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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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also check out the headlines on the weekend. that's enough about me. we hope you have a great sunday. we'll be back next sunday with the latest buzz. [♪] arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. at least 3 people killed and more than 100 others injured in two separate bombing attacks at churches in egypt. isis claiming responsibility as it vows to step up attacks against christians this palm sunday. i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. radical islamic terrorism has stuck again on a holy day at the heart of the coptic christian community. it happened in a nile delta
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town. and alexandria. the attacks two weeks before pope francis is due to visit egypt. this horrific palm sunday attack that again targets christians. reporter: let's start with the latest development. egypt's president says he will deploy the military to assist police in protecting what were termed vital facility across the country. meanwhile, this second attack at st. mark's cathedral is very significant. the leader of the coptic church had just finished his services there. he was not hurt. but 11 worshipers were killed at that location. egypt's interior minister said a suicide bomber tried to enter
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the cathedral, but he was stopped by police, three of whom are among the dead. video shows the suicide bomber trying to enter the cathedral. he's directed toward a metal detector and at that point his device was detonated. 26 worshipers were killed during a packed church service in a nile delta town. she described church deacons with blood-stained white robes running from the scene. the more seriously injured were rushed in private cars to the hospital. isis claimed responsibility for both of today's blasts. the terror group threatened to increase attacks, targeting the christian community. isis linter groups claimed
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responsibility for attacks in the sinai area. it said it was behind the downing of a russian plane that killed 224 people on board. egypt's president el-sisi said there is great progress in fighting isis-linked terror groups in the sinai, adding, it takes time. one of the two churches that were attacked today was under attack as last march, that's when authorities say they were able to detonate a bomb at the location. eric: egyptian official say radical islamic terrorism is their number one foe. arthel: the trump administration looking to build on the strong message sent to syria. rec tillerson saying the u.s. missile strikes on a u.s. air
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base should be a warning other countries. this as they prepare to visit russia this week. kristen, do you know or .we know what's next for president trump in syria? >> the big question for president trump is what dose want to ultimately see happen to the syrian president bashar al-assad. today we got conflicting answers from rex tillerson and the ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says getting assad out is a priority for this administration. and secretary of state rex tillerson said there is no change in policy. the national security advisor lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster, he tried to clarify that issue.
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>> it's difficult to understand how a political solution could result from a continuation of the assad regime. we are not saying we are the ones who are going to affect that change. what we are saying is other countries have to ask themselves hard questions. russia should ask themselves, what are we doing here? reporter: mcmasters emerging as the lead voice from the administration on syria. k.t. mcfarland who was very close with general flynn. she'll be leaving the national security council to be the u.s. ambassador to singapore. arthel: tone is crucial. is there early reporting on what it will be like when secretary of state tillerson visits moscow this week? >> the state department said this trip is still on.
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even though the pentagon is investigating if russia was somehow involved in that chemical weapons attack. secretary tillerson has expressed frustration with the kremlin's inability to see that the chemical weapons stockpile. >> they have been incompetent and perhaps they have been outmaneuvered by the syrians. >> what we should do is ask russia, how can it be if you have advisors at that airfield, that you didn't know the syrian air force was preparing and executing a mass murder attack with chemical weapons? i think we ought to ask them that question. reporter: a lot of tough questions for the luscious and secretary tillerson will have a chance to ask them face to face.
