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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  April 17, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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we begin with a fox news alert. the search continues in ohio for a man accused of murdering an elderly stranger and streaming the killing live on facebook. just a horrible thing to witness. here is the suspect. steve stevens. he is the current case manager at a children's mental health facility. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. will carr is live with the breaking details. reporter: senseless. that's the word authorities are using after they confirmed the murder and facebook live video are authentic. they are searching for steve
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stevens who went by stevie steve on his facebook page. he gunned down an elderly man n cleveland while streaming the attack live. the entire page has been taken down. he is seen driving around in his white ford fusion and tells the audience he snapped after the love of his life pushed him to his breaking point and no one has been taking him seriously. he claimed he's killed more than a dozen people. >> listen man, i killed 13, so i'm working on 14 as we speak. reporter: the police chief came out and said they have not connected stevens to any other murders but they are asking the public to call 911 if they've seen anything suspicious. to be clear, the only victim they have found is the elderly gentleman who was shot and killed this afternoon. as they continue to hunt for him, we witnessed more of the videos on his facebook page. in one he is shooting at a gun range.
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another he said his gambling problem left him with absolutely nothing. in all of the videos he is on alarmingly calm, talking about murder like it's in every day ritual. he told his mother his plans yesterday but she didn't seem to care. just before he is seen killing the elderly man, he asked him to repeat stephen's girlfriends name. the man seemed confused and steven shot him in the head. we just heard from the family members a short time ago. >> he is a good guy. he is amazing. he would give you the shirt off his back. i'm not just saying that for these cameras. i'm telling the truth. this man right here was a good man. i hate that he's gone. i don't know what i'm going to do. it's not real. my heart. reporter: stevens is 6-foot one,
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240 pounds, bald and has a bea beard. he was driving a white ford fusion. they have asked him to turn himself in saying to families are hurting tonight. we just saw that and certainly they don't want anymore. >> i just saw the video and it makes you sick. an old man walking down the street is shot and killed. it does present -- >> it's terrifying. >> it's a tricky situation for police to handle. they don't want to shut down the city, but also they have to keep people safe. they are telling people to try to keep an eye out there is that right? >> absolutely. in the video, he said he intends to do more harm. he said he wants this to culminate with him being on death row. to the broader picture, this isn't the first time people have streamed things online, on facebook live. earlier this year there was a
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sexual assault in chicago where a 15-year-old was assaulted, and rob, i know you will remember this, back in 2015 in roanoke, virginia, you had a tv reporter and photographer shot and killed on live television. the shooter is not case had made a video on his cell phone of the shooting and he uploaded it later on and it went on facebook and twitter where a lot of people saw the gruesome murder there. as details unfold, it's another challenge of social media as to how you handle these things that play out in real time or shortly after. >> the man on your screen is a very sick individual. his face is plastered all over the city of cleveland. hopefully he will be caught soon. thank you for the report. we will bring you the latest as the news breaks tonight. hopefully we get some good developments coming in. also tonight, donald trump promising a united front to resolve the tension with north korea. this comes on the heels of a
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failed missile test by dictator kim jong-un. trump said the world is getting on board with the idea that this provocative behavior from north korea can no longer continue. this, after a massive show of force this weekend, but not the nuclear test that some were preparing for from north korea. the rogue nation testfired yet another missile but the pentagon said it wasn't too impressive, exploding just a few seconds after launch. top trump administrations and congressional leaders agreed this type of behavior has got to end. >> there is an international consensus including the chinese and the chinese leadership that this is a situation that can't continue. the president has made clear he will not accept the united states and its allies and partners in the region being under threat from this hostile regime with nuclear weapons. >> i think we are in a different place with north korea. for years, the father and grandfather would talk tough,
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maybe launch a missile and then negotiate for some increased aid of some sort. i think this guy is not interested in negotiation. >> we actually have a live report coming up from north korea in just a bit. first we begin with christian fisher in west palm beach florida. reporter: the reaction from the white house has been very restrained. no tweets from the president. the first response came from defense secretary james madison put out a short statement that reads, the president and his military team are aware of north korea's most recent unsuccessful missile launch. the president has no further. the vice president was in the air and on his way to south korea when that failed missile test took place. he was briefed on air force two and landed about nine hours later when he told american and south korean troops is that their courage and valor is needed more than ever. >> this morning's publication from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day
