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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 7, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and the fallout from the raid overnight in syria. where watching the president's movements in florida and when he pops up, we'll show it to you live. have a great day everybody. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jon: we begin with fox's alert as reaction pours into the commander-in-chief's decision to attack a syrian air base missiles last night. president trump is now sitting down with the president of china and florida, hoping to rein in the nuclear ambitions of north korea. good morning, welcome to happening now, i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas and for jenna lee. u.s. allies are rallying around president trump's decision to launch tomahawk missiles at a syrian air base. the strike was a response to the syrian regime's latest brutal attack on its own people with chemical weapons which left dozens of civilians died, many
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of them young children. >> jon: all of this while we await the vote for judge neil gorsuch edge. republicans changed the rules to confirm with a simple majority. we begin with the chief white house correspondent what john roberts and palm beach were president trump is meeting with president raped and right now. >> the assessment of what happened last night becomes more clear, i'm told by security, sources at the white house that everyone involved between the security or apparatus is externally pleased with how everything came off last night. i'm told the president himself is pleased without the execution and the response to the strike in syria. i white house source told me a
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short time ago that the military performed brilliantly and had 5e tomahawk cruise missiles. there was some concern that maybe the batteries were going to take out some of those muscles, i would like the batteries are quiet last night. what else the white house is really kind of talking about today is this idea that they really had to respond to bosch or al-assad. i'm told at the white house believed that the use of chemical weapons became normalized, it would increase the chances of the united states might become the victim of a chemical weapon attack. listen how the president put it last night. >> even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack.
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no child of god should ever suffer such horror. it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of doubly chemical weapons. >> some members of congress notably virginia's senator, tim kane, criticizing president trump's strike last night. tim kane saying is unlawful, that he should have come to congress first. john mccain has been pushing very hard for action against syria. listen to what he said about it. >> vladimir putin is an old kgb colonel. he is hell-bent on expanding at the old russian empire. when he's faced with reality, because we are a stronger nation
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and a steadfast leadership, he's not going to challenge that. the president of the united states last night showed strength. >> john mccain suggesting that the president sent a very strong message, not just to assad, but also the russian present income vladimir put in as well. i'm told by his sources this morning that despite the public pronouncement of outrage, the response from russia through diplomatic channels have actually been quite muted. all of this such an interesting stage for the big bilateral meetings today between president trump and the chinese president. one of the big issues on the table today is north korea and president trump tried to encourage the chinese to get on board raining in abutting nuclear power of kim jong-un. don't forget the president told the financial times of london a week ago that if china doesn't get on board, the united states will take care of kim jong-un
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itself. i think it's safe to say, he sends a very strong message last night that if there are bad actors in the world, the president is prepared to take action. we'll see if this plays out in this bilateral meeting today. build a strong message for sure. thank you. as john was speaking, we just got some word of military response from the russians. fox news has learned that russian warship, the admiral greg gurevich has entered the mediterranean. it is now heading toward the two u.s. navy destroyers that launched the air strike last night. this is far from saying that there is a military confrontation ahead, maybe it's just an information gathering mission, but for whatever reason, the soviets have decided to send a ship into the same area where the two american destroyers are that launched
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those cruise missile strikes last night on syria. we will keep our eyes on this russian ship as best we can. will let you know more about what's happening. a fox's alert on the other big story we are following this morning. the confirmation for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch edge. we are keeping a close eye on the u.s. senate. his confirmation is all but a done deal now. that vote is not expected within the hour. joining us as iowa senator charles grassley, chairman of the senate judiciary committee. senator, do i have that right? we expect you and your fellow senators to vote within the hour? >> yes, within probably 45 minutes will be voting and we should get 55 or 56 votes i believe. >> jon: you don't see any hiccup that could prevent neil gorsuch from taking his spot on the supreme court? >> i think within the hour, the votes will be there and he will be sworn in probably monday and be a member of the supreme court
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and assumed to be judge gorsuch will be justice gorsuch. >> jon: will that appointment be worth what it has cost both sides in this change of senate precedent? >> absolutely. remember the slippery slope of november 2013 when read changed the rules for every presidential nominee except to the supreme court? this will put it in the same basis as what we previously had at that time and then that will get us back to the pre-2001 position of the democratic caucus that it's okay to bring a lot of things other than confidence in choosing a judge. and other words, it's okay to filibuster or in their words, and 2001, we've got to change the ground rules. those ground rules, prior to 2001 was pretty simple. there had never been a filibuster of a judge.
