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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 16, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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even as far as guam, of course, as you have been reporting to viewers the concern intercontinental ballistic that they are
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working on very closely, or with a nuke back and nuclear targeting of united states, where we don't think that is we are to that point yet but that is a concern, one more note about the parade, marking this anniversary date of the founder, watched saturday there were new range mils including submarine launched missiles on display along that parade route, where the missile was launched near a submarine base military and even saw, intercontinental ballistic missiles onplay kim jong-un leader here working on missile and program. >> gregg palkot thanks so much for joining us this evening. and joining me now to discuss this in-depth military panel, fox's analyst thor of book without mercy, general
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mcinerney also a fox analyst i start with general mcinerney then colonel hunt no surprise in fact yesterday, i expected most of us were thinking that there might have been some keep you of missile launch yesterday, correct? general mack in earny. >> absolutely -- >> okay, yeah, but let me ask you this general hunt do you agree we expected something yesterday. >> some kind of provocation, yes. >> okay, now, let's talk about what kind of provocation or we don't know exactly what it was but what we do know is that north korea is a nuclear power, having already launched five nukes and talk more on advisory of grandfather's that there might be a 6th launched -- is there the compass
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capacity to launch with specialed intercontinental ballistic missile a nuclear weapon toward us i will start with you -- >> they don't have that capability right now. they are developing what they call kn 08 kn 14, that are mobile icbms can reach the united states. that is why testing these other rang mils nuclear weapons testing not only north korea but iran. >> colonel hunt your response? >> -- about a year away from presidenting new kind of missile about a year away dangerous situation, as said blown up five on the ground, and massively aggressive nation. >> all right, and what has set off kim jong-un? i am assuming that although it is up to you to comment on
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this, what is that normal state of mind what set him off said he vows to confront president trump -- merciless response to u.s. provocation, or is president trump simply said north korean problem will be taken carry of what is the north korean problem. >> unstable leader. he is trying to keep power, he is very young. he doesn't have a lot of experience. so when he gets in positions like this, he starts to yell, and make noise and try to intimidate people he is not going to intimidate this president. and he is not going to intimidate our allies. >> well, colonel hunt, what is the our military capacity compared to north korea's? we are the military the world's strongest military power are we not? >> yeah, we are the -- greatest nation military power on the planet.
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fighting now 16 years. so we are extremely good at this. the issue though is that korea north korea important because of seoul, korea 30 miles south of demilitarized zone dmz north korea has 15,000 artillery people, the problem is for us to do anything, north korea will still get a massive strike on a defense 10 million city stooul is soul held hostage to anything about north korea. >> what he is saying is that we are literally held hostage to an attack if he finds out about it he meaning kim jong-un because he will take out seoul south korea our vice president pence hours away from landing in seoul south korea, so is that how it would happen? >> well that is the -- the narrative, judge but the fact is we know exactly where those
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hardened artillery sights are we call thermal hart sights latitude longitude with gps we've ways of attacking sites you can imagine if five or six moabs were dropped in an area over there we had b-2s can drop 8500 -- bombs we can put a lot of firepower the readiness of those artillery sights don't fire aren't exercising them they have been there for years so there is a readiness issue. >> colonel hunt shaking your head 0 seconds. >> -- 30 seconds. >> every one we run 6 minute withed yes a lot of capabilities i get it but there are 6 minute issue, as soon as they discover something in the air can punch buttons 30 miles south of seoul, no one thinks that if north korea would not get
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shots to the south we are a better military for sure unstability of north korea closeness of seoul makes the option very, very limited, and usually every war game goes to "nuclear option". we can't be considered i think a bit too far has to be china that gets at north korea. >> thanks so much for being with us tonight, and to continue that conversation john bolton with me former united states ambassador to the united nations all right, and colonel -- ambassador john bolton, thank you for being here this evening, all right i want to continue with that conversation. and specifically we know the guy is apparently unstable kim jong-un, in north korea, and we know he's got certain nuclear capacity intercontinental plifkt missile possible to put warhead on it what i didn't get into a time issue
