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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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michael, thanks for sticking around. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> sandra: so much going on. it's friday. it is a busy friday in washington. it's gonna continue with shepard smith in just a minute. thanks for joining us. >> it's noon on the west coast. michael flynn is shopping for an immunity deal. the president says good idea. so what could general flynn reveal? it's talk to chris wallace about it in moments. trump has offered praise for vladimir putin. but moscow is not feeling the love. the kremlin's relationship with the united states may be worse now than even during the cold war. let's get to it. first from the fox news desk,
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general michael flynn says he wants immunity to testify before the congressional and criminal investigations of russian meddling and possible team trump collusions to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump. that's coral -- according to the retired general's lawyer. they're in talks now to be immune from unfair prosecution. in a statement yesterday, michael flynn's attorney wrote "general flynn has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it should the circumstances permit." his lawyer wrote "he's the target of unsubstantiated demands from critics that he be criminally investigated. no reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from council
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-- counsel without assurances of unfair prosecution." president trump echoed his statement. he tweeted -- in other words, the president and flynn's attorneys say the request for immunity is not an admission of guilt. that contradicts statements from president flynn during the fbi investigation. here's what michael flynn told "meet the press" in september before the election. >> the very last thing that john podesta said no individual is too big to jail. that includes hillary clinton. five people have been given immunity to include her former chief of staff. when you're given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime. >> you may remember, michael flynn in july led chants of
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"lock her up" during the republican convention and called for hillary clinton to drop out of the presidential race. donald trump used the immunity issue to attack hillary clinton on the trail. here's what he said in florida. >> she took the fifth amendment and her ringleaders were given immunity. and if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for, right? >> shepard: that wasn't the only time. the president repeatedly claims the immunity issue showed that hillary clinton had something to hide. here's what he supporters in michigan. >> here's my question for hillary clinton. can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed to serve in a clinton
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administration if that ever happens? oh, would that be bad. >> shepard: donald trump added no one is above the law. but trump and flynn are widely believed to have been wrong with their campaign immunity rhetoric. seeking immunity is common for people called to testify. it's an admission of nothing. legal experts say should a witness have information that would benefit prosecutors, information that they couldn't get without granting immunity, the witness might well be granted it. if the witness is target, immunity would not be granted. so far we have not heard of anybody in the government accepting flynn's offer anyway. the house intelligence committee, adam schiff said it's too early to consider the deal. the democrat responded to. trump on twitter writing, the public should learn a lot more about why general flynn wants immunity when sally yates testifies before the house intelligence committee." he goes on "she's a former acting attorney general who president trump fired after she
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told the justice department attorneys not to defense his travel ban." sally yates was scheduled to testify tuesday. congressman schiff said he expected her to give details of the events that led to the departure of his job. the chairman of the committee, devin nunes, last friday, announced the hearing wasn't going to happen. the house investigation is tied up in a mess of postponed and cancelled hearings and accusations of political bias. more ahead. congressman schiff relieved a statement saying "we should first acknowledge that a grave and momentous step it is for a former national security advisor to the president of the united states to ask for immunity from prosecution. we will be discussing the matter with our counter parts on the senate intelligence committee and the justice department. the response from the white house in just a moment. first, a reminder how he got
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here. retired general michael flynn is one of trump's highest surrogates. after the election, trump hired flynn as his national security adviser. the president fired him in february after he admitted among other things after he misled mike pence. flynn said he gave the vice president incomplete information. that's how he put it. the admission came after "the new york times" and "washington post" reported with the ambassador before the inauguration. flynn discussed the sanctions of the obama administration for interfering with america's election. the post reported michael flynn denied discussing the sanctions in an interview with the fbi. the white house said flynn's firing was a trust issue, not a legal one. even though it admitted that the president was informed of flint's conversation weeks before it emerged that flint misled the v.p. at the core of all this is this. russia interfered in our
