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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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juan williams, be here on monday when he turns a youthful 21. juan, you look mahvelous for your age. we'll bring you snacks. this is an fox news alert, i'm bret baier. in washington, we are following several major stories, starting up with reaction to president trump's military strike on syria. russia has moved a warship into the mediterranean toward the u.s. ships that launched those missiles. the strikes were in retaliation for a syrian chemical weapon strike on rebel-held territory earlier in the week. another huge story tonight, the senate confirms neil gorsuch to the u.s. supreme court, a historic vote following yesterday's nuclear option of eliminating the filibuster. so what is next for a field supreme court bench? and date significant drop drop off and drops numbers for last
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month, just 98,000 added, the fewest in a year. the unemployment dropped to a nearly 10-year low of 4.5%. we'll look at what happened and why. first, response to president trump's missile strike has been generally positive. some congressional democrats signaled support, but they want more consultation. american allies seem to be on board, particularly in the middle east. russia, iran, syria or not. a russian ship is moving toward a pair of u.s. navy vessels as we speak. we have reaction from all over washington and throughout the world tonight including from china. the president was able to deliver his message personally. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts things off from the windsor white house in palm beach florida. >> good evening to you, the full impact diplomatically and strategically in last night's missile attacks has yet to be felt, but the early indications are that president trump is on
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solid footing when it comes to eight syria policy. >> i think we have made tremendous progress in our relationship with china. >> president trump's focus this morning was on his guest, chinese president xi jinping. a source is the president was gratified. >> i think he was pleased that we had the proportional response around the world. >> white house officials say the president took action not only in response to the horrific scenes to make the ends of death and suffering, but also because of assad were able to get away with such things, it may increase the chance the united states could be targeted with chemical weapons. >> it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> at the united nations today, ambassador nikki haley warned
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bashar al-assad he could get hit again if he doesn't come to hell we are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary. >> russia, which is a close relationship with assad, has complained loudly in public about the missile strike and text it's also about sending a warship to the area. sources say beyond that the response has been muted. >> i understand through diplomatic channels there hasn't been a whole lot of blowback. >> that is true. i think the rest of the world including russia understands that we took decisive and justifiable action based upon the tragic actions that the assad regime took, especially when it comes to small children. speak with the missiles were flying last night as president trump was having dinner with the chinese president. xi jinping did not mention the strike, but a china spokes woman said, "we are concerned about the current situation in syria
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and call for political settlement. we hope all sides will stay calm and exercise restraint to prevent the escalation of tension. the strike also adds an extra measure of weight to the president's call for china to rain and north korea's nuclear program. president trump warned last week if china didn't do something about kim jong-un's ambitions, the united states well. but to hear the president tell it today, the budding relationship he has with china may yield positive results. >> we look forward to meeting together many times in the future, and i believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away. >> after the wrapped up, steven mnuchin said that the united states will soon be announcing additional sanctions against syria as part of an effort to stop assad's attacks. the secretary of state, rex tillerson, said he was disappointed by russia's response because shows they still back assad. rex tillerson said he was
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disappointed but not surprised. bret? >> bret: john roberts traveling with the president in palm beach. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story tonight from the pentagon along with the latest on that russian warship. >> just hours after the uss porter and ross launched 60 tomahawk missiles at a syrian airbase from the eastern mediterranean, a russian war strip crossed through the strai strait, saying the admiral grigorovich was heading towards the navy destroyers earlier today. in the meantime, pentagon officials announced today they are investigating whether brescia played a role in the chemical weapon attack on april 4th. u.s. officials say a russian or syrian drawing was seen flying over a hospital where the victims of the sarin nerve gas attack were taken. five hours later, that hospital
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was bombed. the suggestion from pentagon officials with either the russians or the syrian regime was trying to destroy and cover up evidence of the chemical attack. senior administration officials say that russians were president at the shayrat airbase when the weapons were loaded onto the plains. defense officials said the u.s. military took efforts not to hit the russian barracks, giving moscow a one hour heads up before the attack. the first missiles launched at about 7:40 eastern, an hour later, at 8:40 eastern, all 59 of the missiles hit within two or 3 minutes with one missile falling into the sea after lunch paid fox news obtained exclusive satellite images of before and after last nights air strike. these photos, show a surface-to-air missile battery which was destroyed. 10 out of 10 ammunition storage sites were destroyed, two fuel reservoirs remain based on this imagery. russian drone footage shows that
