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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 21, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> this is how ainsley looked and where i was hiding a short time ago. thanks to home depot. >> all cordless, have a great weekend. >> bill: that's funny stuff. good morning on a friday. new developments now as terror strikes paris again. we're learning new details about the gunman who opened fire on one of the most iconic boulevard in the world. days before trance goes back to the polls to pick a new president. good morning on a friday. busy day here as always. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." >> shannon: it's good friday. i'm shannon bream. we're learning the terror gunman was questioned as recently as two months ago and was considered a risk to public safety. isis now taking responsibility after the gunman was killed by police in a wild shoot-out. president trump and vice president pence saying the scene here is all too familiar.
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>> it's a very terrible thing that's going on in the world today but it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say? it just never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant. >> it's the latest reminder that terrorism can strike anywhere at any time. >> bill: mr. trump tweeting earlier today. >> shannon: we've got kellyanne conway standing by with more reaction from the white house but first senior affairs foreign correspondent in paris. >> terror hitting the streets of paris again couldn't happen at a worse time, 9:00 last night local time on the champs-elysees a man got out of the car with a rifle and shot at and around a police van. he killed one police officer. he seriously injured two others
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and also hit a tourist and then he fled and then they shot. rounds and rounds of bullets flying here in the champs-elysees, tourists all around. they brought him down and killed him. the man is a 39-year-old french born with a record. in fact, spent at least 10 years in jail for attempting to kill another police officer back in 2001 and in the past couple of months he was in custody threatening again police. he was on a terror watch list. the fear from police is that he had been radicalized in prison. this comes on the eve, as you noted, of the french presidential elections first round. there was a tv debate going on exactly at the time the attack went on. today we heard from anti-immigrant national front candidate marin le pen. she said the borders should be shut down. finally we had a chance a couple of minutes ago to talk with a couple and their three
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children from kentucky. they were here for their 30th anniversary and they were here right in the middle of it all. take a listen. >> we saw the shooter with the gun and he started shooting bullets in the air and police were in the street. so it was a very terrifying moment. >> had he shot the policeman already? >> we saw a man go down. >> he did this and it went this direction. when he moved it i could see clearly the machine gun. >> unbelievable. >> i knew it was a terrorist event, an attack. >> when the bullets started to fly they ran and ran literally for their life. they picked up a tourist that had fallen down because she was hit and then they were inside for 2 1/2 hours. they said and i quote, god was looking after us. absolutely. a scene of horror last night once again here in paris. >> shannon: thank you, greg.
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>> bill: reaction from the white house. kellyanne conway is with me live. thank you for your time. welcome back on america's newsroom. the president was asked about this in realtime yesterday. his words were it just never ends. was there a tone of resignation in that comment? >> not at all. a tone of resolve. this is a man who as candidate trump ran very strongly and daily on defeating isis and it was incredibly important to have a presidential candidate now president, bill, who is very firmly committed to defeating and eradicating isis and is taking significant steps along with his security and defense teams to do that. he is saying we can't get inured to this as a new normal but said in a tweet this morning he thinks it may affect the presidential elections in france this weekend. people across the globe are tired of these random terrorist acts that take the lives of people and they're tired of politicians who won't name it and won't address it and take a
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hard line against it. you saw it even in a news agency in the united states this week would not use the word that someone performing a hate crime out in california had used. this is a man, as president, who refuses to protect and deny the fact that terrorists are out there to kill innocent people like the police officer yesterday in paris. he is here to defeat isis and is committed to doing that. he offered his condolences to the family. the first thing the president said yesterday. >> bill: we read the tweet earlier and saw it a moment ago also. on a run he was asked about iran as well. he said tehran hasn't lived up to the spirit of the agreement. >> the president made clear it was a terrible agreement from the beginning and called out iran yesterday not living out to the spirit of the agreement
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and as president he will continue to negotiate agreements but he always wants benefits americans and america. >> bill: he said he would rip it up. in hindsight was that easier the say than do? >> this president is evaluating all such options but yesterday when asked a question he very clearly and specifically addressed it by saying iran is in the wrong here, it was a terrible agreement from the beginning. there were a few democratic senators who voted against it themselves. >> bill: healthcare is back in the headlines. he was asked about that as well. certainly this will be a big deal when congress comes back tuesday of next week. let's go here with his comment from yesterday. >> the plan gets better and better and better and it has gotten really, really good and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week but i believe we'll get it. and whether it's next week or shortly thereafter.
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>> bill: where are we now in the hunt for 216 votes? is it 50/50 or is it better or worse than that, kellyanne? >> we're happy congress has been working during the recess on this issue. the president is in touch with members of congress and the chairmans of the committees and the speakers and people are working toward repealing and replacing obamacare. we want to make sure people get the affordable, sustainable care they need. something that hasn't happened on healthcare, something has not changed at all. it seems there are no democrats who want to support healthcare reform. i think that's unfortunate. the president and senior staffers here have made very clear that we welcome and would like to have democratic votes in support of healthcare reform, tax reform, certainly infrastructure and other measures that are meant to benefit americans. >> bill: if that's the case then, you have the majority of
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the house in the moment. the number is 216. is it better or worse than it was a month ago? >> it's better. you have people at the table negotiating with each other, different provisions, there have been amendments added to the bill since last month and it is better. it is good that it is happening, meaning that this is something that is still a centerpiece of the domestic agenda at the white house and recognize because we hear from them daily americans who either had insurance plans, had coverage they relied upon and lost it and we hear from other people who were relying upon obamacare to get them care and they were left behind. we're trying to address all of those individuals as well. it's a very complicated topic but very important. >> bill: healthcare is big next week and so is the government shut down and funding for it. a portion for the funding of the border wall must be included in this budget. is that a demand from the white
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house? is that a deal breaker? >> i'll let the omd director and president and others address that. we're confident that the government will not be shut down next week. >> bill: confident. >> yeah. >> bill: at tweet from earlier today. no matter how much i accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, it has been a lot, including sc, media will kill. how would you grade the first 100 days as we embark on that next week? >> there is so much this president and administration has done in the first 100 days that got scant coverage. we'll be out there next week talking about all the accomplishments. on the prosperity end, the job creation, half a million new jobs created. the president talked about that. you see that so much investment input by private industry was sitting on the shelf and they've started to unleash that. the numbers that really matter
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are all the confidence indicators. the home builders confidence up at a 12-year high. the national safety manufacturers conference numbers up to 93% up from 54% from a year ago. people spending their money, businesses expanding, you see factories staying here, jobs staying here. withdrawing from tpp and also opening up the dakota access and keystone pipelines create real jobs and have impact on americans paying attention. safety and security. >> bill: is the standard ridiculous or not, first 100 days? >> it was typical but also this white house isn't going to be pressured by artificial deadlines. there is so much to say in the first 100 days that hasn't gotten covered. people act look neil gorsuch is a footnote in the first 100 days. it's the first time a sitting president has had a supreme court justice in the first 100
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days since 1881. the significance should not be lost. this is about safety and security measures, the grades the president is getting. commander-in-chief numbers and people feel like he is making good on promises to be tough around the globe, to restate america's position and power. >> bill: i didn't hear an assignment of a grade. >> it's up to the american people. i think we've done very well here. it is an easy one, i think the president deserves an a for his ability to tackle all the issues and to tackle complex problems and to see what he has inherited here domestically and internationally. we're making progress on things that don't change overnight. he will be here for eight years and tackling a number of complex issues and getting great results that don't get coverage. thanks for being part of the coverage. grading the media is another complex issue.
