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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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but the first video recorders revolutionized tv viewing 61 year ago today. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. have a great weekend, everybody. >> are we heading for a show down? worries north korea could conduct another nuclear test as early as tomorrow. now it's warning the u.s. not to take any military action. welcome. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." tensions mounting. how will the white house respond? let's go to kristin fisher. she's travelling with the president. kristin, what the are you hearing? >> trish, right now the pentagon is shooting down reports of a possible preemptive strike on north korea. two senior officials say the reports are wrong and crazy.
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what is the pentagon doing? they're sending a lot of firepower to the waters off of north korea. and the white house is considering more sanctions and so is china. a week after the president and president xi met, china is taking a tough stance. they're threatening to cut off oil shipments to north korea and that would be a devastating blow. north korea relies on 90% of oil supplies. so the pentagon's decision to drop the moab on isis fighter in afghanistan prompted a warning from china to calm things down.
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so a lot of tension heading into this holiday weekend. it's a holiday weekend for the u.s. and north korea as the vice president mike pence heads to south korea tomorrow. trish? >> thank you. if north korea sets off the nuke what are our options then? general jack keane joins us. scary times. lots going on. if something happens with north korea, if they set off this missile, what should we do? >> we're not going to take any military action. that's for sure. they already fired five nuclear tests. this is something that they would do given the holiday that they have around the father of their country. we've endured five previous nuclear tests. we'll endure this one as well. the good news that it's happening here is really president xi's phone call wednesday night to president trump, which is a follow on to the mar-a-largo visit, an hour's conversation, longer working
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through interpreters, but nonetheless, he made the president to the president that he's wanting to move in the direction of denuclearizing north korea. that is a stunning statement. the president's three predecessors, 20 plus years of involvement with north korea could never accomplish china's willingness to move in this direction. if turns out to be action and not just rhetoric, it's a stunning achievement. >> so you think sanctions could work if they put pressure on north korea, perhaps they will listen? i want to get back to that in a second. back to this weekend and what our response would be. you said we're not going to do anything. there was a report by nbc that says we're working on a preemptive strike with conventional weapons should officials come convince that north korea will follow-through. the pentagon is shooting down this report. you're saying nothing is doing to happen. is this irresponsible reporting in your view? >> what we would do -- certainly
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we're working on a preemptive strike. we would have to have assurances that north korea has weaponized a ballistic missile and assurances that that ballistic missile is sitting on a launch site. that would move us in a preemptive strike. we're not going to permit a ballistic missile heading to one of our bases, towards one of our allies or an intercontinental ballistic missile heading to the united states. no president could tolerate that. that would be a preemptive strike. that would mean war, trish. we're not at that stage yet. >> okay. so you're tempering people's thoughts on what might help next here. nobody wants to see us heading to a war. maybe china comes on board, maybe they can help. i have to ask you, how on earth are we now in this position to
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begin with? why wasn't this dealt with earlier? >> we had no success trying to denuclearize this country. we tried political, economic and diplomatic efforts. they all failed miserably. china would not help us. china's fear was that i don't want destabilization in north korea. i'm willing to accept north korea with nuclear weapons rather than destabilize the peninsula. that's been their position. but now i think what has got effort so aroused frankly is not just the nuclear weapon, but the fact that he's willing to put it on a ballistic missile and he's threatening the use of that missile that would mean war on that peninsula because we cannot tolerate that. that has china's attention. the other thing, trish, that has china's attention, clearly is this president. and also this syria cruise missile attack done on the first
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evening that they were together in their bilateral discussions. that president of china went to bed thinking about the strike that president trump conducted in syria and had to be relating it to his willingness to do the same in north korea. >> and you add to that, the mother of all bombs that we just dropped in eastern afghanistan and it's a different administration that what we saw the last eight years for sure. so china should listen. thanks, jack keane. one day after the military dropped that huge bomb in afghanistan, the pentagon is saying james mattis will be heading to the middle east next week. the first meeting will be in saudi arabia. to the saudis need to do more to help fight isis and other extremists? right now congressman scott taylor from virginia a former navy seal.