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the runway at the shayrat airbase remained intact. for the first time you're getting a glimpse of the syrian brigadier general behind the chemical program. fox news has obtained exclusive photos from western intelligence services of the general, who heads unit four 50/50, accused of carrying out the attack in idlib. so far, he has not been brought to justice. >> as far as the investigation into possible -- when senior military official told reporters at the pentagon, "we know the russians have chemical expertise in the country." >> jennifer, what can you tell us about the threat to shut down that hotline between the u.s. and russian military commanders operating in syria. >> there has been some confusion about the hotline, telling us tonight it is still operational. they say it has been used at
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least once since the tomahawk strike last night. president trump did not call president putin last night, but they gave russia's military a1 always heads up that the strike was coming and the target was the shayrat airbase where they were up to 100 russian troops when the tomahawk said. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. the u.s. embassy in moscow escorting american citizens in russia to exercise the highest levels of vigilance and situational awareness given the current political climate. the advisory says the potential for large-scale demonstrations, personal harassment, and increased anti-american sentiment is elevated. many members of congress say the president needs to come to them before any further military action in syria, but the reviews for their states show of force have been generally good paid chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. >> i think the president had the authority to do what he did.
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and i'm glad he did it. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell praise the commander in chief for his response after a brutal attack by the syrian regime using weapons of mass destruction against its own people. >> the strike was well-planned, well executed, was certainly more than a pinprick, and sent a message, not only to assad that using chemical weapons again is something that he cannot do with impunity. >> mcconnell said vice president pence called him last night to brief him ahead of the strike, and there was at least some bipartisan support after the people of syria have suffered for so long under a brutal regime. >> making sure that assad knows when you commit such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do. >> house speaker paul ryan praise the president for taking action but is now calling on the administration to consult with congress on next steps. some of the senate's top box
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priestly president -- praise the president. >> the only constitutional requirements that exist regarding war is for congress to put the nation and a declared state of war. >> kentucky senator rand paul, one of the only republicans to criticize president trump taking action, says he should consult with congress first. >> the president really doesn't have the authority under the constitution to initiate war. i think what we're doing now is illegal and unconstitutional. >> virginia democrat tim kaine says congress should debate and vote on authorization for the use of military force which he supported in the foreign relations committee in 2013. >> i think president trump will get support on that, but he's got to come to congress. >> lawmakers to get some other questions answered in a classified meeting with the chairman of each -- but not all. >> huge questions about the legality of the strike and how it sits within a broader serious
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strategy. >> expect more calls in the weeks ahead for a defined strategy. leader mcconnell said he would be willing to take a look at an authorization for the use of military force if the president feels he needs it. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on capitol hill, will this be a pivot point, james rosen takes a look from the white house tonight. >> i, donald john trump, do solemnly swear -- >> 90 days after donald trump took office, a period dominated by russian intrigue, a baseless claim about wiretapping and still-unfolding claims about incidental surveillance, executive orders and countervailing court orders, and the collapse of mr. trump's first major piece of legislatio legislation, the apparent success of the commander in chief's first years of kinetic military power has presented this often-embattled white house an invaluable opportunity to recast its image
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with the president now swamped in a new sheen of officialdom and potency. arthur herman is a historian and author of "macarthur, american warrior? " the fact that his entire security team signed onto this, and very well consider, i would even say brilliant stroke. and for americans now going forward, when they think about donald trump, i think this is going to be in the back of their minds, this is a man who can carry out a masterstroke of this kind. >> the syrian air strike was carried out while the president was entertaining on american soil chinese president xi jinping. it struck veteran observers as unusual if not unprecedented. stickley is telling the chinese, listen, the north koreans are trying to weapon eyes missiles, and the rhetoric, use them against my country and my people, don't push me into a corner where i have to use a military option.
