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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 30, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jenna: great to have you here with us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: what the house committee investigation stalled, the senate's g.o.p. chair says nothing is off-limits as a vow to steer clear of politics. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra smith coming here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain meghan mccain, a couch first timer, republican strategist and former spokesperson for president george w. bush, mercedes schlapp, welcome. >> mercedes: i'm glad to be out of the swamp. >> sandra: of course today's #oneluckyguy, eric bolling. by the way, his new book goes on sale in june. welcome back. always good to have you. you need to be reminded that you
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are outnumbered. >> eric: i am outnumbered, but what a great day. so much going on. >> sandra: let's get right to it. today's big hearing on russian meddling, saying they will go wherever the intelligence leads us. richard burr and mark warner announcing they will pressure 20 people over time. among them, president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner who serves as a white house senior advisor. paul manna fort and possibly michael flynn. meantime, senator warner giving a preview of heart how far rusn interference went. >> if you google russian hacking, he wouldn't get fox or abc or "new york times," what you get is 4 out of the first five newspapers that popped up were russian propaganda.
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>> sandra: he was asked if he could lead a fair investigation. >> having served as advisor on the trump campaign, can use a hand over heart you can oversee an impartial investigation? >> absolutely. i'll admit that i voted for him. i've got a job with the united states senate. i take the job extremely seriously. >> i have confidence in richard burr that we together with the members of the committee can get to the bottom of this. if you get nothing else from today, take that. >> sandra: of course the republican or democrat overseeing this committee think that the senate committee will have more luck than the house committee. >> eric: i think they may in that they start fresh. they see some of the mistakes were made by the house committee. there were three investigations going on simultaneously right now.
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you have the house committee who talked with devin nunes, you have this one with burr and warner, and you have the investigation that's still ongoing. here's a big question, there are a couple of big names floating out there. i'm going to throw a name at you that's circulating right now, evelyn farkas. she was a assistant deputy secretary of state. it's three or four levels down in the state department. she has said on air that she knew the obama administration was gathering administration on the trump transition team. why would she know that? she recommends to the obama administration, take that information because when trump is in office, he may want to get rid of it. there's a lot of problems with that. it's scary that this many people have access to it was being
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investigated. >> eric: another name, he was paid with that dossier. >> mercedes: for example, there is that false information that they are paralyzed. i spoke to some of the committee folks and they basically said we are moving forward, we are negotiating a witness list, we recognize that it's an important investigation. there's been so much political theater around at that it's become. >> sandra: i want to get to this tweet. he acknowledges the fact that the reporter asked burr if he could lead this committee. no one asked senator warner, the democrat, if he could do his since he was against trump. >> meghan: that's a very good
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point. i've known for a long time. the problem we have right now is that we have to go through this again for our audience to expand what's going on. it's totally politicized on both sides. i doubt we'll find any new information in the future. unfortunately, how you see donald trump is how you see the specific issue and is a tragedy because it could be an extremely egregious scandal on the part of president obama if he did wiretap, whatever, accidentally collect information on president trump during the transition of power. >> sandra: you got the impression and they said we won't stop until we get this done. they were together on this and there from an opposing party. they had voted seven individual
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individuals. >> harris: hopefully there's not incidental, but on purpose information gathered. you're talking about an interview that just happened. i was watching as well, and i don't know if you caught in that interview, she also said she wasn't comfortable with the level of information gathering that they were doing by the obama administration. that deserves a second look. that's a bigger part of this investigation. it goes to the flavor of that information gathering. >> eric: she was not at the very top levels of intel. >> harris: we know that there were people who were on their who are necessarily more political than they were investigating. i want to get to one thing if we can, because i things will feed into it. if you look at the bigger issue, it's something megan has talked about a lot and that's that we
