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tv   The First 100 Days  FOX News  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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please join me for "fox news sunday" where in addition to senator mitch mcconnell i will also talk with e.p.a. director scott pruitt about the roll back of obama climb change policies. i'm chris wallace in washington. first 100 days is next. >> martha: breaking tonight under the weight of swirling new questions on russia, president trump plowing ahead attempting to call out foreign nations accuse 6 6 cheating on u.s. trade deals as congress inches closer to final showdown in the effort to confirm the next supreme court justice. ♪ ♪ i'm martha maccallum and this is day 71 of the first 100. despite big moves to meet campaign promises the trump administration facing more questions in the ongoing investigations of the trump campaign and russia. new reports on the senate intelligence committee rejecting requests from former trump national security advisor michael flynn for immunity for prosecution if he agrees to
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testify before congress. white house spokesperson sean spicer remarking earlier today that the president is not afraid of what flynn might say and president trump for his part has thrown his support behind his former top advisor tweeting this: mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch-hunt, excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion, he writes. but that is not what president trump and mr. flynn said about immunity deals during the 2016 campaign back when hillary clinton's advisors were under the microscope during her email scandal. watch. >> the reason they get immunity is because they did something wrong. if they didn't do anything wrong, they don't think in terms of immunity. when you are given immunity, that means that you have probably committed a crime. >> so there is that. chief washington correspondent ed henry joins you now with the latest on a very busy friday from the white house. >> very interesting. contentious white house briefing for sean spicer question after question about this russia investigation. they was playing a lot of defense.
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first batting down questions about general mike flynn, insisting the president and other higher ups in the white house are not worried if the general does cut some sort of immunity deal with investigators on the hill or with the fbi. also pushing back on questions about devin nunes, the house intelligence chairman and why he had that mysterious visit to the white house grounds and whether, in fact, it was white house staffers passing on that intel that nunes, the chairman suggests backs up some of the president's claims that the president trump and some of his advisors may have faced surveillance by the obama team back dooring the presidential transition. interesting because spicer also played some offense saying that the real focus should be on bill and hillary clinton. their own ties to vladimir putin paid speeches, that uranium deal with the clinton foundation and then spicer, of course, attacked the press as well. >> again, we talk about what door someone came in, what day it happened. there is a concern that people misused, mishandled, misdirected classified information, leaked it out.
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spread it out. violated civil liberties. and the potential that that happened should concern every single american. >> now this very busy day being capped off as well with the top democrat on that house intelligence committee adam schiff going to the white house to see the same intelligence that devin nunes saw as well. so that he has a share shot of it. schiff now saying that he believes the entire house intelligence committee, as well as the senate intelligence committee should get access to this intelligence so it's not just about partisanship, everybody can see what exactly the evidence is to back up any claims that there was surveillance. martha? >> martha: ed, thank you very much. here now republican snreart james lankford a member of the senate intelligence committee. senator, great to very you here tonight. welcome to you. >> great to be with you. >> martha: as you start to take this whole thing on, there are so many layers to this where is your top priority what the committee's top priority here. >> getting the facts remains
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the top priority. facts come out and facts lead us wherever we need to go. this is not knew to us. we have worked on us for the last five months. the senate intelligence committee as you know many people may not works every single week multiple times a week we deal with a lot of complicated difficult i. this one of those. have you russian interference in our elections. how do we prepare for the next elections. how do they find ways to be able to engage with us. was there any collusion or connection there. how did that look like? how were the russians trying to reach out to individuals here. all those questions have to be there. whether leaks and how did those leaks get out? because that is also a crime that's out there. all these things have to be answered. it's a very complicated issue. but we are are going through it step-by-step. >> martha: would you say that the third part of that that you mentioned in the end in terms of the leaks, the question that sean spicer brought up today whether or not the obama administration was surveying members of the trump transition team in order to basically find dirt on them. is that something that you
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will address in your investigation? >> no. we absolutely should address. we have to be able to figure out how information was getting out was that classified information into the public arena. now, that doesn't happen accidently. that's someone who has access to it that is finding a way to be able to get that out. through a friendly reporter to be able to get it out and post it whatever way they can to get that information. those are classified documents. when you deal with sources and methods and how we gather information. that hurts us long term in our intelligence and if anyone has done for political gain something that actually effects us in our national security long term, that is an absolute criminal offense. >> martha: in the terms of mike flynn and the question of immunity. the president has said he wants him to testify. sean spicer was asked does mike flynn have anything on the president of the united states? he said no. that was his answer. would you ever consider granting him immunity for that. >> that's something that the chairman has to negotiating process determine how that
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is done. we reached out to quite a few witnesses. they have voluntarily committed to be able to come and working through about 20 different witnesses right now. that's an ongoing process that we have. we have others that we are in negotiating with. but at the end of the day we want to be able to visit with as many people as possible that are in the process. some names that you may know in the media and some names no one has heard of that we think where a part of this process. >> martha: what do you think has happened in the press for devin nunes. >> it's been painful for devin nunes. for devon, we have not talked in several months through this whole process the senate and house committee we are each running our own independent investigation. i would encourage devin to make sure he shares at least with the ranking member of the committee that they do that in the days ahead. i can tell you as a person who is a christian i believe in forgiveness and redemption. they have to find a way to be able to bury the hatchet and move on as a committee. the work of the committee is so exceptionally important. >> martha: indeed it is. senator lankford, thank you very much. good to have you here tonight, sir.