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>> coming within hours of nikki haley warning of imminent unilateral action, drew praise from some of the most reliable critics across the political spectrum paid >> quite intelligent and effective. it does send a signal. >> he acted decisively, one of the most important things a president has to be able to do. >> beyond the rally around the flag effect, hoping it will produce a spillover effect. such that the gravitas that has now been achieved will translate in terms of public perception into an ability to get big things done in the domestic policy sphere like health care and tax reform. >> james rosen lab on the north line. american allies in the middle east are expressing their satisfaction with the u.s. response to the syrian chemical attack. other nations, not so much, at least not safari corresponded conor powell has that story tonight from israel.
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>> as the shayrat airbase lay in ruins, condemning the missile strike and calling them reckless and irresponsible. arguing that the u.s. move undermines the fight against terrorists and put the u.s. on the side of isis. >> the airbase that was attacked by the u.s. has been fighting against terrorism command his soldiers and officers of the army has been fighting against daesh. >> the idea that the u.s. now supports terrorists was echoed by the region, saying, not even two decades after nine mike 9/11 commit u.s. military fighting on the same side as al qaeda and isis, wilde has hezbollah, who has sent thousands of fighters to syria in support of bashar al-assad set the strikes would escalate the tensions, but american allies from across the
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globe praising the trump administration paid with the saudi embassy in washington issuing a treat in support of president trump for his courageous decision to respond to the syrian regime's crimes against its people. benjamin netanyahu saying, president trump sent a strong and clear message today. but other allies pressed the u.s. to do more to bring down the assad regime. is it enough? i don't find it enough. it's not clear if syria or one of its backers like iran, it has blood, or russia will retaliate, but if they do, there are ample targets, u.s. troops to turkey, to here in israel. >> bret: conor powell. thank you. the congressional battle over the next supreme court justice is now over, the hard feelings and political consequences will last a long time.
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president trump's pick, neil gorsuch, was confirmed today. chief legal correspondent matt shannon bream tells us where we go from here. >> the nomination of neil gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> after months of wrangling and recriminations, history was made on friday on two friends. it now takes just a simple majority vote to end any filibuster against a supreme court nominee and neil gorsuch has been added as the 1,113th justice. >> senators across the aisle discuss how this will impact their efforts moving forward, gorsuch has an enormous workload waiting for him. he'll be sworn in in in time to take part in the next round of arguments. one of the most prominent cases
3:17 pm
involves a church preschool denied a missouri state grand perceiver playground materials because of a ban on public moving going to a "any church comments section, or denomination of religion." >> we know judge gorsuch before has written and religious liberties issues, i think when it gets teed up for decision, all eyes are going to be on justice gorsuch, in all likelihood, he will break the tie. >> gorsuch's vote will have an immediate impact as the court decides which cases to take up next. voting on that front comes one week from today. >> justice gorsuch won't really have time to settle in quietly because there are some hot button cases that are just on the doorstep of the supreme court, whether it is religious liberty versus gay marriage or gun regulation cases. >> and as he quickly assembles staff and hires clerks, there will also be emergency requests for gorsuch to handle. fights over the executive order on immigration.
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it is also possible the court will rehear cases from this term that ended in a 4-port type. judge gorsuch isn't a justice yet. john roberts will administer the oath in a private ceremony at 9:00 a.m. on monday. that will be followed by a public ceremony at the white house where the man he once clerked for, justice anthony kennedy, was administered a judicial oath. they will make history as the only former clerk and boss to serve alongside as fellow justices. >> bret: thank you. up next, what is being treated as another terror attack, using a vehicle to slam into a crowd paid first from our fox affiliates, fox 5 in new york, amtrak has restored full service to penn station following monday's drama there. amtrak had promised all tracks would be operational for the morning rush, but that did not happen until 7:30 a.m. as the jury in the aaron
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hernandez murder trail finishes its first day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. the former new england patriots star is accused of killing 29. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for a separate conviction. a life look at sacramento, california, from box 40. the big story there, the legislature approves a plan to raise gas and vehicle taxes. democratic california gutter my governor is expected to sign it. it raises gas taxes in california by $0.12 a gallon and vehicle fees by up to an hundred and $75. that is tonight's life look outside the beltway. from "special report," we'll be right back. i feel this electrical pulse grabbing at my muscles. it was more powerful than i was expecting it to be. it worked. i believe aleve. learn more and read reviews at
