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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> dana: send us a picture. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. >> did the trump administration tried to muscle a federal prosecutor and push to cancel a congressional hearing into russian election interference? this is "special report" ." good evening. i am shannon bream. major developments tonight and the accusations and investigations into russia's attempts to interfere or influence the election. republican head of the house intelligence committee is resisting calls for his recusal. the white house is denying a report it tried to stop a fired justice department official from telling what she knows to congress. john roberts start-ups off. good evening.
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>> white house is pushing back against reports it tried to block the former acting attorney general sally yates from testifying. stick with the report in "the washington post" is 100% false. the letters they publish on their website all back up everything i just read. all the letters are available on their website. >> letters obtained show march 14, the cochairs of the house intelligence committee invited sally yates to testify today on russian cyber activities. potential links between russia and individuals associated with political campaigns and related leaks of classified information. when yates' attorney contacted the justice department, the department wrote "the president owns the privileges and that yates needs to consult with the
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white house" her attorney reached out, writing "if i did not receive a response by monday, march 27, i will conclude the white house does not exert executive privilege over these matters. >> the white house did not respond. >> the hearing that yates was invited to today didn't happen. leading some to believe chairman nunes relieves the white house of having to publicly claim executive privilege. yates would have testified about michael flynn's ties to russia and the events that led to his firing, the white house again insisted there is no evidence of collusion between trump campaign officials and russia. >> i've said it from the day that i got here that there is no connection. if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad, somehow that's a russian connection. >> president trump tried to change the subject, surrounded
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by coal miners. president signed an executive order to turn back obama-era restrictions on fossil fuel development. >> they told me about their attacks on their jobs and livelihoods, efforts to shut down the minds, the communities in their very way of life. i made them the promise. we will put our miners back to work. >> the president couldn't help but wade back into the rush issue, tweeting that the intelligence community should be looking into the bill and hillary deal that allowed big uranium to go to russia, russian speech, money to bill, the russian reset, praise of russia by hillary. trump russia story is a hoax. the president believes the story is a hoax, white house officials tell me that they believe the full story on the incidental collection of intelligence has yet to be told.
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they believe more investigation will show a pattern of what's called unmasking that may lead back to a source. >> shannon: john roberts live at the white house. house republicans met today since the first time to withdraw the bill to repeal in a place obamacare. the effort may not be dead after all. mike emanuel explains. >> some of those who were in the know camp expressed willingness to work on getting to yes. >> days after pulling the health care package, speaker paul ryan said he has not given up hope. >> i don't want us to become a faction wise majority. i want us to be a unified majority. we are going to sit down and talk things out until we get there. that's what we are doing. we saw good overtures from different parts of our
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conference bridge >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi emphasized fixing obamacare, writing "we can work to improve and update the affordable care act and the health security it provides tens of millions of americans. was quote democrats are following her lead. >> we are ready to negotiate. we need them to abandon the political attacks on obamacare. >> on the senate side, the battle is over confirmation of judge neil gorsuch to sit on the supreme court. republicans are calling for a straight up or down vote bridge >> the only thing extraordinary about judge gorsuch is how qualified he is. democrats are giving into their left braids because senate minority leader has been threatening a democratic filibuster which the republican majority would need a democrats to break. >> they are going to do the right thing, and it's going to be an uphill climb to get those 60 votes. >> vermont democrat patrick leahy told a website "i'm not
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inclined to filibuster even though i'm not inclined to vote for him." he clarified i am never -- i need to see how judge gorsuch answers the cues under oath. there will be intense pressure on democrats. among those up for reelection and states won by president trump. leaders say gorsuch will be confirmed. >> it will be up to them. how the process to confirm judge gorsuch goes forward. >> mcconnell could do these so-called nuclear option to change the senate rules but there are those who worry about the impact of doing that. >> shannon: it would be historic. mike emanuel. thank you. the number two democrat in the house as republicans need members of his caucus in order to avoid a government shutdown.