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good to have you here. what would you like to see out of the meetings? >> like you said, this is a big different in administration. relationships matter. folks over there respect or fear strength. secretary mattis is over there meeting with the allies. some are with us to fight countser terrorism. some fighting alongside of us. they need to know we're engaged with them. at the same time, you've heard a lot out of the strikes that folks need to step up for their own defense. i heard secretary mattis say to me one time when he went to nato, saying that, he let them know that no one is going to care more about your children than you. that's extremely important. a good message to have to them saying you have to step up and engage in this fight, too. at the same time we'll be there for you as your ally. >> what do you think the reaction will be given what we just did in afghanistan. it struck a different tone. we have never dropped a weapon
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like this. had it ten years. our most powerful nonnuclear bomb, 21,600 pounds. has a radius of a mile. how is that affecting everyone in the middle east right now, all the leaders? >> it's very clear you have a different administration here. one that is willing to back up. when you are using diplomacy as a tool and sanctions or u.n. resolutions, they have to be backed up by force or the willingness to do so if all else fails. the bomb that you hear about is dealing with the tunnels under grown, of course. that's a message to north korea. you talked about that in the last segment. we know a lot of nuclear tests are held underground. i haven't heard that talk about. a message to them, too, this huge conventional took could take out nuclear facilities. not saying that's going to happen but it signals the willingness of this president to take action. >> we all want peace in the
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middle east. it's shown itself to be unattainable. very challenging region. as you fast forward here over the next 3 1/2 years, how do you see things playing out? are they going to get worse before they get better? >> anything could happen in the middle east. it's not logical in many ways. the middle east and the world are looking for leadership. america is willing to lead now. that's for sure. it's important. as i said to you, i spent years in the middle ease. they respect or fear power. it's important to stand by allies and make them do their fair share, too, but it's important to deal with potential terrorist threats. at the same time, i've been made clear that you have the second administration working off a third administration's authorization of military force from 16 years ago. it's important that congress engage. there's been many congressmen and women speaking about the syria strikes, whether for or against. it's important that we do have that debate, that the american
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people have the debate via representatives as to the use of military force. this administration is showing a willingness to engage, which is important for the world. >> representative taylor, thanks very much. good to have you here. >> pleasure. >> the situation in north korea heats up. stocks heads down in the dow taking a big hit yesterday. down about 138 after it was reported that the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs in isis in afghanistan. gold soaring as investigators look for a safe haven. u.s. markets are closed for good friday. i whatn't to go to charles payne with what we can expect monday when they open. he's the host of "making money" on fox business. so charles, i was with you yesterday as this news broke and we saw the markets trade down and levelled off and trading down in the final hour ending down 138. what can we expect monday, especially if north korea fires these things?
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>> if north korea does, we'll have more anxiety and more pressure to the down side. i will see to a certain degree, the mark has shown some resiliency. the bias that we had to the upside is shifted to the down side. unless there's some catalyst to change the direction, we will be under pressure, particularly geo politics. the syrian strike, the moab and then of course this mad man. he puts the megelo in megalomanache. >> and if china is in there trying to flex their muscle with north korea, it's unclear how much that will help because, as you said, the guy is crazy. so, you just don't know what to expect. that's it. donald trump has shown the world that he's willing to do a lot. he's willing to do what it takes. we're through the first 100 days. you think about yemen, think
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about syria, you think about what just happened in afgh afghanist afghanistan. what does that money about north korea? >> the good news is that we have a president that is sending direct messages. less not throwing red lines. the same token, we have had bad actors that have had it his way a long time. this guy is third generation crazy. >> did it get worse? >> it does. he's like a cult leader and may not understand the ramifications. he may think he can win. who knows? syria, there might be regime change. the russians may integrate to it. it's the same thing for all parties involved. this is the biggest wild card. that's why this weekend is important. >> do you be cautious or put money to work? if you're in it for the long-term, don't bet against america. i think the proof is evident there. the dow does over time all goes up. but if you're trying to milk a quick move here, how should you
