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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 16, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a live report from greg. >> and vice president is on the pennies he was starting his ten-day trip to asia. today he attended easter services with us troops just miles from north korea. there hope remembering the millions of christians in harm's way this easter. we will find out how the faithful are celebrating around the world.
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thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth prann. happy easter and welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> great to be with you at home, i am leland vittert. >> not long before vice president mike pence touched on in south korea north korean medium-range missile exploding just seconds after launching. the test, hill profile failure for the north korean regime and it comes as a powerful us carrier group moves toward the korean peninsula straining tensions across the region. kristin fisher is live in mar-a-lago with the president is spending his easter weekend. hi kristin. >> hi liz. the president was first briefed about the failed missile launch by the outgoing deputy national security advisor mcfarland. she says that this did not come as a surprise to the president but aside from that, no further comment from the president about the failed missile launch.
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as for whether or not the us had perhaps tried to sabotage this missile attempts, listen to the outgoing deputy supervisors comments. >> you know we cannot talk about secret intelligence and things that might have been done covert operations that may have happened. i really have no comment on that. nor should i. >> a very muted, very restrained response from the white house. very different from the response that we were hearing just lasted from the president with all of those tweets antagonizing north korea. remember, the deputy foreign minister for north korea says that the tweets were simply fueling a vicious cycle of tension. today, the national security advisor mcmaster was asked if that kind of aggressive language could perhaps somehow increase the chance that some kind of conflict between the two nations. this is how he responded. >> i think while it is unclear and we do not want to telegraph in any way how we will respond
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to certain incidents, it is clear that the president is determined not to allow this kind of capability to threaten the united states. >> unpredictability continues to be a cornerstone of the administration's foreign policy as the vice president, he was actually in the air and on his way to south korea when the failed missile launch took place. he was briefed on board efforts to and landed nine hours later. we are told american and south korean troops on the ground that there valor is needed now more than ever. >> this is just the latest reminder of the risks that each one of you face every day in the defense and the freedom of the people of south korea and the people of america in this part of the world. >> from south korea, the vice president will travel to japan, indonesia, australia, then a quick stop in hawaii before heading back to washington. and totally ten-day trip. three hours in the air.
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as for the president, he spent easter sunday at church. and then he will be heading back to washington tonight for the big annual easter egg roll at the white house tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much. >> when checking in with greg and north korea in a little while. in the meanwhile the spring and the director of national security bipartisan policy. and you apparently got the memo on a pastel covered tie.>> happy easter. >> happy easter to you. >> will have equally important and will get sentiment is what the north koreans did not do. which was a nuclear test. by all accounts, they were ready for one and we were ready for one, the pentagon was ready for one. can we look at this a little bit like a hat trick for president trump taking on assad and then putin and it seems
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>> president trump has been leading by example whether it is missile strikes in syria for dropping the largest ordinance we've ever dropped in afghanistan. the moab, sending the carrier group to korea. all of these have been linked together by sending a clear message both to individual countries but also more broadly to the world. that the us is backing up the credibility. >> and fair to say folks like north korea, they are taking notice. >> i certainly hope so. >> but is that your analysis? is it causation or - >> i think it will be an important question for our intelligence committee to see if they planned to do a test and step down or were they planning to do a bigger missile and step down? if we affected the logic to these actions i think it would be a very good signal that we are on the right track. >> the correlation versus causation debate. you saw china in the past
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couple of days despite the fact that the president is saying that the president of china is a terrific guy, thanks for all the help. all of these things are, they are public statements that have been pretty down the middle-of-the-road.saying that the us and north korea both have bows bent and a care in the other metaphor but it certainly is north korea tobacco. is it different what they are saying publicly and privately? >> i think so. they have stopped importing call from north korea which is a huge source of revenue for the regime. we have seen an issue warnings through their press, and official papers say maybe will stops in the oil maybe we will cut off aid. they're definitely trying to send signals to him but it is just how will that be received. >> so far it seems like they will be -- now is get to the failed missile testing. there has been a lot of
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suggestion in terms of whether or not there was any kind of us cyber attack on their missile program. talk to someone earlier, former member of the nsc, senior advisor at the white house and said i cannot confirm or deny if there was a situation involving north korea that we had cyber attacks going on but he did mention this. even if we did, we would do everything possible to make sure that no one, including the north koreans, knew that it was us. on the other hand, i would say the smile i detected in that clip from mcfarland is just the right message to send. whether he did or did not, it certainly helps with the north koreans thought that perhaps we did and they will spend time and energy figuring out just what happened and where we behind it? >> and sometimes ill be chasing their tail and ideally i guess this is what my source said, if you can work in something into making this missile failed then makes it look like it was organic. which makes the north koreans