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peter doocy tells us g.o.p. lawmakers are having a hard time coming together on ways to support the new president's agenda and keep the government running. >> republicans in congress are again preparing to tell president trump they can't help them deliver on a key campaign promise. last week it was repealing and replacing obamacare. this week, it's the wall. president trump is asking lawmakers to put $1.5 billion for the border wall into the budget. one top republican thinks budget negotiations will fall apart if they granted their request. >> my guess is it comes together better without the supplemental. >> the supplemental budget request includes $3 billion for border security, $30 billion more for defense, and an $18 billion cut to domestic programs. something democrats are not happy about. >> the administration is asking the american taxpayer to cover the cost of a wall, unneeded,
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ineffective, absurdly expensive, that mexico was supposed to pay for. he is cutting programs that are vital to the middle-class in order to get it done. >> republicans are not all on the same page. some conservatives want a spending bill that chokes off tax dollars headed to planned parenthood. speaker ryan would rather do that with a separate process called reconciliation. >> reporter: calling on republicans. >> we think reconciliation is a tool. >> if there is no agreement on a spending bill by april 28, the government will shut down. the last time that happened, 2013, 850,000 federal government employees were furloughed. tax returns were delayed. senator john mccain warned about the dangers presented by a shutdown and a continuing resolution which would let lawmakers keep spending at current levels.
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>> extremely concerned about it. also concerned about continuing resolution which would harm an already dangerously unprepared military. >> the majority leader says he doesn't want to renew funding at current levels. >> no desire for acr. >> asking a judge for new bond hearing. more than a month until the government runs out of money and face the shutdown. there's less than a dozen days. there's a two-week april recess on the way. if and when lawmakers can agree on spending levels, there's another fight coming this summe summer. >> shannon: were going to talk about that with the panel. thank you. now more on the head of the house intelligence committee under fire.
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walter jones is joining democrats calling for devin nunes to step away from an investigation into alleged ties between trump campaign officials and russia. nunes says he's not going anywhere. here is catherine herridge. >> chairman of the house intelligence committee's head sharing the intelligence reports will happen but given the timing, it won't be quick. >> this is politics. i understand that. people have to play different sides. >> house speaker said the republican chairman wasn't going anywhere. >> devin nunes recusing himself from the russian investigation? >> no. >> democrats are calling for him to recuse himself. senior senate republican said the controversy over intelligence reports nunes briefed to president trump has become a distraction.
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>> it is dominating the news. something has got to change. otherwise the whole effort in the house of representatives will lose credibility. >> white house said nunes has high-level security clearance. >> when two individuals are engaged in the process, having a discussion that is 100% legal and appropriate and cleared, suddenly the obsession becomes about the process. >> one democrat alleges a different agenda. >> i think there's an effort underway to shut this committee down. by the president. he does not want this committee's investigation to move forward bridge >> and loosl fox news the unmasking generated more intelligence reports, revealing information about thep transition team.
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>> chuck grassley pressing james comey on his deputy who critics say had a conflict in the clinton email probe because his wife received $700,000 from virginia democrats for a state senate race. the fbi says there was no conflict but -- >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you. republican controlled legislature kansas has approved an expansion of the medicaid program the measure would provide health coverage. goes to the republican governor, expected to veto the bill. the federal judge has approved a deal to replace water lines in flint, michigan. it will be a permanent fix to the water crisis. officials drew water from a
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river without treating it to -- pipes are due to be replaced by 2020. we are going to have live team coverage, here is what our affiliates are covering. philadelphia. restoration efforts at a jewish cemetery vandalized last month. experts training workers and how to repair and reset the markers. fox 2 in detroit. forward announcement -- ford announces an investment in facilities. one location will add 130 jobs. ford expects to get tax incentives. live look at miami. the big story, coast guard teasing 16 tons of cocaine in an investigation that took agents
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to central and south america. officials say the drugs have a street value of more than a billion dollars. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" per we'll be right back ♪ ♪ wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency.
