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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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don't miss it. we will see you tomorrow at 9:0 9:00. >> sean: welcome to this busy news night on "hannity." sara carter with circa news, ted cruz, david clarke, larry elder, michael cohen and geraldo river geraldo rivera. new reports reveal that susan rice was the person who requested that the names of the trump transition team members who were caught up in surveillance be unmasked. she has a lot of explaining to do. that is tonight's very important opening monologue. for weeks right here in this program, we have been demanding answers about who knew what and
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when about the surveillance of president trump, candidate trump and members of his transition team. also tonight, we appear to have a very important key piece of this very complex puzzle. fox's own adam housley will join us in a few minutes for the full report. he is revealing that the unmasked names of people associated with donald trump were then sent to all of those at the national security at council and summit the defense department, james clapper and then cia director john brennan, essentially the officials at the top including former rice deputy bennett rhodes. it was known by a lot of people and it's widespread. intel sources now tell sara carter with circuit news who will also join us tonight that the unmasking of names connected with the trump team appeared to begin last july around the time the trump secured the g.o.p.
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nomination and accelerated after trump's election in november, oe the transition that continued through january. circa news is also reporting that most if not all had nothing to do with russia. that's not all tonight. eli lake will also join us tonight reporting one u.s. official familiar with the report said they contained valuable political information on the trump transition team such as whom the trump team was meeting, the views of trump associates on foreign policy matters and plans for the incoming administration. just two weeks ago, susan rice was specifically asked during an interview on pbs if she knew about members of the trump team being caught up in incidental surveillance. she says no. watch this. >> i began by asking about the allegations by house intelligence committee devin nunes, trump transition officials may have been swept up
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in surveillance of foreigners at the end of the obama administration. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes on that count today. >> sean: oh, really? i know nothing about that? that's what you just heard her say. wasn't she lying in that clip? new reports indicate that yes, yes she was. keep in mind this new information about susan rice comes on the heels of the smoking gun tape that was uncovered last week that we played on the program of former obama official dr. evelyn farkas admitting not only surveillance took place but the names were also unmasked and they wanted them leaked. we are demanding answers to these questions. the american people now have a right to know. for example, what justification did susan rice have two unmask these names customer that's pretty unprecedented. what did ben rhodes know? what did the former director of
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national intelligence know? what did john brennan know? was this done for pure political purposes, under the ruse of national security? what did then-president obama know and when did he know it? did president obama and members of his administration surveilled an incoming president? america deserves answers tonight. we bring in adam housley with the very latest on his explosive new report. adam, this is a huge deal and a big development. let's talk about it. >> we started researching this last week when we started getting some of our sources, eli lake, he was the first one that came out to actually say it was susan rice. we had a belief it was susan rice but of course we had so much information coming in, we have to get it right first which we did. susan rice requested to unmask the names of trump transition officials. the unmasked names or people
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associated with donald trump and were all been sent to the john brennan, james clapper, all the people of the top including ben rhodes. these names were part of incidental surveillance, we are told, and people close to him including his family members for up to a year we are told before he took office. names of americans are incidentally collected but are supposed to be met asked or redacted on last it is an issuer crime. there are loopholes and ways that americans are supposed be protected from incidental connection collection. our sources say in this, they were not. the former deputy assistant under obama said this in part. >> i was urging my former colleagues and frankly speaking
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to people on the hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people get as much information as you can. get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration. >> in the meantime, we are also told that devin nunes knew about the unmasking and leaking back in january. well before trump's tweet. the intelligence agencies slow rolled nunes. he could've seen it in other places besides the white house but it had already been leaked and he went to the white house because he could protect his sources and also get those logs. it was twofold. keep in mind as the obama administration left office, it approved new rules which gave the nsa more powers about relaxing rules about sharing interoceptive communications and the ability to share those with 16 other intelligence agencies. i should also mention that susan rice, you covered it as well, in regards to benghazi's she was
