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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the dow will be ending the day in just a few minutes. these are the numbers as we have them at this moment. "your world" with neil cavuto is the best in business. neil is back and in the hot seat today. "your world" begins on fox news channel after this. >> i also want to thank treasury secretary steve mnuchin for being with us today. secretary mnuchin is working to put together a tax reform plan to make our industry more competitive and also to provide a level playing field for our workers. we don't have a level playing field. you're going to have one very soon. and our tax reform and tax plan is coming along very well. it's going to be out soon. >> neil: all right. that depends on what the term "very soon" means. i'm neil cavuto. i'm confused. i don't know about you folks, but we had the financial times
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story out and others echoing the same sentiment that the white house is looking to delay the tax cut. the august deadline that was promised bety treasury secretary might not be in the offing. this is as of march one when secretary mnuchin said yeah, it's going to happen. >> we want to pass tax reform by august. that's realistic and something that the president and i are very committed to doing. >> so by august, voted, agreed and done. >> and signed. >> neil: but you said you're going to have to push it back. bottom line is this. the markets were free-falling for a while today. still down about 112 points. it had been worse largely on the belief that this is getting pushed back. the markets don't like uncertainty. uncertain for them is the prospect of tax cuts coming by
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at least august. now it's pushed back if not pushed out entirely. the prospect and the fear seems very real. to kevin corke in kenosha, wisconsin with more on all of the above. is this happening or not? delayed or not? >> delays, delays. if i were putting money on it, i'm not in vegas, i'm in wisconsin, i'd put money on fact that it's not going to happen by august, neil. i doubt it will happen by september. even though sources inside the white house keep saying that they would like to have it happen. you heard sba administrator linda mcmahon tell you on fox business, this would be good for the american economy. tax reform is important for business. but they don't know or believe they'll get it done by august. that's why we're hearing hedging. that is affecting the markets. understand the tick tok as well. they have to get something done on health reform first.
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i havelered -- i have heard they have the votes, not happened yet. and the president talking buy american, hire american here in the state that helped him get elected. this is a heavy manufacturing state and the home district of paul ryan. i'm sure he would like to see something happen here. a lot of symmetry here. if you're looking for a deal in august, i'd say keep looking, my friend. >> neil: thank you very much, kevin. if you're going to be pointing fingers don't point them at this guy. long before donald trump became president, long before he was a prospect for being the next president of the united states, this guy was toiling away in the back rooms of some capitol hill building trying to put together a tax plan that made sense and would be comprehensive, he joins us right now, chairman kevin brady. good to have you. >> thanks for having me, neil. >> neil: i'm not -- i'm
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confused. secretary mnuchin seems to indicate the august deadline has to be pushed back. is it? >> so i haven't talked to secretary mnuchin about the specific month or timing. look, it's been generation since we fixed this broke tax code. we probably shouldn't be focused on the month but the year. it's this year. sooner is better. we have an aggressive timetable. we'll be having hearings on the blueprint starting next week. let's plug away and may this pro growth and comprehensive. if it moves past august and lands in this year, it will be an incredible achievement. >> neil: what is a little past august? >> knfocusing on the month is t
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real deal here. >> neil: the reason why i do, from our prior conversations the later it gets pushed back, the more difficult it is to get done and the less likely it is to be retro active. you're arguing it will happen this year. maybe not august. but will the tax cut be retroactive to january 1 of this year? >> it depends. i think the later we go in the year, the more challenging that will be. i'm pretty confident that -- awfully confident there's key elements of the tax code that will begin immediately. those are the most pro growth areas -- >> neil: which part? >> we're going for the growth. that's the top priority. >> neil: when you say more immediate, which are they? >> obviously the rates are
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important. expensing is critical. the ability to bring back -- i think tax relief for families and simplifying the code is something that the american public is ready to bust out of this economy as well as our businesses so all of those are critical. >> i get a sense that whatever comes out might be in peace meal fashion. tell me where i'm wrong. one theory has it thatou have come up with a corporate tax cut and address individual rates later. you think that will happen? >> i hope no. one that is growth on the family on the individual side as well. that's what we're going for. i think the american public, while you and i get excited about getting this economy revved up, getting people back to work and vaulting back into the lead pack is the best place on the planet for new jobs, the american public today especially on tax day, they want this to end. they want this to be the last