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in defense of the freedom of the people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> the vice president will travel to three more countries in that part of the world before his trip is over. everywhere he goes he will reassure the nervous neighbors that the u.s. has their back. to reinforce those dip a medic promises, the pentagon is sending in military muscles. as aircraft carrier is streaming toward the korean peninsula. it is a show of force and as similar, they use the mother of all bombs in afghanistan and launched 59 tomahawk missiles in syria. >> thank you so much. lawmakers are calling for debate on whether to authorize further military action in syria. john mccain praising the administration for taking a
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stand against chemical weapons but pointing out the road to help does remain unclear. >> we've got to develop a strategy. there is still not able to come to congress and say this is how we are going to handle post mosul iraq. we have to have a strategy caroline is live in washington. what's next. >> it doesn't look like more boots on the ground, for now. the national security advisor was asked, do you think we need more u.s. troops in syria. he said it remained to be seen but he doesn't think so. that echoes what we've seen from president trump and seen with the recent missile strike in a syrian base launch from offshore. the message, action will be taken, but not necessarily. [inaudible] but it will be strong.
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it is a definite change from the obama administration. >> president trump is taking a different approach, thank goodness. he is sending a message that the united states will stand up for our interest and make sure we have the military capability to prevail if we choose to use force. >> today, some democrats are echoing senator mccain that the administration needs a foreign-policy plan. >> what you need is a strategy, and that strategy has got to demand that russia, which supplies an enormous amount of sophisticated weaponry to ashad needs to stop what it is doing. this would require negotiation and russia cannot support a dictator that is destroying its entire country. >> it's much more than good guys versus bad guys. you have good guys, isis, and isis affiliates fighting there.
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there was a blast killing 126 people yesterday hitting an area where civilians were waiting to evacuate. no one has claimed responsibility for the blast. >> that's syria. what about afghanistan after we drop the gigantic bomb? >> a top u.s. commander in afghanistan said he wants more troops. no decision yet. the national security advisor was in kabul and he laid out how important the fight is. >> what's clear here is that the stakes are high. this is the modern-day frontier between barbers and civilization. >> right now there are 9000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> so much going on. caroline, thank you so much. right now, getting into politics, democrats pinning their hopes on a 30-year-old congressional staffer to try to
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flip a red district and kick off a referendum against president trump. what to expect before tuesday's vote. that's coming up. also, a community marks ten years since one of the deadliest mass shootings
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virginia tech marking ten years since the campus shooting that would change that university forever. more than 10000 people attending a memorial service to remember the 32 who died in what was the deadliest mass shooting in american history at the time. virginia senator tim kaine spoke at the event about the pain and how it helped unite the entire community. >> i will he able to forever say april 16 was the worst day of my life, and i didn't suffer like so many here did by losing a loved one. that time now stretched to ten years, has created a bond between and and i and the entire
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virginia tech community and many other families. >> it was a sad day. a mentally ill student opened fire killing 32 people and wounded 17 more. it sparked a nationwide debate about gun law and mental health treatment. rob: democrats turning a special election into a referendum on president trump. pulled show the 30-year-old john loftus leading the race for the seat previously held by tom price. he is hoping for a surge at the ballot box in order to avoid a runoff. here's more on the story. >> when tom price answered president trump's call to serve as human health and services secretary, the last thing he thought he would do was open one of his seats to a democratic newcomer who just might flip it. tuesday special election in the sixth district of georgia has
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become a free-for-all of republican infighting with 11 gop candidates and democrat john allsop who's up make trump. campaign is positioning him as the front runner. he is a 30-year-old congressional aide who is beating his challengers with ads like this. >> that is why it is so concerning. president trump acts impulsive impulsively. he's not only embarrassing us on the world stage, he is starting an unnecessary war. >> the strategy is paying off. he has raised more than $8 million. he will need that if he doesn't run out right and heads to a runoff. the seat has been held by republican since carter days. this race has gone national. >> this is supposed to be a quiet, sleepy, all republican affair and he's transformed it into a national contest. a lot of his supporters, only