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focus on whether or not russia has us in their sites. no matter which party. one of the witnesses today says that they intended to tell the intelligence committee that marco rubio suffered as well. >> sandra: there's so much to get to, we want to stay on track here. as mercedes just mentioned, and the house, the russian investigation is essentially on hold following days of turmoil surrounding the battle of devin nunes. adam schiff plans to meet with nunez at some point today. he has previously called on the california republican to step aside from the russia investigation, but says he hopes today's meeting can essentially right the ship. >> this has been very tough on all of us. this is someone i worked well with for many years. i can't overlook if the chairman of our committee is going to freelance in this way. we'll meet tomorrow and i hope we can somehow get back on track. the chairman will have to find a
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way to lift this cloud, otherwise we're going to need someone else to preside over this and i think we really do need someone else to preside over this if you're going to do this credibly. >> sandra: meantime, a secular public and congressmen following walter jones said he thinks the house investigation has become too politicized. here's charlie dent. >> i'm not optimistic, given the tone and the tenor and various shots being taken by both sides. it sounds to me like they're getting into a stalemate position. the senate is moving on a better trajectory. i think we'll have to rely on the senate. >> sandra: should the senate leave this thing? has become too politicized? >> eric: schiff says nunes should step down. don't forget, adam schiff is the guy who went on television and said he had not circumstantial evidence, he had direct evidence of collusion between the trump administration and russia and he
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has since walked it back. if you want some one to step down, maybe both of them could step down. i think devin nunes can handle this. if you do that, take both of them down and you'll have another republican g.o.p. person who will head the committee. let's be fair if you want to call for someone to step down. i think you're going to have three separate investigations, three separate findings, and let's see what we have. >> mercedes: we need to clarify the situation as well. there was a source who contacted chairman nunes new personally. he had the confidentiality to give this classified information. that is why congressman nunes decided to move forward, speak with a source, and gather this information. however, as you mentioned, congressman schiff went out and said are talking about the circumstantial evidence. we don't have the findings. we are under investigation right now. i think that the democrats jumped the gun, i think that nunes tried to handle the
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situation with justice and i got over complicated. >> harris: do you think it's fair? i've been asking us all week that nunes should have said, if i do this in the white house democrats will come after me. i'm talking specifically from the view of republicans. perhaps that was something that he should have considered. >> mercedes: he was tried to get the information he needed for this investigation, i think that was the top priority. unfortunately, the media is going to jump on it and basically say he's a trump supporter. i don't think he necessarily handled it absently correctly, but when you're dealing with a source who says i need to guarantee this confidentiality that you're not going to expose me. he had to obtain that information which is actually very concerning, because it's going after these american citizens in terms of engaging in their conversation. >> sandra: can the house get this back on track?
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at >> meghan: i don't know, but i know it doesn't help. nunes and the fbi is not cooperating. i've been saying that the american public is more than entitled to more transparency on this issue. i don't understand why the fbi is in helping him get whatever information that he has seen. this is so confusing, trying to explain this to an average person who is not a political is borderline impossible. every day it gets more complicated and i don't understand when the fbi is in helping him. >> eric: there is some that the fbi may have somehow had some contact with this dossier guy from england, but the fbi paid this guy to put this dossier together. this christopher still worked for opposition research on trum trump. >> meghan: it's an allegation that the fbi paid him?
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>> eric: he didn't show up and that was supposed to happen on monday. that information should shed some light. >> sandra: a tweet from president trump getting lots of reaction today. the president vowing to fight democrats and the house freedom caucus when it comes to his agenda. is he just hurting himself or being a fighter so many of us supporters want? and the vice president and his wife under fire for having a solid marriage based on conservative values. liberal haters going to hate and it's a lot of hate. you can join our live chat or go to you can tweet us as well. we'll see you there umbrellas!!
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"the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast. we must fight them, & dems, in 2018!" freedom caucus member just in a mosh tweeted back at the president, it doesn't take long for the swamp to drain. no mr. president. almost everyone succumbs to the d.c. establishment. just moments ago, speaker paul ryan gave his take. watch. >> i understand the president's frustration. share the frustration. about 90% of our conferences for this bill to repeal and replace obamacare. about 10% or not. where close to passing the bill. why encourage numbers to do is keep talking to each other until we get the consensus to pass this bill. it's very evident that the president is frustrated that we haven't gotten to where we need to go because this is something that we also we would do. he is exposing his frustration.