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you see the studies out. fox news covered the new study 80% of the coverage toward the president in the first 100 days has been negative. that's too bad. i have faith in people to focus on what they see. >> bill: we can do a whole segment on that. i'm out of time. thank you, kellyanne conway. >> shannon: an american charity worker back after three years in an egyptian prison. how the white house negotiated for her lelease. >> president trump: iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement and they have to do that. they have to do that. so we will see what happens. >> bill: the trump administration coming down hard on iran promising during the campaign tear it up. what now? we'll talk about that coming up. >> shannon: top trump aides touting a win on the border. how they say border crossings are down a whopping 70%. now what about that wall?
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>> bill: two americans back in the u.s. after three years in an egyptian prison. aya hijazi and her husband
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arrived in the states late last night thanks to the white house and president trump. he permanently oversaw negotiations with their release. both she and her husband will be at the white house today. wow, more coming up inside "america's newsroom." >> as far as iran is concerned, i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed. it was a terrible agreement. it shouldn't have been signed. we're analyzing it very carefully and have something to say about it in the not too distant few you are. >> shannon: president trump slamming iran for not holding up their end of the deal struck with the obama administration. while scrutinizing the deal. they're zeroing in on iran's support of terrorism throughout the middle east. carl higbie is a former navy seal. great to have you with us today. tough talk from our ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley talking
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about the fact iran is doing all kinds of things. destabilizing the middle east, advancing violence and disruption beyond. it wasn't well received by a lot of folks at the u.n. >> the u.n. is rendering itself obsolete. they're saying the u.s. is playing a propaganda battle to involve them in help for terrorism. when i was in iraq in 2007 one of the missions was stop iranian flew, bombs, intelligence, arms, everything. i had friends killed with bombs we traced back to iran. if they -- >> shannon: secretary of state tillerson said technically they're in compliance with the deal. they don't think they're abiding by the spirit of it. we get the tweet from iran's foreign minister. we'll see if u.s. is prepared to life up to the letter of the deal and spirit. it has defied both. should i use my highlighter
6:19 am
again putting it back on us we're the ones not living up to the deal. the whole goal was the make sure we have a non-nuclear capable iran. >> we gave them back billions of dollars, untraceable. pallets of cash. the issue here they are still going forward with their support for terrorism and their nuclear program. a lot of their test sites according to the agreement allow them to self-inspect and just report to the u.n. so are they complying? according to them they are. i would want to send somebody in and find out. >> shannon: how much are they a problem when it comes to syria, north korea, russia's involvement. iran seems to be a common thread through all our biggest foreign policy challenges. >> iran is one of the greatest problems in the middle east. probably the most stable government in the area outside of maybe jordan and places like that but they have such a network of supplies, revenue, organization and they back places like hezbollah. they'll back them to say that,
6:20 am
you know, terrorism is okay and people find refuge in that. they're a huge problem. >> shannon: what do you make of general mattiss trip through the region? he spoke with prime minister netanyahu of israel at his side. interesting language from netanyahu saying that there has been a great change in the direction of american policy, a great change, it's welcome. and it completely upends what the previous administration was doing. he sounds relieved. >> we had eight years of obama's foreign policy that allowed terrorism to spread. they pushed israel around. ironically our only hard ally. now president trump is committed to israel. they were at the white house the other day and had a great talk and it has shown we're willing to step up to the plate and say you are our ally, we'll back you and it's time to put guys like assad in check and isis in check and i think we're doing that. >> shannon: the review of the iran deal continues within the
6:21 am
trump administration. where do you see it going? do we pull out at some point saying they aren't in compliance? where does it go? >> president trump said on the campaign he would tear up the iran deal and start fresh. self-inspection stuff has to stop. that's a fundamental area where they can act compliant and not be. if iran gets nuclear weapons rest assured one will lead to a terrorist attack. >> shannon: good to see you. >> bill: speaking of james mattis the defense secretary not mincing words with syria delivering a message to bashar al-assad. another strike with chemical weapons will be ill-advised. that's not all he said. >> shannon: arkansas executes its first prisoner in more than a decade. why the state is prob high not done with executions just yet. >> the family of debra reiss for the first time tonight will go to sleep with the justice they were seeking.
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>> shannon: defense secretary james mattis speaking out on syria saying the regime still has chemical weapons. >> they have retained some. it's a violation of the united nations security counsel resolutions and it will have to be taken up diplomatically and they will be ill-advised the try to use any again. we made it clear with our strike. so i'll just leave it at that. >> shannon: he says the assad government has disbursed its aircraft as a precaution against any other u.s. air strikes. we'll have more on this later in the hour with lieutenant colonel oliver north. >> bill: what mattis talks people listen. arkansas executing its first prisoner in more than a decade.
6:26 am
that state administering a lethal injection to ledell lee. casey stiegel live in arkansas and how did it unfold overnight? >> it was down to the wire as you said. his death warrant expired right at midnight. there were a host of last-minute legal challenges leading up to it but then the united states supreme court came down and denied all requests for stays of execution at about 11:25 local time. from there things moved pretty fast. around 11:40 all of the witnesses were brought in to place 11:45 the curtains opened inside the death chamber where ledell lee was already in place and when the medication started to be administered via i.v. time of death recorded at 11:56, 12 minutes after the first drug was given.
