roads with it. >> senator, much has been made about how aggressive the administration or congress or you guys, are about tax cuts.
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there's not a lot of wiggle room here. whether you're revenue neutral, dynamic a counting, whatever you go with, there's not a lot of room for making them really big tax cuts. do you agree with that? >> no. i think we should not insist that they be revenue neutral. i'm for a tax cut. i want government to be smaller and people to keep more of their own money. i don't think you stimulate the economy if i shift the tax burden from johnny to mary and revenue stream is the same. have i really stimulated anything? i'm for lowering rates, but i also want government to receive less money. compensate for that not by raising someone's taxes, i'd compensate by lowering spending. >> neil: there's a concept. need i digress about -- didn't give you a look at what isaing right now in the house ways and means committee. they're moving ahead with a
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procedure push to demand the treasury secretary to deny the irs to hand over president trump's tax records. it's not going anywhere. what do you make of it? >> i think we might learn that donald trump paid more taxes than president obama and as a percentage that he paid more taxes than socialist bernie sanders. so people know that he's a far-flung, large business hotel empire. i don't think there should be a requirement that you show you tax return. we have to do pages and pages. i have to reveal every mutual fund that i own in my retirement account. if i do a stock transaction, i have to reveal that. there's plenty of forms. people have a good idea who donald trump is. no, insisting on tax reform is overkill. i don't think we need to do that for everyone.
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>> neil: all right. back to the healthcare measure they want to take up again. is that risky? especially if it just depends on republicans getting together on this. they didn't last time. >> well, i don't think we gave it long enough. i think we were getting closer. the people in the house freedom caucus are well. this is a good group of people who honestly want your insurance rates to go down and fix the problem that president obama created with obamacare. i think they are getting closer. i think we're all getting closer. i'm continuing to talk to the white house, continuing to talk to colleagues. i think the one thing that unified us for a half dozen years has been repeal. we have not been unified or replacer. the closer we get to a repeal bill the closer we can get to unity. >> neil: so you think the simultaneous repeal and replace hurt it? >> this is what is confusinconf. i've been advocating for
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simultaneous but i wanted to two separate bills. some of the things may or may not be allowed by a bill. democrats will support it. democrats won't support replacement, the onus is on them to curry the heavy burden of obamacare. one of the biggest things to transfer on the marketplace is letting large groups buy insurance with one negotiator. if aarp could have one negotiator, my guess is the insurance companies would come on bended knee and give us something good for a cheap price. that's what i want, more leverage for the consumer. that may require a separate replacement bill. >> neil: senator rand paul, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> neil: and discovery communications ceo is very big on a bill and how all this drama on capitol hill affects his business more than you know, even down to the programs and network of his that you see after this.
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>> neil: all right. you have media content the world over. 220 countries. three bill consecutive users across the globe. all of a sudden you're hearing donald trump is talking about slashing taxes, regulations. if you're a discovery communications ceo, you like that. take a look. >> i think regulation, political instability around the world has been a challenge for us. we're in 230 countries. if they change the way media works in russia or argentina, venezuela, you know, we're diversified, but political instability and regulation, those are the two things that could really hurt --
1:22 pm
>> the populous wave that took over europe, how has that affected you? >> it hasn't affected us that much. i'd say that it's a consequence of zero growth. it's a consequence of the fact that europe is struggling with high unemployment. so there -- we've seen some political instability. for instance, russia required that it was a big business for us and putin made a decision that only russian companies can own media. we had to structure -- we could only own 20%. in general, we -- i wouldn't say we've been bulletproof. the fact that -- advertising tends to follow gdp. the fact that growth has been relatively flat around the world has had an impact on advertising growth. because our share has been growing, we've been able to grow our international business over the last five years double digits. >> neil: does it matter if we have a friendslier environment for big mergers? you could argue that at&t and time-warner coming together limits the pipelines that you
1:23 pm
can sell your stuff. does that worry you? >> there's a light governmental touch everywhere is positive for our business. any time there's regulation, it's a challenge and creates uncertainty. so the idea of a light touch. you've seen the media stocks move up. the reason why, there's a sense that a lot of the merges can go through where maybe before there was more of a question. never for sure. the fcc is -- >> the mergers don't hurt you? everyone needs proverbial content, right? >> consolidation in general is usually -- presents challenges and presents opportunities. the fact that at&t wants to buy time-warner reflects the fact that content is very, very important. for us, we own all of our content. we own it on al platforms and around the world. companies that are in the