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question themselves. we heard what kim jung-un does to people he doesn't like. you can imagine, there is perhaps tension within the north korean missile engineer area. >> yes and you know advisor's time, it causes them to look inward. trying to figure what their problems are. it makes the missed trust each other. all of those are good things as we tried to figure out how to solve this problem. >> good things indeed. happy easter to you and yours. >> thank you. >> liz?>> the president tweeting responded to critics. let's bring an white house correspondent for bloomberg news.thank you for joining us shannon.>> i want to start with one of the trades from this morning that reads in part why would i call china a minute later when they are working with us on the north korea problem? we'll see what happens. i want to ask you, when he
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strays from hard-line position that he had on the campaign trail, do you foresee him getting a kickback from his face when we see tweets like this? >> there people who wanted him to take a harder stance on china but i still think i think there is a lot of people that don't even really necessarily care what stance he takes on what. they just want to see the economy improving, national security improving, they want to see him helping them, helping the country and whether that means labeling china a currency manipulator or not. they are mostly i think agnostic to that point. >> i want to continue on that because i've seen a bit of media coverage. they have described it as evolving, as flip-flopping, we know that the president, he wants to win. he wants to get results. so is he has to change course he will do that. what is the big criticism here when it does change course on these? >> there is changing course
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because you think of messages that will be more politically positive or you going where the applause are. i think those are the things people have an issue with. they think when politicians do things to get reelected or just appease one side or another. i also think part of what is going on here, especially foreign policy, is that he is the president now. i think we will see a lot of bringing up things that he said in 2013, 2014. and that is all fair game to bring up someone's passwords. but at the end of the day you know with every president, the presidency changes them. have information they do not have before. maybe they should have known that before. you can argue that. but they know things now they did not know before. and it has a weight on all presidents and they change your outlook on the world. >> right. and i want to talk to some of the work you've been doing recently for you publish more or less the dynamics of what is it shifting behind the scenes
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in the white house. and i want to ask you, what decisions did you see this week that sort of prove that there are voices impacting him more so than we originally thought? >> you mentioned china as a currency manipulator. there was a big one. nato coming out with the head of nato and saying i once called them obsolete, they are not obsolete anymore. these were moving away from some of the hardliner america first populist ideas that we had seen really advocate for by that wind of his campaign led by steve bannon. not taking a more globalist, economic you know, tone that is well you know there is free trade in the world and we cannot necessarily close and shelter ourselves off. >> but is this something that can change? times we see the reporting it's almost like it is set in stone. there is a lot of moving parts and this administration makes no bones about that they can change their mind. >> and i think they will. i would not read into what is
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happening on bay 8485 and thinking that it will be the case two or three years from now. there is a lot of evolution that will go on here. i think it also has to do with the changing fractions in the white house in his voice is being heard the loudest. he was having influence in helping shape this president's view in the world. which will be shaped now as he is president.>> do you think maybe it brings the, give them an advantage when we have, and he is pretty vocal about this that he has so many dissenting, so many different voices that he is able to gather from. >> yes and it is intentional. i mean gary cohen is known as a democrat, jared kushner his son-in-law, a left-leaning and then you have hardliners on china like pierre navarre who were brought into be that boys in the room. steve bannon, we will see over the next few weeks how his role shakes out. but obviously he is behind the america first tone. sometimes when you put a lot of people in the room in business it can really generate great ideas.
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but sometimes it can also create paralysis and that is why we have to see what side this goes on. >> yes too many cooks in the kitchen. shannon pettypiece, thank you so much. the discussion on north korea continues with fox news sunday immediately after this. stay tuned, that starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. tomorrow marks the start of the new year for our judicial system. 10:00 a.m., the gavel will drop in the supreme court. for a final session this term and they will be someone new on the bench. newly confirmed justice neil gorsuch will participate in his first official session of cases for review. the court is expected to hear three arguments tomorrow and a total of seven throughout the week. adding him to the bench restores the courts conservative majority. >> voters head to the polls on tuesday in suburban atlanta waiting candidates are vying
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for one house. formerly held by new health and consumer services secretary. - we have a look at the bruising battle for georgia sixth district. what you have? it is getting heated. >> it is getting very heated indeed. in fact in tom price was called to serve as secretary the last thing he intended to do was open up one of george's save list republican state to a newcomer who might flip this. they have a free for all of republican with 11 gop candidates dishing out and one democratic newcomer, john -- who is a congressional aide beating his challenges with ads like this. [video]
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>> in the strategy, this is paying off. he has raised more than $8 million and he will need that if he does not win out) republicans will rally to save this a political reporter says the race has gone national. practices must be quietly be all apart republican affair and he has turned this into a national contest. a lot of supporters about one and 20 of his donors are from georgia. a lot of them are saying they want to support them because this is a chance to give donald trump a stinging rebuke. >> and while the joff ossof win would be able to donald trump this is changing. -- elizabeth, just when you thought this was over here we go again.
