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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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perfect form, by the way. wrap them up, drive the runner through the ground. >> shannon: i think george washington went down. it was not a safety at the park. >> bill: no animals were harmed in filming this. happy easter folks, goodbye. >> jenna: a fox news alert now, president trump promising immunity. weighing options to reel in the nuclear ambition, hello, welcome to "happening now." i am jenna lee. >> jon: i am jon scott, president spending time back at the white house paid a weekend that is another failed missile test in north korea. no nuclear test, at least not yet. vice president mike pence's in south korea now where he toured the demilitarized zone, separating it from the north, and saying all options are on the table. life at the white house where the president and first lady are taking part in a traditional
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easter egg roll this morning. >> just started raining here, so the president was out there on the south lawn, and see that he is using an umbrella, will be coming in shortly. as the easter egg roll goes down on the south line inside the white house they are deliberating over how to respond to a massive show of force in north korea with the military parade. and the failed missile launch. the military parade and all of the missiles that were being crowded. a surprising a lot of observers, even some of the north korea experts and its size and scope, something that the president is responding forcefully to. the big fear is that north korea is moving towards the development of a hydrogen bomb that could be deployed on a missile. the satellite imagery has picked up what looks like preparations for another nuclear test, vice president mike pence, as you mentioned that he is in south korea. and earlier after meeting with the interim president then too,
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sent a very strong warning to conjunct in two consider his next move very carefully. >> over the last few months conducting two nuclear tests in an unprecedented number of ballistic missile test. even conducting a failed missile launch as i traveled here for this visit. the area of strategic patients is over. >> that failed missile launch that the vice president was referring to was a medium-range ballistic missile. it exploded seconds after i left the launch pad leaving some people to believe that the united states might have caused the failure by hacking into the control system. the white house is not giving away anything on that front, but the national security advisor saying that the president will not tolerate north korea's efforts to arrange a missile. adding that china should forcefully get on board efforts to rein in. >> i think it should be made clear to the north korean ridge
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dream that it is in their interest to stop the development of these weapons. it is clear that the president is determined to not allow this kind of capability to threaten the united states. and our president will take action that is in the best interest of the people. >> the white house insisting that it is getting good response. after the meeting in mar-a-lago a week ago, president trump does acknowledge that there is only so much that the chinese president can do when it comes to north korea. back to you. >> jon: the easter egg roll taking away some of the intentions going on behind you. >> jenna: it is an interesting juxtaposition between the two things that we are covering. what do you make of the juxtaposition? they easter egg roll on the one hand, but all of the talk about nuclear north korea on the other. >> well, scheduling never works out perfectly well when you're president. you have to do these pomp and circumstance things while you
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are making these serious decisions. a similar thing happened two weeks ago when president trump was having to deal with a serious situation while also having president down at mar-a-lago. you cannot always plan these things out and devote as much time to one thing over the other. some seriously interesting objects between the two today. >> jenna: talking about planning brings us to a broader point, the first 100 days in office. i'm curious of your sense of this as a journalist that covers the white house. do you think that the big foreign policy issues were a part of the 100 a strategy for president trump? issues he would confront dead on, or do you think that circumstances have led to some of the decisions as what happens with presidency? >> i think that it is more the latter, i think the realities of being president have really dawned on president trump over the last ten days with regards to syria and now with regards to
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north korea. every president talks about foreign policy in a certain way. a lot of times they make adjustments once they are in office, because they are confronted with new information. i think in the case of trump, there has been a significance in difference between the way he talks about things before, and talking about not being involved in entanglements in the middle east, and today where he is sending a message through his vice president basically telling north korea that the united states is not to be trifled with. and the vice president pence said that the strategic intervention is going to be in your face foreign policy with regards to the issue. >> jenna: you are leading us to a conversation that i wanted to talk about. the vice president role is so interesting in seeing him in south korea. what do you make of the role of vice president pence in the
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media and over the last several weeks of the presidency? >> i think with vice president pence, you have somebody who can go out there and maybe your -- appear to be a more traditional republican when he is delivering the same message that president trump is delivering. he is talking about the things that trump has done. it lands with more force, because pence comes from a more traditional background. at singles for the republicans who are maybe not on total on board with what trump is doing, this is the policy. not just the bluster from the white house, also what they are pursuing them what vice president pence is on board with. i think it is very significant that he was the one to go to north korea and deliver the message this morning. >> jenna: we have other big names like senator john mccain weighing in on some issues. here's what he said yesterday. >> china is the key. if they can stop this if they want to because of their control over the north korean economy.
