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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it's crashed at a golf course in maryland. three military personnel were on board from northern virginia. an army spokesperson said one of the crew was flown to the hospital. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 a.m. d.c. at 4:00 a.m. in seoul. mike pence is warning that united states is out of patience with kim jong-un. the president said don't test us. ahead, how president trump backed up that message today and how dangerous this rhetorical escalation may become. plus, the hunt for the facebook killer. he recorded himself murdering a man and posted it online. police say he's armed and dangerous and they're trying to find him before he kills again. and breaking this afternoon, word of an intense search right now near some schools. a live update from investigators is but minutes away.
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and baby carrots? the 3-month-old blocked from a flight over terror concerns. has security gotten out of control? let's get to it. first from the news deck this monday afternoon, north korea has got to behave. that's a quote from president trump today on the sidelines of the white house easter egg roll. he spoke to fox news around whether he ruled out a military strike against north korea. >> i'm not going to telegraph what i'm doing or thinking. i'm not going to say we're going to do this in four weeks. doesn't work that way. i hope things work out well. i hope there's peace. >> that was just hours after vice president pence warned the era of strategic patience is over when it comes to north korea. he made the comment during a visit to south speaking alongside that country's acting
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president. vice president pence said all options are on the table in dealing with north korea. he said any use of nuclear weapons from pyongyang would trigger an overwhelming and effective response. >> strategic patience has been the approach of the last american administration and beyond. for more than two decades, the united states and our allies have worked to peacefully dismantle north korea's nuclear program and alleviate the suffering of their people. but every step of the way, north korea answered our overtures with willful deception, broken promises and nuclear and missile tests. >> shepard: the vice president took a tour of the de middle -- dmz. we'll have the latest from the trump administration and the rising tensions with north
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korea. the country tried to test launch a missile yesterday but failed seconds after take-off. that test was part of celebrations for north korean's biggest holiday. the birthday of kim il-song. the nation uses the holiday to show off military might. and kim il-song's grandson, kim jong-un presided over a parade. some analysts said the missiles could be fakes. more on that in a moment. some analysts said u.s. cyber attacks could be to blame for north korea's failed missile launch. experts said recent satellite images showed the country may be preparing for another nuclear test. and the foreign minister warned north korea is ready for war if president trump wants it. today that same official told bbc news that the country will keep testing ballistic missiles
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"on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis." president trump has been calling on china to help reign in north korea's nuclear program. he said that china is working with america on the north korea problem, which takes us to the white house. john roberts is live on the north lawn. john? >> the posture of this white house compared to past administrations towards north korea, more strident. you saw the big show of military might there with pyongyang saturday. there's some question as to whether or not a lot of those missile canisters may have had something in them or might have been empty. the white house is concerned that kim jong-un is taking a different track than he's predecessor is. in the past, they would threaten the west, launch a missile and have a nuclear test in order to get something. and then deal for it. remember there was the deal with
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clinton administration and then a deal with the bush administration and then the obama administration. all of this north korea reneged on. the real concern here is that kim jong-un may be trying to get a hydrogen bomb that could be deployed on an intercontinental ballistic missile. that is a line that a lot of people don't want to see crossed. the bottom line, this president said he's not going to lay down any red lines, but the president said that north korea has to tow the line when it comes to international behave your. listen here to sean spicer. >> drawing red lines have not worked in the past. he holds his cards close to his vest. i don't think you'll see the president drawing red lines in the sand. the action he took in syria shows when appropriate, he will take decisive action. >> north korea a big topic of the briefing.
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one of the points that spicer kept stressing is that nothing is off the table, shep, but what they want to do in the interim is continue the talks with china. xi jinping sat down with the president a couple weeks ago. parentsly he and the president had a very good conversation and china is taking some steps to put pressure on north korea. one of the things that sean spicer said that china was looking at is limiting imports of north korean coal into china. that's the one viable expert that north korea has and putting diplomatic pressure on pyongyang. there are limitations to how much china can do. >> you asked sean spicer about military options. >> why we've seen so many negotiations as opposed to military actions. it's believe there are no good military options.