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think? >> i have been more cautious. i show people on how to take protection to the down side. i'll explain why you should own great stocks over the long run, even when there's periodic dips. don't sell great american stokes. it's fine if you want to be cautious. to your point, bet on america. >> we'll see you tonight. >> they claimed their deal got rid of syria's chemical weapons. remember that? after this latest attack, we know that was at any time case at all. did they know it wasn't? meet the lawmaker demanding some answers. and, a town hall for republican senator jess flick turning ugly after the dnc tells people to go out and "get in his grill." what does this say? and is this rage even real? ♪
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>> a lawmaker demanding answers as to what the obama administration didn't and didn't know about chemical weapons in syria. keep in mind, this is what the members of obama administration were saying back then. watch. >> with respect to syria, we struck a deal where we got 100% of chemical weapons out. >> the declared chemical weapons stockpile that assad denied existed has now been acknowledged, rounded up, removed and destroyed precisely because of the work of this administration and our successful efforts to work with the russians to accomplish that goal. >> we found a solution that removed the chemical weapons that were known from syria in a way that the use of force that would have never accomplished. >> but now that we saw another chemical attack in syria,
1:18 pm
florida republican congressman ron desantas joins me now. good to have you here. a lot of us are wondering, they told us they got rid of these chemical weapons. yet we saw all of those people including children die in the horrible chemical attack. did they think they got rid of them? >> i think that's what we're going to find out. there's been evidence that has come out since this chemical attack where you have former obama administration officials that say we knew all along we didn't get all the chemical weapons. the montage that you played show that was not the message that they were giving to the american people. they told the american people that these weapons were taken care of. we want to find out did they know there were still chemical weapons there, when did they know that and with why didn't they tell the american people and congress. the problem with it is, this
1:19 pm
came from obama's red line. assad used the weapons he said he couldn't use and the president did not act against assad. they eventually struck this deal. so the obama administration said people criticize the president for not doing the red line. we got the weapons. that's even better. why were they making that narrative? is to cover politically for the president's lack of red line enforcement brought. >> the question is, did they know that they hadn't gotten them off? if so, why would they have sold the american some other bill of goods? that said, i'll just ask, how long does it take to make these things? is it possible that they could have gotten rid of them and he went out and was able to make these new ones or is that just inconceivable? do you know the answer to that? >> no, no, that is possible. it's not the way the deal was
1:20 pm
supposed to operate. but it's possible. but it seems to me less likely given the acknowledgement that we've seen from some of these former obama officials saying they knew there were weapons there all along. we want to get to the bottom of it. we want to know what was known and what was the trump administration told about this. this is obviously a problem that they inherited. we don't forget have troops in syria, small numbers, not necessarily in assad's fear of influence. when i served in iraq, we had to take the chemical suits because we didn't know what was there. was that warning given to the defense department saying we think there may be chemical weapons after all. the american people deserve these answers. >> susan rice in all of this does not necessarily perhaps have the best track record given what happened in benghazi. does that come into your line of thought at all as you ask these questions? >> absolutely.
1:21 pm
she said three days on npr before obama left office this past year saying what a great thing this was, we got all of the chemical weapons. we know it's not true. the question is did they know it wasn't true and did they tell the public differently. >> lots of questions. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> critics taking issues with massive fighters that this massive bomb took out. why everybody is missing the big picture. rob o'neal is here. after the dnc tells people to get in this senator's grill, the crowd is combative. is it real or orchestrated? we'll have more. liberty mutual stood with me
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ]
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>> are you going to choose your country over your party? >> so can you please take your job more seriously, senator? i would appreciate it. we would all appreciate it. [chanting]. >> i'm sorry. we disagree on this. >> that's not an answer. >> republican senator jeff flake feeling the heat. a town hall turns into a ruckus. the arizona republic saying the dnc urged voters to get in jeff flake's grill. is this not as real as it seems? joining me, geno and kelly.
