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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity is up next, have a great weekend, see you monday. ♪ new evidence that iran may be cheating more on its nuclear deal with the u.s. than almost anyone imagined. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. there is new concern tonight at that iran may be more involved than we think in a nuclear weapons program despite its agreement with the u.s., and other western nations. chief washington correspondent, james rosen, tells us the information comes from a group that has been right about this kind of thing before. >> they're revealing this for the first time today. >> reporter: using satellite imagery from informants inside
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the iran military to support the claim that far from complying with the terms of the nuclear deal, as rex tillerson certified to congress, iran is grossly violating the joint comprehensive plan of action, or jcpoa. >> we're talking about an extensive corporate operation by the iran regime. the information shows that their activities have been continuing in full gear, despite the jcpoa. >> the group says iran is pursuing what nuclear experts say they're experiments with high employexplosives. u.n inspectors have only received limited access, the newly disclosed site, plan 6. >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement. i can tell you that. >> one day after president trump effectively accused tehran of
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cheating, he proceeded with caution. it is affiliated with m.e.k., 15 years on the state department's list of foreign terrorist organizations. yet r in-- >> representatives from the national council of resistance of iran said in washington today that iran is secretly developing two nuclear facilities. >> to assess the imagery, fox news spoke with david albright, who agreed plan 6 has the hallmarks of a site where they're made. >> i take their work seriously enough that i think the international inspectors, international atomic agencies should go to the site and see what's going on. >> fox news also asked the former number two official at the aiea what he sees in plan 6. >> we see the buildings are
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surrounded by burns. they are from distance from each other. this is typical design for high explosives. >> mikel ca michael anton said best supporting analysis for the united states. >> bret: what is tehran saying about all of this, james. >> nothing in direct response to this news conference. we reached out to the iranian mission, but didn't hear back. president trump comment about not living up to the spirit of the deal, drew rebuck from the foreign minister. we'll see if the u.s. lives up to the jcpoa, let alone spirit. saying should i use my highlighter again, the yellow highlighting to outline saying
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the u.s. is breaching the agreement. >> bret: more on this with the panel. james, thank you. after a week dominated by foreign policy challenges, president trump is preparing for a major domestic policy focus next week. as lawmakers return from spring break. on the agenda, health care, tax reform, and coming up with the money to keep the government open. kwo quite a list. john roberts is here from the north lawn. >> reporter: good evening, bret. as the first 100 days draw to a close -- at assigning ser rown -- ceremony today, tax and financial regulations, president trump said hold on to your hats. tax reform is coming. >> we'll be having a big announcement on wednesday, having to do with tax reform. the process has begun long ago, but it will formally begin on wednesday. >> reporter: if he rolls out the
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proposal next wednesday, it will drop right in the middle of a legislative battle to keep the government running and the possibility the president's health care plan may rise like a phoenix from the ashes. >> it is evolving, you know. there was never a give-up. the press sort of reported there was like a give-up. we started. remember, it took obama care 17 months. i've been negotiating this for two months. >> reporter: sources tell fox news, the language of a new amendment could come as soon as tonight. congressman tom mcarthur and mark meadows have reached an agreement in principle on language that would preserve essential health benefits for subscribers, guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions, allowing dependents to stay on their plan to age 26, regardless of health status. it will also allow states to opt out of provisions, in the interest of lowering premium
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costs and expanding the number of people insured. the white house is clearly happy at the progress, with one calf yoet. >> -- car caveat. >> no democrats want to support health care reform. that is unfortunate. >> reporter: white house officials say a vote on the new measure could come as early as next wednesday, though the end of the week or next week is more likely. raising the possibility the president would rack up no legislative achievements in his first 100 days. in a tweet, president trump railed against the 100 day benchmark, writing no matter how much i accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, it has been a lot, including supreme court, media will kill. conservatives over health care, he also tipped his hand to what he might be thinking about immigration. in an interview with the associated press, telling the so-called dreamers they can rest
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easy, and not worry about being deported. the president saying that he is not after the dreamers. he is after the criminals when it comes to immigration. bret. >> bret: john roberts, live on the north lawn. thank you, john. let's zero in on the possibility of a government shut down. republicans are desperate to avoid the blame for another one. democrats are using all of this as leverage. of course, doug mcellway looks at both sides tonight. >> no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. >> reporter: president trump's remarks about a revamped health care plan, a week before the federal government runs out of money, stands in stark contrast to growing fears of another potential government shut down. a key house source tells fox news that negotiations on a new spending bill are quote, ongoing and progressing, and that a government shut down is not on the table. budget director, mick mulvaney is confident they'll get a deal.