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>> four people killed today when someone drove a truck into an upscale department store in stockholm, sweden. it is being treated at terrorism. catherine herridge is here with the latest tonight. >> thank you. john kelly and his team are monitoring the situation. the key issue is whether the attack was directed or inspired by a foreign terrorist group. the swedish prime minister says everything indicates it was a terrorist attack. the stolen beer truck plowed into the high-end department store in stockholm, shoppers preparing for the weekend. becoming does suggest it was planned to maximize casualties. the senti center was transformed by bodies covered by blankets as security services imposed broad measures to prevent a potential following attack, blocking lines, including the main train station. swedish police are reporting that in addition to the four dead, another eight or seriously
3:24 pm
injured. authorities made arrests and forcibly detained officials for questioning. at least one suspect is in question to nate who claimed responsibility. no name or affiliation was publicly released. a leading counterterrorism expert said that trucks are becoming the weapon of choice, pointing to an attack in france last year. whether it is france or sweden, the plots are increasingly difficult to disrupt. >> it is pretty clued in. when you are trying to defend against attacks such as these, so simple to initiate, very difficult to get to 100% security. >> today's attack very striking similarities to britain in a rent-a-car was plowed into pedestrians on westminster bridge killing four and then stabbing a police officer to death. news of today's attacks spread
3:25 pm
quickly, this week, the peer group released the eighth edition of its online magazine and a kill list. >> while much of the world is focusing on syria tonight, there is military action under hot spot, the korean peninsula. it is, however, just an exercise. but senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot insole reports it has children the dyer of the -- it has still drawn the ire of the dangerous north. >> casualties are down, it looks like the real thing, just one of the many military exercises involving some of the 28,000 american along with a south korean counterparts. they are getting ready for any provocation from north korea. >> we respect the potential of the forces to the north, but would like to say that our job here is to deter that
3:26 pm
aggression, and we train very hard every day so they know you're ready. >> it helps when you are practicing with this stuff to be close to the real thing. these are multiple launch rocket systems, soldiers are training, exercising on them. if they need to come out they can fire a rocket or missile from this vehicle over those mountains. some 15 miles away. >> again, this is just training, whether it is sophisticated radar detecting any hostile missiles to long-range fuses that require elbow grease or patrols working out of bradley fighting vehicles, defending territory and watching backspace >> when we come here, we know what the mission is, we treat it seriously. >> all of the stress kim jong-un and his army crazy. they see it as preparation for an invasion.
3:27 pm
china has suggested that the trails stop, and maybe pyongyang would stop its programs. there don't appear to be any takers for that among u.s. forces. more exercises are planned for next week. >> we've got to be prepared to bring our might and capabilities wherever our nation asks us to go. >> if those cruise missiles launched against syria prove that the military option is alive and the trump administration, and the u.s. military on the ground here showed they could be up to the task as well. >> greg palkot seoul. now to the u.s. economy. a big drop-off in jobs numbers tonight. just 98,000 added in march, the fewest in a year. the an employment rate slid to a nearly 10-year low of 4.5%. stocks were down on this new state. the dow lost 70, s&p 500 of 2. for the week, the dow lost three one-hundredths of a percentage
3:28 pm
point, s&p 500, three tenths, nasdaq, half a point. let's find out what happened. joining us tonight, please. >> you asked five economists tonight, -- what happens, they'll give you five reasons. it is a disappointing number, and pointed in part at the weather, the snowstorm that hit in march dumped more than 4 feet of snow in some regions, winter storm stella hit the exact same week that the bureau of labor statistics was gathering its drops data. what do people do when there is a storm? they stay inside. construction, hospitality, leisure and retail numbers were a mess. retail stores and chains actually shed 29,000 jobs. same as the month before. apparel stores are already on their heels as more and more of us shop online.
3:29 pm
manufacturing is a bit of a different story, bret. 11,000 jobs gained there. while that might sound solid, a month earlier, 28,000 jobs created. here's the question. is this number, which was a big menace, a one-time lift after a string of great numbers or is it an aberration? gary:told fox business no one should put much stock in one sie month number, and he actually had some street credit on that. last month, he said the exact same thing, one month does not a trend make. february was a great number. it blew out 219,000 jobs created. back to weather, experts say. this past february was one of the warmest on record. again, the weather, only a better effect. when you smooths out the bumps, the three-month average or trend, shows job growth of 178,000 each of those months, and that is quite good.