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the one that went on the sunday shows claiming it was a video and now we know all along, we know that attack had nothing to do with the video. >> sean: great reporting. we appreciate it. joining us now, eli lake, sara carter. eli, let's start with you. incidental surveillance. this is what devin nunes was talking about. what bothered him. now we find out susan rice seemingly is unmasking the names of people but only trump transition people or trump -- what those conversations were if they were picked up incidentally. why is that dangerous and why should the american people understand the seriousness of this? >> i want to just stress that i don't know other things she requested to be unmask but the way i understand is that the national security can staffer that was doing a reviewf
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the unmasking policy noticed an anomaly in the patterns of requests from susan rice, unmasked the names that were incidentally collected, basically in raw intelligence. that was then discovered by the staffer whose name has been out there. he then takes that to the general counsel's office in the white house who then looks into this some more and tries to make this available to first devin nunes, but also adam schiff, the ranking member of that committe committee. they also offered this to the senate intelligence committee. >> sean: sara, why would susan rice especially as it relates to everything we have been talking about -- take incidental surveillance and ask -- this is raw intelligence -- ask for the unmasking but only seemingly in the case in the trump transition team or perhaps even trump as a candidate? how dangerous is that in the
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white house, when they are surveilling and using legitimate surveillance to basically surveilled on opposition party? >> sean, it's extremely concerning because i think those are the questions that need to be asked directly of susan rice. i attempted to reach out to her a number of times just to ask for those same questions but she did not return my phone calls. >> sean: shocking. it's become what we are looking at is not just the expansion. you and i discussed this. section 702 of the 12-333 executive orders supposed to attack the lack protect americans from being unmasked but if we go back to the story i wrote last week, and 2011, that was expanded. the fisa court signed off under the obama administration to allow for more leniency and unmasking. it wasn't like -- it's almost like it was legalized without us knowing it. the unmasking was allowed to
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occur. in 2011, then in 2015 they relaxed the law even more. what they were able to do and we know it went to susan rice. we know former cia director john brennan was allowed to do this and james clapper. they had the ability to request unmasked american foreign to foreign raw intelligence. highly classified. >> sean: even if it was legitimate intelligence gathering, they are using that as a means to spy on innocent americans without the benefit of a warrant. a good way to put it. >> yes, that's certainly what intelligent sources are saying. they are saying look, this is not about the unmasking only. it's about why did they specifically unmask -- susan rice in particular -- at this point, from july, all the way back to july -- because >> sean: will would be the reason short of they want to use they want to use intelligence gathering as a ruse to get to the trump campaign to get to
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trump? >> if it goes back to july, these are the questions you have to ask. according to the sources i've spoken with, it goes back to july. it happened again and november and it happened exponentially in november through january. they were looking at this. other sources we have spoken to just recently as of today have said these are high-level senior intelligence sources, these questions need to be asked. >> sean: standard operating procedures is you do not identify the identity of an american because you don't have a warrant for that. standard operating procedure is when you are writing up a report, they would usually put in american and identify nobody but in this specific case, in these cases, we have susan rice asking for the names of those people. more with eli and sara after the break. senator ted cruz is here with the very latest on whether republicans will be able to push through a confirmation vote for judge gorsuch and later
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tonight... >> they are sticking to what i think it's a very unconstitutional and un-american policy. and trying to intimidate us into being what i call fugitive slave catchers. >> sean: the mayor of new york new jersey making outrageous claims against the trump administration for trying to protect americans living in sanctuary cities. more guests coming up on this busy news night here "hannity" " for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with eli lake and sara carter. it's are any indication that any of the unmasking requests of susan rice had to do with anything other than the incidental surveillance of trump transition members, associates, or is this just exclusively on trump? do we know? >> >> ica at this point, we stil have a lot of unanswered questions. it would be interesting to find out, i would like to hear -- i also reached out to susan rice. i would like to know her rationale. >> sean: why would we believe her? she lied repeatedly about benghazi. how could we trust her? >> we are making some serious accusations here. you are correct on benghazi, stt