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eric: developments in syria created ominous news. iran seeking to forge closer ties with russia. this as we learn several iranian military official and diplomats met with their russian counterparts in syria yesterday. how with the possibility the u.s. could be stepping up our involvement in syria. the alliance between tehran and moscow could be cemented even further. here is how senator lindsey graham put it. >> if you kill babies with conventional bombs, it's still a moral outrage. here is what assad is telling trump. f. you. and i think he's making a serious mistake. if you are an adversary of the united states and you don't worry about what trump may do on any given day, then you are crazy. eric: joining us, the chairman
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of the gatestone institute, ambassador john bolton. john: i think there has been and lot of commentary since the u.s. attack on the syrian air base friday morning, middle east time. but much of it is pure speculation. i don't think there is any testified whatever based on what the president himself as said, that there is any change in policy that is represented bithis air strike. this was a breach of the chemical weapons policy. the enforcer of limits and pro hi bitions on the use and proliferation of weapons of mass
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destruction. i thought this strike was the right thing to do to tell syria not to do it again. to tell iran and north korea we can do it again. i don't think it means any change at all with respect to syria. i just don't see the evidence of it at the moment. eric: it's been almost 100 years since chemical weapons were outlawed. and here the russians still back assad and they are claiming the rebels conducted this. so what do we do? john: i don't see why anybody is surprised at that. if you look at russian non-compliance with arms control agreements they signed over the years, they probably looked at what assad was doing in syria
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and say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree it's been discussed publicly for a long time that the russians are in violation of the chemical weapons convention. the russians are in violation of the 1987 intermediate a range nuclear forces treaty that was designed to get interest immediate-range weapons out of europe. they are violating the stark treaty. they are fully aware iran is violating the obama nuclear agreement signed in 2015. south russian attitude here is business as usual. eric: we saw nikki haley giving it to her russian counterpart at the security council the other day, but not you russians are backing down. what does that mean with tehran and moscow.
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assad isn't going anywhere, it seems. >> i know everybody is talking about what are we going to do with syria and assad. that's not if the question. neither is the question what should we do about iraq. the real question is what are we going to do about iran. its continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and its continuing successful effort to get an arc of control in iraq through the assad regime in syria and the hezbollah terrorists. barked by the russians. it may be much more than that. that's what this trip to moscow suggests. that's the force that's developing. once we destroy isis which i think president trump is committed to. that's the issue. how do we deal with the iran-russia axis in the middle east.
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nobody is going to defend assad. that's not question number one. eric: what would you suggest? , the arc of control. there is talk of a new coalition of the arab states and israel to face down tehran. what do dupre detective? john: right now we are losing. but the imminent focal point is destruction. this is something candidate trump made a lot of comments about during the election campaign. he received new suggestions from the pentagon, perhaps some of them are already being implemented to destroy isis' caliphate in syria and iraq as soon as possible. the reason to do that is so isis is impede in its ability to recruit and deploy terrorists around the world in stockholm
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and alexandria as we have just seen. let's assume it goes well and isis is defeated in those territories. it's just eliminated. who is going to control those territories? are we going to give them back to the government in baghdad and assad? that's what we need to think about, not bash. eric: ambassador, always good to see you. arthel: meanwhile the strikes on syria exposing a divide between the white house and some in congress over the use of american military strength overseas. pete ferrell doocy is live in washington. what do lawmakers think of the president's syria strategy so far as much as what they know of it at least. peter: they are having a hard time figure out what the strategy is. but they say they are glad president trump did something.
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one republican says if the time comes to debate and vote for military action against assad in the future, he won't support anything that would take away president trump's right to order the same type of airstrikes again. >> our strategy is not jet yet developed. what comes next? i'm glad trump did this. he is no longer obama in the eyes of our enemy. but he needs to do more to close the deal that there is a new sheriff in town. peter: senator cornyn said he applauds president trump for enforcing the red line that president obama didn't do anything about. arthel: what about the democrats? what about word some of them are trying to stop president trump from ordering more airstrikes on his own?
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peter: they are arguing the constitution required president trump to get their permission before doing anything with the it in abroad. >> we don't have a system where the president gets to launch missiles against anybody they want to. they have to ask for our approval. peter: the democratic socialist bernie sanders says there are enough problems at home and it's not time to spend more on a war overseas. eric: we have new details about that deadly truck attack in sweden. what we are learning as the investigation picks up steam. arthel: it's easter recess for congress. some voters are facing them over healthcare. we'll talk to one gop congressman up next.
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new details on that deadly truck attack in sweden.