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we are getting back to where the senate was for 211 years. >> jon: joe biden was also a member of the judiciary committee and i want take you back to a speech that you might have heard. it was on the senate floor in june of 1992. in that speech on the senate floor, 1992, june, mr. biden said there should be a different standard for a supreme court vacancy that would occur in the throes of an election year. the president should follow the example of a majority of his predecessors. if he goes forward before them, the senate should wait to consider the nomination. that's what joe biden had to say in the final year of the bush 43 presidency. does it still apply? >> it did apply.
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i think i refer to that speech myself, it was repeated in 2007 and george w. bush is term 18 months before he left office by senator schumer. basically they're saying in the last year of a presidency, the seat should be vacant until a presidential election. but the people decide that's exactly what we did when the president nominated judge garland a year ago now. >> jon: now that she was on the other foot, senator schumer and others don't like that course of action. >> that's just exactly the way it worked out and a year ago now for the next eight months, i was taking the heat on this because i did not have a hearing on judge garland and i was told i wasn't doing my job, but what i was trying to make clear was you can't have one row for republicans in another role for
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the democrat. we were being consistent by holding the seat open and letting the people have a voice and that voice is heard now and justice -- judge gorsuch as a result of that people's voice being heard last november in the election. >> jon: before let you get back to the senate for that vote, i want to ask you about what happened last night in syria. that cruise missile attack ordered by the commander-in-chief, what you have to say? >> if it would have been done on the red line was drawn by obama, we would have to do this. there wouldn't be any barrel bombs, and what was done had to be done. it sends a clear signal that there is new sheriff in town and i think the people that believe in peace and freedom will appreciate once again, america's leadership in the world
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community of nations. the only thing that i would add to what has been done is we need the annunciation of a very comprehensive program by president trump about what's going to happen in syria to get the civil war over there. >> jon: we just got word that there is a russian warship that is a steaming across the mediterranean toward the two american destroyers that launched those muscles. does not give you any concern at all? are you concerned about repercussions or was this appropriate in light of what happened? >> i think if you believe in international law and the protocols we have against the use of gas going way back to world war i, obviously, you would think that anybody who has a humanitarian approach to peace in the world ought to expect what we did presumably write should have that. i know russia has a close
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working relationship with syria, but surely, russia is not going to go to world public opinion and say what was done, gassing children, is okay. consequently, i would hope that there had been previous signals sent from washington, d.c., to moscow before those cruise missiles went into the air of what we are going to do and there would be some understanding of that. i don't know that there has been, but i would expect that our diplomatic force would have taken those steps. >> jon: senator chuck grassley, republican of iowa, we know you have a big boat ahead. thank you for spending your time with us. >> julie: a fox news alert now. breaking news out of sweden. after a hijacked beer truck plowed into a department store in stockholm and with the swedish prime minister is now calling a terrorist attack. at least two people are dead, one suspect is in custody. benjamin hall is live with the very latest enjoys us here.