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video but i would go back and say i think at the beginning of this investigation, and what we may end up finding out is that the law that allows the u.s. government to collect all this information and share it within the government needs to seriously be reformed. it may turn out that all of what susan rice did was technically legal but improper if you will. in that case i think it would be a matter of reform. i would say this. i am surprised that more democrats and progressive have not taken this issue more seriously. because if barack obama can do this to the trump transition, then surely donald trump can do this to his own opposition and that something that auto wary all americans. >> sean: it goes even deeper, sara, because her unmasking it set the stage if you will for the leaking we know a felony was committed in the case of general flynn. why would they want to know all
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this and maybe this was the whole false narrative thing that elavil evelyn farkas was saying. >> i agree with eli wholeheartedly on this. this is a civil liberties issue. it deals with the fourth amendment. >> sean: unreasonable search and seizure. >> there something else, a number of sources i've spoken to about this, none of us have access to those transcripts, those are highly classified. what we do know is what they told us. they have nothing to do with russia apparently and apparently there was no foreign intelligence value according to people who have had access to this. then they have to ask that question and they have to answer those questions. why were they looking at these transcripts? >> sean: it you know what you are describing? maybe if they technically shifted the law without anybody paying attention, they seem to be using under the guise of
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national security and legitimate surveillance, an opportunity to do something worse than watergate which is to spy on a presidential candidate -- opposition party -- and an incoming president. and his transition team. that's what it looks like to me. does that look that way to you, sara? >> yeah, i think they need to ask those questions. the house intelligence committee and the senate intelligence committee and certainly in the leaking of michael flynn's name, there needs to be a full investigation where people can be subpoenaed and a grand jury can be called. >> sean: and russia had nothing to do with it and this conspiracy is a lie. true or false? >> we don't know everything yet, sean. what we do know is as soon as we keep peeling at this layer of this onion back, we will get more and more answers. >> sean: we know there is no evidence of any collision. >> we definitely know the only evidence out there is that
7:20 pm
somebody leaked very classified information, and american name regarding a classified transcript. that was the law that was broken. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. coming up, senator ted cruz goes on the attack against democrats who are intent on holding up the vote against judge gorsuch and filibustering which is unprecedented historically. he will join us next. >> they are sticking to what i think is an unconstitutional and un-american policy and trying to intimidate us and into what i think it's fugitive slave catchers. >> sean: wow. the mayor of newark, new jersey, accusing the trump a administration of trying to turn sanctuary cities into fugitive slave catchers. geraldo rivera and david clarke will debate that issue and much more as we continue on this busy newsnight uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. president trump: russian president vladimir putin to offer his condolences in the wake of a deadly subway bombing. a man with suspected ties to isis blew himself up at a st. petersburg metro station. it is believed he left another device nearby but it was disabled by police. the death toll rising following violent storms in the south. a south carolina man died after his mobile home was toppled by heavy winds. the severe weather is also blamed for two deaths in mississippi and another two deaths in louisiana. the u.s. house taking action against north korea, the lawmakers voting to condemn north korea's long-range to ballistic missile test. the house also clearing a measure for having north korea be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism. now, back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to
7:26 pm
"hannity." mitch mcconnell said that judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week but many senate democrats are vowing to block this from happening by any means necessary. this can lead to very bitter and unprecedented confirmations showdown. that's tonight's mini monologue. way back in 2013 when democrats were out of control of the senate, then senate majority leader harry reid changed long-standing senate presidents and eliminated the 60 vote threshold that is needed for the confirmation of obama nominees. for three years after that, many senate democrats argued that this precedent of an up or down vote should be applied to all appointments including obama's supreme court nomination of merrick garland. you may remember this. >> we would much prefer the risk of up or down votes in majority rule than the risk of continued total obstruction. that is the bottom line. no matter who is in power.