1:26 pm
we called the dnc. we got no response from them. what do you think when you see this and the dnc is telling people to hey, get in his >> imagine that. you getting no response from the dnc. at some point, you would think the dnc would get the message, trish, that they need to act like adults. this astroturfing that people understand to be astroturfing did not result in anything constructive at the ballot box for them and it isn't going to now either. we know this is astroturfing and never results in votes. if they want to lose in 18 and 20, i'd say thank you right now because it's not looking good if they continue these immature tactics. >> you're a liberal, emily. i want to know if you think this is effective. they're trying to get flake out
1:27 pm
of there come 2018. is it going to work doing things like this? >> to be honest, my hats off to senator flake for even going to the war zone when so many in the gop have chosen to have office hours or to have phone conversations. but for me, it's not necessarily the means is really the end. while they're definitely pivots that can be made with this strategy, at the ends of the day, it does not negate the message. the people want change. whether this will result in any effective strategy change that is yet to be seen. >> yeah, come on. if these are hired hands or just plants, pretending they want change. i don't know if that is as effective as people that really actually feel it and want it, wendy. >> yeah, again, this doesn't negate this. i don't want the narrative to be turned and say oh, is the anger real? no, the anger is real. the feeling for a change is definitely real. however, the strategy again may
1:28 pm
need some pivots. but that doesn't negate the fact that people want change. >> i don't know that we will see change in the way of the strategy itself. this is kind of what we've seen from the left? isn't this their m.o.? you get a bunch of protesters to go out there and cause a ruckus and you get a little attention for it? and gina points out, it didn't do them any good. >> you can tell it was orchestrated by the fact that the people overwhelmingly support obamacare. the country at large does not. in fact, they do want change. only 26% of americans in a recent poll said they don't want changes to obamacare. the people at that town hall want to keep obamacare as it is. is this effective? i don't know if it will get anything done but it's getting liberals and progressives in the
1:29 pm
media. ever since donald trump announced his candidacy and now he's president. so liberals are looking for new ways to get on. everybody loves drama. this works. >> it's so new. gina, they have been doing this awhile. think about the protests at the trump rally. some of those people were planted. this is right out of the playbook. and it doesn't really change what people are actually feeling. we saw that. right? this election was all about that. it was a referendum or everything that the left had delivered to america. >> wendy makes a great point. if you want to look at outcomes. the outcomes of people acting like this is only going to be less communication one-on-one with our elected representatives. i don't think that's an outcome that democrats want to elicit.
1:30 pm
furthermore, while "getting in your grill" is cute and gangster, it's not all together rationale. if you're going to parade around washington d.c. dressed as female genitalia, i'm not sure how safe it is to say that people are in an emotional state from their loss to get in the grill of anybody. i don't see what the productivity is. it will bode well for the republicans in the long-term. >> thank you. the military defending their use of the mother of all bombs. the critics are taking issue with the number of isis fighters killed. why the man that killed osama bin laden takes issue with that after this. he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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yeah, 'cause i got allstate.? if you total your new bike,
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they replace it with a brand new one. so, kinda like your second husband. kinda. it's good to be in (good hands). >> trish: you're fired. the secret service showing two agents the door after a fence jumper makes it to the front door. more in 60 seconds.
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>> trish: official s announcing 36 isis fighters were killed when the moab bomb was dropped in afghanistan. take a look at these comments.
1:35 pm
>> trish: rob o'neal here with. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. this was is a huge impact sight and a psychological, around the world with our adversaries. north korea saw this, russia saw this. the ones that weren't decimated, some could throw their guns and leave. >> trish: let's take it at face value. $450,000 from each of these isis fighters. we took out 36 of them. nobody civilians killed, that's a success. >> especially taking apart the tunnel complexes. before, they would send americans in there to clear them. isis known for putting booby
1:36 pm
traps. this wipes them out. i don't think you can put a dollar amount on somebody's legs. an american soldier's life. >> i agree. let's not forget a green beret had been killed a week ago. so as we look forward to the new world order and knowing that president trump is not afraid, by the way, to empower his military. we learned from the pentagon, it was the military's decision to do this. >> yeah, delegation. he delegated authority to the people on the ground, the battle space owners. if they find a place where they need to use something like this, they're given the latitude to do it. when i was in combat, the more latitude we get, the more precise we are. our hands are not tied with these ridiculous rules that we put on ourself. isis doesn't follow the rules. the taliban doesn't follow the rules. they're untying their hands. we're still the good guys. we try to minimize collateral
1:37 pm
damage as much as we can. i love the fact a general may this call. awesome. >> trish: will we have more opportunities like this? >> yes. you're dealing with people that only understand force. not just isis and al-quaida, but russia understands strength. this is showing strength. we've done it before. did it in syria. probably do it again. hopefully doesn't come in north korea with the exercises, the dear leader up there. he seems frisky and nuts. >> trish: and people are worried about that. vladimir putin, he's must be walking around saying, goodness. for all of those by the way that thought that somehow vladimir putin wanted trump in the white house to go easy on him, so much for that narrative. >> yeah, it's been eight years for free lunch for vladimir putin. it's not the case anymore. putin will be strong just to