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is the electromagnetic grid issue for me big concern especially as relates to capacity putting a nuclear war head of impacting, you are the expert can talk about why president trump is trying to engage the president of china, to hold back kim jong-un is that the way to approach this? >> look we've had 25 years of negotiates with north korea to try and persuade them to give up nuke program coerce through sanctions give up nuclear weapons they failed there is a ron for that the regime in north korea, the possession of the about deliverable nuke weapons is this ace in hole insurance policy to stay in power asking them give that up like asking to give up power never going to do it so the question is, what else is available to us to do, i think there is really only one answer, and that is for china to be convinced that what thv said many years don't want north korea to have nuclear
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weapons they have to operationalize they fear if he too much pressure on north korea will collapse i think that is right to me, indicates, the only the only true answer here is reunifying peninsula we have to convince china that trump's point is absolutely correct talking north korea year 26 as fruitless as 235irs if china is serious if they truly believe what they say, that they don't want north korea nuclear weapons let's get on with it. >> so when president trump engages a president of china what leverage recently a couple months ago china was a currency manipulator now president trump and you know to his credit he meets with the man, has a good weekend with him at mar-a-lago great discussions he is an s expert negotiator appears calling in
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chips maybe working on trade issue with president of china to get china to take away oil, the coal? what? but will north korea does north korea care does kim jong-un care about his people. >> of course, he doesn't care about his people, the pressure would be, on the regime itself, china supplies over 90% north korea' oil if they cut off trucks and planes don't move, they supply enormous amounts of food other you humanitarian assistance not because they are so humanitarian but they want north koreans on their side of the river so i think kim recognized that if china withdraws support he is in trouble, but this is where it gets difficult, because if the regime collapses china worries that without an agreement with the united states, the south will take north korea back and american troops on the yalu river saw in 1950 didn't like then there is a teal here we don't want to be on you allu rir we don't want troops pinned down there there is a
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way to get to china on this i think perhaps that is what president is trying to do i think he knows the situation with not is acute enough now, that he is not going to give them forever, the fact is that your panel just discussing,t north is very close to having at a deliverable nuclear weapons capability that can hit united states the real point to china xi jinping we're not waiting forever i understand the dangers to population of seoul if hostilities broke out nobody takes that lightly let's be clear for american president what cal could you us lsu is population innocent syrians at risk because of dictatorship in north korea i think china is beginning to understand we are running out of time as i say we tried 25 years to get north to give that up made enormous practice missile failures as we can see including today, but there is no question that the estimate is right there, very close. >> i hear in your voice your
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words that this is really serious that we have a calculus to make possibly seoul or the united states. >> look it is in very near future of year two years one other thing iran can apply from north korea next day whatever north korea possessions so two threats iran north korea. >> not a good situation ambassador john bolton thanks so much for being with us this evening, more on this ahead former candidate for president mike huckabee he is also here live but next -- >> we are going to battle on every step of the way, we've got to put pressure on cities. >> inside the department of justice, here in washington. i sit down with attorney general jeff sessions specific on how to stop sanctuary cities that defy the federal government, later -- >> we -- donald trump. >> no. >> he said he wasn't going to
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do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to judge jeanine: breaking tonight. north korea fails at a missile launch attempt. the president has been briefed. we'll keep you updated. i sat down with the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions inside the department of justice. first up, immigration, sanctuary cities, and his recent trip to the border. thank you so much for allowing us here. by going to the border this week he sent a message that was loud and clear. the border is not open to anyone wh it. in addition you provided a mechanism with 125 new
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immigration judges, with the policy being sent to the united states attorneys that cases will be prioritized. gang members coming in for a second time, their cases will be prioritized. border patrol agents will be protected. you did all of the things that were ignored for the past 8 years. will it make a difference? >> it will make a difference. the biggest message is this border is not open. if you come to america, come lawfully, don't come unlawfully. that's a huge factor in the attempts to enter america. you have a decline in attempts to enter america. march was the lowest month in 17 years it was 72% below president obama's last month in office.