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>> shannon: leaders across the country are plotting ways to fight president trump over the call to end sanctuary city policies. we have fox team coverage. rick leventhal in new york. day two of a conference featuring training on how cities can break federal immigration law. doug mckelway in rockville, maryland, where illegal immigration is at the center of a sexual assault investigation. >> good evening.
3:18 pm
defense attorneys representing the two illegal aliens in this case have maintained their innocence from the beginning. today one defense team produced evidence which they say bolsters the claim of innocence. >> in a motion filed on monday, the defense attorney wrote the day before the alleged rape the female accuser sent a text in which she had acknowledged sexual activity. asked to respond, montgomery county police said it does not change its belief expressed last week that she was raped. >> she was adamant she did not want this to happen. >> fox news learned that i.c.e. agents arrested henry sanchez mellon's father.
3:19 pm
he was taken into custody. i.c.e. found him to be unlawfully in the u.s. jeff sessions declared the department of justice will withhold federal grants to sanctuary cities, rockville city manager denied that it practices informal sanctuary. >> the perception has been circulated questioning whether rockville complies with federal law. absolutely we do. >> contrast with the popularity of a proposed ordinance under consideration. it sponsor refused to talk with fox news last night about it but among the many citizens who spoke at the meeting, none who was opposed. >> do everything in your power to keep our communities safe. enforcing immigration orders. >> i brought my passport to prove i am a u.s. citizen.
3:20 pm
but i do not want to have to carry these everywhere to prove that i belong here. >> about 100 anti-sanctuary protesters rallied outside city hall. in montgomery county where no republican serve in elected office, they represent a small minority. in light of the new evidence in the case, the attorney is asking a judge for new bond hearing, adding "it appears the defendant is actually innocent and should be released forth with." no response from the judge. >> shannon: will keep tracking it. thank you. activists at a sanctuary city conference in new york are encouraging city officials to disregard law, they are showing them how to get away with it. rick leventhal has the story. >> you haven't been paying attention.
3:21 pm
anyone who doesn't look like trump, a rich white man, they are a threat. >> panel discussions and sessions on how to protect undocumented immigrants from arrest and deportation. one suggestion, changing local laws to decriminalize less serious offenses. >> getting creative, seeing where we can create lower penalties that you can prevent getting fingerprints or building the criminal record that could make you deportable. >> monday, jeff sessions of the justice department would crack down on sanctuary cities by withholding funding from local police who failed to enforce the law. citing 200 cases in one week of illegals committing crimes and getting caught but not being turned over to immigration authorities. >> failure to deport aliens who are convicted of criminal offenses puts whole communities at risk.
3:22 pm
especially immigrant communities in the various sanctuary jurisdictions. >> all of our citizens have the right to live in safety and peace. we will work to remove the gang members, drug dealers. >> opponents say the president's policies are misguided. >> he wants america to think that immigrants are criminals, terrorists when we know immigrants are the american dream. generation after generation after generation. including this one. has somebody just that. >> sanctuary city advocates argue undocumented immigrants should have the same protections as legal residents. >> when americans are having their constitutional rights violated that's a problem. we want to ensure that we do not have rogue federal agencies conducting state-sponsored terrorism. >> the press was barred from this afternoon sessions which we
3:23 pm
are told focused on organizing and litigation. organizers tell us they will fight the administration's efforts to cut funding to sanctuary cities but the white house fails to do it, move that could save the feds up to $27 billion a year. >> shannon: rick leventhal, thank you. alabama lawmakers will decide within weeks whether to impeach republican governor robert bentley over a sex scandal pray that's according to a schedule laid out by the top lawyer. the attorneys are objecting to the timetable. but governor has been under fire since recordings making marks to a female aide. democratic party not commenting on report its cleaning house. nbc news says tom perez is requesting resignations from current democratic national committee staff members.
