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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 31, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i'm really happy you got to see some gator wrestling from my crazy people down in florida. >> see you monday. happening now starts right now. have a great weekend. >> this is a fox news alert. coming after significant developments after devin nunes received information on white house grounds. hello everybody, i'm dana perin dana perino, welcome to happening now. >> ed: i'm ed henry. white house press secretary's are not always on time, we need each other. president trump's former national security advisor could be ready to testify under oath and clear up some of this mystery about what went down with russia. right now, it's devin nunes in the hot seat. as fox news confirms, two
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white house staffers helped him as he investigated surveillance of trump staffers. now amid the new flurry of investigation, all eyes on the white house for his reaction. john roberts is live on the north lawn. >> is just another typical day at the white house. fox news is confirming that two white house staffers did assist devin nunes in his investigation into whether or not members of the trump transition resulted in the election. whether they were unmasked or made clear to him who they were is a serious crime in the united states. this was reported by "the new york times" yesterday which identify the two staffers as edward cohen wotton egg, and michael ellis.
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ellis used to work for the house intelligence committee. the tick-tock of all of this is becoming more clear, but there's still some areas that are little bit murky. it appears that information about surveillance and unmasking was discovered on the ends echoed of branch computer system. that information but apparently minutes way to the white house counsel's office, chairman nunes came to review it. still little holes in the timeline that we are trying to fill in. what's not clear is if he happened to cross the information on his own or if he was asked by chairman nunes to look for it because nunes' publicist claims he was looking into this matter longer for the president sent out his now infamous tweets. it's also unclear what happened to the information after it landed in the white house counsel's office. did michael elvis dominic ellis
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don't act on my stomach he's being criticized for seeming to want to protect the president more than he wants to protect an impartial investigation. i'm also told there is information out there that if and when it comes out, republicans go a long way to back it up, nunes' claim that he was looking into this long before the tweed came out. when everybody is waiting for here is the national security agency, the nsa to deliver the documents that chairman nunez has requested. they believe that is the key to unlocking this whole thing. at the same time, michael flynn who was the national security advisor has been option to testify before the intelligence
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committee. his attorney suggested that he wants immunity to it. in a statement on behalf of flynn, "no reasonable person who has been benefited divisive counsel will answer questions in such a highly politicized witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution." on that front, lieutenant general flynn is getting back of the president. "mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt, excuse for big election loss, by media and dems, of historic proportion!" some people are taking issue with calling this a witch hunt. jason t fitz who was the head of the government oversight committee so this is in a witch hunt, this is an endeavor to try to get to the bottom of this to get the correct information. general flynn knows enough about how washington works.
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he will probably want to have some measures of protection before he does testify. >> ed: will hear from the president later this hour. we'll be sure to get back to you. >> dana: joining us now is glenn hall. yesterday, "the wall street journal" revealed this information that john roberts was just talking about which is that michael flynn's lawyer says he has a story to tell, but he might be wanting immunity in order to tell it. what else do you know? >> it's important that we all know that asking for immunity is not an admission of guilt or concern of guilt. it's something you would want to do in a very politicized investigation like this. the other things that we know, the idea that has a story to tell, we don't know much of what that story will be revealed, but he has been at the center of this whole probe. >> dana: it is also possible that the story he has to tell has nothing to do with the other
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legal troubles that the former nsa director finds himself in regarding not registering as a foreign agents when he was working and receiving money from turkey. is that within the scope of this? >> there's no question that the committee would want answers to those kinds of issues and finding out more about what kinds of connections he had, what kind of payments he had, that all goes back to the heart of what they're investigating, which is how much influence did russia have within the trump campaign while he was seeking election, but also, how much did the russian influence have in their efforts to undermine our electoral process? >> this is also a man who is claiming he was a victim in all of this because his name is released. do you think will get any more information? >> i'm not sure we'll hear about more in the next few hours, but there will be a lot of questions
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and we'll hear a lot from flynn, but also many others will be called to testify. we have the senate intelligence committee also opening its own investigation yesterday. we now have two investigations going on in parallel. we'll see what kind of information we get. you're speaking earlier about those documents that were requested, we want to see that information as well. so far, all we have our people telling us what they have seen. >> it is somewhat interesting that the fbi has not taken up this offer yet of immunity. they think there is no reason that they would need to offer him immunity or they think they have enough and they actually don't need him. flynn is a "no" man's land.
