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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  April 15, 2017 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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entire cafeteria staff and replacing them with self-serve kiosks. school officials say they were forced to lay them off because of a $150,000 deficit in food service operations. this is why new york lawmakers are allowing their middle-class families to send kids to public colleges for free. >> potential fallout from rising tensions over there. the nuclear threat in north korea to russia and iran warning about us airstrikes in syria, united states dropping the mother of all bombs on isis terrorists in afghanistan with the dow dropping as word of that bombing for your investment in our economy? this is bullshit be and bears. welcome to everybody. could this best turn into a mess
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for the market and economy at home. >> definitely. these when i heard they dropped the mother of all bombs, that was after what we did in syria it is troublesome, when we hear about large bombs, the largest nonnuclear it is scary because then you think what if this escalates and a little more remotely, what if some of these countries start dropping bombs on us? we have that impact, the longer-term impact which is negative, the war on terror cost the economy $2 trillion that certainly could have gone elsewhere. into the war effort rightly so
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but that dreams the economy. the good thing is we recovered from cmxi, world war i and all the other wars, and eventually bounced back, but short-term is worrisome. arthel: all three major market gauges down two weeks in a row, oil, gold, the day on thursday we dropped the mother of all bombs the market dropped instantaneously. >> north korea has nuclear capability and if you want them to have the ability to hit the united states it would be worse than the market or anything else you could do. if president trump were to decide to take any action to wipe out missile capabilities, maybe i will take a contrarian view it would be good for the us market. i would not invest in the emerging markets if there was some action in asia. if i were an investor i would fly to the united states, where
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your currency would be safer and investment would be safer. dagen: you have seen money flying, the us treasury in recent weeks.fford not to act i north korea and syria. >> we need to ask about north korea but what gary says is right, about the escalation, in 20005-2006 colin powell went after the delta asia bank, at point, kim jong-un didn't pay his generals, surgical strike, the problem is he is a loose cannon, he has nuclear weapons. the question we have is is this going to affect the market, the market was looking for a reason to pull back and market is at such a high that it is
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necessarily what we are going on in syria and afghanistan. arthel: markets shaken by rising geopolitical tension, more of this to come if these tensions get worse. >> it is definitely shaken. investors like donald trump campaign talk and entanglements, that is a place i think investors in a political sense you don't want to get involved, let russia have the problem. north korea is a different story. down to the last few balls, rod stewart is looking for more, but the demising his crazy code and clear -- the missile part down. we don't have to have a strategy for syria. these bonds are awesome and at the end of the day great bombs
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in vietnam and other wars, we already -- look how long we are in afghanistan. that was supposed to be the right war we got into and the impact is more significant than the stock market, we just got back to a normal level. dagen: to that point, rising oil prices, consume confidence in this country, near the post election high. we found that out this past week. >> in here we need to consider is ego on economic gains especially consumer confidence and the markets, saying i am here, business is back, and interesting to see what happened going forward as tensions continue to rise. this week consumer confidence wasn't shaken. or the week after that, what
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will happen going forward. everyone on the panel, the key to this, having a laid out strategy, we don't what the majority of americans do not want to go up to speed. the majority of americans want to see congressional oversight. if we take further action. dagen: to the cost of doing nothing, particularly with north korea. the first nuclear test was under president bush, four under president obama. here we are today with a grave threat, did nothing. >> i always think of it like this. it is easy to say in hindsight, the bullies over there, let them beat up on the other non-boules if you will. it harkens back to nazi germany in the 30s and 40s. sometimes verbally gets ahead and they think maybe i can start