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a man from you beck and plowed a stolen beer truck through a crowd in stockholm. he said his family is devastated by the loss. swedish prosecutionors say they arrested a second person in connection to the attack that killed four people and injured 15 others. authorities say they questioned over 500 people in this ongoing investigation. >> are you aware that you don't answer questions? >> i answer questions. >> you might not like the answers, but that's what discussions like this are all about. arthel: lawmakers getting an earful from constituents in their districts as they hold town halls during the two-week easter recess. there may and more pressing matter at hand.
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the clock is ticking for congress to pass a budget and avoid a partial government shoulddown. joining me now is buddy carter. nice to have you, congressman. very good. let's start here. you know, you are a proponent of repealing the affordable care act. you said there is no circumstance that would cause you to vote in favor of the keeping the aca including if most our constituent are in favor of it. what are you hearing from your base? do they want you to reus state efforts to repeal and replace obamacare? >> people are very press freighted right now. i said and i might sincerely, the day the bill was passed, that was the biggest political disappointment i have ever experienced. but when continue to work on it, and we are making progress. we are working toward getting everyone to a question.
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i feel confident and optimistic that we are going to get there. arthel: does that include democrats as well? >> yeting a majority to it, yes. it's difficult enough to get just our own party to a question, much less democrats included. but again i'm very confident, and some of the changes that have been made are very good. i'm very impressed with some of the bills that -- some of the amendments that have been added to the bill. we make good progress. it's note pretty, but this is the way government works. this is a way legislation works it's a legislative process. >> the president has intimated that he's willing to work with the democrats to get his version of the healthcare bill in place. let's talk about this. we showed that very loud town hall with representative tom mcclintock out in california.
9:23 am
this has been happening everywhere. how loud would you say the call to avoid a government shutdown? would you say that republican and democratic lawmakers are close or far apart on a budget suitable for most in congress? >> i'm very confident that we are not going to have a government shutdown. we are going to make sure that we continue on. we have experienced that before it was not a pleasant experience at all. so we understand. and we are going to get our job done. and we are going to get healthcare done at the same time. we can do two thing at one time in congress. i think you will see us working toward that. arthel: so far it hasn't worked. people say we hear you saying you can do two things at once in congress but it's not happening. >> it is happening, just not pretty the way it's happening. again, the government hasn't shut down yet. we are still in the process --
9:24 am
the budget process. we'll get there. well work toward that goal. arthel: is there a sticking point that would prevent you from working and succeeding in getting to that goal? >> as far as the budget goes, i don't think there is a sticking point. i think we all understand what we have to do working closely with the executive branch. i think we'll get it done when we get back in two weeks, we are not in washington for the next two weeks. unless they call us in. if they do, i'm ready to go right now. they will were what is it your constituents want most from you when it comes to working on their behalf? >> when it comes to work on their behalf own healthcare, they want affordable, accessible patient-centered healthcare. we are not getting that now.
9:25 am
if there is anything we all agree on, it's the fact that obamacare has failed miserably. we have got to get the healthcare system back to where it's affordable and accessible. we are doing that. the amendments that have been added to the american healthcare bill bring premiums down and increase the number of lives that will be covered. so i'm encouraged by that. thearthel: why would you say the first stab at repealing and replacing obamacare failed? >> obviously there were certain numbers of our conference who wanted more than what the original bill had tonight. i for one voted for it in committee in the 27 1/2 hour committee meeting i was a part of, and i was in favor of that version of the bill. they wanted more. i understand that. and i get. but at the same time i'm ready for us to move on this.
9:26 am
we have gotten to a point where we have got a bill that's ready to put through the reconciliation process and i'm excited about it. arthel: lower premium the broad access to care. is that something you would vote for? >> i voted for the original bill that was pulled. but think about the amendments that have been added. we had an amendment added this last week. it will -- it proposes an individual risk sharing pool, individual risk sharing program that will save us money and going to result in more people -- more lives covered. and it's a great idea. great amendment that's modeled after a program in the state of maine that was very successful.