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>> i think it's a little early to say whether they have accepted or refused. there's probably some legal negotiations going on, so i wouldn't say -- i wouldn't go into that just yet. >> dana: a lot of people are wondering, they've called for nunes to recuse himself, to step down. the senators this week started their investigation, they came out very measured, very reassuring. could you see a scenario where the investigation is scuttled and everybody allows the senate to move forward and let that be the final say on this capitol hill? >> the house investigation certainly has trouble right now. that kind of politicization is going to make it hard for them to move forward and make it hard for them to get their next hearing scheduled. they want to do this the right way and stand by the leaders
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that they were in lockstep. it was a sharp contrast to what we've seen in the house. >> dana: glenn hall, great scoop by "the wall street journal." it will continue to look for all of your updates. coming up later on happening now, we'll talk to our legal panel about the options of mike flynn. one of the lawyers says asking for immunity is a good idea. >> ed: time to go to a fox news alert, two of trump's cabinet members are now in very high stake meetings. james mattis is in london where he met with his british counterpart this morning, secretary of state rex tillerson's in belgium, meeting with america's nato allies on a range of issues from russia to isis to getting more money. rich is live, following the secretary of state and brussels right now. i thought you're going to be on the phone, but you popped up on the screen. good to see you, buddy. >> the crew got it together. have to hand it to them.
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this is secretary of state rex tillerson's official meeting for the first time and brussels. one of the meetings reconfirming for the united states transatlantic commitment to nato. some of the nato's allies were questioning this. also, they're talking about pushing back on russia. there is a need for nato to push back on russia and further aggression in eastern europe. >> we want to obviously have a discussion around nato's past year in europe, mostly eastern europe in response to russia's aggression and ukraine and elsewhere. lastly of course, will be developing the agenda for the important nato meeting of our nato member country leaders. >> then there is the spending element.
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in 2014, nato countries agreed that by 2024, it would move towards spending at least 2% of the size of their economy on defense. currently, only five of the 28 nato nations do so. secretary of state rex tillerson came here today and said he wants to plan for the next two months for the end of may for countries that don't spend that for threshold to do so. there is also a separate set of meetings going on in london right now with the secretary of defense, james mattis is meeting with his british counterparts in london. they were pushing, again, nato allies to spend more money on defense. however, there is some push back to that. the german prime minister was here and he says he doesn't know any politicians in germany going to agree to germany spending 2% of its economy on defense. there is pushback from larger nato members like germany. the u.s. has been asked whether officials and f they don't spend that 2%, what the u.s. will do
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in response. the only thing that senior state department officials would tell us is that it is the obligation of these countries to spend more and that's what's going to push them to do so. >> ed: where in the world is rich edson? looks a little windy there. >> dana: that's a great beat. >> ed: i traveled with president bush. >> dana: got some air miles. as we learn that house and tell chairman devin nunes had help from the white house and gathering information about the committees in russia investigation, will the congressman be able to last to recuse himself hashtag will debate that won fair and balanced. plus, a massive gridlock in atlanta after a portion of the highway collapses following a huge fire. what we're learning this morning about the extent of the damage. >> everything is just messed up
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right now. >> trying to get shortcuts, nothing works. we just said pullover here and were going to walk. we are about four to walk
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>> ed: a fox news alert. one of atlanta's busiest highways shut down in both directions after a massive fire caused a portion of it to collapse during rush hour yesterday. commuter is now facing a massive stop. the video on this is simply stunning. >> totally stunning. it's amazing no one lost their life, it's amazing no one was injured, but authorities were able to get people off of this overpass, knowing there was a good possibility it was going to collapse amid the intense heat of that fire that started burning during the evening rush hour on thursday. the fire not only caused the northbound lanes to collapse, but also inflicted some damage on the southbound lanes.