1:24 pm
distribution and pipe business, whether it's mobile companies, cable companies, they're coming together. the investment is substantial. if you're sitting around in germany and you can get your phone and your cable and your broad band from vodafone or liberty global, the customer often doesn't know who it is. so what -- >> neil: they're okay with that soup to nuts -- >> what is happening that will really help the overall value of content is, at&t is buying time-warner because they believe that owning i.p. will decommoditize. in the long run, even though consolidation presents issues, it reflects that i.p. is still king. >> neil: president trump, how do you think he's doing? >> it's early. some of his business policies
1:25 pm
could be good for america. i believe in divided government. the idea of having a republican congress and a republican senate and a republican president is a good thing because now they'll get some things done. >> neil: you hope. >> a lot of diving judging on both sides. now they have to govern. in two to four years, people will say i like what they're doing. let's bring him back or let's get rid of him. >> neil: a foot note on david zaslov. he was the chief council on cnbc. i'm going back 30 years. that gentleman about my age signed my first contract to join the network. it was renewable every six days or something like that. that was then. look at him now. that was remarkable. by the way, the full interview is on our fox business site if you want to watch it. a good read to how all of this is falling out on the media industry and beyond. politics and the media world
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>> neil: hell no, he won't go. devin nunes speaking to reporters about staying on despite democratic calls increasing now for him to step down from investigating the. . some from the committee itself.
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>> why not recuse yourself from this investigation. >> you have to give me a reason to recuse myself. >> your critics say you're too close to the trump administration to lead this investigation. >> i don't know that they have said that. >> will you share your sources -- >> we will never reveal sources. >> even to the other members of the committee. >> no. never. >> when will they see the documents -- >> as soon as it's all been provided. >> it's been a week. >> i know. more than a week. >> will they get it sometime this week? >> we hope so. my guess is it's going to be a slow process. >> and you're -- >> i've already answered all of
1:31 pm
these questions. this is politics. i understand that. people have to decide if they want to play it. it's okay. thank you. >> neil: all right. that was devin nunes. answering an abc reporter's pretty aggressive line of question. she was persistent about whether he will step down from the investigation, maybe the committee. he says no. speaker paul ryan said earlier today, he doesn't see any reason for him to do that. i want to get this out of the way with rob portman, what he makes of this. much to talk about, senator. thank you for joining us. on the devin nunes situation, what do you think he should do? >> i haven't followed it closely. in the senate, have a very kruk ty process going on with senator mark warner, the ranking democrats. saw him talking about how important that investigation is and senator richard burr that chairs that.
1:32 pm
they have a history of bipartisanship. they said they're going to follow the facts wherever they lead. it's appropriate. we also have an investigation going on at the fbi, the premier law enforcement agency in the world. they're going to go wherever the facts lead them. so we're getting information through to the two different processes that are bipartisan and going to end up with something that is helpful to understand what happened. you know, what did russia do in our election and what impact did it have. it's important that we know it. >> neil: do you think that when president trump said some of the revelations from the house intelligence committee chairman that they kind of vindicated him? did they on his original charge, that barack obama had tapped his phones? >> i don't know. i mean you and i don't know what donald trump was told. you know, so it could be about surveillance that was
1:33 pm
inadvertent. some of the members on his staff on the campaign. could be something else. so we just don't know. it would be nice to know that answer as well. >> neil: all right. switching gears on the healthcare rework that they want to do. you think that that is a good idea? right now given all the back and forth and frayed nerves to re-visit it now might be a bad idea? what do you think? >> no, we have to fix it, neil. one of the problems with the current healthcare system, it's unsustainable. the premiums are going up, 25% average in the exchanges. we've had a 91% increase in ohio. 82% increase for small business. nobody can afford that. we have to deal with, this it's a lack of choice. we have a third of the counties in ohio and the country with only one insurer on the exchanges. constituents are saying, hey, this doesn't work.
1:34 pm
>> neil: so don't give up on it. >> we can't give up. >> neil: a lot of people look at it that the tax cut things should be the front and center priority and that that -- >> absolutely. >> neil: it's all hands on deck to make that work. you've been among some saying don't go crazy going into the deficit here. should they be revenue neutral? >> i saw on one of your shows where you had a commentator on, these guys like portman think it's static. tax reform is an incredible opportunity to move the economy in a positive direction, including increasing wages that we talked about. not just economic growth but help people. >> neil: would you be okay if off the top, the deficit will get worse before better? >> we should analyze it using a dynamic score. use an actual macroeconomic way of looking at it saying what is the behavior going to be.