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judge jeanine: president obama said there was so much poverty in central america, el salvador, honduras. there was a lot of talk by border patrol agents that gang members from el salvador were coming into the country. border patrol members were telling me they were saying i'm a gang member. what are you going to do about it? you have to let me in. even if we do close that border, the mechanism is in place. you put it in place. now what do we do with the ones who were here. how do we finds them, identify them and move them out? >> we are going after them. we can defeat those gangs. in 2006 or 2007, ms13 was severely damaged. its murders and crimes were way down. but they have come back last
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decade and we can do it again. we are going to do it again. they need to know right now. we are coming after you and other gangs too. but the ms13 is a particularly violent gang and it needs to be stopped and we can do it. then we'll deport them after they have been convicted and served their time and it won't be so easy to get back in the country. judge jeanine: you and i understand what it takes to get initiated in this ms13 gang it's murder incorporated. if we have someone who entered illegally and is simply a gang member of ms13, is that grounds to prioritize their case and remove them? >> yes. no person can come into the country illegally and not expect to be deported. where did this come from? they get past the bored and they spends a week in the united
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states and then they are caught and they get to claim they can't be deported. we need to restore law fullness. if you want to come, wait your turn. if somebody comilts a crime while they are -- commits a crime while they are here legally or illegally. they can and should be deported. >> i believe the message is clear, mechanisms are in place. but there is so much to do. we need more judges and courts, too. >> we are doing what i have done is i examined the hiring process. it takes way too long. we are going to cut that way down. we'll have 75 new judges next year. we'll add 50 new ones within the next few weeks, we'll allow 50 more at the border, and this will help us a lot. judge jeanine: just this week, fox news, tucker carlson started a whole movement.
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he had a mayor on, who indicated that he was proved his sanctuary city, lan lansing, michigan it s out after a lot of discussion and a lot of people watched. they called a meeting and it turns out lansing is not now going to be a sanctuary city. what are we going to do besides not giving them grants money if? >> first and foremost they need to listen to their constituents. i don't believe the people of lansing wanted somebody who came to the country illegally and was convicted of a rape or murder or drug deal should not be removed from the country. these cities are saying they get to stay in our community. it makes no sense. the voters of these cities need to hold their city councils and mayors to account.
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the this works for the mayor, sometimes they will support the mayor. i talked to police officers and they think this is crazy. judge jeanine: some of them are appointed by the mayor. there has to be a mechanism the federal government has so the local police can identify when an ms13 gang member is getting out of jail for a crime some mayor doesn't think is important enough to fight i.c.e. >> general kelly, the department of homeland security, i.c.e. officers are doing a great job. and they need a heads up. a detainer is that mechanism. you know from a prosecutor in new york. one jurisdiction honors the next jurisdiction. so you have finish your sentence of the bad guy. if they have got a case they want to hold them on, you hold them and turn them over. that's what the detainer allows to happen. what we are doing is irrational. it makes no sense, it under
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mines the relationship with the united states government. these cities need to be health to account. judge jeanine: as president obama said, this is not who we are. >> it's remarkable thought, really, people come to america by permission. they get a visa. or they break in the border illegal i. but they are here. if they commit a crime here the law says they shall be deported. not may be. shall be deported. i don't understand all this. we have to keep the pressure up. if you are not cooperating with the federal government you are going to lose grants money. we are going to battle on them every step of the way and put pressure on these cities. it's just important for america and the people in these cities. judge jeanine: how dangerous it is for them. part two of my interview is still ahead. i'll ask the attorney general what the biggest problem facing
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him right now is. but first i took you live with governor mike huckabee who is standing by with his take on the breaking news out of north korea. the governor is next.