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as crews are inspecting the southbound stand for damage, in the meantime, this stretch of i-80 five just north of downtown atlanta is closed to traffic in both directions. that is causing traffic jams, not only here, but other parts of the city. state highway officials are urging people to use the transit system or carpool. the development a number occupants allowed to drive and hov lanes has been increased from two to three. all of this in an effort to reduce traffic. >> the court has just been put in the bottle. incorporated about one of the major arteries that comes in and out of this city folks move north and south through our state. a chunk of that has just been taken out of play. >> take a look at this live camera from midtown atlanta. this is overlooking the downtown connector where i-75 and i-80 five temporarily meet before
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splitting again because of the damage just north of downtown. their routing all traffic onto i-75. you can see even between rush hours, there's a lot of gridlock there. >> ed: real devastation. >> dana: we have a fax extreme weather alert on a storm causing travel nightmares in the northeast. a huge system starting to spread heavy and wet snow and ice across northern new england right now. the greater new york city area will see up to 2 inches of rain by tomorrow. meanwhile, heavy snow is also expected in my favor, the rockies. in nevada, more than 5,000 customers are still in the dark after powerful winds tore through the region yesterday. the high winds overturn semi trucks and trailers, toppled trees, and power lines under cars near the las vegas strip. and even caused a construction while on the floor of the montecristo casino to collapse, injuring one person. >> ed: meanwhile the
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department of homeland security ramping up its security at the border. who the dhs is teaming up with to create the newest drones. president trump firing a shot across the bow of the freedom caucus. the press is dubbing at a republican civil war. is it really? will ask ellie kurtz next
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>> most people don't respond to bullies. >> is this an actual negotiating tactic by the president? >> it's constructive in fifth grade. >> ed: that comes from a member of the freedom caucus
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amid president trump's behavior. the president tweeted a threat to campaign against the freedom caucus members in the 2018 midterms if they don't get on board with his agenda. the so-called republican civil war is getting a lot of ink as you can imagine. let's bring in our man, howard kurtz. is the media making too much of this went on the other hand, you have the president of the united states openly attacking members of his own party. >> that's pretty extraordinary. the president's tweet have put them in a full civil war mode. president trump doesn't know how to play the washington game. kellyanne conway told me this morning that republicans have won more elections in blue states, it has become harder to find consensus. she sees democrats as being more united now on the left.
8:24 am
it's also hard to govern when you're in charge. >> ed: let's get beyond the media coverage and put on your hat where you are an observer of the political scene in washington. i see they had coming on right now and i appreciate that. talk about it from a political strategic standpoint which is this president needs the freedom caucus members to get his next big initiative which is tax reform in the next one which might be infrastructure. he needs these people. is it smart to attack them? >> he needs them if they stay together as a block of 30 or so conservatives who now hold the balance and power in the house. i think with the media have missed here is that the president was always going to be on a collision course with the freedom caucus because he campaigned with more moderate views on health care and other issues. for example, -- he has a stark
8:25 am
choice right now. the president can try to pick up some moderate democrats and try to get a working majority in the house as ronald reagan did or he has to bring some of these freedom caucus members around. i don't know that threatening to campaign against them in 2018 which i doubt will happen in the end is necessarily the smartest move. you saw justin pushing back there with the bullying tactics. >> i know on social media today, people are tweeting on mark meadows. he went to a ups store, i don't know if he was dropping off or picking up a package, but he was greeted a rock star. people were shaking his hand because now donald trump might be seen as part of the machine in washington and he's standing up to it. people like mark meadows ran even stronger back home then donald trump did. >> these guys are all from very safe, conservative districts. they really don't have to worry.