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one and 20 of his supporters are from georgia. many say they want to support him to give trump a stinging rebuke. >> it's worth noting the district is changing. price won the seat with more than 60% of the vote in 2016 while trump nearly eked out a win by less than 2%. rob: thank you so much. morehead on one of our top stories, north korea failing in the effort to test fire a missile this weekend. it did catch the eye of some with the military parade. a live report on the nations reaction to the latest publications. also, turkey's president declared victory in a nationwide referendum to greatly expand his own power. own power. ahead, why members of his
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rob: we are waiting on north korea to officially acknowledge it's failed missile test. kim jong-un hoped it would be the highlight of the weekend festivities that celebrated the 105th birthday of the country's founder. as reported earlier, the failed launch comes after the rogue regime showed off what some say was some new missile technology. greg was at the parade and joins us from north korea's capital city with more on the country's reaction. reporter: rob, it is a wet, blowing monday morning rush-ho rush-hour. the regime officials here, they can look back at amis mixed bagf the weekend. saturday, a pretty muscular military parade. sunday, a bit of a dud of a launch. the missile blew up just after liftoff according to u.s. and south korean sources.
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we were at the parade on saturday and it was pretty impressive. we watched dozens of missiles go by. north korean leader kim jong-un including, now that the experts have studied the video, a medium-range solid fueled missile which they say could have been the one involved in the attempted liftoff at the site on the east coast of the country early sunday morning. if it had been successful, it could have endangered u.s. ally japan, and remember also, 35000 u.s. service members who are posted there as well. while a missile launch were nuclear device that nation was expected for the day, some are speculating the attempted launch could have been tied into the visit by vice president mike pence to the region. he landed in south korea a couple hours after the failed
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launch. he will be here for ten days in an attempt to calm things down in the region, visiting various countries in this region. back here, here is a little bit more of what we saw on sunday. >> oblivious to any reports of a failed missile test, the crowds come out this morning a bit systematically for a flower sh show. life goes on in north korea. >> now amid the flowers and the roses, there were rockets and missiles. you can't get away from this missile program, even on a sunday outing to look at floral and botany displays. in fact, 24 hours later, north korean government has not yet acknowledged the launch or the failure. one government official did pull me aside at one point and said he admitted mistakes can be ma made. it might've been, according to
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some experts, it may have been the united states that had a hand in the failed launch. they have been waging cyber attacks on the launch apparatus mechanism systems and has brought down missiles in this way in the past. it could be that is the reason for the failure. there have been failures also with this missile. nevertheless, i think the bottom line this weekend is, with the range of missiles we saw, the determination we've seen, they are ready for the fight. they are in no way near giving up the nukes, the missiles that the united states wants them to give up. i'm very much convinced it is game on in this very tense standoff between north korea and the united states and the west. rob: we will talk more about what might have brought the missile down in a few minutes.
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we will have them life monday morning in the nation that has everyone's attention. thank you so much. moving to turkey. the present claiming victory in a countrywide referendum that would greatly expand the powers of his own office. turkish state media reports 51% voted in favor of the changes however opposition leaders are calling for a recount after election officials announced they would count ballots that had not been stamped as valid. what can be done about the situation in north korea? does a show of forced from the u.s. give an answer to this? how will president trump respond on this failed missile test? the president said china is
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i don't know that i was a hack, but north korea does have some shoddy technology and they're not even able to shop at home depot to get something to work. i think this was failure on the north korean part. >> is a hack. >> it could be a hack. over time we've seen, starting with bill clinton, we've seen the u.s. government trying to do everything in their power to curtail north korea and the aggression. that's why there is no proof that north korea has a nuclear weapon that could hit the united states because over time, u.s. government, whether democrat or republican presidencies have really worked on trying to use different methodologies to curtail the koreans. now as we go into this next chapter is important we engage china. beyond china we can only go as far as our ally at the south of the peninsula will allow us to go which is south korea.