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tax day. so the thought of being able to file using a postcard style system where it's fair and simple and we bust up the irs as we're doing it, that has a great deal of support and can help us move the tax cuts and reforms forward on the business side. >> neil: are you worried the white house doesn't share your exact same deal on this? i'm not seeing the whole white house but gary cohn of the national economic council, steve mnuchin. he doesn't talk as broad and sweeps of the tax cuts like you do. >> they understand we get once chance a generation to do this. we can't shoot for the middle of the pack. we can't make a few tweaks and call it a date. the rate cut alone would have worked in the 80s. it doesn't in 2017 if we're
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going to be competitive against china, europe and mexico. they get it in a big way. they're working through many of the same issues that frankly we have spent years working through. they have the right to do that. in my discussions with them, they seem to be along with the president, absolutely committed to overall tax reform. >> what was the last time you spoke to anyone at the white house on this? either mr. cone or the treasury secretary? >> that would be last week -- just before we left for the eastern break with secretary mnuchin. we have regular conversations on tax reform. i still think -- i think the sooner the white house and the house and senate get together on the same page on the major elements of tax reform as we work forward on some of the others as well the better it is. >> neil: what about a border tax? >> at the end of the day, the president's point about levelling the playing field, he wants to make sure foreign
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products don't have a tax break over made in america products. that we're not forcing through our tax code companies to move overseas. in fact, we want a level playing field ending the made in america tax overseas as well. our responsibilities represent the president and congress, the smartest design to level the playing field, grow this economy and vault us to the lead. we're going bold, as you know and people have fair and legitimate questions about it. >> neil: on the border tax, i understand the white house isn't keen on it. >> it depends who you talk to. i think the president made it clear that he wants the level playing field. that's what taxes everyone equally in the united states, whether it's a foreign product or a made in the america product. both are taxed at the low business rate. it makes sure that we've
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eliminated all the tax incentives to move corporations overseas. i think it fits exactly with where the president wants to go around certainly fits with where my constituents want us to go. >> neil: thank you very much, mr. chairman. a lot of people are talking out of different ends of their mouth on this. the chairman to his credit has been consistently plowing ahead with this on the notion that he wants comprehensive sweeping tax reform. my worry -- i want to go to charlie gasparino. he's one of the few and i'm wondering, he's not getting consistent reads within the administration. that was self-evident. >> if you listened to the president speech, what i thought was a good speech, a very good speech. but yet if you read -- look like i am, my -- microscopically what
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he's saying about tax cuts, it wasn't very assuring. he says we have to get help. if we do get healthcare reform passed, it will be bigger and steeper. that's what he said. so the real tax cut, the cuts that he talked about in the campaign, the 20%, from 35 to 20% for the corporate rate, squeezing the seven rates to throe and lowering it from 39.6, they probably won't happen unless they get healthcare reform. the chances of those happening, well, 50/50 might be a good bet. >> neil: have you heard -- i'm not being jaded here, but not exactly been in agreement on the broad parameter of the healthcare rework. let's say they do it's a month away at a minimum.
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can they quickly turn gear and move on a tax plan? >> yeah, then they have -- they believe they have the savings to sell it to deficit hawks in congress. they don't have to care about the democrats. gary cohn has said that may be his most powerful aide right now, has said if we can get the healthcare reform, we're going big on corporate taxes. he mentioned corporate taxes -- >> neil: he hasn't talked about individual tax rates. mnuchin has touched on that. that was evident in part of kevin brady's answers to me. i don't want to puts words in his mouth but he's frustrated there. >> if healthcare doesn't get reformed, they're growing to cut back on both. the markets are overbought at this level. people are not going to get an extra check. >> explain that quickly, charlie. why the markets might be
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overbought. >> here's the thing. markets try to price in the future. the future they're pricing in right now is higher earnings for companies based on the fact that they have -- are getting the big tax cut. if they don't, the market has to ratchet back its expectations and should be a sell-off. >> neil: it's crazy. >> it is. >> neil: we have more on this. we're getting rather concerning comments coming out about officials on the record and off the record within the white house that represent not only a series of 180s on tax cuts but so many other issues that could decide a key race in the state of georgia right now as we speak. the head of the rnc is here on that after this. here! it's been month after month of fiber.
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>> sooner no question is better.