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and by the way, i would point out coming out i know this will come up later on, but there is artillery on the border between north and south korea that can reach sole. and we cannot reach them all, this may be the test of the presidency, china can shut them down, and whether they are current seeing manipulators or not, we should expect them to act to prevent what could be a claddagh kids make event. >> jenna: >> jenna: that cataclc event really underscoring what people are feeling. and i'm wondering what your message would be to the viewers, looking at all of the different stories emerging before you, how serious is a decision with north korea? how concerned should we be that we are drawing another redline coming and there is a question of what will happen next? >> i think the red line is a very apt analogy in this case, any time you make these proclamations about what you might do with the other side
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does not comply with what you are doing, and if they do something that you do not like, you are in a position of making good on that promise or looking like you are weak. i think now that the trump administration has put forward the policy, they are in a position of doing its going forward. not always an easy thing to do as the redline in syria. anytime you talk about nuclear weapons, very serious circumstance. now we are talking about it even more because of this response. >> jenna: sorry to interrupt, i wanted to tell our viewers up what the target goal of -- title of your article was, carrying in sick, do you think that that will stick in general for what we are going to see moving forward? >> i think for a guy that foreign policy we did not know what to make up over the last ten days it has been pretty crystal-clear. first striking syria, that was president against the syrian government, dropping an unprecedented bomb in afghanistan to send the message
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which vice president pence's head was to send a message. and this which was a kind of threat to north korea that we have not seen for a while. he is really making a statement about his willingness to use force. his willingness to talk about using force instead of just building up the military and having that speak for itself. i think it is a very significant piece of the foreign policy that he is putting forward. >> jenna: something for viewers to consider, the variety of republicans and democrats that have tried different tactics. still getting the same results from north korea, that continued advancement of the nuclear program. if we want different results, the question that we will ask is what do we have to do to get it? great to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jon: it was teddy roosevelt who talked about carrying a big steak first, i wonder if the easter bunny knew about that after attacking teddy roosevelt there. neil gorsuch taking his first
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day on the job. just before the religious freedom cases on the docket, marking the first chance for neil gorsuch's boat to swing the case. >> hello, and quite of baptism per fired for new justice neil gorsuch, the high court is hearing three separate arguments today. none of which has caused really national attention, but that will happen on wednesday when the high court hears arguments in trinity lutheran church. this is a case in where a missouri church is challenging the state's denial for state money to resurface a church program. the state of missouri contends that its constitution bars state funds going to churches. >> we know that judge neil gorsuch has written before on religious it liberty issues, i think when this case gets teed up for argument decision, all eyes are going to be on justice neil gorsuch, because he is the one who is going to break the
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tie. >> justice neil gorsuch will not have time to settle in quietly. there are some hot button cases that are just on the doorstep of the supreme court. whether it is religious liberty versus gay marriage or gun regulation cases. >> some surprise on thursday for which neil gorsuch was not present. elected not to take another important religious case. that was mr. piece of versus colorado rights. and five conferences where they heard but chose not to act. that could happen on a future conference, along with cake artist jack phyllis, the laws violated his first amendment rights by requiring hitting him for making a cake for the same-sex couple. in one last point about neil gorsuch, apparently our producer has just stepped out of the high court, a very active question or we are hearing. but he writes very low on the totem pole as the new justice. he and closed-door conferences will have to patch coffee for
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the others, he will have to get up to answer the door when a clerk knocks or a message or knocks, he will have to serve on the cafeteria committee. if the soup is too salty or if the pasta is over, and other justices complain, that is relayed now to neil gorsuch. and it's can carry some time with it. apparently justice breyer had to serve in that role for 11 years. he still gets up reflexively to answer the door. >> jon: i'm sure he welcomes having the new guy on the court to take those duties away from him. who knew that that stuff went on? all right. good side -- inside information. >> jenna: we have to get that right. really important decisions to make. multistate warning as police expand that desperate manhunt for the cleveland facebook killer. why they are saying this man is so dangerous. at the latest is a head on the lab report. plus latrobe administration sending a warning to north korea and kim jong-un as we were just
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talking about. we have a live report from the north korean capital next.