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we can only go as far as they will let us go which is part of this larger puzzle piece. >> north korea has been impossible to deal with for years. north korea tested nukes as recently as last year. president obama didn't take a lot of action on that. it seems president trump will be more aggressive in dealing with kim jong-un. do you think that is a good move? >> that is the big question. i think that is a question a lot of americans will ask themselv themselves. i see him just like his father, really big baby. if you pay them attention they will do provocative things. if you leave them alone and ignore them, they won't get much done. over the past eight years, we saw president that said listen, we will not engage north koreans. we will do our best to curtail them but we will not even have conversations about them. donald trump is taking the opposite approach. where there's rumor of a strike, we will have to wait to see if that happens, but this idea of trying to play around with the north koreans in this stage is not a good idea, unless china is
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at the table and willing to be a player in whatever we negotiate. >> i think it's a tricky situation dealing with, as john mccain said, this crazy fat kid that no one can figure out what to do with. over to you, the president has already gone soft on china and the whole currency manipulation after slamming te campaign. the president tweeted in response, and criticism of it, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the north korean problem. we will see what happens. my question for you is does this seem necessary? i seem to think it's not a good time to upset north korea's mope most powerful ally. >> you have to take a step back and look what happened since the florida summit with the chinese president. china has become more aggressive and doing what they want us to do in trying to curtail north korea. one of the things probably discussed was about currency
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manipulation and whether trump was willing to trade not labeling them as currency manipulators in exchange for assistance. there were probably deals made. we are seeing that president trump is taking a diplomatic approach. richard referenced the report that the u.s. was considering a preemptive strike as early as this weekend. many people freaked out about that but they don't realize, that was actually sending a message to north korea in a language most people don't speak, diplomatic action. that tells north korea we are ready to use the stick but we will go through other means we are willing to go through. what china is facing is that the u.s. is starting to look at sanctioning chinese banks and companies that are the gateway for north korea to the western world and the rest of the world, and if that were to happen, the chinese government would get very angry phone calls from the ceos and banks and companies. >> with it being so tense with north korea it's good to be
1:36 am
getting along better with china. >> for sure. the thing, the problem with this, i think we are seeing this on bargain things off in "the art of the deal" for american jobs. this is the problem he has always had and now we are seeing the bare root. >> i don't think in his campaign
1:37 am
he saw this north korea situation coming up so quickly and changing everything. it is going to be interesting to see what happens. it will be an interesting week. guys, thanks so much for coming on. we appreciate it. rob: the trump administration taking action against opioid. we will go into on the surprising origin of this crisis. that's ahead on fox news.