8:26 am
they're not really vulnerable to a challenge within their own party. the president has a choice to make here. the tweet has gotten so much attention because he is either going to have to find a way to work with them, which might mean going back on some of those things that he said in the campaign in an area like health care, or he's going to have to leave democratic votes. >> ed: let's only talk about a republican civil war. what about the democrats? they seem to be bystanders here. when are the democrats going to work with this president on things like infrastructure, which they vowed during the transition that they what? >> i thought there would be some common ground there.
8:27 am
they're not cooperating on the neil gorsuch which nomination. the democrats like government, they like to make things work. if they stand against the president, then they'll have to do things on a partyline basis. this is exactly what you complained about during the obama administration. >> ed: we look forward to the media buzz this weekend. you have a sharp political mind. take us inside the white house press secretary office. your sean spicer, a lot of people in the front row are going to come after me with questions about these two twee. >> dana: the press secretary has to know a lot about everything and he never stops preparing. i do think that because we've
8:28 am
seen in the last two months, a lot of time, he's talking about russia. even though you want to be proactive and you want to talk about the president's agenda of what president trump wants to do which is get jobs back. the difficulty on the russia thing is that it takes up too much oxygen. i think the model that the clintons had during the lewinsky situation was a good one. if you are a reporter in the briefing room and you ask the press secretary about russia or lewinsky, i would say to you, thank you. i'm going to focus on infrastructure spending. it takes it out of there and it makes it more clinical rather than combative. the more combative it is, the more we cover it. >> ed: i think myself or
8:29 am
john roberts, we'd keep coming at you a little bit. >> dana: right now, we're learning more about the trump administration's efforts to secure the u.s. mexican border. silicon valley develops more surveillance drones. claudia, how are you doing? >> it's good to see you on this breezy and quite chilly day in san francisco. the government has been using drones for many years, today the air force trains more operators than traditional pilots. now a new initiative hopes to speed up the process for smaller drones, saving time, money, and lives. >> border protection is on a mission to secure more area without sacrificing safety. >> they want to know if they are
8:30 am
getting a group, how many people are there, if they have any weapons. >> that means eyes in the sky. seattle radar manufacturer scored one of the first contracts, a $118,000 deal for its cutting edge sensors that can be mounted on a small drone and measure the distance between objects, even if they're moving, even in bad weather. >> the ability to have a really small radar is unique about what we're doing. >> at a recent drone expo, please praised. >> we know the capabilities, we know the cost savings are there, we know the ability to protect property and safe lives are there. >> the department of homeland security has opened an office in silicon valley, a signal that the federal government will continue to partner with these
8:31 am
entrepreneurs and get these emerging technologies fast. >> dana: thanks for the update and get yourself inside somewhere. looks like you're freezing. >> ed: i thought rich's hair was blowing around in brussels. the trumpet ministry can going back to court to appeal the latest block on the president's travel ban. two courts are blocking it where this case may wind up. plus, will the house intel chairman be able to recuse himself? we'll discuss when we come back
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>> dana: a fox news alert on new video just and on president trump making remarks to the national association of manufacturers and the roosevelt room at the white house right now. >> hi everybody. we have some really good news today. it's really fantastic. i'm delighted to welcome the national association of manufacturers to the white hous white house. it's a great group of people. i know many of them well. i want to thank your president and ceo, jay timmons, for being here with us today. great job. my administration is working every day to make it easier for
8:36 am
manufacturers to build higher and grow in america. we're removing job killing regulations and lifting the burden of the american industry. like i would say, it has never been lifted before. we've done a lot of work over the last 60 or 70 days. i think you're seeing some real production. i think we can say this, like never before. earlier this week, i signed an executive order to end. we had very tough, strong, powerful men who are crying. there were crying with happines happiness. they produce more american energy and more american jobs. that's how i collected in the first place. we crated task force in every agency.