6:27 am
media witnesses say he did not appear to suffer and lost consciousness quickly. he was given two chances to say any last words but did not say anything. >> he was completely strapped down. had a head strap and arm straps so i didn't notice that he made eye contact with the director. he just appeared to stare straight up and didn't respond either time. >> lee had been on death row since 1995 for the murder of 26-year-old debra reiss. some of her family was present here at the prison last night. but declined, bill, to make any sort of statement. >> bill: three more executions scheduled there for this week, is that correct, casey? >> starting next week, two are scheduled for monday. however, the arkansas attorney general says she fully expects similar 11th hour legal challenges to be associated with those. something she says she is
6:28 am
prepared to fight. one final execution on the calendar for next thursday. you know, feelings here in arkansas have been pretty mixed about what is transpiring. a large crowd of protestors were outside of the governor's mansion last night and been gathering there for more than a week now. some holding signs saying two wrongs don't make a right and the state's actions are about vengeance, not justice. up until the end, ledell lee had maintained his innocence even asking for new dna testing to prove that but it was something that multiple courts denied. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel, a topic we've been watching for days. >> shannon: the supreme court got involved numerous times. there are several tracks, state and federal proceeding on a number of executions. this is the first place you could see a concrete way in
6:29 am
which justice gorsuch's made the difference. it meant these executions proceeded. >> bill: can they challenge the next three? >> shannon: they can and i would imagine they will keep on each one. his vote will continue to make a big difference. nationwide and month-long manhunt for a missing teenage girl comes to an end. new details about the teen and the much older man she was with. >> bill: our republicans making headway or not in repealing and replacing obamacare? is there a compromise deal truly in the works? our panel is on that next but first we ask kellyanne conway about it a moment ago. the president on that topic from yesterday. >> president trump: we're doing very well on healthcare. we'll see what happens. this is a great bill, a great plan and this will be great healthcare. ist is evolving. there was never a give-up. to f.
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>> you've got people at the table negotiating with each other. different provisions, amendments added to the bill since last month and it is better. it is good that it's happening, meaning that this is something that is still a centerpiece of the domestic agenda here at the white house and we recognize because we hear from them daily, americans who either had insurance plans, had coverage they relied upon and lost it and we hear from other people who were relying upon the obamacare to get them care and they were left behind. so we're trying to address all of those individuals. >> shannon: kellyanne talking with bill hemmer moments ago. republicans floating a new obamacare replacement plan as conservatives and moderates work on a compromise. president trump and house speaker paul ryan sounding optimistic about its chances. let's talk about it with
6:34 am
richard fowler and mollie hemmingway. we're hearing from the president and paul ryan the speaker saying they're putting finishing touches on things and hearing from others saying not so fast. it is not ready for prime time again. >> one of the most surprising things after last month when there was the dramatic failure of passing healthcare legislation is that people have quietly gotten to work and made a ton of progress. you have people reporting that regardless of whether they think something is going to happen next week or whether it will take longer, but it is important to get it done correctly as opposed to getting it done briskly. without all the media attention we had on the first round of things it looks like people have been able to come to the table, work out new ideas, people are willing to negotiate. particularly on the freedom caucus side as opposed to the more moderate republicans still showing intractability. >> shannon: something that politico says. multiple house gop insiders say the white house doesn't understand how congress work and as trump officials say
6:35 am
there will be a vote next week doesn't make it so. gop leaders can't have votes until the tax is written and tough to get a good sense of where the conference stand until members return to town on tuesday. the president said he wasn't going to do business as usual in washington does he throw this playbook out the door and get something done? >> we'll have to see. a win for this president looks like really the tuesday group and the freedom caucus working together to come up with a bill and even after that win, he still has to go to the united states senate where he will face troubles saying you have to take care of pre-existing conditions and keep the community division that everybody pays the same no matter what health condition and that's what is problematic for the president. the back drop is we'll also deal with impending government shutdown and funding the government for the next couple months. so all these are at play when
6:36 am
congress comes back. this president has a full plate in front of him and an uphill battle, no question about it. >> shannon: the gop will have a conference call saturday to talk about all those things, how to tackle them when they get back. what do you imagine the phone call will be like? >> they're saying that legislation will be revealed to the members, it is impossible to know where things will stand until that has a wider play. but there are some interesting ideas there. representative mcarthur from new jersey is giving states more flexibility and regulations that obamacare mandates on states which makes it very expensive and flexibility on what happens in the funding bill because all sides have leverage they can work together. there is this sense that people really feel like everything needs to happen next week or the first 100 days is this important metric. it is important in that the president hasn't had many legislative accomplishments but healthcare is such an important bill to get done correctly and you can see that with the rush
6:37 am
of the earlier legislation it didn't appeal to anyone or have enough broad support. it is more important to get this with such a big role in the economy and in people's lives done correctly and pay larger dividends for all of congress in the long term. >> shannon: you know the president talked about withholding subsidy money to force democrats to come to the table. do you think he gets a single democrat vote in this thing? so much criticism of president obama without him passing it without one gop. >> this is history repeating itself. i feel we had this conversation four years ago i was on the opposite side of mollie saying it's time for the republicans to work with the president and now republicans are saying it's time for democrats to work with the president. chuck schumer doesn't plan on working with this president and feels he doesn't have to because republicans chose to work with barack obama.
6:38 am
whether i agree with that is not if question but what matters is how president trump can maneuver is own caucus but reach across party lines and get democrats to vote. if he funds the wall that won't happen. if he is planning on trying to do gut to the affordable care act that won't happen. democrats will let republicans go it alone and be stuck with the awful bag if it happens. >> shannon: some republicans out there differ with the president as well. thank you both, have a great weekend. >> bill: there was a nationwide amber alert, a manhunt now over, a tennessee teenager has been found safe. she was allegedly kidnapped by her own teacher and then spotted in california after a tip led to both of them. we're working through the story now live in atlanta. what is the story here, jonathan? >> it started with a call to the tennessee bureau of investigation tip line late wednesday night. the caller told authorities that he had seen a teenage girl
6:39 am
and a man matching the description of the missing pair, this they were staying at a cabin in northern california. that cabin is located in cecilville in a mountainous part. deputies investigated and found a nissan rogue with no license plate but the vin number matched the one in the amber alert. they set up a perimeter around the cabin and waited for 50-year-old cummins to emerge in the morning and was arrested without incident. >> interesting to me mr. cummins made a spontaneous statement to me at the time we took him down i'm glad this is over. >> after arresting cummins deputies took 15-year-old elizabeth thomas into protective custody. they found two loaded handguns inside. they weren't surprised about this. during the six week search for the pair authorities were operating under the assumption that cummins was armed and
6:40 am
dangerous. elizabeth appears healthy but treating her as a victim of a serious crime. >> she is 15 years old. she is a young girl that is with a grown man that is 50 years old. so he needs to be held accountable for kidnapping this girl. >> indeed cummins faces multiple federal and state charges. aggravated kidnapping. he remains in custody in california. tennessee authorities have flown out to the area to pick up elizabeth and plan to reunite her with her family in tennessee later today. >> bill: glad she is okay. >> shannon: russia flexing its military muscles again. putin's latest provocations still ahead. plus this. >> president trump: i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> horrible things have happened. they are oh getting out or they're going to prison.