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election attempting to hurt hillary clinton's chances and help donald trump's chances of becoming president. that matter is not in dispute. the question now was anyone on president trump's team colluding with the russians. that's the subject of two congressional investigations. a separate criminal fbi investigation. the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon. the press secretary this afternoon again reiterated that he has been told by many people in various agencies that there is no evidence that anybody from the trump campaign or the transition was colluding with russian officials to influence the outcome of the u.s. election. of course, the fact that lieutenant general michael flynn is asking for immunity to go testify before the house and senate intelligence committee says a lot of people are suggesting maybe he has something to hide. anybody who has lived any time in washington knows these things have attendan tendency to spin
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control, especially with a politically charged environment like the one we're in now. some people think it's prudent for michael flynn to ask for immunity before he testifies. the spokesman said michael flynn should do whatever it takes to get up there and be open and transparent about everything that transpired during the campaign. here's what sean spicer said. >> what he's asking, go testify. go get it out there. do what you have to do to get there and tell congress and exactly what we've been saying for a long time. again, i get your point. i think that the interesting thing is you actually stopped for a second and realized what the president is doing, that he's saying do whatever you have to do to go up, to make it clear what happened, take whatever precaution you want. this is a administration that isn't doing everything that they can to get to the bottom of it. >> sean spicer was asked that general flynn's attorney said he has a story to tell, which the
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white house worried about what might come out when he tells that story. sean spicer said nope. shep? >> john roberts at the white house. thanks. more on the house investigation into the russian manner and devin nunes. the white house says it expecting ranking member adam schiff to meet today to view the documents at the center of the controver controversy. i've just been told that adam schiff has just arrived to do that. we have video and we'll show it in just a moment. chairman nunes said that he viewed intelligence reports on the white house grounds, showing us is officials may have incidentally monitored donald trump or his top aides while conducts foreign intelligence that did not involve russia. nunes shared the investigation with reporter -- well, he shared knowledge of it. he didn't share details at all. he did brief the president and shared nothing with his fellow committee members in the house intelligence committee. the chairman refused to reveal
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his source. fox news confirms two house staffers provided the documents to nunes. back to john roberts. this is much about something else and nothing about the matter at hand, yet it has served their purposes nicely. >> it has, shep. we're learning more about the time line of the tick tok of this. adam housley has talked to a couple intelligence officials that say the two members of the white house staff, ezra watnick was involved in helping nunes see the information. they were not his source. the source is someone else. devin nunes is protecting that source. we'll not talk about that regardless how many times he's asked. we understand from intelligence officials during housley's reporting that chairman nunes is aware of one of the people that unmasked the identity of transition officials and may know the name of the person who ordered the unmasking. that was a big topic today at
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the briefing. let's listen to this exchange with sean spicer. >> fox news has been told by intelligence officials that chairman nunes is aware of who did the unmasking of certain individuals in the transition and may be aware of who ordered the unmasking of those individuals. is the white house aware of that information? >> i don't know what he knows in the sense that that's -- again, i've tried to make it a comment not to get into the specifics of that report. i will not -- i think it's not in our interest to talk about the process. what occurred between chairman nunes and coming here was both routine and proper. if everyone was treating the president of the administration fairly, you'd ask a series of different questions about the substance than the materials. >> so sean spicer again there saying the press is obsessed with the process as opposed to the substance of everything these come out of this. we don't have any idea who the person is that may have unmasked the materials and we don't have
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any idea who the person is that would have ordered the unmasking. the person that ordered it would be high up the food chain in the intelligence community. that would have to come from fairly high up. sean spicer saying the press obsessed with whatnot has been found but who opened the dire and who is on the telephone inviting nunes to come down. here's spicer with more. >> there's a concern that people misused, mishandled, misdirected classified information, leaked it out, spread it out, violated civil liberties and the potential that that should happen should concern every single american. >> now, the white house is waiting on the national security agency to come out with the information that was requested by chairman nunes of the house select committee on intelligence as to what the scope of the surveillance was and the unmasking. you can see the ranking member