8:37 am
today, at 3:30, the department of commerce will be signing two very powerful executive orders. it will be something very important, very, very special. one of the reasons we are here today is to announce the extraordinary results of a new survey from the national association of manufacturers. the survey shows that 93% of manufacturers now have a positive outlook from the future of the business in this country. 93. it was just a few months ago, 56. that's a slight difference. [laughter] [applause] i'd say a 20 year record high. believe me, you could come back next month and it would be
8:38 am
higher. i'm very proud of that, we are all very proud of that. the manufacturers are really starting to invest big money. a lot of things are happening. it's a new surgeon optimism which is sweeping all across our land. these results are a further vote of confidence in our plan to bring back jobs, lower taxes, and provide a level playing field for our workers. the manufacturing companies represent and represented here today are an extra ordinary group of people. they are brilliant in so many ways. the field has not been a level playing field, jobs have been leaving our country going to china and mexico and lots of other places. you'll be seeing what's happening over the next few weeks, it should be very interesting for you to watch. the presence of china is coming to florida, we are having a big meeting at mar-a-lago.
8:39 am
it was originally built as a southern white house, not a lot of people know that. kind of strange how it got ther there. it's going to be something very important. it will be meeting him and delegation and will see what happens. i'm very, very proud of what you've been able to do. the optimism is so high. i see the billions of dollars that are being invested by your people and your representatives. i appreciate that very much. you may say a few words. >> i want to reemphasize the meeting here that this quarterly survey of our 14,000 members has been going on for years. >> dana: all across the board, when you look at people who might feel a certain way about the administration, everybody feels pretty good about the economy. its record numbers in terms of
8:40 am
the confidence in the economy. >> ed: we can obviously debate about who will get credit for that. what i find it fascinating seeing the president and the roosevelt room, we've both been in there. her first couple of weeks, the president seem to have a control of the messages he was doing every day, a lot about jobs, bring in unions, bringing in ceos. he seemed to have a firm hand on all of that. as you can tell, the message has gotten away from him a little bit. these kinds of things are trying to grab a bat, they're getting back to jobs. >> dana: one thing were not to be to tweet about it. we're going to move onto the the next story here. >> if speaker ryan wants the house to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace chairman nunes. >> put all of this together. what you see is behavior that is consistent with a cover-up. >> is dominating the news. it's an issue about importance.
8:41 am
something has to change, otherwise the whole house of representatives will lose credibility. >> if we're doing a bipartisan investigation, we can have a chairman freelancing this way. i think it's in the best interest of the investigation to recuse himself. >> dana: devin nunes facing a growing call to recuse himself or step down. some are saying he's lost credibility. what are the chances nunes will remain the lead investigator good to see you both here. brad, there are some growing calls, and it's not just from the left that nunes should just step back, step aside, and let somebody else fill his shoes. >> he showed and he should do it himself. we're talking about stepping down from this investigation.
8:42 am
i think when you become the focus, it takes away from the work that you're doing. these were unilateral moves by him where he shut out republicans and democrats when he went on to the white house and had his meetings, two of them. suddenly, he becomes a witness in his own investigation. i think it's healthy at this point that he does it. i would rather see him do it then have others continually call and lose focus of the investigation. >> dana: julien, what do you make of that? what about the news yesterday that the white house -- >> you couldn't imagine a script that would be strange or where the chairman of the intelligence committee would be acting as the middleman between the white house staff and the president. i agree with every thing that brad said. i think it's very bizarre that the chairman is getting information from white house staff and then giving that to
8:43 am
the president. it is not clear whether the white house staff really had proper authorization to get this material. there is a cancer growing on his presidency. you have this totally embarrassing situation with the chairman of the intelligence committee, you have the former national security advisor now asking for immunity, you have the attorney general he was recuse coming of the fbi who is saying there is criminal espionage into the white house and the white house staff. this is a problem that is getting worse for the administration, not better. you combine that with the fact that the president is now attacking republicans. the approval rating is at 34%. >> dana: let me ask about mike flynn, he is asking for immunity and
8:44 am
in exchange for testifying. the president this morning tweeting that that's a good idea because it's a political witch hunt against him. what you think? >> immunity doesn't mean that you're guilty of anything, it's protection. he certainly has a constitutional right of self-incrimination. if he has something to add, i would love to see it without immunity, but i understand that his lawyers will probably not allow that to occur. the best thing is for him to cooperate. i would much rather have him add some insight into what's happened here. there are several investigation investigations. whether the russians were trying to influence our election, whether individuals were outed by intelligence when they should not have been, and there's the leakers. it's a multifaceted investigation. if he has a something to offer an immunity is the way to go, i'm for it. >> dana: thank you so much for your insights. we'll be right back
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>> ed: a fox news alert, michael flynn is willing to say he is willing to testify before congress and possibly shed some light on the kremlin meddling in the election. the former national security advisor is asking for something in return. immunity. what exactly does that entail? good to see you both in person. it's a little embarrassing for the president and michael flynn, because politically in a campaign, they were both saying if hillary clinton or any of her age one immunity, and means they're hiding something and there is a crime. that's not necessarily true. >> i saw that and i couldn't help but laugh. it's sort of like you pop off the old tapes. the reality is that's not the case. let's break it down.