7:27 pm
>> we need to co-opt these filibusters for what they are. make it attempt to nullify the results of the last presidentia. if republicans continue to filibuster these highly qualified nominees for no reason other than to nullify the president constitutional authority, then senators not only have the right to change the filibuster rule, senators have a duty to change the filibuster rule. >> we should be giving this person a hearing in a up or down vote. to not do so is violative of the u.s. constitution. >> sean: while a confirmation of judge neil gorsuch hating's in the balance, the hypocrisy of senate democrats is on full display. listen to what chuckie schumer had to say last month. >> i've concluded that i cannot support judge neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. his nomination will have a
7:28 pm
culture vote. he will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. my vote will be no and i urge my colleagues to do the same. to my republican friends who think that if judge gorsuch fails to reach 60 votes we ought to change the rules, i saved this nominee cannot earn 60 votes, a bar met by each president obama's nominees and george bush's last two nomineese answer isn't to change the rule rules. it's to change the nominee. >> sean: this obstruction comes on the heels of a on performance where democrats tried and failed to smear president trumps pic. the last option of obstruction that is available, the filibuster. only four democrats are promising to oppose the
7:29 pm
filibuster and that means that such a filibuster is highly possible and republicans will be left with one option. to invoke the nuclear option or the constitutional option and extend harry reid's 50 vote threshold for the first time ever to a supreme court nominee. joining us now, ted cruz. senator, the real a president -- the real lack of precedents here -- it's never happened before in over 200 years. a partisan democratic party that will not allow an up or down vote because they know they will lose. so, what do you think happens question marks become sean, you are exactly right. you played some of those early clips talking about an up or down vote on supreme court justices. they were very persuasive. we are going to have an up or down vote about judge gorsuch and he will be confirmed at the next associate justice of the supreme court. that really is a victory for the american people. this last election as you know was in many ways a referendum on
7:30 pm
what sort of justice would replace justice antonin scalia. hillary promised a liberal activist and trump promised a constitutionalist. >> sean: it is funny how schumer tries to shift the blame to the republicans when he is doing something that has never happened. and that is he is filibustering an up or down vote. it's really him that is doing it. let's move on. i know you have been very active and very supportive coming up with creative solutions and a meeting with a lot of people as it relates to health care. from my perspective, getting it right is far more important than any artificial timetable. what do you see happening in the process right now? >> you are exactly right. when it comes to repealing obamacare, failure is not an option. six years, republicans have been promising the american people, if you elect us we will get this done. we have got to get the job done.
7:31 pm
it took obama 14 months to pass obamacare. the house bill, was on the floor just 18 days. 18 days was not long enough. we can get this done in a way that actually fixes the problem. if you look at the members on both sides within the party, virtually every moment night and day meeting with house members,e administration trying to get people to yes. people want to get to yes. conservatives, moderates, we can get this done. the central test for success is going to be whether we drive down the cost of premiums. we have to make health insurance more affordable so people can afford to get care for the families. if we do that, we will have succeeded. if we don't, we will have failed. >> sean: is about two simple things. no one cares about reconciliation. what they care about us
7:32 pm
health care. people know they can get everything they want, right? >> that's exactly right. the players want to get to yes. if we set our goal, how do you lower health insurance premiums? there are a lot of tools and we know what those tools are. the most important is addressing the obamacare insurance mandates. under obamacare, there are dozen mandates that are the prime drivers for premium skyrockets. house bill just repealed two of those 12. at ten of the 12 obamacare mandates are in place. that doesn't make any sense because it makes health care unaffordable. there are other tools we have. people being able to purchase across state lines, health plans. letting people p premiums from health savings account. all of those are consensus ideas that bring together moderates, conservatives, and that's exactly right.
7:33 pm
>> that's what the president promised. what i've been hearing is that you and the president to have getting along very well. two ted cruz bills were signed into law by the president. tell us about the relationship. >> well, the president and i were talking frequently. we are meeting frequently and i'm doing everything i can to help lead the fight for president trump and all of us in congress to deliver on the promises we made. to the american people. we have a historic opportunity. in 2017 we are poised to do for big things. to repeal obamacare, past fundamental tax reform, see regulatory reform and select a conservative to the supreme court. 2017 was a blockbuster year. i'm spending my time rolling up my sleeves try to get the job done you are right, president trump signed two bills i authored.