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the second you strike somewhere in north korea, it rolls all of those artillery pieces out of the caves north of the dmz and pound seoul. so that's why in the past, it's been about negotiation. so we ask sean spicer, the press secretary this afternoon, whether this president sees the situation any differently given what his vice president said earlier today. listen to this exchange. >> does this president believe there are viable military options for dealing with north korea? >> i think taking anything on or off the table in itself, limiting your options to some degree. i'm not going to discuss that. >> one of the points in this, kim il-song and kim jong-un, while unpredictable, had some measure of predictable. many say that president trump is unpredictable and that is a problem. such as if he tweets something
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that kim jong-un doesn't like and i'm sure it's happened already, would that provoke a reaction. listen to this exchange here. >> is there a concern that a lot of the words that are being thrown around could have an unforeseen impact? explain to me when the president is tweeting, how concerned of he is of the risk of an inintentional consequence? >> i don't think that's there. we're talking the appropriate and prudent steps. >> so the white house is believing they have done nothing and the president has done nothing to accidentally provoke a conflict. but there is a carrier group, the u.s.s. carl vinson. they have a missile cruiser and destroyer in the sea of japan as a show of force. i'm told by national security officials at the white house that the posture of the carl vinson is patrolling the sea of japan. they're on heightened sense of alert and not predicted any problems.
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>> and the income tax deadline is tomorrow, which led to the question for the president's people about his own income tax returns. >> we're told that nothing has changed since the president became the president. that his income tax returns are still under audit and that he wasn't going to release anything any time soon, which prompted this question from my colleague from abc, jonathan carl. listen here. >> you asked about this a thousand times. >> thank you. >> you talk about under audit, the president is under audit. is it time to say that the president will never release his tax returns? >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> have to get back to you on that. you can read into that, shep, nothing is imminent when it comes to the tax returns. might he some day do it? i don't think that we can know that, shep. >> shepard: john roberts on north lawn. thank you. more on the failed north korean missile test and word that the u.s. could have, might have hacked into that launch. a former british foreign minister tells the bbc that
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there's a strong belief that an american cyber attack took down that missile and that the u.s. has been successful in doing so on several occasions. curt wallace talked about this on fox news sunday. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with more. there's no confirmation anywhere. i wonder what the thinking is. >> shepard: it's breasting, shep. k.t. mcfarland was coy when confronted with that possibility. here's what she said. >> did the u.s. sabotage this missile? >> now, chris, you know we can't talk about secret intelligence and things that might have been done, covert operations that might have happened. i have no comment on that, nor should i. i think we're entering a new era not just with north korea but with anybody, any major country. we're entering a cyber battlefield. >> officials here for obvious reasons are not comment, today when asked if u.s. cyber command
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had any role in blowing up that north korean missile. it is notable that 88% of the interimmediate range missiles that north korea has tried to test have blown up within seconds of launch. five out of six launches failed, which led to some con georgia tech sh-- conjure that the unit states had to do with it. >> shepard: and well talked about the military parade and how jawed dropped there. >> the most note worthy were the two long canisters that appeared for the first time and chinese made and are for the longer range icbms with missiles able to strike the u.s. there were two new types of missiles on display. a submarine launched ballistic missile tested in august and the land variation tested in
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february. it's important to remember that north korea has never successfully tested a missile capable of reaching the u.s. a lot of what was on display be. we found a piece when i was a correspondent in moscow 19 years ago about how the missiles the soviets paraded through the red scare were fake. >> recent interviews with the engineers that worked on the rockets said they were fake. they gave the impression that the soviet union was winning the cold arms race. alexander said the phony rockets were tied to their parade trucks so that they would not blow away when the wind whipped across red square. >> so we don't know what kim jong-un has in his arsenal despite the show of might, if
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russia's antics are any guide. >> shepard: hoping not to find out. thanks, jennifer griffin. interesting look back. vice president pence's comments signal a shift in american priorities at least when it comes to north korea. that's the word from our next guest. a man that has made foreign affairs and spying his life's work. what united states can do to put more pressure on the north koreans. plus, breaking news. plus are getting ready to update us on the search for the killer that shot a man and posted the murder on facebook. we learned a search is underway in a public park. are they any closer to catching this man? we'll hear live from the investigators moments from now. live from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. what if technology
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: more now on the vice president's warning to north korea that america's patience has run out and all options are on the table to deal with their nuclear threat. gorden chang is here who has given briefings to the pentagon, cia and state department and the author of a couple books. a lot of discussions happened with the missile test. you say there's one good option. >> yeah, first of all, i don't think kim jong-un wanted to launch the missile sunday. he had to do it because he was pressured not to detonate the nuke. when he pressured his technicians to launch quickly, that's never a good recipe for a success.