8:49 am
first of all, immunity in federal court is what they call use immunity. you don't necessarily get immunity from the crime, you get immunity from the words you say. if they can prove the crime separately from what you say, so be it. they may immunize him for his work. however, they have to know what he's going to say first before they give him immunity. what they do is they give him a queen for a day session and you come in and try out for immunity. this is what i have to offer, will you give me use immunity? the point is, real quick, you have what's called a perjury trap and the point is, of course a lawyer will ask for immunity because since the idea is that he wasn't truthful to the vice president, they are in harm's way.
8:50 am
>> this is a fishing expedition. you have to give michael flynn the immunity so you cannot parse the words and take something that can be completely innocent and turn it into a crime. >> ed: as a layman, the idea is you try to go off the chain, will michael flynn say something bad about donald trump? >> an extremely important point. he's the main guy, then you're not so interested. you want to give immunity to someone who will take you up to somebody higher. >> ed: so far we are hearing of the committees are suggesting they're not going to do it. >> he may not have any information. he can say if they are investigating him for some sort of crime, he will get anything
8:51 am
out of it. >> ed: we appreciate you both coming in with facts. we'll be right back you do all th
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>> dana: under state-of-the-art ship tasked with a big assignment. we ventured on board for an exclusive tour and joins us now from miami. >> this coast guard has everything. their motto is we own the night and they certainly have owned the night. they've done battle with their fast boats. in 26 days at sea, they captured 17 separate vessels. most of them runners of cocaine.
8:55 am
>> these historic and public drug bust come at a time of uncertainty for the coast guard coast guard. initially there were some proposed cuts around $1 billion. that might be going away as a lot of lawmakers and officers battle back saying the coast guard is key for any national plans for border security. >> the coast guard plays a critical role and really pushing our borders as far as sure as possible. we recognize and want to intercept those threats before they reach our shores. >> the captain says the coast guard is already stretched pretty thin. they say it's job is trying to patrol the entire united states with five police cars. >> dana: thank you so much for that update and we hope you get some sunscreen.
8:56 am
>> ed: knew next hour of "happening now," we take you live to the old stomping grounds of dana perino. another day of big news. two democrats say they will support neil gorsuch. nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> ed: we come back will have the sean spicer briefing and about an hour. >> dana: if you are in the briefing room, remember what you would say. all would be your first questio question? >> ed: now you smile at me, i like that better. i would press on whether the white house is fearful that michael flynn has something on a higher up. maybe he doesn't. but people want to know if you're trying to cut a deal. the same could be turned around
9:00 am
on them. >> dana: you can imagine that it will be hot. the president tweeting this morning so you know where he stands. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> meghan: fox news alert. for my national security advisor michael flynn offering to testify before congress in exchange for immunity. his former boss president trump backing that idea. this is outnumbered. i meghan mccain. here today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, eboni williams, and mike huckabee. sir, you are outnumbered. >> mike: we could get on the seesaw and the four of you could get on one side and i could get on the other side and it might balance. it's great to be back with you guys. a lot of fun. always fun. >> meghan: a


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