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. >> well pope francis easter mass at vatican offering prayers to those suffering in the syrian civil war world crisiseeshold celebrated in wake of last week's deadly attacks on census in egypt. >> sustained the overts of all those actively engaged in bringing relief and comfort to the civil population in syria the tortured syria victim of a war does not cease to show
1:51 am
horror and death. >> may he grant peace to the entirem me beginning with holy land as well as iraq and yemen. >> christians in u.s. also celebrating thursday holiest of holidays. >> ♪ hallelujah. >> packing st. patrick's cathedral right here a few blocks away from us in new york city, brian was there earlier today joins us, what was the message today, from the pope? >> well, it was really a message reminding the world one must inclining to faith despite hatred in the world 50,000 joined the pope at at very can fo easter mass in saint peters sear resurrection of jesus on third day of crews fiction pope expressing concern criesees the recent bombings coptic churches he
1:52 am
offered this message of hope. >> -- in this land of pain, tragedy with the fate and risen christ we find a especially if in the middle of calamities the sense of looking beyond the sense of saying look, there isn't a wall there is a horizon there is life there is joy. there is the cross with its look ahead. >> thousands visiting in church of built on-site where census believe apologizjesus di crucified resurrected. >> fit for census in -- census in middle east. >> in me,middle east last night coptic christians among oldest communities in the world, marking easter sunday, under extra security the pope there, last week isis suicide
1:53 am
bombers strict cities skilling 45 people in war torn syria christian are minorities celebrating in damascus wore shipers praying fob appears former residents turning hom for a moment just for a nominate christian town, to kel rate easter many abandoned that town after destroyed by isis, pope hos message of hope needed desperatelyly in these times. >> happy easter to you everyone at home. >> you as well. >> here, there was an unseasonably warm easter sunday, for much of the northeast for a lot of country really for more on the for being adam klotz live in fox weather center 86 in new york. >> warm still running up 8 pm, 81 degrees in new york city a warm one a stretch across the entire eastern half of the country temperatures very comfortable at this point, maybe beginning to see a
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cooldown in the next day or so the reason o for that rain is going to sweep through the area seeing it from pacific north excuse me northeast at this poishths riding to portions of the southeast back off towards portions of texas, that is going to continue through the overnight horse at times along than whatted from indiana through pence portions of new york have been thunderstorms firing up may continue to see some next couple hours begins to shift farther south best chance more severe weather along this line there it is you get into that yellow area portions of oklahoma back into texas, area where we may still see semsome severe weather how is that panning out hour-by-hour forecast future radar a disturbance, 2 a.m. to 3, 4:00 a.m. continue to see maybe more severe weather spark up
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for portions of north texas otherwise looking to head back into workweek may be folks have tomorrow offtude, west warm cooloff tomorrow's highs 70 degrees in new york city, i can run you into tuesday and wednesday, you begin to see cooler air along the east coast, but that warm air pooling up in the middle of the country that kind of year where spring, you see severe weather sweeping through then this roller-coaster ride as far as temperatures but was a nice easter for a lot of folks today. >> today like july you see it normalizing next couple weeks. >> average closer to 60 degrees along the east coast i think we are bouncing back-and-forth a bit like you are seeing here next couple days that is just going to be cogent until we warm up summer, real summer of arrive. >> thanks so much, this easter weekend very special moment long awaited birth of a baby giraffe we have update on how the not so little guy is
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doing, coming up next. stay tuned. ♪ my baby, i need you oh how i need you, but all you do is
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. . .
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at april said to recover perfectly after being protect pregnant for some 15 months. ladies, you thought you had it hard. giving birth to fourth calf. that's cute. happy easter. everybody. that's how fox reports this sunday, april 17th. i'm rob schmitt in for harris faulkner. i'm easter. have a great week. the special killing jesus christ is coming up next. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ it is monday, april 17th. this is a fox news alert. a manhunt expanding overnight for the cold-blooded killer who gunned down an innocent elderly man and then posted it on facebook.
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>> somebody kill. i'm going to kill this guy right here. >> i snapped. dog, i just snapped, dog. i just snapped. i killed 13 people. i'm about to keep killing until -- until they catch me. >> the urgent warning overnight for the armed and dangerous gunman. >> also new overnight. mike pence on the border of north korea making a surprise trip to auto demilitarized zone as the tension with kim jong un mounts. >> all options are on the table as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of south korea. >> hard line the president's right hand man just drew against north korea. heather: and more turbulence as the bride and groom are kicked off a plane, they say, for moving to an empty row with more leg room. and guess which airline it was. the brand new fiasco, yep,
2:00 am
that united is now facing. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a quarter past 12 and i don't care it's 5:00 somewhere. rob: it's 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning i'm rob schmitt. heather: thank you for joining us as always i'm heather childers. thanks for starting your day and week with us. we begin with ther wrath strategic patience. that is over. vice president mike pence drawing a hard line against north korea overnight after visiting a demilitarized zone just miles from enemy lines. rob: griff jenkins live in washington this morning with the latest on the boiling depositions overseas.


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