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>> jenna: top story of the day, pressure is mounting between north korea and not much of the world, especially the united states after the failed missile launch, and military power during a celebration of north korea's late founder, the current leader kim jong-un's grandfather. the trump administration says that it will stop at no end. north korea, go ahead greg. >> jenna, as tensions grow here over the band nuclear and missile programs, vice president egg pence is talking very tough about the programs here. part of an asian trip that has had to deal with the belligerence of north korea. he says he wants the united states to achieve
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security through peaceful and the means, through a negotiation, maybe more sanctions, getting china involved, he says that something has gone the attention of officials here. he says that again all actions remain on the table for president trump. take a listen. >> north korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this regio region. >> now here in north korea, the officials are still talking about that massive military parade that we watched over the weekend. presided over by north killian -- north korean leader kim jong-un. still refusing to mention that there was a launch over the weekend let alone that it was a failed missile launch, analysts have been studying closely the video of that parade over the weekend. they now count something like 60 missiles that were ruled out. ten different times, and maybe some prototypes of new internet -- intercontinental
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ballistic missiles. we had a chance to move around today. and the first time that we have been here for five years, again, it is becoming a more bustling, more modern city, but according to analysts that we have been speaking to, all part of the kim jong-un strategy. to some economic gains to the people while keeping overall political repression of the people and play as well as internal crackdowns. as well as those nukes and missiles, and they have been listening very closely to the tougher talk coming from the trump administration. they have been from time to time even in person with us getting more agitated. and their public line is that they would meet all-out war with all-out war, that would include nuclear missiles. back to you. >> jenna: some great reporting from us from north korea. >> jon: as president trump is dealing with the north korea situation, also attacking the media yet a gun. protesters over the country
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demand that he would release his tax returns. our next guest stated that transparency in the trump administration is crucial to the president's future success. and one step closer to dictatorship, turkey's president succeeds in grabbing more power. and opposition groups hope that they can stop him, is he already too powerful to rein in?
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♪ >> jon: president trump going after the media yet again. accusing news outlets of biased coverage. the president tweeted, the fake media, not real media have gotten even worse since the election. every story is badly slanted. we have to hold them to the truth. this comes after protesters
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across the country demanded that mr. trump release his tax returns. >> he now says that this white house is no longer going to routinely release visitor logs showing who is coming to the white house, who they are meeting with as president obama did. another interesting development this weekend there were massive marches across the country, people protesting. if these were called tax marches, people demanding that president trump released his tax returns as presidents have routinely since jimmy carter. that was the subject of a tweet this morning from president trump as he says, i did what was an almost impossible thing to do for a republican, easily won the electoral college. now tax returns are brought up again? this president apparently thinks that transparency is overrated. >> jon: joining us now, the media panel, judith miller, an author and fox news contributor. emily do skin ski joins us, commentary writer from the "washington examiner."