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of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff coming to the white house. he went into the west wing. we don't know if he will be in the west king or the secure compartment information facility which is where devin nunes looked at this information. the white house can clear this up in a heartbeat because it ostensively has all of the information at its fingertips that chairman nunes does but they want to stay away from this and let the nsa and the house select committee on intelligence and the senate intelligence committees take the lead on this. they asked them to clear it up and they're the people who they want to clear it up. >> neil: john roberts, thanks very much. appreciate it. representative schiff released a statement before arriving at the white house. garrett tenney is outside his office. garrett? >> yeah, shep. adam schiff was saying that he's
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casting doubt that these documents will provide answers in this investigation. at this point, he said he wasn't certain that he can review those same documents that house intelligence chairman devin nunes was shown last week. if these documents are the same as those with our chairman over a week ago, the white house must fully disclose what role it appears to have played in concealing that the white house was the very source of documents presented to the white house. schiff said that without talking to the agencies that actually collected this intelligence, there's no way to determine if there was in fact anything done illegal in the collection of these conversations. now, that is why he is pressing the white house to provide and to help facilitate this connection with the intelligence agencies if the intelligence community continues this investigation here at the hill. shep? >> shepard: all right. thanks very much, garrett tenney outside the office there. this business with congressman
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nunes appears to be a white house effort to give cover to the president for his tweet about president obama wiretapping trump tower. the effect of this, whether planned or coincidental, whether anybody on team trump was colluding with the russians to give trump an advantage in the presidential election. chris wallace will be with us next to assess that and the rest of the day's news after this. ll, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? we're like a basketball team here at ally. if a basketball team had over 7... i'm in. 7,000 players. our plays are a little unorthodox. but to beat the big boys, you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at... nothing to make sure you get it. one, two... and we mean nothing. ♪ ♪
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>> the former national security advisinger, mike flynn with a request for immunity from prosecution. that means that he has information that the prosecutorers need and can't get it without immunity. in this case, there's not many people above the national security adviser. >> look, i can understand why mike flynn wants immunity. because -- may have nothing to do with this investigation. there's the question of his failure to register as a foreign agents on behalf of turkey when he worked with them in the fall of the election. while he was in top national
12:20 pm
security advisor to candidate trump. this is the interesting part of the story that sean spicer is doing everything to avoid at this point, is the collaboration and one could argue a collusion it was devin nunes, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, a separate and independent body supposed to be investigating this, and the white house. remember, it was nunes that kept saying, well, i have a source that i have to meet with. i have a whistle-blower that i have to meet with. in fact, he met with members of the national security council inside their offices at the white house. their jobs weren't in jeopardy in any way, shape or form to get information that, they thought, helpful to president trump who was charging that he had been wiretapped in trump tower, which he made a show of going back to the white house the next day to brief the president on. the people at the national security council already knew
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it. another aspect to this that is curious, sally yates, the acting attorney general that notified the white house in the first place about the fact that flynn had misled the vice president and the white house about his conversations with the russian ambassador, she wanted to testify before the house committee. the justice department said you'll have to ask the white house. there's questions of executive privilege here. the white house didn't want to invoke executive privilege. nunes cancelled the hearings so she couldn't testify anyway. this question of the relationship of nunes, the man is supposed to be leading an independent investigation of donald trump and the white house and the relations with russia, his relationship and apparent cooperation with the trump white house is really quite interesting. >> it's interesting and to many there, i would assume, troubling. what is the buzz around town on this?
12:22 pm
>> people are distraught. devin nunes is a straight guy. i've dealt with him before. he was part of donald trump's national security transition team. so he was, you know, in a sense a little bit compromised anyway. if there was anybody that had to bend over backwards not to show any cooperation with the trump white house. it would have been devin nunes back of that background. when they had the first hearing and the information came out from the fbi director, james comey, it was startling. yes, we have a current investigation going on about cooperation between the trump campaign and russia. remember, it was just a day after that that devin nunes went to the white house and we got off on this other side track, which is the question about his sources, his whistle-blowers that happen to be nsa officials.