3:30 pm
there is the however part. businesses hate uncertainty, and what happened overnight, the u.s. firing tomahawk missiles at a syrian air base in retaliation for the attacks, it counts as uncertainty. will that escalate? finally, we still don't have a repeal and replacements, businesses both great and small are still hog-tied by the employer mandate to cover workers. final answer, bret, let's see what next month brings. >> bret: real quick, on the health care bill, since it faltered in congress, and who knows, it may get resurrected, but since it did commit you think that sent a signal that tax reform could be in trouble or infrastructure, and maybe that is the hesitation? >> absolutely paid gary cohwen t
3:31 pm
to get taxi from done, it is incredibly important, and it is questionable whether that will happen. >> bret: real check-in. mitch mcconnell says he has reached out to former republican presidential candidate from the about running next year. orrin hatch of utah has hinted he might retire and says he suggested mcconnell take a look at romney. that might not sit well with jason chaffetz who publicly considered a primary run against hatch in 2012 and could be in the mix if hatch does not run. we will talk about reaction to president trump's missile strike on syria, all around and in the u.s. the panel joins me next.
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tonight, i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> the united states took a very measured step last night. we are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary. >> the consequences of this poor regional and international stability, some could be extremely serious. >> if i were one of our sunni arab allies watching this, i would be encouraged that the u.s. was more in the business of being more assertive. >> bipartisan support largely on capitol hill for the strakes on syria last night, 59 tomahawk cruise missile sprayed some democrats speaking out prominently. one of them, anne-marie slaughter in the obama administration, director of
3:36 pm
policy planning for the state department, she tweeted this. donald trump has done the right thing on syria, finally, after years of useless handwringing in the face of hideous atrocities. a strong letter to follow there, obviously world reactions, and we're going to cover it all. tom rogan, columnist for "national review," ab started, associate editor, charlie hurt, opinion editor for "the washington times," and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. >> i think it was absolutely the right thing to do. president trump didn't just act, he acted quickly, i think he notes, he has put himself in a position of strength going forw, the sitting arab monarchy is relieved, helps with their impetus, but on on the specific issue of the rule of law in the world, i think trump
3:37 pm
took a major step forward today, if you look at governments across europe at what has been done, i think it has been proved that this desire was desperately desired. >> put up sean spicer's tweet after looking at this tomahawk cruise myself, the tweet of the room where president trump was, the image after the strike apparently was ordered at 9:15:00 p.m. eastern time. charles, the world reaction seemed like, again, it was respectful of the strength move. >> i think it was extremely important for precisely that reason. it will have its particular effects on the ground in syria. it's a warning to us, they no longer have a free hand, going to pay a price, next time it will be a bigger price. all of that is important. i think the most important
3:38 pm
element here is that the world in this area, seeing the profound application for eight years for the united states had disappeared, also, the beginning of the trump administration, came into office, said only a week ago, i'm not president of the world, and president of the united states. have to look after our own interests here at home. gave an inaugural address in which he essentially said, we are not interested in policing the world. this is a sort of neck-snapping about about face, extremely salutary. the united states reacted quickly, obama with weeks of public handwringing, came up with the policy on afghanistan, this took about 48 hours and america strakes. i think that is the most important message, particularly important for the chinese, for the koreans come up the russian
3:39 pm
russians. america is back and it is liable to react now. he no longer have a free hand. that's, i think, is going to change a lot in the world from a single response like this. >> we should note about that russian ship in the mediterranean, russian ships are in the mediterranean from time to time, this one moved in just today where the other two u.s. naval vehicles -- not continuing they're making an aggressive move but it was moved there today. here is the u.n. ambassador ambassador to the u.s., nikki haley, and the russian ambassador. >> it could be that russia is knowingly allowing chemical weapons to remain in syria. it could be that russia has been incompetent in its efforts to remove the chemical weapons. or it could be that the assad regime is playing the russians for a
3:40 pm
for for full spirit >> the general power in this very room, he talks about chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction. >> talking about general colin powell, making the case before the u.n. security council about iraq. it is interesting, as russia makes the case that we don't have the evidence that there were chemical weapons? >> i agree with the positive things that have been said so far. not to repeat them. so much lies in the hands now of the russians, they like to send conflicting signals, they did last night and again today, what is going to happen at the meeting with the secretary of state next week when he is in moscow with his counterparts talking about syria is so critical because the question of what they did in 2013 in regards