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another possibility of why it failed three or four seconds after launch. we won't know for quite some time. it could have been cyber sabotage. i think basically this is a political decision to launch a missile and it doesn't work. >> shepard: i want to talk about this rhetorical escalation, what it could accomplish and what the problems it could create. first of all, how might this help the situation with north kor korea? >> the only way it can help is disarming north korea is our number 1 foreign objective. in the past, we put china into the international systems at the top and disarming north korea was towards the bottom. now i think we're reversing that. it's a good thing. it tells china that we're serious about protecting ourselves. we haven't been serious since 1994. >> shepard: when the rhetoric comes up, does the possibility of mistakes go up as well? >> absolutely. you have unpredictability on
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both sides. sometimes unpredictability works for you. in a situation where you're escalating and getting out of control, this is a recipe for disaster. kim jong-un has a low threshold for risk because of problems in his regime. donald trump has a low threshold for the use of force because we saw that in the syria attack and the bomb in afghanistan. this means it's dangerous. it's a very difficult situation. >> shepard: how are the japanese and the chinese react something. >> the japanese have always backed us. they wanted more resolute policies than washington has willing to go forest specially in the bush and obama administrations. they're on our side. the chinese for the last 1 1/2 weeks have been cooperating and i think they were able to prevent the detonation of the nuke, which was a good thing. this is what we've seen in the past. when we pay attention to china, they do the right thing. when we're distracted, then they go back to their default position, which is supporting the north korean regime. so it's not just a two-week
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policy. this is a two decade policy. >> shepard: breaking news. police in cleveland holding a news conference on the search for the suspect that shot and killed an elderly man and posted it on facebook. the gunman claimed to have killed other people but police have not found more victims. let's listen live. >> the money comes from the fbi, atf and marshall service. also want to emphasize that we are still engaged in a very aggressive and very focused attempt to find steve stephens and bring him to justice. we will emphasize again the need for the community to give us support. they've been very supportive during this incident.
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we ask for them to continue to be supportive. i'll turn it over to the chief and give you more details. >> thanks, mayor. the new developments are the reward that's being offered thanks to our federal partners and crimestoppers. also, we're still employing steve to turn himself in definitely to contact a relative or friend because there's a lot of folks out there that want to talk to him, want to get this resolved peacefully. so steve, if you're out there, call someone whether it's a friend or family member or pastor, give them a call. they're waiting on you to call them. we're a little over 24 hours away from when this incident started. we want to get it resolved as fast as possible. the victim's family, they
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deserve that. the community deserves it. our reach now is basically all over this country. our federal partners, local partners have reached out to their contacts all over the country. this is what we would consider a national search. so we're not going to leave any stone unturned. we want the tips to keep coming in. we've received dozens and dozens of tips. the fbi line, call that line if you have a tip out of the area. if you have something locally, call 911. we follow up on every tip. the mayor has conversed with the family, this administration has talked to them. we know their hearts are heavy and we're trying to get this resolved. so with that, if there's any questions, we'll open it up.