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we have an aggressive timetable now. the ways and means will have meetings next week. so let's just plug away. >> neil: you heard it from the man that runs the ways and means committee. you can read in between the lines his frustration about moving along so that they can get something together that would be in effect this year. maybe not august but in effect this year. how likely that is, we have aaron here looking at this, aaron, to try to get something going beginning as soon as next week with the blueprint that the committee could hash over and presumably goof the administration to coming along or offering ideas of its own and the back and forth in the capitol. how likely is that? >> these a good question. i remember over a month ago, you and write talking about tax
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reform and donald trump had said himself that his tax plan was very well-finished and would be coming out soon. so they keep using the word "soon" and kicking the can down the road. maybe the house will begin work on something. sean spicer hasn't wanted to talk about it. he keeps kicking that down the road as well. >> neil: my dad used to tell me when i pestered and him when we would get there, he would say soon. didn't realize that when we started in connecticut and going to florida and we were only in delaware, so we had a ways to go. so i'm wondering, is that what is being forgotten here? always optimistic, but this timetable is being pushed back. that might be fine according to chairman brady. we'll get this done and everybody will be happy. but what is your sense of things? >> i'm skeptical. very interesting when you asked chairman brady about the border adjustment tax.
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very controversial tax proposal on imports. you had a good question. you said what does the white house think? he said that depends who you talk to. that shows the plan is not in place. congressional republicans don't have the details ironed out. can they get them in the coming weeks? yes. i think the goal is without a doubt this year. obviously we're not going to get it done by the summer. they have a lot on their plate. this is a heavy lift, neil. it's going to be tough. >> neil: leaving aside what could happen in the markets, they're going to sell off, that it's still going to happen this year, the question is it retro active and all that. what is your thought about the timetable, how aggressive the tax cuts end up being. what do you think? >> neil, if there's not a healthcare plan finished by the august recess, if they're still debating tax reform and haven't gotten much movement on it by
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august, water going to see rowdy town halls. the republican voters were promised a lot for when trump first got into office and having a republican house and republican senate. if they don't get any kind of peace of legislation that is significant, they'll hear about it from their voters. they need to move faster so the voters see they're doing something. that's why you're seeing some republican voters out in the country and the special election races say, you know, where is the beef? >> neil: that's one of the things weighing on this georgia district where a democrat could win it all tonight or have a close run-off. so bob, how much is this inability for republicans to deliver the goods, still early as it may be, hurting them? >> i think it's hurting the white house. and it's hurting congressional republicans. they're favored to hold off this democrat in georgia and get to a run-off and probably win. the fact that we're talking
1:21 pm
about it in a conservative district that was once held by tom price, who is now the hhs secretary makes republicans nervous. trump is elected as a guy to get things done. there's chatter that they could move the obama fix ball with the infrastructure plan. it's bigger of chances you getting it done less likely. >> thanks, guys. meanwhile, talk of al-quaida and isis teaming up. perfect. after this. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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>> neil: all right. so much for netflix potentially heralding a big, big technology
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performance here. ibm now out with earnings and revenues that were no big deal. the revenues falling about 4%. that was not expected. earnings coming in better than expected. bottom line, the stock is being sold off. this is not the blueprint that wall street would see. the earning season is still young and other reports could still surprise. right now ibm is selling off in after-hours trading. we'll keep an eye on that. meanwhile, the defense secretary is in saudi arabia right now amid new reports of the evil of all evil teams coalescing here. danny what do you think of isis and al-quaida joining up? >> i don't consider it a great surprise that something like that would happen. i think they know if they stay like they are, doing their own thing and don't get together
1:26 pm
that we'll take care of pushing them right out of the face of the earth. i think by putting it together, i think it's going to be a challenging thing. but it will be somebody that we can handle. >> neil: when we used this megabomb in afghanistan to target isis positions, we now have to sort of target on al-quaida as well, right? do they hang out in the same neighborhoods, the same areas? what? >> i don't think they're in the same neighborhood per se. especially when you look at isis. they're sort of everywhere. but i think to the idea of them coming together, i think it's very realistic. i do. >> neil: how we teal with them is anyone's guess. we have a number of distractions and we talked about it before, what's going on in syria and threatening renewed action if the syrians use chemical weapons what is going on in north korea.