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thank you for being here. emily, is transparency overrated? >> absolutely not. and i think the president needs to consider who his base is. we are inherently distrustful of the government. that is important. want to be the president that gets away with not releasing his tax return, that a significant. the people voted him into office without seeing his tax returns, if you want to get away without looking at 20-20, he cannot give them space to build against him as a massively un-transparent president. they have to excel to be transparent. like the drafting of a health care law, like the lobbyists working with administration. he has to excel at those opportunities. white house visitor log was not a good sign, but time for him to improve. >> jon: as you well know, president obama was one of the most transparent administrations in history, but it was anything but. he did have the white house visitor logs that were available for public expression --
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inspection to a point. >> the problem with what president trump is doing as he is trying to reverse a lot of what president obama did on a lot of different fronts. all of its or some of it is controversial. and everybody wants more details. president trump does not want to provide. it is our job as a media not to be handed information on a silver platter, but on the other hand, visitor logs are very important, because emily pointed out, because that enables you to see who is coming in and to lobbying the white house on various issues. that is crucial information. tax returns are as well. so our medical records. so are all of the other information, categories of information that president trump seems determined to stop the record and media from getting. spoon a couple of points on the visitor logs, the president maintain the ability to exercise anybody from the visitor logs that he did not want the public
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to know had come to the white house. it is also true that you do not have to go to the white house to try to lobby the white house. so are those visitor logs meaningful or not? >> i think that is a valid question, maybe if you have a meeting that is suspicious, you would not do it in the white house anyway, that is a point, obviously national security concerns as well. now things that the average american who does not follow politics to closely understand, but a great way for him to show that he is interested in a transparent organization. very important if he does not want to give the left of the ability to build a case against him. that he is not transparent, i think that it is notable that it is an administration with a lot of business people who may not be use to the standards of transparency of that comes with government. that could take getting used to. a matter of time, but he has to get on top of it and have a transparent administration. he critiqued obama for not being transparent. you have to be on the same page. >> jon: he does seem to be staying in the easter morning
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tweeted that people elected him without him having released his tax returns. therefore i think to his mind that it is not an issue. >> first of all, being elected is not the same as governing, governing requires buy-in, that requires people trusting you and having confidence in you. that is one of the many things that president trump has yet to learn. you cannot just issue an edict and have everybody salute and say, yes, commander-in-chief, that is not going to happen. secondly we have more than 40 lobbyists, former lobbyists in key white house positions and in key positions throughout the government. so emily is right. you do not have to come to the white house in order to lobby, but we need to know more about the people who are going not just to the white house, but to every single government agency to lobby for or against what serves their clients interests. so transparency is more important now. this is where i will disagree with emily, i don't think that president trump has any interest in transparency.
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i don't think presidents do. i think in general they try not to be transparent. it is our job in the public's job to demand the information that they and we need in order to make a fair-minded decision about how the president is doing. >> jon: the white house essentially said hey, nobody cares. who comes to visit the white house? that is why we are not going to release the logs, but they did make it to late on a friday noon -- afternoon of a holiday weekend. that is when you want to release things that you don't want to bring to attention. >> yes, and why is donald trump in the white house? what was the prevailing narrative against a candidate that he defeated? a lack of transparency, using a private server to house her emails. so people care about this. not to say that it is impossible for him to have a transparent organization, we are not 100 days in. he has time to turn it around. he will say listen, people care about this. he knows that. he was tweeting about obama's lack of parents e.