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but he threw a wrench into the deal, saying democrats need to agree to fund some of president trump's top priorities, including a down payment on a border wall and hiring of additional immigration agents. senate minority leaders office, if the administration would drop their 11th hour demand for a wall, democratics in a good number oppose, they could quickly reach a deal. asked after mulvaney's remarks after the wall funding is a budget deal breaker, counselor kellyanne conway played it safe. >> i'll let others address that but we're confident that the government will not be shut down next week. >> conway's circumspection. >> saying they want obama care payments into this funding bill, so republicans aren't going like it. there is certainly some brinkman ship going on and this will take
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some twists and turns, but at the end of the day, i think they will get a deal done. >> indeed, late today, mulvaney offered that, and even cost sharing reductions for a border wall. >> we finally boiled this negotiation down to something that we want very badly for the democrats really don't like. we offered them $1 of csr payments for $1 of wall payments right now, that's the offer we've given to the democratic colleagues. >> reporter: and democrats don't like it. just within the past hour, nancy pelo pelosi accused him of another, and wanting mexico to build the wall, wants americans to. chuck schumer called it a nonstarter. bret. >> bret: thank you, doug. let's talk about the prospects of a government shut down with tucker carlson, host of "tucker carlson" tonight. good evening. >> possibility? >> it has been a possibility, and we've known the date, and we
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knew, if we're paying any attention at all, a long time ago, this was going to be imminent as a crisis brewing, but a lot of us are focused on more important questions, like did the russian cable channel influence the election. a lot of members of congress who ought to be thinking about this for a long time haven't been. and i do think that the conventional view is right. the peril is mostly on the administration side. >> bret: so the democrats have a lot of possibilities. they could demand that president trump release his tax returns. >> that's right. >> bret: throw in a different wrench, and suddenly, the negotiations will have to speed up in the middle of this, health care and then rolling out tax reforms. >> that's exactly right. then the immigration piece of it, the wall becomes part of the negotiation. i think it is tough. i'm sure there is some strategy behind the white house saying outloud, we don't participate a government shut down, but it isn't clear, but that's a real possibility. and to the extent democrats believe that's a liability, we
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believe it hurts trump, boy, you know, it is more than a possibility. what's amazing is that even in their reduced number, democrats are still able to have some measure of control over the process. >> bret: why is that? republicans, even when they're in leadership of all the senate, the house, the white house, or they're not, they still get blamed. >> that's true. and there are two reasons. one, democrats are united in a way the republicans aren't. ideologically, perhaps not ideologically, but they have a single goal, to thwart the obama administration at every turn. the republicans don't know what it means to be a republican. the second reason, democratic also go all the way. there is a feeling among democratic leadership where, you know, if we're going to blow it up, we'll blow it up. they knew opposing neil gorsuch
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would change the rules forever, and they did it any way. needless to say, massive advantage, the lack of skepticism is one of the big problems. >> bret: all right, monday, you start at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. you've already announced your first guest. >> yes, the first guest is caitlyn jenner. one of the guests at night, not exactly on the show where that interview might be. my primary interest is political. not surprisingly. i'm fascinated by people who without asking for it, wind up the face of a certain movement of, you know, some component of identity politics. caitlyn jenner seems like one of those people on whom this has been thrust. all of a sudden, you speak for all people like you, and maybe caitl caitlyn jenner doesn't want to. maybe they're out of sync with people like her. that's an interesting place to be. >> bret: a lot of people don't
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know, your studio is one over. >> yes. not quite as nice as yours. >> bret: yours is very nice. one hour earlier, are you still going to play music. >> we play music at every commercial break and before and after the show, yes, we do. >> bret: good luck, monday. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: tucker carlson, see him tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and moves to its new home at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. overseas now, the new year's eva attack on an istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people, sed com is confirming he was killed in eastern syria two weeks ago. he reportedly moved fighters and played key roles in a plotting attacks. a french election filled with emotion and controversy could now have more unpredictability after another terror attack in paris. first, what we know about the shooting of three police officers and a german tourist, and how next week's election stacks up. greg palkot in paris tonight.