7:34 pm
it puts our space program on a strong and growing platform going forward and number two, a bill that enable states to require drug testing for unemployment benefits. both are very important and major victories for the state of texas. >> sean: this is an important time for the country and is so much and hangs in the balance. we have to stop this precipitous decline. thank you for the work you are doing. great to have your back. good to see you, sir. >> sean: the trump administration is trying to make sanctuary cities into "fugitive slave catchers." a shoot-out coming up next, the head of the dnc unloads, tom perez says republicans do not give a [bleep] [bleep] about a people. michael cohen and elder will weigh in on that and more on this busy news night
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7:39 pm
to intimidate us into being what i've called fugitive slave catchers. that run around and do their bidding in our cities. >> sean: really? here with us, david clarke. fox news correspondence correst geraldo rivera. he doesn't get to decide what is american and to use the slave analogy, really? >> fugitive slave catcher, it's a catchy line, it's inflammatory, you are actually right. it is sheer political rhetoric. it shows the depth of the emotion of this issue. in big cities where you have high minority concentration and it cities like newark where you have many undocumented immigrants living peacefully and neighborly. >> sean: nobody's talking about them. what the president is looking to do is to get criminal aliens --
7:40 pm
how many mothers and fathers have you interviewed over the years that lost their kids to criminal aliens in the system? >> not nearly as many as there is one undocumented immigrant, usually a parent, either naturalized or born, the children born in this country, i want the president of the united states to not go the way in terms that rhetoric. i want the president to succeed. we are friends and we love the guy, he's got to lower the temperature across the board. >> sean: you even have admitted he has. >> i want him in this one area to cool it. we don't need aggressive activity in courthouses. >> sean: sheriff, i interviewed a father and here was a guy that killed his son,
7:41 pm
working overnight at a convenience store. he couldn't get the cigarettes fast enough for this guy. he had been convicted. he'd kidnapped and speenine a woman and held her for a week against her will and now that man's 20 were on is dead. >> geraldo, shame on you. you know what responsible rhetoric is. what he said is lunacy. i've heard a lot of stupid things said but that was the mayor of new york, comparing fugitive slaves to illegal aliens. that's a gold standard of stupidity. i wish we could go back in time into talk to dred scott, talk to not turn her, talk to frederick douglass and asked them if it's the same thing to say a slave, someone taken against their will and returned back to a slave master is the same as te
7:42 pm
obligation to enforce our immigration laws. count on the left to talk crazy, to talk outrageous, to try to add fuel to this thing. that's not what is going on. everybody knows it but there are other things to say so they have to talk stupid. >> sheriff, i respect you deepl deeply. but i submit that if you are a member of a family that was being broken up because the one undocumented immigrant parent, usually the dad is being arrested and the breadwinner is being stripped away, the difference between that family and how the fugitive slaves family felt are very similar. let me add this fact, mayor bill de blasio, new york city has over a million undocumented immigrants. for the last three months it has been the safest three months in the history of new york city. with 1 million plus undocumented immigrants paid when you talk
7:43 pm
about the anecdotes of this illegal alien committed this awful crime and doesn't that make them all bad? you overlooked the reality that in terms of law enforcement, and cities like new york, this is not -- >> sean: let me give you one statistic. i sat through a security briefing in texas, illegal immigrants, including rape and murder, they committed thousands of crimes. why should they be the victims of these crimes customer >> i know than i am at odds with many people watching right now. god bless you, i know we have different points of view than i do. every study i've seen and i would hold out for any other study. every study i've seen says specifically that undocumented immigrants commit -- >> sean: that's not true.
7:44 pm
36% of federal sentencing were illegal immigrants. >> first of all, slaves were considered property. they weren't even considered humans. illegal immigrants are given due process. slaves were not given due process. slaves were hung, beaten, when they were caught. that's not what is happening with the illegal aliens. they are being returned is that country of origin. to say that a slave is an illegal immigrant -- >> i am not saying that. may i submit also that the mayor is an african-american and an african-american city. >> no excuse for talking stupid. >> sean: coming up, celebrity snowflakes continued to spiral out of control. plus, the new head of the dnc caught on tape saying republicans don't give a [bleep] about people. the disgusting language of the left seems to know no bounds. as "hannity" continues on this
7:45 pm
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come back to "hannity," it has been a little over a month since tom perez took the reins of the democratic national committee but the newly elected dnc chair already looks like he's becoming unhinged.