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>> this is still developing. we had heard reports that shots were fired earlier, that's still a concern, but we do in the central train station is just been evacuated. according to the prime minister, he has confirmed this was a terror attack and a truck drove to the very heart of the city at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. it began just before three 3:0. when people were finishing working. the truck made its way into a pedestrian eyes zone and began plowing through people and one of the most popular shopping street in the city. so far authorities are saying to our dead but we have heard it gets higher than that and many more injured as well. images from the scene show the wounded being treated. the truck was owned by a brewery company and they reported it hijacked earlier in the day. and finally crashed into the entrance of one of the most well-known department stores in
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the city. images have also emerged of a man being arrested. if this is the attacker, he is alive. there continues to be a massive police operation in the city. at subway and parliaments have been locked down. a central train stations evacuated and plays are urging people to stay away from the center of the city. this is a vehicle borne attack on moise sin them london, berlin, knees, seems to be the brand of ice is moving ahead. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: there has been a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill, but why some republicans are blasting the president's response. also, we are about to see a historic senate vote on judge neil gorsuch after republicans changed president and invoked the nuclear option. that changes the ways of senate confirms supreme court nominees. it will be live on the senate
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>> jon: a fox news alert and keeping abreast on the movements of the two top leaders in this country. there is vice president mike pence arriving at the u.s. capitol building for a very big day. he will preside over the u.s. senate and the vote to conform judge neil gorsuch. no one expects that there'll be a vote to break the tie. it is expected that three public a majority in the senate, vice president pence will do nothing. and the odd event there is a tie vote, the vice president could break that tie and judge gorsuch will be confirmed. as he heads into the capital moments ago, we also want to update you on president trump. he, of course, is in mar-a-lago florida meeting with the chinese
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president, holding an expanded bilateral meeting at the presidents mar-a-lago estate. the two leaders will be getting into more detail discussions. before dinner last night, the president noted there is going to be this attack on syria. when we get that tape spray, pool playback of the president meeting with presidents b27, will bring it to on fox. >> julie: just to time ago, we got reaction from chuck grassley who joined us life. many lawmakers are praising the presidents action, while others condemn it and that decision is not along party lines. bill hemmer and shannon bream spoke to chairman john mccain. listen. speak out your colleagues are all over the map on this saying the president acted swiftly, de.
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>> ronald reagan struck libya after the bombing and a disco in berlin which killed americans. the president of the united states has authority to carry that out. it's a much larger issue of a military force were to be boring and take too long. i'm all for that, but this president reacted to events which were so horrific that it required american reaction and i believe that not only was the act itself important, but the signal bennett sent to the world from president trump was as important. >> is this it for now where would you expect more strikes tonight? >> i would not expect more strikes, but i would hope that we would reinvigorate our support for the free syrian army
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and establishment a no-fly zone and move forward. this is important and it's an important signal, but it's the beginning of the departure from the failed policies of the last eight years and are not going to repair that overnight. the other point i would like to make is the president showed me he has trust in what i believe is the strongest national security team assembled. i was not sure, frankly, whether he would listen to them or listen to others. i think it's very clear that he values the advice of counsel and this action as a result of the collective wisdom of some of the wisest people i've known. >> here domestically they're saying it's only the first step in there has to be a comprehensive strategy. >> to a large degree, some of it has been formulated, such as taking raqqa and mosul, but we
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have a lot more work to do. i do have confidence in this team and putting that strategy together. it's a matter of how many days it's been and i believe they can. but i would not have waited on this attack. the way the president reacted as rapidly as he did, rather than the usual washington consultations and all of that kind of thing was also important. >> julie: pretty big coming from john mccain. you can hear the rest of that interview with john mccain in the second hour of happening now. we are also awaiting a historic senate vote. that's next. so you're having a party?
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i'm happy for the distraction. i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. are you my uber? [ horn honks ] hold on. [ upbeat music playing ] the biggest week in tv is back. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me watchathon. xfinity watchathon week now until april 9. get unlimited access to all of netflix and more, free with xfinity on demand. >> julie: welcome back.