1:35 pm
we ought to score it that way. if we did that, we have not done it in the past, you can do more tax renorm and tax relief. having said that, we have a $20 trillion debt growing to $28 trillion in the next few years. it's a percent of the economy how to look at the debt. going to levels that is scary. the highest level in the history of our country since world war ii. >> neil: so it doesn't sound that you'd go very big on tax cuts. >> i would go big in terms of policy. go big in terms of a new international system. bring back the 2.5 trillion stuck overseas. put revenue to that that would help us lower the rates further. but no, let's not go crazy. the objective of tax reform is to improve the well-being of our country. if you make the debt worse, it's not going to help. you have to grow the economy and
1:36 pm
keep the spending under control. that go hand and hand. that's what we ought to do. >> neil: thanks, senator portman. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: richard dreyfuss has played every conceivable character. one of them is the role of bernie madoff. right now he's in a new role. when we come back, whether what he was reeling in there or trying to is the equivalent of the same entrenched bureaucracy that is eating us alive. it's a "jaws" reference. richard dreyfuss next. afib, a type of irregular heartbeat afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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>> neil: all right. tax reform on the agenda. redoing this healthcare thing on the agenda. with me now, a favorite guest. i was a fan of his growing up, richard dreyfuss. these issues are near and dear to you, right? >> yeah, we shouldn't talk about tax as if they're too high or too low. i think we should say, what do
1:40 pm
we need? do it point by point. what do we need? do cops deserve to live above the poverty line? do firemen deserve to live in the communities they live? what do we need and build it up and know -- >> neil: the president has proposed a $50 billion increase for defense. a follow up budget. you think we need more money for defense? >> i wouldn't think that donald trump -- i'm not saying this because he's supposedly a republican, i'm saying it because i think he's an idiot. i think that donald trump is not to be trusted about any of the -- >> neil: he's president of the united states. >> i know. you know, i'll be a loyal american. however -- >> neil: that sounded counter productive calling him an idiot. >> well, let's call him something like with a big funny nose. >> neil: you're being mean.
1:41 pm
>> no. it's this. donald trump regardless of his party lacks simple common decency. he should not be in the president seat -- >> neil: common decency to do the things that you need in the budget? >> no. how he treated his republican candidate rivals, how -- >> neil: it's all over now. you might not like the result but he is -- how would yes -- no, no. he doesn't come on this show. i'm not carrying his word. >> i know. >> neil: let me ask you about what the agenda should be. they want to rework healthcare. you mentioned during the break whether we should be looking at this differently. you see healthcare as a right, as barack obama did? >> i don't think of it as a political thing. i think that health is a right and not a privilege. i don't think that that is a party thing unless one party says it is a privilege and only if you have money you can get
1:42 pm
healthcare. that would be selfish. >> neil: you'd be willing to pay for that? >> of course. we talk about taxes always as if they're such a negative thing. sometimes there is a gesture of support of sharing. taxes are a gesture that says we are a community and it's not only -- >> neil: you mentioned about budgets and crunching numbers. you will concur we waste a lot of money. >> absolutely. we waste -- >> neil: before we raise taxes or ask people like you they more, we should look at that? >> i think we waste money. people that have more money should pay more of the budget. >> neil: one of the figures mentioned, to bring the top rate down to 33%. >> you know, in the 50s, it was in the 90s. >> neil: you're right. so you'd be comfortable paying in the 90s? >> neil: no.