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>> thank you. >> martha: new reaction to a series of fierce denials coming out of kremlin starting with the russian president vladimir putin who said that alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election is purely political. watch this. >> anti-russian is play plagued political forces inside the united states to trade on that and positions inside. >> martha: same was heard from russian prime minister sergei lavrov who told our next guest quote this is a russia phobic instrument. decided that the american people should be brain washed without any facts, without any proof. paulison ders joins us now. is he executive director for the senator of national interest and former state official in the bush administration. good to have you with us. this is fascinating interview that you did. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you.
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>> martha: in terms of lavrov, how would you say he views the difference between the obama administration and the trump administration? >> well, minister lavrov had a lot to say about the obama administration. he had a number of complaints about the obama administration that the administration had a superiority complex. that the obama administration felt that it had the right to decide how the world was run, including right up to russia's borders in the case of the trump administration, obviously, it's early days. but he was certainly very positive about his initial meeting with secretary of state rex tillerson in bon a few weeks ago. he seemed to be looking for an opportunity to work with the administration in syria. look, i mean, there are people in syria and
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elsewhere who are actively working to kill americans. the russian government is not trying to do that. if relationship goes bad i think we have to envision a possibility of more russian weapons going to iran, more russian weapons going to north korea. more russian weapons going to china. russian weapons going to the taliban. >> martha: fascinating. >> these are things to be quite concerned about. >> martha: paupaulison ders great to have you with us here tonight. >> backlash to house chairman devin nunes. who better to talk to about that than howie cutters. peter hoekstra and austan goolsbee. president trump warning that his upcoming meeting with the chinese president could get difficult at times. we will take a look at what's ahead. >> we can't continue to
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>> martha: tonight in our media conflict segment. if you haven't been paying
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too close attention to the ins and outs of the complicated devin nunes story, it may sound something like this. >> aren't there enough questions that he should, at the very least, recuse himself from any investigation involving the trump campaign and russia? >> the question about whether he is clueless or corrupt or both is really the only question left in this investigation. >> the house intelligence committee under the bizarre leadership of chairman devin nunes offers, in effect, zero hope. >> who decided that devin nunes was -- >> -- president? >> qualified -- was qualified to be the house intel chair. [sigh] >> martha: lots of snickers and chuckles. she are a tries to cut through what she sees as somewhat surface reporting so far on this story. she writes this to sum up team obama was spying broadly she writes on the incoming administration. and here is chairman nunes. >> details about u.s.
4:15 pm
persons associated with the incoming administration. details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting. >> martha: she also says that mr. nunes said that the subjects of the conversations and the intercepts had nothing to do with the subject of russia. >> i want to be clear, none of this surveillance was related to russia. >> martha: and she points out that surveillance named or unmasked specific trump officials. >> i have confirmed that additional names of trump transition team members were unmasked. >> martha: so the national review's victor davis hampton writes about it this way he, nunes, is the new target in an already long line of those targeted by the media for forced resignations. here now fox news resident media howie kurtz, good to see you today.