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with president trump and the president of china sitting down for an expanded bilateral meeting, it comes in the shadow of mr. trump's decision to launch missiles against syria. a decision he reportedly made read before meeting with the chinese president for the very first time yesterday at his florida state. does this send a message to china? thank you very much for talking to us. let's talk about how all this went down last night. the irony behind all of this, the importance of this meeting. you've got president trump, he's getting ready to sit down to dinner with the president of china, whose stance as we all know is guilt them peacefully. how is china proceeding all this now? >> there's probably no more dramatic way that president trump could ease the
8:27 am
initiative. first of all, the trump team doesn't have a full team in place. there may not have a policy, they might be the ones who are reactive and the chinese would be pushing their agenda. right now, the chinese have to be on the back foot thinking everything they thought about trump would be wrong. >> julie: these two leaders are expected to sit down today and talk over lunch. talk about north korea, talk about trade, and how china specifically regarding north korea could help bring in the nuclear missiles program. the question now is it all in jeopardy? >> you'd love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting to see how the chinese body language has changed, how some of their talking points that they didn't
8:28 am
expect. if i were trump, now i'd be pushing back the chinese to say we really need you to not only put pressure on the companies. >> julie: how does this strengthen trump's position when it comes to dealing with north korea? >> first, i think we need to recognize that doing a one-off air strike on syria is -- it would be a much bigger and much more risky operation to do anything against north korea which is why most american presidents have basically sat down and decided they were going to do much. it has to put some fear into the
8:29 am
minds of north korean leaders. they have to be thinking are we really sure that we can read the americans and this new president the way we thought? if history is any guide, they will probably be a little quiet for some time. this also is a new leader, kim jong-un, this is someone who most people feel is not like his father and grandfather, he's much more unpredictable. >> julie: striking fear in him seems almost impossible. considering when president trump comes out with strong words, you get strong words right back, even defending north korea saying the united states is not off-limits as far as coming after us. president trump, as we all remember used china as a punching bag on the campaign trail. he even accused them of rating the u.s. economy. we all remember that. then aboard air force one, yesterday he said he knows china will step up. it has trump's tone changed when
8:30 am
it comes to china? >> what you're seeing is a debate still going on inside the administration over the economic policy that you're talking about. what they should be following. peter navarro and stephen bannon would have a stronger voice than that, i think what we are seeing is the administration is swinging back and forth. right now, they don't know what to do and is one reason that this meeting seems rushed. he didn't need to have this meeting right away, he should have come up with this policy first. the dangers of the chinese would run the table in that meeting, that's clearly not going to happen but it doesn't mean they have a strategy yet. >> julie: it does seem a perfect time to come to some sort of agreement with china and the u.s.
8:31 am
we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> jon: as julie and michael just told you, the president's meeting with chinese president she -- these are pictures from that event. the television and news pool has just left a meeting between the two leaders, the beginnings of a meeting most likely. president trump said they have made great progress, tremendous progress and relationship with china, lots of potentially bad problems would be going away he said. we expect that those remarks are on tape and we'll play that back for you just a couple of minute minutes. also, fox news has learned that a russian warship has entered the eastern mediterranean sea. it is heading generally toward the two u.s. destroyers that
8:32 am
launched those strikes on syria last night. what is moscow's intention and what does the pentagon intend to do about it? also, moments away from that historic senate vote on president trump's supreme court nominee, judge neil gorsuch
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>> julie: a fox news alert, the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court is just minutes away from being filled and boy, is this history in the making? the senate has just begun voting on the president's nominee,
8:36 am