1:38 pm
save face but this gets to tension behind closed door, too. china is being serious. they're helping with north korea. >> general jack keane said this is a big deal. we haven't heard the chinese say look, we're willing to go tough on north korea in a way that he's indicating right now. so that is new. >> it's very new. whenever general keane speaks, people should listen. >> trish: and likewise you, rob o'neal. >> thank you. >> trish: will military strikes help president trump strike a tax deal? jack kemp says you better believe it. it could happen. i'll see you here. ked some oldee when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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>> trish: president trump getting support for top democrats for the air strikes on syria. my next guest says the president
1:42 pm
should build on that support and strike a deal on tax cuts. david joins me now. good to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> trish: everybody can agree we want, we need tax cuts. it's challenging right now. the president indicated to maria bartiromo that he wants health reform first. how do you see it? >> plan a is to get the house healthcare build through and go for tax cuts. that's plan a. but donald trump would be foolish not to have a backup plan. since he has democrats praising him on something for the first time, he had to follow up on that with a bipartisan tax reform bill. now, the democrats are never going to play ball on individual tax cuts. i think the republicans can come in later and do a reconciliation bill with individual tax cuts. but now i would concentrate on
1:43 pm
the corporate side. i think you just can't say i want to be bipartisan. i'm going to be bipartisan. you have to put something on the table. that's what i suggest. you have to put some sweeteners in there for the democrats. they're not even going to take a look at it. >> what are the sweeteners? there's a lot of folks on the left that don't like what we're doing in syria. they don't necessarily want us going in there, being super aggressive. there are those that are praising it but -- >> the sweeteners are on the economic side. i would do four things. i would do corporate tax reform, dropping the rate from 35 to 20. and do a repatriation proposal, which would include
1:44 pm
understanding companies bringing back capitol by infrastructure bonds. i'd add to that, i would add a small, very incremental hike in the minimum wage. done with sensitivity so not to throw off small business solvency issues and then do a voucher for poor families that can't afford the move from areas where there's no jobs to states where there's >> trish: what about infrastructure? there's people that would like money for the infrastructure. >> the democrats love infrastructure. they're in favor of corporate tax relief. if i were ahead of the freedom caucus right now, i would be worried. when i see what donald trump just did to steve bannon where bannon thinks i'm the number 1 guy, now i'm no longter number 1
1:45 pm
guy. if i see that, if i'm the freedom caucus guy, i'd worry about the working with democrats. what if he gave the democrats merrick garland as the next judge? he will never do that -- >> that would be a big gamble on that part. he can't guarantee that later on down the road. >> of course. >> trish: let's think through this. you have to give them something. there's no way, sadly -- think there's a lot of people on the left that don't want this economy to start gaining big time that don't want to see donald trump succeed because it means more challenges for them come 2018. so they have to so something tangible in their hand that they can go back to their
1:46 pm
constituents and say i did it because of this. >> all right. look back at the history. in 1986, i worked on that tax reform. everybody was against it. there were five funerals health for the death of tax reform. a big difference of talking about tax reform saying i don't like it and actually voting against a bill on the floor. the republicans can get a bill on the senate floor. they can get a bill on the house floor. it's not a problem. it's easier to say. can you vote against it as a democrat that has a lot of positive things for infrastructure, even a modest hike in the minimum wage, you're going to be proud about that vote? we found once the bill got on the floor in tax reform, once you had a proposal to negotiate, it was surprising how many people came out of the wood work that you thought, they would never be willing to play this
1:47 pm
game. if you talk about it in the abstract, it never happens. >> trish: good to have you, david. i think there's a shot. he's willing to work with both sides. he wants to succeed and get something done and it's going to take an olive branch. web the white house fence jumper that roamed around the grounds for 20 minutes before getting caught? now only weeks later, two agents have been fired. meet the former agent that hopes that this starts to light a fire under every single other agent there. that's next. when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance when liberty stands with you™. but so we don't have tormin wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer...
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>> trish: they failed to catch this man. scaling the white house fence and roaming around the grounds for 20 minutes. now only weeks later, two secret
1:51 pm
service agents have been fired. the former agents say the swift punishment says a message should be sent to the agency which has been plagued with problems. dan, thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> all right. so what kind of message does it send? >> yeah, trish. this is unusual. i've seen operational failures before. we had behavioral failures, the columbia incident, the overseas scandal. we're not talking about that. we're talking about operational failures where a guy jumps the fence and maneuvers around for 17 minutes. these things have happened before. i have not seen the axe come down so fast on employees like this. i spent 12 years with the secret service. i think it's a reflection of the trump administration's commitment to just no excuses mentality. it's not a political statement. it's a fact. i have never seen anything like this before.