3:24 pm
native american tribes say they are not giving up in their legal challenge to the dakota access pipeline. that statement comes after developers said monday they have placed oil in the pipes under a missouri river reservoir that was the final piece of construction. they say the pipeline should be operational in about three week weeks. wells fargo says it will pay $110 million to settle a class action lawsuit over up to 2 million accounts its employees open for customers without their permission. it's the first private settlement the bank has reached since the company paid $185 million to federal and california authorities last year. authorities say employees driven by high-pressure sales tactics opened the accounts without customer authorization. the dow snapped a losing streak, gaining 150. s&p 500 up 17. nasdaq finished ahead 35. it may soon be easier for americans to obtain carry and conceal guns.
3:25 pm
tonight from denver. battle lines being drawn over efforts to relax weapons law spirit >> more than 100 people gathered in a church basement to ramp up for a short walk to colorado state capitol. filling hallways and offices with arguments against relaxing firearm restrictions. >> by the way, the second amendment is very, very safe right now. >> fueled by arab pro-second amendment administration, pro-gun issues have been active, mostly on permits to carry and access to buildings. >> most states, gun rights are on the march. we are gaining ground freight >> the second amendment foundation says this may be the result of politicians making good on promises from the campaign trail. at the national level, concealed carry rep or set possibly bills have been revived in the house and senate.
3:26 pm
if passed, gun owners with the license would be allowed to carry in other states. >> your rights don't end at the state border. the right would be all across the country. the states would be recognizing that permanent. >> states with stronger gun laws would be beholden to the "lowest common denominator." >> it is dangerous legislation and were going to work hard talbot fail. >> a lot could come through the courts. neil gorsuch seen on both sides as favorable to gunowners. second amendment advocates in boulder by the fact that there are more than 100 judgeship openings across the country ranging from the u.s. court of appeals to u.s. district court. all of which appointed by the president. >> shannon: fox news has learned north korea conducted
3:27 pm
another successful rocket engine test over the weekend. this heightens concerns that the communist state is edging closer to building a missile capable of striking the u.s. officials tell fox it's the third such test this month. pentagon expects another nuclear weapons test following two successful blasts last year. human rights organization accusing a u.s.-led coalition in iraq not doing enough to protect civilians in the war against isis. one american general says isis may have been complicit in a deadly coalition air strike. benjamin hall has the latest. >> the battle for mosul is reaching a brutal climax. isis fighters are waiting to strike. >> classic urban warfare, difficult kind of warfare. it's sort of a hell on earth, this is it.
3:28 pm
>> throwing everything they've got at the terror groups. grenades, gunships, u.s. airpower. with the final offensive, there is been an uptick in civilian deaths. the u.s. continues to investigate a strike which killed at least 150. today the u.s. army chief of staff on a visit to baghdad said evidence showed the building they have been blown up by isis. >> it's possible they blew up the building to blame it on the coalition. causing a delay in the offensive and a delay in coalition air strikes. >> top general in iraq. according to witnesses, for civilians in the building and booby trapped it. it is civilians who are caught in the middle. those who escape struggled to find food and shelter.
3:29 pm
400,000 remained in western mosul say they could be used as human shields by isis fighters. >> this is an enemy ruthlessly exploiting civilians to serve its own ends. clearly not the faintest calm by deliberately placing them in danger. >> forces move forward and towards the isis leader, the death toll is rising. a video released by isis shows children armed with weapons training to clear houses. we can't show all the scenes. the children execute found men. isis has brainwashed train children how to kill. we will be a major problem moving forward. in some cases, whole generations of iraqis know nothing else but the brutality of the terror group. >> shannon: very disturbing. russia will some fighter jets,
3:30 pm
battle takes, armored vehicles with serbia. balkan country's defense minister says russian president vladimir putin has promised to sign off on the deal. european union officials have expressed concern over increased russian influence in the region. scotland's parliament has voted to seek a new referendum on whether to pursue independence. similar measure was defeated in 2014 but the countries prime ministers says scots must be given a chance to vote on the future before britain leaves the european union. british government will launch the brexit process tomorrow. house speaker says the obamacare appeal in place effort may not be dead after all. we will talk about it with the panel when we come back i accept i don't race down