6:41 am
>> bill: top administration officials claim a major victory in the crackdown against illegals even before that wall is built. give this a listen. >> the only thing i can say is what the law says. if you enter this country unlawfully you are subject to being deported. general kelly and i are prosecutors will be focusing on the top priorities first. that's what we're going to do.
6:42 am
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>> shannon: a new provocation from russia. moscow has flown planes through international airspace near alaska, four nights in a row. this week -- last night a pair of nuclear capable bear bombers flew by alaska and canada after president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson have reached a new low point. the last time they flew this close to the u.s. was 2015.
6:45 am
>> in the last 60 or 90 days the movement of illegal immigrants up from central america through mexico has dropped off 70%. we're at a 15 or 16 year low and frankly we haven't done all that much yet. >> bill: the two men on border with martha. john kelly on the dramatic drop in illegal crossings across the border. he said that border wall construction will start at the end of this summer. chris stirewalt here to analyze that. what do you make of the drop-off in crossings? >> it turns out if you spend eight years talking about wanting to provide amnesty to people you'll get more illegal immigrants. if you spend a few months talking about how you'll crack down on illegal immigration you'll get fewer. these are not irrational act force. the people who came to the
6:46 am
united states illegally aren't coming unknowingly. the election of trump and actions his administration has taken has sent the message don't try it. >> bill: republicans say the obama team was sending the message it was okay to come here. >> which kind of amnesty, when will it take place. get her before the amnesty. all sent a message to get here soon. republicans forgot something about the fight over illegal immigration in the past decade which is this. they were arguing to have the law enforced. if we gave this kind of amnesty or we did these kinds of paths to citizenship could we get you to enforce the law. the answer was no, they get in charge. executive branch and they already have the tools at their disposal. it is not like you need new legislation. it is not like you need a supreme court decision to enforce the existing laws of the united states of america. >> bill: interesting. on the border wall secretary
6:47 am
kelly said this. >> i think by late spring, early summer we'll have prototypes and be able to move forward into the summer. we won't build a wall and physical barrier and see-through wall depending on the conditions. but we'll get at it as quick as we can. >> bill: a very interesting answer. big and beautiful. do you believe it happens? >> something will happen. you better believe that before his reelection date that president trump was going to cut the ribbon on something. it is obviously -- we knew this at the time, that it was not going to be a wall from the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean. it was not going to be this 2,000 mile like the chinese built. it is going to be in a section. here and does it end up being in arizona? we have a lot of fencing on the southern border. the main thing here is if the
6:48 am
u.s. government can find a way to strengthen border security as was promised under president george w. bush and obama, these real steps, not just the wall, but the steps about enforcement, about using technology and all those things, that's part one. >> bill: part one. is that a promise kept then if you go back to the campaign promise of last year? what would his supporters think about that? >> americans have learned to take the promises of the president with ample salt grains and know he speaks in large and flowery language. that's fine. if he delivers with the promise bringing illegal immigration under control and internal enforcement, cracking down on
6:49 am
employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, if he does those things i think that his base will be perfectly happy. they will say the promise is kept if it ends up getting the result even if there isn't a big, beautiful wall stretching from sea to sea. >> bill: kellyanne was on 50 minutes ago and i asked her whether or not it's a make or break deal for government funding next week to involve some amount of money with the beginning of the construction of wall. she punted on it. she said she would refer it to the budget office at the white house. she is confident there won't be a government shutdown. will the white house make a demand a portion of that money is in that budget so they can get things moving? >> if they screw this thing up and have a government shut down trying to get an arbitrary promise met for the first 100 days it will be an incredible act of foolishness. this administration and this congress and in both parties need to get some sort of funding resolution passed now. most of the money for the year is already spent.
6:50 am
this is just symbolism. if they gag on this because they want to say within 100 days they put two bricks on wall or whatever else and shut the government down you can kiss all of 2017 goodbye. it would be a big mistake. >> bill: don't gag, thank you, sir. shannon. >> shannon: new developments in the free speech showdown between ann coulter and uc berkeley. why she is rejecting an offer to reschedule and vowing to appear as planned on campus next week. >> it is anarchy when you're only enforcing the law in order to allow liberals to speak but no, we'll let these masked riders show up with weapons and start -- they are all little beta males. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically...
6:51 am
...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance
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6:54 am
>> you cannot impose arbitrary and harassing restrictions on the exercise of a constitutional right. i don't happen to be available on may 2. to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in rescheduled, rebooked hotels rooms, flights for me, my security, my guests, was fox required to reschedule randomly? >> shannon: ann coulter rejecting an offer to a new day may 2. she says no thanks. she plans to show up on her original date april 27th despite berkeley saying her presence could trigger violence. jonathan hunt is live from los angeles. good morning, jonathan. what else did coulter have to say? >> good morning, shannon. having flat out rejected that rescheduled date she accused uc berkeley and the police chief
6:55 am
there of quite literally letting liberal protestors run riot. listen here. >> i suggested two measures that would allow free speech to exist on berkeley if they wanted it to and that was one thing to announce that any students caught engaging in violence, mayhem or disrupting an invited speaker's speech would be expelled and number two, to have a little talk with the berkeley chief of police who is allowing these rodney king riots to go on whenever a conservative speaker speaks. >> coulter and other critics claim that a planned event by another speaker was the point at which uc berkeley gave the green light to these kind of protestors to shut down any conservative speaker they want to, shannon. >> shannon: all right. what is berkeley's position now?
6:56 am
she says no thanks on may 2. >> officials there are saying they're doing their best. they're trying to balance two important competing issues. listen to the chancellor. >> as the home of the free speech movement, we fully support the right and ability of our students to host speakers of their choice and we believe that exposing students to a diverse array of perspectives is an inherent and inseparable part of our educational mission. we also have an unwavering commitment to provide for the safety and well-being of speakers who come to campus. >> college republicans threatening to sue the university, shannon. >> shannon: sometimes comes to that over free speech. we'll stand by jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: two big stories, one overseas and one at home. republicans hammering out new details on a plan to replace obamacare.
6:57 am
can the white house get results soon? we're learning new details about the gunman and the deadly paris terror attack, fox team coverage top of the hour on "america's newsroom."