judge neil gorsuch chef republicans broke a democratic filibuster and invoking nuclear option. requiring a simple majority vote to confirm a supreme court nominee, a move that fundamentally changes the way the senate does business. tim o'brien is an attorney. he has covered the courts of foo see you again. thank you for joining us today. one historic day. the final vote is expected to be 85-45, but since republicans have eliminated the 60 vote necessary, this confirmation is good to go, right? >> it certainly is. i don't think most americans will see any immediate difference besides the perpetuation of justice scalia's very conservative view, but that still is huge, perpetuating a view for several decades. he may be like justice scalia
8:37 am
whose views are so passionate. >> julie: once confirmed, gorsuch will be put on the high court just yet, he would still need to be sworn in and at the white house, he would have to meet with the other eight justices. you mentioned that gorsuch does have the opportunity to be a more influential justice than antonin scalia. his approach, talk about how that might actually have more of an effect and how it might actually help him, perhaps bringing both sides together. >> a lot of people think that court is a political institution. gettin but one sure there it's not that political. other than, you want to be political with your college, you want to be diplomatic. gorsuch, say what you will about his ideology, he currently has a winning personality and that helps in the court just as it
8:38 am
does anyplace else. >> julie: during those hearings, a lot of those questions were answered and he said as a judge, i cannot answe answer. let's talk about the nuclear option because it has never been used before. with the nuclear option on the table, a sitting president, whose party holds a majority in the senate, as right now, is assured that he can appoint a supreme court justice. what is the point, if you could explain to our viewers and invoking a filibuster, all knowing that republicans were going to get gorsuch confirm one way or another? >> i think the deal they were looking for is we'll let gorsuch go through as long as you take the nuclear option off the table for the next four years. that way they could keep the next appointment off the court with a filibuster. if it's a moderate or liberal on the court, ruth bader ginsburg, who i don't think is leaving,
8:39 am
the ball game could be changed dramatically if one of those leave. justices have an uncanny ability to define the table. it is not a particularly good bet that anybody is going to leave. there is also a 25 year span that republicans do not have a single appointment to the court, 1967-1992 and get it in the change that much. with the nuclear option and the filibuster gone, if there are some vacancies, whoever controls the senate can really make a huge difference on the supreme court. it's more of an issue than it was in previous years. >> julie: what's so ironic is the nuclear option move has brought by senate democrats to allow the confirmation of picks by then president obama. at the time, every single republican voted against it. mitch mcconnell called the move a democratic power grab and
8:40 am
a sad day in history of the senate. you think democrats are having buyers remorse? >> they could be. i don't think anybody could really be too happy with how is this played out except the framework of our constitution intended for there to be rough, down and dirty political fight. >> julie: what do you think about the nuclear option? if that were to be removed, what would be the process in order to prevent the sort of thing from happening again? >> there's talk now that they may do away with a filibuster on legislation and yet, i'm hearing that nobody on either side, republican or democrat wants to do that. if that happened, it would be the senate, which would be a more deliberate body in the house.
8:41 am
you want to have negotiation, you want to be conciliatory, you want to able to work with one another. without any threat of a filibuster, it comes due to brute political force. if you have the vote, you win. it's the golden rule, he was the gold, rules. >> julie: that is how the election process works, if you have the votes, you have the win. in this case, it's a little different. talk to us and talk us through what happens next. they do this vote, the vote is going on right now and it's pretty much predicted what the outcome will be. then what happens? >> you have some ceremony, some celebration at least on one side. you have the swearing in, for mr. gorsuch, the real challenge is to bone up, get ready for upcoming cases. there are a slew of death penalty executions scheduled in arkansas. he'll have to weigh in on that. there's a huge religion case that's been around the court for over a year. the decision had been decided years ago by a 7-1 vote, but it's a been hang around so long
8:42 am
i'm of the thinking is the court is deadlocked on this issue. it's going to be argued april 19th, he'll be on the court then. it's very good chance he'll be casting the deciding vote. these cases require a great deal of work. a lot of people think it's political, they try to do the right thing. the research is enormous. he has to bone up for these cases. for him, the work is just beginning. >> jon: so many democrats have said that justice gorsuch is outside the medical mainstream and i think he cannot vote to confirm him. it doesn't seem that most of this is about democrat anger over the failure to put forward, to bring the nomination of judge merrick garland. >> certainly a great deal of that. i think the most important thing for a supreme court justice is the -- if they can express