9:27 am
so we learned from that and add it on and make the american healthcare act even better. arthel: i have to go. but we thank you for your time joining us on our sunday program. eric: north korea has reacted to the miss soil strikes in syria. we'll have the latest from the pentagon next. >> i think the dough employment of the carrier battlegroup up toward korea was the right thing to do. when i was ambassador in kuwait in the mid 1990s, i referred to a battle carrier group as 100,000 tons of diplomacy. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. (husband)mmmm. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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eric: tensions with north korea by the u.s. navy is beefing a presence on the korean peninsula appeared with the uss carl vinson leading a strike force, heading for that area. meanwhile, north korean officials say the u.s. strikes in syria in their view further justify their continued nuclear programs. at the pentagon with the very latest. hi, luke is. >> hey, eric administers america's resident trumps national security adviser, a german doctor says the decision to strike group to the korean peninsula is a prudent thing to do. >> north korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior. this is a rogue regime that is now a nuclear-capable regime. the president has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat to the american people into our allies and partners in the region. >> last month about a group took
9:33 am
part in exercises the south korean and japanese allies sending a signal to north korea appeared on saturday resident trumps up to the acting president to discuss the north korean threat. yesterday the head ordered the aircraft carrier to reverse course, canceling and australia. among the worships are two destroyers and a cruiser capable of launching tomahawk cruise missiles similar to the one fired in thursday night. defense officials told fox's ability to launch missiles into north korea might be an even bigger message to send her career than the aircraft carrier. the week of recent missile test, the pentagon also see signs broke communist regime as the rain for another nuclear test after two last year. north korea likes to pick a test run big event that the gnome in april 15th is the president considering the biggest holiday of the year in pyongyang. one more thing. there's a u.s. navy submarine with the strike group. they don't like to talk about
9:34 am
this type of operations. arthel: as you know, they choose holidays, there is an for them is a nuclear test. we'll see what happens. arthel. trade you for mark, we are joined by michael wallace, and counterterrorism adviser to then president -- vice president cheney, colonel, so nice to have you. so what is the right? who put the price of pressure on kim jong on. >> you have feel sorry for the sailors who thought they were enjoying time in australia and are now failing back to set off the coast of north korea. that said, i think we are seeing part of the emerging trump doctrine to say that you have to have military force standing behind your diplomats in any behind diplomacy. otherwise, it is just words. we are moving beyond the point
9:35 am
where we can dismiss nuclear testing missile launches by the north korean as they did it or that's behaving like a toddler to get attention. the north koreans are developing the capabilities and former cia or general hayden and brandon have said they expect the north korean studio with a straight the united states within the next three to four years. as we see them in our intelligence community sees them marching towards capability, there's going to be a point where they cross the threshold that they take the capability out militarily if they don't stand down and if the chinese can't commit them to stand down. arthel: is to earn a commission which president trumps takes a radically to kim jong un? >> you know, i don't see that happening. my understanding from the talk president trump had with president xi jinping of china was that north korea was discussed extensively in the chinese historically have been
9:36 am
afraid of two things. one, a mass refugee flow across the north korean border into china that destabilizes that part of china. and what they are really afraid of is a unified korean peninsula for 30,000 american troops friendly to the u.s. at this point, the chinese calculus must change and they are more afraid of another war on the korean peninsula as they develop this unpredictable capability that will be forced to do something about. the key is that the chinese here. >> that remains to be seen what they do because so far they clearly have not put enough pressure on kim jong un to get them to stop it. here is a rogue dictator with nothing to lose. how does this factor into the strategy towards north korea? >> the thing that should make us all nervous is that kim jong un knows is a key part of our doctrine to essentially take mft leadership out.