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>> harris: the back and forth is that you need the freedom caucus because they hold in their hands the conservative values that were promised for people. the other side is you're in the way. >> mercedes: i think the president is the freedom caucus more than he needs the democrats on this issue of obamacare. obviously, the democrats are going to want to make sure they preserve president obama's legacy. when it comes to these freedom caucus numbers, you see a bit of a divide. they are saying this is a time where we need to govern and come together. i understand president trump's frustration. the reason being that he has met with the freedom caucus time and time again, trying to get them there. the freedom caucus is saying, the one -- the bigger issue we have is that we have to be able to lower premiums and this bill doesn't do it. if they could get to that point of agreement, i think you'll see
9:19 am
more freedom caucus member is moving this direction. >> harris: there is a promise that they will take another huge bite of the apple, but when they go at this again, is it helpful to because basically a war within your own party? >> eric: i was here on this couch the day that bill -- i'm sorry, ryan and the leadership -- they delivered this bill and megan and i both said this is dead on arrival because of the things we were looking for not being in the bill. the freedom caucus named donald trump 2020 reelection bid by voting thomas health care bill. it was bad. premiums would go up for middle income people, going into midterm elections and going into 2019, right before 2020. it was the best thing to happen to donald trump. here's what he's looking at.
9:20 am
he's looking at the next one. it's about tax reform. >> sandra: what does that leave the president with tax reform? >> eric: he still needs that, they should get on board because after all, -- >> harris: you think they should get on board. >> eric: i think the freedom caucus will be more in favor of this tax reform then the moderates in the house. >> harris: if you tell people within your own party that you are against them if they're not with you, what does that mean when you talk about governing entity that remade the table? >> meghan: throw my entire career, i never liked this. i never liked party infighting, i never liked the cannibalizing within the party. i was very unhappy with what paul ryan said in front of everyone. i was also disappointed that the freedom caucus, when they could have met in the middle, some of
9:21 am
them dead. we collectively need to come together as a party. i don't like the president doing this. the difference between republican's a democrats, democrats blindly follow cult leaders. they don't speak for themselves. we have different factions within this party and it's vitally important now that we have all forms of power, house, senate, and presidency, we need to work together. i don't like this tweet. >> harris: one of the questions of the news conference with john roberts yesterday, it was are you going to john boehner your way through this in terms of siding with the democrats before you go with conservatives in your own party? >> sandra: i was going to say something else, but all show that the commercial break. i will ask the question again, how can the president expect to move forward and have success with that without the freedom caucus? >> eric: the tax or formal help every american.
9:22 am
there's no debate on that one. that -- >> mercedes: the border tax should be the biggest issue. if they can get over that, that will save the tax reform. >> harris: will move on. annual report says the fbi director james comey wanted to write up and about the interference with the election months before we went to polls. what may have happened if he had actually written that? hillary clinton is returning to washington tomorrow to talk at georgetown university, it's all part of what people are coming a comeback tour. whether she's getting ready to run again in 2020 or who knows. if it's time to let some fresh faces leave the democratic party, stay with us
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>> meghan: fbi director james comey reportedly wanting to write an off ed as early of the summer about russian interference in the election. the tom breaking obama and administration official reportedly wanted a coordinated message backed by multiple agencies and blocked him from writing the off ed. call me got a lot of criticism just before election day alerting the bureau was alerting a lot of emails relating to the probe. listen to what he said last night at an intel near d.c. >> the last year, almost a year now, has been both difficult and easier than you might think. i'll tell you, i've never been prouder of the fbi. what makes it easy is we are not
9:28 am
on anybody's side ever. >> meghan: i'm way to start with you. it is no secret that i don't like james comey. i think he should have stepped down and/or been fired. he continues to put america in a position where we lacked confidence and our intelligence agencies and i don't understand why he would think writing an off ed in any context in the media could be an effective way to communicate with the american public. >> mercedes: it absolutely makes no sense that an fbi director would want to write an off ed piece. it's an opinion piece in a magazine. it makes no sense. i find that with fbi director comey, he's like a chameleon. he wants to be impartial, but then he tries to stir up controversy constantly. you saw this with hillary clinton and the scandal when he came out basically indicting her and then saying we won't prosecute. it's mixed political messages. i think fbi director comey has
9:29 am
had his day, he loves to be in the middle of the storm, but it isn't helpful for the intelligence community. >> harris: one of my journalism classes in college was on ethics and the justice system. my professor used to say it make me thirsty for your case. you don't need to hold. i just wanted to say that out loud. >> eric: why is james comey a household name? he shouldn't be. >> sandra: why his his name constantly in headlines? >> eric: what happened to the day of the spy agencies? i hate this idea of the nsa director's name being everywhere and he is talking and the cia director's name is out there.