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> shannon: house republicans heading into the weekend working on a new plan to replace obamacare. could there be a vote as early as next week? some say that's a rumor. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm shannon bream. happy friday. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. rumors signs of progress on the hill maybe. lawmakers shopping around new proposals. senior counsel to the president kellyanne conway with us hour a efforts to possibly get a compromise here. >> we're just happy that congress has been working during the recess on this issue. the president is in touch with members of congress and the chairmans of the committees,
7:01 am
the speaker. people are working toward repealing and replacing obamacare. >> bill: that from last hour. john roberts this hour live on the north lawn. how are you doing? what lays out what needs to happen if it could become a reality, or is it just talk? >> good morning. first of all, a lot of heavy lifting in congress next week that for sure is a certainty. the president wants to get obamacare repeal and replacement done next week. he would like to get that done before the 29th, which is his 100th day in office. the problem is, the government also runs out of money on the 29th and much of next week will be spent wrestling over an appropriations bill to keep the government open. the president is insisting that that appropriations measure include 1.4 billion in funding for the border wall to begin construction on it and design of that so we expect a huge fight with the democrats over whether to keep that money in and there is also a risk that the government could shut down if they don't reach agreement on that and that's certainly
7:02 am
something that the republicans don't want to see because they will be blamed by the democrats saying look, you control both houses of congress and the white house and you let the government be shut down? at a press conference with the italian prime minister yesterday, the president was asked which measure he would rather see passed, healthcare or the appropriations bill. here is what he said. >> president trump: i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? we're doing very well on healthcare. we'll see what happens. this is a great bill. there is a great plan and this will be great healthcare. it is evolving. there was never a give-up. >> he says the plan is getting better and better. the latest are an agreement in principle between the chairman of the tuesday group and the chairman of the freedom caucus. what it would do is it would keep the obamacare provisions for existing health benefits in
7:03 am
the overall bill including things like pre-existing conditions, keeping children on your plan until age 26, anti-discrimination provisions and also allow limited waivers to states to opt out of the essential health benefits and community rating which mandates that health insurers offer plans at the same plan to all policy holders. here are the federal government mandates but states have an opportunity to opt in or opt out of some of those mandates depending on whether they think it can lower the price of healthcare. basically it's giving a bone to moderates, a bone to conservatives. the question is, how many of those will it win over? they have to get to 216. >> bill: possibility of a vote? where would you place it right now? >> there has been some talk that maybe there might be a vote as of wednesday. i'm told it's highly unlikely. the house doesn't come back until tuesday. they would have to set the rules and procedures as well as
7:04 am
whip the vote. they don't have any legislation. they don't know who will vote for it and who will not. it is possibly the end of the week that this could get done. i'm told the chances of that, though, are about 50/50 because the thing that they have to get done is this appropriations bill to keep the government running. that is the priority of the congress and so it may happen that the healthcare becomes the second priority and doesn't get done before the president's 100th day. there is a lot of optimism if it doesn't get done next week it will get done the week after. >> bill: busy week regardless next week. >> shannon: joining us more for more on this chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. you heard of what john said, it is all over washington they're trying to make it so the states can opt out of some of what the conservatives say are the most costly provisions of obamacare. but will you lose moderates in the process? here is what eugene robinson
7:05 am
wrote. having failed miserably, ryan and mignons are back with something worse. it would pretend to keep the parts of obamacare but allow states to take things away. will they lose moderates? >> first of all eugene robinson is not a moderate or a conservative. he is famously liberal. he is no friend of repeal and replace on any basis. i think as you heard john roberts laying it out, this is an enormously risky strategy. let's get to the point. driven to a large degree by the 100 day mark and they want to have an accomplishment by 100 days for the president and the house. job one next week is to keep the government running. if they don't find a way to fund the government we'll have a shutdown on friday and that
7:06 am
would be enormously damaging to the and the congress with control of all houses, both houses of congress and the white house that they can't keep the government running. and remember, a lot of democrats -- they need democratic votes. they can't keep the government running without democratic votes. democrats hate the idea of repealing and replacing obamacare and you try to get their support when you're trying to gut the major legislative accomplishment of the last eight years? it's very risky. hard enough to get two things done. on one say let's reason together and the other we'll kick you in the shins that's a hard bargain. >> shannon: sometimes that's how i works in washington as you well know. mulvaney overseas the budgetary process talked about this. they want to do with democrats to trade things. the democrats want the subsidies to keep going. he said we'll trade you that for more defense spending, a border wire and more money to
7:07 am
hire officers to enforce the wall. democrats are saying those items are complete non-starters. so if that's where we start to get funding done and alooming deadline of next friday how does it play out? >> again, let's look at what you're saying mulvaney is offering. he is saying we want the things we want and in return we won't blow up obamacare. we won't take away the subsidies that allow the marketplaces to work and allow people to get coverage. if i'm a democrat i might take that bluff and say look, you want to take away the subsidies and want millions of people to lose health insurance and you want that to be on your head? that's not going to be very popular for a lot of voters. my guess is a lot of people who voted for donald trump. i've never quite understood that strategy. it seems to me you're saying if you don't do what i want i'll punch myself in the mouth. i suspect the democrats will say go ahead. >> shannon: we'll see.
7:08 am
you'll be following it minute by minute in washington thanks for making time for us today. tune in to fox news sunday. chris will sit down with oklahoma senator james langford as congress gets ready to return from spring break. you can watch it on fox news channel. still have things to talk about. >> bill: oftentimes when these congress members go home and hear from constituents they get a little push from back home. we'll see how that factors into next week's debate. >> shannon: it was ron desantis from florida who told you what he got when he got home is they want a tougher repeal and replace bill. at least his constituents do. not clear the votes would be there for that. >> bill: eight minutes past. isis striking paris just before france votes to pick a new president. a terrorist opens fire on police at a popular tourist spot. the champs-elysees killing one officer and wounding another. police killed the terrorist.
7:09 am
investigators and witnesses say he was armed with an automatic weapon. >> you saw a man go down? >> he did this and it went this direction. when he did that i could see clearly the machine gun. >> that's unbelievable. >> i knew it was a terrorist event, an attack. >> a german tourist also injured in that attack. isis quickly claiming responsibility and frankly this was fast, too. the president has visited the wounded officer. the violence coming just days before the presidential election. more on this report earlier today that he had a note on him that supported isis as well. so we'll get more on that momentarily. >> shannon: check this out. a professor's painting of the president is sparking outrage saying the artist has crossed a line. our panel will wear in. >> bill: north korea commanding much of washington's attention. another country is like north korea on steroids. is the united states missing a
7:10 am
bigger threat? >> shannon: james mattis said syria definitely still has chemical weapons. how can the u.s. stop the assad regime from using them? lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us live. >> they have retained some. it is a violation of the united nations security council resolutions and has to be taken up diplomatically. they would be ill-advised to use any again. we make that perfectly clear with our strike. i'll just leave it at that. i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful.