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>> reporter: the champs-elysees in paris tonight, after struck france once again. a man with an ak-47 shooting at a police van, killing one officer, seriously injuring two others, and hurting a tourist. when he fled, police fired off rounds of shots. >> it struck paris last night as it has in europe. >> reporter: the man responsible, 39-year-old karim sheurfi, he showed no signs of radicalization, and not on a terror watch list, and along with other weapons in his car and information on other police headquarters, a handwritten note, defending isis was found on his body. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. this family looked terrorist right in the eyes.
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this family from kentucky from in paris, marking their 30th anniversary. >> we saw the shooter with the gun. and he started shooting bullets in the air. and the police were in the street. so it was a very terrifying moment. >> he pointed -- he did this and it went this direction. i could see very clearly the machine gun. >> reporter: all this happened with the first round of presidential elections here this sunday. security and terror, already a major issue. a front running right wing anti-immigrant national front candidate, maureen la van called for a crack down on terror suspects and borders. >> we need a president who acts and protects. the country is at war. >> reporter: a moderate took his own stand against the terrorist. >> it is to destabilize the country. >> reporter: security forces are
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focused, more police added to the ranks, as 50,000 officers set to guard polling stations. turning from a dissatisfied electorate, expected to be light on sunday, now analysts think the attack could focus minds and get out the vote. bret. >> bret: greg palkot live in paris. greg, thank you. whatever happens in the french election next week, it promises to have a big impact on the u.s. and other western nations. correspondent rich edson is at the state department with that part of the story. >> reporter: good evening, bret. in this relationship, france will perhaps alter its relationship with the united states, with the european union, perhaps redefine europe altogether. and that could have significant consequences on u.s. led alliances and initiatives. of the top four candidates, three are in favor of closer ties to russia. two others want to boost france and europe's capabilities to rely less on nato and the united
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states, and spoken openly about leaving the european union and nato. >> if france were to withdraw from the integrated military structures, that would be a big blow to u.s. interests, france is one of the most capable military capable allies that we have. and their participation in nato missions is extremely important, and it advances u.s. security as well. >> reporter: france is the united states third largest trading partner, and changing with the european union will affect everyone, including the united states. people are talking about or talking to the candidates in france. president trump told the associated press, far right candidate is quote strongest on boarders, quote, what's been going on in france. though he offered no official endorsement. la pen wants to reduce immigration and withdraw from global alliances.
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the center left spoke president obama and progressive values, thank you for this discussion, barack obama. a spokesman for the former president, says france is a leader on liberal values, obama offered no official endorsement during the call. also running in the race, a far right candidate who also wants -- far left, excuse me, who wants to withdraw from global alliances. some have compared him to bernie sanders. on the center right, francois holland. if there is no majority winner, this ale face o they will face off in a may 7th runoff. >> bret: we'll have complete coverage from france next week. the man accused of gunning down three people tuesday in fresno, california, because they were white made some noise today in a court appearance. kori ali mohammed shouted natural disasters will increase in america, and to quote, let
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black people go in reparations. mohammed is facing first degree murder charges. he has been charged with killing an unarmed white security guard at a motel a few days earlier. up next, will the head wikileaker be charged with crimes against america? we'll explain. first, here is what some of the fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 25 in oklahoma city, residents of the south and southeast prepare for springtime storms. thousands were without electricity today in oklahoma city, after power poles were blown down. five inches of rain and golf ball size hail are from the forecast. experts say tornados are possible, in southeastern oklahoma, northern texas and western arkansas. fox 11 in los angeles, a video shows a it semi truck dragging a car along interstate 15. they tried to flag down the 18-wheeler. california highway patrol says the case is not being investigating as a criminal incident. and this is a live look at
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san francisco. our affiliate fox 2. the big story there tonight, a major power outage hits the bay area. last word, power has been restored to about 23,000 of the 90,000 affected customers. it began around 9:15 pacific time. one subway station was closed in the city's cable cars were shut down. a fire at a power company substation is being blamed for the out table. authorities say there is no reason to believe the san francisco or a similar outage in new york city is criminal orator orrist activity. that's tonight's live look. outside the belt way from
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>> bret: 12 people are dead