1:27 pm
i'd imagine groups like al-quaida and isis know that and seize on that, don't they? >> without a doubt. when they see all of the didn't things going on, they probably think it's going to be better than isis and al-quaida. there's focus over there on the other side of the world in north korea. they'll use that opportunity to see what can happen in that part of the world. >> neil: a lot of them look at this as a rallying cry. the great satan is marching around the world. the more that rallies members to their cause, right? >> neil: that puts us in two totally different parts of the world, worried about north korea and continue to worry about isis and al-quaida. that's an advantage to them. it will make it more challenging for us to accomplish what we need to. >> neil: you think it gives any of these groups pause, colonel,
1:28 pm
when they see something like this, we follow up on it and the follow up wasn't there? that was in the early days of the clinton administration. i'm not disparaging one part over the other. terrorist, bad guys in general learn or quickly sobered when there's a response, right? >> well, what we cannot do in my opinion, we cannot act like we're going to do something and not carry through on it. what i've seen now in the past couple months, we've got the mindset that we're going to carry through whether it's dealing with isis or al-quaida ordealing with north korea, we're not going to back away and we're not going to do it halfway or anything like that. we're going to give full effort to make a difference so that this part of our country will be safe. >> neil: colonel, always good seeing you and your great service to this country. lieutenant colonel mcnight. the guy behind blackhawk down.
1:29 pm
meantime, scott walker has a message for washington. get going on these tax cuts. the governor is here.
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>> neil: united's ceo keeps trying but they're failing. what he's doing desperately. eep. ...far, far away.
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>> neil: all right. the president in wisconsin today meeting with the governor, scott walker who was talking to me about another message he planned after the president. when it comes to the tax cuts, get them done. take a look. >> i would get bogged down on a million different things. i would cut the rate, make it easier to bring the dollars back, cut individual rates if you can afford it. that and the regulatory reform the president and his administration have already done, started to show signs of help for not only manufacturers and farmers and business owners here in wisconsin and across the country. we can get the dramatic growth if we do those basic simple things. don't get caught up in a hundred other items. do those things and get it done and do it before recess in august. >> neil: doesn't look likely that will be the case but hope springs eternal to your point. the reason why i mention it, there's some criticism that the president's team, his economic
1:34 pm
team, they're filled with moderates that don't share that view that you need sweeping tax cuts or for that matter sweeping corporate tax reform. more to tinker and the edges. what do you make of that and is that a fear that you have? >> i think the president is hearing from a variety of voices on this and other issues. in the end -- >> neil: i don't know if he has a variety of voices. we have the voices that i hear, with the exception to be fair to the president, is that i don't hear any supply siders or rabid tax cutters. >> there's some. people like mike pence, i think definitely is in that vane. when he's talked to others, we've shown in wisconsin, look at other states, states led by republican governors, we're down
1:35 pm
in unemployment rate at 3.7%. the lowest we've had since november of the year 2000. a month ago, our employment numbers were the highest we've ever had. that's because we cut revenue. our cumulative benefits of our tax cuts in the two terms will exceed $8 billion and yet while we cut rates on income, cut probability rates and businesses, we see more revenue coming in. why? more money in people's hands. >> neil: they do create revenue, tax cuts. but it's worked for you. the reason why i belabor this point, i'm worried that they're going to be delayed, denied and i say that fearing that as one analyst told me, it's as if the trump white house has been overtaken by people that are very big, you know, devotees of the government. not in cutting this sides of
1:36 pm
that government. >> neil, the best way for the president to get ahold of that issue and get out of the white house and be here today. i found for me the last six years, one of the best things i could do is get out of the capitol and see people, hear from people. you're not in the bubble in washington i call it, 68 square miles surrounded by reality. forget about the checks and balances. talk to the american people. they know what they want. particularly today of all days, tax day. you cut taxes, you put more money in the hands of not just individual players but employers. that's the best stimulus you can provide for more jobs and higher wages. the best way to stimulate the economy. i think in state after state, republican governor after republican governor, republican legislative majorities all across the nation have helped make that point on a state by state basis. we need it nationally. president trump can make that happen. >> neil: you've mentioned the fact that your two terms, 1 1/2
1:37 pm
terms. that that has been your guiding focus and apparently recently you met with a number of fund raisers and the like hinting of a third run. are you going to run for re-election? >> i'm more optimistic about the future of my state than i have ever been before. i'll make an official announcement after our budget in june. hopefully the legislature will enact our tax cuts and that will mean by the time we're done with this budget, we will have exceeded $8 billion worth of tax cuts, eliminate an entire state tax, have lower income and property taxes -- >> neil: you'll have the record to run out. obviously many will try to stop you at every pass. but you are more leaning to running than not? >> i am more excited about the future of my state than ever before. i always say when people ask if i'm going to run, i say why wouldn't i? we have more people employed than ever before. the future is bright. we're putting more in education than we have ever done before.