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>> shannon: the suspect in the mass shooting earlier this week in fresno, california is facing arraignment. killing four white men at random wanting to kill as many white people as possible. they're charging him with first degree murder. investigators still working to assembly their case for the other three. >> bill: a teacher causing quite a stir with one artist's commentary. the piece at the university of alaska anchorage depicting captain america holding the president's severed head and hillary clinton sitting at the actor's feet. katie paf litsch and jessica ehrlich. i don't know if this is a free speech debate. you are entitled to your first
7:15 am
amendment right. ask yourself whether or not it's appropriate free speech. the university is defending the artist. the teacher. katie, can you live with this or not? >> i have all kinds of questions about this. is it microaggression, macro aggression. i feel triggered about this. the professor who made this said he cried for weeks and wept over the election. can we get him a therapy dog as soon as possible so he stops making things like this that are violent? >> bill: his quote was i spent days just weeping. >> weeping and crying. look, here is the thing. it is free speech. they can have it on campus if they want to. here is the hypocritical side of this. we have heard for months on end and for years from the left that we need to be tolerant and loving and accepting of everybody and yet here we are with this professor saying that this depiction of the president of the united states is an appropriate way to handle his grief after the election.
7:16 am
and if the shoe was on the other foot there would be more outrage. i think the secret service is interested in what this professor had in mind as well. >> a statement from the school. no matter what their political or religious bent is we'll protect their rights to make that kind of work in the institution whether it would be a student or faculty. jessica, where are you on this? what about katie's point, you turn it around and if this were to happen during the obama years, there would be outrage. >> there certainly -- definitely. this could be his therapy art which is a thing people use all the time instead of a therapy dog. there are programs for many therapy art programs. but i think it really to katie's point, it is a free speech issue and having political satire, political art and people being able to express themselves in political comedy is history that goes back in our country to the very founding. these are the very rights that
7:17 am
we are fighting to protect. >> bill: do you have a problem with it at all? is this something you would draw for therapy? >> there are things i see in art or humor in comedy and i find distasteful. everyone thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor but not everyone can have good taste and a sense of humor. the main issue is do we have a nation that's free? these are the things we're fighting for so people can express themselves in peaceful ways through art, comedy and express their feelings. there are a lot of people who are unhappy with the election. >> bill: i have more, hang on, go. >> i would hope we could all come to some kind of agreement that depicting the president of the united states regardless of who it is as beheaded and having captain america holding his head as a terrorist act would be completely inappropriate. >> bill: here is elizabeth
7:18 am
warren talking about nuclear weapons now on the view. >> so we know that he is an unstable man who has nuclear weapons. >> you talking about trump now? >> about to deal with an unstable man who has nuclear weapons, what could possibly go wrong? >> the question was set up as a comment about the north korean leader. all giggles and laughs there. >> that's political comedy and satire. she was making play on something -- joy bay hart. >> bill: this is a sitting u.s. senator likely running for president herself. >> she was speaking about kim jong-un. so this is the sort of the nature of what you go on shows like this. it happens when you go on
7:19 am
colbert and any late night talk shows and chat shows that aren't serious like your program. >> bill: did you hear it? >> to your point, joy, the co-host of the view, senator warren is a sitting u.s. senator who should have more respect for the office and to laugh at the comparison between kim jong-un and president trump is ridiculous. kim jong-un is a tyrant, threatening nouk and american citizens and their lives and they all think it's a big joke. it's not. >> that's not a close comparison. >> no one takes this as a joke. >> you said it was comedy. >> she is making a political comedy out of a very serious situation which is part of the history and tradition we have,
7:20 am
which is why we're fighting groups like isis and protecting our freedoms. similar to charlie ab dough in the situation in france. we want to make sure people are able to express themselves in this way. >> bill: we know kim jong-un is an unstable man. joy -- an unstable man who has nuclear weapons, what could possibly go wrong? >> it's believed by many people in this country. >> bill: the trump is an unstable man? >> one of the arguments made against him while running for president. >> bill: that's okay? >> it happens. >> it's okay -- >> it's not okay. the left -- is left -- the left is the side constantly preaching to the rest of the world about how we mostly to conservatives and republicans that we're the ones who are
7:21 am
being uncivil, the ones being misogynistic, racist, not accepting and not loving, intolerant of people who are different from us and yet here we have another example of again hypocritical left including senator warren accusing those of exactly what she has been doing for years. >> bill: thank you for your spirited thoughts today. katie and jessica, thanks. 21 past now. >> shannon: an american citizen held in an egyptian prison free after years of captivity. the major role president trump reportedly played in getting her released. >> bill: also is the alt left unfairly attacking the white house? we'll debate that in a moment fair and balanced coming up next here. >> i think the president deserves an a for his ability to tackle all the issues and to tackle complex problems and to see what he has inherited here domestically and
7:22 am
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because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> shannon: an american jailed in egypt for three years back on american soil thanks to president trump. the charity worker and her husband who created the foundation to help street children set free after president trump permanently intervened with egypt's president. four other humanitarian workers also released. daniel henninger joins us to talk about that. let's talk about that first of all. we know there were efforts during the obama administration and ramped up under the new administration and they've been successful. >> i think it's become president trump has decided he is going to reestablish our relationship with some of our allies in the middle east. the problem with president sisi
7:26 am
in egypt supposedly he was committing human rights -- they alienated the saudis because of the nuclear deal with iran. we know with the relationship with israel fell apart under obama. donald trump has induced the president to say if i'm going to help you with the problems of terrorism in the middle east you have to do something for me and i believe getting this aide worker released was part of that. >> shannon: we have a quote from her brother. we're grateful that president trump personally engaged with the issue working closely with the trump administration was very important for my family at this critical time and let us be reunited as a family and we're so grateful. hearing reports she could be at the white house today with the president. he has gotten a lot of flak for not having legislative achievement. this is something that would be helpful in the p.r. battle to point to this success.