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after street violence from vens. the deaths followed a second straight day of major demonstrations against president nichol nicholas madoro we'll continue to follow the latest in the region here on fox news channel. president trump's treasury secretary is denying a request from exxon mobile to wave u.s. sak sanctions and resume drilling around the black sea. it comes two days after reported exxon was saking the waiver to resume a joint venture. you may recall, the secretary of state, rex tillerson, is a former ceo for exxon. china is not saying whether it is squeezing north korea's fuel supply, but something is causing a major gasoline shortage in pyongyang and elsewhere. gas stations are limiting
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services, raising prices, and some are even closing. the beijing government has reportedly been tightening its enforcement of inter nnational sanctions. president trump is considering charges against the founder of the wikileaks website. katherine harris looks at how that site has changed drastically. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, then candidate trump had good things to say about the website. as thousands of damaging dnc and clinton e-mails were revealed. >> we love wikileaks. they have -- we can kikileaks h revealed a lot. >> reporter: now they're taking a more aggressive approach and julian assange. with a law enforcement spokesperson saying criminal charges are part of the calculous. asked about the leaks, attorney
1:26 am
general jeff sessions promised consequences. >> it is a priority. we've already begun to step up our efforts, and whenever the case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail. >> reporter: the obama administration shied away pros cuting assange in part, because he was a publisher, but cyber security experts say new intelligence shows wikileaks from a different light. >> i would say they are their big brother are actively recruiting people to provide information to the platform. that big brother is obviously the russian government. >> reporter: in its recent policy speech, cia director, mike pompeo emphasized that it is a recipient of classified information. >> wikileaks walks and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it has encouraged followers to find jobs at the cia in order to gain intelligence. >> reporter: the lawyers have said they have not been contacted by the justice department, adding wikileaks
1:27 am
like a news organization, and cultivating sources is a protected activity. >> bret: katherine, thank you. an egyptian charity worker released this week is thanking president trump for his intervention on her behalf. she met with the president this morning at the white house in the oval office. earlier this week, a court acquitted her of child abuse, that human rights groups dismissed as bogus. i asked egyptian leader earlier this month while he was in washington for a meeting with president trump. egypt is still believed to beholding thousands of political prisoners. corrections officials in arkansas are right now getting ready for three more planned executions next week. a convicted killer was put to death last night. the first in more than a decade. casey steagall reports from gould, arkansas. >> reporter: a lethal injection
1:28 am
was administered at 11:44 p.m.. >> reporter: with a single brief announcement, the state of arkansas informed the world it had fulfilled its first death sentence in nearly 12 years. >> over a process of about two or three minutes. >> reporter: la del lee was convicted for murdering 26 year-old debra reece, hitting her 36 times with a tire iron. when asked twice if he had any final words. >> he just stared straight up and didn't respond. >> reporter: attorneys on his behalf filed an avalanche of last machine minute leginute le. the united states supreme court ended up making the final decision, and with a little more than 30 minutes before his death
1:29 am
warrant expired, justices in a 5-4 decision denied all of the requests. >> it is a very somber night. the governor knows this is the most grave responsibility he'll ever have. >> reporter: republican governor, asa hutchinson has come under fire for eight executions over 11 days, before the drug expires. three more executions are scheduled here next week. the arkansas attorney general expects similar last minute challenges to try to stop them. bret. >> bret: casey, thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 31. s and 5 dropped s&p was off 7. the s&p 500 was up almost one on the week. let's get more from fox business
1:30 am
network, trish regan. first up, let's talk president trump's new tax plan and it is going to be rolled out we're told next week possibly wednesday. what might this look like? >> reporter: well, you know, if we take him at his word, what he offered on the campaign trail, he wants to lower both corporate and individual taxes. corporate taxes, potentially as low as 15%. we'll see whether or not he comes forward with that but that is one of the things he talked about on the campaign trail. so bringing it down from 35% right now, if you think about it, we are, you know, all in basically the largest corporate tax rate in the world when you think about the municipal, the state taxes, the corporations need to pay. and there is concern that that really hinders us. it hinders our economy. he may see, bret, some bipartisan support for that because we've heard in the past that democrats and republicans are willing to work together on that. don't forget, we have $2 trillion sitting off shore that companies cannot bring back
1:31 am
here without tax consequences. so that likely will be another thing he addresses in his previously spoken about on the campaign trail. watch for that. individual taxes as well, though. he has talked about simplifying the tax code. we've got seven brackets right now. he is talking about bringing it down to three or four and significantly reducing taxes along the way. as you know, this is going to be challenging, there is a lot of democrats out there. i think elizabeth warren who will say no, had is nothing but a gift to the rich. this is nothing but a gift to corporate america. so there will be a lot of criticism that he'll have to fight. >> bret: details, but very quickly, what happens if this doesn't get through this year? how depen dedant is the market it? >> reporter: the market wants it, the market expects t don't forget, the market has been rallying ever since he was elected. for once, we're going to see economic policy outside from the