1:43 pm
i would be comfortable if what we had made sense. for instance, infrastructure to me is pre-partisan. >> neil: so is the president, by the way. >> let's do it. >> neil: we spent $128 billion a year -- >> and a japanese group came to l.a. and took the mayor's side said if you have frack -- infrastructure problem now. if you do it now, it will be cheaper than later. the mayor didn't know what to say. >> neil: we do spends on infrastructure now. >> it may be that we piss a lot of it away. maybe people should be held accountable. one of the thing i hear is this thing about regulations. regulations were conceived so that people that ran big companies could be held
1:44 pm
accountable. >> neil: no doubt. we don't want poisoned meat and filthy skies. can we overdo it? >> yes. but that's second to the need nor a couldn'tability. when wells fargo admits to a nationwide fraud by their middle management cheating clients and then the guy runs a company just goes home and goes to work or that g.m. admits -- >> neil: you would come down on them like a ton of bricks. >> like a ton of bricks. >> neil: what about those in the government that let it come down? >> absolutely. >> neil: are you a liberal? >> no. >> neil: we talk about hollywood and their views. they echo the views of hollywood that don't flip over this president. how would you describe hollywood's mood and your mood? >> i don't live in hollywood. i have nothing to do -- >> neil: where do you live? >> i live in san diego. that's not that far from
1:45 pm
hollywood. two hours. >> neil: you'd be surprised. l.a. knows nothing about san diego and i'd like to keep it that way. >> neil: it's beautiful. >> here's the deal. i'm a libo, conservo, rado. just like you. >> neil: you're a middle of the rodo? >> i'm the most passionate conservative you've ever met. i not only believe -- >> neil: did you vote for hillary? >> i did and i regret it. >> neil: why? >> because hillary is too much of a bought and paid for wall street -- >> neil: did you start out for bernie sanders? >> no, i didn't. i tried not to watch donald trump. >> neil: you have to get over this. you have to move on. >> no. that's what we do. america will have to pay for this and pay for it in many different ways. one of the things that we've
1:46 pm
done is allow the temperament -- >> neil: i talked to you in the iowa caucuses. you consistent like how that is going. it is what it is but elections go that way now. >> elections can go different kinds of ways and people can learn from them. why didn't the news people in charge of the supposed debates, why didn't they simply correct factual error when he said it was a rigged election? why didn't someone say no, no, it's called the second ballot? that's all. if you don't get the number on the first ballot, you go to a second ballot. you keep negotiating and dickering. nobody said it. people get the peopling that it was rigged. but it's not rigged. >> neil: but he won fair and square with the system that we have. >> yes. absolutely. >> neil: and you're okay with that? >> he paid attention to the
1:47 pm
electoral college -- i don't like the tone of the man. i'd say to you, would you allow him or a man like him to seek the hand of your daughter in marriage? >> neil: he's the president of the united states. i'm not asking him to marry my daughter. >> but would you? you don't have to answer. that's the question you have to answer. it's a bully pulpit as well as a policy pulpit. >> neil: i want you back. good to see you. richard dreyfuss, an oscar-winning actor. the guy is a genius but has some crazy political views. [laughter] meanwhile, i want to bring in congressman ted poe. he quit the freedom caucus. you said the caucus would reject the ten commandments. many said they block this. they argue moderates block this.
1:48 pm
can't be on them. what are you doing right now? >> i'm talking to you, neil. >> neil: oh, there you go. i asked for that and i got that. so if you're not part of this caucus, are you part of the tuesday group, the moderate group? what are you? >> no. i'm part of the republican party. i'm a conservative. i'll remain that way. i'm an independent conservative. i don't want to turn my voting card over to a group that was obstinate on getting things done. i'm an conservative as everybody. the president met with us 1 1/2 hours and with the vice president and with members of the cabinet and wanted to know what it would take to move this bill forward. they would mention something. the president said okay, we can do that. they mentioned four or five things. the president said we can do that. but got to the point that they
1:49 pm
would never be a yes. they were always going to be a no. >> neil: mark meadows and some of these have chatted said we were getting closer there. we had to rush this vote and it all went bad. what do you make of that? >> that's not true. we didn't rush the vote. we didn't rush the meeting with the president -- >> neil: they're doing this again. they want to give it another whirl. you expect different results? >> i hope that we can get some legislation passed. right now the status is by no vote, if we would have voted, we're stuck with obamacare. i don't know anybody that -- nobody in my district likes obamacare. so we're stuck with obamacare. we're stuck with the fact that now we can't probably get anything passed through the senate with 51 votes. that's what -- that's the result of being on this tactic. they never got to the point where they said this is the
1:50 pm
final straw. if you would give us this, we will vote yes. never got there. kept moving the goal posts. >> neil: the markets, as you know, jumped on the prospect that they're going to give this another go. i don't know if that is something to celebrate. they're optimistic that the tax cuts are on and they'll happen by august. are you? >> i think so. as the president said, we're going to move to the tax cuts and reforming the tax code. i hope we go back to the healthcare system because it's a disaster under obamacare. i hope we get to that. i'm positive that -- i feel optimistic about that. we need to go to the tax cuts. in the obamacare bill, if we repealed that, we would have repealed over a billion dollars of taxes. >> neil: so you're right about that. let me ask you about the tax cut stuff. and i spoke to rob portman. he said as a senator, we don't want to go crazy here. i don't want to mischaracterize what he said, but not that they
1:51 pm
should be revenue neutral but you shouldn't go crazy on them. what do you make of that? >> well, we have the highest tax code, corporate tax in the world. that's why businesses are moving. i'm one for having drastic tax cuts in the rate, not just for corporations but for individuals as well. eventually that will bring in more revenue. the government is already getting more revenue every year than it ever has in the history of the country. we have enough revenue.he tax s so businesses won't leave the country, stay here, hire folks and pay taxes. i'm for reducing the rate down 15 to 20% but making the tax coat simpler for individuals so they can fill it out on their kitchen table an corporations can fill theirs out and not spend millions just filling out tax forms. >> neil: not a bad idea, ted poe of texas.