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dropping bombs on the nato nations or going through japan or other countries, then whether we like it or not, sometimes the best strategy is one of preemption. i am off for let's make america first and that is what donald trump ran on. the problem is the world changes every single day and part of the uncertainty is if we might make a preemptive action and probably we should, we don't know how donald trump will react, he drops some bombs, does it escalate? does it keep going? is he more george w. bush or barack obama, drew the line in the sand? we don't know. i don't think it is about his ego. it is about his uncertainty as commander in chief tested in a situation, we will find out in the weeks and months to come. dagen: i go back to what happened after 9/11. by early november 2001 the tao was back where it was on
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september 10th. we came out of a recession that month in november of that year. it speaks to the resiliency of not only having the american people that our economy. >> when you look at geopolitical risk and how that affects the markets in america and abroad, why does geopolitical risk happened? it happens when america doesn't lead. we see the best that happened the last six years, the middle east, asia in turmoil, active russia, you don't have this leader around the world, we can bury our heads in the sand and if we think our lives will go on in the us while the world burns, i have a bridge in kansas for you. dagen: thanks. neil cavuto on business 20 minutes ago, charles payne is in for neil. what have you got? >> as american scrambled to meet the tax deadline, a new study
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may bring new light to the gop tax plans. russia blocking a resolution condemning syria for using chemical weapons was what are we getting for all that you and funding? we will be baited at the bottom of the hour. dagen: we can't wait. as millions of travelers hit the airport this holiday lawmakers demanding a new law to prevent this from happening ever again. there fix could be a costly mistake for all flyers.
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knowing where you stand.
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it's never been easier. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. >> good saturday morning. it is overnight in north korea but during the day they put on a massive show of force, tens of thousands of soldiers accompanied by tanks, ballistic missiles as they marched in a parade past leader kim jong-un but what didn't happen is most
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important. >> military might was heard today at a parade marking the anniversary of the birthday of the founder of this country. the current leader, kim jong-un, is the grandson of that person, he spent five years in the job, he finds himself eyeball to eyeball with the united states over his nuclear program. his right-hand man defiantly confronted the us saying if they stage all out war we will stage all out war and throw some nukes into the mix. there was no nuclear test or launch, as was feared, we that to troops and the military and experts say we saw new missiles and rockets. a medium range missile or two
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and a prototype intercontinental ballistic missile, the fear being north korea could develop an icbm with a nuclear warhead and we are a couple hundred yards from kim jong-un. this guy, thirtysomething figure, his government, his country in control, organizing, not to be underestimated. >> back to him in the noon hour. now back to boules and bears. arthel: dagen: the overbooking and then the dragging seen around the world. with this busy travel weekend upon us some lawmakers want to protect us by banning airlines from being able to overbook flights. you say like so many laws meant to help this will hurt
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passengers. >> costs will be passed to passengers that are flying. this was beyond stupid, the decision on a local level and was sitting in it and that should never happen but that doesn't mean you go to a beyond stupid congress to try to fix this problem. have to put this in perspective, one in 16,000 flyers i bumped. united welfare, one in 23,000, that is 0.4%, 91% of those voluntarily at the gate for someone forcing them, the problem is minuscule systemwide. the airlines need this to make money. they haven't lost money -- finally taking congress and passing along to the consumer. dagen: 40,000 people last year were involuntarily bumped out of 660 million people worldwide.