1:32 am
federal reserve. so investors do expect this to get done. don't forget, steve muchin, the treasury secretary, he first promised in august that is really not going to happen. now he is talking about the end of the year. it is important that it happens. >> bret: trish, as always, thank you. have a great weekend. tonight, the president and his advisors are debating what the official u.s. position will be on climate change. at issue, should america withdraw from a controversial global warming deal that has passionate supporters and just as passionate opponents. kevin cork has the story from the white house. >> we're going to rescind all the job destroying obama executive actions. >> reporter: his opinion was unmistakab unmistakable. then candidate trump called the paris climate accord awful for america. >> these actions have denied millions of americans access to the energy wealth sitting right under our feet. >> reporter: but the president's
1:33 am
plan to scrap u.s. participation in the international accord is facing stiff headwinds, blowing in from all places, from within the white house itself. while mr. trump's daughter, ivanka, and son in wla-in-law ag him for major reductions for greenhouse gas emissions, steve bannon, and epa administrator, scott pruitt want him to follow-through on his plan. >> paris, we need to look at closely. we need to exit in my opinion. it is a bad deal for america. >> reporter: a bad deal, says pruitt, because it favors china and india, at the expense of the u.s. critics say it is like the iran nuclear deal all over again. >> we make promises in return for dodging promises of future action. the parallels are eerie, and it is time we stop. >> reporter: it is the latest policy to draw fire from the president, who just last month signed the energy independence
1:34 am
executive order, to begin a full review of mr. obama's clean power plan. the president using the rarely congressional used act, that allows congress to repeal recent regulations. it was just used once before he took office. but mr. trump has used it 13 times. >> we're going to cancel the paris climb na paris climate agreement. >> reporter: the white house isn't tipping its hand, only acknowledging the team is studying the deal. >> white house officials tell us we expect the president to mack -- mack a decision sometime before the g7 sometime before the end of may. >> bret: kevin, thank you. it has been an intense week on foreign policy for president trump. we'll talk about all the big developments with the panel when we come ba
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iran appears to the degree we can determine it, and we're pretty confident, they appear to be living up to their part of the agreement. >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement. i can tell you that. >> yes or no question, andrea. the answer is yes, iran is complying with the nuclear deal. so i have no idea what president trump is talking about. >> it needs to be inspected immediately, because otherwise, knowing that the history of the iran regime, they will get engaged into the clean-up project, and move things around and stall and we know the whole history. >> bret: well, a couple of days after the secretary of state certified what is called the joint comprehensive plan of action, the jcpoa, the u.s. iran nuclear deal, iran group came out with satellite imagery today, said to be from
1:39 am
informants inside iran that iran is working in a military facility experimenting with things like triggering devices, high explosives, newly constructed site. this obviously would be alarming to the u.s. the iran foreign minister tweeted out, worn out accusations can't mask its admission of iran's compliance with jcpoa obligating u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitments, and he had highlighted all the sections of the different parts of the deal. and today, zarif tweets, we'll see if the u.s. is live up to the letter let alone spirit. so far it has defied both. should i use my highlighter again. those are developments with this iran deal. let's bring in the panel. byron york, morning briefing, and syndicated columnist,krauth.
1:40 am
>> this is a big deal. i don't think what the administration has said is quite as contradictory as some people have suggested. i think you could see the certification as a place holder, something required to be done now. at the same time, this expression of doubt whether -- before we saw this thing today, expression of doubt whether iran is, a, really complying, and b, even if they are, whether the deal is in the long-term, a bad deal. >> and tim, the administration was quick to point out that it is one under review, and two, that they're going to add in the other elements that the obama administration ever did, which is funding terrorist groups, and the other things that iran does throughout the region. >> sounds look a work in progress. what's interesting is rex tillerson side by side with the saudi arabian group in front of a ceo summit and the united
1:41 am
states reaching out to saudi arabia to assure them we're on your side. there is this power grab at odds with one another. it was significant that that happened. that said, president trump all along has said it is a bad deal. the specifics of it, i'm not so sure he has a good handle on. i don't think that there is any issue with the fact that he doesn't want the iranians to get anymore power. the question is what he'll do. what has he undo what has been done thus far. >> there is no contradiction in our position. you need three things to develop a nuclear weapon. number one, you need the material. number two, you have to weap weaponize and make it explode. you need the ballistic missiles. the obama administration only looked at the fissle program.