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so, the question you asked me. what is the key? it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. >> i would say to the speaker, to leader mcconnell, and to the president, drop repeal. drop it today, and drop it for
3:34 pm
good. >> we are going to keep talking until we get it right. i'm not going to put a timeline on it. this is too important. >> our democratic friends have the law they wrote in place, and we'll see how that works out. >> if we can find a way forward, we will do it. i'm not saying we're going to go with this group or that group. people reached out and expressed an interest. the president's view is he's willing to listen to them. >> shannon: health care battle may not be over. charles anna palmer, tom rogan, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. they're still talking. they were late for the presser. they were having heated discussions. speaker comes out and says we may be moving on health care. >> i don't think there's a reason why it had to be
3:35 pm
pronounced dead. the president had an ultimatum. he decided he would stick to it. he decided he would not be involved as a result. that's fine. it's still an open question whether they republicans in the house and senate can negotiate among themselves. they were not that far apart. i have been advocating this alternative where you abandon the restrictions imposed by the reconciliation process. stuff the bill with all the stuff you were going to add later, stuff it. put that in the bill and toss it over to the senate. if senate democrats want to filibuster, fine. i think there are several options. i don't think they are that far apart. i think it's perfectly reasonable they could negotiate a deal among themselves. do you think that in the fall when obamacare's problems are
3:36 pm
going to become, come to the surface again. spiking premiums and deductible deductibles. there will be less nostalgia for obamacare then you have found in the current debate. >> shannon: the president said listen, it's going to happen. democrats are going to have to work with us. maybe that's been the strategy for some people all along. >> as charles says, the premiums are going to go up and every objective analysis shows that trend. the issue becomes when those trends go up again in a tangible way, it will be a political rising phoenix for trump. the people at the electoral level might shift when the up curve shows its head. >> shannon: we have a lot to
3:37 pm
talk about but i want to switch to another topic. this is about devin nunes, whether he can effectively lead to an investigation into russia. we had plenty of people on the left asking for him to step down. now we have a republican. this is walter jones from north carolina saying i think it's time for him to step away. he is asking for a special commission. >> the time has come for the speaker of the house paul ryan to consider talking about the possibility of starting an independent commission to deal with this issue. once a committee becomes tainted, it loses its integrity. the american people want the truth whether there was relationships or not
3:38 pm
relationships and to take the politics out of it with an independent commission. take the politics out of it. >> shannon: trey gowdy says we have an independent commission. it is called the fbi. they are investigating. do you think it would be wise for republicans to say were going to take the p.r. battle out of it and go with something unprecedented? >> it's a distraction right now in terms of what they are trying to get accomplished, trying to figure out what happened. walter jones, i think everybody knows on capitol hill, it's not surprising he is breaking with leadership. in terms of the fact that he goes his own way. you have the speaker devin nunes. as long as he remains steadfast with other republicans, moderates and conservatives backing him, i don't expect him to step down. >> shannon: walked through the latest scandal. you are chuckling about walter
3:39 pm
jones. the letters back and forth with sally yates, acting attorney general who was asked to be relieved from the position when she didn't want to go to court to legally uphold the travel ba ban. today there are letters published between her attorneys, the committee, justice department, white house about whether or not she would be able to testify on the hill. white house that is false to suggest we block turn anyway. we didn't. the paper trail show that. the hearing got canceled. others are saying that's devin nunes protecting the white house. >> obviously a lot of working parts. i'm not sure what devin nunes, what his plan is. my read of the letter is it sounded like pretty smart ego advice. doj advising her that you can't just volunteer to go speak to congress about your advice to
3:40 pm
the president. the president has certain prerogatives and he's allowed to invoke them. seems to me like maybe that was a little bit overblown. on the larger question about whether she should testify or not, i don't know, obviously the white house as they have no problem but i don't know it's completely unreasonable for, given the fact that she refused to do her job, for the federal government as a lawyer, i don't know that it's all that unreasonable for her to say we don't want you to testify. you're not going to take politics out of the investigation. it's going to be politicized no matter what. hard to begrudge the white house trying to win the politics. >> shannon: advising her it was potentially under presidential privilege. they say we told her you can move forward by their silence.
