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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we are definitely looking outam for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," broadcasting live froo a new studio paid for by you, cable subscription viewers. fitting because today we saw perhaps the biggest twist yet in the serpentine story of president trump and the alleged surveillance of him and his staff by the obamarh administration. multiple news outlets reported that president obama's national security advisor susanl rice personally and repeatedly ordered the unmasking of trump associates whose comedic occasions with foreigners were monitored by the u.s. government.
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now, let's get to the guts of this developing story. we will go to adam housley who has been on it all day. >> multiple sources are telling fox news that susan rice requested the unmasking of trump transition officials. associated with donald trump were then sent to dio g, james clapper, john brennan, basically the people at the top including ben rhodes. these names are part of incidental electronic communications, for up to a year we are told before he took office. the names of americans are instantly collected but are supposed to be masked. meaning the names are redacted from reports whether it's international or domestic collection unless it's an issue of national security crime orco their security is threatened in any way.y. americans are supposed be protected from this incidental collection. we are also told that house intelligence chairman devin
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nunes knew about unmasking and leaking back in january while before his tweet in march alleging the wiretapping, our sources say the intelligence agencies slow rolled nunes, you could've seen it besides the white house. but it'd already been a few weeks so he went to the white house so he could be protected there.a he could get to the logs. tucker, as you can tell, there is a lot here. we believe there's a lot more coming and it's already changed a lot since we broke part of the story back on friday. >> tucker: amazing and it's moving fast. for months, our press and government told us to fear russia. we are supposed to be upset about it. and afraid. okay, russia is bad but we've learned something worse and far scarier. our own government has violated the civil liberties in ways that would've been unimaginable even ten years ago. no one in washington seems especially shocked or upset about it.
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considering what we just learned about national security advisor under barack obama susan rice. rice went on television andd lied. she said she knew nothing about the intelligence collection on donald trump and his associates. she knew quite a bit about it as it turns out. she participated in the monitoring of the trump campaign and transition. many of the communications she and the obama administration monitored were unrelated in the investigation into russia. an investigation that is as of today the only excuse offered for the monitoring. what exactly were the obama's doing spying on the trump people? monitoring the conversations of your political opponents and trampling measures to protect their identities is notpl incidental collection.
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it is spying. we are told of her behavior probably wasn't illegal in fact, nor is the surveillance that preceded it. u.s. laws gives tremendous latitude to surveilled americans. officials their claim to see that information and pass it along to other forms of government. that supposed to reassure all of us that it doesn't because what it means is that our law provides no protection for u.s. citizens were being spied upon for political reasons by their own government. worse, it actually happens. in fact it just happened and that is the scandal here. not everyone agrees though. seems to be an outrage to some but not to others. foreign policy advisor duringg the 2008 barack obama presidency, let's begin at the susan rice story. very telling, she was going on television just recently and lied to him right into the camera saying she knew nothing about it.. why would she lie? >> i don't know why she would lie it we don't know what that she lied but maybe what she was asked to talk about was classified. i think it's helpful to your audience to break down in phases what happened here and look atak the legality of each thing.
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there was surveillance ofat russian agents, that's okay and that is with the u.s. is supposed to do. surveilled russia, they surveilled us among we try to get information about them and they try to get information about there were certain u.s. citizens caught up in that surveillance. incidental collection of their conversations or discussions about them. that includes some trump campaign officials. that's okay too. that's going to happen. they are supposed to remain masked. in this case, they were unmasked and we know from the story today that susan rice requested the unmasking of some of them. you have to look at what are the criteria for unmasking? there are two basic criteria. one, you need to know the name of the u.s. citizen in order toi understand the intelligence or two, does the intelligence suggest that the u.s. citizen may be involved in some criminal activity? we know now from director comey of the fbi that there is an
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ongoing criminal investigation of the trump campaign and the potential cooperation between trump officials and russia. there could be a very good reason for this unmasking. >> tucker: there might be. is there a good reason for the spying that had nothing to do with the russia investigation? it encompassed a lot of surveillance of trump and his associates. what could possibly be the justification of that? >> we don't know that. that hasn't come out. >> tucker: fox news is reporting that. a lot of this material had nothing at all to do with that russia investigation. again, in the middle of a presidential campaign, when you have one party which is seeking to defeat another party -- for the party in power to use the capacity against the other party seems way out of balance, legal
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or not. >> tucker, we have to look at each surveillance in the communications that happened in that surveillance. it didn't just happen with russia. it happened with agents of other countries as well. a lot of countries have agents here. a there are lots of conversations that could've been surveilled. trump campaign officials could have been caught up in that too paired with a look to look at each incident.>> >> tucker: it's not simply about the unmasking. it's the fact of the spying, that during a presidential campaign, the obama administration was spying onre e people around donald trump. again, we are reporting today that it's not all about russia. i'm not saying not the legal questions, everything is legal in washington as you know. everything. and it's illegal, fine. is it ethical? would you want that to happen to you? >> i don't agree with the premise that the obama administration was spying on the trump campaign. this was normal surveillance that goes on. the surveillance started under the bush administration.