12:23 pm
>> shepard: to put a point on it, on that day when the fbi had the hearing, director comey did, director nunes said you've cast a black cloud over this white house with this investigation. the black cloud that will be there until it's resolved. you need to get it resolved. the next day came this weapon of mass distraction. this -- under cloak of darkness meeting on the white house campus and now the semantics games are being played. these are not actions about people being transparent about their dealings. >> i'm not going to go as far as you are on that, shep. i'm pointing out facts. the facts are somewhat troubling. even today where donald trump sends out a tweet that says that flynn should get immunity and again you heard sean spicer, well, no, that's not what he said. he said he should testify and
12:24 pm
that's the key thing. that's what you need to know about. that's what reporters show focus on. i find it curious that the white house press corps is letting sean spacer say what they shouldn't and shouldn't ask and should and shouldn't focus on. if they want to ask a question about whether these were nsa officials handing information over, it's just a way of avoiding answering the question and he needs to be called on that. >> or he can tell you to stop shaking your head. i'm not sure quite what is happening over there except that questions are often answered with questions and specific answers are almost never given. about things which, as you reported about, the white house has at its fingertips. if they want answers to any of these questions regarding any of this information, it's available to them with great ease. >> well, it will come out in the investigation if they put their
12:25 pm
thumb on the scale. but that's what apparently they were doing to have nsc officials call nunes to the nsc office to the offices that is available to donald trump and have him as the independent chair of the investigation go out not only to announce it and to go brief donald trump -- and i put that in quotes -- it's curious. >> shepard: chris wallace, we'll see you this weekend. you will sit down with scott pruitt about the rolling back of the climate policies and mitch mcconnell on the supreme court fight and healthcare issue and russia. that's this sunday on fox news. and the president firing shots at the freedom caucus, members of tea party. he said if mark meadows, jim jordan and raul labrador would
12:26 pm
get on board, we would have great healthcare and massive tax cuts and healthcare reform. when are they? repeal and replace obamacare. he asked and, well, the freedom caucus did respond. and i quote -- >> shepard: let's bring in emily good en clear politics. they've been promising to get taxpayer out of the process and take it to the private sector. that's not what this was. >> it wasn't what it was. you see the conservative members saying they're not going to vote for it. they feel like they have republican voters on their side. these are the same voters that helped elect president trump to
12:27 pm
the white house. >> shepard: they have been the group of no for the large part. whether they're really interested in the process of governing or more interesting in showing power in a power hungry city is a matter that is up for debate and discussion. >> could be a little bit of both. they've always been the party of no but a majority party with the democratic president for year. now they're a majority party with a republican party and they're seeing this as their one chance to get what they want. donald trump can't get anything out of the house without their votes on the democrat's votes. >> that's what is curious. this is a part i don't understand. the president in one tweet said for 2018, we're going to fight the freedom caucus, that's 36, 38 members that were part of the republican -- with the republican majority. without them, there's no republican majority. in the same tweet, he said we're going to fight the democrats. if you don't have some of the democrats or the freedom caucus,
12:28 pm
you can't do anything except executive orders. so why would you be fighting a two-front war that guarantees a loss? >> these freedom caucus members did better than donald trump did. how are you going to find more conservative candidates to run against them? >> their districts are safe, conservative districts. nobody can get to them from the right. it's very hard to lose their safe seats so they co do whatever they want to do. this pressure from team trump seems to have been almost counter productive. they're striking back. donald trump called himself a counter puncher. they're counter punching. >> this is a classic donald trump move. when he's under attack he hits back and hits back hard and sometimes quickly without thinking it through. i think you saw a more measured response from paul ryan saying hey, i'm going to the democrats if they don't work with us. it's a threat. >> shepard: it's a threat.
12:29 pm
but which democrat would find it to his or her benefit to co lawsuit with the white house. at this moment, do you have an idea? >> i talked with an aide in nancy pelosi's office, especially on areas like infrastructure where they want to do something. they see this a chance to get their influence in. they can't do it without them. >> and can't be done without republicans. that's an open question without the $880 billion that would come back from medicaid and whatever tax reform is coming. we'll see. >> we will. >> shepard: thanks. wikileaks is releasing new documents. it's claimed the c.i.a. can carry out hacks and make it look like somebody else did it, like something else in china or russia. details coming up as we approach the bottom of the hours. llo!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain.