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>> chief, any reason to believe that he's still in the vehicle that you suspect that he was driving at the beginning of this? >> right now we don't have any reason to believe he's not in the vehicle. when things evolve and people maybe switch vehicles or things like that, he's not going to go out and buy a vehicle. so usually there's some kind of crime involved in securing a new vehicle. we haven't had any reports like that so far. >> [question inaudible] >> no, there's no truth to that we're receiving dozens and dozens of tips and we follow up on them all. >> you look like you got choked up when you talked about his family. can you describe you, the emotion, the federal partners -- >> we're all standing here because what unfortunately happened to one of our citizens here in the city minding his own
12:23 pm
business, going about his day on easter. it is personal. definitely. >> what have you been able to determine happened with this woman mentioned in the video that might have led to this state of mind? >> to be honest, we've interviewed several people involved in this. i don't think there's any rhyme or reason for it happening. i don't think there's anything pointing to specifically that can say this is what sparked this. only steve knows that. hopefully we can find him soon. we'll see why he did this. >> have you been able to locate the people he was talking to on his cell phone? >> we've located a lot of people. they've been cooperative. >> the investigation so far. >> how long was the facebook on
12:24 pm
post before it was taken down? >> i can't give you that exact time frame. sometime yesterday. >> was it up for minutes, hours? >> i couldn't tell you exactly. >> [question inaudible] >> we don't flow. there's a couple scenarios that played themselves out. i don't want to speculate on any of those scenarios. we in law enforcement look to all of them. govern the investigation according to, you know, things that have happened in the past and thing that we think may have happened in the future. i can't tell you one way or another. we're trying to follow any investigative leads. we're trying to make sure that we in law enforcement look in the past and really bring something in this case that will
12:25 pm
locate >> [question inaudible] >> no. >> chief, what about the parents trying to deal with this and have to talk with their children about this? what is the message for parents that have to talk to children? >> our message to the community at large is to be careful. unfortunately we're in an area where things like this happen. maybe not to this degree, maybe not this publicly as was done. but we have to be careful, we have to be vigilant. >> are you doing anything different -- >> just a further comment on your question. as the mayor said, it's traumatizing to our community, to everybody. not just our kids. you know, the police and law enforcement, we have counselors available. we have counselors in contact with the family. if there is a need out there, whether be it a school or institution, we can arrange for
12:26 pm
colors to talk to folks. >> chief, can you talk about the search and the weapons that were found. were they his? >> i can't give you an exact synopsis of that. we searched every available location where he's resided, where he's had family members and they cooperated and there has been items recovered, yes. >> were they weapons? were they guns? >> some were weapons. some were other things pertinent to the investigation. >> were they his? >> i can't verify who they belonged to. >> is he's armed? >> yes, we definitely can say without a doubt he's armed. >> you know what the murder weapon was? >> it was a pistol. i can't give you the caliber. >> chief, did you find any video of pictures and the highway cameras -- >> we've been looking at video throughout the area.
12:27 pm
i don't know specifically in our investigation. we'd have to talk to that. if we specifically found that vehicle in a video. i mean, a white, newer model vehicle, there's thousands out there. >> how hard is it to try to pinpoint -- >> it's very hard. it's difficult -- again, it's a white 2016 vehicle, four door. there's travel throughout northeast ohio. >> [question inaudible] >> we'll get the tapes out. we want to concentrate on finding steve and bringing closure to the family. >> [question inaudible] is there anything that led up to final problems or -- >> again, a lot of things that go on in people's lives. we at this point cannot concentrate on one issue that may or may not have led to this. there's a lot of things going on
12:28 pm
in his life, i'm sure, as evident by what happened. but we're not going to pinpoint a specific thing and say that's what triggered this. we don't know. when we talk to him, we'll find out more about that. >> thank you for coming. we'll have more as it comes through. >> thank you. >> shepard: cleveland police on search for the man who has been dubbed the facebook killer. the man who walked up to someone, murdered that someone with a gun and -- he's speaking again, the chief. let's listen. >> from that area, yes. >> shepard: talking about tips from other regions there. we know now -- i guess the headline is not that they have it in great leads but there's a $50,000 reward for this man's capture. let's go to matt finn.