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we need a new law for this. >> a big fan of new laws. this is a collaboration and a disaster and the fact that it was caught on camera is where the majority the outrage is. you could make laws around what kind of law enforcement in these instances, to stay overnight somewhere. we are looking at a pr disaster more than the need for a new law. dagen: this is something many airlines managed perfectly on their own and they don't need lawmakers getting in the middle of their business and making it worse for us who fly. change i am a little upset that jessica take the left side because i can't play off her. >> didn't mean to ruin your
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weekend. >> it hurts a little bit. it sets me back. i am regrouping. >> i will get you. >> you are writing your application. this is a brutal business. profit for passenger, they make $4 profit for passenger, like a supermarket in this razor thin market, look where we stipulate this is horrible, the doctor will take $5 million or whatever out of it. chris christie wants to eliminate overbooking. airlines could do that, a 200 passenger plane, they could sell 180 tickets and keep the other 20 open for those who miss their flights. ticket prices go up 20% to 50%. you could fly round-trip from orlando to california for $300. does anyone want to go back when
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we were ultra-restrictive on airlines and a cost thousands of dollars. dagen: it is not just democrats who want more regulation, republicans too. >> the airline industry is totally regulated. airlines have to deal with very powerful unions, the pilots unions and flight attendants and speaking of chris christie, they are leaving new jersey and going to detroit, one of several car companies that left new jersey, let's keep on regulating them. dagen: the department of transportation, and airline, and involved in this. >> if there is a solution where consumer behavior would fix the problem, you don't need government regulation, plenty of places and airlines with
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government regulation, flying from new york costs more than going to china. monopolies going on, where this popular stuff where they want to get into minor problems, consumers can fix this problem to you weeks but watch, when they book a flight in fort lauderdale or wherever, $10 less than united, they will take united. they don't care about the story anymore. the consumer doesn't want to pay two extra dollars to make this go away. doesn't mean the government has to step in because it could go away if consumers really cared. dagen: that is the final word. what do you guys have coming up? >> afghanistan to north korea to syria, donald trump is beefing up the military responses around the world the time to the for power defense bending, cashing in, see you at 1130.
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dagen: up here first have you seen this? a republican senator getting a not so warm welcome at a town hall this week after the dnc reportedly told reporters to, quote, get in his grill to protect obamacare. is that crossing the line? beaches people and places they shouldn't be. let's drain it. >> growing the night. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay. that was really great. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. call today to talk about your insurance needs.
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dagen: the dnc urging people to protect obamacare.
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[chanting] can you remind me when you are up for reelection?
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dagen: senator jeff flake's townhall turning ugly, democratic national committee might have played a role committee report say the dnc sent an email to arizona supporters encouraging them to, quote, get in the senator's grill and protect obamacare. is this constructive? >> no. good for jeff flake for doing the townhall beside although the boxes people that were speaking. everyone has a right to protest, talk out of a your senator. i think this is outrage in arizona where most people may have one insurance provider to choose from arizona -- this is nothing more than a bunch of people who are still better than hillary clinton lost so they will rail against obamacare, go find something new. dagen: premium double in arizona and they want to keep obamacare. what do you think? >> good for them if they want to keep it. flipped it around.
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if there was a democrat up there and they were rallying to get rid of obamacare i would be applauding it. that is democracy. flake can take it. he said as much of the end of his speech. god bless democracy. maybe it is a little out of hand but if the people come out and went it, go for it. >> the noisy tactics and protests, save the things you can vote out of which you can vote obamacare back income he could have last time, you can't -- both parties -- no choice -- civil rights got to go through it. voter rights going away, obamacare you can vote that one in. >> gary took the last position. i don't know what to do. in 2010 we saw this, democrat standing on stage and republicans were going crazy in the audience so this is not the
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fault of the dnc. this is real outrage across the country not just in arizona and republicans failed to get it done and you see. dagen: final word. >> it is embarrassing the horrible things said about clinton, bush, obama and trump, embarrassing to our country, we need to put it in the country, not ourselves a political party. dagen: thanks for joining us. tesla unveiling a new electric pickup truck this fall but one of our guys, will electrify your profits even more. which one? next. for rett. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can.
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it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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dagen: predictions. >> you think tesla made money, they don't, gm does.
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>> forget the united fiasco, delta is up. >> jetblue doesn't overbook flights. jetblue up 20%. dagen: they go to china. >> with american strict grambling to make the tax deadline, what about the tax cut? i am charles payne in for neil cavuto, the tax foundation releasing reports showing the house gop tax reform plan would create 1.7 million jobs and boosting comes by nearly 9% but now charlie gasparino, the tax cuts for businesses may not be as big as they expect and the president telling maria bartiroma, the deadline is moving so that is where it is going. gerri willis inside and adam leschinsky also here. what are you hearing you


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