9:30 am
i have the utmost respect for our intel intel department. except for the figureheads of these groups here they want to be on tv. >> sandra: don't take away from the fact that he is highly respected. >> eric: james comey? >> sandra: we have had many people sitting in your spot who are willing to say, i know him on a personal level, i've known him for many years, he's capable of being impartial. >> meghan: he it is the reason that americans lack confidence. this is a very serious issue about possible hypotheticals. writing an opinion piece, i would have lost my mind, as would have eric on television if he would have done that. again, i don't understand, he's doing a total disservice to the men and women he loved so much.
9:31 am
>> eric: when james comey was at his best, he came out and said we have investigations in all 50 states of isis threats. do that, that's great, that's fantastic, that makes everyone aware that isis is a threat. start playing politics, that's when he loses it. the >> meghan: why are you doing interviews? whiting speech is near d.c.? we have all these investigations going on, why are you out during speeches and talks? >> sandra: now that i got you guys all riled up. the so-called comeback tour continues, we are talking about hillary clinton. tomorrow she will speak at georgetown university after giving what's being called her most political speech since her election loss earlier this week. clinton slamming the trump administration without mentioning the president by nam name. saying that women's representation in washington is "the lowest it's been in a generation."
9:32 am
blasting republican efforts to replace obamacare as a "disastrous bill." then, she said this. >> we will need to fight back twice as hard, not for the sake of politics, but because these are bad policies that will hurt people. it will take our country in the wrong direction. i think about the outpouring of activism we are seeing, despite all the noise and the nonsense. four words keep coming back to me. resist, insist, persist, enlist. i don't think our country has ever been better positioned to take on the challenges of the future. some see a dark vision of carnage, i see a light shining on creativity and opportunity. [cheers and applause] we need to resist bias and bullying. we need to resist hate and fear. i'll be right there with you every step of the way.
9:33 am
>> sandra: i need to resist that stage backdrop. is making me sick. eric bolling, as is the beginning of the comeback tour of hillary clinton? >> eric: i don't think so. i think that was much more relaxed, i'd prefer that went to the candidate. here's the deal. since she lost the election, the clinton foundation donations have dropped by 37%. a clear third of their donations. she needs to get back out there and be the face were democrats. she's got a window though. as soon as president obama decides it's his turn and he's going to hold a stage for the voice of the liberal left. >> mercedes: democrats don't need her, that strategy completely failed. we've seen elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and president obama be the faces of the party, but i think for hillary clinton to have a come back to her, go back to your house to her. seriously, the campaign rehash speech that she gave at georgetown. at that point, when you lose an election, it's time to move, get off the stage, and let the fresh faces of the democratic party
9:34 am
come out. >> sandra: as long as she's there, nancy pelosi is there and elizabeth warren is there, what's the point? >> meghan: i think hillary clinton is so power-hungry and attention hungry that it hasn't been that long since he lost the election that she spend a billion dollars try to get elected. i don't care how many weird backdrops she has, i'm sick of seeing her and apparently i'm being subjected to hillary clinton the rest of my life no matter what happens. it's deeply unfair to democrats. as long as we keep putting clinton's up, it's great for me, will keep winning elections. >> sandra: is it okay that she was up on stage and basically urging her supporters to resist the current president? >> harris: she can do whatever she wants. she didn't get to become president, so she can make whatever argument she wants. i want to talk a little bit about some of the positive things that you may have seen at sea pack. i want to yield my time to you and talk about cultivating that young talent and what democrats
9:35 am
should be watching republicans do right now. the speed and clearly for our conservatives, there are such energy trump presidency, they have the sense, especially the graduates level, of getting involved in being able to push forward with pro-economic job creation agenda. for conservatives, it's a very much an opportunity. republicans have to govern righ right. conservatives have to govern. we can't be the party of no, we have be a part of solutions. we have to ensure that since we have the majority, since we have the presidencyhere are these legislative victories and that's what the mega people are are looking for. >> sandra: hillary quentin, making a comeback. >> meghan: no she's not, stop. >> sandra: one city suing the trump administration over its latest move to block federal funds. a sheriff says any elected official who doesn't comply with federal law should get arrest