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>> and now people are talking 2018. people looking at midterms now. >> polls open tuesday. >> thank you chris, appreciate it. >> today marks 10 years is the deadly shooting at virginia tech. a claim 32 lives. survivors and families of those killed during thousands on campus today to honor the lives lost. the ceremony started with a wreathlaying around 9:43 am. that is a time of the mentally ill student began his rampage. april 17, 2007. at the time the attack was the deadliest mass shooting in recent us history. sadly, we have talked that since. coming up, our fair and balanced political panel looks at president trump's policies. and at least one parent to keep
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you safe and secure. you'll find out why this month is dedicated to military child. and we are outside of st. patrick's cathedral in new york. hi brian. >> hello elizabeth good this is a national landmark in a beautiful day to celebrate easter. we have more people are celebrating here at st. patrick's cathedral and around the world, next. ein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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so you'rhow nice.a party? i'll be right there. and the butchery begins. what am i gonna wear? this party is super fancy. let's go. i'm ready. are you my uber? [ horn honks ] hold on. don't wait for watchathon week to return. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. >> today is more about colorful
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eggs, chocolate and bunny. more than 2 million across the globe easter is the most sacred and holy calendar. brian is telling christian celebrations across the globe and enjoys us from outside of new york's iconic st. patrick's cathedral where a mass is currently underway.hi brian. >> hi elizabeth. happy easter to you. and folks back home. st. patrick's cathedral in the middle of new york city. the cardinal and archbishop is inside giving mass.he is doing is all-day. some 3000 people fit inside of the cathedral during mass built in 1875, and today christians around the world rejoice on this holy day.
10:22 am
really just a beautiful daddy. and at the vatican the post when easter sunday services at the steps of st. peter's basilica. easter is also known as resurrection sunday. today christians believe that jesus rose from the dead on the third day of his crucifixion. symbolizing that death is not the end. and the popes easter message today encourages people to hold onto faith despite all of the wars and sickness and hatred in the world. >> none of us has asked but are you happy with all that is happening in the world? are you ready to carry this cross? the resurrection of christ is not a party with lots of flowers. this is pretty, but it is not this. it is more than this. it is the mystery of the rejected stone the end of being the foundation of our existence. the celebrations continue throughout the world and the holy land of jerusalem, mass was held inside the church
10:23 am
where christians believe that jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. and in england they have st. george's chapel christian minorities also celebrated in syria. worshipers praying for the resurrection ochrist. and -- to celebrate easter. many people there had abandoned the town because isis had destroyed it. accurate st. patrick's cathedral in new york city it is also the easter parade and bonnet festival. many people just donning beautiful elaborate hats. it is just gorgeous. people with families enjoying what is really i think, the nicest day of the year out here. happy easter to you. and to leland and everyone back in dc. >> thank you bryan. happy easter to you. it is a beautiful day. thank you so much. >> and syria, a risky evacuation mission has now
10:24 am
resumed following a blast that killed just over 100 people. there are serious questions this weekend about how that attack could affect our foreign policy towards syria. and as christians the world reflect on suffering and peace we look at the children of our bravest on easter. this month is honoring america's military children. in a look ahead, some of the sacrifices and challenges these little guys face. >> the move is always hard. but they always like the new adventure. because every state in regard to, there is new things to see and explore.