1:52 pm
thanks for being here. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: so who gets the blame, who gets the praise? you weigh-in after this.
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1:55 pm
>> neil: i knew this was going to happen. here's what happens when you ripped the media for ripping donald trump. they review and say that you are a suck up. the media is nasty, calling out the presidents debacle. no, only those debacles. tell me you are just reading the fox talking points. no. marching in step four fair and balanced. my point is this and i have set it repeatedly. you have to pay attention. don't ignore the bad news but don't ignore the good news either. we have plenty of time to cover both. as i say, go after donald trump on the stuff he screwed up but
1:56 pm
do follow up on the things they routinely leave out. that means covering what you call his fake news with what others might call genuine news, like hosting ceos at the white house and bringing promises of thousands of new jobs. it's worth it to note. i don't recall you being so fair and balanced when it came to president obama. ditto, the tweet. in the email, that's rich. the trump suck up pretending he ever spoke up for obama. two points, i am not a trump suck up. i have been critical the resident at times. it has resulted in the president avoiding the show and boycotting me. as for barack obama, same story. i wasn't a fan of his health care law when covering it into thousand nine and 2010, i
1:57 pm
pointed out that the math didn't add up. it was a math view. not all of the doing for the economy but it happened under his watch. >> all of this is bad news for democrats who have been in charge. >> neil: every party does this at the convention. makes them look good. stocks are up. we have 4.6 unemployment in the country. 4.6% is the unemployment rate. that's about half what it was when barack obama assumed office. on top of the 170,000 jobs gained today. a steady stream of improving numbers that's going to be hard to beat for team trump. >> tax increases on that scale. they went up under barack obama. by all means, mr. president,
1:58 pm
take a bow for the economic turnaround. it was real. but at least throw bones of the federal reserve for keeping interest rates at zero to help assure the turnaround stayed real. this president has been saying if i am such a slob, look at the job growth i've seen. look at the stock markets. look at the growth we've experienced. the performance of the markets, run ups. he will talk about the improvement of jobs for when it was when he took office and say under his stewardship things turned around. any president is capable of handling many things. policies can be debated. i do it all the time myself. this man's commitment to fatherhood, he's a good dad. no matter your politics, they most profound duty of man can take on, for dad obama, i say hats off. that's just a smattering. i think it's pretty fair, i
1:59 pm
think it's pretty balanced. i got a lot of critics on both sides to prove the point. the point is this, i am not red or blue. i am just green. i am the nerdy money guy. money, money, money. does it make sense? does it add up? does the things the president proposes to add up? my president of the last president bush and his prescription drug benefit. then barack obama's insistence the health insurance bill would be affordable. it wasn't. all the way to president trump and when i said was a mistaken strategy to pursue health care before tax cuts. no ax to grind, no agenda to push. just the news. in all the hours i have each day on this fine channel, and fox business, i've got the time. we all do. it needn't be all good or all bad. just all period. that's it. fair and balanced. as i like to say, hopefully on
2:00 pm
the money. that's it. no agenda. just news. basic math. i'm done. have a wonderful evening. >> dana: i'm dana perino eric bolling, bob beckel, and greg gutfeld, and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this "the five" ." chairman of the house intelligence committee facing new pressure to recuse himself from the probe into russia's election meddling. as president trump attempts to shift the focus to the clintons. more on that in the moment. democrats are calling for devin nunes to remove himself from the russian investigation following news he reviewed intelligence material on the trump team on white house grounds and then went back to speak about it to the president. ja


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