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>> harris: happy friday eve, glad you're watching. new fallout from attorney general jeff sessions announcing that sanctuary cities which don't comply with federal immigration laws will not be able to get justice department grants. seattle mayor, ed murray, is it suing trump administration's claiming the move is on congressional. some met with john kelly yesterday and they insist they're doing nothing wrong. >> it is absolutely untrue that our priority is anything other than keeping our communities safe. we'll have the resources to be the immigration police, nor without benefit jurisdictions
9:41 am
who have a larger immigration population. >> we cooperated with ice and we made sure they are aware of who is in our custody, but we do not change the way we prosecute based on immigration status. >> our first priority is to get bad guys off the street. cutting homeland security grants, cutting cost funding and threating to take other resources away makes it worse, not better. >> harris: there's more, a massachusetts share for speaking out against lawmakers who don't comply. >> if these sinks very are going to harbor immigrants from ice which is a violation, federal arrest warrants should be issued to elect officials. >> harris: there upwards of 300 of them that we know of. >> eric: here's the thing. ag sessions who is on o'reilly tonight, decided that there is $27 billion going to these century cities that may be earmarked to be pulled back from law enforcement cities.
9:42 am
a very harsh thing to do, but it's not unprecedented. president obama's the one who came up with the idea first and he said if you're going to harbor illegals and century cities, we are going to pull back education money. that's even harsher. i think everyone needs to take a step back and chill a little bi bit. i have a common sense solution to the immigration issue and i've said this before. create little harbors, cradles embassies where if you are an illegal, you can walk into this area and you won't get arrested or deported, but you'll get documentation of who you are. it's on a path to citizenship, it's a path to legality. pay your taxes, you can say back here and eventually i'll go back to the line. >> harris: that's quite a boost for the dmv's, because
9:43 am
their lines are growing already. this part of the story is kind of interesting. massachusetts state representative is morning people in her area via facebook to watch out for ice raids. here's a quote. >> i sprayed and brockton. if you are undocumented, don't go on in the street. if there's a knock on your door at your house and you don't know who it is, don't open your door. i ask you to be careful. >> mercedes: she is standing by that, by the way. no remorse seen from her. what about the city of chicago question mike we both originate from there, eric bolling. the mayor's response to jeff sessions. we are a welcoming city. >> eric: that's why i think both sides are pushing. the administration is pushing
9:44 am
for a hard immigration stance. the other side saying we need to go the opposite way and refute all these aggressive tactics. somewhere in the middle, the need to find common ground. >> mercedes: when i find fascinating is how these liberal mayors are pushing the tenth amendment. when it comes to law enforcement, when it comes to ice, they don't want them in their business. these people are breaking the law, as we know. over 17,000's of these detentions were absolutely ignored. many of these individuals who are criminals, who are released, then you have over a thousand of those individuals and one year alone who committed crimes. >> harris: if they are here illegally, they're already committing a crime. >> meghan: people are gonna get so mad at you when you say that. i think it's irrational for people to get mad at you for speaking the truth because it is
9:45 am
true. i don't understand all the anger about simply following laws that are already in place. why do these laws exist then? when people come out in saint new york as a sanction area city, i pay taxes in the city, i'm more of a citizen then people who are here illegally. i don't understand how we've gotten to the point where people who have committed crimes apparently have a different set of standards and rules in this country. >> mercedes: that's why something that has not been able to be tackled in the past decade, it has to be a priority. we need to figure out how we get rid of this immigration process. we want to make sure that they are first in line that they can get here. >> harris: vice president mike pence will do anything for love. i love the story.