3:41 pm
to moving all the chemical weapons come up they planned to do about that, a document released last night from the administration basically said the administration expects russia to change its posture on syria. i don't think they intend to do that. if they leave chemical weapons, if they were complicit, if they leave chemical weapons in syria, do we respond this way every time there is a chemical attack? there's always something to criticize, but truly, republican senators even saying out loud, what is the long-term strategy? and it is so dependent on the posture on of the russians. >> may be a change as far as backing assad. they may not have a problem if assad leaves, but another in his tribe takes over and they sit at the table and this gets them to the table, charlie, and it changes the dynamic. that is a different posture. >> interesting that the russians got a heads up, didn't clear out
3:42 pm
any of the syrian soldiers from the air base. as we understand so far. despite the bipartisan support for this in washington, which there clearly is, and global applause for it, i think that we have to be careful about where we go from here, as a.b. said, because this is not what donald trump's voters voted for him for. they voted for him not to do these sorts of things and not to get involved in a foreign conflict. obviously, 59 tomahawk missiles is one thing, committing troops is an entirely different thing. but it is the idea that we are the world's policeman -- as charles said, he ran on that, and they are going to have a very limited amount of patience if this escalates into something more. >> bret: does this reset this administration? >> i think it does around here. the first thing that he has done that anybody in washington has applauded. >> bret: i want to play this
3:43 pm
congressional reaction quickly. >> this president reacted to events which were so horrific that it required american reaction. >> i think they were illegal and unconstitutional. i know it is pretending we were under imminent attack by syria. >> there are huge questions about the legality of this strike and how it sits within a broader syrian strategy. >> he is the commander in chief. he has an obligation to protect them. >> i think further steps and this, that congress should weigh in. congress should do with the constitution requires, and that is, declare war. >> bret: saying, if it goes further, come up to capitol hill. >> and i think he will. in the baseline, all of the powers of the commander in chief offered in section 2, not that complicated. you look at the president, clinton in kosovo, the president has the authority to do this. i think the supreme court
3:44 pm
doesn't want to touch it. i think the equitable point in terms of what charles has said, charlie is saying about the notion of, what did trump do, interesting that we have u.s. army rangers in the north. what are the ranges tasked with doing? seizing airfields. i'm sure one of the options presented was an incursion by that regard. if he didn't do that, that suggests he wanted the response that was least likely to inflame some of those. >> this is my two chuck panel here, by the way. >> what he wanted to do here or send a message. he sent a message. he didn't attack all six airfields. he could have shut down the air force, but he just wanted to say, it's not that there's a new sheriff in town, there is a sheriff in town. there was an absence for eight years. america is back and you are not allowed to do whatever you want. that in and of itself is going to have a big effect. >> bret: next step, the friday
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>> if you truly cannot support the nomination of this eminently qualified nominee, then at least allow the bipartisan majority of the senate that supports gorsuch to take an up or down vote. you already deployed the nuclear option in 2013. don't trigger it again. in 2017. >> we will sadly .2 today as a turning point in the history of the senate and the supreme court. >> on this vote, the ayes are 54, the nays are 45.
3:49 pm
the nomination of neil gorsuch to be an associate justice to be a supreme court is confirmed. so when we are about to have a new supreme court justice once he is officially sworn in. we are back with the panel. a.b.? >> i think everybody at home is sick of hearing the words filibuster and nuclear option. they can move on from one of the democrats worst political blunders in a wild. i think they will live to regret this. believe it or not, the end of the session will be around the corner in june or july. we will be back into this. soon. >> i think if that happens, that will be the real arm again like armageddon. let's remember what's happening here. this is a huge titanic site on
3:50 pm
the part of republicans simply to maintain the balance of the court. this is not altering the balanc balance. next time, it could be one of the liberals who steps down. in which case, it could be a generational shift in the court and a permanent shift in the balance, and that i think we will see a tremendous fight over. it's the let's not underscore the importance of having a ninth supreme court justice. if you look at all of these cases that work for four, now there is a full list of cases that he will be hearing right away. >> saturday and february of last year when antonin scalia passed away, it sent shock waves through conservative republican circles because suddenly the whole notion of donald trump or whoever did get the nomination, suddenly we started playing with real money.