4:16 pm
it's worth pointing out ands our piece that one of the biggest headlines in the nunes story he unequivocally pointed out that the president was wrong when he said that the obama administration was wiretapping trump tower. so she is claiming that, you know, he has had a pretty clear through line despite the fact that it's not being presented that at that way in the media do you think that's fair. >> devin nunes has become piñata for the media and athletic are a of partisanship on both sides. we in the media don't know whether these explosive accusations are true because we haven't seen the classified information that nunes saw. we do know, i think it's fair to safe that congressman nunes has been rather clumsy in his handling of this announcing he had this new information and rushing over to the white house to brief president trump. then belatedly acknowledging he had seen this information on white house grounds and now of course "the washington times" saying two sources of this information were, in fact, on the white
4:17 pm
house staff. >> martha: that's a good way to put it. some of this has been clumsily handled. that's something that even he, you know, just basically in his own words suggested at one point that, you know, maybe he could have handled the traffic on this a little bit differently. but as you rightly point out, howie, and as journalists across this country should also recognize, we do not know yet the contents of these documents. >> so, you know, we all make the mistake of getting out over our skis sometimes and then having to back pedal. as a journalist, aren't new a better position if you say let's wait and see? >> we don't know. let's wait and see are all things journalists should say. pressure of the news cycle everybody has to match or talk about or analyze the latest scoop. it's kind of amazing, martha, that the media are in such tizzy over devin nunes who i guarantee you six months ago 99% of the country had never heard of. adam schiff the ranking democrat on the committee has also been partisan.
4:18 pm
there is, i think, a cloud over that investigation. the more dignified senate intelligence committee probe has gotten much higher marks because they actually are try ago little bit harder to be bipartisan. >> one of the points that strassel makes he has been quite transparent. whether or not you like the way he is dealing with it and people with write about it and listeners and viewers can judge based on what they think, as we map out all these sound bites he has marked down the markers where he has been on this throughout the course of it, has he not? >> devin nunes has been pretty transparent to a point. once he did get a chance to see this material, and i assume eventually it will come out and people can judge for themselves, he made a point saying he couldn't share it with other members of the committee. that looked like a republican, perhaps, trying to help a president of his own party. now, the white house belatingly saying we will share that with all the committee members. had they done that a week ago there wouldn't be a partisan flap. >> martha: thank you very much. here now pete hoekstra
4:19 pm
former house intel committee chair who served as national security advisor for the trump campaign and austan goolsbee. welcome. good to have both of you here. let me start with you, pete. you just listened to that conversation and to the statements by nunes and central's piece in the "wall street journal" today. what do you make of her argument? >> i think her argument is right on. i'm sure devin has been clumsy going through the process. you take a look at this, this is a pattern. the democrats didn't show a whole lot of interest in lois learner and the irs targeting that took place there. when the cia director brennan, when he abused his powers, and investigated, and had his people hack into the computers of senator feinstein's staff on the intelligence committee, the democrats were silent. so i'm not at all surprised that they don't really have much of an interest in to taking a look at what happened in the obama oval office. >> martha: austan, that's the charge.
4:20 pm
selective outrage. partisan, selective outrage. and going after devin nunes, you saw in all those clips, it's been merciless out there for him. have you to ask yourself, you know, sort of what -- i mean, he is not out there trying to ruin his career. he is trying to do the right thing one way or the other. he will be judged based on the evidence when it actually does come out. >> well, look, the oldest golden rule of information is nobody covers up things that are favorable to them. so, when chairman nunes sneaks into the white house, literally in the dead of night, and apparently is given information by white house staffers that he then the next day gets up and claims he brought to the white house. people say wow, that is a pretty inflammatory charge. what is that evidence? he says well, i can't show it to you. i can't show it to other members of the committee. i can't turn that evidence over to the senate
4:21 pm