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president bush -- >> tucker: what you are saying is that under the trump administration, -- we find out virtually every person in congress spies on foreign officials all thee time. we are going to spy on the government officials with whom we know chuck schumer speaks and oh, my gosh, we just collected confidential information on chuck schumer. we are going to pack it up to various intelligence agencies t and leaked out to the press. >> you are putting it backwards. we are surveilling foreigno agents of foreign countries, especially foreign countries that happen to be enemies of the u.s. if someone like chuck schumer happens to talk to those people, that information is going to be collected. unless chuck schumer is engaging in improper activities or we suspect him to be involved in criminal activity, his name should remain masked unless we have to know his name to understand the intelligence. there were lots of conversations that were surveilled that involved trump campaign
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officials that were not unmasked but certain ones were unmasked. >> tucker: i've heard this explanation from the very beginning. this is what we do, it's totally cool. wouldn't you want someone -- someone inside the obama white house, susan rice, to say wait a second, this guy is running a campaign, a republican for president. maybe we should pull back. it is being reported tonight byi sara carter at circa that her interest in the surveillance began in july when he got the nomination. that looks political to me. >> you are insinuating that's why susan rice did this. >> tucker: why would you be unmasking the names of people in the campaign against her preferred candidate? >> we know russia was engaging in hacking in the u.s., interfering with the election.
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all 17 of our intelligence agencies have said -- >> tucker: wait, stop. you brought this up and you act as if we all know this. i don't think we all do know this, actually. for all the evidence that has been thrown out there, all the leaking, the underlying evidence of the alleged crimes, they are being close held by the obama people. i can't discuss the underlying evidence. why is that?t? what is this underlying evidence we all assume exist? >> no official with classified information can discuss that. >> tucker: tell that to mike flynn. >> if you want to talk about mike flynn, mike flynn lied to vice president pence about the nature of conversations with -- >> tucker: if you lied to mike pence then you can reveal evidence? >> people were unmasked, it was
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leaked. the fact that that was leaked, w that is improper. i agree with you. that those who would leak information probably broke the law. they should be investigated too. >> tucker: what is this about? we all assume that it we know russia hacked the election. i am just asking you why it's not one person, not one, every single night -- characterized what exactly that means? i'm getting very frustrated. i don't know what it means to hack in election. i do know what they did that they would constitute spying ont the trump campaign. >> they leaked those dnc emails out to impact the election. >> tucker: why won't all of our intelligence agencies -- >> director comey has said that. >> tucker: actually you can answer this question. i asked the ranking democrat adam schiff of burbank,
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california, can you look me straight in the face and say you have evidence that the russian government hacked john podesta or the dnc and he declined to do that. i just want to know unless you and i have to go on faith, we have to trust politicians in a political system on faith, why don't we get some evidence that any of this actually happened? why do we have to nod and say yeah, where's the evidence? >> i don't know why he would tell you that, maybe because the information he knew was classified but all of our intelligence agencies have reported that russia did hack into the dnc emails. if you talk to dnc officials, they will also tell you that within a few days after theirr emails had been hacked they knew it was russia. agents of the russian government. if you don't care about facts -- >> tucker: i care enough to ask real questions because i have learned in 30 years here don't take it on faith, get the
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facts. i am waiting for a single fact. just one from any of these fabled 17 intelligence agencies. maybe the coast guard can givewa me this one scintilla of evidence that the russian government of vladimir putin broke into johnn podesta's emails. for the expressed purpose of -- >> we need a special commission to investigate a neutral, fair commission. why wouldn't you agree with that? don't you believe this is important? i know you don't get happened but -- >> tucker: i am merely saying if we are going to destroy the lives of people and surveilled american citizens, we are going to break the basic bond oftr trust, watching me without my knowledge. because we need to get to the bottom of this russian thing. i'm asking for one person to give me one piece of evidence that this russia thing actually happened.e and nobody will. that's very telling, don't you think? >> the evidence is coming out.