8:43 am
themselves well, gorsuch fills that bill. he's a conservative, but he's not a politician. his allegiance is to the constitution. his view of the constitution, which to some americans, many americans may not share. i think he's been unfairly criticized as a shill for the white house. that's not the case. there's nothing in his record to suggest such a thing. >> jon: of president trump or to have exceeded democratic demands and withdrawn his name from nomination and put forth another name, it's hard to believe that whoever was in second place would have received any better reception from democrats. >> probably not. however, we live in such a divided country, you wonder what would happen if they would put someone of a majority that each party would like. that might be smart or the
8:44 am
states of the supreme court are so enormous. they're doing everything they can to get their own person on the court. just about every issue that divides republicans and democrats comes before the supreme court. it's a separation of church and state, for one side to say, i'm going to give up, you won the game, democrats would have done the same thing in my view had to shoot on the other foot. >> jon: let me interrupt to say that as this vote on judging al gore such as underway, we believe that the senate does not have the vote, at least 51 votes, to confirm neil gorsuch to the highest court in the land. we expect the final vote will be 55-45. our 52 republican's in the senate, but three democrats are expected to vote with the majority. those are heidi heitkamp, joe
8:45 am
mansion, and joe donnelly. all the moderate democrats, all of them facing challenging reelection bids next year and states president donald trump one this last time around. do you suppose voters will look kindly on those three democrats for voting with republicans to confirm? >> i don't think it's going to help them with democrats. they may be finding them sums a little short on campaign funds. you have to look to your conscience and your constituency when you're making a vote on a nomination like this. >> julie: vice president pence will be presiding over this. that's pretty much confirmed, that there won't be a tie. >> no, that's not going to happen. still, this is a most historic moment because you have
8:46 am
conservative thinking perpetuated for probably a decade or two or three and also the stage is set for some pretty brutal fights down the road when the next nomination opens up. >> julie: you talk about how long it has been for republicans or conservative justice to be appointed. antonin scalia, if you could just compare these two men. neil gorsuch, they were friends in fact. do you believe he will rule similarly? >> i do, but there are striking differences. justice scalia felt so strongly about his views that he could be arrogant and sometimes even dismissive of his colleagues even in court. they didn't care for that. i think they came to say, that's the way he is. he would say look, i'm not saying you are ridiculous here, i'm just saying review is ridiculous, your opinion. i think people came to accept them for that and some people admired him for how he behaved.
8:47 am
he was a great deal of fun to be with, whether you agreed with him or not. he really was a titan of the law. his view of the constitution, that it means what the framers said and not everybody except -- obviously, you have to mean what they said, but you have to go back to what they meant in 1791? the majority of the court doesn't go along with that. for example, he said we might think punishment is cruel and unusual today, that doesn't matter. it's not cruel and unusual in 1971. >> julie: it thank you very much for your insight and expertise. >> jon: the vote is underway. our shannon bream covers the supreme court for us down in washington and she joins us now. >> this is interesting, because this is a man that to a lot of people on paper said he's got a columbia harbored -- he is
8:48 am
qualified on. where you get in trouble is that they want to see somebody who's going to legislate on the end result. he sticks to the law, you heard him talking about justice scalia, very much sticking to the text. years ago before he was ever a nominee, judge gorsuch wrote about the fact that he thinks the left uses the forces to legislate. they said they didn't like it about him. he walked to the seat with a philosophy like justice scalia. he had supporters all across the political spectrum, left, middle, and right regardless of what you think of them personally, he is a stringent judge only pays attention to the words on the page. he's not going to go beyond that. one entrancing fact, i think he'll be the very first to serve on the bench with a justice he clerked with because the court with justice kennedy years and years ago. and also at one time, justice byron white.