8:29 am
he has to see the opportunities. all of those things have to be done right. he really does have to do them right. >> jon: our fox news contributors. thank you both. >> jenna: big news out of the nation of turkey, as their president erdogan merely sending a referendum to expand his power, numerous fraud accusations have surfaced not only from opposition voices in turkey, but impartial eua and observers, and the nato member as well as u.s. to analyze, erdogan, turkey has employed more journalists by a wide margin, bringing up a lot of questions for us. life at our jerusalem borough with more. >> the crackdown on journalists that you mentioned soon after that took place it was a failed coup attempt against the government that took place last summer. and it was at the same time that the president erdogan began
8:30 am
preparations for a referendum that would increase the powers of his office. while sunday's referendum is now over, the controversy about this vote is only continuing to heat up. if the electoral board confirm that the referendum had passed, but a final tally will not be declared for two weeks. showing 51% voting yes, 59% voting no. and because of the referendum, they will be able to appoint ministers coming and some of the judges in the country declaring a state of emergency, it passed by a razor-thin margin, president -- turkey's president celebrated the victory. >> the exceptional nation went to the ballot boxes with maturity and expressed their opinion on a confessional chang change. >> opponents of the referendum say, not so fast. they are challenging the outcome saying fraud, and -- without the
8:31 am
official stamp on the ballot, this is a symptom -- a system that is used to prevent people from voting twice, and calling the outcome of the vote illegal. >> we expect the decision, but the decision is changed by the vote. the referendum has been challenged. and in people's conscious. >> president erdogan emboldened by the outcome of this vote, now calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty in turkey. and that is something that could be a serious obstacle to turkey ever joining the european union. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: well, the u.s. is angling to get to china more involved in diffusing the global tensions with north korea. the vice president is in the region this week. the next gas has led chinese pressure on pyongyang is not a silver bullet. and a massive search underway
8:32 am
for this man, and a violent suspect in a murder, streaming the whole thing live on faceboo facebook. >> this individual is armed and dangerous, and quite frankly at this point he could be a lot of places. he could be nearby, far away. anywhere in between.
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>> strategic patience has been the approach of the last american administration and beyond. for more than two decades, the
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united states and our allies have worked to dismantle north korea's nuclear program and alleviate the suffering of people. at every step of the way, north korea answered our overtures with willful deceptio deception. broken promises, and nuclear and missile tests. over the last 18 months, north korea has conducted two unlawful tests and unprecedented number of ballistic tests. even conducting a failed missile launch as i traveled here for this visit. the era of strategic patience is over. >> jon: that is vice president mike penn saying that all options are on the table when it comes to north korea and the development of weapons, the vice president is in south korea right now, part of a tour to engage u.s. allies in the asian pacific. he says that this month's actions in syria and afghanistan are evidence of u.s. resolve. let's bring in michelson, former
8:37 am
security at council and director of the washington institute. i want to get your take on the level of tensions right now. because some observers say that it is as tense as it has ever been between north korea and the united states. is that the case or is it that the trump administration is simply drawing new attention to their relationship? >> well, the level of tension is very high. not because the u.s. has suddenly decided to make this an issue or decided that it is important, it is really because of the advances of north korea making. we have seen an unprecedented rapidity of missile launches and missile test by north korea. it looks like they are on the verge both of a six nuclear test since 2006, and as well as potentially trying to test a ballistic missile. when he put those things together imposes a real risk, real threat to the united state united states. >> jon: they would then have
8:38 am
the capability to reach american cities with a nuclear device? >> yes, in theory they would have that capability. what we have seen from north korea is not that they are trying to reach a lick capability in theory, but really trying to develop a missile force and a military that could fight a real war. there is concern that this would be a capability that they try to make a usable capability. >> jon: the president's national security advisor was on one of the sunday shows over the weekend, saying that it is time for us to undertake all actions that we can. short of the military option to try to resolve this peacefully. sounding like a military attack is off the table, at least for now. do you read it that way? >> well, it certainly sounded that way. it sounded like what he was trying to do with stress that yes, we are focused on the issue, but also, what had been rumors about preemptive strikes and so forth. it is a very unstable, fragile situation there. if the united states does not
8:39 am
want to stoke or bring it to collapse. but when you look at the other options, you are looking at sanctions, diplomacy, you are looking at some other tools that we have. they look a lot like the options that we have already used in the past. if that is that a challenge. >> jon: the president is leaning on china to help, but north korea has thumbed its nose at china in the past, right? >> two problems they are. china worries about instability on the korean peninsula even the possibility of war with north korea and the united states more than it does out of the loop -- denuclearization of north korea. china will want to cooperate just enough to get them back to the table. and second, the nuclear program is so important to north korea that even heavy chinese pressure is not going to prove a silver bullet and solving it. >> jon: especially after six nuclear test in 11 years. thank you. >> jenna: breaking down, multistate warning about a manhunt underway, after a chilling murder in cleveland,
8:40 am
ohio, police say that steve stephens shot and killed an elderly stranger at random. and to the post of that video on facebook. now warning the public that he is armed and dangerous and really anywhere. that is live from cleveland with the latest. >> right now police say that they do not know where steve stephens is. they have hundreds of tips and leads, but they do not know where the alleged killer is right now. police are urging people to be billed vigilant in cleveland and beyond, new york, pennsylvania, and across the midwest. so far people have said that steve steve stephens killed the innocent father while driving a white ford fusion, a sedan, posting the video to facebook. right now they are not sure if he is in that forward, but they urge people to keep an eye out for it. he is described as 6 feet tall, 37 years old. here's some video of him before the deadly rampage yesterday when police say that he was driving around looking for people to kill.