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judge jeanine: breaking tonight, an attempt and failure by north korea to launch a missile. joining me former governor arkansas and one-time candidate for president. you heard the breaking news from north korea. what's got this lunatic kim jong-un all riled up. governor huckabee: you hit it right. he just ain't right. when talking about kim jong-un, it's fair to say he just ain't right. he thinks in the terms of publicity and showing off.
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so when he sees tomahawks hitting syria and moabs hitting afghanistan, he's not getting much attention. he has this big parade and military exercise and the 105th birthday of his grandfather. then he decide to light the candle on a missile and show us how tough he is. on problem is the missile blows up on the pad. this is a guy we have to take seriously. he's seriously delusional and seriously crazy. and that makes him a threat just not to south korea, but the entire planet. >> with all of the show of the intercontinental ballistic missile and the goose stepping and all of the craziness and the excitement. whether it would show whether it
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was real, it seems as though he would have to prove something. the failure of the missile launch. and earlier gregg palkot seemed to suggest the failure may have been due to cyber warfare interference which i thought was fascinating that hasn't quite yet been confirmed. but there is an attempt by this country to put a stop to whatever it is he's trying to do. but he clearly has the ability to affect our strategic areas in that part of the world. but let's talk about what happened in the last week or 10 days with syria and afghanistan. here we are on the eve of easter, passover as well. the genocide of christians in the middle east, the birthplace of christianity. and we have a president who kind of changed and said even though we won't be getting involved in the east in, you saw those babies. and he sent over 25, 26 tomahawk
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missiles. governor huckabee: we are seeing a president who doesn't put handcuffs on his own military. he trusts them and believes in them. if they say here is what we can do to respond to that. he doesn't spends weeks wring his hands, he says go get the job done, that's why you are there. i think it esprit de corps in the military is the highist's been in 20 -- the highest it's been in 20 years. he's responsible as the commander-in-chief. this is refreshing to see in a president. the release of the moab bomb in afghanistan is a reminder he's not fretting over whether it's going to be popular. he's doing what he believes is necessary to take isis out. that's what he said he was going to do and he turned loose the wrath of the military to get
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that done. thank god for that. judge jeanine: people say the use of the moab is the biggest bomb that we have that is not nuclear is something that may have been too much for the tunnels and i understand 94 isis fighters. governor huckabee: it not only killed a significant number of isis fighters and gone it their opportunities where they thought they were safe. it turns out they weren't so safe down there. but it sent a message to all the world that you are not fooling around with people that are going to hit you with bb guns. we are prepared to take it to you wherever you are. i believe it's a powerful message that needed to be sent. i'm delighted the president is willing to use the resources this country has built and use it against it rather than send thousands of ground troops in to get slaughters.