investigation. you know that people are going to assume and probably not wrongly that that means the evidence is not nearly as clear as what he is portraying. and chairman nunes brought this on himself. he is not acting in -- >> martha: austan is right there are weird flags that have gone up this week that do have the hallmark of the kind of things we have seen in the past in cover joups. is that what he are seeing here and if not why not? >> well, number one, devin has never had actual possession of the documents. he saw them in the white house. the process was simple. someone discovered these documents that they thought were suspicious at the white house. they reviewed it with the attorneys. the attorneys said you need to share this with devin nunes the intelligence committee. they shared it with him. he made a move and got in front of his skis on this. but the bottom line is this information is going to come out. it's going to be turned over to the intelligence committees. both intelligence committees. all the members are going to
4:22 pm
take a look at it i don't think it's national security sensitive information. i think we're all going to be age too see this. itoo -- able to see this. it may take a few months to get declassified. okay with this information moving forward. when that happens, i think we are going to see potentially some, you know, some things that are tremendous concern that occurred in the white house, in the oval office, but, this is not going to be a guessing game. this information will all come out public. >> martha: worth pointing out so far there is a lot of guessing game going on and we all have to sit tight and see what the actual evidence is thank you so much, you guys, austan and pete as always. more on judge neil gorsuch's confirmation vote fast approaching. can president trump's pick. schumer threatening for him. latest vote count ahead. plus, this president trump making moves on trade just a week ahead of his expected
4:23 pm
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>> we're going to label china a currency minuter, whicmirpt.i have no problem with china. what i have a problem is our leaders letting them get away with this stuff. >> martha: tough talk on the campaign trail. the suspension is starting to build ahead of president trump's meeting with president jinping of china. priming the pumps today. signed executive orders on trade. looking to take some chunks out of a trade deficit on what he blames on crooked china's patrol car tell uses. the president further giving the impression he will deliver some hard truths to the chinese leader tweeting that the meeting will be, quote, a very difficult conversation. kevin corke has the details today from the white house. kevin? >> great to be with you, martha. you're right. a couple reasons i think
4:28 pm
behind those executive orders that you just talked, about look. core values and campaign promises. the president said if he were elected he would defend and support american workers and manufacturers and, frankly, i think that's the best way to look ahead to the expected meeting. president xi meeting with jordan and egypt. it will happen southern white house mar-a-lago. ahead of that meeting the president signed executive orders aimed at combating abuses aimed at contributing to the half trillion-dollar trade deficit. here is the key, martha, as it relates to china. white house officials say this is really all about fairness. and balancing the need for trade with an important global partner while also having a more balanced economic relationship. >> the field has not been a level field. jobs have been leaving our country, going to china and mexico and lots of other places. and you'll be seeing what's happening over the next few weeks. it should be very
4:29 pm
interesting for you to watch. >> very interesting to watch, indeed. and as you pointed out the president, of course, heads to twitter to sort of preview these big kind of meetings and i said and i'm quoting few the meeting with china will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits. there it is. and job losses. american companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives. and the figure behind that tweet, martha, frankly is a stunning one. the u.s. trade deficit in 2016 was $347 billion. with china alone. that is, of course, the largest such deficit among u.s. trade partners. and that's obviously going to be at the top of the agenda in his conversation with president xi. martha? >> martha: kevin, thank you very much. representative sean duffy of wisconsin and mark alderman democratic strategist joins us now. i find it so interesting, gentlemen, when you look back at sort of the history of donald trump, president trump now, but as a businessman, this is something that has been that
4:30 pm
youing athatknawing at him for , many years. you look back at 2010, actually, he had a dispute with american window makers because he was buying windows that were made in china and overseas. but it was something that was, you know, clearly bothering him that he couldn't get the product that he wanted that was so much cheaper in china. you look at the bottom of this paper and his characteristic way he wrote on the bottom china's artificially low currency makes it hard for u.s. companies to compete. i would much rather buy u.s. and deal with pella. the u.s. is better. enough to he will have his face to face, sean duffy with the president of china and try as president of the united states now to renegotiate some of these deals. how is it going to go? >> >> first, i think it's about priming the pump with the chinese leader. as you reported we have $350 billion trade deficit with china. our total trade deficit is half a trillion dollars. most of this deficit is with china and i think he has to
4:31 pm