12:29 pm
>> shepard, police reiterating that the man is armed and dangerous. police noting they're 24 hours past the initial incident yesterday. we know how crucial every hour is. police also noting that this has become a nationwide man hunt. up until today, we hear a report of sightings in pennsylvania and police urging people to keep an eye out in new york, pennsylvania, the midwest. now police say they're looking nationwide. police say it's likely that he's still in the white ford fusion, the foul size sedan that they had been looking for. at this point, they have no reason to believe that he ditched it and it's unlikely that he bought a new car. they're urging people to keep their eyes out for the wide she dane. there's no apparent rhyme or reason to see what started this. there's videos on facebook that he said an issue with the love of his life sparked this. police say they spoke to his family and people that he talks
12:30 pm
with, and that they're cooperating. there's now a $50,000 reward being offered and that the fbi is asking for the community to help in this search. they have told us if there's anybody out there hiding him, please turn him in. shepard. >> shepard: matt finn on scene. the white house says it's time . not just oversee i can't but other troubling actions in europe. we'll get to that. word of another chemical attack. this time it's the islamic state using poisonous gas. bottom of the hour. news coming up.
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>> shepard: a fox report now. headlines from the fox news deck. neil gorsuch starting his job as a supreme court justice today. the court has nine members now with a conservative majority. senate republicans used the nuclear option to advance his
12:33 pm
nomination with 51 votes instead of 60. isis terrorists used chemical weapons against iraqi troops during the fight in mosul. that's according to iraqi police. they said the attack over the weekend caused minor injuries. the united nations reports nearly 500,000 people have escaped mosul since the offensive was launched in october. tens of thousands of people taking part in the boston marathon. it's in the 70s there today, the temperature. high for runners. security at the race has been extra tight since the 2013 bombings killed three and injured hundreds more. the kenyans swept the men and the women. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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it's proven to help relieve pain and... ...stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas... ...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. >> shepard: the united states will not participate in new talks about syria. that's the word from the state department after russian media reported the talks are set for next week in geneva. in syria, a bus convoy was attacked and killed 120 points
12:36 pm
including kids. this happened as people were evacuating areas where there's been a lot of fighting. yesterday, h.r. mcmaster said russia was helping with bashar al-assad in his civil war and a cycle of violence. violence has spread outside of syria and its time to talk tough for russia. >> russia's support for that kind of horrible regime that is part of that kind of a conflict has to be drawn into question as well as russia's actions in europe. it's time now to have those tough decisions with russia. >> m.r. mcmasters said u.s.-russia relations are at the lowest point and nowhere to go but up. rich edson has more. rich? >> russia says there's a meeting with the united states next week in geneva and the u.s. says there's not.