9:37 am
selassie is moving towards the threshold of even able to strike the u.s. and he knows that and we know it and we both have a first-rate doctrine that he's trying to develop within short range missiles that can in our military bases in south korea, we have a very scary game of chicken that's going to go on in the geopolitical stage and that is why the chinese absolutely have to step in and stop this catastrophe that holding. >> you talk about the chinese and president trumps any if you can't do something about north korea, the u.s. will go it alone. meanwhile, you have kim jong un fan of striking a strike on syria is a warning to the north korea, forget about it. we are not bothered by it. we are not scared of it. does this war of words continue or does it remain just that, or is there an imminent military strike you involved? >> you know, i cannot see
9:38 am
another option aside from china truly set the man in a meaningful way and taking charge of the situation. for those that criticize the trump administration for being too quick to military action, look, we had almost 14 years of six party talks under both bush and obama. the last outreach being 12 and 14 where he reached out with feeling and it didn't work. arthel: if kim jong un were to do a preemptive strike, what would that look like? >> it would look like short-range missiles on our military bases in south korea and on our port in japan and south korea to prevent her ability to reinforce. arthel: you mention. thank you very much. we'll talk to you again soon. eric: back here at home, arthel, another day of chaos or one airline. passengers remained at an airport hub.
9:39 am
severe storms where they are still taking a tour whenever nations carriers are plus, half intelligence committee devin nunes. what about susan rice after those relations? she asked for the unmasking of people who turned out to be trump campaign officials. we will take a closer look at both of these controversies next-paragraph first, for fbi assistant dirt james called me -- >> susan rice committed a crime. she broke the law. >> well, we'll find that out, but we needed a aggressive investigation. the grand jury made the testimony. i don't know she broke the law or not. it looks like there is a tremendous amount of smoke.
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arthel: and nothing had been to follow this hour. five children hurt when to bounce houses went airborne a church carnival near greenville, south carolina. officials say a strong winds a strong wind sent one into a tree and another into a power line. the children were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. police in florida say the gun man who shot and killed two people at it oral gables fitness center was fired from that jim just hours before the deadly shooting. authorities say the 33-year-old suspect killed himself after shooting his coworkers. delta airlines still four days after severe thunderstorms caused a disruption at its hub in atlanta. the airline canceling 100 flights today. roughly 3000 plate earlier this week. >> without the investigation into russia's meddling of the 2016 presidential race continues good one casualty of this past
9:45 am
with house intel chairman devin nunes who temporarily stepped down from the investigation after his controversial visit was revealed when he went to white house grounds to see some classified intelligence. hammered by critics after house ethics panel said it would look into whether he disclosed classified information. at the same time, questions about susan rice and allegedly asking to intelligence reports that turn out to be campaign officials that she is now facing calls to testify before congress. will she? what is the next step. the senior writer for the weekly standard to john, you got that breaking on both sides of the investigation. in terms of ms. rice, she says she didn't do anything wrong. she didn't leak anything. do you side with that or do you think there was something else? >> you know, there's a lot we don't know right now. she may have been found in a
9:46 am
proper for something proper. we need to know exactly what was in this intelligence. item up at some classified or how long it will take to find that out. what exactly are they monitoring between orin officials and trump officials like to hear what exactly was the content and why wouldn't the intelligence agencies have done this unmasking? it is legal to reveal the name of the u.s. person caught up in foreign to foreign communications. the question is why wouldn't the intelligence agencies have revealed information? i did it come from a white house staffer? that is one big question. andrew mccarthy, prosecutors said that the smoking gun the fact that susan rice herself is asking information. she's a consumer of the reported of the report and it should have been intelligence agencies with any real intelligence value they would've done that already. eric: she didn't do anything market do anything wrong. what's wrong with you guys are
9:47 am
getting these reports? others would say it proper. but say they are monitoring carefully at. america won, america too, authors david officials with the american one, two, three. that's your job susan rice would say us to find out what is going on here? who are these people? they're for the odessa the committee would take the information back to her and reveal who these people are. >> right. in this specific instance, congressman devin nunes said it didn't relate to russia appeared to your point, i could imagine hypothetical situations where let's say there's a hypothetical two people in turkey talking about trying to curry favor in that person happens to be in the trunk transition team. you might want to know who that person is. did the bush administration, did they behave in a similar way back in 2008-2000 nine when obama was taking power this is the incidental collection and