1:42 am
what the iranians are doing, and this is so obvious, a child can see it. while the program on the material is frozen, they're working rapidly on the weaponzation, which is the other part you need. and of course, on the ballistic missiles which we can see. the weaponzation is in a military facility called parchin. it was supposed to have been investigated under the obama administration and before the signing of the agreement. to make sure it hadn't been used in the past for weaponzation. of course, obama and kerry caved on that, never did. we are not allowed to inspect. we allowed the iranians to inspect themselves on parchin, which was a joke. it is a violation of the spirit of the agreement. because the way they look at it in half a decade, they will be able to resume the elements of the enriching uranium, weaponize
1:43 am
and have the deals. >> it would be in a military tas fee, but that was one of the -- >> we cannot get to it and inspect it. >> let's turn to the charity worker released from egyptian jail. she visited the oval office after a court in cairo released her this week. you may remember, i asked the egyptian president about this case. the president weighed in, and he talked about it today. >> we are very happy to have ia back home and it is great to have her in the oval office with her brother. thank you very much. >> so it turned out fine from our perspective that she is now returned home with letter family. >> bret: what about this? >> a victory for president trump. no doubt about it, you talk to
1:44 am
democrats on capitol hill, they're not here yet, they're out in their districts. you can't deny this a good thing. they had their doubts about the president in al ceci, but this is something donald trump took a particular personal interest in, and he made it happen. >> bret: tim. >> i was a little surprised at the timing, because i thought friday, putting it in a news dump day, as opposed to monday. the other side i was struck by, bo berg dahl was released and having the parents and the father started speaking arabic. that had americans raising their eyebrows. i thought this was a good thing. whether you agree with president trump or don't, it is nice to see somebody who is falsely accused brought back to the country, and she is home. maybe this leads to more with el ceci. who knows. >> we should point out that secretary mattis returning from this trip overseas had a lot of positive reaction to the trump administration from not own arab leaders, but also israeli
1:45 am
leaders as well. i want to turn to the french election. this is what president trump told the associated press about the french election. marie la penn is the strongest on boarders and the strongest on what's been going on in france. whoever is the tough oeest on radical islam ic terrorists, will do well in the election. that's about this? >> it is not an endorsement, but a huge mistake. la penn victory, which is possible, she is one of the final four, we don't know how it will turn out. it would be a catastrophe for europe, and ultimately the united states. trump sees an affinity with her because of the nationalism, the populism she represents, and also an affinity with putin. i'm not sure how much we should endorse that. >> less lately. >> less lately, but you know, a year and a half of saying he is okay, and we do a lot of killing
1:46 am
as well. i'm not sure that's the stats you want from the president of the free world. but la penn would be, she is promised a threat to the european experiencs. the break with rome, it is not something new for them. for france, france is the core of europe. it is the core with germany of this new idea of europe after the two world wars. if it withdraws or if it weakens and shakes the foundations of the eu, an entirely new world, and it is not a world the united states will like. i would have hoped the president would have made at least neutral. >> bret: you heard the italian prime minister on the show yesterday, expressing concern about nationalism. we will follow that french election here on fox news throughout the weekend into next week. next up, the friday lightning round with the panel.
1:47 am
the government shut down, and what's going on on capitol hill overall.