8:41 am
and authority is their response today. take a listen. >> i just killed philippe peopl people. i just killed 13 people. i'm going to keep killing until they catch me. like i said, i killed 13, i am working on 14 as we speak. i have always been a belief monster. >> so far one fatality, one homicide in this entire scenario, and we want to keep it up that way. we are still asking him to turn himself in, but if he does not, then we will find him. >> police say this afternoon they are going to make his role very, very small. there was a report but to the fbi cannot confirm that right now. the intent manhunt expanding for a man who committed a crime and on easter sunday that is being described as evil. >> jenna: that story that we will continue to watch.
8:42 am
thank you. >> jon: the texas jury has a tough job ahead separating the person from the personality. the man from the creating method in a child custody battle involving the star of the so-called all to write. and a rare look into the mind of the member of the royal family as prince harry opens up about the darkest moments of his life.
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>> jon: britain's prince harry opening up for the first time of the darkest days of his life. his mental health issues after the tragic death of his mother, princess diana, in an interview with the daily telegraph, the prince, now 32, bearing his emotions were nearly two decades lead to emotional struggles and breakdowns. now an advocate for mental health awareness and treatment, prince harry praises his brother william for pushing him to seek help in his late 20s. harry says that he is in a good place now.
8:46 am
>> jenna: that is truly fascinating. but the legal question, where is the media persona and the real person begin, where does your online persona began and the real person begin? controversial with a very popular radio star alex jones fighting a custody battle for his three children. his ex-wife says that his on-air branch shows that he is unstable, but is lawyer says that he is just a performance artist that is playing a character. defense attorney joins us. as well as criminal defense attorney. great to have you both. where are we the most real? in person or online in this environment? i am curious when you look at this case, who do you think has the strongest argument? is it alex stone's attorneys say this is him performing? or is it his wife that is saying, this is who he really is? >> i have to take dad's side on this one time i think that the courts will also. they're going to get behind this
8:47 am
person's career and say, look, this man is making a pretty good living out of having very crazy and offensive opinions. he has millions of followers. he makes a lot of money. that does not necessarily make him a bad person or a bad father. i could not help but think of howard stern, i am a fan of howard stern, not alex jones, but would anybody consider him to be an unfit brother? he has made a fantastic living of being a choctaw, and i do not think that that is his actual opinions. but this case is really no different. >> jenna: we are showing a video of alex jones, yelling in front of the camera, and hearing him yell as well, interesting to note about texas, the only state where this will happen in front of a jury. it is a jury trial instead of the judge making a ruling. how do you think that impacts the case being that alex jones has a lot of information online and a lot of videos that can be played? how does it impact?