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judge jeanine: trees justice on deck. what's our attorney general's bi
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judge jeanine: part two of my talk with jeff sessions. at issue the consent reform and the freddie gray case. you had the consent decree and it depends on polling in baltimore and other cities. how do you assess the success of police in a consents decree by polling it in baltimore and detroit? >> that's one of the examples of
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the unwise decisions in a 200-page decree that's a federal judge is overseeing the police department of baltimore. the city of baltimore'for it. -- baltimore fought for it. ball more started adopting these liberal policies before the dee decree came into effect. they curtail their policing. all of that was erode. arrests went down 37%. and firearm assaults, shootings went up double. 100% increase in shootings. when you take the police off the streets, you tell them you don't want them out there patrolling. talking to people. doing the squeegee and the small crime and the thugs and confronting them and dealing
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with them, murders go up. we should not have of any decree on the police department that eliminates constitutionally proven accepted policies that save lives. and these defreeze, some of them do -- these decrees, some of them do that. judge jeanine: you can't detain people in an area or in proximity of a crime. you can't detain people in the vicinity at the time. you have to get written consent for a search and permission from the supervisor before you make an arrest? you can't make a trespass arrest? let's assume you have an old age home and some guy in there is selling drugs, you can't make an arrest unless somebody makes a complaint about a trespass? >> it's incredibly bad. you just laid it out. so much of this is so i will
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logical that it demoralizes the police officers. why should they put their neck on the line and walk the streets and confronts some of these that are dangerous and do their duty that is prove on work and working in new york and other cities where they have these kinds of proactive policies. and constitutionally. i just don't understand it. so we have to reevaluate what's happening. we have to support our police. if police make mistakes, if they violate the law, they have to be prosecuted. we'll not hesitate to do that. we'll not allow the civil rights of anybody in this country. but it's not just and it's not legitimate rights situation in which poor people and minorities have crime rates in their neighborhoods many times higher than other neighborhoods. the police departments have to provide public safety in every neighborhood and arrest the people that are causing violence
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and drug dealing in those neighborhoods. that's just the basic facts. judge jeanine: what do you think will be the most difficult problem you will have to address as attorney general. >> crime is a challenge. the goal of this administration is to reduce crime in america. we had a 10.8% increase in murders last year nationwide. that's the biggest since the 1960s, i believe. it's gone up again this year. so he said we want to reduce crime. that can be done. i'm telling you. it's not impossible. we had 30 years of reducing crime but now it's popping back up. he also issued an order to crack down on transnational criminal organizations, the cartels and the m.s.13 gangs and that will reduce a lot of violence in america.
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and we have to work with our local police department. the officers of state and local, the men and women on the street protecting us. we have to rebuild a relationship between the federal government and police so we can partner. also, you mentioned the community themselves. i remember when i was united states attorney in alabama and we had a meeting with a neighborhood with a high crime rate. they wanted a police precinct put in the neighborhood and the mayor and chief of police said yes we will do it and the crime rate went down. overwhelmingly the people in these neighborhoods are good and decent people who want to be protected from criminals. judge jeanine: street justice at if the white h
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judge jeanine: the mother of all bombs dropped on isis fighters in afghanistan. what do americans think? i went outside the white house to find out. president bombs afghanistan, good or bad? >> good. judge jeanine: the president drops the mother of all bombs on afghanistan. good or bad? >> good.
12:53 am
terrorists. so what are we going to do? make them scared of us. judge jeanine: we bombed afghanistan is that good or bad? >> when did we bomb afghanistan? judge jeanine: a couple days ago, was that good or bad? >> questionable. judge jeanine: we bombed afghanistan with the mother of all bombs, good or bad? >> very good. judge jeanine: why? judge jeanine: were you glad he did it? >> i'm very glad. judge jeanine: he said he wasn't going to do stuff like hat? >> he changed his mind. he's the king of change his mind. he said he wasn't going to do sufficient like that. >> i'm even couraged on the fact he changes his mind. >> we are knock out the tunnels. we didn't take any casualties.
12:54 am
judge jeanine: we killed the isis guy. we drop a bomb on afghanistan. good or bad? >> complicated. judge jeanine: you are standing in front of is front yard. >> i'm not sure what to tell you. he seems to have some things going on for him and he seems to make sense in some things. and makes no sense in other things. judge jeanine: what do you think of that message? >> it was a great message to say america is back again. >> what do you think the response is going to be? >> with the people you never know, because you are dealing with terrorists, you never know how they are going to react. judge jeanine: president trump drops bombs upon afghanistan. good, bad? >> to send a message?
12:55 am
judge jeanine: that's my question. was the bombing good tore bad? >> it's questionable. i mean i guess he was sending a signal, judge, about to the north north korean kim jong-un. judge jeanine: why are you taking that out. are you going to hit me with it? >> i'm going to bless you with it. >> disrupt the infrastructure of a terrorist organization and that's good for our cause. judge jeanine: i can't change your mind? you are wrong, i'm right. >> we'll go with the travelocity customer first guarantee...
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