bring up important points like their lack of respect for intellectual property. their dumping of their products in the u.s. but what i think, martha, what he is doing well, the president, he is not taking a flame thrower to trade. i think it's important to note that trade is really good. we want to make sure we have fair trade. what the president is doing is saying we have to have a study to look at trade abuses so we have the best information possible to see how we can have rifle strikes to make sure we make the trade imbalance go away so we have fair trade between china and the u.s. you make sure you have the best information possible there are some areas of contention, mark. any sort of trade that you pull on whether it's trade or anything else, you have to deal with their other policy issues as well. where do you think those conversations are going to go? >> trump couldn't cut a deal with mark meadows. so i have my doubts about his ability to negotiate with the chinese. i think weaver going t we are ge
4:32 pm
from more theater for mar-a-lago which is not a place for serious diplomacy. as you just said, you cannot look at this in isolation. the hipbone is connected to the thigh bone. the biggest worry for china in the world is russia. in the context of this russian scandal, trump is going to have to convince them that he can be trusted with russia, which is something he is having trouble convincing the american people of. >> martha: well, i mean, you know, most democrats are very up in arms with the belief that, you know, i think most people agree that there was an attempt by russia to meddle in the united states election. there is also indications that china has been up to those sorties of tricks as well. it's interesting to me that one thing that gets, i think, almost lost in the middle of this whole discussion is the impact of that, and international politics around the globe and the purpose of making sure that all of that, you know, is confronted in a very forceful way. so, you know, there is a lot
4:33 pm
to come up -- there is so much to sort of take on with china and let me go back to sean duffy on this. when you look at these other things that president trump has to deal with him, and is that the right scenario? is it the right place, mar-a-lago, to be dealing with these kinds of really huge issues that are on the plate? >> i think it's nice to put people at ease and mar-a-lago i hear it's a nice place. i've never been there and be in a beautiful setting to talk about things is a positive environment. i think this goes back to the promises that president trump made to the american people and people in my district. i'm going to fight for your job. i'm going to fight for you. i'm going to make trade fair again. whether you have last 8 years president who forgot people because a president not willing to fight for them. president take a hard look at trade practices unfair to the american worker. i'm going to stand up and fight for you. i don't care if it's at the white house or mar-a-lago. i have a president who is a fighter and scrapper and
4:34 pm
look out for my people and the rest of the americans who have been left behind and trade is a big part of why they have been left behind. >> martha: he met with manufacturers today, mark, at the white house to assure them of just that. >> manufacturing jobs are not coming back because donald trump threatens china.aid a moment ago, martha, this is a much bigger situation than simply sitting down at mar-a-lago. and i'm going to add one issue to the agenda that i hope comes up. north korea. there is a lot of business to be done with china. and after what they saw last week from this white house, i have my doubts. >> martha: thanks, you guys. good to see you both. it is that time of the week report card time on a friday. our panel is here to come up with their grades for the trump administration as we finish up week 10. the fox ticking, doubling down on getting a mainstream judge on the supreme court. could the democrats threat against enough back fire for
4:35 pm
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>> martha: new developments tonight as the supreme court battle enters the home stretch as the clock can ticking down. democrats are taken to threatening republicans, we wielding fear of the nuclear option as a weapon against the gorsuch nomination. >> a nominee for the supreme court should not be approved by a razor thin majority. >> if you have a nominee that can't get 60 votes, you should change the nominee and not change the rules. that's the bottom line. we made the decision, conscious decision, thoughtful, debated it in our caucus that it was better for the country to keep the 60 vote threshold on the highest court in the
4:40 pm
land. >> trigger the nuclear option. >> let's hope he doesn't. >> martha: there you are. experts are ringing the alarm bells promising that this kind of rancor could kill the senate known as the great deliberative body forever, potentially, right? joining me more on this a republican strategist and richard fowler fox news contributor and senior fellow at the new leaders' council. worth taking that big picture view of this, gentleman. because these are the guys that are supposed to be, and women, supposed to be the sort of the states men of the united states government, right? they're the deliberate operators. they are the people who sort of think things through and some to some sort of wise conclusion. at this point, if they enact this flynn anthis filibuster ane nuclear reaction everybody might as well go home there won't be anything to deliberate. >> there is some truth to what you are saying here,
4:41 pm