12:37 pm
the sewell comes with discussions regarding the political process. but this time there's no new tri-lateral meeting scheduled. until russia makes it clear the future of bashar al-assad leading that country, syria, essentially everything is on hold. the official says the secretary of state rex tillerson in russia last week made it clear that russia can be a part of this process, but the position of the united states and the secretary lasts week is that the days of assad ruling that country are coming to an end. >> shepard: is russia standing by assad? >> they are. they said he's the legitimate leader against bashar al-assad and he's recognized by the united nations and they point to the history of deposing leaders. however, there's some perhaps moment in what russia has said. the russian foreign minister did
12:38 pm
mention that russia was not staking everything on a personality, not everything on bashar al-assad. but still denies that bashar al-assad had anything to do with that chemical attack on those people in syria and says they want an international investigation. we asked the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, if there was an investigation and found that he was responsible. he refused to get into any hypotheticals. >> shepard: let's turn to a.b. stoddard now. a lot of talk, no movement. >> yes, this is the trump administration using harsh language. it's a reversal from trump in his campaign rhetoric a year ago. they put the russians on the spot. they're saying we can't work
12:39 pm
with you until you abandon assad. i don't think the russians are showing any interest in doing that. even though they have said once at the time of the air strikes about ten days ago, their support for him wasn't unequivocal. they're not showing in their messages to the united states, putin's comments about the relationship with trump, everything they're saying, the descriptions of the chemical attacks, they're not giving any indication that they're interested in abandoning their status in syria. >> shepard: but to suggest anything about this fight has changed would be completely wrong. the wholesale murder of the people of assad continues on a daily, hourly basis. it's not as if anything has changed on the ground. what happens the next time there's pictures of dead babies? by the way, babies day every day. what happens then? do we have any idea? >> that's the problem. the attacks that prompted president obama in 2013 to draw
12:40 pm
his red line which he retreated from was bigger in numbers and worse than what prompted president trump to launch air strikes. it's not clear what trump does if there's another chemical attack. as the russians watch us now and see it's not clear, that he has a long-term strategy in place and he's not entirely certain he will do this at the next chemical attack, they don't feel pressured to taking a position and making a significant movement. they continue to say that u.s.-backed insurgents in syria are responsible for the chemical attack and are backing assad. so the air field that we struck was back in business the next day and the civil car continues. it's hard to feel that the russians were pressured in changing their tactics with regard to supporting the regime. >> shepard: you mentioned the cruise missile strike. that didn't change a thing about
12:41 pm
this conflict over there except that the russians are making all kinds of threats about the use of cruise missiles. >> right. we have a ship approaching in north korea. both the chinese are deploying their own vessels for intelligence gathering. if you look at putin's rhetoric, the relations have gotten worse under president trump. and people are on state t.v. in russia saying that the trump to more unstable than jong-un is in north korea. they're not concerned about our response to a chemical attack. they don't think we'll do it again, that we have a plan in place. i think from their rhetoric, they sound emboldens. perhaps assad wouldn't use
12:42 pm
chemical weapons for a while. i don't think we can say with certainty that we finished off his collection of chemical weapons that the russians say they would get rid of and didn't or his willingness to use them. >> shepard: thanks, a.b. as tensions rise between russia and the west, the u.s. air force is showing off their new fighter jets. military officials say the jets are on a training mission. and urgent now. out of maryland where a middlity spokesperson said an army blackhawk helicopter crashed in leonardtown in southern maryland, about 1 1/2 hours south and east of d.c. we don't have any idea how it crashed. a military spokesperson said one crew was taken to the hospital but another helicopter and two
12:43 pm
other crew members are apparently okay. the spokesperson said the chopper was from a fort, fort belvoir in virginia about 70 miles away from the crash site. if you happened to be a terrorist, are you going to admit to it on a travel force? ridiculous, right? a man in england accidentally checked a box indicating his grandson, harvey, is a militant. so harvey had to face some questions. harvey, by the way is three months old. that's next. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands). you need one of these. you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day?