3:41 pm
her attorney says if we don't hear from you, we can move forward. senior official told us the story in "the washington post" blocking her was entirely false. here's what sean spicer said. >> if they choose to move forward, great. we have no problem with her testifying. the report in "the washington post" is 100% false. >> coming from sean spicer. then the opposite is probably happening. what you see his behavior consistent with the cover-up. that's why we should have an independent commission look at it. >> shannon: charles. >> we have a difference of opinion here. when the guy says any word coming out of the spokesman's mouth is the opposite of the truth. i think you've got divisions in the house. i think it's perfectly reasonable, as charlie said, for the administration, if it wanted to invoke executive privilege
3:42 pm
and i think that's sort of indisputable. it's also indisputable that there does not appear to have been any effort to stop her testimony. the one thing that always intrudes in this is that nunes acts in very odd ways. he cancels the hearing which essentially shuts her up at least temporarily. he wandered over the white house to meet with his source, pretty odd procedure. he is the head of the intel committee in a delicate situation where everybody is watching him. i would think in those circumstances you would trying to do stuff that is not going to attract tons of attention as to its weirdness. that i think is the root of the problem. i don't think he's corrupt. i think he's just on a zone in a way that's sort of hard to understand and hard for his allies to explain. >> shannon: he's acting like someone who expects he will be vindicated.
3:43 pm
you're going to start the hashtag "devin nunes is weird." or the weirdness. >> i say that as a layman. >> not an expert in weirdness. they are getting ready to fight about the supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. >> no supreme court justice has ever been stopped with the partisan filibuster. that is obviously with the democratic leader has announced they will do. i repeat, we're going to get judge gorsuch confirmed. >> this is the man who broke 230 years of precedent and held judge garland up and now he's complaining. >> shannon: republicans are saying if they force us to do the nuclear option it's on them. democrats are saying a bit of this is payback for merrick garland.
3:44 pm
>> what you are seeing is a deliberate effort by schumer to placate the donor base. in political terms, it's extremely bad strategy. detracts from the issues charles was talking about with nunes, the seeming failure of the president in terms of his legislative agenda, at least for a while. gorsuch has a wide range of respect across the political spectrum. it sends the message to the electorate of petty politics added -- at a time when the democrats perhaps have other areas they want to weaponize. >> shannon: is this a hill they are willing to die on? within a year or two, someone else steps down and the republicans only need a majority. >> it's a dangerous game of
3:45 pm
chicken. usually these negotiations happen behind the scenes. as far as democrats, they are feeling strong. coming off the health care bill failing in terms of trump. they say there is no foreseeable win for the president when he needs one. they are going to try to make as make as much as possible. >> shannon: we had patrick leahy, saying yesterday maybe i'm not going to filibuster. >> i think what we are hearing is schumer is playing to the donor base. as long as he talks a big game, you get defectors like pat lakey
3:46 pm
or mark warner from virginia. you have people that are already signaling they are squishy about this. it gives them a way out and he can, you let it go and it goes on. >> if schumer wants to trigger the nuclear option, i would quote clint eastwood. "make my day." it would be a disaster for the democrats. the next nominee is not going to be central casting. it's going to be a harder edged conservative and it will be easy for the republicans to get him or her through, requiring only 51. >> shannon: that may make some hesitate this time around. next up, are we getting ready for another fight over a government shutdown?
3:47 pm
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go long.
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>> we've got another government shutdown looming, as you know. these are not good times. >> we anticipate getting an outcome prior to the end of april. we have to. >> no one favors a government shutdown. markets want stability. >> they want to cut programs that create jobs and improve people's lives, also the president can get his "big, beautiful wall." >> i don't know if we have the funding to do that kind of effort. >> shannon: back with the panel prayed we want to show you calendar of what's going on. there's a lot to get done. we are going to show you the calendar. shows through the workdays they will be here. the big circle on the bottom, spending bill deadline.