martha. here is how i fall on this issue, right? i think neil gorsuch did a great job in his testimony. do i agree with a lot of his principles call, no. we are filling the seat with scalia. never agreed with scalia either. here is where i think the trump administration needs to go. there is, according to my count, about nine democrats. they need six of those nine to prevent any sort of filibuster. so i think it's prudent upon president trump to do what barack obama didn't do with merrick garland and get down to the hill and work on loosening up. they have already loosened up two as of yesterday. loosening up the rest of these democratic voters. >> martha: a lot of these senators in red states that trump won. if they want to save their own election prospect down the road that's exactly what had to have gone into the decision of heidi heitcamp and joe manchin, right? >> and to add to that this is not heidi heitcamp or joe manchin supreme court no,
4:42 pm
ma'am to me. that's trump's nominee. want him on the court he has got to get down there and campaign for him. that's what we are not seeing from this white house. >> martha: alex, do you agree. >> i don't agree at all. only a few weeks ago when president trump rolled out the nominee in fantastic prime time event in the east wing of the white house. very well received. and then from there it's not appropriate for the president to be strong arming members. of the nominee should stand or fall on his own accord. and by all accounts he has done very, very well in the hearings to date. it is the democrats who are reactively opposing everything donald trump does who are now insisting on a new 60 vote standard for the nominee, which no nominee has ever been subjected to a 60 vote standard before. in fact, there are two republican nominees or two republican justices, republican appointed justices on the supreme court today leith and thomas who neither received 60 votes in their final vote. now, schumer and the other left wing senators are doing everything they can to oppose trump. it is ridiculous that they
4:43 pm
are insisting on 60 vote threshold here. >> martha: understood. the point is schumer is representing really the furthest left of his party right now. but we know that there are voters in many of these states who ended up voting for donald trump who were democrats who had voted for barack obama every times before. so, i'm listening to what richard is saying. is it possible that, you know, to carve out sort of a trumpest coalition among some of those people and say, look, you know, let's get together. i realize this sounds like la la land, but, i mean, seriously, if they could do that richard, it would help some of these democrats to get reelected in these tough districts as well as republicans. >> i think that's absolutely right, martha. i think why are missing the point here. if we say that the supreme court nominee has never been sort of mired down in politics, i think that's false. i mean, we saw merrick garland didn't even get a hearing and he sat on the hill for 100 and some odd days and republicans refused to give him a hearing. the supreme court is a political football here.
4:44 pm
both parties play sides on this. both parties play politics. if donald trump want his nominee he has to do more than a prime time address. he could tweet about it. he hasn't tweeted about it is he more concerned about mike flynn than supreme court nominee. >> martha: gentlemen, we have to leave you there. good to see you both. still ahead my quote of the night takes a look at some very revealing comments from donald trump, nearly 30 years ago. but, first, it is friday, so you know what that means. time for our weekly report card on the trump administration week 10 is what they are grading, chris stirewalt, mollie hemingway and jessica here with their grades right after this. fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
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♪ >> martha: so it is friday. it is the end of week 10. yes, it has only been 10 weeks of the trump presidency so far. it's still just a baby, really. in just a minute we will have our panel grade the president's performance. let's take a look back at the week that was. >> the white house said tax reform isn't partisan. but it surely will be if they only propose massive tax cuts for the wealthy. >> what i had to do is i needed a place that i could actually go and find this information and review it. >> we have an aggressive agenda. >> we have been moving quickly on this aggressive agenda. we want to make sure we get
4:49 pm
it right. one of those places that he hopes to find common ground with senate democrats here tonight is the confirmation of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> i want to acknowledge the truly amazing people behind me on this stage. our incredible coal miners. [applause] we love our coal miners. >> give me a reason to recuse myself i might consider it. >> events of last week call that so seriously into question that he really ought tree could you see himself. >> there is nothing that i see that is problematic in him conducting an investigation. >> i'll admit that i voted for him, but i have got a job in the united states senate. and i take that job extremely seriously. >> if we don't do this, then he will just go work with democrats to try and change obamacare and that's not -- that's hardly a conservative thing. he is going to get the votes from wherever he can. >> martha: here now chris stirewalt fox news politics editor. mollie hemingway. editor at the federalist. and jennifer, a democratic strategist. welcome to all of you.