8:48 am
>> good point. most states do not have custody battles heard by a jury, it is heard by a judge. i think the fact that this case is pending in austin, texas, spent a lot of time there. it is a very liberal, progressive city. and you are going to have a lot of jurors that are not going to believe that this is a performance. they are going to believe that alex jones has a politically motivated agenda. at that he has a president trump supporter is that he is out to get democrats. and with a lot of democrats potentially on this jury and combining that with some of the tapes that you just showed your viewers. if you combine that with one more key fact in the case that i think it's going to go to the heart of whether or not he loses custody, whether these kids were exposed for the ranting and raving. he produces the show from his basement. are his kids involved? are his kids in the basement when he is doing this? does he allow his kids to see
8:49 am
this? if he does, he may lose partial custody. >> jenna: he has full custody right now, right? that is part of it that the wife is coming back, ex-wife and saying that she wants custody. but not attacking whether he is providing food or shelter for the children. she is not saying he is a bad father in that sense. or is she? >> the only argument that she is making is that he is not a fit parent because of what he does for a living. and the interesting thing for me and, he already has custody of these kids, which also going to need to show that there is a change in circumstance. from what i understand, alex jones has been alex jones for a while. if these kids are thriving with him as a custodial parent and nothing else has changed, i do not see a judge siding with mom on this one. >> jenna: the battle between these two battles does go back several years. we checked as far as we could. not a new battle between two new
8:50 am
individuals. something that has been ongoing. how does that come into the case as well? >> while alex jones currently has custody, so his wife's lawyer is going to have to show for example that these kids have behavioral changes in school. you are going to have to look at any counseling and school records to see how the kids are doing in school. if they are doing well in school, then i think that alex jones has a great chance of keeping custody. >> jenna: very interesting. we will see where it goes. it raises questions for everybody that has an online profile. you guys do. how can we bring that end? an interesting question as social media gets bigger and bigger. great to have you both. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jon: boston strong four years after a terror attack on the boston marathon killed three spectators and injured hundreds more. today they are running the race once again. ahead, how that city is taking new steps to keep the marathon
8:51 am
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♪ >> jon: let's check out what is ahead at "outnumbered." what do you guys have? >> happy easter to you. as a high-stakes showdown over north korea, vice president pence traveling to the region, warning that all options are on the table. how does this end? >> united united airlines is facing a new controversy after a couple claims that they were unfairly booted off of a flight. now paying you big bucks if you have to give up your seat. he all of that plus #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. we always give it away, right? thank you. >> jon: security around boston
8:55 am
for the days 121st running of the boston marathon. after recent terror attacks around the world and with the memory still fresh of the bombing that killed three spectators at the finish line four years ago. organizers are taking extra steps to secure this year's event. just past the finish line of the race for that. >> it is certainly a stunning day here. a long road. a long outing here on the road across eight cities and towns for the boston marathon. a beautiful, beautiful day. as you mentioned, security is very tight. you can see behind me that there are a contingent of medical staff waiting as well as law enforcement standing by ready to respond if anything goes wrong. race organizers expect this to be the family-friendly tradition that they have planned for. the course under the watchful eye of cameras, and more than 5000 5000 law enforcement officers. ready to respond to the use of large vehicles as weapons. something that they have seen
8:56 am
across europe. trucks used by attackers to ram into people. as to prevent that large vehicle, some barricades are being used to protect runners and watchers. k-9 teams, drones, helicopters looking from above. and plainclothes officers will be mingled into the crowd. >> we called them both side training, that is behavioral observation recognition, they are trained to look for different things that are displaying hostile hostile intent. >> nearly a million spectators ready to respond should anything go wrong, but they expect us to be a wonderful and happy day of running across the cities and towns and here in boston. back to you. >> jon: that's what we are all hoping for. thank you. >> jenna: on the next hour of "happening now," reflecting the newfound muscles and response to president trump's policies, the rest are up. we will tell you by how much credit and the political devised
8:57 am
turning bloodied. protesters against president trump fighting in the streets, we have the latest on the weekends arrest. a stick ahead let's take a look at some numbers:
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>> jon: we will be back here with more than just an hour. >> fox news alerts, a manhunt underway for a killer on facebook. steve stephens is accused of shooting and killing an elderly man in cleveland. seemingly at random. to them posting the video online. he has wanted on charges of aggravated murder. and cops are telling people in pennsylvania, new york, and indiana as well as michigan to look out for him as he would lament may have traveled out of state. they say that he is 6'1", bald with a full beard, and last seen driving a ford fusion. we will have more on the story as it breaks.


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