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1:50 am
>> finally boiled this negotiation down to something we want badly for the democrats really don't like. that's the border wall. at ttime, there something they want that we don't like, which are these cost sharing reductions, the obama care payments. we offered them $1 csr payments for $1 of wall payments right now. that's the offer we've given to the democratic colleagues. that should form the fundamental understands that gets us to a bipartisan agreement. if they come back and say we can't do this, we can do this, that's a good sign. >> bret: the office of
1:51 am
management and budget, mick mulvaney, talking about a possible deal or at least what they're putting forward. only four legislative days left until the continuing resolution for the funding of the government comes to an end. what happens as you look at the calendar there? it will be busy next week. good thing we have a two-hour special report monday through friday. we're back with the panel. >> they can put it off. it doesn't mean the world has to end next friday night. it could definitely happen at some point. i mean, i think after mulvaney said that, we've already heard democrats say no, no, the answer is no. so -- >> bret: what happens, the white house caves? >> they clean continuing resolution until they punt? >> well, it only goes until october 1st anyway. so maybe none of them will go to defcon one for something that is over them. the other issue is the border wall. and something, you know, president trump seems to me he has to come away with something
1:52 am
for his signature campaign proposal. >> tim. >> you're onto the continuing resolution, the people i talked to think it will be a short week or whatever until they finally figure it out. donald trump want it. you want your first 100 days, i shut down the government or it happened under my watch. republicans don't want it. >> bret: republicans get blamed, whether it is the democrats inserting -- >> exactly. the democrats, it is easier to unite, because of a common enemy. it is the republicans and president trump. i think that when you start negotiating the terms in public i'm not sure that's the best way to actually get to where you want to go. i don't think that they shut down next week. i think it is a short-term continuing resolution. how long is the question. >> charles. >> probably be a punt. you've got to understand, the democrats are not negotiating in good faith. they want to shut down. they understand the press will blame it on the president. they're not going to hand him any victories. they're still enraged guy tby t election. they end up with a clean, nobody
1:53 am
gets anything, a clean resolution. they fight another day. that's the best that can happen. the democrats are simply going to hold out, not accept any deal. >> bret: we're also told health care is being drafted again, and that they're going to try to again and that tax reform will roll out at least in part on wednesday. >> well, that's what the president said today at the treasury department. on health care, if they try to do something again by another artificial deadline, by the 100 day deadline as they tried to do -- >> let's be fair. he said it may not happen next week it, could happen soon. >> he did. >> he said the 100 day deadline is silly. >> but there is a lot of talk about wednesday, next week. unlikely to happen. i think really, if we were having this conversation in january 2018, and we looked back at the accomplishments of president trump's first year, if he got full obama care repeal and replace, or tax reform, if he got one big legislative accomplishment, we think that
1:54 am
would be a good deal. >> it is a good idea to keep it in perspective. i think of him as jerry in fargo. he smudges them up before he puts them on the fax machine so nobody knows what's coming. is it the tax reform egg or the health care chicken that comes first. they're not sure. they'll be lucky if they get one or the other. certainly tax reform will happen later this year in my opinion. >> fargo reference, very nice. >> thank you. >> i had no idea what it was. >> i mean, i followed it eventually. >> you talk about a godfather, i could get there. may your first child be a masculine child. i digress. the savings will be minimal, so i don't know how much effect it will be on tax reform. they need to focus on tax reform. that's where the money is. >> bret: when we come back, the
1:55 am
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1:58 am
>> bret: it is friday. it is time for winners and losers with the panel. tell us. >> an old classmate of nine diamond mine -- they could do nothing for he her. he devoted his entire life, 40 years developing and understanding the cause and treatment, the fda approved a drug developed from his research. a monument to unbelievable intelligence and tenacity and devotion. congratulations, steve. loser of the week? nicholas maduro. he started a civil war and his country. it will not end well. >> aya hijazi is the winner, it's great to be free from a prison she shouldn't have been in the first place. the losers are the democratic party this week. they lost in georgia, which they
1:59 am
did do by the way, there is no moral victory in losing, they have a lesser chance to take the seat now. we had this horrible splits during wartime perez, the chair of the dnc was being booed because bernie sanders, he's now telling the party that he won't be a member of how they need to rebuild themselves. not to mention the fact that a fact about hillary clinton showed how the democratic party strong handed the election. not a good week for the democrats. >> the white house easter egg roll. they said it was going to be a disaster, it was not. and everybody had a good time. loser, and this is a sad one, tiger woods who announced this week that he's had another surgery on his back, his fourth, there were people who were dubious that he was going to come back ever, and now i think even themselves are gone. >> bret: ending on golf, i like that. thanks, everybody. this is the panel. that's good for the "special
2:00 am
report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. we will be back monday starting at 5:00 eastern with a two hour show all week long. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we are broadcasting again tonight from israel. earlier today that prime minister benjamin nentanyahu met with our defense secretary jim mattis in jerusalem right after his meeting concluded, i got to speak with the prime minister, we covered a lot of topics and got his take on the escalating tension that's all around the world. but first i started by asking the prime minister about president trump's upcoming meeting with the palestinian president abbas, here's the first part of our exchange. >> sean: on may 3rd, the president will meet with mahmoud abbas, the p


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