9:46 am
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>> meghan: mike and karen pens are in level crosshairs because of their conservative values they embrace in their marriage. "the washington post" reporting that the vice president won't have dinner alone with other women or attend events where alcohol is served as his wife is by his side. the left to take into social media to bash the couple. one person posting this screams to me of a husband and wife who both know all too well that the husbands judgment can't be trusted. clara jeffrey went on a twitter ranch of her own. if pens won't eat dinner alone if pence won't eat dinner alone with any woman but his wife, that means he won't hire women in key spots. liberals now attacking mike pence. that was my first reaction.
9:51 am
i second reaction was, a lot more people could be president of the united states if they had a marriage like mike and karen pence. >> mercedes: i think you know, having that strong support, i've seen vice president pence and mrs. pence together. there is an enormous amount of strength that comes from that woman. she's a rock. i think he really values her opinion and wants her to be a part of this journey that they are taking together. this post that he wouldn't hire women. if you look at his staff, his deputy chief of staff, he has over five or six women and that staff is not really big. >> sandra: since when is it a prerequisite to higher woman they got to have dinner with he her? i would like to hear the rationalization from whoever said that. this is a wonderful example to be set coming greatly from our
9:52 am
white house. >> meghan: if you're a conservative, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. if he had dinner with a woman, there would be some nefarious article written. the fact that he doesn't want to go out and drink with women, which by the way, i don't have a problem with that. i don't understand what the controversy is, but there's really no way to win. i think the liberal media would be applauding it. >> harris: these are just conservative values. members of my family who are democrats, these are christian values. these are hindu values, these are values that have to do with respecting one another and not putting each other in positions where they have to change your behavior because that's destructive to a marriage. if we spend as much time to figure how people come apart as we do stay together, we would have less wars in this country. >> eric: what a great man.
9:53 am
i've met mike pence several times, i've never met mrs. pence, but he talks the talk and walks the walk. he is all about family values. i've been married 19 years. i love my beautiful wife. for him, it's i won't go to a cocktail party where there is alcohol without my wife. she's open. >> sandra: have you ever had an antique phone in your office and only she has a number to a question >> eric: no. >> mercedes: we are obviously involved in politics and we have to say it's a family affair for us. we bring them to the conservative event that we have once a year. i do find that in our relationship, being able to be a sounding board, being able to talk through political issues of the day, i think it's incredibly
9:54 am
helpful. i think that's why for vice president pence, karen pence is such a key component. she's taken a lead with the veterans in the military. let's honor the marriage. they are such a wonderful example of what we should see in a marriage which is actually a loving relationship. the >> sandra: if in way he was prevented, that is not the case. >> harris: it is about victory in their marriage. when he had unsuccessful bids for congress, he went on that 250-mile bike tour and she went with him. they have twin treadmills in their house. they are each other's best friend.
9:55 am
>> meghan: christians for trump, blind as bats and just plain that crazy. >> eric: now they're attaching this to trump? are they reaching as low as i can possibly reach? >> meghan: it's a celebration of 31 years of marriage. that's not an industry to have a successful marriage. why the media can't celebrate what has worked for them, i don't understand. if there was a liberal couple talking about an open marriage, if there would be a different kind of reaction, it would be complete and utter rejection. if tim kane were to come out and said this is what my wife and i have, i don't think it would be this same reaction. >> mercedes: known was criticizing the obama's. they thought it was a healthy marriage. again, you want to have that
9:56 am
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10:00 am
>> i'm getting dating advice from everyone who have very successful marriages. >> we will keep the conversation going, eric bolling, thank you. you can follow us on we will be back tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. >> ed: sean spicer's had to kickoff that white house daily briefing. >> he may be on a little bit of the defensive about the presidents pointed comments about the freedom caucus. we cover all of the news "happening now." investigation into the russian medley in the american election again taking center stage on capitol hill. >> this information is not about whether you have a d or r next to your name, it's about clearly understanding and responding to this very real threat. >> jenna: what we are learning from the senate hearing today. plus, president trump's trillion dollar plan to improve the nation's infrastructure. what we know about one of the president's biggest campaign


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