3:51 pm
it was terrifying. one of the most interesting things, i spent a couple of hours yesterday flipping through various cable channels. this was the day the republicans had pressed the nuclear button in the senate. there were so many stories. syria, sarin gas, china, all of these stories going on. a fifth story of the day was the nuclear option and that's how badly schumer has whiffed here. >> bret: sean spicer unk syria and how it applies to china and north korea. >> the president last night was clear before he came out, had inopportune age speak to president xi. he informed him of what happened. more importantly, this sends a signal around the world that this president is one who acts decisively come up with justification and a proportional
3:52 pm
response. >> he told them that if china didn't help he was going to -- >> i think the chinese saw firsthand what kind of president this is. >> bret: tom, does this affect things? >> it does, they could have pushed that away, spicer, clearly, we have sent a message. it helps with xi jinping, the chinese, the political structure is one of absolute bargaining. there are so many issues, i think the chinese, frankly, deliberately or not, in a good position, the philippines now putting a stronger stance against the chinese. specifically on north korea. i think the chinese now will believe credibly that the president might launch, for example, aggressive strikes. the degree to which they do not want that is hard to state.
3:53 pm
he has given himself some cards. >> bret: in those meetings, it was essentially he said, she said. [laughter] it's friday, right? >> i'm not sure that this preemptive strike on the north korean facilities, although it could, that would lead to an immediate attack, they live within artillery range of the north koreans, but i think it could portend united states shooting down a missile test. that, i would expect, would be the next step after the strike we had yesterday. i think it is a far more plausible possibility. and i went be surprised if, in the next 18 months, particularly if it is a missile aimed at the united states, i think it is possible that this administration would shoot it
3:54 pm
down, another demonstration that there is a sheriff in town. >> bret: it is a serious topic. i didn't mean to make light of it. jobs numbers, 98,000 in march, really low numbers as far as what they were hoping for. talking about weather and all kinds of things. but back when it was president obama, republicans made fun of that excuse about whether on jobs. this is disappointing. >> especially since the acumen as a businessman and sort of what he ran on, and the people that voted for him are in great need of jobs. hopefully, for their sake, they get back to it and have better success going forward. >> bret: next up, winners and losers with the panel. (keyboard sounds)
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
dear freshpet, tank was overweight and had no energy. until freshpet... put the puppy back in my dog.
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3:58 pm
>> bret: we are back with our panel. it is time for winners and losers. tom? >> the united states traditionally since the end of the second war has been the guarantor. we will see that with the coming months, the loser is the u.n. supposedly the guarantor of international waters. it failed. nikki haley as well i think it is striking and impressive curv >> -- who is reporting led to the outset of a new resume to my principal who has holes in her resumes. losers are house republicans who failed on health care. after the devin nunes mess and they return on april 28th when government funding runs out. >> my winner of the week is antonin scalia. he would be very pleased to see neil gorsuch assume his seat, or the seat that he had. loser of the week? chuck schumer for similar
3:59 pm
reasons. used up all of his ammo on this battle lost, left his party weaker for the next fight, and that next fight will carry it far more important -- >> mitch mcconnell them. not that he carried off the nuclear option with not even a bang but a whimper, but he decided last year to save the court from liberalism. it surely would have been tilted for decades by saying he would not even consider obama's nominee. he took a lot of heat and he protected. this is the most important element. he protected the other senators in the g.o.p. by taking all the heat himself. this is his finest hour, his major compliment. loser? bashar al-assad. the strike did not alter the course of the war. he still has the upper hand. but it froze the conditions. he was on his way to a route.
4:00 pm
right now, that's up in the air. >> bret: thanks everybody, we are sending you home tonight. make sure your tone into fox news sunday for an exclusive interview with the national security advisor. see you monday. >> martha: breaking tonight. in reaction to last night's strike, a russians ship is right now moving in in an area where the united states navy watch the missiles last night. al-assad is air force is repeatedly back in the skies and possibly striking again. ♪ welcome, everybody, i martha maccallum. it's day 78. tonight, president trump finishes what may be his most effective week. he is getting praise for his decisive action, and some criticism of those who say he did a 180 on his america first


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