1:52 pm
>> trish: you think it's his business background and imparting that to members of his team saying there's accountability here? >> yeah. i think so. i still keep in regular contact with a lot of secret service friends. i know both him and his family are very interested for obvious reasons in what the secret service does. of course, he's the president. he wants to be safe and make sure the secret service is doing a good job. you'd be surprised how many protectees in the past that assume we do what we do and don't ask many questions. i'll be regarding this incident, the fence jumper, he was on this like white on rice and said what's going on with this? i want to see heads roll. >> trish: how could it be that this guy was able to roam around for 17 minutes? i mean, how possibly can that be? i know that secret service
1:53 pm
agents take their job. is this a couple guys being lackadaisical, that they didn't spring into action? how could someone be roaming the property for that long? >> well, i'm glad and i know a lot of the agents that watch fox are glad to see you give them the benefit of the doubt. they do do an incredible job. unfortunately incidents happen. this was a bad one. the uniform division is responsible for securing the 18-acre white house complex. it's not the agents. the uniformed division. they have had a for tribal attrition problem. that i have had a brain drain of catastrophic proportions. all you have left is a lot of salty old guys that have been around forever and in too long to leave and rookies with no experience. that i have to start focusing on the uniformed division. >> trish: these guys had been on the job less than a year.
1:54 pm
then you have guys that are older and -- i don't know what you'd say, not the spring in their step and the young ones that don't take it so seriously. how do you change this? >> you're going to have to do something with the morale. i was an nypd officer and a secret service agent. i remember when morale went down. once you lose it, it's ladder to get back. you have to make the uniform division officers feel like they're part of something. morale is driving guys into other jobs, out of the uniformed division and let to a catastrophic brain drain. an unsecure white house environment as it sounds. sadly. gives me no pleasure in saying that. >> trish: dan, thanks.good to see you. >> you're welcome. >> trish: retailers are in trouble. you've seen this headlines.
1:55 pm
everybody is shopping online. are we going to see the end of mall shopping malls as we know them? that's next. so much lobster, so little time. at red lobster's lobsterfest any of these 9 lobster dishes could be yours. so don't resist delicious new lobster mix and match or lobsterfest surf and turf because you won't have this chance for long.
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>> trish: you know bring and mortar retailers are struggling right now. now more and more malls are actually closing up shop all together. driving around one of those once thriving malls in suburban, chicago. facing the wrecking ball. it's tough. >> i can't stop the wrecking ball, trish. we're all the mall drive here. maybe you see out the window. that is what remains of the lincoln mall, once thriving here in the suburbs. just like a lot of malls around the country. they just got the order, the judge's order to shut this one and actually demolish this one. and we have actually got some pictures on the inside of this mall. i'm kind of fascinated by, you know, urban decay or suburban decay, abandon mall. if you look at the inside. these places used to be the
1:59 pm
centers of commerce and, you know, not so much anymore. we have got huge numbers of stores, way too many stores as it turns out. radio shack is closing 500 stores. payless 400. limited 250. and they just don't have a place in the mall anymore. the malls are going away. also, they tell us, trish, is perhaps we come around and leave you with a live picture of what was the entrance to this mall, kind of a sad sign there as maybe lori sees it. big sign that says it's happening now. what's happening now is maybe the end of the mall as we know it as the big center of commerce that it used to be. as you point out, replaced by something called the mall of the future, the internet. >> trish: yeah. no, it's a natural progression, unfortunately, you know. because everybody is doing their shopping online these days. me included. just flock, thank you very much. i don't know where the kids are going to hang out, right? all the teens that go to the
2:00 pm
mall on the weekend. don't miss me monday on the intelligence report where i am every day monday through friday at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network. my thanks to neil for having me here today. i will actually be in for him again on monday. have a very, very happy easter. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, greg gutfeld and eric bolling. this is the five. less than 100 days since taking office, president donald trump is making his mark on the world stage first with a u.s. air strike in syria in response to the chemical attack. and then yesterday with the massive bomb dropped in afghanistan killing 36 isis militants. meanwhile the world is watching north korea in growing concern that it may be closer than ever to launching a sixth nuclear test. this comes as the country prepares for what it's calling a big event to mark the anniversary of its founr'


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