3:51 pm
debt ceiling looming, spending bill, budget for next year. which scares you the most? there's a lot to get done. >> the thing that gets missed at times like this one we have another government shutdown debate is the fact that this has been going on for ten years. it's been going on for 15 years. with the democrats in control, they didn't pass a budget in years. i can't remember the exact number but it was years they went with other -- went without a budget at all. the other thing that's at play is people go crazy with talk of a shutdown. where people forget is the last time we have this government shutdown was in 2013. 15 days and the republicans were blamed for all of it. 2014, they picked up 14 seats in the next election, leading to
3:52 pm
their largest majority since 1928. in the senate, they picked off nine democrats. these are big issues but people aren't interested in the small ball game. they want the issues to get fixed in a long-term way. any politician that will do that will end up getting rewarded at the polls, i think. >> shannon: do you think democrats come on board? a lot of things to iron out. the administration has signaled if were going to lose the far right, we are going to be harder core on these issues, maybe we have to reach out to democrats. chuck schumer's think we will work. just stop saying repeal. >> democrats are not going to say what can we do to help you, donald trump? if the president and the administration reaches out, the waning days. the house has 11 days to pass the bill. government shutting down is going to be a major issue.
3:53 pm
if donald trump and the white house are stuck on the wall, mr. trump has said he doesn't expect congress to pay for the wall. >> shannon: looking at the possibility of raising the debt ceiling. a little bit of what candidate trump had to say. then you're going to hear from the current treasury secretary. >> i tell you what, i heard bayner say there's no way were going to close up government. if you don't have the threat, you can't do anything. they've got nothing. you've got to say we are going to close it. you've got to scare them but you can't negotiate when your top person says there's no way we closed up government. >> everybody understands, whether you are republican or democrat, we need to raise the debt limit.
3:54 pm
the full faith and credit of the united states is the most important thing. >> shannon: two different financial issues, both involve a game of chicken. you saw what the president said when he was running. >> there will be some interesting discussions of the white house, i'm sure. the issue i think is when you consider the president coming off the back of a defeat, he doesn't want the imagery of dysfunction. he prides himself as someone who is confident, in charge. his truth is the truth. i suspect that made by the next week quite a lot of outreach to try to forge a consensus with moderate democrats who might be willing to come on board. maybe have an influence on the more harder line spending agendas. >> shannon: do you have confidence they will get it done? >> on the debt ceiling, you
3:55 pm
will. they have to. i think the treasury secretary is right. you don't play around with that. on the shutdown, we've seen we've had shutdowns. the question is, who gets the blame? it is traditionally always republicans. i suspect no matter who is really at fault, it will be republicans again. look, the president i think is clear that he doesn't want to give away his hand in advance. i think if he insists on the wall, that's not the best issue on which to hinge. if that's the cause of the shutdown, he loses. i think you've got to choose very carefully what issue is identified, particularly in the press. a shutting of the government or not. i think that is the key tactical issue. >> shannon: up next, video shows the dangers of
3:56 pm
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♪ >> shannon: finally, it has been said that beauty is only skin deep in my quest for beauty can drive people to do some pretty ugly things to their own skin. so, watch what happens when one youtube or learns the hard way that buying a charcoal mask off the internet may not have been the best idea. >> i am trying to pull this off and i am trying to stall as long as i can because it really hurt hurts. what is it? >> i don't know why it is because something is ripping. >> that's a rip asked mike that's a rep! oh, god! >> shannon: they have no idea. i want to speak for you, but --
4:00 pm
it's a free country. i'm glad she was our guinea pig on that. thank you for watching "special report." i am shannon bream. good night from washington. "the first 100 days" with martha maccallum is next. >> martha: breaking tonight, president trump making another mag break from the obama era, taking big steps to dismantle the former presidents climate change regulations, as this white house vows to bring back jobs and to protect the environment. watch. >> i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on american energy, to reverse government intrusion, and to cancel job killing regulations. >> martha: good evening, everybody. i am martha maccallum. it is day 68 of the first 100 of the trump presidency. these big moves from the white house and made a huge consumer confidence number soaring


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