4:50 pm
it's been another whopper of a week. chris, let me start with you as you look at grading week 10. what hav have you got? >> well, look, it's t. is spares and strikes. a couple of gutter balls. the biggest problem is that coming off of the do feet of trump care last week or the temporary defeat of trump care last week, the urgent necessity for this the administration was to show forward progress, speak in a clear voice. and move on to demonstrate to their supporters and people who didn't support them that this administration is capable and that up to the task and moving forward on things that are popular and, instead, most of the week was spent fighting about devin nunes. you had at the end general mike flynn with his seemingly out of left field request for immunity. and it was all off topic and it was all on a topic that was not helpful for the administration. so, c minus. >> martha: why do you think their wheels are spinning in that way, chris? >> there was a piece and i don't want to put too much
4:51 pm
into anybody's reporting but there was a piece from jonathan swan and mike allen at axios that basically talked about administration with knives out at each other's throats and the constant infighting and they had their first basic summary execution. they fired a senior staff, deputy chief of staff it sounds like. and this goes on and on and all this tu tumult. and none of this gets trump where he needs. he needs behind him exexecuting on this stuff and not adding drama to an already dramatic president. >> martha: jessica, let's move on with you. what's your thought take a look back at the week. what's your grade? >> this has been a very, very rough week. apparently i'm a pretty harsh grader. obviously, right out of gate, what we have seen with this administration is a huge policy failure that came out of the gate wanting to talk about making good on a campaign promise which was repeal and replace. what we have learned is that they didn't have a plan that their own party could get on board with coming out of
4:52 pm
gate with a huge policy failure like that is not good for any president. so there is going to be some recovery that needs to happen and hopefully for president trump, that could happen with tax reform. but i don't think that's going to be the case because we know that his party is already sending signals that they don't trust the white house to handle the reforms that they have been waiting decades to make happen. then you also have low approval rating. so one of the things we know just based on recent gallup poll or data is that his approval rating now is lower than president obama's was during his eight years in offst office. that's certainly not a very good look for president trump. >> martha: molly, let's look how you viewed the week in terms of your grade. you gave him a d for week number 10. why? >> yeah. this week was wasted by a alaska focus and just distraction. he repeatedly went after the freedom caucus trying to blame them for the failure of the healthcare legislation even though it was massively unpopular among both moderate and conservative republicans. even more than that, the freedom caucus actually
4:53 pm
represents the vibrant base of the party. these are people who understood the trump movement before trump even ran and people who have run far ahead of donald trump in their districts. they got a lot bigger percentage of the vote in their districts than donald trump did. precisely the wrong type of group to go after. more than that, if he thinks he is going to work with moderate or liberal democrats to advance his agenda rather than conservative republicans, that's not just unprincipled it's really unwise. chris. >> martha: chris, you are shaking your head, what are the prospect is he going to peel off any of these democrats that are so giddy that their idea resist movement appears to be working. >> let's give trump the benefit of the doubt and say is he trolling his own party and that he and paul ryan are doing good cop, bad cop on conservatives so he can say oh my gosh have you to vote for trump care and do it now because otherwise he is going to work with democrats. if do you not have any democratic allies, this is not a credible threat.
4:54 pm
donald trump doesn't have any democratic allies he has joe manchin in so much he can say he is a democrat still. that is it he is not threat to members of miss own party did he doesn't have democratic allies. democrats are waiting to see how the russia stuff plays out. they will be very happy to see him slip on banana peels the next three years. >> martha: there are democrats that might work well for to be on board with some of what he wants given the fact he did very well in their own states like joe manchin, for example recommendation some the democrats be on board with him in certain areas may do so us because they do not have the political capitol others can weigh in on. if they don't weigh in on any fight i don't think finance going to be the stuff that currently exists. a lot of the people are going to be worried about re-election right now. so much is up in the air. democrats are going to have to be incredibly careful how they move forward with any criticism of the president before we have any rests lucien what's going on for instance nunes and russia.
4:55 pm
>> martha: thank you very much, guys. hopefully -- that means the trump administration hopes your grades will be better next week. we're open to whatever you bring us next week. good to see you all. thank you very much. >> chris: happy friday. >> martha: we will be back with my quote of the night which is a very interesting flashback to donald trump nearly 30 years ago you will be very interesting in what he said back then when we comeat back ♪ take 5, guys. tired of your bladder always cutting into your day? you may have overactive bladder, or oab. that's it! we really need to get with the program and see the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq (mirabegron) for oab symptoms of urgency, frequency and leakage. it's the first and only oab treatment in its class.
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5:00 pm
but they are beating the hell out of this uncan trip. >> martha: familiar. that is day 71. week 10. have a great weekend, everybody. o'reilly is up next. see you back here on the first 100 day once monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hi, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the o'reilly factor, america divided. it is stark division that is playing out in every corner of politics right now. and it's on full display in the mainstream media's coverage of the mike flynn wiretap russia intel investigations. as for the latest on flynn, the former national security advisor is seeking an immunity deal in exchange for testimony to fbi and congressional investigators. the deal is reportedly been rejected by the senate intel committee. and congressman adam schiff, the house intel committ


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