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>> north korean missile tests ended with a bust rather than a bang giving another foreign-policy victory to the trump administration. greg is inside the hermit
10:29 am
kingdom. >> celebrations marking the anniversary of the birthdate of a founder of this country ended with a dead this week. and they missile that they tried to launch early sunday morning north korean time blew off that left off. a couple hours prior to that we watch as missiles went by and clearly a medium-range solid fuel missile which could have been the type that was at the launch site on the east coast of the country today. if successful it could have her in japan as well as us service members in the country. while a missile launch was expected around this time drunk anniversary, there is a speculation that it was time for the trip of the vice president to the region. he arrives at an airbase in south korea a few hours after the launch today. >> north korea rocket and missile program never too far away.even at this flower
10:30 am
exhibition in the center. amid the flowers, rockets and missiles, a sign of their might and power. according to officials here taken in by the young visitors. >> north korean government has not acknowledges good one official took me aside and admitted these kinds of mistakes might happen. it might not even be the government's fault. there is some speculation the us did a cyber attack against the launch. it is reported to have done so in the past. everything i hear from officials here, these kinds of things will keep going on. it will keep plugging north korea, fox news. a risky evacuation in syria after a devastating blast rocked a convoy killing more than 100 people yesterday. the attack condemned by the us state department comes as russia, iran and syria won the
10:31 am
us against launching new strikes in syria. caroline has reports from our washington newsroom. hi caroline. >> the republican share of the house talked about the administration's way forward in syria this morning.the president is taking a different approach. thank goodness. he is donning a message that now the united states is going to stand up for our interest and make sure that we have the military capability to prevail if we use force. >> the national security advisor mcmaster says he does not believe the us more american troops on the ground in syria. the congressman thornberry and others in congress have praised him for the recent us missile strikes in the syrian base in response to a horrific chemical attack. but others are asking where is the bigger picture?>> for eight years we basically did nothing in response to some war crimes in history. at least he did something.
10:32 am
now i hope that there will be a strategy to follow that out. he doesn't seem to be someone that follows through with the deliberate planning process and he has to be able to come not just to congress for the american people and explain in detail what he's doing. >> as he mentioned was there have been more violence in syria this weekend. a blast yesterday killed 126 people hitting everywhere thousands of pro-syrian government civilians have been waiting to evacuate. no one has claimed responsibility. but they have targeted in that area before. despite the attack more than 3000 syrians are expected to be evacuated today. >> unbelievable pictures. caroline, thank you. >> between bombing assad, standing up to putin and staring down kim jung-un, many say this is a hat trick of foreign-policy for the president. (our panel to talk about this.
10:33 am
we have al -- and for those of you wondering what it means it is a free market advocacy group. good to see you happy easter to all. sean potter whatever it may be, a lot of people say they cannot figure as i get but is is the beginning of a doctrine? >> obviously his listening to smart people and i think that the doctrine, that we really do not know what it is because he hasn't articulated but it is actually making real progress. and reasserting the stance of america across the globe. and how hard to argue is a success.perhaps you can write argue with methodology. but if you speak with folks in the administration is the hallmark of this is flexibility and unpredictability and as
10:34 am
sean just did, they point to results. >> actually don't have a problem so far. there are strikes in syria. >> this is a first. mark the tape. >> extracts in syria, fine. "mother of all bombs", isis and perhaps electronically disabling north korea capabilities. all good. but the question is what to do from here? >> was interesting with me a what struck smith me is the difference in rhetoric. you can always count on them to put out a preformed statement that says the united states condemns this blah blah blah but in this case it was a statement for the secretary of defense and we heard very very different rhetoric.take a listen to mcfarland on fox news sunday. >> you know we can't talk about intelligence and things that might have been done covert operations that might have happened. so i really have no comment on that. and nor should i carry. >> that was in response to cyber mischief that led to this failure. business is very different
10:35 am
rhetoric. >> they are the adults in the room. this is not about trying to make themselves look good. this is not a pr move by the administration. this is actual policy being carried out to protect the united states of america. and they understand the stakes. and to try and get ahead of themselves on this is the great stuff that we did, gives us the ability for us to do that in the future. >> i'll just say restraint is good in these areas. use not want to be braggadocio's with these situations. i think the president is not as much an adult in the room as his advisers puerile important are the actions so far i am really concerned of all of the serious situations presented and i hope he continues to listen to them and not be impulsive. >> i think in terms of the important issues when it comes to syria he clearly listened to them. it was by any means a proportional response shall we say, much less than some people
10:36 am
thought. certainly much less the obama administration considered doing. the words for the russians. we heard from mcfarland as well. we want to have a good relationship but it's up to you. there's really no spiking the football as you point out. i talked to a former member of the nsc today. not under the trump administration but someone well-versed shall we say in cyber warfare. he said any failure we bake into the north koreans would be made to look like it is naturally occurring the state. in other words it could have built because of our efforts or something else. a.k.a. north korean incompetence. he wouldn't confirm or deny whether there was a program against but there seems to be a soberness. taking of the administration. >> goes to the seriousness of the issues i mean north korea potentially is a huge threat to our security. to our livelihood. i think the people in the administration they are taking a serious great is not a pr stunt. we're going to govern and we are going to have leadership in
10:37 am
the united states we can avoid catastrophe at the international level. >> i will give you the worst word out but i wanted to put in this context. you are seeing unquestionably the trump administration throw out the obama administration playbook. we can agree on that. are there a lot of democrats also nodding their head is interested in say i don't have a problem with that? >> there are some. there are people on the left that don't like military action without talking to congress. even moderate to say what we did in syria required congressional notification and approval first. but the bottom line is, what is going to happen from here? as he saw jack reed say earlier, the president needs to come to congress and the american people anything with the policy will be going forward. for example china. which is funding north korea's activities. they may have had a nice meeting in mar-a-lago but what are we going to do with that? will we have sanctions and so forth?