8:49 am
because he is now joining kennedy on the bench, he is making history in a lot of ways today. >> jon: fascinating. thank you. >> julie: fox news has learned a russian warship has entered the eastern mediterranean sea and is now heading toward the two u.s. destroyers. what is moscow's plan? stay with us dominating... statu. hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, also for kids. with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips,
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the spoon of fox's alert, as we told you a couple moments ago, a russian warship has entered the east mediterranean. it is now making his way and the general direction of those two u.s. navy destroyers that launched the air strike last night. that strike did significant damage to an airbase in response
8:53 am
to a chemical air strike. jennifer griffin has the latest the pentagon. >> a russian warship is heading towards the two u.s. navy destroyers that launched air strikes last night into syria. the warship crossed over an hour ago from the black sea. that got the u.s. navy's attention. the admiral for the warship is armed with missiles. we also learned that one of the u.s. navy destroyers that launch those missiles into syria last night has returned to an undisclosed location to rearm with more tomahawk spirit fox news has also obtained exclusively photos of a man behind the syrian chemical weapons attack. western intelligence sources tell fox news, the syrian chemical weapons unit responsible for the attack is
8:54 am
called unit 450 and is led by this man. three years ago, he was put on the u.s. treasury sanctions list, but so far, he has not been brought to justice. defense officials told us 60 tomahawk missiles relaunch last night. we now know one of those tomahawk's failed and likely fell into the sea, about 20 syrian aircraft were destroyed at the airbase. none of the syrian air jets managed to take off an escape before the missiles hit the target. we're told there were no russian aircraft at the syrian airfield at the time of the strike. pentagon officials say they give the russians one hour heads up before the missiles hit the target in order to minimize casualties. the two u.s. destroyers, the ross and the porter, launched the tomahawk's cruise missiles from a position south. we'll also obtained exclusive satellite images of before and after last nights air strike. these photos, provided by image
8:55 am
that international, shows everything that was destroyed from these of strikes. again, these are provided exclusively to fox news. the first missiles we are told were lunch at about 7:40 eastern time. it took 30 minutes for them to launch their missiles. all 59 missiles hit within 2-3 minutes. i'm told that the tomahawk e oracle version has two way satellite communication allowing missiles to be rep if necessary. fox news has told the missions are complete. there are still some remaining missiles on board.
8:56 am
>> jon: fascinating reported, very good job. thank you very much. that is a new development within the cruise missile world. it took 30 minutes to launch 30 missiles from one ship and there were two ships involved. they kept those missiles in the air until all 30 were ready to go on target. within the span of a couple of minutes, all 30 range down on those targets, bringing tremendous destruction to that airfield. that is absolutely incredible. >> julie: and the precision of these tomahawk missiles, just to talk about that for a moment. they had been practicing this mission for my two days. two days ago after the syrian chemical attack, the president had started to go ahead these attacks. meantime, fox's alert, air strikes on syria sending a clear message to another rogue
8:57 am
nation and this time, we are talking north korea. just as the u.s. military conducts a series of drills on the korean peninsula. greg is live in seoul, south korea, with more. >> that's right. the analysts here in this region are saying that president trump might have been sending a message not due to syria, but to north korea anti-china that the military option remains a very much open. we spent time with the u.s. military close to dmz here today. here's what we saw. >> it helps when you're practicing with this stuff to be close to the real thing. these are multiple launch rocket systems. soldiers are training, exercising on them. if they need to, they can fire a rocket or a missile from this vehicle over those mountains. north korea, some 15 miles away.
8:58 am
these exercises drive kim jong-un crazy. they call it a prelude to invasion, but in fact, they're going to stick with it. >> julie: we are taking you to malabo. he has been meeting with jon of china. this is one of the official meetings. >> my representatives have been meeting one-on-one and progress has been made. the relationship developed by president xi and myself is outstanding. we look forward to being together many times in the future. i believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away.
8:59 am
i just want to thank president xi for being with us in the united states. it's a tremendous honor for me and all my representatives to host the president and his representatives. again, progress has been made. thank you very much. thank you. this bill and lots of progress has been made says the president and his meetings with president xi of china. you can see those meetings underway. that tape shot just moments ago and mar-a-lago. >> julie: the senate has confirmed, that vote is in. neil gorsuch is officially going to become the ninth judge on the supreme court with those eight justices that have been going on since justice scalia. >> jon: the appeals court
9:00 am
judge from colorado, is now justice gorsuch. >> julie: we'll see you back here and one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: neil gorsuch is confirmed as justice. this comes one day after invoking the nuclear option after failing to get the 60 votes needed to move the process forward. this is "outnumbered." here today, sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, also from fbn, dagen mcdowell, and today's 322, juan williams. he is outnumbered. good to see you. >> juan: what a newsday. this is the kind of newsday that you feel like is a fire hydrant.


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