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>> shepard: headlines from the fox news channel. bumper to bumper traffic in atlanta a day after the
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>> shepard: the defense secretary james mattis calling out russia for violating international laws and mucking
12:35 pm
around inside people's elections, as he put it. happened in a joint news conference in lyndon with britain's defense minister. secretary mattis said that they're worried about russian's involvement in afghanistan. >> i'm not sure if they're manifesting in weapons and that sort of thing. but what they're up to there in light of their other activities gives us concern. >> shepard: this notice just two days after a top u.s. general told lawmakers that it's fair to assume that russia might be providing support to the terror group possibly in the form of weapons. secretary mattis' comments come in contrast to president trump who has praised president vladimir putin repeatedly and comings as congress investigate ties with russia. lea gabrielle is here with more.
12:36 pm
>> he said russia is starting to act like a strategic competitor. the u.s. has declined an invitation to a meeting with russia. >> russia has been steadily trying to expand its role in central asia just has it has in the former soviet union and in dealing with eastern europe. >> that's not to say that the u.s. has given up on working with russia for peace in afghanistan. shep, next month, secretary of state rex tillerson is set to meet with russian officials and afghanistan is reportedly on the table there. >> shepard: this is more than afghanistan really. >> that's true. based on what we're hearing from u.s. officials, many aare wondering are we in a new cold war.
12:37 pm
listen to this interview on abc this morning. >> you call it a cold war? maybe even worse taking into account actions of the present presidential administration. >> worse than the cold war? >> of course. of course. i've been just about this illegal actions against washington and new york about extraditing the russian d diplomats and more. >> shep, russia is calling the allegations fake news. >> thank you. lea gabrielle, appreciate it. there's word that the c.i.a. can disguise their hack attempts or hack attacks to make them look like they may have come from
12:38 pm
other countries including china, russia, north korea or iran. that's according to wikileaks. they say the soft war is designed to throw off investigators looking into the hack attacks. according to wikileaks, the c.i.a. uses the software to pretend their attacks were written in a foreign language like chinese or russian. wicks i can leaks appeared to show how the c.i.a. hacked devices that hacked into the internet. let's move on to acki parrits. so they can hide everything they do. i don't know if i want to be happy or unhappy about this. what is it? >> hold the phone. the c.i.a. uses denial and
12:39 pm
subterfuge to get what they want. they're going to use all of their tools kits to get to the bad guys' computers and software. the fact that they don't say hello, we're americans, ignore our codes are ridiculous. of course they're doing to try to hide their ability to say we're americans. instead they're going to say we're chinese and russians, iranians, what have you. >> shepard: this is not to suggest they're misleading us whether or not the rush shans meddled in our election. this is not to suggest that in my way, right? >> not at all. if you can see what wikileaks is -- >> wikileaks is either with the russians or they are the russians. >> the c.i.a. pretending to be russians stole things from hillary clinton from john podesta from the dnc and gave to it wikileaks to throw it to
12:40 pm
donald trump. doesn't make any sense. so this is just sort of a story that this cut out for the russian government is trying to push to throw off people here in the united states, throw sand in the american people's eyes. it's probably not going to be very effective. >> shepard: you say it's a cut out for the russian government. if that's what wikileaks is, why hasn't the government gone further to explain this to the people? what is happening with wikileaks is a products of the russians? >> the intelligence community the last several months has been trying to talk about what it means for these organizations like wikileaks and how the russian government takes information stolen from the united states and pushes it to the media. pushes out the idea that the united states is incompetent or doing bad things. it's obvious that they're trying to push a certain narrative. you don't have to take my word for it. as soon as wikileaks turned this
12:41 pm
out around 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, the first two places that picked it up were r.t. and sputnik, both controlled by the russian government. isn't that interested? >> it's very convenient. thanks. nice to talk to you. hope you come back. >> thank you. >> shepard: democratic leaders have tried to promise to filibuster the confirmation of neil gorsuch. but now two democrats say they will support gorsuch. if more democrats follow, it could be smooth sailing for judge gorsuch as he tries to reach the highest court in the land. the next move? that's next. umbrellas!!