9:48 am
this it be another way to determine whether there is anything improper done here. >> is there any evidence for talking to russian. anybody else? >> they are all talking to all talking questions. what's up with that? >> what we learned about him in some very troubling connections. it may have been wrong the way the information was forced out of public office by revealing his conversation with the foreign intelligence official. while general flynn obviously has some shady connections, he did some work with the government of turkey, failed to disclose that properly register as a foreign agent. but he still an american citizen on american defense have the right not to have one intelligence information to use against them in a way that's not legal or not proper. >> can muster something wrong and they are caught up in something -- there's intelligence briefings apparently he's basically a
9:49 am
secret agent for turkey's income on its head by the way of getting paid by turkey. >> and malice about the big, big red flag. there are proper channels, legal channels to go through. you are not supposed to go from someone in the intelligence agencies supposed to go to the press and make information from u.s. official on that conversation with the russian ambassador. there are claims this wasn't even that big of a conversation briefly mentioned. we now know the truth about that. we haven't gotten to see those reports. i think that's another good question. >> in terms of congressman nuñez coming to expect anything out of that? >> i think it was the right call they want a mistake to go to the white house and sort of put on a bit of the show. do you now come is really raising serious questions that we just need to let the process of investigation plays out out. eric: dilemma that some hearings
9:50 am
on capitol hill the very least. john mccormick, thank you for your insight today. arthel: palm sunday celebrated around the world. christians unite on this day of feasting and celebration. amid the carnage at churches in egypt, the pope has sobering words. that is next. manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,... ...and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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train to christians around the world celebrated palm sunday today. ♪ arthel: the pope and amassed before thousands of dollars in st. peter's square command today st. peter's square condemned today's deadly attack on two coptic christian churches in a jet again the thoughts of people around the world suffering under war, terrorism and violence. more now from right here in new york city. brian. reporter: the holy week leading up to easter sunday. millions of christians around the world gather for this important christian tradition. this is in st. peter's square at the vatican as thousands gather to commemorate the triumphant entry into jerusalem days before he was crucified and then resurrected according to tradition.
9:55 am
pope francis led the solemn ceremony at the heart of the cap at churches are dolls and the faithful clutched on to blast created homes in the shape of a cross. the pope also expressed his deep as to the coptic church and said he was praying for the death instead and injured in today's horrific terror attacks at two churches in our jets. in jerusalem, tens of thousands of kilograms weight through palm branches that the sign of homage to as according to tradition, jesus rode in jerusalem on a donkey and was received by cheering crowds waving a touring palm branches and spinning ball of sunday. worshipers take part in manila as a priest last palm lives with holy water. palm sunday is one of the most important days of the year in the philippines. the only predominate country in asia was also held in damascus, syria were worshipers lit
9:56 am
candles and prayed for the syrian people. palm sunday mass took on a different meaning in stockholm, sweden today, just two days after the terror attack friday that killed four and wounded some 15 others. >> i think perhaps when we started, there was a sense of seriousness. the web oriented, there is a sense of relief. that difference was bigger today than perhaps the normal sunday. arthel, back to you. eric: christians in egypt in their houses of worship. to the unrest in the middle east, stay with fox news all day today for the very latest on all the latest development. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. there'try phillips' fiberway to ggood gummies..
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they're delicious... and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm. these are good. nice work, phillips'! try phillips' fiber good gummies!
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♪livin in this crazy world
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♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ >> at least 43 people have been murdered in more than 100 injured after bombs ripped through two different church services in egypt. they were packed with worship service celebrating palm sunday. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack. good sunday afternoon had from washington, welcome to "america's news hq." leland: nice to be with you at home. i am leland vittert. just across the intercoastal behind me is the president to stay at sunday where he and the first lady in this weekend. clearly a working weekend on the so many fronts. president trump just tweeting


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