7:49 pm
watch this moment of clarity. >> donald trump once his name on everything. when it comes to health care -- he wants from care, so what we call it? i will tell you my idea, it's called i don't care. he doesn't give a [bleep] about people. >> sean: is that like michelle obama, you go low, we go high? larry elder and personal attorney to president trump, michael cohen. welcome back. what you make of just of that? he's unhinged and clearly the snowflakes cannot stop. it's like they can't get over they lost. >> they have the right to stay whatever they want. freedom of speech. the republicans do it. the democrats are going to do it. the level of disrespect towards
7:50 pm
the president knows no boundaries. and their attacks upon the president and the entire administration is so bad phyllis country. it's not just bad frets nationally but internationally as well. it makes us look weak and disorganized and chaotic and it is wrong. >> sean: let me go to larry. let's look at the "l.a. times" for example. the editorial board put out an op ed, our dishonest president. you've got chelsea handler in a speech saturday calling the president a blank loser. then you've got that slob michael moore and he saying trump made a declaration of war against the actual planet. the planet? the planet? >> where do you start? sean, consider that perez was -- keith ellison was even more over
7:51 pm
the top. regarding chelsea handler, she's a comedian. what about harry reid referring to george w. bush as a loser and a liar? week after week after week we were told lie after lie after lie, ted kennedy saying that. george w. bush lied into the iraq war. we have serious people on the left making very serious allegations. we don't need to go to comedians to find trump derangement syndrome. >> sean: you are right about every observation we are you ag making. but if i used the same incident terry language, somehow i don't think it would become -- >> he would be off the show. that is certainly for sure. the level of disrespect -- >> sean: i would hire you as my lawyer. you'd keep me in. >> i would try.
7:52 pm
at the level of this respect is just outstanding right now but this leave wow liberal media. he is the 45th president of the united states of america. they lost the election, allowed him the opportunity to succeed as a president. if he succeeds, we all succeed as a country. it's almost as if they want to see the country fall so that in four years they can say look, he didn't do what he said. it is a defeating personality trait. >> sean: let me go to tina fey. she is at and aclu fundraiser, larry. i will follow up and article by robert redford, the way we were. there's a certain level of arrogant condescension here towards the people that actually voted for the president. watch this. >> a lot of the selection was turned by the white college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about the selection
7:53 pm
this election and go back to watching hdtv. but it's like you can't look away. it's not going to offend mike affect you. >> sean: white college-educated women should go back to watching hdtv. they aren't as smart as her? >> trump got a smaller percentage of the white vote than mitt romney did. it would have taken quite some cashews to -- promoting trump. white chained white voters. >> sean: the truth is again in danger, maybe he doesn't realize he was acting? >> who cares what these celebrities -- these movie stars or comedians have to say. it's freedom of speech, let them say whatever they want. the big problem is that the media again, i'm talking about
7:54 pm
this liberal mainstream media, they are applauding the disrespect and they just keep playing it over and over, the neck celebrity wants to become relevant so what does he do? he jumps onto the bandwagon of stupidity. it >> sean: they ratchet it up. >> sean, real quickly, how ironic is it that robert redford was in a movie about truth about a lie about what dan rather did? >> sean: i tried to watch it but i fell asleep. we need your help, a very important question of the day and the mean, horrible voice mails you left for me on the "hannity" hotline. straight ahead. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether,
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come close, come close. i like that. [ all sounds come to a crashing halt ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. >> sean: time for the question of the day. it's simple. should george neil gorsuch get the up or down vote? democrats didn't want an up or down vote.
7:59 pm
unprecedented, a filibuster of a supreme court nominee beyond qualified. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. time for your messages. >> i think you've got the best show on television. fooled you. i knew that was the only way i could get on. you stink. wrap it up. you are horrible. >> you are a good man, a good conservative. please stop throwing that nerf football around. >> sean: if i throw a real football, i break the lights and every time i break the lights, our lighting guy gets mad and i had to fix it. this is the only one i am legally allowed to have in studio, or i get fined. that's why. we have fun anyway. have something to say? call the number on your screen. 877-225-8587.
8:00 pm
that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. we will see you back here with more explosive details on surveillance, unmasking, and leaking intelligence. this is huge. see you tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. a >> wanted nominee doesn't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules. you should change the nominee. it's the one that will not happen, and it should not happen. hatred is dominating congress, and that will hurt all of us. "talking points" will deal with it. >> i want you to know we are fighting the fake news. it's fake, phony, fake. >> bill: explosive new report says obama confidant susan rice was involved in the surveillance controversy of the trump campaign. if true, that's huge. >> why is columbia so liberal? >> i don