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12:46 pm
both democrats are up in election for states in 2018. they have both broken party lines. in a statement, senator heightcamp said she's disturbed by what happened to judge garland. but she says two wrongs don't make a right. there's not a perfect judge. the u.s. supreme court should be above politics. it looks like judge gorsuch still needs the support of six more democratic lawmakers to avoid a filibuster in the senate. there's several red state candidates that have to get it out. any other sign of democrats coming over to support him? >> there's still 12 undecided democrats in the senate. sources on both sides say it seems unlikely that six of them will end up supporting neil gorsuch's nomination. a lot of anger among democrats
12:47 pm
that judge garland never got a confirmation hearing. if more democrats are going to support judge gorsuch, it may be those in serving in states won by president trump. that may be popular with their constituents. other democrats are saying there will be a filibuster if republicans don't have the votes. >> if you're seeking to be an associate justice on the court, you ought to rack up 60 votes. i don't think that's unreasonable. i would hope that republicans would weigh seriously the consequence of treating a supreme court justice like you do other matters that don't have the same gravity and weight. >> there may be a possibility of a deal. some institutionalists are trying to see if they can get agreement because they don't want to see the rules of the senate changed over this nomination. shep? >> what is the latest on
12:48 pm
republicans, mike? >> republicans are saying that judge gorsuch will be confirmed one way or another. they are pointing out that democrats actually changed the rules of the senate first. >> the only reason we're doing this is because senator reid charged the rules in 2013 and the becomes don't like the pressure from the base. trump won. whether you like him or not, he deserves the respect of every other people when it comes to picking people. >> it could be quite a show down in the senate next week. shep? >> shepard: mike, thanks. the fbi releasing new photos from 9-11 inside the pentagon after terrorists high jackets flight 77 and crashing it in a building. of course, these are not new photographs. they're new to us. some fbi agents and firefighters responded moments after the attack, this photo shows
12:49 pm
investigators using an excavate tore pick through the wreckage. flames gutted the offices in the pentagon. filing cabinets charred over here in the corner. this one, another image shows a photocopier partially buried and melted there for your 9-11 conspiracy theorists. there's part of the plane. they found that in the scene. you can still see part of the american airlines logo. that's the c in american. we'll have continuing coverage as the photos continue be released. recycling can't just your cans and bottles. space x proved you can recycle a rocket ship. that's next. ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's.
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>> shepard: space x founder elon musk says we're a step closer to putting humanity out there among the stars. his companies successfully launched a satellite with a reusable rocket for the first time. it touched down off the coast of florida. quite the event it was. elon musk says the most expensive part of the rocket, the booster is typically discarted in lift off. he proved it's possible to reuse the booster allowing for more
12:54 pm
flights at lower coast. phil keating works on the space coast. quite a celebration there. people can use some cheers. >> oh, my gosh. that was like winning the super bowl, they were so excited. it was historic and unprecedented and being compared to kitty hawk. reusing the first stage booster rocket, which carries all the main engines and most of the fuel, will reduce the launch costs by 30%. so for a $60 million like last night, that would drop the price to $40 million. this rocket was used last year when it sent a cargo ship to the space station. fell back to effort, landed on the drone ship and got re used.
12:55 pm
>> my mind is blown, frankly. yeah, it's -- i was quite speechless after it happened. >> the key to this is using supersonic retro propulsion to land the rocket upright. it's great news for rocket customers and for dreamy space touris may be wealthy but not super wealthy. it's all about money. the cheaper rockets will be shared by everybody. >> this is a huge deal for the space industry. it's not a stretch to say it's something like a wright brothers-type moment. this has never been done before. >> very excitinexciting, shep.
12:56 pm
>> shepard: thank you, phil. top of the hour headlines moments away. stay with us. whoa, this thing is crazy.
12:57 pm
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>> shepard: on this date in 1889, the eiffel tower opened in paris. beat out the washington monument as the tallest structure in the world at the time. held the record for four decades. the tower was a temporary exhibit and city officials nearly turned it down at one
1:00 pm
point. it's become one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world since it opened its doors 128 years oh, my gosh today. should breaking news break out, we'll break in. >> neil: through all of the controversy, through all the nastiness, through all the finger pointing, through all of that, through all our multiple boxes that we've led shows with time and again that show multiple headaches, i want you to look at one thing. one big box. this. the dow in the first quarter, it was up. yeah, through it all, it was up. through all of this craziness, it was up. all by 2% from its highs. the sixth straight quarter we've done that. the likes of which we have not done in the better part of a decade. but this first quarter triumph


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