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>> tucker: the two intel committees haven't come out with any of the stuff. we are still waiting. >> last week that he has reviewed a lot of information, it gives him a great concern, he thinks it's the most important thing he has ever worked on. >> tucker: i'm he believes that. >> he's a republican. >> tucker: i'm not slacking on the republicans. i want facts. >> let me tell you what an republican said -- senator mccain, a republican said we need a special commission to investigate this. >> tucker: i am glad senator mccain feels that way. >> you are a great journalist, you are asking the right questions. you're skeptical that you would recognize that -- it's important enough that we should investigate it. >> tucker: if john mccain says that we all have to nod and say yes. i
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all i'm asking for is one core piece of evidence. justifying on american citizens. i think as a liberal you would say hey, man, i am concerned about spying in america. >> no one denies that a crimeld occurred. russia hacked into dnc's emails. that's a crime. hacking is a crime. we also know they were engagedke in other activities in hacking our election. >> tucker: give me some evidence. or stop talking. that's my view. we will have more on this developing story a little later on the show. the union fighting for $15 minimum wage teaming up now with black lives matters. low wages are not just bad but they are racist? we will talk about what thatli means exactly. tina fey shaming white college-educated women for voting trump. the weird story contest ahead. f
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>> tucker: much like bad superhero comics, politics is prone to ill-advised crossovers. the fight for 15 minimum wage movement is moving up with the movement black lives matter, protests across the country -- fight racism, raise pay. will the connection empower both movements or merely shackle them together?
9:20 pm
joining us tonight from memphis, thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having us. on the night of the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s assassination. we're going to -- lift and highlight the economic and refill indexes here. >> tucker: that's right, april 4th. >> absolutely, the same way i we will link these two movements up and highlight all the things that we've been doing in this country for the 20 million workers who haven't received ito wage increases. >> tucker: that's interesting, i am always for higher wages. i'm not even here to make a case against raising the minimum wage. i'm just surprised by your position on immigration. that's what really shocked me. fight racism and raise payroll rallying, immigrant rights. trump's immigration ban. given there's a lot of economic data that shows conclusively that large-scale low-wage immigration lowers wages for american workers, how in the
9:21 pm
world did you wind up advocating for immigration rights? what does that have to do with wages?dv >> here's the real reality, when you're talking about racial andd economic justice, you have to remember what martin luther king said. what's the use of being at theu counter if you can't afford the burger? there's 64 million workers making less than $15 an hour, overwhelmingly they are black and brown people. with low-wage jobs.d 60% of latinos make less than $15 an hour. all records in this country, whether they are latino, black, white, woman or man, making a livable wage, we won't be able to get the economic engine of this country going and that's why states like texas and north carolina and hawaii and chicago and illinois, so on and
9:22 pm
so forth are in the process of trying to raise wages for $15. there's not a single city in this country where you can live for less than $15 an hour. >> tucker: i'm not disagreeing with you. let me re-ask my question. there was a harvard study showing low skilled immigration, legal or illegal lowered wages for american workers by about $402 billion a year. if you have a lot of people willing to work for less, wages do not go up. they go down. and yet that's an obvious point. i think you know it since you represent a labor union but you are taking the chamber of commerce position. because it saves on labor. it's kind of a weird position for you to be taking, do you understand my question? >> clearly, what i'm saying isis that the actual issue that your viewers want to know about is the $150 billion a year that your viewers are paying in order to subsidize companies like mcdonald's and companies like walmart.