10:38 am
>> the president tweeted today while attending china a consummate leader which had been a major campaign promise when they're helping with north korea? we see now a transactional foreign policy rather than a doctrinal foreign policy? >> i think foreign-policy to work has to be transactional. if it's not confrontational. the president wants to avoid confrontation he will do that. >> and al off-camera was not into that which is been doing. we appreciate that joni. thank you so much. happy easter. al mottur, sean noble, good to see you. >> still ahead, your looking images from this some mornings sunrise service. coming up we will see what easter means to millions of americans. then it's a fortune. well, i'm sure you talk to people all the time who think $100k is just pocket change. right now we're just talking to you. i told you we had a fortune. yes, you did. getting closer to your investment goals starts with a conversation. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today.
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doctor's office or pharmacy. this is one of the holiest days of the christian faith. today christ rose from the dead. the us is home to more than christians in any nation in the
10:43 am
world. while many americans will spend part of the day in church, fewer people identify with the christian faith now then they have in years past. joining me now with father thomas ferguson in the catholic archdiocese of arlington. thank you for joining us father. >> great to be with you, happy easter. >> we know you are very busy so we appreciate you making time today. i want to start, we have seen some horrific attacks in a variety of places especially on palm sunday. we so the attacks into different churches.all persecution is nothing new. we've been talking about this. it has been in the history books in the feels more profound now. why is that? >> i think it is happening more frequently because of the media we are able to see the effects of the violence and terrorism more immediately as well. so you are right. centuries really, people have been fighting with one another and often times the causes of that conflict can be religious
10:44 am
division but today i think we are realizing that with the media that we have we can see you now, there was an attack on two churches last sunday on palm sunday. such a holy day of the year. happened around the world. by the time christians were going to church last sunday morning, we knew about this. and we were able to begin a time of prayer for first of all, our brothers and sisters who are suffering this persecution. also we added to our prayers last sunday, prayers for peace. that this type of persecution of christians and also to, the religious intolerance throughout the world will somehow diminish and people right recognize the dignity that we share as human beings. even if at our religious beliefs differ, we can see one another as children of god and respect the human dignity. that is what we speak of his christians. we show that from the beginning of life to the natural end.we understand their religious differences but yet they should not be a cause for violence.