1:38 pm
all the right things are happening to make it even better. what i love, i'm optimistic about this president, this administration, this congress. not just passing tax reform and other major changes, i'm optimistic the next few years they're going to take more of the power and responsibility and resources from washington and give it back to the states. i want to be a part of making that happen not only in my state but to help other governors do that across america. >> neil: and maybe run for president again, right? >> well, we got a president right now. i'm happy to see him run for re-election. i love him and mike pence. i'm thrilled he's here today. >> neil: i tried. i tried. all right. you probably have seen all of these town hall meetings evolve into chaos. the dnc is loving talking about it. and showing it. funny the same dnc isn't keen on showing something that is embarrassing to the dnc. i wonder why that is after this. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you
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>> neil: the district that brought you newt gingrich, tom price, the hhs secretary and now john ossoff? if early polls are right, that democrat, 30 years young, could be on his way to washington tonight facing off against 11 republicans. jonathan serrie on what could change a very-very different political landscape. could, i stress. he joins us out of sandy springs -- >> could. it's a 18-way race. anything can happen. turn out has been brisk all day. more than 1,300 voters a at this location alone. there's only one race on the ballot but it's getting a lot of national attention from both parties. the democrats haveound john oss. he's raised more than $8 million. with the republican field
1:43 pm
splinters, democrats are hope to win this outright to avoid a june run-off. conservative strategists feel more comfortable if in goes to a run-off. president trump agrees and tweeted republicans must get out and vote in georgia six, force run-offs. and yesterday republicans sent out this robo call. listen. >> this is president donald trump. liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your republican congressional seat away from you. don't let them do it. >> and meanwhile, republicans are appealing to moderates that may not be 100% on board with the administration in washington. >> neil: thanks, jonathan serrie. in that incredible contest there. meantime, you have seen a lot of build-up over the republican events that are disrupted by
1:44 pm
protesters, they're happening all the time. you don't hear so much when democratic events are disrupted by democratic protesters like this one in maine. take a look. >> you guys, i still have two minutes left. come on. all right. so maybe you came because you're curious about the new dnc chairman and the future of the democratic policies -- >> we thought we would show you that. you don't see much of that. maybe i'll be fooled by the mainstream media will give a little hint that democrats have their problems, too, when it comes to being on the same page. ronnie mcdaniel is here. we did request tom perez, the dnc chair. but they're working. hope springs eternal there. what did you make of that in
1:45 pm
democratic ranks, there's problems there? >> yeah, the democratic party is very divided. you've seen bernie sanders refusing to turn over his list to the dnc. the democrats are still very angry about how the dnc put their thumb on the scale for hillary clinton during this election process. they didn't like the party establishment coming in and trying to determine how the vote went and who was the nominee. you're seeing anger and angst over that still. >> neil: how are republicans dealing with those candidates and those that meet with their constituents? a lot of time protesters, you know, load up at these events here even if they're not constituents at all, i don't know how they verify and check who comes? they're ready for attack. is there a message that the rnc gives these folks when they meet with crowds like this, to take it, deal with it, what? >> each of these congressional members are determining how
1:46 pm
they'll deal with their base and reach out to them. some of them are doing tele town halls and how some are having open town halls. that interacting with their constituents and hearing their concerns. it's going to make them better when they come back to washington. that they heard what they're hearing and bringing it back to their legislation. >> neil: i hope they don't retreat from that or do one where they can call in or something like that. i think they look like they're running scared. but what's your sense of candidates that hold these forums, especially like they've been doing in the spring break? >> i think it's important to go and stand in front of your constituents. it's up to those congressional members and takes the tough questions. that's why we come on your show. we have to be ready to take the tough questions, right, neil? >> that's what i said, fair and balanced. >> and this whole tax cut debate is getting dragged on.