9:23 pm
>> tucker: that's true. >> because their workers live in poverty. they live in poverty so they are on public assistance. your viewers are footing thehe bill while mcdonald's makes off with -- $5 billion a year. >> tucker: i agree with you on that, kendall. i will ask you third time. how does it make it better to bring in people from third world countries who are willing to work for much less? they will always keep wages down.. you need to understand this, they were against widescale immigration because it hurt their own members. why aren't you against it? you're not really serving your members on this. >> the workers that are in this country are already occupying these jobs. they are working in these fast food restaurants and home care. a they are already here and occupying the jobs. the real problem with wages in this country and it jobs is companies like mcdonald's that are suppressing wages so people can't actually figure out a way to get a leg up. >> tucker: i am trying, with
9:24 pm
the whole supply and demand. let me ask you this. >> i understand your question but what i am saying is these workers are already here in this country. what's happening as these immigrant workers are actually -- companies or try to pay them under the table. >> tucker: in states like arizona for example when the states are enforcing the law that saying only legal people here can work, it had a rising effect on low end wages because there were fewer people undercutting the value of labor. you don't get it obviously for whatever reason, let me ask a question. you make $150,000 a year. i looked up that stat, how do you do that? how do you do that at such a young age, do you have any tips for people? that's ten times what the average minimum wage worker makes a year. t >> we can talk about how much i make. that's public information but the real question is --
9:25 pm
>> tucker: how do you do that? >> i am organizing and i am the organizing director for the "fight for 15." it has been responsible for $62 billion in wage increases. >> tucker: you are doing this -- you are not answering my question. how old are you? >> it's about what the actual point is. you want to talk about my salary but -- my salary is public information, tucker. what you have to say about the 22 million workers that have not been able to receive a wage increase? mothers who have been able to have thanksgiving for the first time. we would rather have a conversation about my salary. >> tucker: i spent a lot of time on my show talking about ways to make wages higher.
9:26 pm
i want to talk about transgender bathrooms. i am merely asking how to make $150,000 a year when you are fighting for minimum wage? do you have tips for other people who don't make much? you should write a book about it. >> i don't mind passing it on but what your viewers really b care about -- 46% of the workers in this country make less than $15 an hour. while they are on public assistance and can feed their kids -- >> tucker: o i agree. it's not interesting but i understand. thank you for joining us. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: president trump has been in office so briefly that inauguration party leftovers were edible until the other day. despite that, juan says the president's chances of being l impeached are very high. how exactly that will work? with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,...
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various: (shouting) heigh! ho! ( ♪ ) it's off to work we go! woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here. >> tucker: juan williams, fox news political analyst was just talking to be off camera. he just wrote an article that said the chances president trump leaves office prematurely through impeachment or resignation keep going up. republicans are in no hurry to give backing -- we colluded with russia, supposedly increases every day. williams also boldly said democrats have made themselves look apolitical in recent months
9:31 pm
which presumably will give them more authority if they actually attempt to impeach trump. you have to redirect this for an estimate. juan joins us now. he has been there like 20 minutes and already you are impeaching him. when are you guys voting? >> i am not impeaching him, i'm just telling you though that from the political point of view, if you look at the poll numbers right now, there was a really interesting poll that said if people believe russia was involved in colluding with the trump campaign, about half of them say trump should be resigned or impeached. the second was oh, guess what? 44% believe russia was involved. these people are ready for resignation, impeachment, whatever. as you know, the most recent poll numbers have more than 50% disapproval. >> tucker: that's based on a hypothetical question. if trump turns out to be responsible for sinking the lusitania think he would impeached as well. when it comes to trump, polls a
9:32 pm
notch is wrong but unbelievably wrong. spectacularly wrong. >> up to a point. they can be spectacularly wrong in figuring out the depth of his support but look at the reality on the ground. from the republican side, i think that's really where you have to focus. it's not that democrats have the power, when you start looking at republicans like freedom caucus movement moving away, this guy can't punish me in my district, that tells you something about what the polls are showing in those districts. >> tucker: the truth as you know is that trump is not a conventional republican at all. his views are not aligned with those of a lot of republicans but the question is who represents more actual voters? donald trump or an individual member of congress? it's not even close. do they have the power to destroy the trump presidency? >> here's the thing, a lot of republicans fear they will be
9:33 pm