10:45 am
really, a reasonably mutual respect. that we are all created in god's image. >> at the same time there were a number of services that had been canceled. not just in egypt but in other places. so how do not let fear win? if people are canceling services than it is winning. >> that is the problem of terrorism. it creates such fear of people they cannot even exercise really the fundamental human right which is to worship god, to be inspired by god and god's word. and if you go out to do good for others and give glory to god you be of service to others and people are so afraid that they cannot even go to church and really receive that wisdom and enlightenment. that encouragement from their prayer and then to do good in the world. i would say that it is a small victory for terrorism and because of fear. but we are celebrating here in easter sunday is the ultimate victory of good over evil. and of light over darkness and
10:46 am
life over death. so really that is the message we proclaim at easter. you know if you read the gospels and the stories that they describe of what first happened on that easter morning? the first reading of the angel, the first reading of jesus himself, there was an empty tomb he said do not be afraid. and that is what we say is christmas day to people in the world. there are reasons for fear and people experience great pain because of the suffering that is a result of terror or violence. and yet, as pope francis himself was saying today, we cannot allow the fear to paralyze us. this is not the end. any suffering we experience we believe in eternal life in the ultimate victory of eternal life over our physical. but in this world also we are going to be consistently saying that there is darkness, there is evil. but we respond to evil with love and we respond to the error of terror and violence with the truth, with the light of the gospel of jesus. >> i only have about 30 seconds left but aside from this a lot
10:47 am
of people at the easter table will probably talk about politics. there is no shortage of things to talk about. the two are intertwined. faith in politics, always have been. now more so than ever? >> i think it is true. fear in our own american society. we are very much political people. i think on a serious note and may be lighthearted as well, our respect for human dignity has to begin around our own family dinner table. religious values and political values are held very deeply. these differences may unite you. they may be profound differences but we hope human beginning at the dinner table tonight people will respect one another's dignity, have that respect one another. because really if there will be peace in the world has to begin with each and every one of us
10:48 am
and our families in our homes and our churches is, local communities and then we spent the light of jesus throughout the whole world. >> i like that lighter note on this easter sunday. father ferguson, thank you very much. >> thank you, happy easter. >> in case you missed it, that was the easter bunny making a special stop at virginia's -- easter doesn't always bring the easter bunny but the month of the military child. will look at how these kids celebrate easter. perhaps if mom and dad away and why they find it well - just a little more special. >> there is a lot more kids to play with on base. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
10:49 am
we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> many children have parents
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10:52 am
serving the military. the money that means holidays such as easter are spent without moment that is enough employment is not a holidays. for 30 years the militaries recognized april as the month of the military child. to honor support and think kids for sacrifice. we are in virginia there are
10:53 am
about 4500 children live on the base. some of them let us tag along on easter i can't. military families along with millions of others will celebrate easter but for so many families they have much more than that. >> it can be difficult of our family we packed up and hit the road. >> difficult because it could be the last before an upcoming deployment. but also because this could be the final holiday for so many in virginia. >> we have been in san antonio, houston, st. louis, we have been here in georgia and our next move to pennsylvania. after that we don't know. >> it is no secret between deployments, military families are still on the move. the average child of a servicemember will pick up and move between 6 to 9 times during school years. that is three times more than kids who do not have a parent who serves. meaning a constant cycle of new
10:54 am
schools, new doctors and sometimes, even new cultures. these three siblings spent two years in korea. >> it was scary sometimes because the other people didn't speak your language. it was hard to communicate. >> are almost 2 million children of us military members which is why they are such a desire to spread awareness. april is a month of the military child.celebrated for more than 30 years, it is an militaries way of recognizes the sacrifices that these children make and thanking them, a horn on the base for schools and communities lending a helping hand to military children. >> they to move a lot and they have to make friends, new friends everywhere they go. there is a certain, they happily friends behind and there is always that transition. >> the largest of these nomadic kids are younger than five years old. and while the struggles are many, these children are as brave as the parents who raised them. >> i think we like it a lot
10:55 am
that he is in the military and i like to know that my dad is doing something for our country. i love him so much. >> what's so great about the month of the military child as you heard in that piece, is about 30 years old enough. but it is sort of spreading across communities. so for example, kids get recognition in schools, communities offer free programs and is really spreading. it is great for these kids. they are moving since nine times during adolescent years and it is unbelievable care. >> and getting the support that they deserve and need, that is great. up next, a stunning way quite literally, to start the easter holiday.we will tell you about this service coming up.
10:56 am
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you know you told me you wanted mustard. back of the line! excuse me! what! great sandwich. thanks. ♪you didn't have to be so nice♪ get outta here. ♪i would have liked you anyway♪ welcome back on the easter sunday, we are getting new video coming of president trump leaving easter service in florida. the trumps attended church at the bedesta by the sea, that's where the president and first ladyrried. he's expected to spend the day of the afternoon at mar-a-lago before return to go washington. >> we hope that you're enjoying your eastern sunday so far. thousands headed for lincoln memorial for annual holiday service.
11:00 am
people had breath-taking view of the the sunrise. tradition started in 1979. i love it. >> you know what else i love, right there. >> you haven't eaten those yet. chris: north korea defies the world with a missile test that explodes just after launch. as president trump shows a new willingness to project u.s. force. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> north korea is a problem, the problem will be taken care of. chris: we will report from pyongyang as they celebrate birthday of founder. vice president pence visits south korea amid growing tensions and thousands of isis fighters are being killed as the military unleash it is mother of all bombs in afghanistan. >> really another successful job. we are proud of our military. chris: we will discuss p


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