1:47 pm
republicans risk grabbing defeat from the certain jaws of policy victory here. because they can be in agreement and are in agreement on not only the timing but the degree of tax cuts and whether they have a backup plan in case a health care rework fails yet again. what is going on there? >> well, i'm optimistic that republicans along with the president are going to continue to focus on repealing and replacing healthcare and tax reform, because they promised it on the campaign trail. our voters will hold us accountable and continue working on that it's important to know that democrats have refused to work with republicans on anything. they have basically shut down -- >> neil: they're hoping you guys implode and starts to take dividends in key races like in one in georgia, the one the democrat leads in. it's a crowded field. are you worried? >> it is a crowded field. you have the democrats again coalescing around one candidate,
1:48 pm
picking their candidate and we have a divided field. we have great candidates. all of them running very good campaigns. and i think it's going to be a run-off. we're going to take everything we can off of who -- ossoff admitted he can't even vote in his district. why would the people of georgia vote for him? >> neil: you think it's growing to be a run-off? >> it's going to depend on turnout. we need strong republican turnout. >> neil: thanks, ronna. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: if you ever have looked at a 10-40 form, it's two pages. there's talk to make it longer or make the type smaller than that i'm talking .4 ariel type that nobody can read after this.
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
>> neil: all right. might not be a postcard, but this is the 1040 form now. they want to either make this an additional page or shrink the type down so they can cram more information for increasingly complicated tax code. gerri willis. what's going on, gerri? >> that's right, the tax code gets longer and longer and now the 1040 form is about to outgrow its two-page format. that according to none other than the irs commissioner. here's what he said. i do know the space crunch on the 1040 has gotten to a critical point. the code has been changed countless times. the font size has shrinked to fit everything in. but there's limits on what we can squeeze in. it's not just the 1040 that's
1:53 pm
getting better. it's been over 30 tax seasons since the last revision. in that time, the number of pages of instruction, instruction for the basic 1040 form have quadrupled. there's 199 tax forms related to individual income taxes. there's four million words. that's longer than the bible, the contusion, the gettysburg address all put together. so whether it goes to three pages instead of two is anybody's guess. don't be surprised if next year you have to read it under a microscope. >> neil: amazing. don't be surprised if you have to continue doing that. given all the about-faces on taxes, i'm not slur the tax relief is coming after this. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
all. but we do think the russians pulled the strings on syria, so they are back to being bad. gone are the days this president swore off ever getting involved in syria. if the regime dairy uses capital call weapons again, we are back to bombing syria. maybe this is the art of the deal. the president makes nice with china to trade so that it can get them to rein in north korea just as he gets nasty with russia to prove he is not in anyone's hip pocket. who am i as a judge except when it comes to these tax cuts. don't hold your breath. i would like to be wrong but forget about getting them done by august. growing doubts they can even get done this year at all. that's not all the presidents fault. divisions and his party run deep, very deep. if fixing obamacare is any indication, most republicans would prefer to run and hide.
1:58 pm
it is one thing to lose your resolve. be careful, mr. president, you are not also losing your core. the core that said tax cuts matter soon and they better be big. they been out -- maybe not so soon enough so big. changing positions on so many issues. you regret doing health care first but now you are back to doing health care first yet again. you thought it was a mistake to trust establishment republicans on health care but you've entrusted the same bunch to get going on tax cuts. i guess you figured the gang who couldn't shoot straight than your own administration, many failed to shoot at all. i want you to think about this but we have gone from a big tax cut for everyone to maybe not such a big tax cuts and maybe not for everyone. from paying for it to maybe not paying for it to a border texted paying some of it. and from conference of tax reform, the likes of which we haven't seen since ronald reagan
1:59 pm
to it smaller version closer to the last president bush. hope springs eternal you can iron out these details but without a supply-side or growing doubts something revolutionary is in the works. mr. president, you are elected to be a bull in a china shop, not offer the same bullet the same china shop -- bull at the same china shop. maybe it's your team that isn't up to implementing the task. maybe because they don't believe it and firmly believe you will heed their advice and drop it. just be careful making them happy and be really careful trying to make anyone in the mainstream media happy. they like it when you go mainstream, but i think you got elected swimming against the stream. your critics and some of your own cabinet didn't get elected making big promises, so what does it matter to them?
2:00 pm
they are your promises. you are the bull in the china shop. start rattling. start breaking things. time is wasting. see you tomorrow. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president trump keeps delivering on his promise to protect american jobs, signing an executive order titled buy american hire american. it orders agencies to overhaul the h1b visa program that some companies regularly abuse to hire foreign workers instead of americans. the president promoted his agenda at the


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