maligned as having undercut the trump presidency if they give in to anything looks like you know, we think there's a serious problem here with russia. they are reluctant to do that because they don't want anyone to say you are the traitor who turned on the man we elected president as you pointed out, he's got nationwide support. but right now, they are also very much in touch with the idea that flynn is asking for immunity, carter page, roger stone, i'm going to come testify, they are very aware that the tide may be shifting and they don't want to get caught in the under draft and pushed out and have the republican brand damaged by the trump presidency. >> tucker: on the one side, yet the allegation that trump coordinated with the russian government. precisely no evidence at all. not one scintilla of evidence. you have trump's claim that he was surveilled by the obama administration. there is actual evidence that
9:34 pm
there was in fact surveillance of trump and his associates in the transition and now -- >> of trump? >> tucker: today, it was reported that trump and people in his orbit were caught up in a -- >> that's an important distinction to make for the audience. that they are caught up as the u.s. government was legitimately and illegally pursuing surveillance of russians. >> tucker: why are we of a sudden this was legitimate and legal? because everything is legal, the government does? nobody ever does anything -- >> i don't know what she did was illegal but i will say this, when you have the fbi director come before the congress and say i am involved in an investigation and say there's no evidence president obama ever wiretapped or surveilled donald trump, i think to myself,
9:35 pm
well, if this was illegal activity, he certainly would point that out. >> tucker: maybe he wouldn't. because i think the fbi director's public behavior is bizarre. i think anybody watching, it was revealing -- the whole thing is bizarre. don't you think someone in the white house unmasked the names would have said hey, susan rice, maybe we should not do that? >> wait a second, remember, if this is true that she unmasked the names, there are legitimate reasons she wants to know who the russians are talking about or too. in order to determine what is going on. in fact, the national security interest of the united states. she was a legitimate -- >> tucker: there might have also been illegitimate reasons. >> i can see you like the conspiracy theory. if she did something wrong, there's no -- proof that it was illegal. >> tucker: up next, the rockville illegal immigrant rape case was already bad but we will
9:36 pm
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums >> tucker: the alleged rape in rockville, maryland, by two illegal immigrants continues to defy expectations by becoming more appalling every day. effectively a sanctuary county and has hired an immigration lawyer who for $575 an hour provides the county services in connection with immigration matters. that attorney previously served on the board of casa de maryland, which helps illegal immigrants avoid deportation. thank you for coming on. they are paying this guy $575 an hour. that's $23,000 a week, $1.2 million a year. that's an incredibly high wage.
9:41 pm
what is he doing? >> the political apparatus in montgomery county to some extent is linked in with casa de maryland. it feeds into the democraticit party. immigration services for obama. he used the rubber stamp on vacations, leon rodriguez, ramrod rodriguez -- basically everybody got a trophy. and nothing to worry about. what's to stop immigration and effectively obstruct justice. you're not going to get any money so get back on the federal payroll -- >> tucker: does this make the schools better does this improve the quality of education? >> it does nothing but few will the democratic party's political
9:42 pm
base. this is what they are simply trying to do. it's total corruption, greasing the palms, inside dealing, perez was part of this whole operation too in casa de maryland. these local levels, these democratic party operations, montgomery county's counsel gives money to casa de maryland. it's all self-dealing cozy insider stuff. i lived there, i am tired of paying -- i don't want my tax money going towards someone who wants to fight immigration enforcement. what trump needs to do it's not fight to take away their money. he needs to flood the zone and get i.c.e. ramped up in these sanctuary jurisdictions and really start enforcing immigration laws for these jurisd they are part of the united states anymore. >> tucker: this is a school district. they called the find out what
9:43 pm
does this guy do? this ridiculous wage, what is he doing? >> he is retained by the county. >> tucker: he couldn't get anyone to answer. >> first of all, the maryland legislature wants to pass a so-called trust act whichgi is more obstructionist on immigration enforcement than even the montgomery county council's -- he's also there to help the county if they want to sue on trump's executive orders, to sue jeff sessions if he takes away sanctuary money, this is a moore, tucker, it's a war, a conflict of vision between americans believe the rule of law should prevail. and a corrupted political party that now believes the rule of law no longer matters in the context of immigration law enforcement. these divides are going to tear this country apart unless we come to some reconciliation. you can't break the immigrationu law and expect to stay but that's exactly what thee montgomery county council is saying unless you are a serial rapist or something. >> tucker: thanks for coming
9:44 pm
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>> tucker: we have a new set, new graphics and music. we will try a new segment tonight, it's called "top this." each panelist gets to tell whether he or she thinks is the most outlandish story of the day after each has made their case, one will be crowned the victor. first contestants tonight, welcome to you both.