7:27 am
>> he has been criticized for ignoring human rights issues. he hasn't elevated it publicly he is working quietly behind the scenes. it was a human rights issue. now she is back with us after being in prison. trump does deserve some credit for this. >> shannon: people hoping to have an explicit trump doctrine on foreign policy should cool their jets. look at national security advisor mcmaster and that's where we'll get the clues about foreign policy. >> i think it partly has to do with the experiences that both mattis and mcmaster had in iraq. i mean, we started the war in iraq by using brute force to try to defeat the enemy and those two are very famous for working with local populations, getting them on our side the deal being if you help us we'll protect you. i think they're transferring that basic simple idea to
7:28 am
international relations with our allies. now, we have a problem in the middle east which is islamic state. president trump is committed to killing islamic state. i think what mattis and mcmaster understand is the u.s. cannot do it alone. we're going the need the saudis, the egyptians. trump talked to king abdullah of jordan in washington recently. we'll bring them together, bring them on our side and together try to take out islamic state across the region. >> shannon: if they're successful in driving them out of mosul and what comes next? what role should the u.s. play or shouldn't played when the fierceist fighting is done? >> it's one of the things that mattis and mcmaster learned. they left iraq, no political solution. they understand there are these spaces between conflict and peace where you have people fighting over power. and the new military, these new generals like these two understand there is a political
7:29 am
element. while it is very difficult in the middle east, as an example perhaps we're moving towards a partition of syria into three parts, into three tribal areas, to do something like that is going to require help from turkey, saudi arabia and jordan. >> shannon: good to see you today. thanks for coming? . >> bill: new details on the latest terror attack from paris. finding possible evidence this was not some lone wolf. what do authorities know about that today? and a future beyond your wildest dreams. will we merge our brain with our computer? how about that for some weird science?
7:30 am
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>> bill: breaking news overseas now coming into us, a navy f-18 super hornet pilot has ejected safely in the sea south of the philippines. no injuries to the pilot. apparently working with the uss carl vinson that is heading toward the korean peninsula. that just crossed a moment ago. >> shannon: police officer killed in a terror attack in paris, a second officer and tourist also injured. isis quickly claiming responsibility for the attack and shooting as investigators search for answers. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. good morning. >> three people connected to the suspect are being questioned this morning. police sources are telling local media a note defending the islamic state was found near the body of the suspect. widely identified who was known to french authorities and on a
7:34 am
government list of potential terror suspects. he served nearly 15 years in prison for three attempted murders including two police officers. this does explain the quick identification. the targeting of the police on the champs-elysees does not appear to be opportunistic. the suspect's car had the address for the domestic intelligence service and police station 13 miles outside of paris, shannon. >> shannon: what do investigators make of the timing now? there is an election looming. >> in this statement the islamic state claimed responsibility and the timing has the attention of counter terrorism investigators this morning. french police raided a home in suburban paris connected to the shooter's family. isis claim coming within two hours of the attack suggests the possibility of coordination. the suspect was using the encrypted messaging service telegram. a method of communication for isis and its followers. the attack, of course, has pushed security to the forefront two days before the
7:35 am
election. the french prime minister, whose last job was homeland security, held an emergency session this morning and now elite commando units are backing up the 50,000 police tasked with the election. >> barbarity and cowardice struck paris last night. in berlin, stockholm and in london it also struck, where a policeman has been assassinated last month. the whole of europe is facing a never-seen terrorist threat. >> the criticisms of this so-called s list or list of individuals suspected of terrorism is that the threshold to get on that list is relatively low in france and there are 10,000 people on it. with that kind of number it is impossible to do 24/7 surveillance on those individuals. >> shannon: absolutely. all right. thank you very much. >> there is so much this
7:36 am
president and administration have done in the first 100 days that has gotten scant coverage. we'll be out there next week talking about the accomplishments. >> bill: making the case after almost 100 days. sean hannity said the alt left is becoming unhinged by the president's progress. he writes all president trump needs to do is check campaign promises off his list and continue to enact the agenda he won on. and then his haters can keep on hating for the next seven years, end quote. bernie goldberg fox news contributor with me out of miami. great to see you, good morning to you. >> good to see you. >> bill: you wrote a piece to months ago to this day saying trump has an ace in the hole. hard core progressives who detect everything about him. how does that fit into your evaluation for the first three months? >> that's the irony. the ace in the hole for president donald trump are the people who detest him the most. the unhinged hard left. these are people who can't go
7:37 am
10 minutes without calling for his impeachment. they can't go to rallies without holding up trump is hitler sign. they ervative speakers on college campuses, disrupt republican members of congress at town hall meetings, on president's day they held a not my president's day rally. whatever people think of donald trump, whether they like him or don't like him, these yahoos on the left wing are more unlikeable, i think, to most americans, than is donald trump. >> bill: they don't like him at all and that's not going to change. trump said -- president trump said earlier today. no matter how much i accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days. it has been allot. including sc, media will kill. now that goes to your point, bernie, suggesting it won't change. continue. >> i don't think it will change and i think the president is
7:38 am
right on that. as recently as this morning on another cable channel congresswoman maxine waters said -- she is not the most important member of congress, i want to make that clear. she said i will never work with president trump. okay? about a month or so ago -- you'll excuse her language at this hour of the morning. she referred to president trump's cabinet as a bunch of scum bags. it was a party at the university. the kids decapitated donald trump effigy. the grown-ups standing around, the grown-ups said tear him apart. i just don't think this sits well with ordinary americans. and as i say, the irony of all ironies is that the people who hate donald trump, i think are helping donald trump. >> bill: on that point barry
7:39 am
bennett who works with the trump campaign said this, if you believe that trump is massively unpopular, i am afraid you are not listening. you are ignoring reality either by choice or omission. if you did not see the outcome of the last election, please stop and ask yourself why. do you believe that still applies today? >> i don't think i believe that statement. donald trump won 46% of the vote. that's hardly a landslide. today his popularity is even less than that. it's something around 43%. so he have is not wildly popular. my point is that the crazies are even less popular. if i might, let me just read you a couple of sentences how i ended my column which speaks directly to that point. i said donald trump may not realize how helpful the hard left progressives are to him and they certainly don't realize how helpful they are to
7:40 am
him. before this plays out, the lefties who hated donald trump may save him from himself. so he is not as popular as that, quote, suggests, but i think 2018 is a long way off but i think the hard core left is less popular and may help him in november of 2018. >> bill: we'll watch it. there could be big news next week, too as they go on day-by-day as congress comes back. bernie goldberg in florida, have a good weekend. >> shannon: it seems lightning does strike twice. it is caught on camera. more of this incredible footage coming up. >> bill: there are concern that iran is flying under the radar while washington focuses on north korea. is the u.s. missing a greater threat? oliver north, lieutenant colonel stops in next here live. >> president trump: as far as iran is concerned, i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that
7:41 am