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>> shepard: look at the little terrorist. a 3-month-old baby in england barred from a flight. a 3-month-old baby, mind you, barred from a flight to the united states because of officials suspect he may have been a terrorist. geniuses. that's according to british newspapers including guardian. it records that the baby's grandfather accidentally checked
12:47 pm
a box on a visa waiver indicating the infant was a foreign agent. jonathan hunt has this now. jonathan? >> shep, if you're a 3-month-old and traveling from the u.k. to the u.s., you have to filled in an electronic system travel authorization. that's what harvey's family did when they made plans to fly from manchester to orlando. where the question was asked on the form, do you seek to engage in or have you engaged in terroristic activities, sabotage or genocide, harvey's granddad accidently checked question. so instead of flying to orlando, baby harvey was summoned for an interview at the u.s. embassy in london. his granddad told the newspaper,
12:48 pm
i couldn't believe they couldn't see it was a genuine mistake and a 3-month-old baby would be no harm to anyone. but accordingly baby harvey was as good as gold and never cried once. i thought about taking him in an orange jump suit. they didn't have a sense of humor and couldn't see the funny side. for harry's terrorist tendenci s tendencies, he's never engaged in genocide or espionage. and granddad made the not unreasonable point that if you were a terrorist, i suspect you'd not be checking yes on the form anyway. so having terrorized no one during his interview and with no diapers publicly sabotaged, harley was granted permission to travel. we hear, shep, the people of
12:49 pm
orlando are on high alert for soiled diapers. >> shepard: i'm sure they are. jonathan hunt, thank you. president trump hosting his first white house easter egg roll this morning. more than 20,000 people came bay taking part in a dozen activities. this afternoon, the little ones love this stuff. this kid got some help. this little girl seemed to have the hang of all of this. lots of different color eggs. 18,000 eggs order. first lady, melania trump chaired the event. this one was back in the 1939 -- today's was the 139th easter egg roll. here's president roosevelt and his wife at the event. if you haven't gotten around to
12:50 pm
doing your taxes, there's an easier way to get more time. but there's a catch. that's next. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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get on top of it before they do. [crash] every 24 minutes, tipped furniture or a falling tv sends an injured child to the emergency room. preventing tip-over incidents is easy, inexpensive, and only takes 5 minutes. learn how to secure your furniture and tvs to protect children at >> shepard: tax day is the 15th. that was a weekend. today is a holiday, so tax day is tomorrow. the feds gave us a couple extra days. there's a way to get more time, but you may not be totally off the hook. connell mcshane has more. >> anybody can get the extension. a few important things to know. first, you don't need a reason to get yourself an extra six months to file your taxes. but file is the important word to pay attention word here. the extension gives you more
12:54 pm
time to file, not to pay. we'll look at what the tax experts need to reason today. most important things, first of all, ask for the extension if you need it. you don't need a reason. though you don't need to ask. ask by tomorrow. that's the deadline. the 18th of april this year. if you do nothing, that could get you in trouble. go on the irs website. look it up. how long is the extension? six months. just like that, you'll get to october. the final thing is very important. make a payment even if you ask for an extension. you say why would i do that? the late penalties, which are 1/2 of 1% per month kick in tomorrow even if you get an extra six months to file. experts say if you think you owe the government money, send an estimated payment in when you ask for the extension. that will help you to avoid the penalties. that's the name of the game here, avoiding the penalties. it's a lot of paperwork if
12:55 pm
you're doing your own taxes so the extension might give you some time. what people don't realize is, the paperwork that you're getting extended, not the payment itself. that's very important. doing nothing is not an option. a complete disaster. as an example, if you were to go four months without filing, the penalty is 25% of the outstanding tax due and the interest on top of that on the balance. don't do that. now, to sum it up for you, shep, in a few quick words, tomorrow is the deadline. extension is easy. go to the irs website. it's the paperwork you're extending, not the payment. you still have to pay. >> thanks, connell. next time a nigerian prince promises you mean, wait before you hit delete. and cops found $43 million in an apartment in florida. cops say they got a tip from
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1964, the ford mustang arrived at car dealerships in the united states. ford execs said they wanted the car to be a working man's thunderbird. the first models cost around $2,300. the car was a big hit. ford sold more than 400,000 in the first year. hundreds of fan clubs popped up all over the country. the mustang also found its way into popular culture. it appeared in james bond's film gold finger and hundreds of movies since then. america first took the reins of
1:00 pm
the ford mustang 50 years ago. $2,300. today, the base model is $25,000. see you back tomorrow. >> a new call from the white house today for top democrats to speak up to calm this violence down as pro and anti-trump protesters clash in berkeley. welcome. trish regan. i'm in for neil cavuto. 20 rests already made. police say they expect more. this is what white house advisor kellyanne conway said about the protest here on fox. >> i would love to hear the new dnc chairman, tom perez, bernie


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