9:49 pm
you are first. there's a lot of nuttiness going on right now. you isolate what you think is the nuttiest of all. >> the comedian extraordinaire, tina fey, hates women like me. meaning the 44% of white college-educated women who supported donald trump this november. because apparently, you are ill-informed and watch way too much hdtv, i happen to like hdtv but that -- >> tucker: [laughs] you're not alone. >> that doesn't mean i also don't stay in tune with what is happening politically. there's no jobs for a lot of people out there. >> tucker: she saying you are the reason trump was elected. >> you need to hold the edges, that sort of like a lot of the
9:50 pm
election was turned by white college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about the selection and go back to watching hdtv. i do want to urge them to be like you can't look away. this isn't going to affect you this minute but it will eventually. >> tucker: be as concerned as tina fey. i don't know if you are as good a person is tina fey. what's most outrageous thing? >> do you like bill nye the science guy? >> tucker: i know bill nye the science guy. >> do you like him? here's the thing, but people don't realize is there's going to be this march on science much like the march for women -- the march for science, and of course, who do you want to lead the march for science? bill nye, the science guy? >> tucker: who is not actually a science guy. >> he's an engineer, he's not really a science guy but apparently the folks that are organizing this march got in a little bit of a kerfuffle because they were concerned they
9:51 pm
were projecting the image of a stereotype, only scientists -- the only one that are out there are white guys. o what do they do? they are going to bring in two other women of color to flank the nonscience bill nye the science guy. the concern here as a democrat is we need to pick our battles. what kind of image we are portraying, if you really care about advancing the agenda of science, why don't you get the real scientists, bring them to capitol hill and testify instead of having a march? come on. >> tucker: people who don't believe in sonograms are lecturing me on science, that's one thing. don't put in bill nye. >> should that be something you're concerned about? if you don't have a scientist to lead the science march? >> tucker: what they are really saying is they hate white men more than they hate global warming. >> you will be the judge, tucker. >> tucker: both of you i will
9:52 pm
say have very strong entries tonight. i think your story proves the point that tina fey is a much better, more caring and more decent person than you will ever be. genuflect before her.. that's of course annoying as hell. and those marching for science don't know what it is. yours is slightly more annoying. we don't have a prize yet. >> i don't like to be a loser, tucker. >> tucker: there may be better to lose. it was great to see you both. thank you for kicking off this feature. coming up next, "the washington post" is a self-appointed champion in the fight against fake news. a shame it can't stop itself from publishing fake news.he an amazing example of that, worth staying tuned for. please do. for. please do.
9:53 pm
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>> tucker: perhaps no publication in american media wears its moral superiority more proudly than "the washington post." they are so much better than new. now owned by amazon mobile, earlier this year the paper even give itself a new slogan. "democracy dies in darkness." the slogan immediately implies both that the post represents the forces of light and anyone who doesn't like it is trying to kill america itself. the post has spent a lot of time announcing points of views it disagrees with as fake news. it was hilarious in its unacknowledged irony. written by a reporter, the piece was in attack on a congressman
9:58 pm
in texas, the headline read this way -- "g.o.p. lawmaker, the bible says the unemployed shall not eat." whoa! that stopped people in their tracks. the unemployed don't get to eat? it sounds pretty harsh, did she actually say that? nope, and neither did the bible. the passage that the congressman quoted said that people who are idle who refused to work shall not eat. she quoted it in that context to ask what work requirements would be appropriate for those receiving food stamps. but the post obscured that and ignored it entirely. despite claiming that anyone without a job should starve, the article never quoted him at all. no quotes from him. a full quote would have made it obvious that the story was nonsense, which it was. the post did not even cite the bible verse properly, as it
9:59 pm
happens, maybe not surprisingly, last november the reporter herself appeared any "washington post" video designed to inform the rest of us about fake news and how it tricks all the dumb people into clickingke bogus stories and over-the-top headlines. you can find it online, it is a riot. she spent 82 weeks writing a column on what was fake on the internet this week. [laughs] same reporter. a fitting role for her. she's an expert on fake news because she writes it herself. a lot. that's about it for us tonight, it's our first night on this new set. we hope you liked it. if you didn't, let us know. our new graphics and music, but we are still the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. watch it on dvr. i don't know how to set that up but you can find instructions on the internet. sean hannity is up next, it will be a great show. don't miss we will see you tomorrow at 9:00.
10:00 pm
>> sean: welcome to this busy news night on "hannity." sara carter with circa news, ted cruz, david clarke, larry elder, michael cohen and geraldo rivera. new reports reveal that susan rice was the person who requested that the names of the trump transition team members who were caught up in surveillance be unmasked. she has a lot of explaining to do. that is tonight's very important opening monologue. for weeks right here in this program, we have been demanding answers about who kn


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