was signed. it was a terrible agreement. it shouldn't have been signed or negotiated the way it was negotiated. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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7:44 am
>> shannon: defense secretary james mattis said syria is in clear violation of its agreement to get rid of all its chemical weapons. the comments come after a chemical attack on a rebel-held city that killed dozens of civilians. here is the secretary. >> there can be no doubt in the international community's mind that syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement. and its statement that it had removed them all. there is no longer any doubt. >> shannon: oliver north is a retired colonel and host of war stories on fox business network. good to see you today, colonel. >> good to see you. he was one of my lieutenants when i was a captain. >> shannon: very decisive and not mincing words on the syria
7:45 am
issue and telling them it would be ill-advised to use what they have left. what's the next move by assad? >> welcome to the new world disorder. bashar al-assad's only allies are moscow and iran. if he uses air drop chemical weapons russia can't possibly claim they didn't know because it's their base. airplanes can't take off without their permission and they have to know the load before they do. look, his only allies are putin and the ayatollahs in tehran. russia needs him to assure they have access. tehran wants assad in power because they need him to support hezbollah through syria into lebanon. the only solution to the problem of chemical weapons and the carnage of the civil war is getting rid of assad. the only leverage point is
7:46 am
russia. the previous administration gave the ayatollahs everything they wanted. our president is the master of the deal. he needs to offer russia a deal they can't refuse. russia needs to offer assad with eddie snow den in moscow because they deserve each other. it's all possible because we don't want first of all what happened in libya when obama/clinton used u.s. air power to take off qaddafi. what has to happen is our president needs to make a deal with putin, as difficult as that may be. there is a lot of leverage with russia. they're called sanctions. sanctions done the right way can op this and cause russia to pick their guy up. they know the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the syrian government better than anybody else because they've been dealing with it now for years. that's the leverage point. we need to find something, a sanction or two or 10 or
7:47 am
whatever that goes after and offer putin a deal. if you put your own guy in there who isn't as vicious, the war ends and isis will be gone until they do their merger with al qaeda not to bring up another sore subject. >> shannon: the continuing thread through all of this. iran, the ayatollahs seem to have their fingers in everything, difficult they're dealing with now including north korea. the president tweeted out a short time ago to that point. china is very much the economic lifeline to north korea so while nothing is easy, if they want to solve the north korean problem they will. so what do we do with china, iran, russia? it's quite a stew out there right now. >> it certainly is. this is the situation where, you know, russia has their tentacles deeply what's going on with tehran. tehran and north korea have been doing a joint venture on icbms and nuclear weapons. it is not just that they're
7:48 am
looking at each other. they're helping one another. think about this. north korea grass is a vegetable they use it in salad. the only fat man in north korea is that pompous little fellow that runs the place. >> shannon: i'll do the beep for you. >> the only friends he's got are china and the iranians. when you look at it, it's iranian money paying for all this stuff now for years. all the pass of this has picked up ever since obama sent billions of dollars shrink wrapped on pallets to tehran. duh, it's time for us to make sure that the neighbors being particularly china, know that the consequences of nuclear testing and nuclear weapons delivery systems called icbms are unacceptable not just to us but to the rest of the world. that needs to come from our relationships with korea, south korea, with japan and the other
7:49 am
neighbors out there. china has got to know if he launches a nuclear weapon at the united states it will be devastating because you won't be able to drink milk. kids won't be able to because for years from all the nuclear radiation in the atmosphere. china needs to be told he fires a nuke we'll nuke him out and it's gone forever. the leverage points are one, economic dealing with syria with russia and a straight forward talk with the chinese, you guys have to stop this or we will. >> shannon: something tells me it won't be a quiet weekend. we know you're always standing by. thank you, sir, for your service and time today. good to see you. by the way, lieutenant colonel oliver north is host of war stories on fox business episode. don't miss back-to-back episodes tomorrow on the fox business network. >> bill: in a moment will you be able to share a thought without speaking or writing it down? can we share the power of the
7:50 am
brain? the science might be closer than you think. that's next. ♪ don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest.
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>> coming up on "happening now." john kelly and attorney general jeff sessions are at the u.s./mexico border today as the u.s. continues a crack down on illegal immigration. our media panel takes a look at president trump's first 10 days and how the mainstream media are marking the milestone. also jenna lee gives us a personal tour of the recently refurbished old post office in washington seven minutes away on "happening now." >> bill: top of the hour. once the merge human brains with a computer. if possible it would turn the
7:54 am
future into the way we transform how we communicate for the first time in tens of thousands of years? chief correspondent of mashable good day to you. this is elon musk, big thinker and big brain. spacex, tesla, and now he wants to -- here is the way i read it. he is saying that our brain works faster than we can speak or write, so if you can transfer ideas from brain to brain you communicate faster as a human being. >> basically the way to communicate hasn't changed in thousands of years and there is a lot of talk about tapping into our brains. actually facebook was talking about it the day before. and his idea is pretty intense called neurolink. and they haven't figured out how to do it. it may have to get to the
7:55 am
brain, a device like that. could be on your skin. it has to figure out and interpret brain waves so it can no what you were thinking or speaking so someone else wearing the same thing could have a conversation with you. >> bill: infant stage, dare i suggest. >> it is so far from the realm of possibility now but brought together the greatest out there, engineers, neuroscientists, surgeons. a team of people thinking about this problem and they are ready to start working on it. but there is a big difference between neurolink and tesla. tesla took some time and he had learning to do. same thing with spacex. it had been done before. space travel and cars had been done before. this has not been done before at this scale. >> bill: what he is forecasting is how we as human beings compete with artificial intelligence. >> he has talked about this for a long time and nervous that if we can't think at that same
7:56 am
speed and act at that same speed that they will start to do things on their own. he wants us to be -- we're already connected to our technology all the time. let me take that big level of the computers outside, put it inside so we're on the level playing field with our robots and our a.i. >> bill: as you say it it's like -- it makes a rocket seem like a small matter. >> just be prepared to be assimilated. >> bill: have a great weekend, lance. >> shannon: i'll fight the machines. meantime more than 50,000 police and soldiers have mobilized following yesterday's deadly terror attack in paris just days before that presidential election there. some are asking did that gunman have some help? tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow...
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>> apparently lightning can strike the same place twice. it had a home in texas yesterday
8:00 am
twice about 120 miles worth of fort worth. more storms are expected in the region today. get away from the trees, get off the course. >> have a great weekend everybody. we'll see you monday. bye-bye. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert from paris where police are searching the home of a gunman who opened fire last night. killing a police officer and seriously wounding two others. the two investigators now say the 39-year-old french citizen had been detained earlier this year for threatening police and convicted of attempted murder back in 2003. ice is claiming responsibility for the latest terror attack in paris which had tourists running for their lives and ended with police shooting and kille


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